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Try Salem First
Patronize Home Industry
What we say we'll do, well do
... t
This is what you're looking for Don't Miss If!
i t
. We have been
I in business here
X for
I 23 years
77ie reputation
and standing of
this studio
is back of this
great offer
Never before in the history of Salem, was such an offer as this given to the general public.
Almost unbelievable most too good to be true but it is, for
We MUST Have Some Ready Cash
Although the war in Europe has caused all of our materials and chemicals to raise in price,
some nearly 800 and some are off the market entirely and cannot be bought at any price.
We were lucky and bought a big supply before the raise, hence we can afford to make the
following offer which only lasts until April 1st: For 25 days we will make photographs at
just one-half our regular price. Nothing reserved. Same courteous treatment and careful
attention given to all taking advantage of this offer this month. The plan is, simply pay one
half our regular price at time of sitting and when work is finished we deliver it to you without
any additional payment.
One Dozen $18.00 Photos
One Dozen $12.00 Photos
One Dozen $ 6.00 Photos
One Dozen $ 3.00 Photos
One Dozen $ 1.50 Photos-
Pay at time of sitting $9.00--Pay on Delivery $0.00
Pay at time of sitting $8.00 Pay on Delivery $0.00
Pay at time of sitting $3.00-Pay on Delivery $0.00
Pay at time of sitting $1.50 Pay on Delivery $0.09
Pay at time of sitting $ .75 -Pay on Delivery $0.00
442 State Street, opposite Bligh Theater
..,-, iiih.,.i.ijuhjiiiii ! iii i.i i mi iii ii iii, '"i 1. 1 1' I1" rr
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tunic, Eddy lfpynol.ls And Lucille Cam-
U...U .luueiccd the enthusiastic.
,,,,i...il hv small! nimluusu which they received for their
ine piogu.m -- - i
Margaret White, in the royai npp.uei ul p'
the Queen of Hearts. Her only atienu
..... l......fto Sckcs as culnd.
11 rt.l ir'tiiivii -. - .
Charles Hillnnl was an assistant Irom
Anna Holers rish. School or. re
pression, impersonating St. Valentine.
The ushers were a bevy of attractive
young (iris, Lois Martin, Edni Howil,
Alta Johnson. Laura Arenz, ill dred
Keid and Genevieve Yaniike. fhey
wore dainty white frocks, relieved with
fluffy red bows. Each of the small
participants further typified the spirit
of St. Valentine's day with their quaint
costumes and musical messages from
distant foreign lands and the far away
County of Shadows.
Alice Uaker and Kenneth Wilson op
ened the programme with a brilliant
number, the "iUrch of Triumph,'
Wullaco Griffith followed with a Hev-
Four pretty Dutch nijiids, Amelia
P.abcock, Kuth Mendelsohn, i lorenee
Shu for and Farrel Laubaugh, sang songs
of their country. Francis Ward as a
Troubadour, pi iye.1 the "Jl Travatore
with splendid precision and skill. Heath
Walling, an unusuaiiy luienii-u
musician, surprised with her remarkable
interuretation of the " Valse Chrornat
eque. " Greetings from our own (J. S.
A., "The .Star Spangled Banner" by
Miycle lfunter, as the Goddess of Lib
ert v, and her four little attendants,
Constance Vantis, Klaine Foster, Pnrelle
Anderson and Loraino Fletcher in ar
tistic costumes closed the programme
most apropriately and delightfully.
Miss Shelton has been the recipient
of a generil-voiced compliment both
upon the novelty anil the beauty of the
niusicale, ami she has shared the hon
ors with Mrs. Blanche Liston Niemeyer
Irillint? the little par
ticipants, and also with Miss Ada
ci. Mis Hnlih White ami Mrs.
Niemeyer, who supeibised the deior.it
YYinefred Kheinhart was a daffodil
maid sent from the "Garden of
n.. " i ilnintv Austrian lass.
Florence Young, brought greetings to
St. Valentine in her "Austrian Sung.
liarelle Anderson, an unusnilly talented
i;iti, nlil emrirPKtpil snriiiir both in her
costume and in her nuinber which was
"Springtime." Titania, CJueen of the
Fairies, sent her tiniest fairy to greet
Ci VnlonKna in Vi TtPTSOll of little
three-year-old Lorene Woodward, who! clirson city, Xev., Afar. 4. Nevada
nu sn if 111 It II V IU110 Hie HUilirnci- ,!,,.,.. ,, resent COll H rCSSlOlKU
Kel lor an encore. i uuuuwm j. . i
was yiven bv Helen Corey, who
Nevada Is Against
Congresss Butting In
' I
presented a pretty "picture, and brought
a hreata ot woomanu uaini mm "in
sums in her selection. Two strolling
idaverH, Ksther Miller, in Siiamsh cos
' . ... hi.. , itift.....
ana r iora rieicner, us iu
i.nntrihnted mi intprestin? Tii ino
and the latter also played an ac-
ouiKuiiinent for her sister Lorainc
Fietcher, a little fairy, when she sang
of her "Kittens" later on the pro
giamme. Margaret McMuhin, as a demure Tur
itan maid, gave the message of the
"Cloister Hells." Esther Miller gave
Sleep," and she was followed by Flor
ence Young and Mary McMahan as jol
ly sailors in the "Mirch Militaire."
Albin, violin, and Ruth Feck piano,
Haus and Gretehen came all tnc
from their native land in Sabots
all, to contribute a "German
Cridle Song." Maycle Hunter, who
played remarkably well, rendered Nev-
Good -Night. ' trom a way in
cnice," as a valentine onering iroin
Ginevra, ot the court ot enice.
Indian maids, in typical attire,
F.va Miles and Joseph Hiumgart
whose greetings were from their
The Naviios." Flora Fletcher
Bluebird." voiced the bluebirds'
Carol ot
low over the international .suuauon, in
the view of Governor Boyle as given to
the Vnited Press today.
"The great majority of tho people of
Xevada as far as I am able to judge are
squarely behind the president in his ne
gotiations with foreign powers" he Baid
"and deprecato the action of those in
congress who are attempting to em
barrass him in his delicate task."
Chicago, Mar. 4. that thous
ands of cars, packed to enpieity
are strung out on lines from
here to New York, many of
them sidetracked for three
months, was the claim of tho
Tribune today.
Millions of dollars worth of
goods are stalled, said an ex
pert investigitor who contrib
uted the article. He reported he
had heard rumors that muni
tions shipments were put ahead
of others and that toe munition
traffic is unbelievably huge.
fr-i ,iV
ti" vtf-'
i r-f" IKfllili i
p "Am
- UN
' 1 " U 'i
L ' ''1
J "I v 1
message of happiness in the i aroi oK-
the Birds." "Venetian Waltz Song"
was sung by Francis Ward, who demon-; Journal New Today will
st rated talent as x singer as well as ftj A J"""
piani-t. She gave a negro dialect num-; convert waste Into wealth.
ber as a recall. Cuba .ent its message ,.... t 4 4 4 4 4 4 I
ly two of its daughters in native cos-
To be real smart one must now
adays, according to the fashion men
tors, carry an umbrella in a case re
sembling' a sabre dangling" from the
vrist. This mode is probuoly due to
the military spirit invading Europe.
Thv dress is suitable for the first
balmy days of spri.ig and is of taupe
colored velvet. The skirt is exceed
ingly high waisted, and a bolero ef
fect Is given the waist by thi ruf
fling paging ovc and under the
Washington, Mar. 4. President Wil
son will send the name of Former Gov
ernor David If. Francis, of Missouri, to
the senate Monday as ainbissador to
Russia to succ eed Ambassador Ma rye,
Finest Blue went to l'oi'tlniid this
Vola Selig, of Falls City, was in the
city yesterday.
1. L." Williams, of Astoria, Has in the
city yesterday.
.Mrs. K. J. itiilderie is in the city from
.M. C. Williams, u druggist of Inde
pendence, is ill the city.
John Gopleiude, of Silveitoii, ins a
Salem visitor yesterday.
H. F. Swope, an attorney of Independ
ence, is here on legal business.
E. L. liuihaiinu, living eight miles
south of the city, vwis hero today
transacting business.
J. F. Kndicott and wife are register
ed from Wilcox, Nebraska, at the Hligh
Mrs. C. L. Sherman returned today
from a two weeks' visit with her moth
er at Jordan Valley.
Miss Opal Hurt, of Corvallis, is sicud
tug the week end with her brother, ()
C. Hart. She came to attend the mili
tary ball at the armory last evening.
Mrs. it. P. Mol'tensen, of Portland
with her two children lire week-end
guests of her parents, Mr. und Mrs.
Henry Shoniaker.
Miss Mary Tischer, t'nlversity stu
dent, left last night at .r:L'.) on the
Southern Pacific for Pnlein, to spend a
week at home. Iv.igcne Register.
Miss Nolle Swart and Miss Helen
Gannett, of Portland, are week end
guests at the home of Mr. und Mrs. F.
S. Gannett at the Court apartments.
A. H. Tartar went to Salem this morn
ing, called by the illness of his wife's
mother, iho is not expected to live. Mr
Tartar is ticket agent at tho Southern
Pacific depot. Kiigeiin Guard.
Lieutenant John A. Beckwith and
wife, of Portland, weie in the city yes
terday, guests nt the home of W. F.
Foster. They came to attend the mili
tary ball tit the armory. The lieuten
ant being on the governor's staff, rep
resenting the .Marini! rorps.
Wednesday, March , Mr. Klmer If.
Stauffer and Miss Anna M. Kilmer
were married in Salem by Dev. T. Ache
son nt the parsonage on South High
street, at 1 :HH.
The groom's twin sister, Miss Id i
Stauffer, was bridesmaid and itr. Louis
McKinney, of Salem, was best limn.
They returned to Hubbard the same
evening, going to the home of their
mother, Mrs. (
'.. I.!,
Candidacy for
the Legis
I Ivan knous and is known by a ma
jority of the citizens of Marion county,
anil by everybody in Salem. He was
' born on a farm in 18SI, and as he grew
up in and with the country, he knows
what hard work is, but also how much
of it it takes to keep the taxes pi
up. So can he (lependcil on it elected
to help hold them down to ns low fig-
ores as possible with the needs" of the
j country.
I He wns employed 'for some time on
'the Capital Journal as a reporter, and
there learned to sift and sort stories
i of the day an accomplishment of
! much value to ti legislator. '
He is a practicing attorney, believes
in huildiug up industrials, nlmliMinig
useless cninniissions and if elected wil1
stand solidly for anything that helps thr
state or Marion county. He is well
e(iiitied for the office and the returns
next May will, it is hoped show the
I voters are of this opinion.
Claim Existence of
Gang of Copper Thieves
Sun Francisco, March 4. Existence
of a Pacific coast gang of copper
thieves, prospering through high cop
per prices due to the war, was charged
by the police today following the ar
rest of two men said to have been mem-
hristina Stauffer, -whem bers of the group.
the wedding supper whs spread. Those
present in addition to the bridal pirt.V
were: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Smith and
children Opal, Vem and Mildred; C. I.
Kilmer. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Stauffer,
Mr. Harry Hinkle, Mr. K. A. Freeden,
Mrs. Christina Stauffer and Johnny
The happy couple grew up in the rom
munitv iii'-t north of Hubbard ui.l arc
highly respected.
I Today is a big one for Willamette;
'preparations for tonight are occupying
the thoughts of many of the students.
First of nil the ball will he put into
'motion when the Willamette "Heal
(Cats" and the Pacific university lias
iketball teams line up to meet ouch
other in the hist game of the season
for both teams.
! Pacific has thus far won all of her
l games with non-conference U'liins, while
i Willamette has made an excellent show-
ing against the strongest of the cou
: foiencc teams. The game will be call
1 ed at 7::!0 in order that there will be
sufficient time left for the award pro
i grain which will take place immediately
! afterwards in the chapel.
' Willis flaielctt, president of the W.
I (dub, w ill preside over the program anil
I the presentation of awards this evening
i ami among those who will appear on j
the program are many of Willamette i
most, prominent alumni. After the pro-!
i grain and presentation of wards I he I
W. men will be entertained at n ban-
i (net at Sousnnne hall. The ai range-j
j meats for the biintpiet have all been j
I carefully worked out bv the Misscsi
'Beryl IMt and Helen Wastell. i
Those who will receive official Wil-j
laiueite awards tonight are;
In football Raymond Archibald.'
Clinton Archibald, Don Randall, Harold'
Tobie, Paul Hclldl 'n ks, sweaters; f 'it lit.
jEarl Flcgel, Paul .Miller, Athill Irvine.'
In basketball Frank Tlngley, How
nrd Jewett. sweaters; Cant. Shisler.
Wallace Adams, Karl Hegel, certifi
cates. In baseball Paul Miller, sweater;
Capt. Warren Booth, Lloyd Shisler, J.
R. Bain. Wallace Adams, Karl Flcgel.
Emery Donne, Warren Vickrey, certifi
cates. In trnck ..Norman Tlnyner nnd
Capt. Irvine, sweaters; Frank Hagley,
Emery Donne, certificates.
Ill tennis Paul Smith, Mary Find
ley, sweaters; f'npt. Howard Ji wett.
Earl Flcgel, certificates.
In debate J. Read Bain, John I..
Gary, Walter Gleiser, Bur W.'s.
In oratory Harold Doxsce, Bar W. ;
Eric Bolt, certificate.
These awards are granted to men who
have won letters since the beginning
of the year V.nr. The award day is
held every year in March and all men
who have participated in Intercollegiate
contests ami have complied with the
M'cs governing the giving of awards,
arc presented with fhcm officially to
night. The public is invited to this
program which will perhups begin about
S:.'KI o'clock.
-Mrs. Staueffer. Those who joined u,.
club as charter members are: Th-i
Misses Elmo (tilling, Leila Doiigln.
Ruth Budge, Flora Hansel, and Ah-ssi's
Joe Gerhurt, Frank Jasper, Prof, an !
Mrs. (iustar Ebscu, Prof, and Mrs.
The next meeting of the dub will !.
April 21, at which time a ter-centeiinial
celebration in honor of William Shakei
peare will be held; a mummers play 1. 1
lie given ami the setting will be simitar
to an old English court yard This pla
gium will be given In 'the Fatou hiii
and the public will be invited
Coach Matthews Is putting the fini .li
ing touches on his "Bear Cats" in pn
paratioii for the 'final struggle of tie
season, when they meet the undefeat
ed Pacific university basketball lean
tomorrow evening on the Willamette
The same line-up that faced (). A. (
last Tuesday evening will meet the con
fident P. U. team. Although Willamette
has little doubt but what the victor
will be one of a large score in their
favor, yet the unfoi-seen must nlwnv-,
be reckoned with. It is rumored th'u'
Pacfic has the same confidence of beat
ing Willamette. The game will start in
7:.'IO in order to be over in due season
for the award program which will tnl, '
place in the chapel of Waller hall in -mediately
Authorities estimate 1100.000 wort'.
of ropper wire litis been stolen in thisj ''he English club, which wns recently
vicinity in a few months, and as nilich organized by Prof. Robt. Stnuoffor, hel',
more along the entire coast. I 'ts first meeting Thursday evening at
- the home of I'rof. and Mrs. Staueffer.
LIVESTOCK BURNED The program for the evening consisted
i of a pnper rend by Frank Jasper, on
Grangeville. Idaho, March 4. Twelve "The Literature of the Immigrant."
horses and 24 head of cattle, it wns do-! Mr. Jasper had spent several weeks in
dared today, were lost in a fire which ! its preparation and it was both Interest-
TIipv are at home to! destroyed the Grangeville flonr mills, ft.lng and instructive. After the rending
Linen Manufacturer
Wants Oregon Flax Fiber
Dr. If. L. iieiinal, who is known th-i
world :iver from the name of an undo
wear, lives in San Francisco and is
the head of the lieinml Linen Mesh
System i-ompiiny, He is perhaps oii-
of the largest buyers of linen cloth i.i
the world.
In reply to n letter written him hi
O. II. Luck, secretary of the Salei'i
Cominercial club, in regard to his io
vestigiting Salem as a location for tin
maiiiilacttire of flax, he writes as fo
" 1 should like to receive and am will
ing to pity n fair price fur a ton oi
clean fiber to enable me to make a good
spinning test.
The small samples received wer1
submitted by ine to our fabric company
in London ami their opinion was ipi'it"
favorable. We also have other con
nections In Scotland nnd at Belfast an.)
these firms would like to receive sev
eral tons of fiber. I will be in Oregon
next summer when T hope to take this
mutter up again with you."
All of which seems to indie He the',
when Oregon produces the right kiiol
of flux fibes, there - is nn abundant
mail. it awaiting it.
Get prices on commercial printing
at Tho Capital Journal office.
their friends in the old Stauffer home lug stable nnd ft private residence yes-1 M the paper an hour was spent discuss
place. Their tunny friends wish them (onlay. The damngo is estimated at j ing the literary problems tit the dny.
well. Hubbard Enterprise. T.r)0,o60. Refreshments were then served bv
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.