Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 11, 1916, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 12

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Sirtinn of lite port of Gdrssa, a new Jour in Uussia to American rom): rr.il'A-a; laiion at iiiga, Kussia's gateway
f) lo Lialtic; it. li. I'raiu-i.s, new American amuassador to K.issia.
rrtrngrnil, Mar. 1 1. (Special.) It
Yi:ih nut lifi'ii iiiiiiiHiiti't'il (it't'ii.'ially tliat
a I'.allic port of Jiusxia in to In1 mailc
li new lionili'il Hiirt'liiin.'O or free liar
lor (lrtrii-r, (oiit'(l nftnr Hamlnirj; n ml
iiilninli'il to Hupowdc Hainhiirj,'. to
(jive (iermniiy' In-fore the war ijuaxi
inOMO)olv trnile lo nflierx.
t Iiim not li-'cn niinoiinced official
ly that linssia j-laiw to make Oile-wa
(tucli nnotlier free harlor ilistrict.
wliere Anii'iicniiK eau leave their
joinl inilefinilely, 1 1 t . t even set up
fuctories. all ill homl, free fnun for
malities, to finish off, put together,
etc., a k i tiiI of nn maii'n tatnl on the
thri-.-lihold of lii(; lnHinr-oi.
ft haM not lieen rtnnonnccil official
ly that f 'mistsi utiiU'l'lo i. to be (lie
flohlea Trate of east anil west, where
American firms will ho invited to set
ii their rei-eivinj; ami (lirei-tintf of
fices ami pnjuy notalile faciliticii fur
n vet vaster tcrrilory.
Such thills are not niiDOimvuil of
ficially in the mhlst of war. lint those
who prepare to net on them will have
reason to thank their forcsicht.
Itussia is iletermineil to throw off
lionantiently the qiiasinionoioly of
sii;ilvinix her people with all Uimlrf
of merchnmlise which (lermany ea
jnveil liefore the war anil give it to
America, The establishment of free
ports in the Mark sea and the Baltic
will go a long (jay in this direction.
Von ask, why America f What
aliout her allies, France, Knglnnd
and Italy! The answer is that
Americans have the goods, and the
gup- to fill is greater than, great Hits
Mia, where German profits were sim
ply enormous. Americans do not re
alize the Inarkets Germans monopo
lized. In linssia it was part due to
favoialilo tariff rates which Germany
exiorted afler the I!iisso-.TapniU'se
war and which will never lie renew
ed. .Much, however, was duo to Ger
many's way of laying hands on other
people's liUMiicss.
Speaking of the opportunities of
American lusine.n iucn in Kussin. nn
American who tins carried on a suc
cessful trade hero for many years de
clared: "True succes can lie obtained only
ley establishing branch house., with
men in charge to stay and get the
bulk of the business. The agent who
has a number of other things to sell
or even the American manufacturer 'n
own representative gent out on a
hasty trip to pick up trade will only
skim the ground.
"For war orders. I admit that we
may be able to sit at ease and extort
shipment f. u. li. an American port,
money deposited in an American
bank in advance; but it won't do
the grand trade, any more than oar
old American tende.iy to insist on
our own methods of packing and
"'"l'l''ti "le merchandise itself.
These are details which count. If
the Germans observed them, we
As a mitigation, he points out that
all goods shipped to Russian mer
chants are habitually delivered "un
frauko." freight and duty paid by
the purchaser. As to the tariff, - it
was never n hindrance and the com
ing free harbors, imitated from Ham
burg, will afford great facilities for
Americans exporting, as they do
from a great distance. Tn them large
stocks of goods can be carried, free
of duty, ready to fill orders either for
Knssia or adjoining territory.
st TcJ
thU lyju nf Iktho was sea re n all ovtr
I In world i' ml iIumo won Ul lc nn in
rrv.'iHinn iHmaiiii i!t'om year to year.
Imlt'jiciitli' nf.
Albany Oemnerat: A peculiar inci-
: dent happens nlong the t'orvnllis and
I Kaslern between Albany and the San
jtinni, reported by Engineer Hockey Wil
li is, I lie engineer of the Detroit train,
Out near the brick yard, when the train
j p:is-es it is joined by a carrier pigeon j
ev ery morning. The pigeon flies along j
I close to the smoke stack until the San-'
; tarn bridge is reached, when it, alights '
i mi the bridge, and, of course, returns j
i home tor ine next morning it is again
on hand ready for another flight.
Medford Mail: W. W. Harmon, for-j
ini-r .IncUson county road master and nf-,
lorward engineer for the Grants I'ass'
municipal railroad, has been appointed;
engineer for the Oregon-Ctnh Sugar!
company t Grants I'ass, and will have
charm' of locating the proposed sugar!
factory on u TiO acre tract at South!
Grams I'ass. Ground for the l'netorr1
was lu-oKen .Monday, for the ocncTit of
the moving picture films.
portant as training, spraying or (lick
ing. A hop yard after n crop has been
picked looks like the "lnt rose of sum
mer." It has to be cleaned up, poles
and wires fixed, and numerous other
adjustments made before it is ready for
another crop, and growers in this sec
tion being the best and most success
ful in the world, are up and doing.
They have donned their old clothes
nnd if not actually doing the work
themselves, nre keeping a very close
wntch on the fellow who is.
Medford Sun: Screen Superintendent
Sundry received the first of the Aikens
fish screens Monday nnd is installing it
in thii Kougelamls ditch, just below
I'luienix. The screen is seven feet nine
inches long, three feef six inches high,
neighs (iHJ pounds,, nud niude in tho
stale penitentiary.
Albany nemoer.it: Oregon is full of
material fur drugs, now eoniuinndiiig
good prices. It suggests n big field for
i i wanting a source of profit, ns a
man in Clackamas county is making
:iliHO a year from ginsing alone. Sev
eral years ago Hr. Hill, of this city,
made out a list of Oregon's drug herbs,
which would be of value nt this time.
( h:irlc Buleman Timberluke.
f on;re.s.suian Cliarloi Batom-.vr
TimbeilaUe is a Q.iukor and hu
ii ie.su t come from the stalo of Wil.
bam I'enii, either, llu i.-i from Colo
r olo and beside being iv Quaker is a
li fanner and raiiuluiiuu.
Tlogue 1,'iver l oiuier: The old saying
at gold is where vou find it is proven
(true in soul hern Oregon about every
lav, J. I!, lieynolds came in froml
Hirdseye creek this morning, and has!
been exhibiting some of the richest j
samples of gold-bearing ipial't inon
taken from the ground. The find was'
made only half a mile up the creek, and
near the traveled highway, in one ot
the most accessible places in the coun
try, II was discovered by Messrs. Me
lieynolds and Swncker about four
weeks ago, the trace having been fol
lowed up by the panning method until
stringer was found.
Harold Townes, of I'oi'tlund. spent
the week-end visiting with his pa
rents. Mr. and Mrs. P. Townes.
I'm nk llsbbernuin and wife were
week end visitors at Muukers.
Tony Schiiullir called at G. II. Ray's
Sunday evening.
The' Farmers' I'nion will hold their
Nt meeting SnturduV atternoon.
Lin'-i'iini.iiIi; ," .il.MLn'iiiii-mii.i."""iri
The eleventh annual horse sale,
by the Woodburn farmers, nndel' the
management of 0. M. Rateliffe. on
Saturday, wns a great success and
could linvo been made doubly so it
more of the right kind of stock hud
been nut nn for sab'. As it w.is over
two thousand dollars worth of horse'"'
were sold, the heavy stock bringing
fancy prices, selling 'from '.'00 to '-."iO.
while the small ncruh stock sold from
ik.o to ."(.
This sale demonstrated the fact that
there is n Cood demand for large itock 1 mined.
weighing from LftHd to l.siio pounds I
and Maunger Rateliffe when thanking! Independence Monitor: Hop men are
tho farmers for their aftendame and getting busy. They linve. all gone to
eo-rpe.ation urged them to raise more their respective yards, nnv begun to
tind more of the strong mu le, bb ky. I get ready for thin year's crop. Work
'.i'i r-onoei typo or lu rsco, becninc j done at this Uuie of year is just a im- j
Goal wns first noted in the Coos Hay
region, Oregon, about tio years ago, Pro
fessor ,f. S. iVewl'errv having reported
in IS." Hint the co:i deposits of Coos
Gay had begun hi attract attention.
The first cargo was shipped from the
Kinpire Itasln, but the discovery of coal
near tho head of Coos Hay soon trans
formed tho point of production, which
remained the principal mine until with-
the last decide, since the Beaver
Hill mine has been more snceessfullv
managed and became the chief produc
er. The) first record of coal production
is contained in the census report of
Ism), when 4V0ofl short tons were
81 IM 82
Prize American Frock and
Prettiest Chicago Girl on
"Fashion Special" Sunday
Chicago, Mar. 11. When t'.ie James
A. I'ngh special fashion train pulls out
I of' ( hie igo tomorrow for a swing
through Illinois it will carry the six
prettiest girls in the city and one htin
dren gowns that have beeu pronounced
the last word iu fashion, wjile two
movie companies) will snap the mx car
train as it leaves.
More thin Ui0 girls applied for po
sitions as model. ami more than out'
dressmakers competed for the $1,000
prize offered iv Mr. I'ugh for the
i gown. which is expected to demonstrate
'that Chicago can be made the fashion
! center of the United States,
j I'nited States Senator James Hamil
jton Lewis, Mrs. William II.dc Thomp
!son. w-ifff of Chicago's mayor, and Miss
Mnna Dunne, daug.iter of Gov. Dunne,
I w ill have a job on their hands here in
Itlie morning picking Chicago's pret
tiest girl out of the bevy of lake city
i I'ca ol leu
The lucky one will wear the thous
and dollar prize 01411 on I'ugh 's fish
ion special! The fashion train is the
mailorder merchant and speedboat
king's contribution to the propaganda
to win Chicago the style dictatorship of
'Entrants in the contest to make the
gown which will win the "prize range
from leading modistes of the city to
modest dressmakers in small towns.
The girls will !ive on the train while
on the swing about the state and will
leave it only long enough to go to the
opera houses in the various towns
where the display will be made. The
smaller towns of the slate will not be
neglected. They will receive just is
much nttendtion as the cities. Here is
the itinerary tentatively completed:
March 14, 15, Gilman or Pontine;
I", Id, Kaeirbuiv; 17. IS, Gibson, Cour
ier, Enterprise; lid, L'l, Marion; 22, 2.1,
Met. Vernon; 2t. 2."i, Ahioii; 27. 23.
Fairfield; 2!, 20, Olnev; April 1.
I'.ifingliam; :!, 4. Vaiidalia; ", ti,
Tavlorsville; 7. R. lie udstown; Hi, II.
Cuba; 12. 1.1, Macinaw: 14, 11, Dele
van; 17,- IS, Clinton; 20, Sullivan:
21, 22, Watseka.
"The war has cut off French gowns
and besides Americans have gone to
France too long for their clothing,"
said Mr. Pngh. "In intend to show
Ainericins wnat can be done nt home
and to make Chicago the fashion cen
ter nf the I'nited States."
March 11, instead of the evening as
narry Downing wns seen at the H.
Senz home Wednesday.
B. F. Lambert called at Nick Kndur';,
of Jordan Thursday.
Several of the young people attended
tfce play at Blue Don Thursday.
Linn Lambert was a Paturdav visitn
at G. H. Rav's.
H. R. Shank called nt the H. Shank
home Sunday.
Lliner Rny spent Thursday at the
home of his sister, Mrs. Don McKuiglit.
of Scio.
A certain young man of this vicinity
ha recently rented a large tract n't
real estate, we wonder what the mean
ing of all this i., of course a "tin can
party will answer for nil curious
thoughts. Stayton Mail.
Report of the School
Librarian for February
High School.
Xnniher of days high school
library was open ; 21
Number of hooks circulated for
home rending .., 1.1R0
Average daily circulated hooks.... 7o
Total attendance in the library ."77S
Average daily attendance 275
Number of bonks borrowed from
public library 7i
Number of books borrowed from
state library
Number of books cataloged nnd
added to the library fi
During (he months of January and
February the books have been gone
over ipiile thoroughly, mended and
cleaned. Of these .'125 books were re
paired with gluing. s
Number of classes instructed, public
speaking and teachers' training, five,
Junior High Schools.
Number of books circulated from
Lincoln Junior High school Sli
Number of books circulated from
Grant high school l.'l
Number of books circulated from
Washington Junior high school 4.111
Total circulation o f books in
Junior highs (wd
Attendance in the. library at
Washington M7
Number of books repaired at
Washington 0
Number of books borrowed from
public library lli
Grade Schools.
Number of traveling libraries
sent out S
Number of books in libraries sent
out (57
Number of books issued to teach
ers at public library 14
Number of mounted picture is
sued !!
Number of mounted pictures add
ed to the collection 257
Stoty Hour at Public Library.
Number of story hours conducted 4
Total attendance at story hours ,15"
Average attendance f0
It is to be noted from the above re
port that (here was on an average 75
books circulated from the High school
library There were one and two
thirds times ns many charge, 1 out dur
ing the month as during the corerpond
ing mouth of last year. This is certain
ly a indication of the studious work be
ing accomplished by the classes iu
High school. As to the work iu the
room during the periods school is in
session, there are hours in the day
when as many ns fifty students wish
admitlnnrii, whereas the room seals
only forty. The use of the library at
Washington 1ms shown a decided in
crease, our third more books being
charged out (his month than last; the
attendance in the room is lowered from
the fact that cold weather discourages
its use. It is a source of satisfaction
that a few lectures on the use of books
and their choice could be inserted in
(he course for teachers, for to teachers
there falls so large an opportunity to
influence the tastes of boys and girls
in the reading of good books
The above is respectfully submitted.
i'UHiA M. CAK, Svlioid Librarian.
pleted the installation of a new
and complete JOB PRINTING plant
and is now prepared to handle society,
commercial, book and poster printing.
Reasonable prices and best of workman
ship is guaranteed.
The patronage of the public is respect
fully solicited.
The Ground Hog a Gay Deceiver
(By Llki McMunn.) J ist or something a little off color, any.
r , ,. . i way I've never got arr. You'd get a
1 neneve that the ground hog is a, lot more, of course, if their would let
The. next number of the Willamette
faculty lecture course to the public of
Salem will occur on Monday evening,
March l.'l in the ch.ipel of Waller hall.
At which time Prof. John O. Hall will
speak on the gr"at. man or drama. "Ib
sen." Prof. Hall will give not only an
interpretation of Ibsen ns iie is viewed1
iu America, but also tho opinion of fraud, a false nroidiet. a- nrevancntnr . I TOU be both n democrat nnd a rennlili.
European critics, for Trof. Hall has! At least lie is trying short weight on u : can, and you could be easy as not,
traveled and studied considerably in j Did he not through the newspapers, an- j when you are right at the pulls, but.
I'.lirope. uounce that we u-erp In tiftc, tsr wul-I thev won't let too ha hnf nn t-hlnir l-
Uriel; Brothers have a large photo of! of good weather, owing to the fact that 1 a time, which shows how narrow poli
tic Danish drainatiet Ibsen in tiieirj he had not seen his ugly shadow on tire nre anvwav.
Icbrunry 2? He did. But how has he But you earn yonr garden seeds all
kept his promise! It is true he gave us j right enough, after you have footed it
two weeks of middling fair weather, j to the polls a couple of miles. You liavo
lisplay window on Slate street. To
those who are interested in modern so
ciological conditions, as interpreted by
the dramatic pen, the lecture by Prof.
Hall will be extremely interesting as lie
treats his subjects in' such in intensely
humanistic manner that having once
heard him lecture no one would miss
the opportunity to hear In 111 the second I
time. I
ine cniioiioi inn society are
but that was merely to dry us out so
he could drown us till over again.
How the old sinner must have chuck-
L'lVlnS 1 .: . . .
a t.artv to their sister societr M.e lM.iU "'"""' "e "P n' ",
o.losin'ns in rl,e ll,il i,ii-i.; ,.. must coaised through lm
to tell your age, nnd all that, and if
you have forgotten to register and havo
to be sworn in. it is a lot Worse. Th
led i Win front paw when he saw the ! clerks and judges are all your old neigh
lirtle birds hunting straws and pecking j lwirs, but they ask your name just as i'
at the clothesline for a bit of lint they didn't know it as well as vou do.
with which to line their nests. m . and thev ask where 'von live and all
"""-""a 10 i- i win nuns iuis even- 1. i 1 t 1 . ..
ing. For the last day or so committees " "L uT! XY M ,,laJnt",a
have i, in, ail.- .i ... our gariien seeds. 1 lie v were nood etot-
Oregou grape nud ferns for decoration ' 'r"me"t eds'. t0' .from Washington
purposes, so it is probable that the af
fair will be quite an event iu social
The senior class hns decided to pre
sent to the university as their gift this
June a sun dial. This will be in keep
ing with the gift of last year's class,
namely, the brick pillars" nt the en
trance to Faton hall. The sun dial will
our year's salary for being what we
are politically. There were peas, and
two kinds of lettuce and radishes and
beets, but no carrots. Last year there
were carrots, but of course.' with the
war on you don't get as much for being
a democrat or republican as vou used
about you nud write down vour answers
111 a book ns if they were going to make
you prove it-, until you get so flustrt
ed that you feel like the old woman
in Mother Goose, who got her "petti-,
coats cut round about" while she slept
and upon awakening emlaimed:
"Lawk a Mercy, if this be I,
And I think It Be.
I have a little, dog nt home.
And he'll know me! "
Well, the seeds are planted now, or
rvnra tnt I,., il . 1, . t. J
rp, , iw oj no., inc. iiiive wusiiea Ull
Hie seeds nre such a-help i deeding ,nd floated off to Lake I.abish and
be placed midway between Katou hall I w,li,'h .v0" "'ant to be. Now if you want j of course I'm a Christian and
grass seed thiw year you have to be a
democrat, and it you want vegetables
you have to be a republican. I don'l
know how you get flower seeds may
be by being a prohibitionist or anarch-
I lovo
everybody and everything, but I wish it
understood thnt if that ground hog ever
tries any more of his February bland
ishments on me I'll throw red pepper in
his eve.
nuire I n 1 1 In'l'v V", "P1 nAl- a'"' '"l"V donated for their en-
1 , ' S 'in" the l"'esl' ("tainments. They now have a, stage
uuoi. on ,v 10 ,, .l,;..u .
,,!,, it H, IMCST-lIl LllCir
and the entrance on State street. The
cement walk will be built iround it and
torn up in the spot where it is to be
It has not been definitely decided
what to use as a base, two suggestions
are offered, either a mnrble or granite
pillar, or a large glazed bowlder. The
former will perhaps be decided upon.
The seniors will appear in caps and
ir ,,,-ai ecu; iuis w 1 1 ne T 11 e 1 r 1 1 - . . .....
i hsi 11 ipi-iiuince tuns nttireil tins vear. ,,,,, :.,,,..; , ,1;..,,, ' ,, - ;':pmys una programs, tiiey will give
Superintendent of Grounds p' f i!, inronning them ot this fnet, and,.. The Freshman" PH.lW t..hf
-o... .1 ... , . -".-illllS IT is III ei Wl It :,. t w, uf ,, . 1 I. I .
iniK nns neen insv tor tee nnst -nl.- 1 , , ... . ""
looting our roses
1 Salem
be uitif
i beautiful
lon2 hedge i, licino- sot t l,.f,' l"s .V". ,,u' y"'.g ln,(,es. Willamette
Enron nnd Waller halls Perhaps it will ' -I""' well hare six tennis
not be long before the slogan used l " T H ?" V""' ,tn'J , f"r luilt
H. P...i.i i.... i.r' ' .. . l0,lt that only need n little work to nut
! can be altered to snv "For rou a rose 1 iB. M;'('"?t 'M This! Dr. Brewer reports a- fon lorn to Mr.
at Willamette grows." 1 1 . . ,L 1,1 t'" twn alut Mr M- R- trhnn, of tllis city.
has recently lnd I ' , , . ,a.r eT' WT. Hareh (I. and a-son to Mr. and
body on n firm business basis.
Mi.ss Tlielma L'off visited over Sam-
em air. as so many of Salem's most , .'l e w 7 "r I ' Mil,n Wetherby b quite sick. Dr.
r.i ir ir. n , , ... .icouus iro c tut tnoro nre n nn1Kr
tw; ,nrg; sp.d.'Va's:: zrtz - t ioi
I., I . .1 . . . -COIIllS.
i nre verv 'handsome. The r,,f, 1 . , lhS quintette left yester-
... i.: . , , , nay tor Portland w
of Sulilimifv-. on Tues-
es; they sang at the I'en-
store his many speenneiia of birds In 1 ,.,,. , ,.
I mm no. I tl.,, I...... ....... I. 1 l . . "v..,.-.
in ,,,,,, , ii 1 1.-, in,-, i ll, v oi- K ir in nr. , .. ,
der. Prof. Peck is constants adding o! t ' 'n- I
his collection of mounted birds ,, I he , I ' 1 '","TW "V 4U'n"",,? Me:
now has practically all of the common " T ,?:. for
bird-s of tho Willamette vallev and f St 'ill ',- , L9,hpr Cox'i
Oregon, tns class in ornithologv stitdv I ' ; ,i,I ' ' hS .r'1 1"',"0, 18 man
first the specimens and their field trirfc 1 ?- ' , has "'l",'11'd num-;
are mnde and t,,e students are ,e, i'e li1'" ? 'her """s f,,r ,l' to appear I
The col leg
too. Bell
ley. Mureh 7.
T lir ir . .. .
ere thev wi l sine-:, " '. "lT'" 81 " ""d John
l ake visited at the Sum r k hum.
mar Mi hana Sunday. Mr. Lake is se
riously lb.
Cla-.-nt e- Anderson, of Davtou. W-wli.,
v:it il his pnrents. Mr. an i Mrs. J. i-r.
And.-:: on, a few days the first of" the
e-k. hi was on iiis w to Arimi.n
wlii'i-e li. expects to live. His I'air.ii"
bites. ' "-''II f iow as soon a he locates;
V. M. ('. A. will la i.,.i! . Mavo, who undo .-wen-:' -in n- -,
by Prof. J. T. Matthews Sun. lav after-' :v appendieiti at the Snlem hos-
noon. At this time he will present 1 ' '"!'' ',,st Friday is ren-rted to be gi:t
"Ghristianitv ind the Sneinl ( V! i ting aiolo; nice'lr. His w,r nA hi-
ing his two lost pets returned.' No ther' A"er 'lle, a,1,ll''? the meeting wi'u"be: furhcr, Mrs. J.'O. May). f'ypok:t:e,
.are not cats from the back nllevs but vl I nu.iieme to ask (piestion. : ' ' "'"' mm at tlie tin- Urn Bvr,l
I two prettr little gm ter snakes' that ir .? 'n,sti,,n! whi"'" P.fc", '' nH Beuuchani ., ,.f Stayto-.,
hive been roaming about the corri- ,, .'"i l an? ''r "T What does : l'tr' rr.d the operation
IdoMof Fatou hall. the church otfer the working man ? Is, id Young, accompanied by his- hroth-
The facnltv committee who have had! f,",,,nv theatre justifiable-.' What r- Dan. arrived home from Moscow,
charge of preparing a
buneltes graduates are
qnestionare was mailc
,aiuininis ,-isMug li tin to re
i uesuons. i ue answers are coming in
slowly and consequently the work is
slow in prepnring the " Who's Who in
President of the Student Bo.lv, ITow-i , T' .T' Icllan and wife spent S
srd P. Jewett. hn inst fi.iisl,,..! t',, " .vumsviin
nil- in I ti L ,. r...
to ut.l,- tl,., 1.I...1 :.. :, i . . 1,1 i in hit
... ..,,, ,,, ltn uiiiillilt COIIIU-
iiinis, iciiiiig or its minus uul a gener
al description ot its environments.
Prof. Peck has also ben considerably
gratit icd in the last few davs bv ha-
Itee who have had! ' "'" V' , 'll!it,f,a,ll'' What". Dan. arrived home from Moscow,
an index of V-',? e , ?"s'7. ot so'''11 u"rtt ofiMaho, Saturday. Mr. Young left for
e still at work. A i i','.'1?; IT ."'1,lon l'il'le for an-! that place over three week a, upon
d to everv known jf. , ' W MV'a ' .,,rln. the ideal . receipt of new-, of his brother '9 illness,
to replv to tlicl,'11,:,'!"'", ,?rthJ Grist.anityHe was- delayed on his trip out, en-
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to blame for the great war!
Hub Bulew returned Sundav
countering two snow slides and a wash
out. The brother is reported to be in
better health, and will make his homa
in Stayton for some time.
Mrs. John Thoma entertained at. a
miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss
rrnm .i.irie t-rwn.- w. (.. it t. a
Scio where lie spent the winter. : delicious lunch was serve,!' ls' fi,.,
working out of his new requisition sv
rein an. I states it will go into effect
..March l.i. This will mean much to the . la.llv 01 " '"v"'"i "cmg put about U:W. Those eniovinir tho
liusiness men of Salem in that it will i " neignnoruo.m. evening were: M.danics John Van.
protect them from hming auv neeounts T1"" Farmers' I niou is trying to buy j Handla. Albert Neitlini' John Kerber
wiih the various oigani.ntious or class-1 the old store building f.,r a warehouse D. M. n.iil and the Misses Ieona and
' es who have nt times in the past been a .and hall. If they and the owner can-; Marie Fmnk. Rosie and Marv R(-k
I trifle iriesnonsible ill paving up debts not agree on terms they will build a I.iz.-ie I.ambrecht Mimie Fischer'
! tlmt have be.ni incurred in the name of j suitable building. 'Marv I.nlnv. Maririn Alexander Hildi
I the orgnniation bv some individual. I The boys uf the high school raised bv , Reinjer. Helen Sta-ib Rose and nee
Hereafter no one will be authorized to' subscription money eunuch to build a Hie Kintz. Clara and rraa "MtuiJl and
purchase goods fr the student body siae iu the old store builJirg which j Urie HeuUel Mail