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The McGilchrist Salem's New Business Block
The !33ljl See
Range I "Wf This
f hv.--rx Range
" tea You
1 now S duj I
Tree Methodist,
yo. 1228 North Winter street. Sun
y services: Sabbath school 9:45.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
You've Wanted a Range
Like This Here It Is
Every housewife in America has long dreamed of
a range that would successfully burn coal or wood
or gas or oil, singly or in combination. The Duplex
Alcazar is the first range to fully fill the bill. It is
as near perfection in construction, operation and re
sults as human brains and great manufacturing
facilities can make it. Furnished in two types to
burn coal, wood and gas, or coal, wood and oil as
fuel. The Duplex-Alcazar is a year 'round range
that conforms to every conceivable weather condi
tion and every possible requirement of cooking. The
change from fuel to fuel is made instantly. In its
very simplicity lies its strength.
Duplex AlGAZAR
You will recognize its unique merit when you see
the range itself. Back of these ranges is the most
progressive stove factory in America.
Let Us Demonstrate It To You
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows: Knee
drill, 9:30 a. m. Sunday school and
Bible class, 10:30 a ,m. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. T. P. L., 6:15
p. m. Salvation meeting, ( :o p. m.
Woek night services every night except
1 Monday and Thursday. Capt. and Mrs.
: Kelso.
Tirst Methodist Episcopal.
Comer State and Church streets, Rich
ard N. Aviaon, minister. ! a. m., Class
meeting. 9:45 n. m., Sabbath school,
Messrs. Schramm and Oilkey .(Superin
tendents. 11 m., Morning worship,
sermon by the pastor, "Hid) From the
Sanctuary." :30 p. m., Intermediate
League. Mrs. M. C. Vindley, superinten
dent. 0:30 p. in., Epworth League, Miss
Eva JScott, president. 7:30 p. m., Even
ing worship. A musical program by the
chorus choir under the direction of Dr.
Frank W. Cliace.
First Presbyterian.
Dr. Hutchinson, of the Ticdinoiit
Presbyterian church of Portland, will
preach both morning and evening. The
subject in the evening will be "Whith
er?" and in the morning "An Irrepar
able Lost." Dr. Hutchison was form
erly, pastor of the First Church of Seat
tle, which is now tho lnrgest Presby
terian church in tho United -States.
Meeting each evening of the week with
Dr. Hutchison preaching. "Whither!"
is the subject of Dr. Hutchison's ser
mon Sunday evening in the Fresbyter
ian church. Hear him.
This $1.80
"Wear Ever" Pot
Roast Kettle for
onlv $1.07
For one 'week only,
commencing SCuesday,
March 14. Coupons
will appear in the Port
land and Salem papers,
cut these out and bring
them to this store,
which will entitle you
to buy this $1.80 Wear
Ever Pot Boast Kettle
for only $1.07.
""" mwm 111,1 a W'j . mm, , ..i.,l,w.iiL,-- -
Tint Baptist.
Corner North Liberty and Marion
streets, Rev. George Frederick Holt, D.
D., pastor. Sunday Bchool at 9:45 a.
m. Public worship at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Topics, morning "The Greatest
'Business in the World." Evening
"God's Dynamite." The public ra cor
dially invited.
Sacred Concert at Tuberculosis
Sunday at 3:15 p m., the choir and
male chorus of Centrnl Congregational
church will give a sacred concert at the
Tuberculosis hospital.
St Paul's Episcopal
Robert 8. Gill, rector. Holy com
munion 7:30 a. m. Matins and address
11 a. m. Evensong and address 7:30
p. m. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.
Sural Chapel.
East, of state fair grounds, H. C. Stov
er minister. Morning service at 11:30.
Sunday school at 10:30 a. m. Christian
Endeavor at 7:30 p. irtj
Central Congregational.
Corner South Nineteenth and Ferry
Btrects, H. C. Stover, minister. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Evening service at
7:30. Junior Endeavor at fi p. m. Senior
Endeavor at 0:43 p. m. Mid-week pray
er service Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
. ':4
i hi . M, lU ! H P i :y M !
r" V i V 1
i i i f
; , J. f. : : n
I. X
The McCiilchnst building to be eompVted mnl cocupied the latter part of t'lie month is an evidence of the coming
business prosperity due for S.ilem. It covers H2'-j feet on State street nn.T S'J'.j feet on Lilierty street. The
building is of the same buff brick as used in the construction of the T?oth block. The east hull' will be occupied by
the F. W. Woolworth five and ten cent .store, which will also have an entrance on Liberty street. P. E. Fulleiton
will occupy one of the rooms facing oa State, mid the Capital Drug store the corner, witii entrances on both State
and Liberty. ..V)S, ,,
Stayton News
Our Sabbath school begins promptly at
10 a. m., Mrs. Myrtle Jveuworthy, su
nerintendent. Meetinus fur worship nt
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Junior in clirign The first of the week a deal was
of Bessie Shinn, 3 p. in. 'Christian En- consummated whereby the Lilly Hurd
dcavor 6:15 p. m., Dcvn Moorman, lend- ware company comes into possession of
er. Prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30 the stock of goods of the Stayton
p.m. In the absence of tho pastor Mrs. . House Furnishing company, owned by
Myra Smith, of Portland, will occupy G. C. Eksman. Invoicing was com
tho pulpit both morning nnd evening, pleted yesterday, and' Mr. Lilly is now
Come and hear her. Josephine Hockett, in possession. As previously stated in
pastor. Thonc 1405. t,lis paper tho hardware company had
I leased the Roy building, so the furni-
Tirst Conare (rational. tore stock will not need moving. As
James Elvin, pastor. Sunday school soon as shelving can be arrnnged the
East State and Eighteenth streets, G.
Koehler, pastor. Sunday school in Ger
man and in Engli-sh nt 10 o'clock. Di
vine service at 10:30 a. m. Subject,
"The Glory of Our God." Luther
League at 7 p. m. Evening service in
English at 7:30 p. m.
The Church of God.
No. 1770 Fairgrounds road. Sunday
school at 10 a. m., Edward Becker, su
perintendent. Sunday services at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m. Wednesday service
at 7:30 p. m. All aro cordially invited.
Ethel Williams, pastor. Phone 801-M.
meets promptly at 10 o'clock, W. I. Sta
ley, superintendent. Church service at
11 o'clock. Music morning nnd even
ing chorus choir, Wm. McGilchrist, Sr.,
director. Subject for morning sermon,
"The Christliness of God." Everybody
welcome. Christian Endeavor service
0:30 p. m. Pleasant Sunday evening
Borvice 7:30. Good music, good cheer,
good fellowship, and beautiful motion
pictures. An informal serrieo 'for the
people of Salem, xou arc invited.
Prof. W. S. Pittmnti, of Monmouth
Normal, will speak ou "The Converted
Public." Subjects for motion picture
"FFrench Naval Maneuvers," "Chaf
finch and Familv. "The Birth of Christ
Our Saviour." Doors open at 7 o'clock.
Come early and get a good seat. AH
friends of the Congregational church
are heartily invited to attend the "In
stallation Service," on Tuesday even
ing, March 14, at 7:30, -when James Kl-
vin will become the permanent, pastor
of the First Congregational cliurcti
Sermon by Dr. Drott, of Portland. Spe
cial music by chorus choir. Regular
monthly meeting and dinner of Pilgrim
clnb Tuesday evening at (1:15. Addresses
by ministers nnd lnymen attending the
installation service. All delegates to the
installation will bo the guests of the
members and friends of the club at din
ner. Thursday evening service 7:30,
subject thirteenth chapter of Book ot
4i:.'- By S. W. STRAUS
' ::','v Pnmier.t American Socitty for Thrift
' -' . '
, ' - '
, i f . .-.
x ? .,
ii ii ii. iii urn i4 null i
David Sta r r
Jordan, de
fined thrift
as "a deter
mination to
live with a
margin for
future ad
vancement ; to
earn a little
more than
one spends or
t o spend a
little less
than one
earns, Retting
meanwhile' the value in strength, in
satisfaction or in other worthy return
for the . money one feels free to
"The spirit of thrift," lie said, "is
opposed to waste on the one hand
and to recklessness on the other. It
does not involve stinginess, which
is an abuse of thrift, nor does it re
quire that each item of savings
slioold be a financial Investment.
The money that is spent In the edu
cation of one's self or of one's fam
ily, in travel, in music, in art, or in
Jielpfulnesi to others, if it brings
real returns in personal development
pr in a better understanding of the
.vorld we live in, is in accordance
with the tnirit of thrift."
An artist is dying in a New YotIc
losnital. Until he became ill a
few months ago he made $40 a week,
lie is thirty-five and his wife is
lrntv-one and thev have a child
less than a year old. This family
.lived -Very comfortably, until the
husband was taken ill, in a four:
room fUit for which they paid $22.1
a month, but they did not save1
money. The result is distress
Tliere is no sickness-insurance mon
ey for the husband while he lives.
There will be no life insurance for
the wife and child when he dies.
How many such tragedies do wo
witness daily because of the improv
idence ef our people.
We 'never hear of a man who
climbed to a place of eminence from
obscurity and poverty that we do
not say of him: "He was thrifty."
Henry Fountain Amhurst, United
States Senator from Ariiona used
every moment of his time to the
best possible advantage. He is only
41 years old now and has had an in
teresting career in his upward climb,
which he began as a clerk in a fron
tier store ; later he worked as a lum
berjack and then turned to hod-car
rying. The life of a cowboy ap
pealed to him and he "hired out."
This was in territorial days and
when statehood began to loom up he
decided he would be one of the rul
ing men of the new state. He be
came a newspaper reporter, and
studied taw. At 22 he was a jifstice
of the peace and the same year was
elected to the territorial house of
representatives. He was speaker of
that body at 2S, was made district
attorney and finally was elected sen
ator in 1912 by unanimons vote of
the first legislative assembly of the
state of Ariiona. His life so far is a
demonstration of what industry,
thrift and determination may accomplish.
German M. E.
Corner Eighteenth nnd Center streets,
A. J. Wcigle, pastor. On account of
communion service at Pratum there will
bo no meeting in the city church in the
morning, but Epworth League meeting
at 7 p. m., Arna Gralapp, leader, and
sermon by District Superintendent Hev.
E. E. Heizlcr, at 7:30.
hardware stock will be moved to the
new location.
Last Friday Consxtfile Henry Smith
received word from the sheriff nt Salem
thnt one Luke Dillnid was wanted by
the police of 1'oitlniul. charged with
being connected with rtn organized vice
ring snid to exist in tlint city, nnd
charged with contributing to tho delin
quency of girls in their early teens.
It happened that Smith knew Dillnrr
hy sight nnd about wfcere to find him.
Ho was arrested at the Henry Benson
place, cast of Sublimity, where his fam
ily has been for somo time. Dillard is
about 35 years old and has a wtfe nnd
two children. He was taken to Salem
nnd the following day to Portland.
One of the best known evangelists
of the Methodist church, lecturer,
preacher nnd traveler, John Lcwtns, of
Tneomn, Wash., is billed to visit Stay
ton and ou Sunday, March 211 to beirin
a series of evangelistic services nssist-
mg Kev. Mr. Lockhnrt, pastor of the
Methodist church of this city. Mr.
l.ockhart has been acquainted with Mr.
Lewtas for muny years nnd having,
wlulo pastor of nnntker ctinrge, once
tried to secure Mr. Lewtas, and fail
ing to do so, but being successful in
securing him for meetings in Stayton,
feels that Stayton is to be congratulat
ed Tor ho is bringing to tins cilv n
man who will appeal strongly to those
who seek the highest things in life.
111 the
process of
the hat-body and making
the famous Crofut-Knapp
flats, the "Cavanagh" edge
is turned, and the fold is
made a part of the brim.
- The old methods were to
leave the edge raw, or bind
it, or turn it over and stitch
it, or to use wire.
This famous Cavanagh
edge is patented and used
only in the famous Crofut
Knapp Hats.
New Spring Hats are
here in profusion.
?3, $1, $5, ?G
The Toggery
167 Commercial St.
Leading Clothiers
Now Today Ads work while yon
sleep will have results for you, in the
morning. -
Corner of Chemoketa and Cottage
streets, Richard F. I'fscher, minister.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock, Miss Ethel
Fletcher, superintendent (ndult class
meets nt 10 o clock, Mr. Huston, lead
er.) Morning service at 11 o'clock, sub
ject: "Tho Everlasting Reality of Re
ligion." (No evening Berviee). Music
by Mrs. T. H. Oalloway, Mr. Harry
Mills, organist. All friends of liberal
religion and of progressive thought are
cordially invited to our services.
United Evangelical.
North Cottage street between Center
and Winter, A. A. Winter, minister.
10 a. m., Sunday school, Mr. A. A.
Flesher, superintendent. 11 n. in., Ser
mon and reception of members by the
pastor, "The Reward of Persistence in
Ciood." 3 p. m., Junior Endeavor. 6:30
p. m., Young People's meeting, topic,
"The Causes of Failures in Life," lead
er, Mr. Harold Asiinwnll. 7:30 p. m.,
Address by Dr. Allen Moore, director
Palestine pageant of tho social service
exposition, which will be in Salem the
week of March w to z: inclusive, inis
religious and social exhibit is worthy of
the interest ami lojui pntronnge of all
our churches. Wednesday afternoon the
lust meeting of the. Woman's Mission
ary society for tho e.onfercnco year at
the home of Mrs. A. M. LnFolIette, 1005
Chemoketa street. The nnnual election
of officers. Full attendance of mem
bers desired. Friday night second lec
ture by Mr. It. H. Reed, subject, "Cus
ter's Last Bnttte." Admission free,
silvor offering. Welcome to all our services.
Swedish Tabernacle, M. E.
Corner South Fifteenth end Mill
streets, Rev. John Ovall, minister. Sun
day school at 2:30 p. m. Trenching at
3:30 p. ra., and 8 p. m. Rev. David
Hassel will assist in this service. All
are most cordially invited to attend.
Ladies' Aid society "Dorkas" will
meet in the church next Tuesday, March
14, at 2 p. m. All welcome.
First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday services aro held at 440 Chcm
eketa street, at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Subject of Biblo lesson, "Substance."
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting nt 8
o'clock. Reading room in the ITubbard
building, suite 303, nnd is open every
day, except Sundays and holidays, from
11:45 a. m. to 4 p. m. All are welcome
to our Bervices and invited to visit our
reading room.
Associated Bible Students.
Tho Associated Biblo Students meet
on southwest corner of High and Ferry
streets, at 10 o'clock a. m. All inter
ested in real Bible study are cordially
inviteii. mono 161.
Cwitai Journal Want Ads Will Get You What Yoa Want
Highland Friends.
Corner of Highland and Elm streets,
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists
Nazarene Tabernacle.
North Nineteenth and Marion streets.
Bible school at 10 a. m., Wm. Dennis,
superintendent. Preaching 11 a. m. by
the pastor. At 7:30 p. m. tho services
will be in charge of Miss Myrtle Wil
liams, who will tell some ot her tlnil
line experiences as a missionary in In
dia. Don't fail to hear her. It will be
interesting nnd instructive. Wednes
day 7:30 p. m., everybody s prayer
meeting. B. W. (Shaver, pnstor, 15H6
Waller street.
First Christinn.
Corner High and Center streets, F. T,
Porter, minister. Bible school 8:45 a.
m., Dr. H. C. Epley, director: Lloyd
Holdiman, assistant. Let, every member
of the chnrch rally to the contest with
Portland. 11 a. m., Worship and Bcr
mon, subiecr, "Ihe Iemptation ot
Christ." Mary Schultz, violinist. 0:30
p. m C. E. 7:30 p. m., Sermon sub
ject, "The Meal City." (live us your
idea of en ideal city. Orchestra, large
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Mrs. James Shields has sold her resi
dence, corner of Johnson avenue nnd
Second street, to her niece and husband,
Mr. anil Mrs. Crawford Moore.
Leslie Cade and wife of Albany, were
recent guests at the D. Cade home.
Miss Bennett, primary teacher in
West Salem school, spent the week
end with her parents, Kev. and Mrs. 0.
II. Bennett, in Dallas.
Attorney and Mrs. Ernest Blue hud
as a recent guest Mrs. Krits, of Idaho.
Mrs. Krits is a sister of Mrs. Blue. Sho
and her husband will mnko their fu
ture home in Portland.
Mrs. C. Hughes, of East Salem, was a
Thursday nil dny guest at the homo of
her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Bedford, and
Mesdames Edward Brock, Crawford.
Moore and Clay Heise were Wednesday
dinner guests at tho homo of Mrs. I)e
Mara iu Yew Park. Mrs. Do Mars is a
former resident of West Sulem.
The pupils of our school will givo nn
entertainment Friday evening, the 17tb
of March, which will bo well worth
hearing. Among tho good things prom
ised for the occasion is an operetta by
20 or more voices. They are practic
ing faithfully nnd will be sure to please
you. Ho sure nnd encourage them by
being present.
The city council met in regular ses
sion Monday evening with all members
but one, who was out of town, pres
ent. Th,'o riegular Imontly bi.'iiness
was transacted.
Rev. Chester Bees, of Amity, ft re
tired minister of tho Methodist chnrch,
Oregon conference, was n AVodnesday
over night guest nt tho home of his
nephew and wife, licv. and .Mrs. T. D.
Mrs. Fred Hnnnon, of Brooks, was 11
culler in tho neighborhood recently.
Rev. A. L. Hutchison, pastor of the
Presbyterian church, (Piedmont)
Portland, who is conducting a Berles
of meetings at the First Presbyterian
church, Salem.
will begin a series of meetings at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m., nnd each evening
during the week at 7:30. You nro in
vited to attend. The object of these
meetings is the advancement of the
kingdom. Bible school at 10 a. m. C.
E. meeting at 0:30 p. m.
Salvation Army.
Tonight special service in the Salva
tion Army hall. Rev. A. A. Winters will
bo the spealter. The public is genernlli
Commons Mission.
No. 2U State street. J. D. Cook
speaks Sunday nt 3 p m. Colored evan
gelist, Itev. Henry Fernander speaks
every evening until further notice, at
7:30. Mission board meets Tuesday ev
ening after service. J. D. Cook, super
intendent. ,
w. c. t. tr.
Y.. T). Jackson, formerly of Kansas,
will address the gospel temperance
meeting nt Ramp Memorial ball Sunday
it i o'clock. All are welcome.
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial and
Washington itrscts. Brother Glascock
United Brethren.
At the United Brethren church, cor
nor Seventeenth nnd Nebraska streets,
Dr. Allen Moore, general director of the
Palestine pageant and Oriental cxposi
tinn which is to be in Salem beginning
March 20, will preach at the 11 o'clock
hour Sunday. You are invited to at
Ministerial Union.
ihe Salem Ministerial I nion will
meet in regular session Monday morn
ing nt 10:30, Y. M. C. A. building. Dr.
J. H. Talbot, president of the Kimbnl
Theological School of Theology, will
address the association upon the sub
ject "Tho Religions of Authority nnd
the Religions of tho Spirit. " Whv
stay home when sncli a treat its this i::
onf Let's give him a full house.
At the Catholic church in this city on
Tuesday morning occurred the marriage
of Miss Mary Frank to Mr. Frank Kor
ber, Rev. Father Laiuck performing the
ceremony which was very impressive.
The bride was daintily attired in 11
dress of white nun's veiling with net
overdress trimmed with handsome bend
applique. Her veil was hold iu place
by white carnations and 'idio carried
a handsome bouquet of these suine 'flow
ers. Her ninid was her sister, Miss
l.eona Frank who was becomingly
dressed in light blue and carried pink
enrnutions. Tho groom who was dressed
in u suit of navy blue, was attended
hy the bride's brother, Mr. Ohm.!
Frank. I
After the service tho brido and
groom received the congratulations of I
they many friends who had gathered I
to witness tho ceremony. Later a boon-'
teous wedding dinner was served at the
Frank home, only relatives of tho con-1
trading parties being present. In the
afternoon the newly weds in company
with Mr. mnl Mrs. Dan Doll, motored to
Salem where they hud their pictures 1
taken. 1
Mr. Kerber and his brido will occupy I
tho Viin Ehrmen house which was re-'
cently vacated by S. H. Heltzcl. W
estimable couplo have grown to young
manhood nnd womnnhood in this city,
tho groom being the only son of Mr
and Mrs. John Kerber, wiiilo the bride
Is tho eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
Paul Frank. They have many friends
here who join with tho Standard in
wishing them 11 long fo of prosperity
? '1?"' ! '1 '"Cl"? ! 0 n'! I, "r,';,
crnl director of the Palestine pageant
nnd Oriental exposition, will preach.
Don 't miss this.
United Brethren.
Castle Chnpid, corner Seventeenth
and Nebraska streets, II. B. Dorks, min
ister, O. O. Tookcr, Sunday school su
perintendent. Bible school. 10 e. m..
promptly. Morning worship nt II
o'clock. Christinn Endeavor nt 11:30
flospel service st 7:30. At the II
o'clock service Dr. Allen Moore, gen-
Three accidents were reported te
thn Industrial Accident commission
from Marion county for tho week end
ing March 1). Shirley K. Agee, of Sa
lem, muffered a bruised and sprained
shoulder at tho snnd company plant:
Theodoro Ilizzo, of Staytton, fractured
a leg in tho employ of the telephone
company, and H. Walker, of Sslem, sus
tained a bruised linnd in a sawmill.
Our circulation la coming up
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the day
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