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Social md Personal
sT" AN FRANCISCO vivacious, yield
in to the lyrical mood of its
MDg and laughter-loving nature
caw the greatest year of its History to
finish Saturday in a burst of glory
probably not to be matched -in the ex
iperiences of the generation.
Throngs of Salem people have visited
and enjoyed the magic beauty and spell
of the great exposition during the year
suid although memory wil always be
nriehed by reason of these experi
ences, most of them came home after a
few days spent in that glittering, chic
mart, hard faced city with a whole
some oontent.
Among those who are still in Cali
fornia and who saw the great brilliant
exposition closed are: Mr. and Mrs.
Ueorge Bodgers, Miss Margaret Rod
ger, Mr. and Mrs. David Eyre, Mrs.
Joseph Alberts, Miss Mary Jaaa Al
berts, Mrs. William Lord, Miss Eliza
beth Lord, Mr. and Mrs, A. N, Moores,
d r&ul Wallace.
A delightfully informal sewing bee
was given Monday by Mrs. George
Meyers, when a groups of Irionds call
ed to spend the afternoon with Mrs.
Udward Thielsen, who is here from San
Mrs. Edwin Baker will entertain the
members of tne Thursday afternoon
club, at a charming one o'clock lunch
eon Thursday.
Last night's dance given by the
members of the Monday Night club in
the artistic Moons hall, proved one of
tne merriest ami most delightful par
ties of the season.
Splendid music and a congenial
crowd made the evening a gay one.
Mr. and . Mrs. Harvey Wells had as
heir week end guests Mr. and Mrs. II.
B. Alger, Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Fowls
and Miss Lorna Gnnong, of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Giltner and
Philip I"atterson,' of Portland, were
week end guests of the Isaac Patter
Sons, at their country place west of
Mrs. J. N. Smith will be hostess
Wednesday afternoon for the members
of the Hapiy Hour Bridge club.
Tho members of the Elite Embroid
ery cluo spent an enjoyable afternoon
at the home of Mrs. E. V. llyder,
The hostess was assisted by Mrs.
Edith Kane and Mrs. W. L, Bryant.
The additional guests were: Mrs.
Edith Kane, Mrt. Grace Mikloson and
Mrs. C. Cleaver.
Mrs. L. E. Bean and son, Alexander,
were the over-Sunday guests of Mrs.
O. P. Hobs.
J. R. Dillon and Mrs. Malto Bolle, of
Oregon !ity, visited at tho home of
Mrs. 0. W. Lucas over Sunday.
Ms. Balph E. Wand, of Sawtelle,
California, is visiting at the home of
her son, Bert Wand, on South Commer
cial street This is Mrs. Wand's first
visit to Salem, since her departure ten
Tn honor of her week end guesi Mrs.
William Reynolds, Mrs. M. E. Rogers
entertained with a five hundred party.
Seven tables of the game were ar
ranged in rooms adorned with feathery
(yellow chrysanthemums. Haying at
the tables were: Mr. and Mrs., Uaiils
dorf, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Aufrance, Mr.
and Mrs. William Clements, Mrs. Car
rie Fisher, Mrs. Joseph Bach, Mrs.
William Koynolds, Miss Minnie Moul
ler, Miss Florence Smith, Miss Rosalie
Bach, William Fisher and Edward Os
tendorf. Mrs. Fisher and A. E. Aufrance were
awarded the prizes.
The annual Red Cross stamp tale is
on in Salem, and those desirous of ob
taining seals for their Christmas par
cels will be able to secure them at
Ladd Bush's bank, Patton's book
store, Commercial store, and the drug
The' Olive Homestead No. 973 Broth
erhood of American Yeomen, will give
another of their jolly dances Friday
evening December the tenth In the
Mooee hall.
Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Plummer, opened
their home on South Fourteenth street,
to a jolly number of young folk Friday
Games and music formed the even
ing's etnertainment, followed by a
dainty collation served by the hostess.
Those present were: Mrs. Harriett
Claggett, Miss Esther Brown, Miss
Grace Hunt, Miss Letha Shopard, Miss
Florence Smith, Mrs. Z. J. Riggs, El
mer Ross, Donald Evans, Homer Hul
sey, Philip Jnskoski, Roland Rhine
hart, Earle and Francis Dimick.
The members of the Philothea class
of the First Bnptist church spent a
pleasant evening with their teacher,
Miss Nina McNary, Friday.
Musical selections were enjoyed on
the phonograph during the evening,
after which Miss Margaret Btolz as
sisted tho hostess in Berving dainty re
freshments. The ladies of the Unitarian church,
were more than a little elated over the
success of their bazaar last week.
Through their enthusiastic and ar
dent efforts the sum of one hundred
dollars was realized.
Dr. and Mrs. W. L, Mercer arrived
homo Monday from California, whore
they visited the exposition in San r'ran-
cisco and other poiuts of interest.
Tho organ recital at ihe First Fres
byterinn church last night given by
Dr. Frank Wilbur Chace, of the Wil
lamette college of music, drew forth
a crowd that packed the church. The
rendition of the music showed clearly
that Dr. Chace is an artist in the in
terpretation of the works of tho mas
ters of music. The absolute quiet of
the audience while a number was being
given showed that the music, was ap
preciated to the fullest by every one
present; a great help to the audience
was the printed programmes which ex
plained each number that was , to be
in nil ten selections were rendered.
warn mmmmmbhmm
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Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of eenuina Norwav nino Tlrut
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don t accent anvthina eU A
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The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
The programme given is as follows:
"Prelude and Fugue on the Name
Bach" Franz Liszt
Largo from "Zerxes"
George Frederick Handel
Scherzo James H. Rogers
Toccata and Fugue in I) Minor
John Sebastian Bach
Tho Morning (Peer Gyua Suite, op.
40) Edward Griee
Symphonic Poem "Finlandia"
Jean Sibelius
Pastoral Suite (new) ..
Clifford Demarsct
1. Sunrise.
: 2. Rustic, Dance.
3. Sunset.
Evensong Edward F. Johnson
"And far away through the arch-
th dim,
A sad, sweet melody,
Like the wind as it wails its evon-
ing bvmn
Over the rustling sea,
Rises now like a bird on the wing
Now sinks to an amorous niuruier
ing." March from "h Organisto Modcrne."
Argentine in 1) Flat Lemore
The uipe organ seemed at time dur
ing the recital, according to the num
ber being Tendered, to be a living an
imnto thing that was voicing its sen
timents unci feelings to the crowd. The
mind was made to imagine many scenes
as the composers thought wandered
Irom one subject to another; from an
appreciation of natural seenjc beauty,
to an enaeavor to give an unucrstanu
ing of the expression of human nature.
Ir. Chace has the power of putting
his personality into his playing, and
ono studies not his technique, while he
is playing, but rather they feel that
mimic is something real and cogniz
able, that its message is as realistic as
is that of poetrv or prose.
The faculty lecture course is proving
highly successful and the large crowds
attest to the fact that worth while
men and women, who are college pro
fessors, are regarded highly in their
own community. The series have been
so prepared that the lecture to tie giv
en will cover a wide range of ground.
ine next mi inner will occur on Janu
ary 10, at which time Prof. Robert E.
Htanffcr, head of the department of
Cnglisu literature will speak on, "Ha
bindranath Tagore; Hindoo Poet and
The United Artisans have arranged
for another of tiieir pleasant social
evenings which will take place Wed
nesday in the Moose hall. Following
the delightful programme which will
bo given during tho evening, there will
m a sale or runcv articles,
Another merry making feature of
the evening will be the installation of
a mystery booth which promises much
Mrs. T. C. Jnndn is here today from
I). C. Walker, of Donald, was in the
city yesterday.
jerry PeMiirt was hero yesterdny
from Silverton.
Gilbert McDonold, ,of Scio, was here
yesterdny on business.
T. I,. Billingsley and wife are in
Portliiud for n few days.
Richard B. Yntes, of Alsea, is here to
spend a few days with Will P. Hudg-ins.
t . I. Poolittle of ( orvallis. spent
the week end in tho city, the guest of
.Mr. ami Mrs. .). It. Evans, North l oin
nierciiil street.
J. W, Hcamsfer, motormnu of the He
lem Street Railway, and wife, will
leave this week for a visit to Mr.
Nenmster's former home in Kansas,
(1. I.. MucGibbon. of Portland, is here
today and will remain in the city for
several weeks. He tins been extended
the privileges of the Commercial club.
The Rev. W. R. Jeffries, pnstor of
tne nrst .Methodist church of Rose
burg, is in the city visiting his daugh
ter. Miss Dorothy Jeffries, who is a
student of Willamette university.
V'sshiiigton, Dec. 7. Secrotary of
State Lansing this afternoon announc
ed receipt of a message indicating that
an Austrian subiunrine fired on tho
American vessel lVtrolite, a Standard
Gil tanker between hrcto anl Tripoli.
One man was wounded.
"- M-M
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i-4 44-44 -44k4444---
Creatures of Passion,
Disloyalty and Anarchy"
Washington, ' Dec, 7. Going far be
yond any utterances he has made thus
far concerning hyphenated Americans,
President Wilson today sizzinfily de
nounced them in his meseagc to eon
greaj. "Creatures of passion, disloyalty and
anarchy," he branded them.
Ho counselled laws to deal with their
machinations. Their activities, their
speech, he said, had poured the "poiB
on of disloyalty into the very arter
ies of our mt'.inai life." They Iw i.
truded into the. sociel placvn 'f the got
eminent; t;i?y heve constitute.! ia this
time of world peril, the "gravest
threat against our national peae and
safety," he said. Their purposes have
been "vindicated;" they have sought
tu "bring the authority and good name
of our government into contempt"
and "to destroy our industries wherev
er they thought it effective for their
vindiciixe purposes to strike at thein. '
The number of these hyphenated
Americans, who have dealt thus harshly
with America, the president said, is
"not great as compared with the whole
number of those sturdy hosts by which
our nation has been enriched in recent
generations out of virile foreign
stocks. "
But, he added significantly, their
number is sufficient "to have made it
necessary that we should promptly
make use of processes of law by which
we may be purged of their corrupt dis
tempers. ' ' 4
In urging the congress to enact laws
to deal with these persons, the presi
dent declared this necessary for no less
reason than to save the honor and self
respect of the nation.
Infinitely malignant," be termed
thsn, adding that they have formed
plots to destrop property; they have
compired against the neutrality of this
government; they have tried to' pry
into tontidentinl government matters
fe serve interests alien to those of the
United Elites.
The president's remarks created a
profound stir.
Washington, Dec. 7. To aid the pres
ent engineering force, the government
will send to the raim'ma canai Decem
ber 11 a committee of 10 noted scien
tists to investigate slides which are now
blocking the big ditch.
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reading the Journal New Today
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South American Travel Series)
Thursday, Friday ud Saturday
ADMISSION . . 10c-6c
President Is Given
Mighty Ovation Today
r ...... . . i
uwiubu jrujn j ago vne.
women members of the corps. Borne of
mem were gma to find psaces in the
Surrounded by secret service men
and police, the president reached the
capitol at 12:20. Capitol guards and
city police kept the crowds awuy from
his ear, and cleared a path to a private
elevator. From there, he was taken
to tho second floor of the capitol to
.Speaker C'lnrk's private room, whore
he shooX hnuds ' cordinlly with the
speaker and greeted the members of the
house and senate delegations.
Twenty minutes Inter, escorted bv the
delegates, the president entered tho
Applause broke forth In a miehtv
volume. .Members aroso from thoir
seats, clapping their hands for what
seemed minutes, while galleries joined
in the ovation.
Above the din of applause, sounded
the "rebel yell" from a southern ad
mirer of the executive.
The president was dressed tn a frock
coat and gray trousers.
As he started his address, his voice
eesaed faint, but as he progressed i
grew stronger. Ho spoke slowly, em
phasizing his words carefully and paus
ing after his pharses.
' The congressmen heard the presi
dent's argument for Pan-Americanism
at first in silence, but when he re
affirmed the Monroe dostrine, particu
larly with reference to equality and in
dependent of all American nations,
there was vigorous handclapping.
Then, too, there was a brief round
of applause when he declared "we will
aid und be a friend to Mexico but will
not coerce her." For the most part,
however, the listeners were engronsel
and silent, taking in eveTy word.
It was noticeable that when the
president spoke of army and navy
needs, and the question of preparedness
these matters were generally not ap
plauded at all.
(Capital Journal Speeiul Service.)
Quinaby, Or., Dec. 7 Mr. Deicht and
wife of California are visiting ut the
home of Mrs. aHroli.
Fred Hargral'ou and wife, of liose
dale, made a week end visit to their
parents over SuturJuy and Sumloy,
CI. G. lieckner, Jesse llulier, J. 1'.
Zielinski and J. 0. AlcKarluno each
made a business trip to l'ortluud re
cently. It is rumored that we are to lose
one of our blacksmiths. It is reported
that. Mr. Tanquary will move to Hop
mere and open a blacksmith shop at
that place.
If the activity in tho lumber busi
ness is a forerunner of good times sure
ly better times are at hand, as J. C.
McFarlane has disposed of four cur
loads of lumber in the last few weeks.
New buildings and improvements seem
to be the order of the day.
Mr. Liskey is building an addition to
aud finishing his house.
Alex Harold has completed a very
handy ami commodious burn in the
place of the one recently burticd.
J. P. Zielinski will also build a new
barn. -
Benna Crest school kouso has be
come the social center for tho entire
The school is progressing nicely un
der the management of Mr. Giro "l and
Mj.s Nash,
The liternry society meets every
Fridav evening. The young peoples'
singing society meets on Sunday even
ing, .Sunday school and preaching on
The younger members of hto literary
society have challenged the older mem
bers for a contest in a literary pro
iam, tho losing side to furnish the
winning lido a supper.
The vounger members rendered their
program on last Friuay evening the
3rd inst., which was very good and ful
ly enjoyed by a full house.
The older members are doing their
bst this week to go tho younger Bet
one uetter and win the supper.
The ladies of the older set, served
coffee, cake and sandwiches on Inst
Friday eveuing, letting the proceeds
go toward paying for the organ.
The younger set will serve refresh
ments on next Friday .evening and will
endeavor to show the old folks how to
serve and also how to extract the coin
from the pockets of the mnlc members.
JORY To Mr. and Mrs. K. If. Jory.
hi Mill street, .Tuesday, December
7, 11M5, a daughter,
Wexford Theatre
Is Entirely Destroyed
(Continued From Page One.)
time but this was crushed down over
his head and ho fell to tho floor. Tho
backs of the seats held the blazintf
roof oti of him while the fire men re
moved soino debris and Smith crawled
down thn nisle on his bnnds and knees.
Tho theatre building belongs to P. '
II. u'Any and the show was operated
by E. K. Dennison who recently took. :
charge of it. The origin of the tiro is
unknown but from the nppenrunco of
the wooden walls when the firemen ar
rived on the sccno it had been burn
ing lor some time when tho ulnrm was
turned 'n.
Mr. D'Arcv being in San Francisco
the amount of insurance, if any, could,
.lot be leu rued.
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lining Dr. Pierce's
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received such
relief Mint I can
recommend them
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11 in a nmiti urn mi
mother and have always insisted that
mv danizhters-iii-luui nun n. Pi...n
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Will surelv and nmr-LI., Kn:cl. u
distress and misery and restoro tho
womanly functions to perfect health.
ioang mothers who preserve (he
chnrm of face and ilgnre in spito of
... ,m .cnciMK luniiiy unit me care ol
growing children are always to be
envied.. Doctor Piorco'a Favorite rW
scriplion gives the strength and health
upon which happy motherhood de
pends. It prnciically does away with
the pann ol mulornity.. It ennbles the
mother to nourish the infnnt life de
pending on her, and onjoy the hourly
happiness of watching the develop-'
meut of a pcrfeotly bonlthy child.
RKlt.lt OF Till hi .APt.-An Z"
Eul"!' ? W ' P" Pwrki's Common
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rstura mail, all chanm prepuL
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service. .