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aline Thompson: '
DKSPITE tho occasional down pour
of riin, scores and scores of the
married set, and younger contin
gent motored to the liivesley hop ranch
"Ijidie Brook" Monday evening to ot
tcod the dinner and dance for which
Jlr. and Mrs. Thos. Livesley were hosts.
Although there have been a. deluge
of nart affair this aerfson, there
lave keen none quite so gay or so
thoroughly enjoyable. Informality wis
the keynote of the evening and every
one bad a perfectly huge time.
Dinner preceded the dance and the
tables were adorned with bowls of
spring flowers and greenery.
The dance hall was a veritable bow
r of green, vine maple and dogwood
making an effective background anil
foil lor the array of brilliant sweaters
aud sorts togs.
.Japanese lanterns in every known
4-olor swung over the dancers and gave
nn oriental touch to tho harmoniously
Mended panoramt of beautiful color
ing. The liooth string orchestra furn
ished the music.
Those participating in the gnyetic?
were: Mr. anil Mrs. Frederic Thielsen,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Oleott, Mr. and Mis.
Chauncey Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Asahel
Hush, Mr. and Mrs. George Palmer
utnam, Mr. and Mrs. George TCodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNjry, Dr. and
Mrs. Henry Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Bargent, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hofer,1
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Iirown, Mr. and
Mrs. Wiliam Uurghardt, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. John J. Huberts,, Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas C. .Smith, Jr., Mr. and Mrs?
Melviu Plimpton, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
B. C'romi, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Kpeirs,
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gray, M. and
Mrs. Ruben Boise, Dr. aud Mrs. Wil
liam Lylle, Mr. and Mrs, VT. Council
Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. Zodao Kigprs, Mr.
nd Mrs. W. Mc.Dougil, Mr. and Mrs.
(Ben O. Sehucking, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
Crahani, Mr. and Mrs. Homer (ioulet,
Wr. and Mrs. James Wilson, Mr. and
Urs. Komoo Goulnt, Mr. and Mrs.
fienrgo lwis, Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Umith, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Young of
Albany, Mrs. E. Treate Clarke of Nent
lle, Mrs. lialph Jackson (Maude Iur
liin) of Peoria, 111., Miss Elizabeth
Tiord, Miss liitu Hteiner, Miss Ellen
Thiclse'.i, Miss Catherine Carson, Miss
Margery Marvin, Miss Jda Simmons,
Miss Kather Carson, Miss Jennie Fry,
Mi.ss Aline Thompson, Carl Gabrielson
Jjiurr-nce Hofer, James V'nuiig, Hugh
nd Jack McCiimmoii, Paul Wallace,
Haliih Moores, Daniel J. Fry, jr.
About a dozen prominent matrons
were guests at the lovely luncheon for
which Mrs. William Eldridge and Mrs.
William Brown were hostesses nt the
home of the former on Tuesday. Yel
low snap dragons and forget-me-nots
combined with airy tulle adorned the
Jiandsoruely-appoiuted table which hid
rovers for; , irs. Fred' Htowart, Mrs.
William II. Bool, Mrs. E. C. Cross, Mrs.
Thomas Kay, Mrs. John M'cNnry, Mrs.
Frank Hfiencer Mrs. Kussoll Cntlin,
Mrs. 0. P. Bishop, Mrs. J. N. Smith,
nd Mrs. C. H. Hobertson.
Another charming affair was given
liy these hostesses on Friday, when
they entertained tho matrons of the
"Happy Hour Club" and several ad
ditional guests at informal afternoon
iif bridge.
Tho drawing room and library where
Hip card tables wero arranged were
frigrant with white carnations and
npires. The card honors fell to
Mrs. A. I. Eoff. In tho dining room
yellow and while snap dragons adorn
ed the exquisitely appointed ten tnblo
ovr which Mrs. V. 1). Gabrielson pre
luded. I ' I"
Hood' 8riaprill Cleanses tho
Blood, Skin Troubles Vanish.
Scrofula eruptions on the face and
Txxly are both annoying and cIIh
fiKurlnic. Many a complexion would
bo perfect If they wore not present!
This disease shows itself in other
wayn. as bunches in the neck, in
flamed eyelids, mire ears, wiiRtliiK of
1h muscles, a form of dyspepsia,
nd Keneral debility.
Ask your ilrugKist for Hood's Sar
Marlllu. This rent medicine com
pletely eradicates Hcrofula. H purl
Jtua and enrichea tho blood, removes
humors, aud builds up the whole
eyKtcm. It bus Htixid the test of
forty years, and has received tbou
aarulH of testimonials of the entire
satisfaction It lias Riven.
Scrofula in either inherited or ac
quired. Better be mire you are quite
fro from It. Get Hood's Kui-supa-rilta
and begin taking it today.
We will be in oar new loca
tion Monday, May 15th, and
open for business.
The New McGifchrist Building:
Mr. mil Mrs. F. M. Jordan of Seat
tle, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Meyers of Sa
lem, Ore., who have been touring South
em California by automobile are at
the ('lift San Francisco Examiner.
Ten happy little folk of the very
youngest set reveled at the charming
birthday partv given Miss Janet
Plimpton this afternoon at the home
of her parents, Mr. ind Mrs. Melviu
Plimpton. Mrs. Plimpton (dunned tho
most artistic table decorations for these
small guests. The center was of pink
sweet peas mingled with ferns, and nt
each little, placo there wero dainty
pink cakes aglow with tiny candles.
Favors, bright colored baloons float
ed from pretty pink biskctB of bon
bons and marked covers for Helen and
Mildred Huberts, Nancy and Henry
Wesley Thielsen, Dorothy and "Tom
my" liivesley, Marie and Peter Schul
derman, Rosalie Huron, Asuhet Bush,
Jr. and Hubert Bishop.
Charming informality marked the
fivo hundred party for which Mr. and
Jl.rs. Henrv B. Thielsen were hosts
Tuesdiy evening. The member's of the
" Merry -(io-Houinr club wero asueil
to make up the tables and the high
score honors were awarded to .Mrs.
Kussell Cntlin and Dr. J. N. Smith.
Mrs. Thielsen was assisted by Mrs. It.
Catlin, Mrs. Ada Strong and Miss
Ellen Thielsen.
Those playing were: Mr. nnfl Mrs.
John 1). Sutherland, Mr. aad Mrs. T.
C. Sniitli.Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ttiiben
Boise, Mr. and Mrs. ltiH Catlin,
Mr. and Mrs. John McNhry, Mr. and
Mrs. Max O. Buren, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Fleming, Dr. ani Mrs. J. N. Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.' Kay? Mr. and
William Thielsen, Dr. and Mrs. C. II.
Hobertson, Mrs. II. J. Sehulderman and
Mrs. Ada Strong.
Missi Helen Ivrause, the charming
Portland girl whoso . engagement was
recently announced to Glenn Sigel is
the guest of Mrs. Joseph Albert.
A vast throng attended the dance
and concert, given for tiie sen
iors of the Salem high school
by the Salem club of the O. A.
C. and the (. A. C. cadet band it the
armory last evening. A more cosmo
politan assemblage of young folk has
never been held. Fully 400 people at
tended the affair and they enmo garbed
in every kind of frock imaginable, in
which summer gowns and sports togs
took tho important pi ice. Informality
and good . misiu was , no , doubt
responsible for the spoutuniety
which characterized the affair. Stream
ers of Salein high school colors gaily
mingled with the 0. A. C. orange and
black and floated from the bulcony;
while pennants were every where about
the huge hull.
A piofusion of Scotch broom hedged
in tho band and was also used to
decorate fh punch booth.
A charming affair was tho "ilOfl"
party given Tuesday evening by Mr.
unit Mrs. Oliver Locke at their apart
ments in the Court. Tho rooms wre
attractive with yellow roses and qnnn?
tities of gulden butler cups and greens.
Mrs. George Kudgers and George
llrown won the high score honors. As
sisting were M,rs. Willinn Dainty and
Mrs. Edwin h. linker. The Nemo card
club augmented by several guests were
asked including Mr. and Airs. Milton
Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. George Kodgers,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Me Nary, Dr. and
Mrs. H. E. Lee Steiner, Mr. anil Mrs.
Joseph Baunigartiier, Mr. and Mrs.
Prink Durbiu, Dr. and Mrs. Carlton
Smith, .Mr. And Mrs. Homer Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. .lames Wilson, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry (Dinger, Dr. and Mrs. L. K.
Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. George llrown,
Mr. anil E. L. Raker, Mr. nnd Mrs.
William Dancy and Mrs. Lovelace.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Young of Albany
who were the guests of the William
Itiirghanlls Jr., for the dinner dance
Friday evening motored homo Into that
Mrs, Joseph Alburts asked the mn
trons of the Happy Hour Itridge club
and several guests at her home Wed
nesday for an inform tl afternoon over
the bridge tables.
The curd favors fell to Mrs. Hubert
Downing and Mrs. Prank Griffith.
Miss Helen Knuise of Portland nnd
Miss Mildred Wiggins assisted Mrs, Al
berts. Notice
Tn honor of tho anniversary of her
husband's birthday Mrs. Paul llauser
entertained Friday evening with an at
tractive stag dinner.
The tuble was centered with an r-'
tistic. array of red peonies and covers i
marked places for Dr. Hov Byrd, C. II
Webb, James G'hinnock, Lloyd Hauser,
Kosco Shclton, Paul Rassmusgen, Ken
neth Brown and the host. loiter the
party was augmented by the women
who were isked for an evening ot five
hundred. Mrs. Hauser was assisted by
Mrs. Lloyd Hauser.
Amid an array of pretty spring blos
soms, Mi pas Ada Dayton became the
bndo of Reverend John Robertson or
Moro, Oregon, at six thirty o'clock
Wednesday nt the home of her mother
Mrs. II. Dayton.
Rev Carl II. Elliott of the First
Presbyterian church officiating. Miss
Dayton s wedding though u simple af
fair was very charming. A bower of
white clematis and pink tulle formed
an effective foil for the bridal party.
Iho bride wore a gown nt white lin
gerie nnd carried a bouquet of cream
roses. Misj Almi, I hole wlis maid
of honor and her gown was a delicate
pink lingerie and she caricd pink car
nations, l.ittlo Barbara Dayton or
Astoriu, a niece of the bride, preceded
tho bridal party carrying , the ring in
a lovely rose.
Dr. Floyd B. Daytou of Portland
icted as best man, .Mrs. Charles Mc
Allister of Portland sang "I Love
You Truly" and Miss Maude McCoy
played Mendelsshon 's wedding march.
Following tho ceremony a buffet wed
ding supper was served.
Iho table was adorned with pink
sweet peas and pink tulh. Assisting
tn tho dining room were, Mrs. J. W.
Lewis, Mrs. A. .1. Dayton of Astoria,
and Miss Delia llagon. , .
Iho bride s bouquet which was f.ish-
ioned in three parts contained the
dime, the thimble and the ring ami
was cuiglit by Aliss Margaret i'utuam,
Miss Anna Phole and Miss Bessie
Hey. and Mrs. Robertson left on a
weddinir trii to Portland. Thev will
be at home to their friends in Morot
after June first..
Among the out of town guests at
tho wedding were: Dr. and Mrs. A. J.
Dayton and duighter Barbara of As
toria, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAllis
ter and children of Portland, Dr.
Floyd B. Dayton of Portland, Mrs.
Norman Courtney of Mazaltan. Mexi
co, and Miss Edna Pury of Orenco.
Miss Caroline Dick and Miss Mnr-
.jorie Kiy went to Eugene Thursday
to attend the junior week end festivi
ties at the university. While in Eu
gene they will be guests at tiie Gumma
I hi Iteta Sorority house. "
It has been a happy week for the
dance-loving set, and Friday evening
again found a throng of socioty folk
whirling merrily at the Hotel Marion
dinner dunce.
The tables surrounded by various
vivacious groups of uurid and mntrons
in brilli int sports clothes and sweaters
with their escorts, made a pleasing and
colorful ensemble.
Among the hosts wero Mr. and Mrs.
William Uurghardt, Jr., whose guests
were: Mr. and Mrs. Cliauncey Bishop,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Asahel Bush, Mr. and
Mrs. Percy Yoifiig of Albany, and Mrs.
George Palmer Putnam.
Miss Ellen Thielsen, Miss Hazel
Downing, Carl Gabriolson, Ercel Kay
nnd James Young eutert lined n party
of the younger set including: Miss Rita
Steiner, Miss Catherine Carson, Miss
Elizabeth Lord, Miss Margery Marvin,
Miss Jennie Fry, Miss Ida Simmons.
Miss Esther Carson, Miss Grace Bean,
Mis Ellen Thielsen, Miss Aline Thomp
son, Laurence Hofer, Albert Egnn,
Dnmvl J. lry, Jr., Lcland Hendricks
Sport Suits of Old
Evolve Into "Sport Frocks"
rr;v! Jim
riiiin, combined with grrn timl tnu
striped, tuxNOro silk ilpvplopii tliia jnmit
ii'Mt of outfits for outdoor life. Stripes,
rut baynderi with n phiin band iimortrd
give tho side pluitod skirt, nnd tho loose
blouse, with its smart foliar nnd tic, is
finished at the hips with u double cord
iiiR. A green Knilor has Dtrnw rosette
well placed.
r"r 7 - . r
r ..xvr , fc .-vjl ,.L
I!ul'h Moores, Hugh Me 'amnion.
Chrlcs Reynolds, Prince Byrd.
Others noticed circling tables in con
geniil grott) were Mr. and Mrs. Gny
Sargont, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C.
Smith, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Ben 0.
At another table were: Mr. and Mis.
George Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin
t'limoton and Dr. and Mrs. William
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Livesley, Mr.
and Mrs. John J. Roberts and Mrs. E.
Trentc Clarke, of Seattle, were togeth
er, while Miss Florence Hofer, Miss
Myrtle Albright, Allan Bynon and
John Carson formed another party.
A party of Albany devotees motored
to Salem for the affair and included,
Mr. and Mrs. Roekey Mason, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Cusick, Miss Laura Tay
lor, Hollo Rawlston and Harry H iw
kins. Mrs. Charles Dick entertained with
a few tables of bridge Mouday after
noon. It was a very informal .iffair.
only the matrons of the Bridge club
and several additional guests being
The rooms were charming with a pro
fusion of forget-me-nots artistically ar
ranged in bowls and va. Three
tables of bridge were circled by the
euests, the card honor falling to Mrs.
Douglas Minto. Mrs. Dick wis assisted
by her dausnter Miss Caroline Dick.
Besides the club the guests included
Mrs. Frank Brown, Mrs. H. J. Schul
derman, Mrs. John Coughill and Mis.
Walter Spaulding.
Mrs. Harry Wcnderoth asked a group
of matrons und maids for an informal
sewing Friday afternoon, her guests
included the members of the La Cornier
An attractive dinner was given
Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Poisal. The table which was all
done in yellow, was unusually pretty
with a center of golden hued poppies,
dainty ferns and .yellow tulle.
Seated around the table were: Mr.
and Mrs. Gordon MeOilehrist, Mr.
nnd Mrs. C. B. Webb, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Bolinger, Mr. and Mrs. Georgei
Shaw and Miss Marion Shaw and the
hosts. Dinner wws followed by an
evening of five hundred.
One of the charming and pretty if
fairs of the week was the shower for
whicli Mrs. H. J. Miles ind Mrs. Don
ald Miles were hostesses this after
noon to honor Miss Regina Long, bride
elect, who has been much entertained
since tl e announcement of her engage
ment. -:0 .
The rooms of theMite's. residence
were a scene of exceptional beauty,
being decked with a 'profusion of yel
low Scotch broom and purple wild
flowers, which made nn effective foil
for the pretty afternoon toilettes of
the guests.
Tho afternoon was made unusually
delightful by a music U programme.
Mrs. Florence Hollidny-Haight, recent
ly of New York, charmed the guests
with her beautiful voice. Mrs. 0.
Powcrsi sang several . . pretty solos,
whilo Miss Laura Grant's piano selec
tions nnd Miss Joy Turner's violin
numbers were equally enjoyable.
The hostesses were assisted by Mrs.
0. Pruner, Mrs. George Burnett, Miss
Mav Haucii nnd Miss Marguerite
Besides the honorce the guests in
vluded: Mrs. H. E. Bolinger, Mrs.
Gordon MoGilchrist, Mrs. S. N. Endi
cott, Mrs. 11. E. Eplev, Mrs. Mary
R ims.lell, Mrs. E. 0. Kaiich, Mrs. I,. K.
Pug, Mrs. George Burnett, Mrs. G. W.
Gerald Volk, Mrs. C. Pruner, Mrs. O.
M. Elliott, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. William
Fleming, Mrs. F. Seeley, Mrs. M.
Grant, Mrs. K. B. Houston, Mm. Anna
Rogers Fish, Mrs. Mary Long, Mrs.
Edward Boas, Mrs. William Gillownv,
Miss Zoc Stockton, Miss Hazel Bish
op, Miss Laura Grant, Miss Cox, Miss
Ami Sweezy, Miss Hizzazi, Miss Elva
Smith, Miss Gertrude Wailing, Miss
Ruby Ramsdell, Miss Emly Palmer,
Miss Ruth Ranch, Miss Marie Rams
dell, Miss Joy Turner, Miss I.ucile
Kuntz, Miss Broce and Miss . May
About a dozen members of the E. O.
T. club gathered at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bowersox for a
"500" party Tuesday evening. Mr.
and Mrs. W. I. Stnlcy shared, the hon
ors is hosts for the affair, which was
the last of a series of delightful card
parties given by the club this season.
Tho living room, where the card tables
were arranged was aglow with red
Awthnrue blossoms. In the dining
First M. E.
room the repast tal.de was most artistic
with airy pink tulle, and nn art basket
of lovely sweet peas combined with
gypsophila. The card honors were
awarded to Miss Florence McKiunie
and A. L, Brown.
Dr. and Mrs. M. C Findley entertain
ed about sixty members of the Wil
lamette university faculty and sen-i
iors at an informal evening Friday.
Huge clusters of biiow balls and gar
den flowers were tised about fciu
rooms. Mrs. Findley wis assisted in
serving refreshments (by the Mjisses
Muriel Steeves nnd Grace roung.
Miss Marie Bennett entertained the
members of the Qninze Jours club at
a delightful informal evening Wednes
day. The score honor fell to Miss
Miry Foltrich. Circling the tables
Miss Ruth Kress, Miss Joy Turner,
Miss Katheiiine McClelland, Miss
Alice J add, Mrs. Blanche L. Niemeyer,
Miss AMargaret Hodge, Miss Mary
If,gler and Miss Hazel Price. Tiie
non members were, Mrs. If. W. Elgin,
Miss Rutii Ranch, Miss Elizabeth Mc
Laughlin and Miss Mary Follrich.
Charming Styles
Crepe and Lingeire Bl
Indeed they are the most
they are made in the very
t much in vogue. There's a
t ic on wirlo f-Viaf thovo io o
u ttu uu wivit i) a
Our Clearance Sale of Suits
Will save you a lot of
We own too many Outer Garments that must be sold and
145 N. Liberty Street
Church, Wednesday,
Seats Reserved Commencing on Tuesday
May 16th at 8 a. m.
An artistic and delightful affair of
the week was the Peer Gynt evening
given at the residence studio of Miss
Elma Weller on Tuesday. A more en
joyable programme can scarcely be im
agined. Mrs. Richard Cartwright add
ed greatly to the pleasure of the af
fair by her intelligent interpretive
The musical score was charmingly
rendered and much praise is due both
Miss Weller and her pupils. The even
ing was made memorable by Mrs. Jean
Miller Rahn, contralto and Miss Mary
Schultz violin soloist.
The rooms were a bower of golden
genista. Miss Weller was assisted in
the receiving by Mrs. Rose Chamber
lin, Mrs. Chillies Weller, Mrs. Edward
Weller. The Misses Mabel Marcus,
Hariett Griffith and Helen Weller as
sisted. The programme was as follows:
Mrs. Richard Cartwrigrt, reader;
Mrs. Jean Miller liahn, contralto; Miss
Mary Schultz, violin.
Morning Mood, first Peer Gynt suite,
Op. 40. No. 1
Isolo. Smith, Leona Wiedmer
Ingrid's Lament, second Peer Gynt
suite, Op. 53. No. 2
In the Hall of the Mountain King
first Peer Gynt suite, op. 4tj, No. 4
Leoua Wieilmer, Miss Weller
Reading -
Solveig's Song, second Peer Gynt
snite, op. 55, No. 4
Reading ,
The Death of Ase, first Peer Gynt
suite, op. 47, No. 2
Isula Smith, Muriel Steeves, Leona
Wiedmer, Miss Weller
Arabian Dance, second Peer ityiit
suite, op. m, No. 2
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Nile, and a Large Assortment of Com-1
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Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all rjruggists.
Isola Smith, Miss Weller
Rending i.
Anitrac Dance, first Peer Gynt suite
op. 4d, No. II '
Tsola Smith, Miss Weller, Leona Wie.l
nier, Muriel Steeves
Peer Gynt's Return Home, second
Peer Gynt suite, op. 55, No. 3
Leona Wiedmer, Ehna Weller
Solvcig's Song, second Peer Gynt
suite, op. 55, No. 4 -
The Misses Mary Savage and Rutlx
Kautelbcrg have gone to Portland for
a weeU-end visit with relatives.
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. I. Howard and fui'i
ily who left Salein last full, have re
turned to make their home. The How
aids arrived tho first of the week
from Holly Spring, Miss., where tiny
have been visiting with relatives.
ft ft.
An enjoy ible tea was given im
T'niif-day afternoon in the First Chris
tian chinch parlors by the Loyal
Woman's class. . Thote attending the
affair were:
Miss Betu Bedford, Mr. C. J-'
Beach, Mrs. C. F. Moore, Mrs. C. '
Babington. Miss M. M.- Hunt, M .
Fannv Mulkcv, Mrs. John Ri'Jgs, Mrs.
K. It" Macy, 'Mrs. J. T). Tiarlier, MrL
(Continued on Paae Three.)
in New
ouses I
are varying and the range i
l2 an manv a ess
sold quickly. - ;
and ,.
- 4
Salem, Oregon
Glee Club
May 17th
Tickets 25c