Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 21, 1916, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove it
MIH'IIIIIIWiMwr,,, T- II m , ., " ' " '
L-.. . -.I iw i ! . r r -rT. mnp ii llll mi ).. I I ...LJI .III I II I llll mi I. I
" M L-i r1 M vU bsJJ IS IS IS o
If I fc.. , ' S
2jc Whi te Linen g 8 l-3o Heavy Double g $1.50 Ladles' Colored 1 75c Cross Barred I 20c Fancy Howered I Ladies'
Euck Suiting 06 in. R Twilled Crash Towel- g Petticoats are mark- Fibre Silk Waisting, I Voiles, now marked H Striped
wide, special, yard Kj ing at, the yard ed at, special i latest novelty, yard 1 special at, the yard I White
Men's and Young Men's Spring Suits,
sold to as much as $10.00 regular, now
marked at $3.90
Men's and Young Men's Spring Suits,
sold up to as much as $15.00 regular,
now marked at $6,95
U o
One lot of Ladies' Shoes, sold up to
as much as $4.00 regular, marked at,
the pair $1.39
t M t H . jfiil I N w ii n i w fJ I 11 A i 1 flw . I w w
i .,M'mA,,,m.mmmmvmt-m'irm'imm!iwmt ii,iWihi...,--,u1i ,ilp..i.miuii.n, nmr ,., J" ., , ......,,.,. ,Mi. , i,,mii n .. ,mmm .-. -n wvvwmmm-MJii.il
fcl""'n"i,r ''".ita..,dtMli.liiJh,i,imm,..l,Kl.,.a..:w;.. ....-;:.,-.::.... -. - ....is , ........ .,.., . . .....
I $1.50 Silkolene Knotted I $1.35 FiUl Size Wool Fin- " ""
jT k,u 1 Co!nfrtera, now marked I ish Cotton Blankets, pair j vT """
worth to $2.50 regular, at - V 1 H ''
t 1 "Ile f Nemo Corsets, gold
i 1 the pair ill n iii..iMnuriirBmiin 1 n miMmiiwriiinnTHiirniinw iff sizes5'00 erguIar' m03tlv ise I
tt 1 I - Ladies' Waists, worth up I Ladies' House Dresses, I 1 " Ct? Tl ' SI I
fcrfgy J j t0 $2 regular' now at I wortl1 88 much 88 85c' at I V RjGg 3 H '"V J j
,iimniiniiiiniii niiwm I'wuwm n mi wi
ii il
E. G. Seaman,
....; i n i ...,,.. a
a h
12 l-2c Light and Dark Colored Q
Percales, the yard "C
12 l-2c and 15c Dress Ginghams fl
at, the yard i)C
$1.25 Full Size Bed Spreads nr
at, each I DC
10c Cretonnes, marked "71
at, yard il2C
10c Good. Size Huck Towel rl
marked at D 4C
15c Curtain Scrim marked at A
the yard ;. "C
12 l-2c Outing Flannel marked fl
at, the yard C
Millinery Dept.
Ladies' New Spring
Trimmed Hats, worth
to $4.00, now special
$1.98 1
I must raise $20,000 for the Chicago Store, no matter
what kind of a sacrifice I have to make to get the money.
Mr. McEvoy says: "Mr. Seaman, we told you when
you came that we wanted you to get us $20,000 and we
expect that you shall get it." And get it I must, and I
am jiow making a last and final scramble to get the
cash. Its got to come, and I am going to get it, so
keep a watch on the Chicago Store's ads and see what
I do to get that $20,000. E. G. SEAMAN
LadieV 75c Muslin Gowns JO
marked" at 40C
50c Ladies' Silk Fibre Hose OF
marked at faOC
15c Ladies Fancy Handker- Q1
chiefs marked at O 3C
65c Ladies' Summer Weight 4 0
Union Suits at 40C
85o Ladies' FlanneJ Gowns AO
malUed at ." OC
35o Ladies' Cotton White Lisle 1 r
Gloves, the pair IOC
15c Misses' Cotton Ribbed Hose, n
marked at , UC
Ladies' New Spring
Trimmed Hats, worth
to $6.50, now special
Levis Bros, &
81.00 Wide 1 35c White All Wool
Black and 1 Baby Flannel, now
Sport Hats at marked special, yard
WORTH TO $25.00
Ladies' New Spring Suits, were marked
to sell for as much as $25.00, now
marked at special price $12.50
lJJIUl W.!H.l,,J-
WORTH TO $12.50
Ladles' New Spring Coats, were marked
to sell for as much as $12.50 Tegular,
now marked special at $6.90
WORTH TO f2,50
One lot of Ladlos' Linen Skirts, worth
to $2.50, now marked to clean them
out at $1.39
Co. in Charge
.... Uj
Amendment to Constitution
Proposed to Make Sys
tem Possible
A toutiitivc dnift of n irnio-fil run
stitutimiHl lUiH'iidmiMit iroviilinnr fur n
KVKtcni of rural credits luia Jm-im i nm
pli'tt'il by the cmnmittee nnint. i! hy
the stnte credits conference at Si, irn,
liis! miinth and will be siiln.iiii-d tc
the voters at tin election neH ?.'
M:, idler.
Members of the committee tli ;t diafi
l the measure uie: ('. K Hp.- v.'. mus
ter of the State llranyc; J. O. Hrown,
i,'iiilent of the KaniMiis ' 1";i.i and
II. Huchnrd, jirrsident of lie Ore
Kon Ffderatinn of l.unor.
The essi'iitinl luiiticulnis of t)i i toll
are as follows: Administration of the
ininl credits system shall )n !:i the
hands of the State l.iind Hoar.', con
sisting of the governor, the ccrctny
of state and the state treasurer. Tlie
l:otird is authorized to K-sne boinU not
to exceed two per cent of the nssvscl
: valmitiou of the state in dciiomintu i-. l.s
I ruiiKinfi from L'.r) to if-1(1,(1(1(1, ami in
j series of $100,0(10 each. The bonds nre
j to run from It) to o." years to hear
j four per cent interest. They are to be
j exempt from taxation and to hp se
curity for all pulilic funds. The in
I to-"st and principul are guaranteed I'.v
1 the slate.
Loans on Property Provided,
j Loans are to lie made on property,
1 unproved ley the lionrd, and on first
J mortgage of trust deed security, lint
j no loan shall exceed 50 per cent, of the
appraised value of the land, nor .")() on
any one acre, nor ..(MIO, ir. the aggre
I gate, to any one individual.
An amortization plan is provided to
liquidate the delit in from 10 to :i.r
years, the equal annual payments are
to cover interest, principal, nppnrfion
: ments to a reserve fund ami operating
' Interest on the loans'.shall lie one per
cent higher than the interest on the
lionds, thus providing the reserve fund
and operating expenses. 'Itfio reserve
fund is to meet, losses und its funds are
to lie in vested in the state's own rural
. credit bonds, the proceeds 'from which
! fund.
are to revert to the
Amount of Interest Specified.
Applicants for loans must pay one
half of one per cent of the principal
that they apply for, this payment to
cover the cost of preliminary invest i-
J fc.llH'MS.
If The trvl of Hi,, bill ;.. f,,ll I',. II
I Idition to the rights conferred
, upon the legislative assembly to lend
the credit of the stale found in section
j seven of article eleven of the const it II
jtion of Oregon, the state laud board is
. hereby empowered to and shall establish
! a system of farm credit under the terms
hereinafter provided. The state land
board .dmll issue and sell or pledge gen
eral obligation bonds of the state of
, Oregon to l known ns "Oregon farm
I credit bonds" in an amount not to ex
i coed two per cent of the assessed valua
tion of nil the property in tlu. state.
These lionds shall be issued in denomin
ations of trifi, ii0(), $0(10, $ 1,0(10 nnd
$1(1,(1(10, and in series of ,t 100,1)110 or
multiples thereof. They shall be drawn
to mature in from 10 to :!.ri vein ,.,!
: shall hear interest at the rate of four
per cent per imaum, payable annuallv.
They shall he exempt 'from all .,s,',s
'levied by the state of Oregon or nnv
j of its subdivisions, and shall he secur
ity tor ll public funds,
j The interest and principal of Oregon
li'aim cv-d.t l.i-vds ah .ill be unco'.d.tvin
ally guaranteed by the state of Oregon,
j Knell series of bonds shall be issued and
(sold or pledged only upon receipt of np
I proved up; lications for n like amount
of farm U i,i by the state land hoard.
Iroceeds to Po to Fund,
j The st.iie laud board shall place, the
proceeds f 1 nm the Oregon farm credit
! lionds ill the farm credit, loan fund.
I which shall be lent for the pun-lmsing
ill' lane lands, for the aatisfaction of ie-
ctinilirarces upon farm lands, for pur
t chasing equipment and making im
j pi'.ivenients which will, in the opinion
of the l iard, e!ler adequate, in ,--.-.. ,i
i tion, add to the roiluctiveness of the
jfurin mid to its vahie us a farm in. me.
Sech lo ins shall he made upon notes
fccured by first mortgages or deeds ofl
trust on (arm lauds, and shall not ex-ji-eed
in i.iik not 50 per cent of tlm val
uation of the property pledged as se
tcuri'y 11 h npi raised by tho hoard nfter
appro, -ing the application for a lo.in,
'such valuation to he exclusive of per-
1 1, mum improvements; nor shall any
I amount exceeding $50 per acre be lent!
I on si.cn minis; nor snail an nggregato
.loan of more than .",)00 he m.ide to
.inv one iiiiiivKiuui or upon any single
Kvery applicant for a loan shall make
written application to the hourd, in
which he shall state clearly the purpose
for which he wants the bun, and upon
,ineir approval ny tne board, tlieso pur
poses shall he slated in full in tho note
01 cuiuiai-i. miner wnicn ttio loan is'
I granted, a 11, 1 no monies bo obtained!
isiian o unoii lor any purpose not stipu
lated ill the note or contract. I
Thn hoard shall require from each 1
1 ipplicnnt, 11 sworn statement of his farm j
i business for the year previous to the
lone in which lie applies for a loan, aniM
!a similar statement at the end of each. i
lyear while he remains a debtor of
! Farm hunt tonus ulittll b. ?, ,.;!
the auioi'tiatioii idnn in i.mhI ;,. .11
' ments, which shall provide for interest
on tho bonds, a farm credit reserve
1 fund, the operating expenses of the
system of farm .credit and the liquida
. tion of tho debt in from 10 to ,'l.i years,
, hut any debtor m.iy liquidate any part
'of liis indebtedness in amounts of if,K)
or multiples thereof upon nay amoiti
za'ion payment date.
I Interest to Be 1 Per Cent.
' The rate of interest on Innns ihnll
he one per cent per annum greater than
the rate which the state must pay upon
'lie funds olit tiucit from the sule or
pledge of bonds, hut the board shall re
quire each applicant for n loan to pay
an initial charge of tine-hnlf of one per
cent of the loan grunted, with n mini
mum charge of k( to cover the cost of
nppniiK.il and examination uf title.
The state laud hoard shall preparo a
budget biennially lor the administra-
i i
Pr. J'Mwanl.-' Olive TaMctx, tlm fiiihstl
tnte for ciilinocl, ai l. p-iuly on tiie ooweltf
iiml iwisllivly do ihc woilv.
l'coplc ailliciiKl Willi )i;id t.rcitli tin" I
"iiil'k rclirl" tlii"'iih lr. Kilwnrdu' Olivtj
'Jiillets. The ilo;tsnnt, mt.R'i r-"'oy lef I too
lets nre taken lor bad breath by all -who
Know them.
lr. KriwHriln' Olive Tablets a, t Kently
but flrmly on the bow"-ls hik) Jiver, stinui- .
latlni: Ihrm ti natur:il :o-tioii, eloorinir the
blood and gently purifying the entlru sys
tem. They do that which danwoitu calo
mel iloeg without any of the bud after
effects. ,
All the hcnclilM of misty, sirkeninRi
pi'lplnc: ciitleirlicR are derixcfl fnm r.
T-MwHrihi' olie Tablets without, erfpin;
pain or dlsaprreabte eflects of nny kiml.
rr. K At. KdwenlH ilisi-tivere'l the l'oiv
mula after seventeen years of pravtlco
Mtnnni; istllenls ulllleted with bowel and
liver eomiiliiliH with the ullriK.ia.nl bad
Dr. IMwarda' Olive Titblet.i arc purely
a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil ;
you will lnow tliem Ity tlielr olive color.
Take one or two every nltht for a
week mid note the effect. Ilk; ami 23t per
box. All druculsts.
The Olive Tablet Company, Culumbus, O.
firm of the system of farm credits es
tablished hereby, which shall he subject
to modification and approval by the
legislative assembly, and all surplus ac
cruing in the operation (if the system
shall he placed in a farm credit reservo
fund ami become u part of it.
The I'linn credit reserve fund shall,
he invested in Oregon farm credit bond
and the income from these bonds shall
be added to the reserve fund and be
come a part of it. The reserve fund shall
be irreducible except, when used to pro
tect the st.ite from loss incurred in tho
aduiinisttation of the system of farm
credit herein provided for.
The ptovisions of 'he constitution
and laws of Oroonn in conflict with this
amendment are hereby repealed in so
fur only as they conflict lici-eiyith, Thn
provisions of this ameni nieiit' shall bo
self-executing and shall take effect and
he In operation !HI days if lor it tip-:
proval and adoption by the people uf
fire gon.
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, he (-.ireful what voir
wash it wilh.
Most soaps and prepared shampoos'
contain too much alkali. This dries the
scalp, uuikes the hair brillle, ae.l is
very harmful, .lust plain inulsified
cocoaiiul oil (which is pure and entirely
greiseless) is much better Hum I no
mosl e. sio soap or anything clo
you can use for shampooing, as this'
cau't possibly injure the hair.
Simply moisten your hair with wnter
and rub it in. One or two teasp fills
will make an abundance of rich, creamy
l.ither, ami cleanses the hair and scalp
thoroughly. Tiie lather noses out eas
ily and removes every particle of dust,
dirt, dandruff ami excessive oil. Thn
hair dries quickly and evenly, and it
leaves it fine and silky, bright, fluffy
and easy to manage.
Von can get inulsified i o.iniit oil uf.
most any drug store, it, is very cheap,
and a few ounces is enough to last ev
eryone in the family for months.
Kiereir 'vYi.tdi., April L! I . Hecansii
he ml ci t is-.'ii the names of liquor deal
ers Olltl.ide of the state, Henry Pick
mini ei.s '': m-i! $111(1 and sonti'iicod to
t -a days in in t" ycsloiday nl'lernonn.
Fast Being Realized by Salem People.
A littlu backacho at first.
Daily increasing 'till tho hack is
lame and weak.
Urinary disorders may quickly fol
low; Dropsy un, often liiight's disease.
This frequently is tho downward,
courso of kidney ills.
Dou't tako this course. Follow tho
advice of a Snleni citizen.
W. II. Jiiadley, farmer, 014 S. 21st .
St., Salem, says: ''About two years
ago kidney trouhlo cutno on mo. First,
my hack began to ache, then pain
seemed to spread all over my body, liko
rheumatism. Tlio kidney secretions
wero unnatural and I knew that my
kidneys wero disordered. I road un en
dorsement of Dunn's Kidney I'ills given
by ono of my neighbors, and I 'got
some. Before I started the, second imjt
of this medicine 1 was almost entirely
freo from pain and my kidneys acted
regularly. I have used Dean's Kidney
I'ills since -with good results.'
I'rice 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for n kidney roniudy get
Doan's Kidney I'ills the same that
Mr. Bradley had. Foster .Milhuin Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. V.
Licensed Lady
Moderate Prices
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Or.
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill city and all war
Points. Leaves Mill City B;30 . m.;
Stayton 8:00, Saljn 0:;i0.
Boturn, leaves Salem 4:40 p. to.;
Htaytou 0:00; Mill City 7A0,
Phone 13