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Social and Personal
T WERE is a little story about "Pad
r Ay Long Legs" which is now
playing in Portland, at the ITcilig
Wat will oe or interest to saiein folk.
Jean Webster, the author of "Daddy
Lonr Legs," named her heroine Jndy
Abbott, for Jerusha Eleanor Eakin, of
Astoria, the daughter or Mr. and Airs.
W. T. Eakin, who formerly lived in
Jean Webster, who is Mrs. Glenn
Ford MeKinney in private life, is a
eonsin of Airs. Eakin 's, and so when
she named her book after little Judy
Kakin she sent her an autographed
copy of the book and a long letter
about how Judy in "Daddy Long
itfffs was named.
On Saturday Mrs. Eakin and little
Judy will come up from Astoria to see
Judy of the play at the Hcilig.
Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Bush went to
Portland this afternoon where they will
join friends and attend the hockoy
game tonight at the Ice Hippodrome.
The Salem Woman's club will meet
in the public libary on Saturday, De
cember the eleventh.
The dramatic recital which was to
lave been given Saturday has been
postponed until a later date, and Pror.
Wallace MacMurray, who has gained
uch flattering popularity in Salem,
will give an interesting" and brilliant
lecture on liorky.
I The club women will no doubt be
particularly interested in this treat
Saturday as Professor MacMurray is
especially qualified as a, lecturer, and
has an inherent figt of mnstering any
ubject or topic which he may give.
Mr and Mrs. A. N. Moores returned
Tuesday from Snn Francisco, where
they attnded the exposition.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Dwyer was the scone o a pleasant sur
prise party Tuesday evening when a
number of friends gathered to celo
brate Mrs. Lwyor's birthday.
Games formed the evening's enter
tainment, followed by refreshments.
Those present werei
Mr. and Mrs. Bolus, Mr. and Mrs.
Covert, Mr. and Mrs. IVmbcrton, Mrs.
Kooronian, Mrs. Hoyce, Mrs. Shovor,
Mrs. Gibbs, Miss Morterson, Miss
Shovor, Mrs. bovee and Alfred Gibbs.
Mr. and Mrs. George Rodgcrs and
daughter, Margaret, returned Wednes
day from a delightful sojourn in Cali
fornia wlioro they attended the expo
sition in Han Francisco.
ft " ft
As Monday night, the dnte of the
Musiciain iinll, draws near, it becomes
more and inoro apparent that the affair
will be a success, not onlv for the
reason that there will be a 'wonderful
twenty piece orchestra, but that tho
music wil probably bo tho best ovor
iad at any similar affair in Salem.
'I no lollowing musicians, under tho
Bulah Ratliff in Highland on Wednes
day afternoon.
After a brief business session the
remainder of the afternoon was spent
in a social way followed by refresh
ments. The members present were: Mrs. C.
T. Mclntyle, Mrs. E. M. Bencridge,
Mrs. Orpha Bailey. Mrs. Marie Wcy
ant, Mrs. A. M. "('lough, Mrs. Evelyn
Kyder, Mrs. B. P. Waller, Mrs. A.
Gregson. Mrs. M. L. Bryant, Mrs. C. W.
Davis, Mrs. Emma Minton, Mrs. E. 8.
Durkee, Mrs. Alma Bennet, Mrs. Drake,
Mrs. Grace Keuseher, Mrs. P. L.
Frazier, Mrs. Bulah Ratliff.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wickland on
South Twelfth street, are being con
gratulated upon tho arrival of a son,
born December the ninth.
The seniors of the high school will
give their annual reception to the mem
bers of the faculty tonight at the high
The committee in charge of the af
fair have arranged for a unique entertainment.
ft sjt j(c )Jt fc )(c sfc )Jt )(t sfc )jt sjt 3)1 st 3fc ft
1 lillWUAliU
Purchaser Gives Consent and
Waives Rights Offer Not
Yet Accepted
Lloyd Bamsden went to Albany this
Fred G. Buchtel went to Portland
this morning.
A. S. Walker, of Eugeno, was reg
istered at tho Bligh yesterday.
J. B. Dimick, ot Woods, Tillumook
county, wos in tho city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Taw, of" Silver
ton, are in tho city today on business.
A. E. Aufrancc, living east of the
city, was here yesterday on business.
VV, 0, Knighton was a passenger on
the Oregon Electric this morning for
Dr. II. C. Epley is spending the day
in Portland. Ho win Jcturn tomorrow
morning. Mrs. E. E. Unmoyer, of Harrisburtr.
San Francisco, Dec. 10. The hand
some Oregon building at the Panama
Pacific exposition grounds will be used
by the soldiers of the Presidio reser
vation as a club bouso, if the United
States government will accept the of
fer of the Oregon cdmmissioners to
turn over the structure free.
This announcement was made today
by Oeorge M. Hyland, secretary of the
commission, who dVclared! simultane
ously that the difficulties that had
threatened with P. E. O'Hair, wreck
ing contractor, who purchased the
building had all boon smoothed out.
Last week, O'Hair bought the build
ing for $1,020 and at once began to
advertise its lumber for sale. Yester
day, however, tho Oregon commission
ers decided that they would prefer to
have Uncle Sam's soldier boys have
I the building for their club house and
accordingly mnae a rormai oner or tne
structure to Major General J. Franklin
Bell, commanding the western depart
ment of the army.
The only condition attached was that
the government should permit the men
to use the building for their own am
usement as long as it stands on govern
ment property.
This action seemed to bring a con
flict between the commissioners and
O'Hair but the contractor voluntarily
came to tho rescue today. Ho appear
ed at tho Oregon ouilding and said he
would co operate with the commission
to the fullest extent. Ho offered to re
leaso the commission from any obliga
tion to sell the structure to him and
the offer wiib accepted.
The government lias not yet accepted
the commission's offer,
Portland, Ore., Dec.
in n..,
T n ''H1C'!'' viHiti"g hor if", roomy building at the Sun Francisco
J.U. Littler. ,,,, (exposition-wilf be made a club house
j-,r.i, .uiirnn ,ana .101 or.i 11 re- for nrmv men if the federal govern
turned tins morning from a week s trip mcnt wili Hel,vft it 8 a ift, Tfli8 WB(
to tho Alsca country
decided by the Oregon exposition corn
er, ami mfS ueorgo r. nodgers itnct mifjSjon a SI.coil meeting here. The
Miss Margaret Rodger returned last only conditions of the gift is that the
eyen.ng from San Iruncisco where they Dllildin(, must be Mcd T the
"3 cxP09'tl0 dur"'g the clos- dMi(,nnle(1 a,i that it shnli b ' ' r.
J. L. Buell, Southern Pacific right of
way agent, with headquarters at Eu
gene, is in the city todiiy. Ho is on
his way to Monmouth to spend the week
Says Building is His.
Snn Francisco, Dec. 10. Who owns
end with his daughter, Miss Edith, who the. Oregon building at the Pnnama-l'a-
18 inKing a courso at the state normal C1E exposition?
If tho state of Oregon has already
sold it to P. K. 0 'Hair, wrecker, how
can it give it awny to the United
States government f
0 Hnir repeated these questions to-
Athens, Dec. 10. Shortnco of conl in
direction of H. N, Stoudennieyor, will 1 Greece is thrntening suspension of navi- day when newspaper men questioned
Rive tho concert proceeding the dauco Ration and railway service. The gov- lm regarding his cluini to the struc
and play during the evening. ernment hus uppcalod to England for ture. Last week it wns announced that
Jnrst violin, Lily Strge, Mrs. Thomas Tcllf- I aa wrecker had purchased the build
ing winch cost JKW.UUU tor J-l.uzu and he
Holmnn, Miss Mary Si-liultz, and Miss
.Toy Turncrr second violins, C. J.
Kurth, and L. MickelNen; pianos,
eorgin Booth and Mrs. Wnrren Hunt;
flutes, Miller Bevier and W. V. Skin
ner; clarinet, Hans Meyer; oboe, K. H.
Savage- cornets, Dr. Ward Fischer and
Miss Martha Swart; trombono, Herbert
Stiff and Oscar Steelhamniflr; stringod
base, Bert Iiussell; cello, B. IT. Riley.
The Ladios Aid society of the Jason
Jjfa church, met at tho homo of Mrs.
This message possibly indicates that insists that lie has a perfectly legal pa
England, in exerting fresh pressure on VT proving his purchase.
Greece to get what she desires, has Now comes a dispatch from Port
withheld cnoal from her. Greece, how- land stating that the Oregon commis
ever, might counter with a notification sion decided to give the structure to the
that she was unable to carry the allies' government to be 'used as a club house
troops on tho railroads without the coal, for enlisted men of the United Stntet-
' army, rejecting all bids. O'Hair in-
sists that he will not permit any such
New Today Ads, one cent per action, in view of tho fact that ho has
Word. already udvertised it extensively and
has even Bold some of the lumber.
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Passes San Diego Captain
Refuses to Show Up-Tried
to Stop Wireless
. San Diego, Cal., Dec. 10. The dis
abled steamer finneflrtfn inn TinflRer)
this port, evidently making for San
iedro. Assistant Harbor Master Mug.
ler made this report to the United Press
today, after he made a fruitless trip to
sea for the purpose of extending the
courtesy of the port to Captain Gar
lick. The Minnesota now known as the
"mystery ship" should reach 8a Pe
dro about-11 p. m. She is making a
little better time than yesterday, indi
cating that some of her boilers are
working again. Had she been making
for San Francisco, harbor authorities
sav, she would have probably been fur-
iner out 10 sea.
Radio men here say Captain Garlick
was. doing his utmost to prevent his
destination from becoming known. He
failed to communicate with the wire
less stations here today and it was not
known until Mugler's return that the
Minnesota bad passed on her way
Federal officials at all Pacific ports
are on the lookiut for the Minnesota.
A federal grand jury probe of condi
tions aboard ib freely predicted, al
though local officials would not dis
cuss tho case.
Despite reports to the contrary, it is
believed that the Minnesota troubles
are not mechanical ones. Ii they were
mechanical, the secrecy which has been
maintained by the captain would
scarcely have been necessary watcr-
rro;ic men say. .
Newspapermen who attempted to
communicate with Captain Garlick late
yesterday returned here today. They
were unsuccesstul. railing to get the
captain on deck, they shouted to mem
bers of the crew.
"Is there a man named Martin on
board the Linnesotal" tiiey asked.
" Ves," came the reply. ',
"Where is hef". .
Three sailors clasped their hands in
front of them as if manacled and then
pointed towards the bow, as if to indi
cate tuat there was a man in irons and
confined in the ship's brig. A sharp
order from an officer standing near cut
short further conversation.
At that time none of the Minneso
ta's boilers were working.
Captains of the tugs Taqua and
Dauntless, which had tho Minnesota in
tow, reported that Captain Garlick ha-1
refused to even intimate as to the 1
nause of his trouble, or us to the con
ditions aboard.
The opinion here today is that the
Minnesota's boilers were out of com
mission by acid. The Minnesota car
ried a record cargo of foodstuffs for
Grent Britain.
All of the Minnesota's engines are
out of commission."' Captain Garlick
refused to come on "Seek when hailed,
and the captains of the tugs laqua and
Dauntless said he had refused to indi
cate to, them what .the conditions
aboard the Minnesota really are.
"He even tried to suppress my wire
less," said Captain Mitchell of t'.ie
A thorough prolo by a federal grand
jury is predicted here in case the Min
nesota enters this port.
Captain Garlick, of tho Minnesota,
sent conflicting reports as to whether
ho would enter Snn Diego harbor or
continue north, it. became known that
federal officials here are ready to take
some action if the Minnesota docks
iice. The vessel bad not been sight
ed at 0 a. m. ,
The captain of the Minnesota is not
in command of the vessel, those who
attempted to board her late yesterday
related here today.
The first mate is in command, they
Officers of the Mimfesota threaten
ed to shoot the first man who attempt
ed to board her.
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Oarlick's Mouth Closed.
T.os Angeles, Cal Dec. 10. Silence
of Captain Garlick of the disabled lin
er Minnesota today caused tho federal
authorities here to adopt art attitude
of "waiting to be shown" hefort mak
ing nny plans of action in the event the
vessel enters San Pedro harbor.
John B. F.lliott, collector of the port
of I.os Angeles, when informed by the
uiiiii'u r-resR mat tho .Minnesota had
pnssed Snn Diego and might dock here
I 'My impression has been thnt the
Minnesota would continue up to the
t-onsi or nan r rancisro. The federal of
ficials here nre, of course, nhsolutelv
In the dark with regard to- what has
Happened on the vessel. He will not
take any steps until wo are informed
of what has occurred.
"Our regular men will be at the
wharves when the Minnesota docks, if
sue noes so, ana in nny action wo may
take we will be guided by circum
stances of which we are in ignorance
at the present time."
At tho harbor here it was considered
likely that tho Minnesota would wait
until Saturday morning before entering
if sho makes for this port. No ar
rangements for docking her hero have
been mndo.
"You will notice that the Minnesota
is staying within the three mile neu
trality zone," said one federal officer
hero today. He refused to comment,
It is understood that federal officials
have been fully informed as to the
Minnesota's difficulties.
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Pictorial Review
U. G. Shipley Co.
Salem, Oregon
145-147 North Liberty Street.
WI1.SOX To Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H.
Wilson, Rural avenue and Saginaw
streets, December H, 11)15, a son.
LEADLEY To Mr. and Mrs. Martin
( . I.emilcy, at the home of Joseph
Barber, 1.11)5 South Liberty street,
Fridsy, December 10, 1U15, a daughter.
1 or1
v : r
two hours doily military training was
introduced today by Representative
San Francisco, Dec. 10. Federal
authorities will board tho disabled food
ship Minnesota when she reaches here
and start an investigation into the
mystery surrounding her crippling.
That ('. C. Crowley, alleged bomb plot
ter, now under arrest, may bo involved
was the hint from high quarters this
The Original
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Root Plays the Game
For Political Notoriety
Washington, Dec. 10. A general rc-
fubhc.nn assault on 1'residcnt Wilson's
"an-Americanism, tariff and prepared
ness views, insofnr ss the latter relates
to government battleship and armor
plate construction was precipitated by
Senator Root.
Washington, Dee. 10 Construction of
a luu.OOO.OUO national defense high
way, circling the United States, giving
muloymeot to thousands of unemploy
ed and at the same time offering them
An impromptu reunion of South Da
kota friends took place when A. S
Chesbro, of Aberdeen, S. Dakota, en
tered the office of If. A. Johnson, on
State street Thuisdiiy. Mr. ( hesboro
was greeted by Kngcne Morning, H.
.Mumtord, O. ti. Zell, H. Y. Mnmford,
J. S. Austin and I. (). Curtis, all form
erly of Aberdeen. Mr. Chesboro stop
ped in Salem on his way north from
the San Francisco exposition.
At the Social Service Meeting at the
Unitarian church Sunday evening at
7:30, Kev. Tischcr will be the speaker.
His subject will be "Tho Key to Suc
cess." Success is the hopo and muni
tion of every man as well as of tiic
warring nations. There aro many ways
and means of attainment mid yet there
can only be one right way. What this
right way is, Rev. Tischor will en
deavor to present. --.11 friends of pro
gressive thought are invited to these
nieetini's. December 19th -MrB. Anna
Rogers Fish will give a reading from
"The Passing of the Third . Floor
The state went on record today as
favoring the standard tux rolls for
county assessors. Iu Wasco county the
loose leaf system has been in use for
two years and has not been thorough
ly tried out so that its merits or defects
are not fully apparent. Book compan
ies have, taken noto of the innovation
and aro trying to sell various kinds of
new rolls to the counties. This the state
board feels, would result in complicat
ing matters for tho state if every as
sessor were allowed to use his own
judgment as to what form ho would use
in making up his roll,
Former Governor West, In a letter to
the state tax commission, declares that
tho Southern Pacific is claiming tide
lands in Lincoln county to which it is
not entitled. At present 204,000 acres
are ssscssed to the railroad and claim
f'Tr an additional 300,000 acres is made.
This claim is bswd on railroad com
pany maps. Assessor Ball of Lincoln
county, says he is assessing to the pa
tentee or whoever holds title accord
ing to the records. His office is now
tracing ownership of all tide lands in
the county for the past five years. The
stnto board today decided to lay Mr.
West's communication en the table un
til Assessed Ball has sn opportunity
to present .the matter to the board.
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Capital Journal Only
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Tho Capital Journal is the
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changes on the first page. They
are only extras made up for
street sales and out of town
circulation, making no pretense
to being real newspapers. Tho
Capital Journal on the other
hand, contains the complete
leased wire service up to 3:30
p. m., which is 6:30 p. m. In
New York and past, midnight
in Europe, the scat of the great
war. it also contains all tho
local news of Salem and sur
rounding Jorritory that is worth
while. It is a complete after
noon newspaper and the only
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