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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
April K l!Ud.
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Senator Chamberlain is indorsed by the Oregonian for
his position on "preparedness," and a national army. At
the same time the democratic party in the state is scolded
for not getting solidly behind the senator. As a matter
of fact there is a wide difference of opinion as to the
manner of preparedness and the arrangement under
which the army -should be enlarged. The democrats do
not agree on it any more than do the republicans. In
fact in another column of the editorial page of the Ore
gonian which contains this criticism is a paragraph
which reads:
"But if the senate wanted real preparedness why did
not someone therein have the courage to stand boldly out
for universal service which, after all, is the only hope."
The editorial staff of the Portland daily does not agree
any more than do other people as to the best method to
pursue. In the senate the same difference of opinion is
shown, for the parties were pretty evenly divided on the
The vote showed that for the volunteer section
Tt is sincerelv honed the dispute between this country
and Cermanv over the torpedoing of merchant vessels i subject
can, and will be settled without the severance of diplo-jof the Chamberlain bill there were 19 democrats and 17
matic relations, but to a close observer this result seems! republicans; and against it 24 democrats and 10 republi
doubtful. ' I cans- is a S00& or the feature is good the
An agreement was reached after the torpedoing of i republicans can claim it as much their measure, at least
the Lusitania and also after long and wearying delays, as that of the democrats. There were 19 democratic
under which it was supposed the whole trouble had been j senators voted for the volunteer feature of the bill and
amicably settled. j 24 against it.
" . ... - ii i .1 i - . j a l ,i 1.
However the torpedoing ot numoeriess vessels since a ciear majoiuy so iar as uie uemouiais were con-
and especially the Sussex, while carrying American pas
sengers, and this without giving warning as Germany
had promised to do, brought the whole matter up again.
The evidence seems to be conclusive that the Sussex was
sunk by a German torpedo.
At the same time a campaign has been begun by Ger-
cerned of five against the feature. The republicans cast
17 for and 10 against, a majority of seven in favor of it.
The affirmative republican majority of seven overcame
the negative democratic majority of five and carried the
feature by a majority of two.
In other words the democrats are no more to blame
man submarines apparently against everything mat; lor not standing solidly oenind tne senator tnan are tne
floats. Norwegian and Dutch vessels have been sent to : republicans of the state.
the bottom without warning, and both those countries are I It is not a party measure, for it is one that should rise
far from feeling friendly to Germany over this destruc-j above party and be settled only as patriotism suggests.
t'lonf aatterf fact this country has no complaint to Next week at Los Angeles the mother ship Milwaukee
make over the sinking of the ships of any other nation, with a flotilla of torpedo craft and submarines will try
i ii i!J i. 1 . A iflni'innYip nknovrl Vint" wVtpn f-n nraircnr amr lmQirinavv onomu pnntnrinrr trio nvnntrp
SO long as mey UUl nui nave niuciiuuio uuuui " i.u iiiiujuiut jr v"wjr vuvunuf, wn
'- , - .V'" I
Americans are sent to the bottom of the ocean just be
cause they were on ships other than German, tnis gov
ernment can not close its eyes to the fact. The adminis
tration has shown a degree of forbearance that has
brought severe criticism on it from Americans, and has
taken a stand from which it will be difficult for it to
recede even should it desire to do so.
From all these circumstances the outlook for a settle
ment of the matter without a break with Germany is not
bright. It is hoped though that in spite of this, Germany
may so act as to permit the continuance of the friendly
relations that have existed so many years between the
two countries, and that this irienuuu may u..
belt in a knockout. It is to be hoped the flotilla will make
good, for having been licked by blue print army officers,
in all directions and at all points, it would be unbearable
to get walloped by an imaginary enemy.
Marshfield, that has had a railroad but a day or two is
complaining because it has no depot. Don't get impatient
neighbor. Salem has had a railroad for nearly fifty years
but has no depot. It has a rattle-to-bang old wick-e-up
that does duty as such, and as there is an ordinance
against stock running at large in the city limits the cows
uo not steep m it.
Lincoln replied on being asked: "How long a man's
legs should be?" That he had never given the matter
much consummation but at first blush he would venture
Buried under a heap of debris when a Key Route train the opinion that they should be long enough to reach
at Oakland, California, demolished his motor truck, John; from his body to the ground. Wouldn't it be nice if the
Owen was rushed to a hospital where surgeons, after half, Salem street car steps were built on those specifications?
an hour's work, were unable to locate any injuries. One!
of them finally shouted in the ear of the comatose patient: j The Apache scouts started after Villa yesterday. They
"Where are you injured?" That's what you'r paid to, are great trailers but as all Mexican scalps look alike
find out replied the almost corpse as he was aroused from especially to that tribe which hates the Mexicans as its
his jag 'and seeing where he was, tried to escape. The, hereditary enemy, it will be wise to insist on something
odorof spiritous malt and vinous liquors, told the story, . more than Villa's scalp-lock before paying any reward
and showed that Owen was shaken up spiritually rather over to them for his death.
than phj.kalj. Killing all the fleas on a dog is not a difficult job, but
San Francisco's literary bunch is desirous of honoring trying to catch one especial flea on the animal without
ShaVespeare on the tercentennary of his death. The hurting any of the others is a different matter. Funston,
trouble is" that it is not known what calendar was in use Pershing and Colonel Dodd are discovering this in the
at his death, and so the day may range anywhere from chase after Villa.
An,-;i v. tn Mnv a Tho enevclonedia elves the latter date,1 But a short time ago the mills were complaining that
!. . ., '.ii i il 4.1 ir...fifM. Wil ' 4l.. ti-oo mi mi n ft-at fnv limilmv TVn' Vino aiM4anttir' 1M result
which will prooaoiy oe uie acei'iiu'ii one. nunu, ' nmv uu mumci, lumuii. mm cnuumj,' If tli(i r,
i;.ini Iviviniv linfiti i Cud for some :!()() vears should not: been changed for only yesterday at Seattle the millmen' pose in nie tit
i t'. . z .. i i...... : e 1 1,.. m.,iii tu ie cnliit i id tupt ;imi l-M infill tVip nripp nf lnnihpr from $1 00 tn 1 .0 npr! t",, 1
KICK aOOUl a lUlV ur lMi u ui- iuuS vuin. .o.-v.v.... .. . t.... -r .v. ,K I"" duties
I am a candidate for the office of
District Attorney at the irimary elec
tion to lie held the lilth day of -May,
lit Hi.
I was lioi'n and raised on a- stock
ranch in eastern Oreuou; I am thirty
five years uf age and was educated for
the most part in the city of Salem,
where 1 have licen engaged .exclusively
in the practice of law for the last ten
1 assume there are two propositions
paramount in the mind of every voter
in selecting u candidate for this im
portant if rice.
First: The honor and integrity of
the man who seeks the place.
Second: J I is ability to fill the posi
tion if elected.
As to the first proposition. I think
it is universally admitted that honor
and integrity constitute man's most
nolde assets, regardless f whether he
leads that of a puldic or private life.
It would be far from becoming, how
ever, for me to state that I possess
either of these two important virtues,
I shall therefore only refer you to my
many friends in Marion county in order
that you may determine for yourself
whether or not 1 measure up to the
standard in this respect.
As to the second proposition T will
state, that 1 am not without experience
in the prosecution of criminal cases as
I have handled many cases of this
character, both for the county of .Mar
ion and for the city of Salem. I have
never held an elective, office but I
served as a special prosecutor in a
number of cases for John 11. JlcNary
while he was district attorney, and
served as a deputy under dale S. Hill
during his tenure of office. For two
different terms I ens appointed by
the common council as attorney for
the city of Salem. It was during my
tenure of office as city attorney that
much of the hard surface pavement
was laid in the city of Salem. 1 am
very thankful to be able to say th:U
while 1 was city attorney no liens
were placed upon the city docket for
Hie construction of streets, sewers or
sidewalks, but what were held valid
and that of the many liens which were
con'lcsted in the courts every case was
decided in favor of the city.
The duties of District Attorney ron
sist chiefly in the preparation and
trial of cases and a discrimination
against family cimrrels and frivolous
prosecutions. I believe that the laws
of our state should be enforced. This!
is societies only protection. Hut 1 do
not believe the docket should be crowd
ed at the expense of the tax payers
with cases where convictions cannot
be procured. Nothing is gained in ar
raigning men before a court of justice
only to have them discharged on account
of insufficiency ,if evidence. What prop
erty I own I Have earned from the
efforts of iny own toil and therefore
appreciate that every officer should
endeavor to operate with the least ex
pense possible to effectively accom-
President Ameruun Siaety for Thrift
s-,i '
"Cy thrift,"
says Dr.
Sbailer Mat
thews, "is
meant simply
that way of
livinK which
transfers a
portion of
one's income
to one's cap
ital. It is not
con s i s t e n t
with generos
ity ; it is not a
synonym of
The fear of being thought stingy or
uf being unsuccessful is at the root of
much of the prodigality that afflicts
our people. 1 hey do not seem to real
ize that few people get rich in a day,
but that those who have acquired a
competency have done so by the sys
tematic saving of a certain amount
each day, week or month.
A person must have money for any
enterprise lie wishes to undertake.
Many opportunities arise for a man
who lias a little money that pass by
the man who has none. The Brook
lyn Navy Branch of the Y. M. C. A.
opened a deposit system for the en
listed men fourteen vears ago and in
that time over $5,()fl0,()()O was depos
ited. Last year there was a balance
of $225,000 upon which interest is be
ing paid. l!ut front these saving
many of the lads, after their appren
ticeship was served, completed course
in universities, in engineering, archi
tecture and mechanics. Because of
their thrift in putting by money they
were able to enlarge their opportuni
ties many times over.
Out of an estimated population of
1,905,339.000 in all countries Jiavinz
savings banks, there are 132,506.114
depositors. This means a vrld av
erage deposit account of $130.18 and
an average per inhabitant of $17.94.
Though the amount of deposits in tha
United States is large, yet the number
of savers in proportion to the popula
tion is about 11 per cent, which is 2,
per cent less than that of the entirui
In a survrvmadc recently from the
reports based in part on the opinion
of the state comptrollers, rather than
solely on statistics, it is shown that
savings during the past year have in
creased in all communities, save the
South. The reports of banks show a
total increase of $61,000,000 in savings.
The greatest increase in the year was
in the New England group of statei
which had a gain of $28.795,75.1. The
middle states, $16,998,752; the Past
ern states and Pacific states, Htuore
than $.S,000.000: the Southern states.
S7.999.314, and the Western states $5,-.
573,121 increase in deposits.
Koosevelt or Hughes. Fifty per cent
were for Hughes. Kurton received eight
votes. I.n Follette 11. Borah two. Tart
eight and Cummins 10.
Hughes is. unknown in Oregon. The
vote for him can be explained oniy on
the theory that he was picked for a
(v inner.
The vote for Roosevelt may be con
ceded to be in part from men who tire
attached to principle. ,But what of the
vote fur a constructive statesinaii and
friend of the people like I.n Follette, or
a scholar like Burton, or a progressive
like Cummins? The vote smells of the
The republican party of Oregon is
still in the tutelage of the afterthc
war politicians, who care for nothing
above party success and party spoils, j
tueir uniy qnnlit n-ntion for a candidate
is availability. The shouting for Hughes
proves that.
There are many important questions
of domestic and foreign concern before
the country. Where does Mr. Hughes
stand? Is he for preparedness or against
it.' Is he for a tariff commission or
opposed : noes ne oelieve in conserva- I
tioii or natural wctma and American I
citizens? I-.s he opposed to child label i
or is he with those who want to worl 1
the bullies? Does he want a bloodv war. '
or peace ' ' !
What Hughes believes or thinks
neither the Oregon republicans nor any !
one else knows, but they go on shouting !
Hughes. Hughes! Huffln.s to then"'
means the only thing they care for, to ;
wit: A few measty federal offices. i
The straw vote, which ,i reported to
have included 200 republican cour',
house employes, summoned on ui S. (1.
S. call by the Oregonian, gave 81;: f,
Wilson. 40S for Hughes, :12! for R otise
velt, with 07 scattering republicans,
five bolting democrats and 10 serin
ists. It certainly reflects public sent;
nient. and there is smull consolation
therein for opponents of the adminishu
"ne of the Salem boys who joined
the navy in February. He is now oa,
the 1'. S. S. 1'ittsburg in Kau Diego
Harbor where he will stay about a
month. He will then return to Ooat
Island and finish his training heforn
j being assigned to a ship.
tion. If Wilson gets SI.", votes out '
10112, what will be his majority ne.s
November in Oregon?
- t i t mum t
Export opinions are of little value on any old subject.; That is a pretty wide awake lot of newspaper cor
Yesterday a dispatch was received from Ponsacola.j respondents on the Mexican border. They do not know
Florida sayinc; a b'112; yellow dirigible had broken loose.; where Villa is but they know just how badly he is
It also said: "The gas bap; will noat lnueumiery ai an, wounueu,
altitude of 1,000 feet, experts say. three Hours uuei
its lonesoineness at
the indefinite floater landed all by
Argylu, about 100 miles from its starting point.
A Mexican telegrapher at Cusihuirachic, Mexico, re
fiiKPfl to send a messace for the United States govern
ment, C. 0. 1). This was not perhaps on account of doubt
of the old gentleman's ability and willingness to pay, but j
may have been due to the labor of getting the date line,
over the wires.
IT. R!Ol!inRhllmos,
of Marion county re
conlidcnce of this of-
shall at all times perform my
in accordance with mv oath
and shall treat the public with due und
courteous consideration.
liospeetivelv submit led,
O'aid Adv.')
Imill wood
For Immediate Delivery
5 Load lots at
Colonel I). C. Collier of San Diego. California, called
on Colonel Roosevelt yesterday ami informed him he was
"as good as nominated" adding: "All hell couldn't stop
it." This should remove the last vistage of doubt about it.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G8
Transact a General Ranking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Capital Journal: Herewith find n re
port of the socialist party convention
which was held in Ariou hull, INirtlund.
Niturdav, April 1, continuing Sundav
! nud Monday.
1 Delegates representinil the party
.,,,. .... , . . , 1 I l.illl uooui (!( locals. I em csvtu i nu u
nenus, nesays, tnose speeoers are tneir course is most membership of something over i.hup
unholy." There'll be no reckless speed for him; such stuff Vml;' co,,d stamiiug out of a
, . .i i.,, , I probable membership ot 4.00(1. Several
annoys mm greatly; ne win not scorcn oriwai and about three-fourths f the
mbers have dropped out, on-
incut of past secretary. 1.. I.
the partv is ol!' " in th
incinlly. nud an assessment of
Co ...... iu ;u ....it. i r.. (--..... .1... .........
last enougn tor any man not batty. 1 he -hers to i.e paid 13 rents n month, .or
accidents of which ive read are caused byi'Vi'.uM.uI Z.
Order Now
" 11 ii i.n nil w lm,.p.
When a fellow gets a car, he navigates it slowly; "base
annoys mm greany; ne wm not scorcn or local and b
scoot or skim, but jog along sedately. "Oh,;;1;:.i;;it;in,:i,,111;;
safety is the proper stuff," he says, when; ( umiiin. nud
feeling chatty; "twelve miles an hour is ! !!;;'":', '
-.4 Vv Vi
Front and ferry Telephone 1830
I j Tiiittttttt
- " - - -mil in n ii ml ill, m jui
Z S3 H S! 2 T 5 " ' Zwimim
Ul Mi imi u Ui m am u m tm J
t" ' L speed, aiu
- -, y when he's
Vy j it forth a
SlllV OUIlei'S WllO nave tO nit abnormal ns done by past secretary, and thev
ami many a iciim suiieis. but,, m., ,, n,,, ,:,Kl,t fr s(.,.u,aTV o(
s had his car nine weeks, he sends i state to get th, votes of socialists ,;r re-
a-humming. and every country vilir'X,, Mi,v MUt ,lu' AV vhm
lage shrieks when it beholds him coming.;
"To crawl along." he says, "is worse than.
walking is, (lou-gast mei i aont propose that every . -
hearse shall go a-whizzirig past me !" And so he scorches, T)u. fZ v'Jil ukeJ i'v X,,.c,
in his glee, and then, some balmy morning, he winds his i,,n '" '"oninnd shown the b-vei of rort
car around a tree, and furnishes a warning. JZ
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