Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 29, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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tii (0i "QJl 0 H 101 1 V'
Owing to bad weather our sales fell far below normal, this together with us buying
heavily for Easter makes it necessary to move our stock.
To make room for new shipments arriving almost daily we are making special
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A. C. De'VOE
The Quality Shoe Store
344 State Street
San Antonio, Texas, the
Unofficial Capital of Mexico
. San Antonio, Mar. 29. For the last 1 public, or parts of it.
tiiree years Han Antonio has been the , Fout cabinet ministers of the ol.
unofficial capital of Mexico. Here the j Huerta regime, the most prominent be
rival juntas of the Carran.a and Villa! '"I? Manuel Garza AUlape, ex-minister
forces have plotted and intrigued. From
r-an Antonio most of the financial aid
so desperately needed by both sides at
various times in the ups and downs of
their fortunes has been negotiations
and from here munitions have been
bought and supplies forwarded.
Today there are over fifteen hun
dred prominent and formerly wealthy
Mexicans living in San Antonio. Kv
ery one of them is vnnHy Interested in
the success of either Carranza or Villa.
wiiS''' r-J;.(' it .If"-ill" "RiWn1 l ;' m W
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of the Duplex -ALCAZAR
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ALrCAZAR Range is made in two types, burning
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your kitchen warm with wood or coal in summer
keep the room cool by cooking with gas or oil.
The change is made in an instant the range is
ready to burn the fuel you wish. It cuts cooking
costs, makes better results possible and keeps the
kitchen comfortable all the time. Before you buy a
range look at and investigate the Duplex-Alcazar.
Duplex Alcazar
The day of experiments has long passed. The
Duplex-ALCAZAR Range is a proven success in
dispensable in thousands of American households.
Let Us Demonstrate It to You
I Many of them are men who in the last
few years have held the highest official.
; positions in one or the other of the
shifting governments that have held
I temporary sway over the southern re
of agriculture and Uichard Gomez Ro
belo, attorney general lor Huerta, and
lL ..t. ' J - .1 .1 . -I I .
wie man woo guiueu me oi(i iiuiiun i
warrior in the tortuous legal phases of ;
his conflict with President Wilson. I
Closely associated with "them is Sa- j
lome Botella, ex-governor of the state j
of Nuovo Leon under Huerta. This I
frronn isi now remit! to lie interested
in Villa's campaign.
The Mexican Catholie church i repre
sented by four archbishops and about
Salem, Oregon J
This question is asked every day.
A cold is really a fever, not always
caused by the weather but often due to !
disordered blood or lack of important
food-elements. In changing seasons '
r.rj uZ.. .1.
""T" r ""sc "cy 1
aistnoute neac Dy cnncning tue dioou
and so render the system better
""7 w. ."ip.15u1.nv.11u.
ibis 13 the important reason why
Scott's Emulsion should always be
taken for colds, and it docs more
v;ij ,u t :..!,. ,0
Scott's Emulsion contains Nature's
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always get the genuine.
ecutt & Bowue, Bloomficld, N. J. 15-28
tive ability that she has been presi lent
30 bishops who have been driven out oi j for four year.
Mexico by the various warring factions. Studied law at Willamette univeriit",
With them are a large number of priests r graduated from the law department .n..7
who also were compelled to flee from ,VM admitted to the bar in 1915.
the country. I Jrs. pjro is n French and German
Then there is a sprinkling of ndher-1 scholar and has been of valuable irss::,t
ents of the ebullient Felix Diaz, who j r...ce t0 her husband with clients spev.k
always has a revolution ripo for picking iu(r either French or German,
if he can secure support; and also Is a tax payer and has been paying
there are some supporters of Zapata. taxes in Marion county for the past
The interests of ('arrnnR are official. ' eight years,
ly administered by Teodule R. Heltran, All this menus that for the past 1-5
Mexican consul general for the south- ' years Mrs. Page has hcen taking an in
western United Statu. iterest in affairs and that her expti
Connected with his office in an un-jenccs include that of teacher and sere
official but very important capacity notary of a school, the handling of the
Sam Bidden, a San Antonio attorney, books of a successful business eo..errn,
who has a title of chief advisor o'f th? , assisting in handling the affairs of the
onsuiate. iiciuen is reputed to De close
to farranzn and one of the men who in
dealings with the United States govern-""
ment the f rst eh ef is f rut to turn tn:
for ndvli'P.
There are seven Mexican newspnpfrs
published in San Antonio to seive trie j
needs of the forty odd thousand native!
Mexicans who live in and about tho I
city All are bitterly partisan 'n bock 1
ing their factional interests nnd si vciai
have verv fair circulations.
Rev. E. V. Shayler Both
! Eloquent and Forceful
I .'If iin '( uVifit von (ret rutt of lift
but what you put into it that counts,"!'; s"oum prepjre uinnei lor war.
insisted the Kcv. K. V. Shayler at St. ' J10"0 "no V """H"K "" wi,r nv,r linancial committee of the church. Mr.
(Paul's church last evening, preaching ! M,'s- T "'!!'" K''."-", V"- ".V Mar-, winter gave a verv fine sermon. " I'er
011 the subject, "Man's Greatest Caul- ""a"'1 Guy Jouag. Those who are sistence in doing good'' is his fare-lenL-e."
"'.Most of us."-he said, "are'?:"1' lia": Vfl,:c at .""-v I""''' ' nr,! ; well.
'strivins to iret evervthimr but of life
that we can; we call it good or ill, ac
cording as the results please or displease
i us. Just 'for that reason life is highly
unsatisfactory; it always will be so long
1 as wc continue to make our aim nnd
.ideal, 'What is there in it for met' It
is what you put into life that counts."
The second day of Mr. Shayler 's stay
'at St. Paul's closed las evening in an
'enthusiastic and well attended service.
The speaker's obvious fervency and sin
eereity give his words much weight,
1 and make his sermons most impressive.
: He achieves his results without sensa
tionalism. Siindnyism, billingsgate .or
slang. He conducts a 'revival meeting'
in anything but the ordinary fashion.
Mr. Shayler is in complete charge of
the parish. "I am nothing but a choir
boy for this week," says Air. Gill, rect
or of St. Paul's
The opening of the question box last
night provoked much interest. The cvir
recurrent question of "high" and
"low " church cropped up, .Mr. Shayler
I covering the question with considerable
amusement. The sermon subject for to
night 's a. hires is "If Not Christ f" To
morrow the usual schedule obtains: a
celebration nf the holy communion at
110 a. m. with brief meditation; 11 clas-s
Candidate for republican nomination f or representative in Legislative As
semb, from First District, Marion co unty, atjiriinaries, May 19, 1916.
With the slogan, "Woman's suffrage , Salem public library as president '.if the
creates a duty nut n privilege to pnr-j board mul the practicing of lu.v.
ticipate in public, affairs," Mrs. Itnllin ! And all this interest in affairs Ins
i K. Page will come before the repuh- not prevented Ma Tape from it-(i a
j licnn voters ut the primary election good housekeeper as she does her own
! May 19, as a candidate foi the house of housework as well as cooking am: iiuk-Ii
: representatives' from Marion county. ; seving.
j When a woman announces for a pub-: Why did she le ide to enter tin 'axe
I lie office, the ipiestion naturally arises for representative? -Mrs. Pago explains
j as to what experience she has had in 'it (his way. Having had a training in!
j public n'ifairs. Well, .Mrs. Page's ex-: law and business, her friends urged,
i perienees during the past Hi years are 1. or to become n candidate cs;. "I'lilly as
I not exactly coufiue'l to pink teas and ' they as well as herself, fe't that women !
j discussions of the latest styles. The 1 s'.l.Tgo create J n responsibil',' and,
; fact is, her life lias neon one of work, 1 11'',! those who could do so, slludd be:
i study, and the giving of much of her willing to give some of their time to i
itime to civic affairs and if nnv of the, public affairs. ;
other nine candidates for represent!!-
tive can show a broader grasp of puldi
affairs and greater civic activity, they
must have been pretty busy men.
Kxperieuce in the world of affairs is
acknowledged to be a first class teacher
and this is what Mrs. l'age has been
doing 'for the past 1(1 years:
Was graduated fro.n the I'niversily
of Toronto with high honors.
r of mathematics anil secretary
of St. Helen's hall, Portland, limi-pim,
Teacher and secretary of a school at
san Mateo, Cul., 1(M (1!)J5.
Teacher of mathematics in th
;,) j,!,,), school, I'lim.
Married and become a resident of Sa
lem lilOli.
Had full chntge of the. books and the
business department of the Woodhuni
Water Works company, PWU-1012.
-Member of the Woman's club of Sa
lem since UtOti, serving on tho executive
board At present member of the edu
cational committee of the Woman's club
and also on tig? building committee.
.Member of the city public library'
board for the past six years, and presi
dent of the )junrd for the past four
years. Seven business men 0! Salitn
end two women are on this board and
the men thought so much of her execu
! . , .. .
V"' religion for women at 3
" " .V"-. , '-'"
Deals With Women;
and tho mission
serv':(; "t
7:30 p. m.
Macleay News Notes
r . ,. , u
(Cnpit il Journal Special Service.)
y ' ' '
Madeay, Or., Mar. 29. The literary
society will meet next Saturday even-.
ing in the school house to hold its rcg-1'"1" tallies and other ipparutus in
1 T, 1. i 11 stalled. One dish of hot food is cooked
ular meeting. Don t lorget tue date ,. ,, ... . . ' ...
tor Hie children each noon to eat with
and come expecting to hear, see or feel (,,. iulil,n brought from home,
something unexpected. The debate fori At a business 11 tiro, of the church
ine eveniUL' win tie Kesoiveii, til it tne
Those who
Willi id-van, rcace at any price" arc
illnrrv K. M irtin, Jean livers and Mar-
'!'""'. ,r"n' l!-v,'r" an,J .".r"
Ijone .Miller, so we may expect a lug
1 , ,
Dad Lung Trouble
and Expected (o Die
The many recoveries brought
bout by Eckman'i Alterative are
attracting wide attention. Itead
about this cast:
3.'l B t., Keyer, W. Vm.
rienlrinrai I wh takra nick la
Novrmbrr, imm. I trrn utraillly
'' Had two conaullatluna. The
rllct kis the lerer had alTecle.l
my lunar and that air rmnr v
aoprleaai only (tra me tna montha
to ll.e. My ahyal.-laa kad trlrd moat
all kiada ut trrataieat aad auir did
"f aar arood, so he aakrd my hus
band l( he objm-trd to klm tryin
a proprlrlary ardlclae. I lrKn
your Allrratlve. I aia la bed froi
Novemhrr 30, 1IMW, until Frhmary
2.1, IIM.O. aad as thouaht dylna: rv
rral lime., lo.lay 1 ant hrnlll.ler
aad atroaajer than ever." (Al.l.re
Tiale.lt (Slaord) Mil a. H. K. HIIII.KV.
Kckman a Alterative la most eltica
eloua In bronchial catarrh anil e
Tere throat and luna; affections nnd
up-bulldlna- the avstem. Contnlna
no harmful or hahit-formlns; .Iruica.
Accept no auhstltntea. Hniall aire,
II; rcKUlar aize, 12. Kul.l by Ic.-ul-Ing
drUKKiata. Write for booklet
of recoveries.
ieaaaa Laharatsry, pklladelybia
Airs, l'age is perhaps more of a stu-
dent than a public speaker although
she has appeared frequently in public.
Two years ago she addressed the com
monwealth conference at Eugene, on
'Women's Service to the Common
Health Through the Profession if
At (he republican rally held Maul.
IS at the armory, in the three minutes
i allowed each candidate, Mrs. Page said
in part:
"I believe in the republican party
and adherence to a party, because one
who tries to act independently, loses
most of his force. It is only through
party organization that effective re
sults can be obtained. I believe ill
conservative, legislation ami no law
should be added unless necessary, wise
and well considered."
Mrs. l'age views life from a serious
standpoint, and feels that all women
should appreciate the responsibility in
their hands through suffrage.
At present, but five women in Sa
lem are entitled to practice law besides
Mrs. J'age. They are Mrs. Olive Ku
right, Miss K.swther Carson, .Mrs. F. A.
Hoyington, Mrs. I.ois Hyrd I pjohn and
Miss (labriclle Clarke.
At the last session of the legislature,
Miss Marion Towne was a representa
tive from Jackson -county, but as yet
she has not filed for re-election. Miss
ICnthryn Clark, who nas in the senate
is ut pcrsent proprietor of a hotel at
Glendale and is not a candidate.
The many friends of .Mrs. Page were
surprised when she announced her can
didacy as they htul alway known her
to be deeply interested in her home af
fairs. Hut with her experience in pub
lie life and also her knowledge of law
she felt she shou'rd do her part, believ
ing that it is the duty of women, now
that they have the franchise, to use it
for the good of the community and to
share with their fathers, husbands and
brothers the responsibilities and pride
of citizenship.
1 . . ...
fight, maybe rivaling that on Ford's
P' "''('
j Miss Hyers is feeling especially ppoud
j because ot the fact that Supervisor J.
i W. I,. Smith, who visited the school
I recently, said that no other s.-hool in
I tho count v was as uti to date, jrnj mod
!ern as Macleav's. Pint of this merit-
icd praise comes through Mac env hav-
. . . .
iing a cooking school 111 connection with
j Hie public school. The sont.n room of
the school house has been fixed over
Siindiiv afternoon Mrs. Theion Hss..ll
H elected se-retarvt reastirer of the
I Next Sunday afternoon at 2 p. ,. the
Sunday school will elect officers,
I Whist was the diversion of the even-
ling at a piiity given at. the home of Mr.
;and Mrs. ('. .1. finms.lcu, Friday evening
i March 21, in honor of Hoy liainsden.
!Andy Cohen drew high honors while A.
j I.. Martin straggled in with the booby
prize. After the whist, .1 dainty lunch
eon was served by the hinte-..
I Mr. Niewnnder and family, of
ilem, are moving to Maclenv.
II. II. Hofimnn and sou were visitors
at Macleay Sund ly nftci noon.
j Miss livers was in I'ortland at the
I home of her parents oier Saturday and
' Sunday.
I Mr. Kles'ner, 'of Salem, was a iitor
at Made iv Sun. lav afternoon.
Portland, Ore., Mar. 2'.l. The carcass
of a large black bear with its back
broken, lying in the den at the city
zoo early today told the story of a des
perate struggle which was the culmina
tion of two years rivalry-bet ween the
black bear and a. big cinnamon bear for
supremacy in the bear pit.
The black animal was killed by be
ing tossed off u platform on which the
fight occurred.
Our Cannon Hit the Mark
We want to thank our patrons for their loyal sup
port in answer to our append to attend our
Dissolution of Partnership Money Raising Sale
TSiere is no use of repeating here the prices (hat
Prevail at Present.
And you will go home happy. Yesterday we had
parties from Woodburn, Hubbard, Stayton and other
towns. They will certainly all have a good word
for us.
Come and look over our wonderfully complete stock
of Clothing, Shoes and Furnishings.
Come, let us fit you out for Easter and save you
Our store was jammed from morning until nig! I
with actual buyers, and it is our aim to please all.
For we are determined to have this sale make
permanent customers for" our future welfare
We guarantee every purchase made during this sale.
Corner State and Liberty Streets.
Formerly Oscar Johnson's Plymouth
Brig. Gen. John J. Pershing
"The Manof Sorrow"
i (Ity 1'hited Press.)
I Washington, Mar. 'Jl( A fighting sol
idier who wins buttles by diplomacy is
h rarity. Hut that is the distinction ac
j corded Hrigndier General John J. I'er
Isliiug, the "man of sorrow'1 of the
lariny, whose beautiful wife mid three
lluiby girl children were burned to death
1 in 1 fire that destroyed their home in
ISnu l-'rancist-o, August 7, 11(15,
I .Many and picturesipie are the tales
'told of this lienu iirunuucl of the army;
in ha.idsome, da-hing soldier; brilliant
jaud bloody in buttle, equally brilliant
ill bloodless .-on.iic-ts; hero of romance
jnnd strife; .1 linguist, diplomat, scholar;
a man who won his rank as much I
, through peaceful conipiering of his en
jemies as through daring leadership in I
'military campaigns against them. I
I 1 crsning ami ine rniiippiues arc syn
jonymous. It was Pershing, then Cap
t lin Pershing of the First, later the
j Fifteenth, Cavalry who drew the task
of sulliniing the fanatical Moros on
i Mindanao and Jolo. He was given
: 2,20(1 men ami fiee reign. jot one of
I those men was sacrificed in battle, la
'.stead of beginning a war ol' extcrmina
jtion igninst the Moros, Captain Per
ching began n study of their language.
I He soon mastered their tongue, lie as
sembled the Moros, fanatical Momiiiii
Imedans, on Fridays, (their Sundays),
jand taking texts from the Koran talked
to them on reconciliation with the I'ni
jted, St ites gov'riimcnt. In this way,
I without fighting a. single buttle, he won
jail hut two of the mountain tribes, and
j was consecrated a Ihitto by he Sul
; tans of the trib-'s.
1. i . . . ......
Hut with the two tribes who spurned
his efldits at peaceful conquest, he
siiowed relentless and crushiiiL' uower.
I Their strong mountain forts fell before
his onslaught until forty had been cap
jture.l and their list stronghold taken.
One hundred and seventy-five Moms
paid the extreme penalty in battle tor
j their folly. (Inly 13 American sol
fliers were wounded, none killed,
j His conquest in Mindanao resulted in
'Pershing's appointment as Adjutant
'General of that island and Jolo. and
Colonel Koosevelt, then President, sur
prised the entire army organiz ition by
j promoting him oer the heads of SH2
(ranking officers to be Ilrigadicr Gen
eral. I Hut his promotion enme only after a
bitter struggle that threatened for a
itime to blacken him forever. He lii.
; married the daughter of Senator Wir
1 ren, of Wyoming, a year before pronio
j'ion. in January, l!i 15. The web ling
was one of the most brilliant social af-
-1 1
SiwotA is
Contains No Injurious Material, Good
for all Leathers, The Quick, Durable
Shine. Accept no Substitute. If
Dealer cannot Supply you send to
&iinoiA Company, Rochester, N.Y.
The many sufferer from sk'n tortures th.it
Itch, hum and pain will be Rlail to know tli.ir
ft new article that is made from Nature's
herbs, and will soodie and begin healing ut
6uun m applied has been pi'cn by science for
the relief of the many disheartened martyr-i-tMr.
K, J. Cramer who it doinff Bonie tre
cial work with the American Medicine Com
pany of Alleulown end whom you are at lib
erty to addrcs in care ol that lirm, writeii
"I gave a box of D'EXMA to Smart M. -Kirby,
513 Turner St.. of tliif city, and Mi.
McKirby lias just come to me with the (ollovi
ing statement 1 'I was troubled with a radi ad
over my armi and hands. I have tried sever."!
remedies, but none seemed to have any rife-1
or benclit me. - I tried one ho.t of D KXM'V
talve. After applyiim daily fur 11 week I am
pleased ito say lliat my skin is all cleared 0.1
and I heartilyiudoiso auii recommend llci
jemedy.' s
Why milter froffl'tinslRhtly eruptions or ton
fire of tczema. or running sores, or puis.rn
rathes, when this wonderful new diicvny
will at once stop all lullcriug and brijin
lienl at once? -
We are thj only druggistf fn thi tnv.rc
from whom D'EXMA, the great herbal bat: 1.
1111 be icun-d, Ak us today.
Crown Drug company, 332 State St.
fairs In the history of the cnpitol.
Angry criticisms arose, some chargin;
that the promotion was due to f ivorii
isiu. lioosevelt asserted tlint lie did
not- recall at all the fact that Gonerin
Pershing was 11 son-in law of Seaali.r
Warren when he promoted him.
Of his three little baby dnuglito.-t
w ho were burned to dc it'll when hi-i
wile lost her life, one was born i i
Tokyo. Japan, in ISXHi, while Die then
Capliiiu Pershing was military attach.:
at the Japanese embassy; one was born
in P.iiguio, Philippines, in IPus, and tho
youngest was born in uaboang.i. I'iii'
ippines, in HI12.
General Pershing's first fighting c
perieuce was against the Indian .un
law lleroiiiuio on a punitive expediting
into Mexico in the laic eighties. II
later twiight against the Sioux Indian-,
in the I la Lot as, served ns Milituv In
structor of cadets at the 1'niversity o'
Nebiaskn, and nr. adiniiiistiator of a -fairs
in the provines of Mindanao
tongues of many lu.liin and Phili.p:iM
tribes. General Pershing was sent In
the Mexican border in 1IH2, and serve I
continuously there.
Xew York, Mar. 29. -As the result
a saloon fight, John W. MeGrntli. pii,
ate secretary to Colonel lioosevelt, weifr
to Kl.ickwells Island tudav for a s..
joura of :(0 days.
Genuine Bristle Dauber
Big Lamb's Wool Polisher
Easily worth 50c Sold
,to make the use of SfiwoiA
pleasant at 25c. With
OnlMOlA 35c. '
Wax and Oils
i. J.