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Stayton's Prospects for
.donate a right of way for that purpose. , P 11 U V
.Mr. i.yuolt intornieu us tluit had the UUlld UC1I 1 COJlUld U
Polo Grounds Today
(From Stnvton Standard.)
From the appearance of things te ' prospects now are that
the work of grading would now be lin
ing oil as tlie money to build with is
(ready as soon as culled for, but the New York, June 3. The miffs will
the road will prove they .ire renl snorts nr. "Suf-
(Continued from Page Two.)
vantages of the best teachers in Eu
rope and America, among them being
Alberto llandegger of New York.
I!or. George Worthington, bishop of
Nebraska, in speaking of her work has
thiH to say: ".She is known to me telligenee, iind the simplicity of ren
(r""'M, ""-iii.i ; iiTii m-ciirn a ran- noi ue omit irom .-iiiem iniongu rur-jtrnge Day on the Diamond at tiie
eyes, runu ur noi, ucpenus upon in popi ; ner, but try way or Alt. Angc ami Nil-1 New YorK Polo groum
a i.jv. iiunu ui nui, m-peniis upon ine pupi ; ner, uur ny way or mi. Angel and .Nil-1. New VorK Polo grounds while the
in uus bob ncoreu aiiouuT nisuuci mu owning mini uirougn wmen tno ronu verton, thence southeast. There is a 'Giants and Cincinnati struggle for su
Miss Ruth Jones' piano accompaniment contemplates passing. 'saving of about twenty miles in the ' premecy before the ndmirinsr irnze of
was particul.irly artistic and sympa- In conversation with M. I.ynntt, the j distance from Portlnfid to Bend bv cut-! thousaiuls of miffrum. bns..lv.ll f-,
tnetie. Miss Gladys Harbert gave a . superintendent, Friday last, he inform- ting out Stuyton, Turner and Snlein, ! here today. j
lovely piano solo "The Elf King,'' ed us that his instructions from head- ! and according to Mr. I.vnott, if this I -..,',,' i
playing. with great sympathy and in- quarters were to build the' road where'phue gets the road there' w. have, to ! i v,,w ' A'' V.ll1.e.
v h .... :..i.. . tf. ; . "... , .. . .... . ' in eiiuw. wnilt
A guted woman of rare musical ac- ditiou in the sweet ballad air of her stated that, when the proposition was nwnimr In ,iH n,-rns whi.h ti.. i ,i... : . h ..u" mi n Miij,
fill ns a teacher and as a soloist in of the young readers on the program! ton and vicinity, all were anxious fori
pen -1
Hants, peanuts and voles for woine:i .
liuttons. . j
eomplishments. She has been success- encore was especially flue. The work I first presented to- the people of Stay-1 sires to pass.
III! ns a teacher and as a so oist in ot the vouni? readers on the nroirra ui ton nnd vicmitv. nil were anxious fori It ;w K t,, t... v. ......
ehurca choirs." s showed uiuch character anil directness, i tho roud nnd the prospects seemed if tins ma. I is built and tl,.. t.. i..rt Among those who will carry travs
i .,... ihi rioiia.;,,.. ..;...... There was not one who did not evince i bright for securinir the Hunt of wnvltn ...... ;.).. win. ,. i . suspended from their necks bv vellow
Mrs. llullidny-Haighl has received the ja ,li,'e'' contact with the audience. without expense. After it appeared fair chance of becoming a cilv With I V.. I V ' l!iH AK,IM Morganthau, I
following suffices to show their uni: holding the perfect attention and in-likly that the road would bo built. ! railroads on all sides and none'in tow n, . l'ss ':sRIP Jr''''fr'. Miss ('lara (ireen-
form prais.-: ".Mine. Florence llalli-1 'tref,t tnroughout each (-election. F.uch , and the right of way men went oventhe last resort would be for the people , ",' s. ''""'!!!' " -Molly I
dav song 'O, Love Thvself,' (Samson one seemed to thoroughly imbibe the ti.e ground, there was a disposition on j themselves to build a spur, which would t-'i- i "', .'"'"i 1 I-eHls uml -Nlis,i
anil Uelilah) Saint-S.icns, and won her i "P'l'it of his selection, and to back it the part of many to sell their land to in itself be little benefit. , Wiznbeth Scebcr. i
way into the affections of the audience j UP with l'ver.V ounce of his personality, i the railroad at a good price, and some j Many Stavton people have been I'as( vt'a suffragists had to ask!
bv' her clever rendition of the piece.!!1 wonderful thing in such youthful held out for exhorbitunt figures. strongU in hopes that the Snlem-Stuy-' "" k'''s for the privilege of
lier voice has a wide range and re-1 1""1 formers. - Mr. i.ynolt says that the company j ton-BiVid road would be built, but pres- ! ll,lviK "Miff rage Bay" on the dia-l
niarkable strenglh. The solo aroused! " ' I wi" ,lot l"y f"' right of way; that the lent indications are against such a eon-1""""1- Thi '' h,'.v were cordially'
treat enthusiAsm In the (lavotte ,ii"", r was given i iuiisn.iv evcu-iiuuir can ue uuiu 10 nciui wmiiout ouv- elusion. niwicu i rciurti
(Mignon) Thomas, she iiad a better op-i '"'8 ''y Glenn Ackerinan who enter-. ing right ot way, and that it will be
portunity to displvy her talents, injtaiued in honor of tour or his gradu-, umlt, lint not as ut tirst located.
this sekH'tiou her execution was i'ault-1 atinK churns, at the residence of his I Mr. I.ynott and Mr. Williams the.
less which was due to the fact that i parents, -Mr. and Mrs. .1. .1. Aekeruian. ! chief engineer, left Stayton for Silver-
she put more feeling into the song. The guests of honor were Whitney ton and Mt. Angel, and will look over
Tho audience caught the spirit and np-j fiil1. Allan I'msou, Deryl Proctor.Frank that section with a view to running'
uhiuded enthusiastically'' Rosenbrugh. Additional guests were ! the line through the Waldo hills and:
Mr. Murpliy,, Ttichnrd Avison .ind ISry- ' thence to Bend. The people north of
an ("Oodenough. I Sublimity and in the Sublimity neigh-1
The program given at the Court ... borhood ' arc anxious for a road and
street Christian church on Friday ev- jliss F.dith Fugute was delightfully ' uumy have expressed a willingness to
ming by the younger pupils of the ' entertained at a shower Tuesdav even- i i
w cuoi oi expression was u picjs.iui, in ; Yen ,v Mis9 jial)6 Uudlesou ItKTTKH
iair. inc program was mii icii ! aiH Miss Hattie (iibsbn at the home of .
lively, and the large audience enjoyed i tne i,lttpr. Tne eutcrtainmeiit. of the I
it thorouehlv. The young folks .uk- evening- was in the form of a mock I
ing Nirt in it arc members of the ele-1 w(1,,iig. The weddihg supper was ser
mentarv course in the school, and wcre VP(, jn tl)e Mng r00m which was very
assisted by Miss Flower of too ad- ,i..;tiK. ,i0corale.il in wink roses. Those
vaneeil course, whose work in the line cn;,vin-ir thc eve,iing were Misses
Santa Rosa, June Ji. A large
class of novice Nobles of the
Mystic, shrine will be conduct
ed across the hot sands, into
the oasis of Islam, at Islam
Temple of the order here to
night. Many nobles from oth
er cities made the pilgrimage
to witness the ceremony.
The generals who have conducted'
suffrage day are Airs. Norman de R.
U'i.:... ...... , ,
minimise nun Airs. John mini-, as-
j sisted I iv Aliss ,lcne Thomson of Cbi-
Si cih'o, who has been balling cakes for!
su.irage in one ot llnuuhvav's show
Miter Nut:
at All Grocery Stores
SOLD wiLiii
windows and selling tickets to her pa-' Stewart Mr
'-..-.lu 1 II..,. 1 1 M..u ..11 P....... .1... .-..I. .. .. .
trims between bit.. , ....... . . . ....,.,,,,,. Vn, . . um umj inns ine gas. is eonvieil
I . , . . ;..unmui De R. nitehouse. j to the house in pipes ami is used in'ihe
. .win iiuacs ncni inst nun ine leookine and heatini' stoves
Interest in the showing of gas that
has been made in that vicinity is in-
j creasing and several oilier wells hav:
There is one home in Polk eountv j recently been drilled, which yield cor-
to carry wood i sulerable gas. It is not improbable
following social leaders will appear Hi i
I their .rout row boxes: Mrs. Ogden
I Mills Keid, Mrs. Charles Tiifitnv, Mrs.'
ftj.loscph S. Stevens, Mrs. Charles Xoejl
V'Kilge, Mrs. Harry White Cannon, Mrs. : where it is not necessary
, John I uinphrevs Wntkins, Mrs. Iter-: or split a stick of kiudli.iL'. Natural i '''''t a paviiiir fieul ot both oil ,ii,,l
niagnetie. Miss Greta Philliis sang
" Thou an like unto a Lovely Flower,"
so beautifully that the audience in
sisted upon an encore to which she gen
erously responded witn i aat rat (ijbson.
On the new I'M i son Diamond Disk.
f :.. .. .!:... i. . ' -J . . . , ... T si,.d lrti. A.Miin Willi-
wi i-ii.ri-B.-Hui. .s .n. i,.,,c..i,iiK i K.lith. Grace and Kulh rugate, Lottie . j .. r - v.- . . ". ; ,;.,,:,.,,,,,,, u;th iiinn'.
Lallv. Louise Humphrey, Christobcl vnisper.ng nope, line nappo.i -. in.cr , ,";
Thomas Chalmers
i Jt 4- Aim.. P..1.I0 Ftt mid V.Kie1 Anewer, song
White, '..iargaret and' Eva Fisher, Ma- Thee Well String Orchestra
ble Hudlesoil, Nettie, Verne and Halli. itct, Luca
POIlUlt' rWClM UI'MIV anna
-e -!c A A V' "'l Ih'incl Giiggenhcini, glis from a well on his own farm is 'H p developed in that section vet.-
V -f -f -f f t 1 V ( V i.,.. s. Arthur Men bner. rs. S.Iiiav' '....:..:... .11 .1... - I..lt (',......, 1. ' V
r 1,. i 1 . . ... ui. in.- uifi iii-rt'ssitrv ror v,,..,j, jh-hha.-i-.
r- .. ...... . : I org, .Mrs. Laurent. Oppcnhciui, Mrs. Aithe use of the family of Cass Rieus I T-
1 r ... .t.u, .111. urss. A 1 rM. lilTht'If tn u v iuh wnu u P fti..
r ?i. n 1 rut 1 u niiniiifs, .irs. i. i si vim v
Tim rouinl trip fare frcmr Portland
to iiost'lmrir 's Ntmwhorrv iMirnii
i (.Him, . w;..i. 1 u: 11: m t . . . . . . . ' . '
Kverit Mncv. Mrs. Sinn A I.o-l,o., 1 i..' i .,V;i:...,.i 'i V7, "i.'5.." " 'I """ .".-sli. Us sfiny
N.. M.. lit. ml .ML on :l... i- ... ' , : . !' "'" '"'.' "'KU " lUMlllieil He
- j "- ' - J" -iMi. r.. 1.. I.CWIS,
ieep wui nave reiulti lor yon in tn;Mrs. I'. Louis Simie,
"" '"K uiiii.'u. -ur. iugg.1 11ns llisiiiiieil 1
Mrs. .Myron Hori!.ia storage tank on the plan of the huge
, Miss M. I). Har-jeity gas plants, only on a smaller scale I
criies are worth it.
row, Mrs. H. Hooker, Mrs. Percy II. ; of course, and this tank filled from the
Xew Today's wofk like
ev roods,
ArmoryAll Week
For every woman in
and vicinity, under th
e aus
pices -of the Capital Journal
will he
especially m
Open at 1.30 Musical Program 2 to 2.30.
Lecture---Demonstration, 2.30.
Mrs, Kate Brew
T -
Famous Culinary Expert in Charge.
A rmoYVy
5T C7
A". t: . -
- 'V -. , ; ' . VA 'Si
!"-r A7 f ' '
A .
't . , ' - : 1
: : -,M': V " ' ' A
A- ;.t't
:., Zy':'- ' A-..,
Mrs. Vaughn who will cond.ict the C.-pitai jounial Better roods- Better Homes School, Armory, June 5 to 11.
k 4V 4 .A. A A A A 4