Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 25, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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    RNAL. SALEM. OREOi'nv, THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1916.
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THIS is the time of the year when more
people are considering the question of
"what car to buy" than at any other time
of the year.
This community has its full share of people
who will soon be driving their first car or a new;
car to replace the old one
Now, we know that we are going to sell Max
vell Cars to a great many of these people de
pending upon how many we are able to acquaint
with the merits of the Maxwell.
The generous value offered in the car is so
evident its past record is so full of good perform
ance owners speak so well of it that when the
buyer knows these things, he is eager to buy a
In order to tell as many people as possible
about the merits of the Maxwell Car we are going
to spend a lot of money -in the next few weeks in
this paper advertising Maxwell merits to those
who do not know them.
The reason we want to sell as many Max
wells as possible this season. Our future allot
ments will depend upon how many Maxwells we
sell now.
You may know that the Maxwell market is a
buyer's market, not a seller's market broadly
speaking. The demand for Maxwells the country
jpver is greater than the supply.
Touring Car $655
For this reason cars are allotted to dealers by
the factory according to the size of the dealer's
We want to make a showing and be in a posi
tion to get a generous allotment of Maxwells
hereafter. Because the more Maxwells are sold in
any community, the greater is the future demand.
We realize the opportunity to do an ever-increasing
Maxwell business.
This is only the first of the several messages
we are going to print a few days apart concern
ing the Maxwell Car. But we don't expect to be
able to adequately present Maxwell merits in
printed words alone.
If you are one who is going to buy a new car
you will find it decidedly to your advantage to
find out all you can about the Maxwell before you
place your order.
Come in and talk it over with us and let us
demonstrate the car to you. yThen, don't take our
word alone, but ask those who now owa Maxwells.
Get "posted" about the Maxwell and you will
realize more satisfaction and get more "value re
ceived" for your motor car money than ever
And we are just as willing to have you invest
gate other cars just as fully as you do ours. The
Maxwell will not suffer by the comparison.
Why not start your Maxwell investigatioi
Roadster $635
Halversen & Burns
Cor. High and Ferry Phone 959
Time Payments if Desired
National Federation
of Women's Clubs Meets
dross at its convention here today.
Improvement ot rural life, the Amer
icanQWng of the immigrant, the cul
tivatiou of a rem Pan-Anieric in spirit
and moving pictures were the main
topics for federation consideration at
New York, Mav 23. Espn'tuting
Jiope that women of the United Stntcslthe fiist sesion,
through, Oie Nat'imal Indention of Club women were warned not to sup
Women's clubs will have a part in I port any legislation which did not
bringing peace to the world, Mrs. Per i have the federation's recommendation.
y V. Pennabneker, president of the I Fifteen thousand delegates were on
rganb.ation, delivered tho opening nd-hand when the gavel wis pounded, call-
Last Times Today
The Celebrated Novel, by Famous Players Comp'y
Friday and Saturday
In a Thrilling, Exciting Automobile Photodrama-
Always Orchestra Music
Salem's Only Exclusive Picture Play House
ing for order.
Mis. Ocorgo Pass of Chicago entered
the presidential race, making it a three
cornered affair. Mrs. Josiah Kvauh
Cowles of Los Angeles, candidate of
the western delegates, appears to be
gaining ground.
Inheritance Tax Is
Wanted by States
Sacramento, f'nl., May 2.". Stato
Controller J. 8. Chambers started a
campaign by letter tod iv against billti
which provide for a federal inheritance
tax. lie is sending letters broadcast to
state officials througnout the United
States, U'ging them to prevail upon
congressmen from their states to op
pose the bills. Chambers sees danger
in a federal inheritance tax in the way
01 cnriiinng siaie revenue.
California for this fiscal year will
collect about 3,."iOO,OoO under its in
heritance tax law and this immense
revenue. Chambers points out, would
be cut down materially in the future
should there be a federal tnx.
New York. Mav 25. Kvelvn Nesbit
Thaw BinifiiincfJ tndav that hereafter
he is Mrs. Virgil .Tames Montnni, hav
ing married Montnni, whose stage name
is Jack Clifford, at Klliott Citv, Md.,
yesterday.. In obtaining a license the
bride gave her name as Florence Nesbit
Apply ih Person at
Hammond-Bishop Co.
Friday a. m.
Sir Roger Casesnept
To Be Tried June 26
London. May "5. Sir Roper Case
ment and Daniel llniley, a soldier, were
indicted by the grand jury today on a
charge of high treason. The accusation
is based on their participation in tho
Irish rebellion.
Casement will bo put on trial for hi
life dune lid. it was announced.
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?Vt . N i ' . ' - kv
"Happy Jack" May Be
Real English Lord
Portland, Or., May 25. "Hiiipy
Jack" Pennington, steward on trie
Htcnmer Wapam i, today had ft confer
ence with an Knglisn barrister who
wants Jack to go baek to Kngland and
assume the t.tJe of Baron Muncaster.
The lawyer asserts, and has lots of
3 ACTS-3
High Clans Musicnl
Old Time Melody
mayhews Trio
Comedy, Hinging,
Itaneing, Talking
Nothing But
documentary evidence to prove, that
Happy .lick is the legal heir to the
peerage. J la ran Miincuster died re-
ently, leaving no direct heirs, llis
nearest relatives have been killed in
Some of the accidents which occur
!r. the Jesse U lusliy pioduUioii of i'i
thrilling automobile story 3f "The
Kace," which will bo seen at the Ye
Liberty theatre on Friday and Satur
day, were tukan in the exa-t locility
in which they Luppeiu 1 to Anita Kiim,
the Parani9'.'..tf luri on wHjse famous
transcontinental automobile trip the
story is founded. At one place during
her trip she encountered a disastrous
washout. On their return to the place
to take the picture, it was found the
road and bridge hid been replaced and
it wan thought an other location would'
have to be secured. During the night '
prior to tneir' departure, another cloud;
burst came and washed the bridge away
again. The next day they were nlc -to
secure the scene exactly as it hap-1
pened originally. In this picturizntion
Victor Moore is to star, supported by j
Miss King, and an all-star cast. The;
story was written especially for thci
stars bj Hector Turnbull, author of'
"Tht Cheat," and Clinton II. Stagg. j
Motion Picture Actors
Have Touch of Real Thing
Los Angeles, Cul., May 25. More
than a scorn of motion picture actors
and actresses of the American Woman
Film company were injured, one prob
ably fatally, when the huge auto truck
in which they were riding dashed over
an embankment into a canyon near
Chatsworth. Tho party was returning
from Inking scenes in the foothills.
With the heavy truck pinning most
of the members of the party beneath it,
tho imprisoned men and women were
held until aid could be secured. The
accident occurred last night.
Mi's, Onnigurd Selineinnker, an
actress, of Los Angeles, is in the (bind
Samaritan hospital here today. She
will probably die.
T. I). Dickerson, driver of the car, is
also in u serious condition, but doctors
say he will live.
j David Lloyd George
Takes Charge in Ireland
London, May 25. David Lloyd
Oecuge has been given full chnrge of
the Irish situation, Premier Asquith
announced today in the house of com
mons. Lloyd-flcorge was the unanimous se
lection of the British cabinet, Asquith
said. He appealed f0 nil sections not
to di.ieuss the Irish question while
Llovd Oeorge was negotiating. The se
lection was a surprise to the commons.
In Addition- to
3 Big Acts
Westora Vaudeville Ass'n
tho war. Jack Pennington doesn't
doubt the story, but ho is reluctant I Xt is hrti-vl to mean that the muni
to give up his comfortable berth and
shoulder the resK)nsibiliUes of a reg1
ular peer. He is quite sure tho law
yer Isn 't spoofing.
r.vtr since Happy Jack g shipmates
learned about his prospects, they have
oeseigecl him with applications for po
sitions as keeper of tho kennels or
valet. Also, they want him to Invest
his prospective fortune in steamboat
stock and give them all good jobs.
"Let 'em bring around some more
evidence, and then well, maybe 1 11
go," said .lack.
Ftna Fruncisco, Hay 23. Testifying
for th government in the Oregon land
fraud eases today, (ieorgo M. Michels,
a (Hirdcna orclmdist, swore that A.
j, Weeks and Sydney L. fiperry ap
prnmhed him in Los Angeles with an
offer to locute him on land lu Oregon
for ISO, in such a manner that he
would not huve to establish a residence
on his rlnim. Mii hcls said the defend
ants told him congress had recently
pnssed a law permitting land to be
cluimcd in flint manner.
tions question hns been settled for the
present, aa Lloyd (leorge hns been act
ing as minister of munitions, speeding
up tho ammunition supply.
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