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Claim Made That Senate LeVatter Unsettled and Uncer-
tainLower House Will leavor to Correct This and
'' Make Administration's P s on ClearDemocrats Divid
ed But Belief Is Presidei ill Be Strongly Sustained--
Row Breaks Out In Sens Lgain Over the Bill
Washington, March 4.- .a house will try its hand
Tuesday at saying whether congress shall mix into
diplomatic affairs.
After a day of perplexity over the significance of the
senate vote on the Gore resolution to warn Americans off
armed ships and a threatened division among their own
ranks in the house, administration leaders announced
that the matter of voting on the McLemore resolution
similar to Gore's will be deferred to Tuesday.
Differences of opinion in the house rules committee,
which must pave the way for consideration of the Mc
Lemore measure by reporting a special rule, were mainly
responsible for delaying action, which had been slated for
Those favoring immediate action harried the commit
tee to report a rule this afternoon, declaring that the sen
ate's confusion of issues yesterday ought to be counter
acted at once by the house.
Political arguments, however, finally appeased such
President Wilson's friends were reported to be seek
ing republican votes on tabling the McLemore resolution,
and they argued that few republicans were in favor of a
strict "gag rule," necessary to bring up the measure.
It was reported that the house, with Wilson's approval,
mie-ht vote strictlv on the merits of the McLemore resolu
tion, instead of merelv on whether or not it should be
tahlpd as recommended bv the foreign committee.
Advocates of immediate action urged this on the
sround that the senate had tabled a substitute proposal
without realizing its provisions and that the house must
clear up the muddle. .
In the senate discussion of the armed ship issue burst
forth for a time today.
Scrapping In the House.
Washington. Mar. 4 Division among
President Wilson's supporters in the
house broke out today. After sever.il
1 : 1 1 1 i o 1 to postpone a vote on the Mc
Lemore warning resolution, providing
the desired Wilson "show down," oth
ers, including Representatives Sherley,
Allen nii.l Cilass begun a fight to t'urce
a vote today, claiming (hat the muddle
bin rounding the vote in the senate yes
terday on the (lore warning resolution
must be cleared up immediately.
The advocates of immediate action
condemned the 'dans for postponement
announced bv Acting Ciiniran I'ou of
the house rules committee, who said it
was due to the fact that many -congressmen
were absent from the city.
Su'-h advocates started a canvass of the
ru'cs committee, seeking enough votes
to force n report of the rule that would
make the Mcl.emore resolution in order
fur a vote this afternoon.
I'ou admitted that the resolution
illicit be brought up, in view of the
strength of those desiring immediate
Speaker Clark thought the matter
would go over to Monday, but was not
sine until he could confer with house
le 'ders. ilis private office was the
M'cne of ninny conferences with heads
of both factions.
Aba Oartia
j r V !lCT . -Iks Vvv i
1 iroyw otr r,
After Fierce Shelling French Make Gallant Attempt to Re
capture Douaumont But Are Repulsed Graphic Story
Told of Charge at Night Over Plain Lit by Bursting
Shells When Germans Took, and Held This Hamlet
French Confident Their Lines Cannot Be Broken
Street scene in Erzezany.
The unfortunate city of Brzezany in Kast Oalici'a has "heen'in the midst of
Austrians and Russians since the begin ning of the war.
armies as they have surged to and fro.
a great deal of fighting between the
is been taken an d retaken several times by tho fighting
-Sacramento, Cal., March 4.
Prominent Sacramento -.fomen
took a stand, today for a woman
lieuptennnt governor to succeed
the late John M. Kshlemau.
Names of numerous California
women said to bo well qualified
for the place were mentioned,
including Mrs. Katherine Phil
ips Edson, of Los Angeles; Mrs.
0. Hhepnrd Barnum, of Los An
geles; Miss Katherine Felton, of
San Francisco; Mrs. Florence
Collins Porter, of Los AngelcR,
and Mrs. Clara Shortridgo Foltz,
of Los Angeles.
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I 1 4 - Jl- 1 I t 4
Want Immediate Action.
The sentiment generally among rep
resentatives was in favor of immediate
action. Republican members appeared
to be willing to have the vote todiy,
wuile administration men hem tuat a
postponement would be an indirect slaj
at the president.
The house rules committee was sched
uled to meet at 10 a. m. today but post
poned its session until 2 this afternoon
when it expected to pass a rule enabling
i vote to be taken Monday.
The house had anticipated voting on
the "show down" desired by Wilson
todav. The Me. Lembre resolution, wnrn
iug Americans off armed ships had been
reported from the foreign conuuiteee
with a recommendation that it be
This gave the administration an op
portunitv for .1 complete "showdown'
upon support of President Wilson in his
stun. I against such a warning.
The effect of the vote on the Gore
resolution in the senate yesterday was
still disputed. The discussion follow
ing upon tabling of the resolution was
held by many to have killed the effect
of the tabliifg. Some said indeed that it
failed to show support of the president
nd was, instead, tiie direct opposite.
Debate in the senate was expected to
break out anew today.
To Clarify Issue.
The house situation was such that a
vote on the McLemore proposal, how
ever,' seemed likely to make the issue
clear cut whether President Wilson
should be supported or not in his inter
national position.
('Illinium Flood of the foreign com
mittee reported formally to the house,
w nen it convened, his committee s ree
omendation for tabling tiie McLemore
After conferring with Clark and oth
ers, Flood said that it appeared no vote
could be taken before Monday.
Following a conference of House
Leaders, Majority Leader Kitchen said
lit wis paetically certain that the Jit-
I.einore resolution vote would be post
poned to Monday, nnd possibly Tues
i ilny. He declared also that it was prob
able the resolution would be re drafted
! so that the house could vote directly
j upon the merits of warning Americans
not to travel on nriued ships.
San Francisco, Mar. 4. A wireless
appuatus to warn ships of fog peril
nas lien invented ami will soon he in
stalled at government coast stations
and lightships. It operates for a dis
i tn nee of ID miles and is said to be an
leliei'tixe warning.
Greatest Marine Tragedy In
History-Only 695 Saved
of 4,000 on Board
Paris, March A. In making public
the 'fact that 4,000 men were aboard
the French auxiliary cruiser Provence,
which sunk recently in the Mediterran
ean, the admiralty indicated today the
there is no hope now for more survivors
than the G95 landed at Malta and Me-los.
Ex-Secretary Meyer Says It
Has No Organization to
Act On War Footing
The first official announcement of
the disaster to the 1'rovencc, formerly
in the trans-Atlantic, service, but more
recently in war service, said that there
were about 1,800 abonrd. The rescued
were placed at over 800, leaving about
1.000 who perished. Afterward there
were some hopes that others had been
Then the admiralty followed with i
announcement that 4,000 were aboard
and that about fi!5 were landed at A'
ta and Melon. This places the number
lost nt over 3,000, the largest number of
victims of a sea disaster in history.
Witlivcomhe Upholds
Wilson's Attitude In
Present Conflict
fiovemor With.vconibe upholds Presi
dent Wilson's attitude in the present I
conflict in congress according to a tele-1
gnphic interview which was sent last
night to the New York Times upon the
request of this publication for an ex
pression of the governor's views,
(lovernor Withycombe 's reply says:
"it is my opinion and 1 believe the
opinion of loyal Oregonians that the
It Shows Ships Built Hereto
fore Are Slow and Practi
cally Useless
New York, Mar. 4." If war were de
clared tomorrow, our navy tinder Sec
retary Daniels would be absolutely im
potent to check an invasion of our
coast,'' Ex-Secretary George Von L.
Meyer declared today.
"Let us draw the indictments as fol
lows," he continued.
"Our navy Ins no organization pre
pared to act on a war footing.
"It has no tested war plan
San Francisco, March 4.
State republicans gathered in
force today at 2 p. m. to pick
their delegates to the June Chi
cago national convention.
Harmony appeared to be the
watchword, though from one
source came word that there
would be insistence upon a pro
gram of no further "trading
with the progressives."
Kvery section of the state
was represented. From Los
Angeles came a delegation of
40, while other sections of the
south were on hand in force.
It was estimnted that more than
300 were here to participate.
London, March 4. Infantry drives for Douaumont
continue, according to dispatches today, but both the
Paris and Berlin official statements agreed that no im
portant change has occurred during the night in the con
test between German and French troops for Verdun.
After an intense artillery preparation, the French at
tempted to recapture Douaumont, but were repulsed in
hand to hand fighting, the Berlin statement claimed. The
French bombardment on both banks of the Meuse is re
ported growing more violent.
The Berlin statement, reporting the repulse of French
attacks at Obersept, claimed that 1,000 prisoners, 115
field pieces and 61 machine guns had already been cap
tured at Douaumont.
The Paris communique told of artillery duelling north
of Verdun but said there was no important infantry on
slaught. A minor engagement at Eparges, 12 miles
southeast of Verdun, was reported and Paris declared
this had prevented the Germans from occupying a mine
crater there.
Board of Viewers Says Sand
Will Not Hold Up Con
crete Structure
The board of viewers in a partial re
port submitted to the county court to
day stited that on account of the under
laying beds of sand it will be iniproctic
able to erect a concrete bridge on the
site ot the present steel bridge on On
Iter street across the Wilainette river
"It has no tested mobilization plan. ' at this place. The state engineering de-
"There is no general staff, and no j partment took borings from the river
national counsel ot defense. i oed down to a depth of ."O feet, below
"There ire no enlisted reserves. the bottom of the river alonir the line
"The navy has only a small supply of of the proposed' bridge on ('enter street
ammunition, and there is a shortage of , and found nothing but loose sand in
eniisicii men ami orricers on practical-; most places.
ly every iignring snip. i Mnce the concrete structure ippears
"There are no fast cruisers, except to be the most popular design the view
three obsolete ones. :ers looked over the borings made by
"We are lacking in armed hydro-! State Highway F.nginoer llowlby last
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"Had No Hand" Because
Having No Trumps It
Went Into The Discard
I Gladstone, fir., Mar. 4. Ilcause he
Who remembers when ill' only cal! didn't pay his water rent, M ivor Howe
amities that ever overtook us wn7 th ' of Gladstone had his water shut off by
i"; ue an' th' town pump free.in' up?, the man whom he had appointed snper
l:.:i Cupid is Mill in Within 'ton. ' iutendciit of the water ib'pnrtu.cnt.
lein republican "Harmony" meeting
Wednesday night and tho adiniiiistru
tion crowd "had no hand whatever in
the proceedings at the meeting," ac-
hands of tho president should bo upheld ; cording to one of the morning public
by congress. Of necessity the executive tions of this city. The administrntioi
must be depended upon to handle in a' crowd had no hand in the proceedings
large measure the problems of our for-1 for the same reason that Jack Johnson
eigu relations at a time of crisis. had no hand in the licking of Jess Wil
" Wilson's insistence on the rights of ' Innl Jess wouldn't iet him. Johnson
Americin citizens on the seas as guar- hnd an "explanation" and (o dm
nnteed by international law is sound j state house crowd.
and justified. If we are to retain ai' The explanation is simple, so simple
place of honor nnd respect among iin-i f..t ,i,u, .. nlnl, m,,.(1 t,rr tiere.
t on we must insist upon rigtitful pnv- ilL. According to the best ' explainers
There was no factionalism at the Sn Ichrystiil gazers" sot out to defeat the
theoretical Juggernaut. They explained
that by pledging a solid block of votes
to McC'allister anil by packing the meet
with penitentinrv ami state house cm-
ilegcs and protection for our citizens.
While totally out of sympathy with
much of tiie administration's foreign
policy in the past the President seems
to nie. ipiite right in his present appar
ent conflict with congress."
Watertown, S. I)., Mar. 4. One pas
senger and a mail clerk were killed to
day when a South Dikota Centrnl pas-
mUMmr train r.i li ...I llirn.Kili a l.ri.li...
iear Thomas which had been weakened i"" (" "n Sr,,
i bv a smouldering fira, . Hy a direct method the "political'
at tne state house the votes were
pledged to .Mark Mci'ullister before thr
meeting to defeat the anticipated can
didacy for president of a suspected
cumpuigu manager of a prospective no
campaign manager of a prospective
nominee fur "the. prominent office of
district attorney of thi comity which
office, should the prospective candidate
be nominated ami later elected, would
wield n powerful influence in the politi-
ployca it would be possible to defeat
the candidacy of the theoretical ram
puign manager and it would also arouse
the obi guard to put forth an eleventh
hour candidate. Then the McCnllistcr
pledges would swing to the eleventh
hour candidate, regardless who he was.
and assure his election. McC'allister i
a Marion county product and a clean
young man and would loom up ns a
'formidable candidate for the leadershii
of the club, being an avowed adminis
trntion ninu his candidacy would thus
unite the Marion county republicans by
the common bond danger ahead and
thus would the greatest possible nmoiint
of "harmony" be instilled into the re
publican ranks. Then the administra
tion crowd would shout with oie nieord.
"It's nil for the best" and gracefully
lUr.'t their d'-feat an' nr. nil' with th
ranks now welded into n milled O. O. P
Simple, is it not, jind no man need err
Germans Irresistible.
London, Mar. 4. Germany 'a effort
to break through to A'erdun today cen
ters iround the Pepper Heights.
General Petain's French forces have
blocked the Teuton flank attempts to
capture theso heights thus far, but
fighting of the most desperate charac
ter continues. I)riven out of Douan
niout, Petain's men arc making their
stand at a redoubt about a mile to the
southeast, nnd have heavily repulsed re
peated charges bv the (icrmans w.10
hoped to cut off the Pepper Heights do
The fire around Verdun in tho ro
newed efforts to batter down that fort
with giant howitzers is is fierce as in
the opening davs of the great Herman
offensive. German sacrifices continue
to be enormous. The Teutons arc roll
ing up new regiments to smother the
r rench t ire.
Donniiniont is nlinosf entirely in fier
mnn hands, but tiie French still are
valiantly fighting on the western out
skirts. A new attack against the town of
Vaux, near Verdun, is raging as a pre
liminary to storming of Fort De Vaux.
A Ghastly Battle.
The French were driven out of Dounu
inont after a day of infantry hittling
which started Wednesday night. Thous
ands of men died or were wounded as
the result of the kaiser's determination
to capture this hamlet a group of 70
houses. Hut the significance of the
struggle there arises from the fact that
from the town radiates tiiree highwnys.
Two (leriuan columns advanced at
dusk. The flare of illuminating bombs
spread over a ghastly sight. Clouds of
smoke and darts of flimc from the
French artillery showed clear cut
against the bomb lights. The first
lines were cut to pieces by the artillery
and Hie French soldiers counter-attacked.
All through the night the struggle
oiitiaueil. At. dawn, however
(iermnns massed their reserves
The awfulness of that chirge was re
lated in a Paris dispatch today saying:
"On the first two occasions, the enemy
bravely reached the barbed wire en
tanglements, but the hail of machine
guns and rifles melted the grey lines."
Success Comes At Last.
At last, however, success came to
the German standards and the French
were compelled to retreat.
The heaviest (lernian nllack was
dealt Thursday iftcrnoon. Heedless of
the scorching French fire, the (lernians
made their way through entanglements
ami penetrated several vital points.
Meanwhile, the German artillery pep
pered the French rear, making it im
possible for them to bring up fresh re
serves. At niglitf ill the Teutons stormed po
sitions and drove the French through
the streets in hand to hand combats. A
counter attack yesterday re established
the French in the outskiits of the town.
The Times Paris correspondent today
estimated the French casualties in the
early Verdun ntticks at .'10,000. It was
suggested that the tactics of the Ger
mans and the fact that llalkan brigades
are participating ngiinst Verdun tends
to confirm the belief t tut r l ieia .iarsii
al Von Mncken.en is now directing tho
Bunk Two Cmbers.
Herlin, by wireless to Savville, Mar.
t. German subm irines have sunk two
French auxiliary cruisers and an F.ng
lish patrol bout, said an official an
noiiucemcnt today.
Paris offieiallv stated vesterdav thit
no auxiliary cruisers has been sunk off
Havre bv submarine". Tne ubovo Her
lilt story win the first claim reaching
the United States that there had been
such sinking, but the location was not
An Artillery Duel.
' Paris, Mar. 4. Lively artillery bat
tling occurred north of Verdun last
night, said today's coinminiquo, but
there -were no important infantry attacks.
Italian Liner Sunk.
Athens, Mar; 4. The Italian liner
Java has been sunk by a submarine but
the passengers and crew were rescue.!
after being adrift In small boats for 2-4
No Java is listed but there is a 2,000
ton Ginva.
May Start For Egypt.
Berlin, Mar. 4. Knver Pasha lad
General Dycmal Pasha have arrived at
Jerusalem prepared, it is believed, for
tho beginning or a Turkish campaign
ngaiiiBt Kgypt.
Dyemal Pasha hns frequently beca
mentioned as tho probable leader.
Ship Brings Remnants of It,
from Mexico-Was Used
by Germans
Kan Diego, Cal., Mnrch 4. "One box
electrical apparatus," "copper and
brass wire 2 1-2 tons American good
the! Theso items, listed today in the car
go manifest of tho steamer Gryme, on
her arrivul frjom Knsenuda, Mexico-,
aro the last chapter in a story thai at
tracted international interest.
The wire ami electrical apparatus
are all that is left of a powerful radio
plant, erected more timn year ago in
tho Alamo district, deep in the moun
tain fastnesses, about 75 miles from Kn
sennda. Undio messuges, said to be far
from neutral, and claimed in many
cases to be warnings and advice to
German warships in the Pacific., wera
intercepted by sliitions in this vicinity,
about this time,
"Mining engineering machinery"
was tho explanation made bv tho men
in charge of the station. Harry Von
Denburg, former marshal of Coronado,
Gnl., was one of the men connected with
tho plant. Taken to Knsenada, he wan
held for months in the Mexican prison.
Finally, on deposit of 1,500 cash bail,
ho was released.
night and
snow ;
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cooler to
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