Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 18, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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There Is a Point Where Cheapness Ceases to Be Economy
A Sweeping Pre-Easter Sale
of Sty!
iish Millinery
Our Millinery buyer in New York sends a big shipment
of new Hats each week. We have received so many the
past two weeks that we have decided to cut prices in two
in order to dispose of them before Easter. Scores of
beautiful styles street, dress and sport models in all the
newest trimming effects for Spring and Summer 1916.
Come and take your pick from this grand assortment.
Exclusive ModelsNo Two Alike
(We show a few of them in our Court Street window)
Special Sale Prices on All Women's and Misses' Suits
- '
A Sale of Fine Muslin
Two large lots to pick from in this surprise for tomor
row's selling. Lace and Embroidery effects. Ribbon
One Lot, Up to $3.50,Your Choice
One Lot, Up to $1.85, Your Choice .
New Showing of Women's Dainty Neckwear
for Summer
All the pretty, fetching styles of Summer Neckwear
are shown in this new assortment which has just
reached us. Make early selections and get the best
choice. A wide range of prices.
See the window display.
IIILFICKER To Mr. and Mrs. August
ililfieker, at their home on rural
rente So. 4, April 10, 1U1G, a son, to
be named Julius.
If you're particularly fond of particularly good Bread,
ask for this particular Flour by name
' ' i at your Grocer
tI All rm. n . ni
wwu therry tity ratent Now
""aow j Economy Flour
Wheatola for Breakfast
i 'All Around Town 1
777 g
- .
: t tho Capital Journal Now Today
Itoscburg, Ore, April IS.
.loli n Nix & Co., ol1 Chicago, or
dered 151) carlo ids of liriiet'ilu
(winter cauliflower) from grow
ers in tho vicinity of liosoburg,
it wus announced today. Knrty
nine carloads wore shipped last
S.m Antonio, Texas, April IS.
(ieiorul l''uiiHton;'i head
quarters announced today that
2,300 additional troops would
bo sent into Mexico.
Tr Capital Journal Want Ads.
i Column nut your dollars on thn rioht
Easter PSllinery
Excess Shipment of New Pattern Hats
We ordered these Hats for the opening of our New
Store, but as they arrived earlier than anticipated,
we are showing them now.
Classy Models of Exclusive
Style and Originality
Mrs. P.E. Fullerton
270 N. Commercial
In our new store in McGUchrist Bldg.,
on May 1st
sfc sfc c jfc ifc sjc jjc sjc Jc )c )jc sc jjc ss
April 18 Registration for
primary election clones.
April 18. Monthly meeting at
Commercial club.
April 19 Sous of American
Revolution banquet, Marion
April It). Senator Theodore E.
liurton of Ohio, candidate for
republican nomination lor
president, at Armory.
April 20. Election of director
fiociul department Commercial
April 21 Willamette university
debates Pacific on goveru-
ment ownership of railroads. ,
April 21 I'rof. Hector Me-
I'herson on " Rural Credits,"
at Public Library.
April 22. Mid-Summer Night's
Iream, Opera House, auspices
Salem Women's Club.
April 23 Easter Sunday.
April 25. Election of Director
civicB department Commercial
April 2(!. "(ireen Stockings,"
play at auditorium, high
school by senior class. .
April 27 Free lecture by Peter
Collins at. Opera House.
April 28 Dance, benefit Salem
Street Railway band, at the
May C. Founders' Pay cele
bration at Champoeg.
May 9-10. East Willamette as
sociation of Congrcgntioual
Good cook stoves from ?3 to $12 at
K. I;. Stiff '& Sons.
Everything cut Z0 per cent. Hob
son 'a..
j o
Perl Humphrey, who was well known
; in the Waldo Hills, died Saturday cven
'iug at Die Darby iiomo near Stayton,
: in his thirty-fifth year. He w.is a well
known gfnrmer in that vicinity. lie is
smvived by a widow and two small ehil-
dre.i. Cui.eral services were held at
the home yesterday, with burial at Hock
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, flta glass
es correctly. U. n. Bank. Bldtf.
Your suit pressed, 50c Phone 43.
The Woodmen of the World of Mc
aiinuvillc will construct their new
building bv day labor. At the time bids
were opened all were rejected on ac
count of financial difficulties. Xow
that these h ive been removed, tho con
conslnictiou of the building "will be
gin ut once, by lay labor.
Dr. Stone' s drag nor.
Your suit pressed, 50c. Thone 43.
An entirely new front will bo placed
jiu the business room to be occupied
'by O. W. Johnson & Co. in thn I'nited
I Stales National bank building. The en
trance will have a marble base nnd nil
opening will be cut into the lobby of
tho building for a special show win
dow. The new location will be occupied
about the first of next month.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store for trusses.
Your suit pressed, 50c. Phone 43.
Twenty cent a dosen for eggs Is
thing of the pnt at least for this year,
according to a prominent grocer. Farm
ers are now receiving IS and 19 cents
cash for their eggs and beginning yes
terday the general retail price advanced
to i"J 1-2 cents i doren with the pros
iect.i of two bits n doen within a week
or so.
Twelve rea of flue land near Talr
Urounds loo per .icre, also 17 sores of
fine timber, very best dark loam soil,
1 1 1! miles east of asvlum, $12.") per
acre. h. Itechtel & t'o., .147 State street.
Apr. 10
Watch Hobson's reduction sale, 20;
per cent cut.
One $22 Globe Werniko Sectional
llonkea.se used price $9. E. L. Stiff &
Son. .
H. C. Kelsey, ticket clerk and operat
or at the Oregon Electric, passenger
depot has been promoted to the posi
tion of chief clerk of the O. E. freight
depot. His place will be taken by P.
H. Shaw, who was formerly night man
ut the (). E. depot. Mr. B.irlow form
erly with the Southern Pacific, will
become the night man.
Socialist lecture, G. W. Davis, Wed
nesday. April 1!, D'Arcy (Union) Hall,
W. A. Panning, a member of the New
York firm of ,). M. McNicce &.'o.,
large operators in Oregon prunes and
Pacific const dritjl fruits, is in the city.
He is spending several" weeks on the
const looking over the general fruit
situation and to his interests in the
Monmouth Orchard company.
A regular $65 Monarch Range, a
dandy, used price $33. 0. ,. Stiff &
With the bind of weather we have
boon having lor the past week, the
river seems to be holding its own, as
the stage above low water tod.iy is ex-"
actly five feet. There was a "rainfall
of .1:1 of an inch for the 24 hours pre
ceding S o'clock this morning, when
the daily record is made.
La Corna cigars will fill all the re
quirements of exacting smokers. Salem
made 10 ceil ts. '
In keeping with the spirit of pro
gress. Judge P. II. D'Arcy is planning
to erect a modem up-to-date two-story
brick building on the location of the
former Wexford Jheatre. The front will
be of Mie lntest approved design ,nd
will be a credit to the street. Within a
few days workmen will begin to clear Ins Mrs. O.
the grounds tor the new building. The
lot has a frontage of 41 feet on Court
street with a depth of 90 feet.
Money to loan, $1,100 $350 on city
property $."00 $10,000 n farm proper
ty. I.. Jlevhtel & Co., ,147 State street.
ELLIOTT To Mr. and Mrs. Mark E.
Elliott, 1211 Highland avenue, April
IS, 1010, a daughter, to be named
Grace Arline.
' Mr. Elliott is a linotype operator
with the Capital Journal.
Black ahoes bronze white dhoes
cleaned. Popular shoe shining parlors.
Specially equipped for ladies. 383
State street. Opposite The Spa.
The Maccabees are .making prepara
tions for the initiation of a large class
tomorrow evening. State t'omfauder J.
W. Sherwood, of Portland, will assist
in the work of the evening.
How you would enjoy an evening at
home if you have, x Sonora Talking
machine in your nome. Myrtle Know
land, 421 Court street.
George Voris and Prank Gibson were
elected delegates from the Salem Poul
try and Egg Circle to attend a meeting
to be held in this city at an early date
in which all the egg circles of the val
ley will bo present. The purpose of
the called meeting is to discuss the ad
visability of -establishing a central sol
ing agency in Portland and to secure
the services of a man who is competent
to take charge of the work. Mr. Voris
and Mr. Gibson were elected at the
meeting held Saturday afternoon.
Automobiles for hire, passengers and.
baggage transferal, rates reasonable,
country trips a specinlty. C. G. Mc-'
Elroy. Phone 947 or 639. tf ,
The ninth B science pupils of the;
Washington junior high school are do
ing some practical investigating. Yes
terday accompanied by their teacher,
David K. Bruce, they visited tho Salem
Ice Works and were conducted through
the plant by Chief Engineer W. B.
Nelson. Tiie students were shown sub
jects that had been studied in the class
room. This included the making of icej
from condensed steam used elsewhere to j
furnish power. The inspection of the j
maciuuery gave me pupils a pracueai
demonstration of ice making.
Lumber, lath, shingles and builders'
hardware that gives satisfaction can al
ways be found at Falls City-Salem Lum
ber Co., 349 South Twelfth. Phone
The Taxpayers League is getting
busy and will soon give the 11 candi
dates for the legislature an opportun
ity to say just what they will do, if
elected, to hold down the ever inceras
ing taxes. A meeting will be called
within a short time and n special invi
tation extended to the would-be legisla
tors. Joseph H. Albert has appointed
as delegat es to attend the state taxpay
ers' league convention to meet in Port
land next Saturday, Judge P. H.
D'Arev. Alex M. LaFollette and County
Judge William H. Bushev.
Auction sale at the People's Quick
Exchnngo Auction Market on Saturday,
April 22d at 1:30 p. m. Everything
sold on commission. Don't forget I buv
household furniture for cash. . N.
Woodry, auctioneer. Phone 511, Apd20
Tonight the Comemrcial club will de
cided definitely whether Salem is to
bold a cherry fair this year. The propo
sition will lie put squarely up to the
members for a yes or no vote. Besides
the cherry fair, the flax 'question will
be discussed. Then Wallace E. Stru
ble, secretary of the Astoria Naval Base
committee will speak and tell what is;
being done to secure a naval base at
the mouth of the Columbia river. Tlie
meeting tonight is perhaps the most im
portant one held so far this year.
Dr. Pranii E. Brown, late of New
York, Post Graduate school, confining
his practice to diseases of the eye, ear,
nose nnd throat, will have his offices
with Dr. A. B. Gillis, over Bush Bank
building. Maj-10
Tor the purpose of drilling, Company
M will be divided into two sections. All
tho recruits will be in one section under
the command of Captain Max (lehlhnr
and Lieutenant Allen. The old members
of the company will be cjimtnended by
Lieutenant .1. Roy Neer, Lieutenant L.
H. Coinpton and Lieutenant Walter L.
Spaulding. Each division is about equal
in number and it is the intention of
the recruits to challenge the old mem
bers, the contest to take place, about
June 1. Since the reduiits "nave'issued
their challenge, there has been addition
al intrest in the weekly drill, and even
the old members are brushing up a little
and coming out to the weekly practice.
All the women in the cdty who are
interested in woman s suffrage, are
invited to attend the meeting tomorrow
mornin" at the Comemrcial club at 10
o'clock, to hear Miss Priseilla Web
ster, who is here to make arrangements
for the entertainment and speaking of
the prominent women of t!ie east who
are touring the country in the interest
of the Susan 11. Anthony amendment.
The delegation of women who are tour
ing the west will be here Saturday
and those who have taken an interest
in the movement will now have tho
hance to hear such prominent workers
11. P. Helmont nnd the mili
tant Mrs. Inez Milhollaud Boissevain
of New York lit v. .
me jy
There is joyful satisfac
tion in a Victrola found in no
other instrument. The Vic
trola is superior to all others
and the same can be said of
Victor Records. Nearly all
the famous artists sing or
play for the Victor exclusive-
Our easy payment plan
permits a Victrola in your
home on pleasing terms. Let
us demonstrate the merits
of a Victrola and explain
our installment system of
Wiley B. Allen Co.
R. F. PETERS, Manager.
521 Court Street.
Salm, Oregon
Advance Agent to Arrive To
morrow to Arrange for
Meeting Saturday
As an advance agent for the train
load of eastern women who are touring
the west for the Susan B. Anthony wo
men suffrage amendment, Miss Pris
eilla Webster will arrive in thn city to
iiiuii simi" she was dark eomploxioned,
jLcuisa Johnson, of Chenmwa, today
! tiled n suit in the circuit court (
I .livni ce : ii.in lnhcrt .litlinsrm 'ncv tin..
innd. The couple were married irt Sr.-
m in !SS(i hi;-.! have four children,' til'.
v.Miil,..ui r.r i.i,;..i ;u mo.. -a ..........
'age. Tho plaintiff seeks a decree o:
; divorce and certain personal properl.
which is now on the farm near ('In.
. mawa.
I The crowns in front of the registrn
ition booth were thickening up today
las the eleventh hour voters hastened to
I sign up lefore tiie books close at "
o'clock tonight. The registration k
t.lr.v tU !. I.,t icf .i.... i, .
books were opened.
A suit was filed in the circuit, coint
loday ty Oscar Hogens against -M. L.
Hamilton to recover $l!hi.8.r) alleged due-
morrow morning lit 10: 1 o clock on the (Hu. vlinUtl aeeIl3 - att()rm.v.-s fl.t,,.
Some real property in Hubbard was in
tacned in connection with the case.
Oregon Klectric. She will be met by
members of the Women's Club and be I
taken to the Commercial club to address i
the members of the Women's Club and Th(, fls, xutional bank of Portland
all those interested in women suffrage. fn,i.,y a sllit in th(, ,.irnlit t.mll.,,
Arnngements are being made today , agninst the Abao.ua Lumber company
by which the Women's -club will be Uj collect 7.:"i35.(.l alleged to be due
fully represented tomorrow morning at nri-a certain promissory note. In nddi
the meeting with Miss Webster. She is tii.u to the principal 'and interest the.
here to make arrangements for the ; plaintiff seeks to recover $700 attorney
meeting to be held Saturday in which! fees.
the speakers will include many of na-1
tional renown, including Mrs. O. II. P. Sheriff TCsch, as tax collector, yestei
Helmont, Mrs. Inez Milhollaud Boisse- div ti.nied over to the county treasurer
vaiti, w ho always rides at the head of j $-1.1,iitiS.H4, making a total of ifil.'iii,.')?.
women suffrage parades lu Now York 1 13 that has been turned over, us taxc
City, and Harriett Stnnton Blatch, a collected on the l!)l."i roll,
daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. T" i " 11
ract mere win oe more rainous surrra- j
gettes in the city Saturday than has'
ever before been iu the stato. j
Tb Eev. A. A. Winter and family
left fsteuiay for Lonisbnrg, Pa., where
Mr. Winter will have charge of the
Before an audience that taxed the
seating capacity of the First Congre
gational church, Lieutenant Swnrtzkop
onsky, an escaped exile from Siberia
last evening told of his experiences as
a policial prisoner in Kussia and of
hii scape from Siberia. His lecture
was especially interesting as many have
read of the trials if the Siberian exile.
oid pe ople 'a i.ome of the lTnited Evan- j but few have had the opportunity of
gdienl euurch. liuriag his services here
lor three vmrs as osstor of the I nite.l
Hvangelical church, the church has
steadily grown in membership and is
now in a Motperous condition. In rc
tumii.g tn Pennsylvania, he will be lo
cated wiiiun a few miles of the home
bo left 17 years ago aud whore his pa
rents and brothers and sisters are now
Mlsa Grace Millinger, of Portland,
will give ait evening of readings at the
Pirst Christian church, Wednesday, at
S o'clock. Vocal music bv Mrs. (lord-
Inuring the story from one woo had ex
I erlviiced all the misery of an exile and
the perils of an escape. The lieutenant
i.i a pleasing speaker and tells his story
well. lie prl'e two times at Willam
ette un'.veis'.ty yesterday, and during
the past two weeks has np(e.ired at
many of the colleges aud universities in
the valley.
The Knights of Pythiaa are complet
ing nrarngements today for the trip to
Albanv tomorrow evening, leaving on
the Oregon KWtrie at 6:4,") o'clock. A
Kathbone Bible class will be initiated
don McOilchrist. Vrd V7df and tSfl bv V.Vi.l V. Wh..at.,n nt HI
Ladies' (juurtette. Adiuisison 10 cents, supreme keeper of the records of seals black h"n" v. hic'i was cruel and inhu
of the Knights of Pythias. The Bible !
used in the, ceremony is regarded with
much reverence by the Knights of Pyth-;
ias. It is a small old-fashioned copy!
presented to Justice H. Kathbone by his1
mother nnd used by the founder of the
order in initiating his first order. It is;
understood that Albany will have about:
.10 members for tiie class and many
more will be initiated from the sur
rounding town's.
At a meeting of the United Spanish'
War Veterans, Hal Hibbard camp, held
last night in the armory, n committee;
was appointed to arrange for the org-
anization of a Salem rifle club, to co-
operate with and become a branch of,
the government. Civilian Kitle club. To
secure proper plans for membership and'
make known the object of the club, a
committee was appointed consisting of
(eorge ('. L. Snyder, chairman; Beu
S. Via nnd Al SouthwicA. The shoot
ing of the rifle club is done acoerding;
to government rules, but the members
of tho dub are in no way subject to I
service or call asin the militia. It is I
just an organization t4 make men more
expert with the rifle and the govern
ment approves of the plan to the extent
of issuing one Krag-Jorgensen rifle to
every five members and loO rounds of
ammunition to each member. The mem
bers of the club are also given the
privilege of purchasing a Krng jorgen
sen nt a low price from the govern-
Licensed Lady
Moderate Prices
Perfect Service
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.
: COURT HOUSE news :
Daily Between
Salem, Stayton, Mill City and all way
Points. Reaves Mill City 6:30 a. m.;
Stayton 8:00, Salem 9:30.
Return, leaves Salem 4:40 p. m ;
Stayton 6:00; Mill City 7:40.
Phone 2378
Alleging that her husband not only
oiled lier "a chicken" and "an old
hen" but thit be called her "an old