Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 23, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Clearance prices on All Suits; Coats, Dresses, Skirts, etc
1 0$
Tomorrow's Big Sale
Wednesday Surprise Sale
Ah Unusual Offering of " Abbey t Hand Embroidered
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs at 22c Each
Women who like dainty Handkerchiefs and wish to replenish their supply at a
distinct saving should, bv all means, attend this sale Tomorrow. Many dain
ty embroidered corner patterns. These were made in Ireland and now, on account 1
1.1 z T.j.i a : i i. iv,: : v rruvn
vi uie war are very scarce, oeuer put in a buypiy at uus uipwe piu-c. xucj ic
easily worth. 35c each. Tomorrow only 22c Each
Sale, starts at 8:80.. See Window Display
Xtra Good
for Boys
a 11 . a i m
M Around I
Why pay More?'
l'lioue 13.
Suit pressed SOc.
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glasse
es correctly. U. 8. Bank. Bldg.
T. W. Lane win lecture In
the Leslie M. K. church thin evening,
t n k i (i tor his subject, "Wanted, A
Dr. B tone' i drug store.
The Knights of Pythias will Initiate
members and IigM a smoker this even-in)?.
"He who has health
has hope,
And he who has hope
has everything."
(Arabian Proverb)
Sound health is largely
a matter of proper food
which must include cer
tain mineral elements best
derived from the. field
grains, but lacking in
many foods.
made of whole wheat and
malted barley, supplies all
the rich nourishment of
the grains, including their
vital mineral salts phos
phate of potash, etc., most
necessary for building and
energizing the mental and
physical forces.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers
Dr. Stone's Drug Stora for trusses,
Mr. and Mrs, M. J. Pate, who have
been living at Jefferson, have recently
bought a homo on North Liberty street
.vnti will make Sulein their permanent
We can save yon money on garden
hone, Nelson Bros. & Pulton, plumbers,
35S Chemeketa HI Phone 1906. tf
The campfire girls of the First Bap
tist I'huri'h will give a program in the
churi'h Wednesday evening, beginning
nt 8 o'clock. The progr.im will include
i music and readings.
Dr. atone m'.s no charge for con
! sulfation, examination or prescrip
! tion. if
3. 0. Jones, district manager 0! the
i Woodmen of tho World, is in tho city
I nnl propones to stay a while with the
bovs to assist in livening things up
to some extent.
Cemetery Cleanup Daffi Cemetery
i i . i , nr. . - n i 1 1 .
i cleanup uay munuuy, uia.y an in
terested come out. The Howell Prni
rie cemetery association. Ralph I.
Stevens. tf
Ore""'! librarians will meet in Salem
Tune 19 to discuss matters of interest
to I i lira rian.i in nonorul and especially
to those whose duties are in Oregon.
One of the main topics to be discussed
will bo th.it of the school work in con
nection with public libraries.
Our prices axe right, no reduction
necessary. Gardner & Keeno, jewelers
and opticians.
Governor Withyeomlo yesterday ap
poinleil Clyde (4. Huntley of Oregon
City on the Oregf.n Phamacy board
to succeed Leon It. Haskins of Modford
whose term expired May 20th. Mem
bership on this board is for a term
of five years.
While otliors ore reducing we are
increasing our stock. There's a rea
son ask ns. Gardner Si Keene, jewel
ers and opticians.
E. N. Branson has received authori
ty from the post office department at
Washington to begin his dutfes
rural mail carrier .lime 1. He h is been
assigned to rural route 1, which has
temporarily been served by Mrs. J.
A. Remington,
Ice unnecessary this summer with the
new w.iter cooled ieeless refrigerators.
r.men & Hamilton.
E. A. Wyld and Hamilton T. Cortett
of the First National bank of i'ortlaau
weie in tho city this morning, motoring
to southern Oregon. Mr. Corbett was
recently nominated by the Republicans
as representative in the next legisla
ture. Ieeless Eef rigerators cooled by water,
no ice used lluren & Hamilton.
The Rev. Robert S. Gill and J. A.
Sellwood left this afternoon for Port
land to attend the convention of the
diocese of Oregon, which will continue
in pesion until Fridn" evening. Dele
gates will be chosen to the tri-enni-il
convention which will meet this year
in St. Louis.
Have you seen the New Orbon Do
Luxe range at K. L. Stiff & Hont
Capital Typographical Union No. 210
will hold its nnnunl memorial service
Sunday Mav 2H, at 3 p. m. in Odd Fel
lows cemetery. Members .ind friends
will assi mblo nt Union hall at 2:.')0
and go bv special car. In case of rain
the services will bo held in the hall.
We sell the New Orl'on De Luxe
range. K. L. Stiff & Son.
The annual banquot of the Epworth
league will he held in. the pnrlors of
Die Vin Aintlimlist church from 6 un
til 8 o'clock next Friday evening. Six
leagues of Salem and suburbs will be
repiesented. An interesting program
of tons and addresses have been ar
ranged. Have your next suit pressed for COc
and see if yon don't get first class
work. Phone -III.
A new fast limited train will be put
on bv the Southern Pacific, to be num
bered n,1 nnil ol beginning Sunday.
This trnin will leavo Portland at 8
o'clock in the morning, arriving in
Eugene nt noon. The returning train
will leave Kugene nt 1 o'clock and ar
rive in Portland at 5 p. m. Connec
tions will bo made At Albany.
Hear Lane tonight, Leslie M. E.
church. !" Wanted! A Mn! 25
The Daughters of the American Rev
olution are desirous of ascertaining the
nanies of soldiers of the Revolutionary
War who are VtV.i ;, slem or near
by cemeteries, and the location of such
graves ns nearly ns can be given.
Kindlv send nnv information nt once
to Miss Kdith K Iteacdict, ."'J.'t N.
Cottage 'St.
The members of Central lodge K. of
P. are meed to be present at tonights
seisi'in. There will be work in Itr.l
and other important business before
the lodge. St'-ps should also be taken
townrds attending the funeral of our
late Hro. Frank W. Power, llv order
ol Indue. W. K. GiNnn, K. K. S.
May 23. May Robson at Oper
May r.-T-Salem chapter Sons
Amejlpan Revolution organ
ized, Commercial club-.
May 28. Hig'a school baccalau
reate Wvices, First Metho
dist church.
May 20. Public speaking in
chapel' Willamette university,
8 p. m.
May 20. Domestic science and
physical 'culture exhibition at
High School, .8 p. m.
May 29. Music departmeit
University recital, M. E.
Mjy 30. Memorial Day.
May 31. "Robin Hood," comic
opera, at . high school audi
torium. June 1. Elks' home-coming
celebration at armory.
June 2. High school commence
ment exercises at Armory.
Juse 2. Kimball college com
mencement, 2:30 p. m.
June 7. Annual election offi
cers Commercial club.
June 7. Willamette University
Actual Conditions Not Clear
From Exhibits in Supreme
Give fatlier a box, of La Corona ci
gars for his birthday, they ire sure to
Mr. and Mrs. Gill of Portland, are
in the citv to attend the funeral to
morrow of Frank W. Power. Mr. Gill
js associated with the Oregon Nursery
Trade in your old stove ns part pay
ment for a new Orbon De Luxe at K.
L. Stiff & Son.
T)o not sav iitnev driver, as the ex
pression is not quite right. According
to the latest, when referring to the
man who handles the jitney, the prop
er term is "Jitneur."
Trv Tlnson board for interior finish:
we sell all kinds of building mnterals.
Falls City-Salera Lumber Co., 319 S.
12th. mone std.
p V Manass. motorman for the Sa
lem street railway company, mid Mr.
and Mrs. li. At. lav.uiangn leu una
morning for a month's vacation nt Los
Have yon a Sonora in your home?
Why not ? It's the best Talkiwr Ma
chine on the market. Myrtle Know
land, 421 Court St.
The body of Miss Ella Mav Harris
..111 o.vivi. in tlin citv on the (1:40 Orc-
Igon Electric tomorrow afternoon and
will remain in charge nt the unilertnlt-
iing firm of liuclon nnil Uicnnruson un
; til arrangements for burial are made.
I Keep your foods cool and wholesome
: without ice expense this summer bv lis
ting the water cooled- ieeless refrigera
i tor. Hu-"-' & Hamilton.
: Miss Dtrrthy Holland of 712 State
I street received a message this morn
' ing announcing the death of her grand-jfitt-hr,
A. W. TMiand nt L'is Angeles,
'lie wa ! vet era -.1 of the Civil war.
i Funeral services will be held at Spo
kane, Ins former home.
Notice is hereby given that J. Bogen
; and O. Johnson havo completed their
i contract on the road in road district
I No. 40, known ns the Charles Work
road, and that the county road master
has filed Ins certificate ot completion
for tho same. Any person, firm or
corporation having objections to file
to tho completion of s.vid work, may do
so on or before 26th d.iy of May, 19K,
at twelve o'clock noon, in the office of
the county clerk. Max Gehlhar, county
i clerk. mny23
The standardization of the products
of loganberries will be discussed nt :i
meeting enlh'd in Portland May 31.
The matter has been taken up by rep
resentatives of the manufacturers and
industries bureau of the Portland
clumber of commerce, and experts
from the Oregon Agricultural college.
The call to meet ai d disci ss standard
ization was sent out by J. D. Mickel,
dairy and fiitl commissioner, who
st'ited in his invitation that the meet
ing was called primarily to learn the
views of the manufacturers of logan
berry juice and st.iting in his letter
that if nil products of the berry were
standardized, it would ultimately mean
iinii h to the grower in tho .state.
A controversy over a drainage dis
trict which was argued in the supreme
court over five months ago wus finally
referred back to its own locality for
settlement according to an opinion
handed down by Justice Benson in the
case of the state of Oregon on relation
of W. II. Brooks, district attorney,
appellant, against Nyssa-Areadia drain
age district, a proceeding to test the
validity of the drainage law which was
apepaled from the rulings of Judge
; Biggs of Malheur county. Justice Ben
jnoa affirmed the judgment of the low
j er court but held that from the trans
cript of the evidence it waj evident
; that the controversy 9h0uld bo settled
in the locality where all of the points
could bo cleared up by a comparison
of the evidence with the actual condi
tions as they then existed.
The other opinions today follow:
Ira L. Waterman vs. Boca M. Water
man, appellant, appealed from Wasco
J county, suit for divorce, opinion per
i:uimui, vucuit .luugc xru13JlU -3 JtlUg-
ment for plaintiff reversed.
A. K. "Higgs vs. Oeorge McDuffis,
seriff of Morrow county, appellant ap
pealed from Morrow county, involving
the forclosure of a mortgage, opinion
by Justice Burnett, Circuit . Judge
Phelps' judgment for plaintiff affirm
ed. Georgia Mitchell, appellant, vs. M.
S. Hughes et al, appealed from Baker,
involving the administration of an es
tate, opinion by by Justice -UcBride,
Circuit Judge Anderson's judgment for
defendant affirmed.
William J. Carlon vs. First National
Bank of Roseburg, appellant, appealed
from Douglas county, action to recover
balance of a deposit, opinion by Jus
tice MeBriilo, Circuit Judge Hamil
ton's judgment for plaintiff affirm
ed. Bernard Flynn, appellant, vs. Watson
P. Davidson et al, appealed from Baker
county, certificate to foreclose a cer
tificate of delinquency of tase.-, suit
dismissed, opinion by justice Benson.
Thomas Bossier, appellant, vs. R. AV.
Derby, apepaled from Baker eoenty,
suit to quiet fitle, opinion by Justice
Harris, Circuit Judge Anderson's judg
ment for defendant affirmed.
O. P. Dahlstrom vs. W. A. lludelsnn,
appellant, appealed from Union county,
action for money had and received,
opinion by Justice Beau, Circuit Judge
Knowles' judgment for plaiajiff af
firmed. Interior Warehouse company, nppek
Orbon de Luxe Range
The Orbon De Luxe is made of pure Ingot Iron, the
best material in the world for stove bodies. We ab
solutely guarantee these bodies' not to pit or rust
out. ' With the worst possible treatment they will
only show a little surface rust. The Range is built
first class throughout and is "The best Range in
. pf.. .frr mis
i.. . t .r nun in 1 nriryi nwiiin nwA'j
Bill Prices
' ' L $39.60
,yj sp? to
JEte-H $53.00
y t
We will allow you the best of prices for your old
one in exchange. Try us.
If you want a wonderful attractive stove of good
quality and style see our ORBON IDEAL.
PRICES $23.50 TO $37.50
Visit our Exchange Department the place of
a thousand bargains and you can furnish your
N "The Stove House of the Willamette Valley."
Per Pound
UAn Economical, Delightful, Light Place to Traded
Men's Wearables at Prices That Compell Attention
Our Closing Out Sale will continue until every article in Men's Goods are sold
Athletic Union Suits, same styles as B. V. D.,
regular 75c value 59c
Balbriggan Union Suits, regular 75c value 45c
Mesh Union Suits, 75c values 45c
$1.25 Union Suits $5C
They are sure to please you.
5-00 Shoes: : jjjq
$-i.00.Shoes. , , $3.35
$3.50 Shoes $2.90
W Shoes . ..'$2.45
$2.50 Shoes $1.90
Men's regular 50c Suspenders
Silk Fibre Sox
The Store for the People.
Washable Ties
Mail orders given prompt attention.
We pay postage.
Per Pound
Per Pound
Per Pound
. Two Pounds
Mid-week Specials sim
ilar to the above will be
a feature every Wednes
day; watch Tuesday even
ing papers.
Originator of Low Prices
271 State Street
In nt, vs. Edward Dunn, nppeiiW 'from
tliUium county, ni'tion for iVuiiMgos,
opinion by .TuMiou Boan, Cin uit Judge
Parker 'h judgment for defendant re
versed. I. aura M. Verrell vs. First Ni.timial
Hank of Roseburg, appellant, appealed
from Roseburg, suit to recover a. de
posit, opinion by Justice fl'-nris, Cir
cuit Judge Hamilton 'a judgment for
plaintiff affirmed.
Oregon Lumber company, appellant,
vs. Kast Fork Irrigation company, ap
pealed from Hood Kiver, involving the
appropriation of water from a siM-ain,
opinion per curiam. Circuit Judge
Bradslmw ' judgment for defendant re
versed. Petitions for rehearing was denied in
Smythe vs. Srnythe.
The body of Louis Weber, who died
died last Wednesday at his home near
Shaw will be expressed tomorrow to
I'leniont. Ohio, for burial. A nephew
j arrived in the city yesterday, and will
j remain here temporarily, taking charge
i of the fi tiie tract owned by Jr. Weber.
I The Ma'cabees axe making arrange-ment--
l'or a big initiation tomorrow
; evening in which tho largest class of
the year will lie admitted into th?
i lodge. State Comm.iuder Sherwood will
be resent for a short talk. Member'?
!of the lodge, from Independence, Pra
jtum and Dallas will attend.
I Quite a number of applications for
I membership in the Sons of the Amer
ican Revolution has been received wit.i
in the last few days by Winthrop ilam
imond, who has cilled a meeting tor
(the organization of a Salem chapter
! tomorrow evening at the Commercial
; flub. There seems to be a desire on
jtl.e part of thoe eligible, to join th
Ichapter ns charter members. After
the chapter is formally organized, and
iolfieers elected, tiie advisability - of
j celebrating in some m umer the battle
l of Hunker Hill, June 17, will be t ikon
Siewert and Armstrong were awarded
i the contract for the construction of
the Kaiser school house, about three
' mijes south of the city on the river
i rood. The specifications, drawn by
i P. A. T.e"", call for four class rooms,
i'.'lonk rooms, librirv room, play rooms
! for both boys and girls and manual
I traininT"ro ms. As an extra fire pro
! tii tion, th" furnace in tint 'nsenient
j will be enclosed iu concrete walls. The
;distri't voted .fti.rtOO for the building,
(and this amount will be used in the con
jstriution and furnishing of the si-hool.
jSiymniir Jones is chairmin of the
school board of directors.
Jt was not regarded as serious until
about three weeks ago when lie came to
the Salem hospital foi-treatment. .
The annual graduating exercises of
the Indian training school at Chemawa
will be held Thursday, June I at 3
o'clock in th afternoon. Nine giiN
liid fooileen bd(ys will finifll t'.icii
'studies, several of them coming from
1 Alaska. Jl'ni baccal'iureate sernui'i
will be preached next Sunday night
;),.. n..-' o. Hall of Willamette I n--'
versify. " Hu il-.i" before eotumeuco
- ment,' Wednesday Mav 111, there will
be a competitive military drill, to lr."
.judged b" two commissioned officer
of the Oiegon National (iuard, a-4
Major MeAloxauder of the I'. S. arms,
now director of military affairs .il
I the O. A. C General gymnastic event
.by the students will take place in the
gvmnasium Wednesday evening -Ma)
, m
Silverton Votes 815,200 Bond Issuo
Silverton, Or., May -It. In a special
election here today, 4!M voters a-'
against 5l' voters announced them
selves in favor of issuing bonds t"
! the extent of !5.-0n to construct ami
j ci.uip an auxiliary water system.
Cars of any kind for any place
at anv time.
Office, Bligh Hotel
The funeral of Franw W. Power of
lOrenco. who died yesterday it the Sa
lem hospital, will be held Wednesday
laierri'iig at lrt:.i'J o'clock firm the
I First Presbyterian church. Sen ices
will be conducted by the Rev. C.irl F.
I Klliott and the Rev. lioozer of Oren
i co. Burial will be in the City View
cemetery. The stirvivintr brothers, I.eon
; Power of Pendleton, F.dward Power of
Portland and Alex Power of Lebanon
iare in the citv. The immediate cause
jof M. Power's death was from blood
'poisoniii!'. brnugiit on from a cut un
i the wrist and hand about mx weeks ao
fl ff
Licensed Lady
Moderate Pricei
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone J21 Salem, Ore.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all way
Points. Leaves Mill City 6:15 a. m";
Stayton 7:45, Salem, 0:15.
Return, leaves Salem 4:30 p.
Stayton o:45; Mill City 7:20.
Phone 13