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PHONE 937 For Wood sal.
Adlake Bicycles
$2.15 Ironing
Agents sold this Ironing Board in Salem at $2.75,
our price to you now is 98c. Don't confound this
with the cheap trashy ironing boards made for
special sale purposes, this is a good, first class, sea
soned spruce board, well braced and built to give
service; special price 98c
Two red hot specials from our Bedding Department.
No. 1 A well selected chicken feather Pillow, odor
less and sanitary, at the price 'quoted you can afford
to use theni for sofa cushion pillows, special . . . 49c
No. 2 A choice goose feather Pillow, German
striped tick, a high grade pillow, at a very low
price; special $1.G5
Capital Journal Want Ads Will
--.iaA Jf
li.'iJi-i' nf In ut over 'li -ris Kiver at iiaiii'ad.
H:i rd.i I, one of the oldest ami tno.st lii w eiii. 1 1 1 the world, i.s again in peril of capture, as the Hussinnj
iiDve iiowii lioin tlie norlli to relie.e tin! beleaguered li.-il i-h army ut Kut-.M-Amui'u. The ur.deiit eity the
(out iinpqrtMtit oint on tlie (iropu-O'l lis -fiiu 1 railio.ttl. The uiiiu i sslil OiTensive of the British aimed at
i'atrdad last year from bij te on the I'ers1'.'! GjL'' i.;a i,:.io;tiii '.o eapt ire '.Ins city and frustrate all hopes of
-Jrinau interests of developing tlie feiiu. '
87V2c Pillow
49c each
$2.50 Pillow
$1.65 each
Get You What You Want
fl i
1 ... V M.".X "l'.-
V" f tr 1 11
I -
Senators Reorganize with Ot
. to Klett as Manager and
Ray Baker Secretary
Salem's baseba II team is assured for
l!)(i ns l!n new Senators organized last
night on a co-operative basis and elect
ed Ot'o Klett, manager and Ray linker
secret i iv. .Mm niu Humpnries, who cap
tained tin1 Senators last year, will again
captain the atom which will lie eotn
1 poseil of the captain and nine players,
allowing for one change pitcher.
The lease 0:1 the Jerinan ball p irk
1 will be taken over by the team and the
1 net proceeds of the gate will be split
among the players according to their
I value and Kisition on the team. Tin1
1 manager and secretary will share in the
split with the pi ivors. Soorekooper
l.eiiiiou was re-elected to the position
; be held last year but he declined to ac
cept a shine in the receipts and do
nated his services gratis,
i Last night's meeting brought out
'bout oil players anil fans who were in
terested in organizing a baseball tium
' in this city. An abundance of good ma
terial is 1111 hand for a tram and with
tiie enthusiasm shown at the meeting
creditable aggregation is assured.
, Nearly all of the Inst year's players
are in town and those who fail to
answer the roll call will. find a number
of promising recruits ready to step in
to their shoes. In fact Home of the
'old players will find tint they must
show a burst of speed if they hold down
a job 011 the new Senators as the man
lager this year will be in position to
bench n few players if they fail to
icome up to the standard. Last year
Itiie players received no salary for pi ty
ping and Manager Turner was unable to
I l ire any of them because none hesitates
ilo lose a job that carries no salary.
I I'rnctice will begin this week and
.the first ginie of the season will lie
I played one week from Sunday. Joe Kel-
lor, who returned from rortland yester
I day, reports that Salem can get into the
j Inter-City league if it is desired to take
I this step. Whether or not the Salem
team will enter the league is a question
1 that will be set I led after the strength
1 of the lineup is siiown in n few games
but it is likely that Silem will be in
:lhe Intercity league before the season
Governor Pardons Man
to Join British Army
(lovemnr Withvromhoi yesterday is
sued a restni'atio'.i to eitiTMiship to Nor
1111111 Campbell, alias William Johnson,
who w is sentenced to the Oregon state
teuitentinry from Multnomah county in
'rbi'iinry, ilMl, fur robbery armed with
a dangerous weapon.
Campbell was udeased in October.
l!M."i. lie has since joined the British
army, and his citizenship was restored
in order that he might he free to leave
with Hie British Iroops,
cVr- 1 .'k-c." -' .: M . . 1 .
i-u w. k
" . A-- ..er W,
S' ?.!
iTIrl iTTTl fin HlWlHllt W TUl
1 i;k"m ,
1 l "
U. of 0. to Play U. of W. the
Opening Game of College
Ball at Seattle
Nome. Alaska. Ahril :! Willi n team
of IT Siberian wolf hounds with which
he won last ycir's All Alaska Sweep-'
stakes, Leonard Seppala is today eu-j
joying a nice 1c id over the other four
entries in the famous dog race from
Nome to Candle and return, a distance
of 112 miles.
The lender arrived at Caudle last
night amid a flurry of light snow, lie
fore his departure, a blizzard was
r.tging, but Seppala was not to be de
tained and started on the return journ
ey. The severity of the storm made1
the going ery difficult duiing the Inst
part of the trip. Seppala 's time for
the 2(Jii miles from Nome to Candle was
:!:! hours and " minutes.
To Play Opening Game.
Seattle, Wash., April K!. Hugo l!ez
dek 's I'niversily of Oregon athletes lire
exeeted to arrive this ifternuon to
cross bats with the Cnivesity of Wash
ington tomorrow in the opening game
of the college baseball season here.
The southerners lost to the Tacoma
Northwestern leaguers yesterday, 11 to
Charley lingers, who has made an ex
cellenf shnwitur mi tlin itwitin.l t',,1- tin.
local institution against Northwestern)
league teams, will Hold loith on the hill
for the locals. Nelson and Klightou
will probably work for the visitors.
No Pme Tight Films.
New York, April l:). That the gov
ernment is determined to prosecute the
attempt to evnde the law foibidding
the importation of prize fight films by
displaying pictures of the .lohnson-Wii-lard
fight was made clear todav wheal
the 1 nited St.ues district attorney do-
clnred he hail prepared warrants for
seven men. The government will eon-v
tend that the re-photographing of the
negatives taken bi Havana by setting
up a cuiuera 011 the Canadian line w is
a mere subterfuge which violated the
spirit of the fedeial law.
Champion With Broadsword,
rortland, Or., April l.'l. "I'm past
fifty years old and have never been
licked," was the defi sent, out toil iv
by Carl .Nelson, world's cliainnion
broadsworilsinnn. Nelson hasn't had n
chance to test his mettle against a seri
ous contender since four years ago
when he met two opponents on Mult
iioinah field.
Boehlor Will Not Change.
Corvallis, Dr., April Hi. .1. A. Ilohler,
director of athletics .it Washington
stale college, has declined the offer of
a similar position at Oregon Agricultur
al College, and will remain with Wash
ington State next year. The Aggie fac
ulty is now conducting n still hunt for
an athletic director.
A Family Affair.
I'ortl.iad. nr., April Kl.The f'oit
land baseball club is strictly a faiuilv
affair today. V. W. McCredie, busi
ness manager, to lake the place of W.
W. Metzger. Willi Walter McCredie
managing the team, there is a McCredie
to look alter every det.iil.
Mitchell Bests Egan.
Kverett, Wash., April lit. fans heie
today weie inclined to accord Sid
Mitchell the better of the going in nis
tnnlcll here with I'l l'.i-,i, I
middleweight last night', despite the I
,l,niv ,,,.1 1 I
j l.eo llouck'was mi the losing end of
his tiff with Karl ('miner. Tacoma
1 featherweight although the crowd
yelled for .1 diaw.
, AUi'.etns at Los Angeles.
! I.os Angeles. Cal., April l.'S. I'ntries
of at least fifty more athletes weie ex-
I led today in addition to the L'.'il) al-
I ready entered for the A. A. I', track
1 nud field meet lure Saturday,
1 In the huidle race, it is predicted, a
! new world's 111:11 1 in iv be ninde. Fred
j Kelly in pi.u tii e is showing wonderful
1 form and plans the race of iiis life. The
j llil dash is expected also to result in
: exceptionally fast tune.
Oakland Quits Business
To See Opening Game
; Oakland. Cal.. April "fl
Olllii out
, to see the game:
That is about all .one hears
streets of Oakland today. Tin
I baseball mad and one of the
crowds in the historv of th
Oil till1
city is
laigi ,.
league is expected to turn out.
' The Oakland dub is playing its t'iis'
1 game of the season on the home lot nud
this is what has caused all the liurrv
and flurry. A half holiday has been
.declined by many of the business houses
' 11 nd the school children of all the bav
cities will be let out an hour .early so
they may attend the opening game.
An elnborate progiam has been ar
', ranged. The phiyeis of the Oakland
; and Portland teams will be entertain
ed at a log dinner at noon, at which
President Hu 11111 of the Coast league wil1
1 be one of the principal speakers. The
dinner is to be given by the Imostets'
club. The mutter of giving the Oaks
a .fl.OilO purse if they win the pcniiiint
this season will be taken up.
The dinner will be followed by a lor
automobile parade and oereniouies at
the ball paik. Mayor Pavie, of Oak
laud, will pitch the fit ball to Mayor
Chri-tio of Finery ville.
i "Speed" Martin, the local lad who
j made such a hit by shutting out the
Salt Lake team last Sunday and win
1 uing the series for the Oaks, will be on
the mound.
Admiral von Tiip't- nlwavs wears
l 'sti- 1 K
t Watching the Scoreboard
Pacific Coast League Standings.
W. I., pet
I. os Angeles ti 2 .75(1
Oakland 5 '.' M2o
Portland 4 5 .444
San i'ranicsco 4 5 .444
Vernon 4 " .444
Salt Lake 2 5 .2sa.
Yesterday's Result.?.
At San Francisco Portland
At Salt l.alie Xu I.os Angeles-Salt
Lake game, wet grounds.
At Los Angeles Vernon, -1; San
Francisco, 1.
Our old friend Handsome George Hil
debrand, of Pacific Coast league fame,
gave tin1 Detroit girls a treat bv umpir
ing the game in which the Tigers
whooped the Sox.
The lion and the lamb lying down to
gether are not in sweeter harmony than
those former Federal league stars win
played in poetic accord with the
Generally when a lion nnd a lamb lie
down together in these parts the lamb
is inside the lion and it was even so
in Noo Yank's case, liiden, Kousch and I
Knlff being effectually swalluwed u
Mr. Hubert Gloom, formerly of Port
land, Ore., well known ball player,
threw for the St. Louis team in its en
counter v. ith Cleveland. They only
.-I ruck the balls he threw for safe hit's
Walter Johnson can still make the lit
t'e globular thing obey his will, lie
kept both soles on terra Tirm.i when
things got torrid at Xew York and
edged under the wire ahead of the
Highlanders by flossy work in the
Beer worked like a real heaver for
the Oaks until the seventh when he
fizzed out and Portland was handed the
game as a keepsake.
When all was lost the Oaks sent
young Klein, who cabbed with the An
gels long years ago. into the breach.
He terrified the batters by hitting
two of thorn. Then they hooked him out
for cruelty to spectators.
(Poise, Idaho, Statesman.)
A merchant of John Day, Oregon, Trj
G. Hoyce, has been giving serious
thought to the problems of the local
busines-s man that are occasioned by the
mail order competition. He declares'
that but we'll give readers the story
in his own words:
I was selling lloyal Club tomatoes at
l.'i cents per can, and the news went
forth to the wholesale house and so
they came and bought all but two oases
from me. I was informed that I would
have to sell them at (1 cents a can or
three cans for 5(1 cents. I was pleased
at the profit at l.'i rents a can. I was
selling Oortiun American coffee at i!0
cents a can. x The house bought all of
taut except eight cans and I was in
formed that I must sell that at .'i" cents
a can.
Now the Kagle (local newspaper)
lias freipieiitly ripped the home mer
chant up for not advertising prices like
the I'.italoguo houses do. Hut I am here
to tell you that the catalogue mail or
der house has the top hand over the
jobber, and the retailer as well, be
cause the mail order house can deal in
seconds mid gather junk from nil parts
of the globe. As they have ninety-five
million customers' they .tie sure to clean
up and unload anything they gather.
With a home merchant his goods must
bear inspection or they will stay 011 the
shelves. If the jobber hands lis goods
that will not bear inspection lie gets
them back and wc get a credit memor
andum, but with but one article in 11
place, from .1 mail order house thev can
dump a trainload nf undesirable goods
and !Ki per cent of it will never "0
So Mr. Mail Order house comes along
to our customers ami sells them a
thing that iJmks like what we are of
fering for Hindi less. Some will say
that it is the same thing, while others
will say th.it it is not good. lint the
mail order house gets the business and
the cash while we have to contend with
the "jaw bone" trade, in order to
ger a living profit and maintain the
price placed 011 the private labels bv
the wholesale house.
In proof of my statement we had to
give up h'uynl Club goods .ind German
American coffee. Hurrah for the free
dom that we are giving up dav br
The local meidiant, therefore, "must
not only "make good with good goods"
in conipctiion often with "seconds"
bought "unseen" but he must often
sell at prices dictated by the whole
saler while the mail order house is
subjected to no such aibitrarv control.
Other points nie that the loc.il mer
chant helps to maintain local govern
ment: that he aids in all public mat
ters final subscription lists to good
roil, N; that lie pays salaries to men and
women nt home who buy from the farm
ers .ind others; that lie is a big factor
in upbuilding his community.
How much does the mail older house
spend in your Iowa
How much interest has it in its welfare-
On life's tossing sea there are many
contrary bicezes that puncture your
dnanis just as the vagrant winds of
years nun burst vour snip bubbles.
That five-cent restaurant 'fop ed to
iiiu oiisiiicss tor la.-U of customers is
another sign of prosperous times.
Ourwant Ads arelike a rnnet
The aiirddive FWr of a LosiOt ound
want od is wonckrf ul
Try one if you ruive lost something
Widow of Fifth Governor of
State Dies at Winlock
Aged 82 Years
Word was received this morning an
nouncing the de ith of Mrs. Jane A.
Chadwick, widow of former Governor
Stephen F. Chadwick, at the home of
iier grand daughter, Mrs. Claire ( ha 1
wiok Maury, at Winlock, Washington.
She was N2 years old last December.
Mrs. Chadwick had suffered from a
stroke of paralysis sever.il years ago,
but was in her usual health when she
left to visit her grand daughter last
She is survived bv two sous and
two daughters. Judge Stephen C. Chad
wick, of the supreme court of Wash
ington, living at nlympia: Pitzer Chad
wick, ot ( ollax, asuiiigtoii; Mrs. Wil
liam Griy, of Seattle, and Miss Mary
Chadwick', with whom she made her
home at 402 North Capital street.
As yet no funeral arrangements have
been announced.
Stephen .1. Chadwick was elected sec
retary of state from Wosehurg in .1870
an 1 re-elected in 1S74. When Governor
L. S. Ci rover was elected to the Cnited
states sen.ite, and resigned as govern
or, Mr. Chadwick. us secretary of state,
became governor and acted as such
from February I. 1S77 until the close
of the term, September 11, 1S77.
The parishioner's book of St. Paul's
church, Salem, shows tliah Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen F. Chaikvick and children,
l-.'tta, Stephen, M.iry and I'itzcr, were
admitted into membership of the church
in 1871.
A rabid researcher has made the as
sertion that only one rich man's son
in seventeen dies rich. Hut we'd like
to take a chance on being that one.
Fred Holmnn, who is one, says that
if every candidate who is confident of
election is elected there'll be a great
bunch of officers next vear.
Eate per -word New Today:
Each insertion, per word .li
One week (6 insertions), per word....f(
One month (20 insertions), per word 17i
All ads must be ordered for stated
length ot time, no ad to count less thai
10 words.
The Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertioi
(or errors in Classified Advertise
Dents. Bead your advertisement th
first day it appears and notify ua im
mediately if it contains an error.
Minimum chirge, lac.
WANT'l'lLI Teams to haul wood, steady
work. Phone li','2. tf
FOI HFNT o room eottige, strictly
modern, close in, .fls.oii, phone 1122.
Apr lii
At Salem Klectric Itroom Works, Sa
lem, Oregon. Aprlo
FOR SALF, .(il'iO piano, cheapest buy
in Oregon if t.iken at once. Address
II. care of Journal. Aprl"
1TOST A ladies duster in Fnglewood,
or on Garden Uond. Flla Livington,
b'oute 7, Phone 2-"i(lflWI. Aprlo
FOR KENT Fight room house,
electric light and bath, (io- North
Liberty street. Phone 11 till. Aprl.'i
FOIi SALF 1! Aiieona hens and a
cockerel, also Rhode Island Red
Rooster, o.":! North Shipping street.
A FFW MORK shringers or fresh cows
wanted. F. F. Long. Iiill South 'J.Tth
street. S ileal. Ore., Phone FlL'J R.
SMALL BFRHAN K S 1 potatoes for
sale, cheap. Silvcrlon road, corner
ing on Fairgrounds. Dr. C. W. Hcedi
ler. Apr LI
FOR SALF Cheap, til acres, timber
laud, in llenton county. 0 miles from
Philomath, or will lake good into in
part pivinent, :!I0. care of Journal.
FOR SALF (lr trade, livery and trans
fer business in Texas, s lots, bun.
shed, - houses, 'noises hearse buses,
transfer, ferries and buggies, also
some good farm land. Address Tex
as, care Journal. Apr l.'i
I' lA W. W' WJW ...'.Hi yMiwum
.'i ,,-,..., ......4
81 (Jil 82
Phone 763.
FOR RENT Nice 4 room house. Phone
570 R. AprU
FOR SALE Gasoline pump and tank.
Phone 700. AprU
WANTED Drv cows
Phone 1425-M.
491 N. Cottige. tf
FOR RENT SIGNS For sale at tap.
ital Journal office. tf
WANTED A girl for general house
work. Phone 2J0IJ2. April
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms, 33S
North High. Phono "4." tf
clean. 170 Court street. Aprl5
. Near city hall. Phone 47. tt
HORSE Buggy .mil harness for sale,
or trade. ih'M Mission. AprlS
WANTED Good salesman. Call 441
North High, after 3:30 p. m. Aprlt
HARRY Windowclcaner.
WANTED Wood cutters to cut white
fir wood, $1.50 per cord. Phone
tf $
DRESSMAKING And pli.in sewing by
the day. Reasonable. Phone G(i:i.
, Aprl3
MODERN 5 room cottage for rent, 1441
Trade St., enquire W. A. Listen. 484
Court. Aprl9
FURNISHED house for rent, 7 rooms,
modern, t42 N. High. Inquire at 600
N. High. May5
i-arpet weaving. 3d iNorth High St.
Salem, Or. Aprl5
WANTED TO BUY Mohair. East Sa
lem Tannery, 25th ind Oak street.
Phone 2160-M. Aprl3
WANTED To exchange, 5 year old
mare, wcignt J.uuti pounds, tor piano
or cows. Phone 511. AprlS
WANTED Girl for second work. Ger
man prefercd. Must be good iioner.
Apply'754 Ferry street. Aprl3
nouse wen turmsned, good location,
reasonable rent. 491 Court street, tf
WANTED Will pay cash rent for 4 or
5 icres of good potato land. Must
be cheap. Address Journal C-50. Mayti
AUTO FOR SALE A Studebaker, well
equipped, cheap for cash, if sold this
week. See Laflar, Oregon theatre, tf
FOR SALE 4 year old Jersey cow,
fresh. For particulars phone 1 85:!, or
address Whitcley, 594 N. Liberty.
Apr 13
FOR SALE Furniture of 5 room cot
tage near State Capitol. House for
rent. Address 5-R, care of Journal.
days. Salem Heights, between Jef
ferson and Liberty roads. A. W.
Cox. AprU
FOR SALE 1 team of mares, weight
2750, wagon, harness, plow, hack, cul
tivator, separator, 3 heifers. Phone
8lil-''5. Aprl7
3ALEM STEAM and Vacuum Carpet
Cleaning worKs. rcatherB and mat
tresses renovated. Otto F. Zwicker.
Phone 1154. Aprlo
washing, ironing, houseeleaning, cook
ing or serving by d.iy or hour.
Phone 2504J2. Aprl.5
FOR SALE-3'4 half truck Studebaker
wagon. Will trade for heavier wagon,
cordwood or stuiupage. 27S0 Lee.
Thone 1322-J. tf
WHITE ROCKS An egg striin of ex
hibition quality. 15 eggs by parcel
post for $1.50. Imperial Egg Farm.
Route 3, Salem. tf
FOR RENT Business block room, size)
18x80 feet. 407 State street. In
quire at 4(13 State. I'hono 1009.
Maurice Klinger. tf
FOR SALE Or will trade for what
have you. Small business, well es
tablished, good location. Address M.
If., care Journal. Aprl-1
"f'K HOSES shrubs and nil Kinds
of fruit trees, cheap, to clean out
stock. Jones' nurserv, rear of the
armory. Phone 413. ' Aprl7
now served at The (ireenwood. Center
and Commercial streets. Price 2j
cents. Genuine coffee. Mrs. M. A.
llornenian. Apri3
np to date power equipment. List
your orders at Salem Fuel Yards.
Phone ;"29. Densmore & Fresia. tf
OREOON LAND Ami property to ex
chnnge for western Nebraska, west
ern Kansas or eastern Colorado lands.
What have you? Joseph Barber, 404-5
Hubbard Kldg. Phone 254-1722. Aprl4
(FOR SALE Friday and Saturday good
- T" "" lli""l's: brown Leghorn
chickens: beds; springs; mattress;
chairs; heater: diif fioiieer; full din
ing room set; house tent; good desk
and kitchen cabinet, etc. Rev A
Winter, lilil N. Winter street." Apr 13
WE HAVE in DA VS-To sell 4 acres
ot fine timber near fair gro 1 for
l";p, ""d soil, adjoining
land sold in large tracts for !r2."i0 to
.i"0 per acre, timber will more than
pay for land. See L. Be.htel todar,
M7 Mate street. Apti
FIVE ACRES Extra good soil, close
in and an equally good five with fam
ily orchard and 4 mom box house. 25
per cent below ordinary, price $1000
and $1,100 respectively. Owners ro
ing to Washington. Must ,e ,, this
week See Win. Fleming, 311 State
Slrcot- Aprl5
BIGOEST SAI.E-Kvor you ,a fini:
j.0 acres. 16 to 17 acres plough 1 md '
balance good timber and pasture- nrt
buildings. On count road. Little
work to irrigate 2 tn' .1 acres. Oood '
black garden land, price .l,500. is
worth $3,i00. 1 need the nionev 214
miles from Salem. "20 Acres,'"' car
of Joamu, s