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Six of tho Ladies Aiil Circles of the
Methodist ohnri'h met on Wednesday
afternoon Rt tho homes of the follow
ing ladies, who were tho hostesses for
tho various circles:
Houth Ontnil, Mrs. J. C. 'Brown, on
Hcllevuo; Yew I'ark Circle, Mrs. James
Lisle, on Thirteenth street; Lucyanna
Mrs. A. A. Lee, on State street;
Kast Central, Mrs, F. B. Southwick,
Marion street; West Central, Mrs. L.
A. (,'ompton, Union street; Knglowood,
Mrs. William Borrell, on Nineteenth.
Mrs. Curtis Cross and Mrs. Clyde
flrtham returned Wednesday from a
brief visit in rortlnnd.
Mrs. William MeOilohrist, Jr., enter
tained the Westminister (Juild of tho
l'rosbyterinn church recently at a de
lightful afternoon.
The study hour was followed by a
hat and dainty refreshments. Mrs.
MeOilchrist was assisted by Mrs, Mer
lin Harding.
The Woman's Auxilnry of the Epla-
on.il church held a missionary meet
ing tbiM afternoon at tho home of Mrs.
Joseph iHiumgnrtner.
The businesa aesaion was followed by
a social arternoon and tel.
The members of the T. P. club were
nosts Saturday evening for a jolly gath
ering at their club house on Cjeuiekcta
Followiij a eotsK the (guests re
turned to the club for refreshments and
a bit of music.
Those present were: Miss liar burn
Steiner, Misa Mildred Wiggins, Miss
"Violet Caclean, Miss IKabia liosche,
Misa Anna Davenport, Miss Olive
Jlosehe, Miss Nellie Heaver, Miss Eve
lyn Cathey, Miss Helen (loltra, Krrol
Oilkcy, Harry Howers, Earl Flcgel,
JJently Stim, Arlio Walker, Don Flet
cher, Rred Otto, Paul Miller and Frank
m m m
The Yeoman lodge will hold a meet
ing tonight in the Moose hall at eight
thirty o'clock.
Installation of officers will bo fol
lowed by a delightful programme, a
feature of which will be the "National
Fairy Dinee" Riven by a number of
Mrs. Halph White's dancing class in
cluding Margaret White, Macylo Hunt
er, liuth Koss, Dorothy Esch, Mono
Behnmi, Lctha Wilson, Gladys Dimeter
anil ltita Claggett.
Other numbers on the programme
will be i Spanish dance by Margaret
White, Mona Schnun, Macyle Hunter
anil rlorenee Valentine; snug ana
dunce, Jeanetto Myites; violin solo, Del
bert Moore; vocal solo, Frances Ward;
rending, Marcclln Itvuou; Yamn Yami
chorus, Macyle Hunter, Let ha Wilson,
Kite Claggett, Margaret White, Doro
thy Esch and Mona Schauu.
An informal dance and refreshments
will close the evening.
The Li Area club dance will bo a
feature of next week's dancing af
fairs and will tnko place on Wednesday
evening January the twenty-sixth in
the Moose hall, at nine-fifteen o'clock.
m m m
Mr. and Mis. Charles Fisher went to
Fortlnnd Thursday for a brief visit.
Much interest is being minifesteil
by tho high school contingent as well
as a large number of Salem folks over
the drama "The Servant in the
Houso'.' which will be given under the
auspices of tho high school at the
U rand theatre tonight.
m m m
fijitnrdfiv thi) Wilnlulfltte miiversitl
ftmirti'tte will lc.ivn nn -l wpnk 'a innr
and the schedule of dates for tho ap
pearance of the cardinal and gold will
nclude the various Oregon and wasi-
ington towns. From tho request for
dates, it is evident that much interest
is being taken in the qunrtotto which is
composed of the following men: Hirry
Mills, Gus Anderson, ,Roy Medcalf and
Harry Powers.
Mr. Mills, who is nlso tho pianist,
will leave tonight, in order to ston over
in Portland for the Ossip Cabrilowitsch
j 1 1
i Hi
3 "J
:'. -Ik i '
t -S it
Scene From a Big Feature Production at Ye Liberty Today and Saturday.
0. K. Kpaulding was in Portland yes
terday. H. F. Bwope, nf Independence, is In
the city.
J. J. Ktangel, of Woodburn, waa lu
iJalcm yestenlay.
Clyde Kelty, of Mncleay, waa in tho
city yesterday.
l-.nul Aufrane, the orchardist, was in
the city yesterday.
William Moore of West Halem, is
transacting business in the city.
Dr. Eva MurpKy hat ret ly tied p the
city after an extended visit.
Joe Pony, manager of a clothing
tore in Htnyton, is in the city.
W. J, Brown, a prominent farmer of
the Havcsvillo neighborhood, is in tho
I, 8. Goer, manager of the Calif Fur
niture store, was in Portland yester
day. Mark Ravage, former fire chief of Ha
lem, now traveling for a fire apparatus
is in the city.
John Brigham, of tho Lincoln neigh
Itorhoodf was here yesterday transact
ing business.
Judge William (lalloway is able to be
out today after reuiuiniug indoors sev-i
rni uuyu with the grip.
John Hteelhammer, mayor of Wood
linrn, U in the city. He is walking with
eane, having suffered injury from nn
explosion of a stove at his home.
Mrs, L. V, Griffith has gone to Port
land where she will be a guest for sev
eral duyn.
He, T. H. Ford, district superinten
dent of the Methodist church, went to
l'ortlnnd this morning,
Clyde McMillan returned this morn
ing from a short visit at Independence.
Rev. Robert S. Gail
Indorses the Play
Renliziug that ftilcm is having an
excellent opportunity tonight when
William Owen and company, snmo of
the most famous of modem players,
present "ino Servant in the House"
under the auspices of tho local high
school student body. Hev. Hobert 8.
Oill, of Ht. Paul's church, has sdbmit
tel tho following article us his opinion
of the production:
Charles Hann Kennedy's "Servant in
tho House" is ono of a small irroun of
the dramatic productions of recent
years that may be said to bo of per
manent value. J n tup comparatively
few years sinco its nppenrnnce it has
won its place as a classic of tho Eng
lish language. The influence brought
to benr by Mason, the "servant in the
house" of the piny, is faintly sugges
tive of the mystery iilayaj and indeed
the text is tinged all along with alle
gory, so that sometimes it is difficult to
see where literal fact leaves off and al
legory begins. There is also strong sdg
gestion that Mason is the reincarnation
of Jesus of Nazareth, tho suggestion be
ing given first by tho name (Mason
Hon of Man) and more directly by the
opening lines of tho first net. Even
though one may not agree with Mr.
Kennedy's implication that the onlv
"man's jub" is a dirty job, and that
society's disreputables are invariably
the sole possessor of virtue, it is a stim
ulating tdny, and should by all means
be seen by the thodghtful theatre-goer.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tablets. Druggists refund money if it:
fails to cure. K. W. flROYE'8 signa-l
tnro is on each box. 2,"c.
However, when letter writing week;
ends, letter writing need not also end.
High School Pupils, CLerrians
. and Common Folks All Go
On the Film
Fully 000 students of the high school
and u fair represent ution of the C'her
rinns appeared on tho scene this morn
ing at IX o'clock with hundreds of Sa
lem citizens, all willing and anxious to
appear in the moving picture Bcene, of
taking the Oregon boosting letterB from
the office of the Portland Railway,
Light & Power company's office and
carrying them to tho postoffice.
Despite the unfavorable weather,
they were not disappointed, as the
Pathe moving picture man was on hand
and industriously turned iilye (movie
nimoia crank as tho pupils dropped in
their letters.
Another view was taken near High
street as the procession led by the Cher
rian band and C'liei i iuns marched to
wards the postoffice.
Many Cherrinna as well as high school I
students may now truthfully sny that
tM-y have appeared in tho ,movis.
Tho scenes taken today will bo shown
next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
Although there were signs of rain, the
pictares were nil taken with umbrel
las down. Tho scenes will show the
thousands of letters mailed at the of
fice of tho Portland Rnilway, Light &
Power company's office, as the students
and Cherrinna wore pressed into serv
ice, carrying tho baskets filled with
Although today's scone was the cli
max of letter writing week, yet tho
management of the Commercial club
urges that the good work go on, and
that if any eastern friends have been
overlooked, there Is another day this
weoK nnu several in tno weeks to conic,
when a letter may bo the means of i
bringing eastern folks to the Willam
ette valley. i
rortlnnd, Ore., Jan. 21.
Whent prices established anoth
er season 's record today when
1.13 1-2 was bid for Bluestem
and none of it was offered at
less thnn $1.11. Heavy Euro
pean demand is said to be tho
m m
Tomorrow Will Be the Last jj
Day of Our
General Reduction
C 1
Everything Excepting
Rubber Footwear at
!! Ill 1 .
10 to
Warned Hadfifflcre
ww'"wfPwiiBiiBiPfwisj ist f m smi ip im w i mm 1119 ms ifiq mm mff mi
mumt juiywMMMMiuttiajMiMMiintoahiNl li km imm mm mm mm iwA iiii 'HMtMMiawi
Washington, Jan. 21. Rumors
were thick today that Secretary
of War Garrison is preparing to
resign because of ill health and
the apparent failure of his con-
ticntal army proposal. His inti-
mate friends, however, ridicule
the story. Garrison lias been
suffering with grippe and stom-
nch trouble, which have left him
in a weakened condition.
L wL J. JK hfat mi mJLj vU ml 1 ml ml ml
Forestry Department
Cancels Big Contract
Portland, Or.. Jan. 21. The forester
has just cancelled a timber sale eon
tract between the Forest Service and
the Krickson Construction company, ot
Seattle, for approximately 80 million
leet of timber on the Dosewnllips riv
er, Olympic National Forest, Washing
ton. This contract was approved in M.irch
1914, the company ' agreeing to begin
construction by January 1, 1915. This
time was Inter extended to June 30,
lfcli). About that time, the company
purchased the equipment, improve
nrnts and timber of the Izett Logging
company on the soutn side ot the Dose
wullips River.
The Cnrlsborg Mill & Timber com
I pany, subsidiary of the Krickson Con
stiuctioii company, has .ijust purchased
minion leet or timber from the .Na
tional Forest, which will be logged in
connection with tli.Tett timber. On
account of the fact that the Krickson
( enstruction company did not comply
with the terms of their contract In re
gard to the beginning of loccinL' and
could not do so for some years, the
conn net lias Dcen cancelled.
Thursday. January 7.
i - -'
Jewish Relief Day
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 21. Governor
Johnson today issued this statement
relative to Jewish relief day:
"At tho suggestion of those active in
providing nid for the. destitute in
Europe, I hereby direct the attention
of the peoplo of California to the pro
clamation of the president of the
United Slntes designating Thursday,
January 27, 191(1, as Jewish Relief Day,
when concerted effort will be made
throughout tho country to obtain ftiuds
for food nnd clothing for the five mil
lions of Jews whose homes and re
sources have been laid waste in the
eastern war 7.one.
"1 trust that California's response
will bo hearty and generous nnd that
citizens everywhere will lend active co
operation to the conimitees in charge,"
California Assessor
Commits Suicide
Redwood, City, Cal., Jan. 21. CL D
ITnyward, aged 55, assessor of Pan Ma
teo county, committed suicide in the
bnsement of his home here tniinv )
blowing the top of his head off with a
Haywnrd 'a father, B. Uaywnrd, a
pioneer of San Mntro county, is critical
ly ill In the hospital, and may die n
any time. He lias been sick for two
weeks with pneumonia.
It is believed llayward suffered
from a nervous breakdown. He was
nssessor for 25 years.
Onkland, Cal., Jan. 21. "I'll hove
time to write a great play in prison
this time." said Fred Ulan., "poet
hurRlnrt" who confessed o hoviiw
a dual personality, as he wna sentenced
to two and a half years in San Quen
tin today.
Germany sent out special en-
voyi to Rome and Bucharest to I
keep Italy and Rumania out of I
the war. Austria waa concen-
trating troops in BuVowina.
Kussian troops were within 24
miles of Thorn, southern East
Some Move Out and Others
More In On Account of
New Locations
Several changes of location will be
nude by well known business firms of!
the city within the next tow weeks. I
As soon as tho McGilchrist building!
is completed, Stato and Liberty streets,
it will bo occupied by tile Capital Drugj
store, Z. J. Kiggs, owner; by the Wool-
worth store and by P. E. Fullerton.
Ii miter Bros, will move from their i
location on Commercial street to whut!
is known as the W. Thompson jewel-:
ry store building, now occupied by the I
Poole drug store. The Poolo drug store
wju mow iiiiu. larger (juaricrs, espe
cially remodeled, in the Salem Bank
of Commerce building, formerly occu
pied by the Roth grocery company.
Kifouiy Bros, will move from "tlietr
location on Liberty street to tho Hurst
bnilding on Stato street, formerly oc
cupied by tho Roth grocery company.
Tiiis store room and display windows
have been rebuilt and remodeled.
.Mrs. O. C. Locke will move her jnil
linery store from tho Meyers depart
ment store to the room formerly oc
cupied by Kafoury Bros.
Westacott and Thielsen have just
closed a lease for the business room on
State street, now occupied by the Wnlk
er Fish and llniltry Mirket. Mr.
Walker will retire from business lor
the present.
A few weeks ago Seamster Bios.,
grocers, moved into tlio location on
South Commercial street, formerly oc
cupied by the Hugging Grocery Co.
Sperling & Son sold tiioir grocery store
on Commercial street to ilr. Oliver, of
-uicuicii, nouiu uagota.
Tho Roth Grocery company is now
established in their new building on
Liberty street and tho Y. W. C. A. with
their rooms over tho Roth grocery, has
about the finest quarters in the" st ite
for young women.
The Net Draws Tight
AroundMrs. Mohr
Providence, R. I., Jan. 21. With his
testimoiiyunsliaken in material points,
George Healis, negro chauffeur, left
the stand today shortly before noon in
the trial of Mrs. C. Franklin Mohr,
charged, together with two negroes,
with tho killing of her doctor husband.
Healis clung to his statement that
sho had offered 45,0n0 for the murder.
Healis, probably will not be sentenced
under his nolo contendere plea for man
slaughter until the maiu murder trial
is ended.
Mrs. Mohr appeared nervous again
today, though she evidently wns less
concerned over Healis' statements than
she had been previously.
Occasionally she eved him sevi relv
but for the mot part she talked withr
ner attorneys.
Baptist Minister Dies
Worth Nearly Million
Portland, Or., Jan. 21. Knute Nel
son, a retired Baptist preacher said to
be worth nearly 1,000,000 was found
dead in his bed at tho Portland Com
mons this morning. So humble was he
in appearance and habits that none
suspected his wealth until nn examina
tion of his effects at tho morgne at
noon today disclosed deeds to Aran
couver, B, C., property, and great quan
tities of mining stocks, some of which
are valuable.
Nelson came to Portland recently
from Vancouver and had engaged in
work at tho Portland Commons. Little
is known of him here. Letters among
his effects spoke of numerous relatives
in llinuesota nud nt Norman, Wash.
Unless all signs fail, this year will
be a record breaker in tho making of
world history.
jGoing to j
You need Merit
Vanilla if you are.
It's the greatest aid
to Good baking you
can have. A 25c bottle
goes further than any other.
Eay at Your Grocers Today
Shipley9 s
Clearance Sale
Extraordinary Week End
Special Women's Knitted
Every odd Garment in our stock included in this
sale. Women's Fleeced Vests and Pants, all sizes in
the lot.
Regular Prices 59c to 75c, Special 35c or 3 for
Havard Mills Vests and Pants, Medium and Heavy
Weight Wool, Silk and Wool, Wool and Cotton.
Regular Prices $1.00 to $1.75, Special at 6)c
Children's Ecru Fleeced Vests and Pants sizes 18 - 31
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Women's Fleeced Union Suits, Medium and Winter
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Women's Harvard Mills Unions, Wool, Silk and
Wool, Wool and, Cotton
Regular Prices $2.50 to $3.00, Special at
Women's Wool Hosiery, assorted into two lots,
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Greatly Reduced Prices on
Sweaters, Knitted Caps, Golf Gloves, Wool Blankets,
Cotton Blankets, Comfortables, Coats, Suits Dresses.
January Clearance Prices Throughout the Store
Pictorial Review Patterns
U. G. Shipley Co.
145-147 North Liberty St. Salem, Oregon
PUBLIC library!
The children who heard the beciu-
niiir of "Kleino Muck" last Saturday
innrnimr are clad thlt Miss frviinn is
gointf to continue the story this week.
It was nnioriunate xiuii weumer aim
iikneRu nrevented so lame an ntteud-
unce as tho story deserved, but those
who missed tno lirst part may yet en
joy tho end, for Miss Khinn will re
view it sufficiently that all will find
it interesting. A happy hilf hour is
promised to all who come, whether, or
not thtv wcrrt here last week. It is
rsnecinliv important that all are
prompt in coming Rt i';3fl, to be ready
ior tne iirsi woius.
To Overcome Eczema
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kin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and making: It
vigorously healthy, zenio Is nn exceptional
remedy, it is not greasy, sticky or
watery and it docs not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable treat
nicut for all t-kln troubles.
Zcmo, Cleveland.
Cheap mbttitutM cost YOU mm t&M.
Imperial Beauty Parlors
Skiu and Bcalp Spocird'nt
Manicurist and Hair Diess ir.
Latest electrical appliances
and methods of treating all erup
tions and blemishes of tho skin
and scalp, removing corns, warts,
moles, scars, and superfluous
hair. ,
Shampooing, Massage, dyciug
and bleaching.
Ladle Manicures 26 Cents
Gentlemen 35 Cents
To introduce our methods, wo
will allow one dollar on a rourae
of faeo or scalp treatments, to
any ono bringing in this ad.
S01 Bank of Commerce Building,
Fhons 303
TONIGHT, at 8.45
Under the auspiccsoC,
the Student Body of the
Salem High School, To
night at 8:45.
Scat sale now on.
' " Prices:
Lower Floor $1.50, $1.00
Balcony $1.00, 75c
Gallery 50c.
Grand Theatre