Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 01, 1916, Page NINE, Image 9

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; raw TODAY :
Bats per word New Today:
Each insertion, per word .. ,., it
Ooo weak (6 insertions), per wordfl
Ooe month (6 insertion!), per word 17t
The Capital Journal will not b re
ponsihje for more than one inaertioi
for errors In Classified Advertise
menu. Bead your advertisement th
first day it appears and notify nj la
mediately if it contains an error.
Minimum charge, 13c.
I'llONK !;;: l-'or Wood sal. tl
J I AHR V Wiudnwclcnner.
Phone 7ilS.
entile ami
I'linin: U-j.-.-ir.
cows an. I
WANTED A-l moat cutter. 1."
Commercial street.
7 S.
od notice.
-Modern new well furnish
Phone 7PsV. Aprl
I.lM'll WAGON For sale
cull at X. Com! St.
llol'SEKEEPIN; RiiuM
clean. 170 lourt street.
-New and
1'oR SALE 24
one year old.
Buff Leghorn
l'hone (0l'21.
OAK. dry ash, fir and maple cord wood,
l'hone 1322-J. W. F. Proctor. AprlO
SINGLE ( OMIirn Buff Orphington
cockerela (or sale cheip. Phone 00F2.
WAITED A second hand ansoline
pump with under ground tank, l'hone
GOOD CAR To trade for
What hne you! Addres;
real estate,
i "G" care
arpet weaving. 371 North II iH St.
Salem. Or.
WANTED Good hand sewing e'nl on
men's coats. Call in rear 12th find
Howard Sts. Aprl
VV ANTED An Fnjrlish per miluilntor
nnny carriage nnd a lawn mower.
l'hone (c'J-K. Aprl
I'OK SAl.h 1,1 acres hot torn land,
south of .Marion. Airs. E. Thonia
Marion, Oregon. Aprl
run RENT On shares or cash. ,10
ncres tnnn land. Horace Svkps, at
freight depot. " Aprl
FOR SALE One good delivery wagon.
1 doulde harness. 1'. P. Harlan, 12th
nnd Leslie St. Aprl
fine location, excellent meals. l'hone
lloti-M. lolt) State. . Apr7
'I'll UK XT Five room . house. Iiarn,
three lots and chicken park, 101 S.
18th.' Phone 2113-R. Aprl
"FOR SAI.K A limit ." tons galvanized
wire from hop yard, put up in coils
nt 2 cents. Phone 7SFH. Apr4
WANTED Will pay cash rent for 4 or
,r icres of good potnto land. Must
lie cheap. Address Journal ('-."0. Mavli
FOR RENT Business block room, size
1S.S( feet. 407. State street. J si -quire
nt 4H:: State. Phone 1(H'!. tf
FOR SALE Cheap wood saw. new. One
horse wagon, new. Comer 22nd nnd
Nebraska in Englewood. I'.iirch.
' Apr.'!
Caroline Testont and Frau Karl
Oruschki, 1,1c each. Phone 1700M.
, April 1
ONE DIP PEN'S Tip once, then write
.til") words. Send HV for samples.
Ross Agencv Bureau, Salem, Ore
Rt"i. . Aprl
FOR SALE Top grafted cherry trees
it half price, to clean up stock, 12':,
cents each, llarrv K. White, Phone
14 Flo. Aprl
MONEY TO LOAN On farm oj- im
proved city property. Inquire C. Z.
Randall. 30.", Salem' Bank of Com
merce Illdg. Aprl
.SALEM STEAM and Vacuum Carpet
Cleaning Works. Feathers and mat
tresses renovated. Otto F. Zwicker.
Phone 1 1.14. Apr 1,1
FOR SALE 3', half truck Studebaker
wagon. Will trade for heavier wagon.
ennlwooo or stumpngo. 27iO Lee.
Phone i:i22 J.
hibition quality,
post for .tL.lii.
Route 3. Salem.
An egg striin of ex
II eggs by parcel
imperial Egg Farm,
I'OR SALE Cheap, one team horses
l,0n0 and 1,100 pounds each, nlsoi
harness nnd wnjon. Roth Grocerv
Co. Phone 1 SS7. Apr::,
KOR RENT Eive room house, largo
barn, chicken house nnd park, large
tardea spot, $Hi per month. Inquire
1415 X. 4th street. Apr4
I'hTNE TREES 0 and S foot it 7e.
Oregon Champion gooseberries $ I. 1.0ft
per thousand. Call nt office, 3.17 N.
Commercial. Phone 2.10-lf. Aprl
FOR SALE Am forced to sell my well
mated farm team, weight 2.100 lbs.
In good condition and readv for'
work. Ll(, A. Broadway St., corner
Columbia. Aprl
FOR KENT A good thirty acre hop
yard an. I S acres of orchard mostlv
poaihex, in Yamhill county. Inquire
Wm. H. Egan. Gervais, Route No. 3.
Phone 311. Apr!
I'OR SALE 40 ncres in Linn county,
partly cleared, on enmity rosd. crcaio'
route and mail route. .1 room house
and out buildings, well. etc. Price
I.00O. Terms. Route f. P.ov 27. Oeci.
Weber. Apr4
EM 'IIA.NGE ( hob e .1 acres Salem
uiburgan home, for sale, or will trade!
for city property; valuation 3,0u0.i
This is worth conii.lerini if yon want
a nii-e home rloe to ear line, good
M'liool niol cilv. t or particulars ap
ply to It. A. Johnson & Co., 3s7 State
atreet, Salem. Apr.!
Mission Services
At StPaul's Church
"The Xriuity of Hell ami the Trin
ity of Heaven" is the caution or' tln
address tomorrow afternoon at a men's
mass meeting at St. Paul s church at ,'!
o'clock liy the Rev. E. V. .Shayler, who
has been conducting a mission at that
church all this week. Other services
for the-dny are celebrations of the hoiv
comniunioii at 7 and S in the morning, a
choral celuebratiou nt 11 when Air.
shayler will speak ou "A Man's Value
ti Society. " and a mission service nt
7:-'!0 p. in. when the topic for the ad
dress is to be "The Kind of u Kin-'
Christ Wanfs to Be and the Kind of a
King We Desire." The missiom-r will
also at this service answer current
objections to the Episeopul rhuich. To
morrow is the closing dav of tie mis
sion, Mr. Shnyler tu return to reattle
Monday morning.
The services throughout the wtck
nave neen inspiring and helpful. Mr.
Shayler being greeted each evetng In
large congregations. "Capacity houses"
it is expected will be the order of the
day for tomorrow, as the missioner 1ms
made a deep impression with his
straightforward practical talks.
Claim Cinnabar Mine
Showsjery Rich Ore
lueonin, Wash.. Apr. 1. Samples of
tlie cinnabar deposits discover of which
was announced several weeks ago near
Mount Rainier, are pronounced by li.
"cunerrs. nssayer and chemist here
today the richest ever found in this
secnon. i no ore that nas been extract
or runs about 20 per cent mercurv.
Merenrv before the war was valued
at from $40 to $.10 a flask of 73 lbs.
FOR SALE 40 acre tract.
1040 Hood St.
Inquire at
ll'Su Waller.
trade for
FOR SALE CHEAP Sidwav baby cab,
nearly new. Phone 80.'!. ' Apia
ROLE TOP DESK And office chair
for s.ile, cheap. Phone 1712-.I. Apr4
HALED HAY For sale, good hack to
trade for stock. P,0x ,"i, Turner, Ore
Zn Aprl
FOR SALE (food young team, weight
""llfl II... .1.- ,. .
m, .uso iresu cow. mono ti.it 4.
FOR SALE 1 bay
wiig Call at
horse, harness and
234SI Cherrv Ave.
WANTED Middle aged
general housekeeping.
woman for
Phone 40F4.
WANTED Wood cutters to cut white
fir wood, 1.2.1 per cord. Phone ti2.
sn le.
John il. Scott, over Chicago
FOR RENT 'force or four room mod
ern rurnished apartment, 32,1 S. 14th
WAXTKD Young milk
cow. Give de
K. A. llvde,
sinptiou and pine.
Turner, Route 1.
FOR REXT Nicely furnished house
keeping rooms reasonable. S.l.l North
Commercial street. tf
YOt'XG WOMAN Working .low.,
town wants work Cor room and board,
are ot children tueteicd. l'hone
WANTED Work horse, weight m,t
less than I400 lbs., not over eight,
years old. Call 34.1 Cliemeketa. Phone
000 or 07S. A).t
WANTED Experienced girl for gen
eral housework, none but experienced
need apply. Airs. Hurry Clav, 270 X.
13th street. ' ' Apr.'!
up to date power equipment. List
your orders at Salem Fuel Yards,
l'hone .'20. Densmore & Fresia. tf
Nl'l,ERV STOCK Lowest prices at
Northwest nursery, rear of nrmery.
tinned Franquett'e Walnuts. Hudde'd
Dolly. Choice roses, etc. Phone 413.
' Apr3
Fl VE Dright, capable
demonstrate un.l sell
I ulies to travel,
dealers. $2.1 to
per week. Kidlroud fare paid.
Goodrich Drug Company, Dept. 51.1,
Omaha, Nob.
Mil lih.r .New five room modern
cottage, partly furnished. Close to i We are pleased to note the nil
eir and school. Long lease to good j noiinceinent of Sam IL Brown that he
tenant. $10. li. AV; Mac.v, 202 llimklis a candidate for renomination for
or voininerce. Phone Sl.l. tf
IIOI'SES FOR RENT-.l room cottage,
southwest corner Oak nnd Summer,
- jr.5i: 7 room house and 3 lots, 203.0
V. 4th. $16.00; 4 room house and .1
'pt', S. 21st and Turner road. Sj.UU.
Phone. 71. pr4
I II AVE S(il.l) the house I told you
was cheao. 1 have iiwt listed some
more nt bargains. Il.we a 7 room
plastered residence and barn to rent
tor per montii. John
over Chicago Store.
It Scott 1
'Aprl i
MEN Become detective, investigating,
collection represent itive for your
city. Work handled everywhere.
Ambitious men ta'ight business, if 1 n)
.3o(.i month. Rubber City Secret Ser-
ice, Akron, O. ' Aprl
Hatch tomorrow. From a trap nest
ed heavy laving strain. Twelve cents
apiece m large lots, (all or write
Sherill Homing, one nnle south of:'""1 convention nt 'herns wn Sunday,
end of S. 12th street enr line. Aprl""" church service here being dismissed
.i for the occasion.
,AGENT3 WANTED I " Shaw and Miss Margtret
LARGE MAM h At Tl l.'EII wants rep-jStonlk attended the Similar school con
ntsentatires to sell shirts, underwear, vention in Salem Friday,
hosiery, dresses, waists, shirts, dire-tl The Udies Aid of Brooks met at
to homes. Write for free aliunde. Mrs. Kent li;,ki, I,, Tk...i. ti
.M.olion Mills,
Broadway, NeWi
York Cilv,
' -
BIGGEST SALE Ever yon enn find:
2n acres. Hi to 17 acres plough 1 in, I,
balance good timber and pasture, no
building. On county road. Little!
work to irrigate 2 to 3 acres. Good!
Mile Kar.ien ninn. rrne l...oii. is i
nwrin .!,., i need ine monev. U'.,
mile from Salem.
20 Acres.
Apr 10 1
of Journ il.
The following prices for fruita
and vegetables are those asked by
the wholetaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices 'are those paid the
producer. Corrections are made
The markets
nre ipiiet today. The
only change from yesterday is the ad
vance of $1 a ton for timothy hay.
While retailers differ somewhat as
to the correct price for sugar, an aver
age price is not far from $s for cane
and 7.S0 for beet -sugar. Reports from
1 ortlund and from the eastern refiner
ies indicate a possibility of eveu nine
cent sugar, caused to some extent by a
greater demand from foreign countries.
Hay, timothy, per ton ,
Oats, vetch
Clover hay
Rolled barley
Corn .
Cracked corn
Shorts, per ton
$15.00 1
$15.00 1
$13.00 I
..... $26.00
..... $28.00
Butterfat 33c
Creamery butter, per pound 34c
Country butter 20c(S25c
Eggs and Poultry.
Veal, dressed 9(S10c.
Kggs, case count, cash 16c
Eggs, trade 18c
Hens, pound 1314c
Roosters, old, per pound 9c
Spring chickens, pound 14c
Pork, Vel and Mutton.
Veal, dressed 10llc
Pork, dressed nc
Pork, on foot 8f1iS 3-4c
Spring lambs, 1016 11(5 12c
Steers 6H7c
Cows iff, 5 l-2c
Bulls 3C3 1.2c,
Kwes fin
Wethers 6 l-2c
Lambs, grain fed, yearlings .... 7 l-2c
Cabbage i
Tomatoes, Florida and Cuban
. ... $4.00
String garlic ..
Potatoes, cwt
Green ouions
.. 15c
... $1.00
12(u 15c
,. $1.50
... 40c
Green peppers Sc,
Green pens J0c
Egg plant ISc
Carrots $1.00
luriiips $1.50
Onions $2.15
Apples. Hood River $l.00(?f L50
Rhubard, box $2.00
Oranges, Navels $2.2;"fa3.50
Lemons, per box $i.004.50
unnnnas, pound 5c
California grap fruit $3.00
Florida grape fruit $3.00$6.00
7 l-2c
Retail Prices.
Eggs, per dozen, fresh ranch ....
Sugar, cane
Sugar, beet
Creamery butter
.. 20c
$7 SO
Flour, hard wheat
Flour, valley
Portland, Ore., April 1. Wheat:
Club, !MI(fi!i5e.
Bluestem; $1.00(fi 1.04.
Forty fold, !)l(f07c.
Red Russian. M'(ii 05c.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $24. Sup
Barley: Feed. ,2.1.00.
Hogs: Best live, $0.25,
Prime steers, iW.OO.
Fancv cows, $7.50.
Calves, $8.00.
Spring lambs, $13.00.
Butter: City creamery, 3ie.
Country butter, ,",0(fi .'lie.
Eggs: Selected local ex., 20 l-2(ii 2le.
Ileus, 17
Broilers. 22 1-2o25c.
Geese. 10 (fi lie. " .
legislative representative. He
' out hccii MKe lit, liii-
i use he hirs been
urged to do
no iiv u large milliner ot .Marion coun
ty voters and admirers. Mr. Brown is
one of those few men who can stand
so well and firmly upon their past leg
islative records and have no reason
to flinch. A clean record places a
man far above par. It is admitted bi
all who watched his career in (!,
; lust legislature that Mr. Brown made
i an intelligent, able nnd eonscoentioirs
' 1 "c.m-iii m i ve oi ine ranu ami rile anil
l,'",'iH"-v ,a5tl"'.v'rs. His pies-
ence in the next legislature is needed
1 liy Marion county. That he will be re
. nominated ami re elected is bevond a
loutvt. oodburri Independent.
Such weather as March has given us,
Broohs wis almost flooded, the black-'
smith shop being surrounded by water.
.In spite of the rain a good manv of
"rooks people attended
the Similar
being no business thp meelinir wim i,n.
Iv social. A ile.isant time was eniove.l
bv nil
Mrs. D. Morgan, of Gervais. was in
Brooks last week to get a wheel chair
fur .Mr. Morgan, who is home now and
able to be iilmut in the chair
.Mr. ami Mrs. Geo. Sturgis of Wren
are visiting relit
tives nere. Gervuis
Try Capital Journal Want Adi.
x Free Methodist,
o. 1228 North Winter gtreet. Sun
day services: Sabbath school 9:45.
Preaching at 11 a. m. nnd 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p. m.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows: Knee
drill, 9:30 a. m. Sunday school and
Bible class, 10:30 a .m. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. Y. P. L., 6:15
p. m. Salvation meeting, 7:45 p. m.
Wook night services every night except
Monday and Thursday. Capt. and Mis.
Rural Chapel.
H. C. Stover, minister. Sunday school'
at 10:30 a. m. Morning worship nt I
11:.'10. Sermon by the pastor. Christian I
Endeavor at i :30 p. m.
ftenteal Concreffatinnfll
Corner South Nineteenth and Ferry I
streets, H. C. Stover, minister. Sunday j
school at 10 a. m. .Evening service at;
7-:). .Tnnior Christian Kmlenvnr nt H
i p. in. Senior Christian Endeavor at 0:45
p. m. Mid-week service, Thursday, i :30
First Methodist Episcopal.
Corner State and Church streets,
Richard X. Avison, minister. 9 a. m.,
Class meeting. 9:45 a. in., Sabbath
school, Messrs. Schramm and Oilkey,
superintendents. 11 a. in., Morning wor
ship, sermon by the pastor, " lhe Ton
gue of the Learned." 3 p. m., Service
at the Old People's Home. ti:30 p. m..
Intermediate league, Mrs. M. C. Find
ley, superintendent. 6:30 p. m., Epworth
league, Miss Eva Scott, president. 7:30
p. m., Evening worship, sermon by the
pastor, "God's Purpose in Conversion."
Music by the chorus choir both morn
ing and evening under tho direction of
Dr. Frank W. Chace.
First Congregational.'
Tames Elvin, pastor. Sunday school
at 10 o'clock, W. I. Staley, superinten
dent. Morning service at 11 o'clock.
Subject, "The Modem Interpretation
of Redemption." Music, morning and
evening by chorus choir, Wm. McGil
christ, Sr., director. Christian Endeavor
meeting Sunday evenrtig, 6:30. Tleas-
ant Sunday evening service at 7:30.
Hearty congregational singing of the
old time hymns, good music by chorus
choir, brief address by pastor on "The
I'nchaiigliig Human Nature." Wonder
ful motion pictures depicting the life
nnd times of Noah, the sin, the warning,
the penalty, the a-sk, the restoration. A
good place for yon to bring your family
or friends. Everybody invite1 am! ev
erybody welcome. . Thcrsili." ivening
service 7:30, My. William f'lcmipg
lender. Subject, "Fiftnlh Chapter
Book of Acts." Tnskegee. ju.iilw sing
ers Friday evening. Apiil 8 o'clock.
No admission, silver offering.
Scandinavian Revival.
Scandinavian revivnl services are be
ing held in Gladstone, Oregon City and
Willamette. Rev. John Ovall has charge
of the services, which nre well attended.
Special services will be held in the Sa
lem church in the near future.
First Baptist.
Corner Marion nnd North Libertv,
Rev. G. F. Holt, D. D., pastor. Sunday
school at 9:45 a. m. Public worship
and preaching by the pastor 11 n. in.
and 7:30 p. ni. Young People's meet
ing at 6:30. Topics, morning: "Every
Disciple, a Disciplcr, " with communion
and reception of new members. Even
ing, "Story of Two Men, a Contrast
Baptism at the opening of the eveni
service The public is cordially i i.'.te
to all those services.
German. M. E.
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets.
A. J. Weigle, minister. Sunday school
at 10 a. m., Henry Gralnpp, superin
tendent. Public, worship at 11 o clock
Epworth league at 7 p. m., Chas.
.Ttiquctt, leader. Sermon nt 7:30 p. m
Corner Capital and Marion streets.
Sunday school at 10 a. in. Preaching,
Gorman, at 11 a. m., English, at i:30
p. m. M. Denny, pastor.
Highland Friends.
Corner Highland and Elm streets.
Our Snbhuth school ,,;tns promptlv nt
10 u. m Mrs. Mvrllo Kenworthv. super
intendent. Meetings tor worship, 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. in. Junior, 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor, (1:15 p. m. Prayer
meeting Thursday 7:30 p. m." Thepnstor
has returned from a revival at Pied
mont cliurch in Portland and will oc
cupy the pulpit as usual. Joseph im
Ifocket, pastor. Phone 1105.
United Evangelical.
North Cottage stro-r T,efwcen Center
nnd Marion, A. A. Winter, minister.
10 a. m., Sunday school, Mr. A. A.
Flesher, superintendent. II a, in.. Ser
mon, "Faith, What it Will Do." 3 p.
m.. Junior Endeavor, leaders Jauliiie
Remington, Feral Flesher. 6:3(1 p. m..
Young People's meeting, topic, "Th
Coiisecrntioii of Time." Lender, Mr. S
C. Riikton. 7:30 n. m.. Scrnif,,, "Th;.
One Thing I Do." Reception of mem
bers and candidates for baptism in con
nection with the morning service. Th
Is the last Sunday of the conference
year. A full attendance will be ex
pected at all our services. You are
cordially invited. Monday evening trus
tees nnd official board meeting. The j
final reports for the year will be re.-. I
and plans for the new year considered
East Slate anil Eighteenth streets, (i.
Koehler, pastor. Sunday school in Ger
man and English at 10 o'clock. Divine
service at 10:30 n. m., subject "Look
I'p and Live." There will be no ev
ening; service.
The Liberty Street Church of tlie Evan
gelical Association.
Corner Center and Liberty streets. H.
K. Horiischiidi. pastor. Sni.bnth ,hool
nt 10 a. m., Wm. Cnrnjobsf, superin
tendent. German sermon at 11 a. m..
by the pastor, subject, "Thi, Why ot
Failure." The Y. P. A. and the sermon
it 7 nnd 8 o'clock resectively, will he
by the ladies and for tho ladies. Of
course all men as well as the ladies
will lie welcomed.
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial Bud
E. L.
Exclusive Agents for the Famous Orbon
De Luxe and Orbon Ranges
7 7r i
f IJ i "-ilbi
A Kitchen Comfort that is guaranteed to save you money or fuel consumption,
embodying style and quality of workmanship. See the Orbon De Luxe ajtrl you
will have no other Range in your home. We take in your old stove as part pay on
a new one.
We get the business because we sell the cheapest.
E. L.
Corner Court and Liberty.
Washington streets. 11. E. Pembcrton,
pastor. Bible school at 10 a. m., B. C.
Miles, superintendent. Meeting 'for wor
ship and preaching at 11a. in. and 7:30
p. m. C. E. meeting at 6:311 p. m. Prayer
meeting nt 7:15 Thursday evening. This
will be the monthly business meeting.
Song practice ut 8:15.
Corner of Cliemeketa and Cottage
streets, Richard F. Tischer, minister.
Sunday school nt 0:15 o'clock, adult
class meets at 0:45, Miss Ethel Fletch
er, superintendent. Morning service nt
II o'clock, subject, "Man Know Thy
self," No evening service. Music bv
Mrs. T. H. Galloway, Mr. Harry Mills,
organist. All friends of liberal religion
and of progressive thought are cordial
ly invited to our services. Bring your
Gospel Mission.
Corner Center and Cominercia
streets. Sunday school 2:3(1 p. m.
Preaching 3:30 mid 7:45 p. m. Mr. Ship
ley preaches ut the evening service.
Come to the gospel mission. E. S.
Spvker, pastor.
Commons Mission. I
No. 211 Sin.e street. The colored'
evangelists will, one of them, speak
Sundav at 3 ,.. and also Snudav ev-
eniug at 7:45 Meeting are expect;, to
,r. ., ' '.
continue each evening the coming
week. Mission board meets Tuesday
evening, April II, a full attendance is
desired as important business will come
before the board. J. 1). Cook, superin
tendent. United Brethren.
Castle Chapel, corner Seventeenth
and Nebraska. U. B. Dorks, minister.
G. G. Tookcr Sunday -school superin
tendent. Preaching at II n. ju. ami 7:3(1
p. m by the pastor.' Bilde sdiool nr
10 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:3H
p. ni. You are cordially nvited.
Ministerial Union.
The regular weekly meeting of the
Sfilcnl Ministerial I'liinn will convene
at 10 o'clock instead of 10:30 Mondnv
morning at tlie Y. M. C. A. building.
This is the last meeting vf the yi'ir
Much husinepn i to be transacted' tuid
iiev. K. X. Alison will read e pap-r en
titled, "Jesus the Prophet of Galilee."
All members lire urged. to be present..
I. B. S. A.
Meel in the liodgers building over
the comer of High nnd Ferrv streets
at 10 o'clock a. in. Those interested in
Bible truth are invited to meet with
us. ,
W. C. T. U. i
Xeal Dow Memorial' service will lie
conducted nt Ram Memorial hair Son-!
nay, 4 O'ciocK. special music readings i
and an udd-rcss by Rev. II. E. Pcmber- i
ton. Ncal Dow is called the Father of
Prohibition. Come and bring some one
The Church of God.
No. 1770 Fairgrounds road. Sunday
school at 10 a. ni. Edward Beckor, -superintendent.
Sunday services at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday service
at 7:30 p. m. All are cordially invited,
Ethel Williams, poster.
First Christian.
Corner High and Center streets
T. Porter, minister.
9:15 a. m Dr. II. C
Bible school at
Eplcy, director; '
l.lovd Hnldimiin. assistant. Orchestra
and good miHic. Auto truck leaven
est Salem nt ft i. m. and Hiolil find i
school at d.riO . m. for the church. B
ou time. 1 1 a. m., Worship and sermon. '
subject, "The Heal Cliurch." Mary j
Schultz. violinist. li:J0 p. in., C. E. 7:30 1
p. m Sermon subject. "Coming or the
Pergect." Large chorus, orchestra. !
Cloud effects with dissolving stereopti-
eon. I
Rust Resisting, Non
Corrosive Ingot Iron
Last a
The best guaranteed
range in America
First prebytriaji.
''Is Jesus Divine?" That is a ques
tion that was in the mind of very men
of Jesus own time. It remains the
question that puzzles many minds of
our twentieth century. Is there any
way of knowing? What has Jesus him
self to say that would satisfy such ques
tionings f His challenge to those who
doubt Him will be the subject of the
evening sermon by the pastor, Carl H,
Elliott, nt 7:30 o'clock. The quarterly
communion will be administered at the
morning service, 11 o'clock. New mem
bers will bo received. The subject of
the sacramental meditation is "Forgiv
en as Forgiving," being from the next
to the last clause of tne Lord's prayer.
First Church of Christ, Scientists.
'Sunday services are held at 410
(hemeketn street, at, 11 n. m. and 8
p. m. Subject of Bible lesson " I'nre
ality." Sunday school ut 9:45 a. m.
I Wednesday evening testimonial meeting
at o ciock. Heading room in the Hub
bard building, suite 303, and is open ev
ery day, except Sundays and holidays,
from 1 1:43 a. m. to 4 p. m. All are wel
come to our services and invited to vhp
our reading room.
, 1
n ' lle Methodist Episcopal
. B,l,lfi w'l",lul' ,!': 5 Joseph Bar-
7' ' l'"""""l"'"- i rsl,i,,
A,? ' "f TT lV T '
be s Debt to Methodism: One Hun
dredth Anniversary of the Death of
Francis Asbury." Junior League. 3 n.
m., Mrs. J. C. Spencer, superintendent.
Epworth League, 6:30 p. m., topic "On
Growing Home Religion." Leader, Sam
King. Evening service, 7:30, sermon
topic "The I'liturned Cake." S,.ial
meeting for the memners of the official
board, and any others, at First Church,
nt 3 p. m. J. C. Spencer, pastor.
In their investigation of the wells
sad underground waters of Florida the
geologists of the I'niled States Geolo
gists of the. Cnitcd States Geological
Survey have noted many interesting
things. Among these is a well at Wcl
nka, on St. Johns River, from which two
kinds of water are obtained.
This well is 300 feet deep. The length
of the casing is 1 10 feet. The well was
first drilled to 160 feet, and from this
depth ordinary "sulphur" water was
obtained. The drill was then carried lo
a depth of 3o) feet, where it encoun
tered a strong mineral water, having a
.disagreeable, salty taste. In order to
use lioth kinds of water an inner tubing
was run nearly to tho bottom of the
well. Both this nnd the outer casing
were connected w ith pumps, so that I
ordinary water and mineral water can
''0 pumped at the same time. A far-
ontc joke olnved on visitors is to aivo
ini'iu a drink nt the weaker water nil
the first glass nnd to replace it with
the brine in tho second.
Xot more than half a rW.cn wells of
this kind nre known in the country, but
there is no reason why similar wells can
not bo obtained in regions where the
waters in the upper strata differ from
those lying deeper.
Miss Peck, nurse at the Silverlon
hospital, is visiting at Portluiid for a
few- duys.
,'Mrs. Guv Wilson, formerly connected
with the Silverton hospital, visited
here over Sundav on her way to Bend
from California.
Gustave Kendo, of Scotts Mills, who
Mfsu lifrmtrlit' in trut hi vit i4 i liu, .i tu
it'wo weeks neo snfferiniT frnm a com.
noun, I fracture of the leir. is viilmmr
slow ly. He wns'thrown from a wagon
and received a very serions break in
the bone. Dr. Lour Is tf ending Mm.
Silverton Appeal.
1 1 1
Try Canital Journal Want Ada.
life time.
Salem, Oregon
Cofonel Robert L. Builard is com
mander of the 20th Infantry, U. S A.
lis regiment has been stationed at
Mi border for several vears and will
take nnrt in tho Villa hunt I
FIRST $30,000,000 OF FRENCH
(By Cnitcd Press.)
Xew- York, April, 1. Thirty
million dollirs worth of one
year French notes, tho first war
loan securities offered to the
American public by any of tho
warring nations of Europe, fall
due today. New York financial
interests handling the Allies'
loans iu America, are prepared
to take up the $30,000,000. The
issue originally pi iced on the
market was for $50,000,000, but
only this $30,ooo,iiliO worth was
sold to smaller American invest
ors. "Baby week in La Grande wis worth
whilo and some excellent educational
features resulted. What the Oranda
Ronde valley needs now is more bahiet''
says the La Grand Observer.
If i i
T-,' y.V Jtl f .4'
, : 'I
" r
L "
' Colonel Kobert Bullard.