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    OREGON, FRIDAY. JAN. 14, 1916.
mniiiiaiimiiHwttMtiMitf"hi'"kil4lJ -nmt 4
Going toasting 1
Better try it. Its great. Makes you forget all your
with "pep" for tomorrow's work. We are equipped to
the line of sleds, from a little coaster for the kiddies to a
crowd. Also runners for vehicles. Runners made from
Prompt service and reasonable prices. " .
Spaulding Log
Front and Ferry
Kl Paso, Tcxns, .Inn. 14. General
Victoriano liuerta, oueo Mexico's
"man of Itoii buiI blood" lies dead
here todav, hU corpse vlrtiully the
)irisoaer of the United States govern
ment witii which ho nearly went to
war, when, as dictator of Mexico, he
refused to salute tho Stars and Stripes
after tho historic Tainpico incident.
Ho died last nifjlit at tho age of (il
following several operations- resulting
in sclerosis of tho liver. His wish to
nd iiis d.iys in his nativo land was pre
vented by his arrest and indictment as
jdotter lo crush tho do fucto C'arraa
za government of Mexico.
lluert s widow plans to seek per
mission for interment near Colntlan,
Jalisco; Mexico, where the grim old
warrior was born. Whether Carrin.a
will permit this, however, is doubtful
lor Carrnnzn Holds liuerta was rcspon
ilile for the assassination of President
Madero and Vice-President Suarcz of
Mexico and may feel tint even In
death, the "iron man"' ought not to
rest on Mexican foil.
"I am propared for tho other world
were ninonir Huerta 's Inst words. "
urn content to die, and I wish to for-
jrive all my enemies and all who have
done me wrong, i reel .11 pcai-19 wim
inv (iod and with all men."
'Tho general tad tho solace of his
Catholic faith in his Inst hours, through
lha attendance of Cantain Francis V.
.lovce, Catholic chaplain of the fourth
United Sit.ites field artillery.
iSurroundine bis bedside when the
end came was the ueiiciiil's entire) fnm
ily except his daughter. Scnorita Klena
en route from New York. .
Hi faJtliful wife, Honor Aguila De
Huerta, who had been his nurse all
through his last days, was the last per
son the warrior recognized.
He called her by name and as Hho !
tient over him, he kissed her repeated-1
3y, murmuring Spanish terms of en
The scene at his deathbed was im
pressive. Thcro beneath flickering
randies his 20 relatives knelt for hours
in prayer. Alternately Chaplain Joyeo
and the Spanish priest, Father Mayer,
led their orisons.
1'nrticulnrlv touching was the devo-
Hon of several of his former assistants,
who hnd been faithful to Huerta in
success nn l adversity. Just befo.n he
breathed his last, they came to his bed
aide. Among them wns General Ygnn
rio llruvo, for d'i years in active ser
vice in the Mexican army, a division
general over Huert.i when the latter
was a colonel of cavalry.
Tho uged visitor trh d repeatedly to
obtain the recognition of the dying
man. Rut he was too late; nuerta was
nneonKclous and life was ebbing swiftly-
At tills, Bravo bnrst. into feira, and
knelt, sobbing, by the deaibhed.
Outside, the men of lluerta'a coun
try were being attacked by Americans,
nnd American troopers after serious
Though Huert died without bitter
tiera in his heart toward the nation
that had stood athwart his path and
ertishod hi ambition to bo the only
power in Mexico, his aocretnry, Gener
al Ruble issued a statement in which
ht declared American treatment of the
general bad bailened his and. - He wns
bitter at Huerta. ' Imprisonment, "like
at common nriininiil,'.. and declared that
lie bad not boon shown the respect that
Huerta on mnny occasion! had volun
tarily g'von to Americans.
general Victorian Huertn, who left
kin flt.lmn hierndli'ftlilv linon Mexican
affairs, ws born to the role of " tront
nan" in the village or Colotlan, jbiih
eo, Moico, Doceniber 2.1, 18S4. Indian
Mood coursed In hl veins, and marked
him with the fierce stolidity that Me
Ico came at Inst to fear. The spirit of
the soldier seemed ingrained, i'rem
ufly boyhood, the love of fighting, the
thrill ot arms, was npon aim.
Ho it was th at ho got a military
training in th tr.Uitnrv academy of
Chapoltepe from which he wa grad
uated in 1K76. In the biref schooling
ke had previously, and throughout hie
military rourse, n proven simsen
thirsty for knowledge and an apt .p il .
from' hi humble trt, ai an ordinary
S 2 V A Jl
Indian in the humble Jalisco village,
Kuerta won his way by virtue of his
shrewd maneuvering, untiring efforts
nnd brilliant military efforts to tho
post of Mcxic.tn president. The L11I
ted States at laBt forc.d him out, but
not until ho had hurled scorn at the ad-
ministration and refused for somo time' Judge wmiam unuoway, or depart
to depart. When he did go, it wns wit ment. No. 2 of the circuit court, is un
tho cold, dignified pride of a man who nblo to hold court today on account of
hurt tasted of newer, nnl who. even in illness. His Honor was confined to hi'
leient, would not admit tnnt ue naa
been crushed. 1
His early career included eight years
on the Mexican military map commis
sion, ten years (lNHO-lHUO) on the gen
eral staff, and several years in Sonora,
spent 111 suppressing the iaqms.
Huerta's successes in quelling re
volts brought him to the attention of
President Porfirio Diaz. He mounted
the military ladder rapidly, nnd was
finally made general of brigade. In
1!M)2, however, Diaz became distrustful
of Huerta, and for several years the
Indian soldier wns passive in national
affnirB. S'lOin 1S!0" to 1910, having ob
tained leavo of absence from his mili
tary duties, Huerta practiced his pro
fession as engineer at Monterey.
He was then brought back to the
Mexican capital to suppress revolts and
mis .mil " ''
lot.,, ..n-tn.i P.nui ,in i. nio in ilin
coast after tho latter ' resignation on
May "ii 1911.
liuerta then entered tho services of
President Francisco I. Madero, who
succeeded Diaz. In 1912 Huerta was
sent by M.idero to quell a threatening
revolt "headed bv Pascual Orozco in tho
state of Chihuahua. He gained distinc-
tion through his defeat of Orozco nnd
for a time basked in the favor of Ma-
dero. , ,
When internal dissension caused tho
"Rfvp-lliiia revolution in Mexico City
' 11 February, 1013, Huert.i was in com-
iiiiuiu ui lua iviii ihi i-iuiiii, irui inii;i
joined forces with General Felix Diafc
and wns the prime mover in a plan to
mako Madero prisoner and force him t
resign. A formal resignation was on-
tamed from M idero and Vice-President
Pino Suareh on February 10, 1913.
With Madero out of tho way, liuerta,
by reason of liis alliance, with Felix
Diaz, was tho strongest man in tno
Capital. Ho Beized the reins of power
that had been forced from Mmlero's
hands and proclaimed himself pro
visional president of Mexico. He im
mediately began lo rule with a rod of
Soon after Huerta seized the presi
dency, the world was horrified to learn
thnt' President. Madero and Vice-President
Suarer. hnd been assassinated a
they were beinp; t.iken from the ptesi-
.."I.,' JTT' J.:". " . " i CI .
insisted that lie was in no way respou- vit Mr. RinKo held that there was
i.iblo for tho killing, lie insisted that fl"','"ln '"it that. personal nffi
the two men had been shot when their "J1" neeeiwiry fur the sale of
HUT I1IU 111,-11 IIUII IM-,-11 DI...I, T.II. I. UIV
adherents attempted to rwuo them.
About this time, 0'untavns Mjdero,
brotiier of Franeineo, who had boon
ihii l,,tn Ti,l.i,n in- liuerta wng uiv.
on the lev dofuega (law of flight) and'
! it.. I t. ... i -I-!- k ....
ilo& in mo nam aim main us no ino
leaving his gourds after being told ho
eouM go fee.
The irovernment of the t'nited States
refused to recognize Huert.i as presi
dent, in April, 1IU4, after a series of
parleys between Huerta and Nelson ('
Hhaughnessy, American charge d' af
faires at Mexico City, American ma
rines landed and seized Vera Cruz.
On July IS, MM, through pressure of
revolutionary chieftains and their re
peated successes against federal forc
es, Huerta was forced to resign tho
presidency, and he retired to Barclona,
Tn April, 11)1.1, Huerta runic to the
United States end temporarily took up
his residence at New York. His njmio
was repeatedly mentioned In connec
tion with alleged revolutionary move
ments fostered in the United Htates,
nnd In July, IPM, he was charged with
violating the American neutrality laws.
While hovering between life and
death at his home lo Kl I'aco, Huorti
was formerly indicted on the neutral
ity charge by the grand jury at Han
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ging Co.
Salem, Oregon
3 Ji '.a Jt XJ: 24 kLS J3 .1 -I
Clarence T. Mason today received a
sentence of from one to 10 years in the
stato pen upon kis plea of guilty to a
charge of larceny from a building and
he was then paroled In custody of his
father, Gcorgo Mason. Young Mason
was arrested by the local police 011 a
charge of stealing lap robes from autos
and eight were recovered which he con
fessed that he took. His wife, Sarah
Mason, was taken in custody at tl'
same time but she wns not indicted by
the grand jury,
nome yesteruay nut is reported uemr
The general warrants for the mnntl
of December total $7,110.19 exclusive
of the bounties paid out for gophers
and moles which total $2,984.00 and
which indicates that 29.S94 gopher
scalps have been presented for tho scalp
bounty since January i at tho county
clerk's office. Tho road and high
way warrants for December amounted
to $5,833.23
Clarence McKli'ath, the young nia.i
who pleaded guilty to a charge of
stealing' bicycles last Tuesday in th
circuit court will be sentenced one
week from tomorrow by Judge Kelly
... i. ia ... .
-" r. ruin w.11 prooauiy oe paroiea ir..m
'no Gencn as xna continuanco wns
Knte.l in order that a job might '
secured for him and if the job is not
secured t'le state will supply tho em-
' 1
The case of Juli I. Nash against B. M.
Dimmick finally went to the jury this
afternoon after a four day session in
tho circuit court. A verdict is expeet-
ed before night.
Tho ease of C. O. Burton and Genie
C. Burton against Thad M. Lukens wns
called in the circuit court department
jvir. mm 11 1 u-i noun, mm is mi hcitoii
alleging fraud in a real estate deal. The
Hurtons traded -10 acres of land eight
miles southeast of Silverton to Mr. l.uk-
ens for four lots in Clovordnle Torrnee,
Sonoma county, California. The Bur
tons allege misrepresentation and claim
damages in the sum of 'SO. W. '-
Wiimlow is appearing for the plaintiffs
nnu AlciNary ii AleMiry represent the
Pitrii-t Attorney Binjro today bund
ed doirn au interpretation of the pro
hibition law in which he stated that
only tho thief of the drug firm need'InKton Htate College football team,
secure an affidavit book. Each licensed j here.ifter will bo known us "t hief .'
druggist might, take affidavits f rom i Uietx.
eustnmers and the bond of tho head of topping In Portland on bin way to
the firm held tho clerk secured. In the Pullman. Washington, filetz today de-
onse of the man who wns too ill to cnll
for his medicine personallr and liirii an
, . - . . ,
nicr.uol. Jt has been the ruling of tho
attorney general, howover, that a regit-
pn.vsiuan might give away as much
alcohol ft" he ohose In the tirnetiee nf
profession In cases where the pa -
tinnt. Ml tnn ill n ,...!,. l.!
. . jjuivnann mn uwn
Han franeiseo, Jnn. M. "I.uigl" Isj
on the lst lap of the strangest journey'
probably ever taken by a dog.' ilo is:
on his way to Keattleto the home of
Paolo Hrenna, the Italian consul. He
has come all tho way from Genoa,
Italy. !
Mnr.zino I.udi, servant of tho eon-1
sul. brought the dog and 11 trunk!
which have been stuck In tho Panama 1
canal for many days to this city on
the steamer Han Juan. The eonsul
sent the servant to Italy to bring tho
belongings, and at Panama they were
forced to transfer ships when caught
in a canal slide,
Mrs. Nora Martin, a resident of Polk
county for tho past 23 years, passed
awny Saturday at her home, one mile
north of Monmouth. Mrs. Martin is
snrived by her adopted child, Mrs. Paul
Tncheon nf Monmouth. The fnnernl wn
hcW in this i(y last Hundny. Dallas
Under New System Names To
Be Checked Off and Not
Written In Poll Book
Secretary of Stats OWtt today
completed tue forwarding of a supply
of blanks to tho county clerks for mak
ing up the voters' lists and poll books
ior me primary election occurring ilay
19, 191. The law provides the coun
ty clerks shall transmit to the election
boards typewritten lists, in duplicate,
of the voters in each precinct arranged
in alphabetical order. To meet this re
quirement forms for each letter of the
alphabet, for the overflow from any
loiter una rur listing voters sworn iu.
as well as appropriate covers, contain
ing the oaths of tiie election boards
and summary of voters are provided by
tne state, and it is made the duty of
the secretary of state under the law to
have the same printed and nn adequate
supply sent to eni'h county clerk. Un
der former laws the counties furnished
what was called the precinct registers.
These -were appropriately ruled blank
books for listing alphabetically the vot
ers as they registered in tne several
precincts, and were delivered over to
the election boards just preceding any
election. Tho blanks furnished under
the existing laws when filled out and
appropriately arrantred also
the noil books. Whenever a registered
voter presents himself nt the rolls for
voting at any election the clerk merely
enters the number of his ballot oppo
site his name ani checks him off after
having voted. This dispenses with th
old pon oook in winch the clerk was
required to write the name of the voter
as well. The county clerks will be re
quired to mane up a voters' list pie
ceding each election, while heretofore
the precinct register being independent
of tho poll book answered for a full
biennial period.
These supplies arc sent out nt the
beginning of tiio registration period in
order to enablo the county clerks to
write up their precinct voters' lists is
the registrations are made, if they so
desire. Voters can register for the pri
mary election to be held May 19th at
any time prior to April 19th, as the ex
isting laws pertaining to registration
of voters provide that the registration
hooks shall close for a periol of 3(3
duys prior to any general election.
Local Checker and
PlaycrsShow Up Well
Kither the Salem chess and checkor
players are right in line to become
world champions, or Harry Licberman.
wdo ranks as the fourth best checker
player in the world, did not play the
game to the limit at the exhibition
game given at tho Commercial Club
last evening.
In preliminary games with I. Grcen
bnum, the champion won two games,
lost one to Mr. Urceiibaum, and played
ono draw.
Dr. W. II. Byrd and James Walton,
Jr., are now in tho world champion
class as chess players, both winning in
a'gnme with Mr, Liobenuan.
The first gume in which 11 of Salem's
best players were in, resulted in draws
with I, Greenbnum and J. L. I'ectz
with defeats fur tho other Saleni play
crs. In the second setting, the (ham
pion lost to Greenbaum and played ft
draw with Uryant and Poetz.
In tho blindfolded exhibition play
ing, the first game was lust to Bryant,
hi the second blindfolded game, Mr,
Lieberman was winning against Bryant,
hut was unable to remember the board
luter in the game, giving it to Bryant
Tho Salem players are not quite
decided as to whether they are now
in the class of famous world champion
players, or whether last night was just
an off night for the champion. Among
those taking a hand in the game wore
Messrs. Bryunt, Greenbanm, Givens,
Hyan, Hill, I'cet., Reynolds, HecVs,
Huchoson nnd Plants. Dr. Kyrd and
lames Walton, Jr.,. played only in
Portland, Or., Jan. 14. " Inmost or"
Oietz, Indian euach of the erfti k Vnh-
! tnilni' hi" l!1""" for an Indian village
ami executively jmiiaii nieinin picture
eoninny at liiverside, California.
Jlictz will he leading in .in in theenm-
pany and chief of the village, which
will bo made up of Hhix, Zuni and Jfopi
Original Cycle, Vehicle and
Monoplane Novelty
Comedy flinging nnj Talking
Jfovety and Acrohatie
A Galley o Fun !
"So you're goin' back to New York
to morrow, eh?" said Uncle Eb Cobb
to the city boarder.
Tea; got to go. My playtime has
coma to an end. Got to go back and
go to work."
"Yes, I reckon. Well, I wonder if
jou'd be willln' to do me a little favor
when you git to New York."
'Certainly, certainly. Glad to obllg.j
you. What can I do fan; yon?
"Well, I got a nephew there named
Jones. His mother was my sister.
Bis name is Ed Jones an' lie lives
snmewbere in New York, but I ain't
got his address. Had It, but don't
wtm able to find It now. My wife
an' me thouaht it would be nice to
. end Ed an' his. wife a few things j
rlKht from the farm, an' I was wonder- j
in' if you would be willln' to take him ;
a pair o' chickens an' a dozen ears o'
corn an' a few of our fall pippins an'
n dozen or two o' eggs an' a green to
mater pie like he used to be so fond
of when he was a boy here In tlie coun
try. We'd like to send liira a bottle
o' maple sirup an' another ripe goose
lierry Jam an' a little jar o' sweet pic
kle an' a bottle o' ketchup such as I
bet he can't buy there In the city, if
It'd b convenient to carry them. His
full name is Edward Everett Jones. I
reckon you'd find him In the city
d'reclory. I'll fetch the things over
to the hotel this evenln' in a carpet
bag that was Ed's great-grandfather's,
un' mebbe he would like to have it as
well as what's In It. Much obliged
to yo for the fnvor o takln' those
things to Ed. I reckon he'll be some i
R'r.rtapil when he pits em. Mother I
thinks sh'd like to send Ed a little
kitten in a box if It wouldn't be to
much trouble for you to take it."
Briggs They say these Italians
come over here, save up five hundred
dollars and go home and live on It the
rest of their lives.
Griggs That's the difference be
tween an Italian and a Scotchman. A
Scotchman does the same thing, but
he takes away about a hundred mil
Ion dollnrs.
The Count Sacr-r-r-re! The caslilef
of ir.y fmncee's fut her lias defaulted!
The BaronParbleu! Shall you
bn uk off the enticement?
'i'ho Count Millc tonner-rres! 1
t.'in not tell until I find out how much
he took!
(A la Thomas Hood.)
I leiricmber, I remember.
The field whence I was borne,
'i be crowded stand", the shouting mob,
The mucous auto horn.
The. ciilo lincH running down the field
Amain from roul to goal,
V. 'tre thronged with blanketed ic
Tli.it wtm'.i caeli play extol
I i r. nu mber, I rcmernber,
Tho flaga i,t varied hue,
Tiio dath-lil:e Ftlllneca In the air
Hefore the whistle blew;
And tallow youth nnd winsome ninid-
The f)ld flrnd" back apaln
The favored ndnlons ot the 'Tress,"
The "fav'rite colon" men.
I. remember, 1 remer.ibor.
The toi-slng of a coin,
'i'ho oval railing lilc.li In nlr,
A kick nncnt the gioin;
A jab, a gouge, a Jolt, a crunch,
A whizzing, vhirrln roar,
The plumiits n( the multitude.
A bucket fill of gore.
I reniemhrr, 1 rer.icnibcr,
A fierce and bloody fray,-
VI. e iiui'geon'a rorpH, tho anibulnnce
That carried me nwny;
.' broken noFo, a splliitered arm,
Two eyes of darkest Jcf,
Sonic fractured ribs, a miHsitig .ar,-
Tlif! refit, ch, t forget I ,
I tell yr, the editor of the Weekly
'laindcnler Is a vindictive rnss!" salt!
lirewd o?d Parmer Hornneak, upon
da return from an afternoon's stay Ir
he county seat.
"What mul'eB ye think to, Ezry?'
iskcd his wife,
."Why, I heard, while I wsb In town,
that he had hired tho village band to
neretiade, night hefore last, ft grass
widow who bad horsewhipped him
short llnie. before."
r is
1 1 Qv&ov a Dyzu
; Smrikist
M - k3 V
Foot (feaer has this
licious, healthful Cali
fornia fruitthe finest,
sweetest, juiciest or
anges now on the mar
ket. Serve at all meals.
Save Sunkist tissue wrapper
for beautiful silverware
California Fruit Grower Exchange
0MprniVt NoD-pr&t
Eiitn H.ndaunrtarf:
US N. Clark Si Chicixa
Stayton Mutual 'Phone
Holds Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of tho Stayton
Mutual Telephone was hold Monday
night. The meeting wns called to bo
held in tho city hall, but owing to the
small attendance only eight, a quorum,
ncing present tno meeting wns held in
the oil me of Lura A. Thomas.
The following officers were elected,
nil sucoeediug themselves except Mr.
President, Henry flmith.
Vice-President, J. M. Rlngo.
Sccrotory-Trea surer, E. D. Alexander.
Directors, John Thomti and J. W.
Mayo. 15. M. Olmstcad is tho hold over
As there was no annual meeting lnnt
year, the report of the secretnry-trens-urer
covered two years, as follows:
Received H'M 1(11,144.20
Paid out $721. K.'l
On hand Jan., '15. . . . M.18
Paid for work On lines, sup
plies, tuxes, etc, 27ft. 1. 'I
Paid lor switch fee
Paid on new building and lot,,
Received IfllS
Paid out 1(1171.01
On hand 5.'ll).02
Paid for work on lines, sup
plies, etc 274. HI
Paid for switch fee y07.:i(l
Duo from switchboard 47.5ri
It should bo remembered that lull
receipts include the i'.i assessment lev
ied for building.
During 1914 somo new line was built
and the switchboard moved to its pres
ent location. Last year about 25 new
poles were set and a large number re
set, Tho lines are now in better condi
tion than they have boon for several
Hcrvic.o on the Stayton lines costs the
phone users less than in any of the val
ley towns. In many places the feo is
41.50 per month to rhotise phone on
party line, with a higher rate for busi
ness phones and privufo lines. Htnvtoo
Chicago, Jan. M. "I'm afire," -Mrs.
Julian T. Fitzgerald telephoned her
husband. "What, shall I iln.'" "I'nt
it out," he yelled nvor his office phone.
She did.
Chicago, .lun. II. The old Nick
himself is the father of grippe. Wil
bur Voliva, overseer nf Zion City, says
so. The devil has a storehouse of dead
ly gase, one for ouch kind of disease,
snys Voliva. '
Chicago. Jan. 14. Life is merely
problem in geometry, said Hev. C," K.
Wislinrt, local pastor. "Substitute ono
triangle husband, wife and child
for husband and two women or wifo
und two men; result unhiippincss. "
Clnyto, Ala., Jan. 14. Cracksmen en
tered tho Bank of Clayton early today
and robbed it of $20,000. Illoodhounds
uro hunting the robbers.
Snn Francisco, Jan. 14. Mayor
James J. Rolph, Jr., of Hun Francisco,
is recovering today from an operation
for appendicitis performed nt midnight.
A bulletin issued by the mayor's
physicians curly today stated Kolph '
condition is excellent.
de im
Small Orange FudJing
Cream one - fourth cup
ef butter wilhthrrcfovrths
cup of sugar and add one
third cup of juice of Sun
kist Orange and m little
grated rind alternately with
one and one-fmlf cups of
flour sifted with two level
teaspoons of baking pow
der and a little salt. Add
three well beaten rpgssnd
pour into deep muffin pan.
or timbale melds. Set in
pan of hot water and
cook in moderate oven.
Serve hot with sauce.
Mrs. Campbell Will
Stand by Her Husband
Poitlund, Or., Jan. 14. "I'll stand
by him if it kills me."
Thus did Mrs. Charles W. Morrison
today declare, her loyalty for her hus
band of two weeks, who is held in jail
here charge 1 with tho forgery of
checks and drafts to the amount of
Yesterday her brot'icr in Lot) An
geles telegraphed her asking thut she
return and offering monoy. Almost
penniless in a straugo city, deprived
suddculy of tho huitonnd, slia has h ut
such a short time, Mrs. Morrison yet
refused to leave without him.
"I don't want him to employ ft law
yer," sho said. "I wnnt hiux to plead
guilty and take Mb medicine. Wo can
begin all over again afterward."
Morrison cheerfully admits his guilt,
but. seems not to realize the seriousness
of his situation.
""" a"
Oregon again is twiltcd about dis
sipation of its public school fund. That
cannot be helped now, but Oregon can
eoiiH'rvo what has not been dissipated.
Simple Home Treatment Destroys Qorme
of This Dangerous Disease.
Tho reason why so many people who
suffer from Catarrh never seem able
to get cured is that they are continu
ally seeking tho momentary rcllof ot
sprays, douching, greasy creams, oint
ments, etc. Such things do open up
the swollen nostrils ami clear the head
temporarily, besides stopping for a
vihilo tho disgusting blowing, hawking,
spitting and choking, but they uaver
cine. To drive out Catarrh for ood
ou lmo got to get down to its real
cause. Catarrh is a germ disease. Tho
air is always full of catarrh gorme
thrown off by one person and absorbed
by another and when the system does
fail to throw off such germs they find
permanent lodgement in tho noso,
thruiit and head and multiply rapidly.
tne germs or caturrh can tie best
destroyed by inhaling tho pure mcdi
fated air of Hyomci (pronounced High-o-nie).
This splendid and powerful
combination of oil of Kucnlyptus with
other healing ngents has a wonderful
germicidal action. You breathe its air
into your nose, throat and lungs by
means of a small hard rubber Inhaler
which Daniel J. Fry and other lending
druggists h're in Salem and vicinity
supply with every treatment. This
medicated air is certain death to tho
germs of Cutarrh and drives them com
pletely out of ynnr system and when
the germs are destroyed the catarrh
with all its disagroenbie symptoms will
stop, Even two or three minutes use
will givo refreshing relief, whilo, if
you will uso it tow or thdee times a
day for a few wocks it will completely
banish catarrh and evory symptom of
catarrh. As Hyomci is pleasant to
breath and ia always sold by drug
gists everywhere with a positive guar
antee of successful results or money
back, surely so catarrh sufferer should
go lung boforo trying this simple home
The Tempting Odor
that somes from our roast beef, fresh"
troia th oven, will ho matched by the
toothsome flavor of the meat when yon
tat it. Try a roasl for 3u'iday din
rcr. Though It win nut cos', you a ly
moic than you u-nn.iy pay, you wi'f
f td our iiis'.t fin fiucr thuu any voir
evor alo.
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