Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 08, 1916, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 12

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Pete". Was Supposed to be Maw-,
but 'Me Wasn't.
m r li ' ii ii if 1 " . 1 n n im s 7 1 11 11 11 1 11 11 the. answer isjoHYoikD1
rOR -row to ftoESs How many apples rZrT&Mri mTKOU&T S OPPOSED TP BE MARV
1MAR.THMATIC WOULD JOHH HAVE ' f ueJ J 0& -rr 77 1
: rr LHPT ? WHATS THE U,thAT?J f , V3f
Cr,rT ' Pnr-1 ' hp am c-TT f ,uL have to I I ii ii ii I 1 1 AvtiAT3THE I f Hey!
Hcsaneasy look into this- er-why L 9 -7 1T
MARK. J 5av U yf-t TfiOUBLE 7 well! if r fOGT0F
" J 11J KJyV,, HE DIDN'T Vwdx M0MY.
'1 '1
1 1 l 1 i
President Johnston -Ay res Company A dverrising Agency, San Francisco.
In tin Library of Congress
ill Washington there urt
mural lii-1 i;i I ius ill iu-1 rut'iiv.
tin' ili'fluiiiiit i'f ""m
One picture is entitled
"Drill 'I' 1 '"Ii' '"" "
it shows llit chieftain
nf n village---ii Arab
relating his tale " an
llbsi'llu'll group 'f listeners
Tin sound of his voice i'l'l rouch
II foW
What In' told tlii'iii. Iln'.v. 111 I11'-!'
could ti'll other--- hut tin.'
transmission i'f inf oi mat ioc
WHS II slow lllnl tediilUS proiCs
l'lvi'ii I In rider f t1'1' fleetest.
llolSC WHS lilllilci! !l I"
tin iiiv:i In' f " 'nl i'' t'f
, Ii
IIdiv ilii'i'i-ri'iil in'"!
Tlii'i.' V an nriiiil I nil
Nmii'ii lii'ir in I'l atii '
Till' lll'M ii'V limn nir Hill
tllV tlll'lll.-I'lM'K IIHVl'lil.
ii Ifuiiiliv.l mill's " I'
Till- !'!. i'f tin' I'Viiit i trai vni
tn 'nri.i---t. Ni' i"-l
tu Nih I in nri"i'i nn'i'i' V.ui;
M' i'ii I Iiihisu nil mill' nii'l
iiii'ai in our iiinsi'ii 'ith
tin' mi mi linn r.
V'ruiii Cult utla nr l'ii'i' T"i' n
fi'iiin l'i'1 ni;i'ail r A lilai'l'
ciiaii''. tin' iu'Wti hi' t".l;iy 's
liii''i'iiinjr- liinl lii't'i
ilisiauii' si'i't tiliii' li IV I'linun
il, 'il
Yuan Slii Kai may li- pi i'W in'il uu.'iiaii K
iif tin' niii'ii'lit I'liii'lro
Mary .li.ni's of IVtiilimni may Vt
i'roiii'.l iiuvii of tlio milUinwiili--.1
V Moruiiu may nut nt-rivo nl In
iil'l'ii'i' tliis in in u i ii M i U lli'ii
iimy lo fiHiiiil ituilty i'l" lln'ft u'ul
hi'iit to jail for tliirly ilnyx
yi'stiTilay V tin; ilay notti'il tlir
iiii.itiiU soM'iily llioiii-anil il.'l'tii.'
Hal .Inni'S lum tiiiiiii'.l Willi tl'
Honl-li tliinnK little thine
liinl in liet ween nil i'inii' to the
iu s'iiH'r tn I'O rinti'il nail tviul
In your new fnier ri'inli'i
yon iioifiniity inn- of tliiise Aral'iau
'villanir eujierly alifiliiiii; the
dtory of the iloinifs of other pi'iijile
Vour ni'wiii'aiier in the xil'ae I'otniuon
the uieetim; liico t' the ln'oplr
Jiinlenil of the now from rul'm." of
ten or fifty mili'H yeu Imve it
from the euilx of the eartli '
Vim travel -in ininuiimtU'ri--
intn nl! eliiniile
limoiij.' all M-oples
ni'i'iiUim; nil liinunat;''
fn its I'upai'ite of nvnf R'lt'iere
the exinMiilitnro for li'li".i' 'i
B'i'l ealle wiri'lem fin.l i.liov:
1 rn volinjr ml iixin je
naii'eiiain,i of triiim'il no'i; hi'r
now U likely t bvt'"a
the new"i-'iiier. nonlil lie miller
the iii'fos.jity of Ki'llini; ii bhi'i't
for n rohililivi' eot
were it not 'for the support
ili'mi'il from the uilxertininj: ''ol
n in ns
You arc no longer foiil'iin'il
Voiir minil is nirrieil nil over
the universe you are raised
frnni llii' I'onloniplntion
of the net iv ities of li few
to those of -the many
You feel the thrill ol'
personal emit ae t when
ymi read of the (Varrviti'h
I'l'CMU-o you've read alioiil him
so often that you feel aripiainteil
You feel a measure of reverence
or awe when you read about
your iieihl'or in an adjoiaini;'
county- -M r. l.utlier Uurlmnk
Inn iiij; succcc.lcil in oivaline.
some ivoinler in the field
of his endeavor
The newspaper makes us not only
ntl.'i ns ot Auiciu n
Iml of the universe
We are in touch with huninniiy
evet y here.
We arc no lono'i' shut ins -
ue sec a nd feel
the liuninu pulse
the human heai'tl'cnt
the human sympathy
We appliiiid heroism shed tears
in harmony with the sorrows
of ol hers perhaps of n different
race ami color i-.oni'erniuj; whom
no rend iu the newspapers
There arc vtmr personal needs '
wants and I espoiisilnlii ios
then those of your own family
those of your villaiie town city
stale or nut ion and
those of the whole round world
of all the people everyvvlicre
You are no lonRer (ircnniscril'cd by
four walls or the boundary
of one township or state
Yon are now a, idtizen of the
whole worlJ
You have nciiiiniutaiico across tlio
to r oss thp mount niiw
across tbe oceans von are
u lirollier of the Arabiun tale-teller
t'f Die I'mperor of Trnssia
of the Ynqui ulnve in Y'uentmi
of the Secretary of State in Wash
ington. of the Italian pardcucr down the
Yoti" bcurt beats iu tuiison with tbe
liuujrixlii of miliwifii of
the workers of the world
as you tea J in your newspaper
of their doinns
Yon h.vouio Hcquainteil witbeut seeing
In these col union alones'idd
the universal pt,ciiau);ii of
tbe tales, of buppeningn
you fiiul tbe uuivcrsal exchange
of the stories of commodities
'for sale
W hat better place could be found
tor (jetliii),' the attention
than iu this association
of things mental .nut spiritual
Whatever is new in thought
in ven tioii-c real ions suj;gestioiis
touchiiij; our livto fs in thf
columns of the newspapers
Aloiijrsicle lliein is the best place
in the world to offer
for sale those things found
to be wanted by the readers
of the papers
The lessons of life and living
arc set forth iu the experiences,
of Will and Man
or corporation and institution
of those who teach and
those who learn
of farm and city dweller
and alongside arc the advertise
ments '
setting forth attractively as may be
the advantages or the various com-.
modi ties
offered for sale
The advertiser who uses newspaper
chooses that medium for the same
reason that the retailer selects
n location on the street
w here most people pass
where his window displays will
attract the most attention
Carlyle in " Heroes ami Hero Worship'
w rote:
"Kdiniiiid Burke said dint there
were Three Kstatcs in I'lirlianieiit
but in the uYportcr'; (.inllory
yonder there sat u ' Fourth Kstate
more important than they all."
The newspaper is the throbbing
of the pulse the beating
of the heart the nnderstaiidiiig
.of the brain of all the people
every whore of all elements
of socio tv all elements of life
Through it has come freedom anil
mi eiienileuce
It bus let in the light and shut out
the dark
By placing the advertising story
alongside of the news story
you get "front row in the
orchestra' '
By seltinst the advertising story next to
the human interest story ot lire
and love of achievement and
of courage and bravery of good
and bad of humanity in all its
varied interests you get
maximum attention
The folded newspaper propped tigaiast
the cream pitcher shares
interest with the breakfast
the cry of extra' attracts
attention at noon
the evening lamp -sheds its light
on the newspaper reader
absorbed iu events of human
What more eonspiciou place
for advertising
for the telling of your story
What safer place to invest your
advertising money
than in the universal forum
I'iltsliurg, April 8. Indoor
f lycasting was on the lists as
tlio big novelty lor the Western
rennsylvania Sportsmen's Show
which opened today iu a down
town auditorium. Many of tiie
best known anglers and casters
iu the country are here to com
pete. All kinds of vacation acces
sories will be shown; lectures
will be delivered and plans for
promoting interest in the vari
ous outdoor sports formulated.
Hoy scouts and Cnmpfire girls
have model camps iu the big
Hygiene Society
Women Were In Favor
of Military Training
Cent rnliii, Wash., April i. V h
Mrs. II. I. Weeks, of Seattle, spcakni;;
before the sixth minimi assemble ol
the Washington blanch of the National
Mothers Congress and 1'irent Teachers
issnciations the third day s session ot
which is being held here, and told of
he new experiment in military train
ing for bovs at ' tiio Ballard high
school. Seattle, more than 200 wom,
mostly mothers, broke into applause.
The drills nro conducted without guns.
Tlio State Board of Accountancy of
Oregon will bold an examination for
the purpose ot deteriaiiiing the qualiti-
ntions ot persons desiring t tit' rigtit to
practice in Oregon as a certified pub
lic accountant, in room "B" of tbe
(.'enlrnl Library, I'ortlaud, Oregon, com
mencing at !' a. m.. May "Jo and end
ing at 5 p. in.. May 2(1, HHli. The ex
aminations will include questions nnd
problems in the subjects of practical ac
counting, theory ot accounts, auditing.
ommercial law. Applications must be
accompanied liv Hie tee prcscrioeo ov
law and be in the bands of the secre
tary not later than May 10, l'.tlti.
OOo Concord Building, Portland, Ore.
London, April S Sir Edward
Cray's fondness for squirrels
and the squirrel's fondness for"
ik Sir Edward Orav became known
todav. The I'.ritisli foreign sec- ,
opcnsioniillv- woes into
retreat on his estate in North-
mnbei land. There are many
wild squirrels in the surround-
ing wood. Almost uncannily
the squirrels know- when Sir
Edward irrives, tor they quick-
lv make their wav into toe
eenlc. tll WfilU and in-
v,lo the library; then iniiipiiig
on Sir Edward s writing table
they are rewarded with nuts
from the minister's hand.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Victor Myers and Mr. Thompson of
Oregon City, motored to Woodburu
Wednesday and spent the day with
Mr. lliggens, of Salem, was the
guest at the' home of bis sister, Mi's.
Homer Allemnn. Sunday.
Mr. W. T. Biukli'v transacted busi
ness nt Eugene Saturday.
Frank Tollard, who lias been in
lioseburg the past two months, has re
turned to Woodburu.
Miss Uuth Keistead returned recent
ly from Spokane where she spent tbe
winter with her aunt.
('has. Ilaudiill, of Salem, was a
Woodluirn visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Proctor, of West
Woodburu, were guests of Air. and Mrs.
If. M. Austin, Monday.
Mrs. Olson entertained it number of
little folks Tuesday afternoon in honor
of her daughter. Violet's 10th birth
dav. Many interesting games were
played after which luncheon was served
bv the hostess. Miss Tiolet received
many useful and beautiful gifts.
W. j. Binkh'y, jr., transacted busi
ness in Salem. Wednesday.
Miss Ethel Uonnev was agreeably
surprised Thursday when a number of j
!her girl friends dropped in to help!
celebrate her birthday, hive hundred i
was pin veil after which refreshments j
w ere served by Mrs. (!. A. liomiey. I
Jliss Ethel received many beautiful:
hand made presents.
Mr. and Mrs. Broiikcy and family of j
Mt. Angel motored to Woodburu, Sun-1
day. j
Mks Vvon McKiniicv who is taking,
a business course nt Portland spout thej
week-end at the home of her parents, , aiui j(iss ( arrie Water!. ury.
Mr. and .Mrs. .lonn -nc ruunov . tortv members were enrolled
itising, The validity of the quack nd
ivertisiii" law. once questioned, is now
TV... A..I A..K certain. The supreme court of the state
DrOVe UUl QUaCkS recently upheld the same.
; A few vears ago ti number of so-
called doctors, " Men Specialists," were,
lecturing on the streets, imparting much,
that was harmful to the young men of
the community. These quacks were in
the habit of agreeing to cure ills th'it
never exised, extorting large sums of
money from perfectly hAlthy young
Through the publicity of tbe travel
ing exhibit of the Oregon Social Hy
giene society, their practices have been
Many beneficial results have come
from the work of the Oregon Social
Hygiene society during the past four
years. If nothing more bud been done
than the driving out of business of the
many quack concerns and the elimina
tion of sex medicine advertising
friends of the society feel that the ex
penditure of the time and money has
been well justified.
Oregon is probably the cleanest state exposed until now they arc about
in the union in respect to quack ndver-1 driven out of business.
. . .J " I. .v
! -l : "'7. .-.
Crowds viewing the traveling exhibit o f the Oregon Social Hygiene Society at
the State Fair.
Airs, licit P.yers entertained at din
ner. Thursday." Mrs. Ed. Boscoe. Airs.
S. E. Brum", Airs. John Beers, and Airs,
lion, ltonney.
H. W. Waterbnry transuded business
in Port lii nd this week
Nearly of Portland,
and alii n. ..,.-,,.. . T
bureh work. The "'"""'-" r,run are tn
were: Kav IHmick 1 1 - f""-"!" "i a line uuoy gin, oorm
Kev. o. t'. Weller spent Wednesday
in Portland.
are active in the
officers elected
Claire Gillette. Dwight Bigelow. Lois Monday, April 3rd.
Mcmcnt. Sarah Sims, P.elvo Bigelow.
Erma Wilson. Martha ticiman, Alice
Croshaw. John Knov. Il.ir,.l.i Co.,..
H.' A. Cornell and grand-itaiignter i rankiia Tier. .eiil Hall. Homer Set-' ""r "i .vnss ixuie urassman
spent Siuidav at the home of the bit-. tlemier. La Verne I it icn. Clifford Ciilli- twentieth birthday, a number of her
tcr's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley j ford. Kenneth i tverton, Margaret Hicks, : friends surprised her bv callin" on her
Cornell at Corvallis. resceutia Cooley, Ruth Johnson. Jobu , Tu.1nv ,-,.!, m.,.. r,.,..;t',,l
Steelhamuier and Violet Olson. ; .,' " liu.....
. 1 Sifts were presented to Afiss Grass-
-""" loiuni vt-n-rans associa-1 Minrl
.i. : .i. i. , i . ,, .. moil.
Seth Weebe has returned from Mr
Keuua. Wash., where he has been work
ing the past two years.
Lunch was served bv Airs. Grass-
Mrs. II. I, Gil. .spent and j v ; -jmaa aml Miss ,v. Fellers:
riltZnA:" IZtuJ iM anJ M a S.'od time The! F. Reed of Dallas, t
i" ,. v ,rU'"U1 program was highly appreciated by the 1 ,,f Woo'""ini. was calling oi
visitor Saturday.
Air. and Mrs. Kay AlcKinncy enter
tained a few of their friends at
i their home Tuesday evening. .Cards
land music were enjoyed after which
refreshments were served by the mu
tes. . .
Elder J. I.. (Iron, who has been visit
ing at the home of bis parents, depart
ed" Wednesday for bis home at Grants
The organization of tbe M. F. Jun
ior church wa completed Sunday after
noon nt three o'clock, under the super
vision of tbe pastor, Kev. U 0. Poor,
but formerly
on old friend
audience. All the business houses and 1 "'re Tuesday.
buildin-S Tpere decorated ia honor ol'i A. E. Adams. ' who has been eon
the occasion. j nec.ted with the Woodburu Independent,
Born Sunday. April 2nd, at the home '''ft Thursday for Spokane. Air. Adam
of Mr. and Airs. I'aul l-o':i. a I'abv ''as made many friends her w-bo regret
girl- ' ' his departure."
C, O. Lives-vy. a eo'iin of r R ! " "
Uvesay. came to this city Tues.iavO CYCLONE AT NEW ORLEANS
from Koseburg and will be c"nu. loved at I - r.- . . . -,
the Ijvesav mill. ! New ('rleans, April i. An. umdenti-
i. .,r ' , ! fied girl was killed lnd eight persons
-nr. au.t .Mrs. ( . K. Tyler entertalnua! injured when a cvelone hi a fashion
at dinner Suauay Mr. aud Mrs. l0. able suburb of this eitv todav. TweW
ltonney. Mr. ai.,1 Mrs. B. P. Haa. Mr. I bungalows were wrecked. Ao 'indtutrial
and Airs. Furl Strang aud ton Oakley, ; hon.e was destroyed.