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Order Commandeering Teign Shipping In Her Ports Puz
zles All-German) shes Army Division To Borders
-Immediate Trouble Would Follow Attempt to Seize
Munitions Vessels On Danube-Claimed Greece Will
Grant Demands of Allies in Full
Athens, Dec. 0. Rumania concentra
tion appeared imminent today. Presum
ably to meet it, the 15th German divi
sion has been rushed to Rustchnk on
the edge of Ruma.nia in northeastern
Bulgaria. At the same time, Russians
are expected to land there, and hence
the division may find it necessary to
repel this move as well as to engage
against the Rumanians.
Germany is reported, too, to be send
ing heavy artillery, to tho Rumanian
border from the western front.
The Rumanian order commandeering
foreign shipping to Rumanian ports,
"in the interests of national defense"
was scheduled to go into effect today.
Immediate trouble is anticipated if the
Kmnnninus attempt to seize munitions
vessels of the central powers, now on
tlio Danube. Experts hero do not con
Hider this order to bo sufficient evi
dence that Rumania is joining the nl
Jies, but they confess it is an extremely
puzzling step.
While reports concerning the attitude
of Greece huvo been conflicting for
several days, the latest version today !h
that King Constantino will privntely
unsure the allies that he will grant their
demands in full.
Concentrato on Montenegro.
London, Dec. . Whilo comparative
calm marks other fronts, the campaign
tu wipe out Montenegro and the rem
nants of the (Serb army driven into Al
banian and Montengrin territory con
tinues fiercely.
The Bulgarian official statement, re
ceived here early today, declared the
Serbs fled toward Dibra and Scutari,
Friday, the Bulgors overtook and dis
persed them on tho Ljuihn left bank.
Kins Teter of Serbia was said to
have been carried on a stretcher be
cause the march along tho Drina was
even impossiblo for horses,
Serbs March Back Again,
London, Dec. 6. Fart of the Serbs,
who fled from Monastir, have joined an
nllie.i expedition into the Bulkcn thea
tre vie. Greece, according to Salonika
. j:t orts today.
Lull Before the Storm.
Home, Dec. 6. In diminished activ
ity oiovnd Goritz, military experts to-
d!V saw a lull before a now srnrm. in
nliich fall of the beleaguemd city is
expected to be accomplished.
Ship Escapes Submarine.
London, Dec. 6. The British vessel
Jupnncse l'rincc, after a five hour
hase, in which she was heavily shelled,
escaped a German submarine pursuer, it
yvn nffimnllv nnnounnpd frodnr.1
The press bureau said that the ship
w:is attacked "recently," out tnat it
"ultimately was brought safely to
port." The Japanese 1'riuce was of
4,800 tons.
Colli Youths to Colors.
London, Dec. 0. Soldiers, 19 years
UI, constituting tho 1017 class, will
lie called to tho colors by Kussia early
next year, according to Pctrograd dis
lutches todny.
All Allies at War Council.
Paris. Dec. 0. The first war council
with nil the allies represented, was held
today with Generul dome presiding.
General Sitinski represented Russia
nnd l'orro, Italy; General btatonisn ap
pcarcd for Serbia.
Abe Martin
Suffrage or no miff rage we're all for
ooaw winter. "I knowed he d finny
make a mistake," in Id ole Et Pash,
wheu he heard o' President Wilson's
conila' wed-Iia. '
Russians Lost Heavily.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayville, L. I.,
Doc. 6. "The Russinns lost heavily in
a series of determined attacks south
west of Babit Lake, west of Riga," the
war ornce Claimed toitay.
"On the western front, mine and crre-
nade engagements occurred at many
points. Near Bapaume, two Enelish
e emplanes were shot down and the oc
cupants were killed. ' '
Back Safe From Bagdad.
London, Dec. 6. General Townsend.
who was forced to retreat from the vi
cinity of Bagdad has reached Kut-el-nmara,
his base lf0 miles from Bagdad,
without further fighting, official an
nouncement Baid today.
Halt the Teutons.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayville, L. L,
Dec, C. That tho Sorbs and Montene
grins have halted at least temporarily
the Teutons at tho Montenegrin nnd
Albania frontiers was indicated by to
day's official statement which mention
ed only that the enemy's attacks south
of .Syenitzn and cast of Ipek had been
repulsed, without referring to the re
mainder of tho borders.
Will Indorse the King,
Taris, Dec. C Election of a Greek
parliament, favorablo to King Constan
tino's non-intervention policy appears
certain, according to Athens advices to
dny. Former Promior Vcnizelos has ad
vised his followers not to participate in
the election December 19, declaring it
to be illegal.
A crisis is predicted when Vcnizelos
is compelled to announce his attitude
concerning tho new parliament.
General Trombi Killed.
Rome, Dec. 0. General Trombi has
been killed before the Goritz defenses,
it was officially announced today.
Russia Places Big Orders.
San Francisco, Dec. C. Russia is still
placing lnrge orders for munitions in
this country despite the practical com
pletion of her Lugo new government
plant, according to E. .W. Penfiold,
agent for n number of American firms,
who is returning to the Atlantic const
from Russia, l'cnfield came via the
Trans-Siberinu railroad and the liner
Chiyo Mnru.
Sunk Turkish Destroyer.
London, Dec. fl. British submarines
sank n Turkish destroyer and five sup
ply ships in the Son or Marmora, or
ficial announcement said today.
All Politicians Agree This
Will Overshadow All
Other Questions
Washington, Dec. 0. Preparedness
measure gnlore wero include! todny in
tho flood of bills dropped into the
bouse hopper upon tho opening ot tne
Olth congress.
Socialist Congressman London of
New York, offered a resolution propos
ing a peace conference of neutrals,
Government manufacture of munitions
was proposed by many.
Representative Kottner, of Califor
nia offered a bill to transfer the gov
ernment exhibit at the Panama-Pacific
exposition to the San Diego exposition.
Delegate Wickersham of Alaska of
fered a bill providing for a commis
sion form of local self government for
Chairman Ferris of the public lands
committee, introduced the administra
tion conservation dims lor iiovciopment
under leases, of public, water- power,
land, coal, oil and gns resources a they
passed the last house.
Roosevelt Against It.
New York, Dec. 0. Preparedness Is
the paramount issue before the nation
at tho opening of tho 64th congress,
Former 1'residonU Taft and Roosevelt,
governor of 21 states, former Ambas
sadors Andrew D. White, C'.iarlomagne
D. Tower and C. Joseph H. Chnate, fi
nanciers and politicians agreed today
in a "pence avmposiiim" printed in
the Now York Worll.
All agreed the issue should be non
partisan. Roosevelt felt tho program outlined
oy rresnient vt uson in nis recent -iun
hattnn club speech was "utterly Inade
quale and should be rejectod."
sc sfc s)c sjc s( sc sjc sc )(( s( sc sft sfc )Jc )(t
Washington, Dec. 8. Army
engineers submitted estimates of
$41,839, '10 for rivers and bar-
Dors -projects.
Among the larger demands are
Mississippi river $10,000,000;
Ohio river about $5,500,000;
New York harbor $2,000,000;
Missouri river $2,275,000; Hud-
son river $2,670,000; Columbia
river, Pittsburg landing, Ore-
gon to the sea $2,502,000.
Oregon: Tillamook bay and
bar $40,000; Coos bay $70,000;
C'oquille river $0,000; Clatskalne
river $1,000; Coos river $3,000;
Columbia river mouth $2,104,-
000; upper Columbia river and
tributaries above Celilo Falls
to mouth of tho Snake river
$38,000; Snake rivor to Pitts-
Durg .Landing $25,000; Columbia
and Lower Willamette rivers
Portland $300,000: Yamhill and
Willamette rivers $47,000; Ya-
quina river $3,000; Siuslaw
river $5,000.
One of Church's Most Im
portant Conclaves Six
New Cardinals Created
By Henry Wood.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Rome. Dec. (1. Pone Henmliet in the
consistorial hall todny held one of the
,nu imui tuui cuiinuti's ill luo uip-
tory of the Roman Catholic church.
i'rom tnq i ope s allocution, Vatican
ircles honed there wnuM ilevulnn
moves for an early end of tho war.
The lirst stops of tiie new consistory
wero to create six new cardinals as fol
Monsicrnnro Alfonso Marin M"Utru,.cj.
elo, archbishop of Florence.
Aionsignore Giluio Touti, nuncio at
Munsicrnore Ginvnnni Cnelinrn. nun
cio for Central America.
Monsignore Andreas Furwirtb, Aus
trian nuncio at Munich.
Monstniore Raffaelo Scapinelli, nun
io at Vienna.
Monsienore Giroedo Gusmini. arch
bishop at Boulogne.
A seventh nri'hhitthrtn nnnnintnl iii
secret and will be announced later at
tne popo s pleasure.
It was known that the pope would
exhort tho cardinals to renewed peace
efforts a lid detail again tho horrors of
tho wnr.
Cardinals Bourne nnd Gnsnuot. nf
England; Cabriorcs of France and
Hnrtmann of Gnrninnv nrn nttntwlintr
Each, it is believed, brought his gov
ernment's views, and from their ex
change of ideas, it is felt may spring
tne ueginnings or peace.
Rome, Dec. 6. The pope's allocution
todny contained a stirring appeal for
cany peace.
Five More Indictments
Against Robert Fay
New York, Doc. 0. "Lieutenant'
Robert Fay and five others wero ac
eused of bomb plots against munitions
ships in five new indictments returned
in federal court today. One Indictment
cnarged conspiracy to murder by at
taching bombs to ships leaving Amori
can ports.
Max Hreitimg, Herbert Kienzle, Paul
Scholz, Englebot Broiiklmrst and Paul
naeche wero reindicted, inasmuch as
tne original Indictments cnarged only
conspiracy to destroy ships at sea.
Would Investigate
Several Societies
Washington, Dec. fl. Congressional
investigation of military preparedness
ond pence propaganda Including the
WOrk Of tile llllVV TofKTIlA liihni.. im.
tionnl pence council, the national seou-
rny irugufl una mo American Defonse
society was proposed today in a resolu
tion. Renresontntivn Onrilnnf Xfonaa.
chusettts, offered to the house,
The county tax budget for for
Marlon county as promised by
the county court todav provides
for a general tax of 10 mills
for next year. This Includes
a four mill road tax, .5
mill for special high school tax
and will take earn of the coun-
ty's share of tho new bridge
to bo built across the river at
The tax for 191.1 was 14.7
and 'or 1914 wns 1.1.5 but these
levies wore based upon a prop-
erfy valuation of about $1,-
500,000 greater than the as-
snssed valuation for 1915, Upon
casting up its account for the
year the county court found
that It had on hand an unci-.
ponded bulnnco of $00,000 which
reduces the tax for next year
about 1,5 mills and makes a
good start for the bridge fund.
458,558 Made Farewell
Round of the Dream City
18,875,974 WAS GRAND
An Army of Wreckers Start
Work of Demolition This
San. Francisco, Dec. 6. Where 458,
558 pairs of feet trampled through
scenes of beauty Saturday, vans, mo
tor trucks, grimy, smoky freight trains
and equally grimy workmen today
scurried through the fast approaching
wrocitage or tne ranama-racitic expo
sition. Where there wns sentiment and
beauty last week, there is commercial
ism and wreckage today.
Around the once magnificent courtB
gardens and palaces there are thous
ands of packing crates instead of
thousands of admiring spectators. The
Tower of Jewels, which since Febru
ary 28. the monarch of all it surveyed,
today trembled as the. dawn of its ex
tinction appeared,.
Through the various avenues and
courts, railroad tracks, hidden for ten
months under millions of hurrying feet,
ooro rumbling .freight trains, carrying
paraphernalia for the carting away of
tho exhibits.
Undo Sam hat, the right of way in
the clearance of his exhibits for the
federal displays will be taken at once
to tho Panama esfosition. They prob
ably will be in shape for shipping by
the last of thi- moi th.
Private exhiuaiiJs Until 2darch
1 to remove their displays. This af
ternoon motor trucks and vnns backed
up to the state buildings and their dis
entegration was under way.
Up the joy zone workmen hurried
from place to placo. The cries of leath
er lunged barkers were supplanted by
tne tnump of Hammer ant crowbar.
As a sort of in memorian, the de
partment of admissions issued total at
tendance figures todny. The final to
tal was 18,875,974. The daily average
for the ten months was 65,541. The
last seven days rolled up a total of
Chicago, San Francisco, St.
Louis and Dallas, Texas,
In the Running
Washington, Dec. 0. The fight for
selection of a city for the democratic
national convention next summer open
ed in deadly earnest todny.
Representatives of Han Francisco, St.
Louis, Chicago and Dallas, Texas, were
on hand, talking in money terms. Dnl-
las had tho coin to show. The various
other cities wore ready to offer nuiir-
antees, all of th em attractive. St. Louis
claimed to huvo 17 pledges already
from national committeemen,
Meantime the president withheld any
advice as to whero the convention
should be held.
Borne backers suid Han Francisco had
a good chance; others shouted ns loud
ly that their cities would be selected.
Reports that Fred Lynch, of Mimic
sota, or Homer Cummins, of Connecti
cut, might succeed Chairman McCombs
of the national committee were uncon
firmed by committeemen, but there was
nevertheless some talk of a fight
against McCombs. Tom Tnggnrt, of
Indiana, said that talk of repining
Marshall as vice-president had started
a boom for Governor Ralston, of In
diana, as the president's running mate.
Fossil in thinking of changing its
name. It should be changed, for many
people aro apt to think the Oregon
town is in Washington or California,
Oregon: Tonight
and Tuesday fair,
cooler tonight In
east; unsettled,
probably rain In
-west portion; and
southerly winds.
NATIONAL DEFENSE, NAVY Five-year expenditure, $502,000,
000, for 10 dreadnoughts, five battle cruisers, 10 scout cruisers, 60
destroyers, 15 fleet submarines, 85 coast submarines. 11,500 more men,
76 more officers, 250 more Annapolis cadets, $6,000,000 for aviation,
$25,000,000 for reserve amunition, $7,000,000 government armorplate
factory, federal projectile factory, laboratory and increased militia
ARMY Four-year expenditure oi $500,000,000; increase regular
army to 141,000; retain 129,000 militia, organize 400,000 continental
reserves by enlisting 133,000 citizen-soldiers annually for six-year per-,
iod, with two years on active list requiring two months annual train
ing and four years subject to war call; also $20,000,000 annually for
coast fortifications and $26,000,000 for ammunition and supplies.
GOVERNMENT SHIP PURCHASE From $25,000,000 to $50,000,
000 for ships bought or built and operated in trade by government
shipping board and available for use as transport in war.
REVENUE Extension of war taxes another year, possibly adding
bank checks; continue present sugar duties; extend income tax to
smaller incomes; graduated inheritance tax; raised levy in large in
comes and possible taxation of war munitions.
WAR MEASURES New penalties for neutrality violations, bellig
erents' criminal conspiracies, passport frauds, etc. Protection of
American ships from seizure. Amendment of registry laws. Prevention
of foreign manufactures "dumping" goods on merican markets.
CONSERVATION Water power and dam. measures, Government
land, coal, gas and oil leasing svstems.
WOMAN SUFFRAGE Susan b. Anthony amendment to fedoral
constitution, granting right of nation-wide suffrage to women.
PROHIBITION Dry ameudmeut to federal constitution and a dry
District of Columbia.
RAILROADS Extension of government control with possible ulti
mate government ownership. Government supervision of securities.
Increased powers for Interstate Commerce Commission. Train safety
bill compelling use of steel cars, block signals and other life saving
TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONES Government condemnation
and operation of all Buch lines.
FINANCE Rural land credits and porsonal rural credits. National
budget system, with new system of House supervision. May abolish
comptroller of the currency.
TREATIES Ratify those with Colombia, Nicaragua and Haiti, pay
ing Colombia $25,000,000 as result of Punama canal acquisition, $.1,000,
000 to Nicaragua for exclusive rights to canal route, and establishing
a 10-year American protectorate over Haiti.
PRESIDENTIAL TERM Limitiug president's tenure to one term
of either four or six years.
PRIMARY ELECTIONS Presidential primaries and abolition of
pnrty conventions for all purposes except tho drufting of party plot
forms and nominee-ratifications.
IMMIGRATION Literacy tests for immigrants and also tho ex
clusion of all Asiatics.
CLOTURE Prevent senate filibustering by rules limiting dobato on
any given subject.
both self government in given time.
f. tfi -1 J
Sailor Hired to
In Boilers of Minnesota
San Francisco, Dec. 6 While the big
Hill linor Minnesota, laden with a big
food cargo for England, flounders dis
abled in tho Bcas off Coronada Islands,
British secret service agents here are
said todap to have unearthed details
of a plot to cripple her.
W. A. Martin, water tender, and al
leged "spy' aboard her, said to be
in irons, is reported to nave agreed
with higher ups that the vessel would
not reach its destination with its valit
ablo food cargo.
So great was the trouble in shipping
a crew for the Minnesota at Seattle,
that Martin managed to get aboard de
spite warnings to Balfour Guthrie com
pany, 'local agonts, from the secret ser
vice men.
ivlartin is declared to have smuggled
aboard a quantity of acid which he put
into the boilers. Before sailing ho is
quoted as remarking that tho -hip
would nevor come back "alive."
As a result of these alleged discov
South Salem Councilmanic
Race and Charter Amend
ment Main Issues
Ward No. 1. Basement (lur
field school on North Cottage
Ward No. 2. City Hall.
Ward No. 3. Basement Ma
sonic building.
Ward No. 4. Hendriclt 's build
ing, 221 South Commercial
Ward No. 5. Red Ja way's
building, corner Hood and
Sixth streets.
Ward No. 0. Clark's Grocery
building, corner State and
Twenty-third streets.
Ward No. 7. Poisal & Shaw's
store building, corner Com
mercial and Miller streets.
Polls will be open from 8 a. in.
to 8 p. m.
City election day was quiet sad
aroused little interest if csrly Indica
tions may lie taken as Indicative and
except in South Salem where there is a
contest for alderman few opinions were
heard. The proposed amendment to
tho charter providing for tho foreclos
ing of improvement liens was tho vital
question today but where the voters
wero talilnir no Interest In this matter
the voting was light. At the city
hall where the voting place for ward 2
Is located but 33 votes had been cast at
noon today out of 9.10 registrations,
Th women, however, appear to bo
taking greater interest than they did
. h 1" i . -1 - "i" -1 - , -1 - i " -, -
Put Acid
eries, a thoronuh investiagtion will be
made in Seattle where the reported
plot was hatched. Local officials are
of tho opinion thnt several Germans
now miller suspicion here is alleged
widespread bomb plots knew of this
affair and possibly went to Seattle to
aid in carrying it out.
Tho tug Dauntless and tho Wrecker
Taqua, which put out at top speed from
here Friday niuht after first notice of
her plight were duo to como up to the
Mmnasoia todny otr uoronaio jsinnus.
A second wireless Inst night showed
that the condition of tho vosel was
No Message From Ship.
Snn Diego, Cat., Dec. 6. Fishermen,
arriving hero early today from points
along tho west coast of Lower Califor
nia, reported that they saw no signs of
a vessel in distres off the Coronado Is
lands. Radio operators deny that wireless
calls from tho Minnesota havo beon re
ceived here.
in tho primary election.
ino pons will remain o pen mis even
ing until 8 o'clock and It is expected
thut a heavier vote will bo cast be
fore tne closing hour us many workmen
will not cast their ballot until after
the day's work is over.
Charged With Using
Mails To Defraud
Portland, Or., Dec. fl. Charged with
using the mails to defraud a bunk at
SigoumiA', lown, of $1110, Mrs. Olga
1'orrv, the pretty wile or Cloudo terry
of Corvallis, Oregon, was under arrest
hero today. Federal officials allege
that Mrs. Ferry cashed checks intend
ed for another Mrs. Ferry, whieh came
Into her hands by mistake. She was
arrested at Denver.
Day Spent In Organizing Com
mitteesCopenhagen To
Be Headquarters
By Charles P. Btewart.
(United Press staff correspondent.
Aboard S. S. Osrar II., by wireless
to rittcorisot, ly. I., Dec 0. Henry Ford,
promoter of the peace ship and pence
congress plan to get Europe's warriors
out of the trenches hy Christmas, turn
ed todny to organizing ponce commit
Theso committees will comprise
' clergymen, students and others, includ-
I lug uowspapermen. Their purpose is tu
meet corresponumg cominniee irum
neutral nation aboard and to cn-nper-
ato In election of an International pnce
commission to sit in Copenhagen for
' the remainder of the war. This body
i would receive and offer pence proposals
' but Its business primarily would bo to
give publicity to peace suggestion in
1 fmnlruHf tn tlin " Hirnf dililiinmnv " d(
Democratic National Commit
tee Present Gives Political
Touch to Event .
Hearings On Defense Meas
ures Will Be Open to the
General Public
Washington, Dec. 6. The certainty
of a determined and sorious opposition
to the adminitsration's preparedness1
program hung over the opening of tho
04th congress todny. '
The presence of the democratic na
tional committee slated to select a tim
and place for the national convention
in its session tomorrow rave the day
an unwonted political nspect. The
spectacular feature, attendant upon thai
opening, was Biipplicd y the parade;
of siiftragists, welcoming their envoys
from San Francisco with a monster pe
tition bespenking presidential and con
gressional aid for the federal suff
rage amendment. This demonstration
was marred, too, by the loss of a half
mile of signatures 100,000 names.
ThcBa were expressed from Wilming
ton, Delaware, out coma not Be round.
A bleak, raw day, however, cast
somewhat of a pall on the procession.
uespito tins, nowever, a big throng
marched bravely. A band, and escort
of Atlantic City citizens, honoring Rep
resentative itacnaracn auaea an enliv
ening touch to the day.
In the senate, Secretary Baker pre
sided pending the election of Senator
Clarke as oresidont pro torn., . Vice
President Marshall was absent be
cause of Ii'ib wife's illness.
Previous to the sounding of gavel at
both ends of tho cnpitol the scenato re
publicans in caucus namod Oullinger of
New Hampshire as their leader.
Ilowinc to tho necessity of support
for its preparednoss program, the ad
ministration leaders agreed to take the
republicans into their fullest confi- -dence
in framing tho bills. Hearings
on the detonco measures will be open
to the public except when high offi
cials may bo present to disclose diplo
matic nnd defense secrets, gathered by
representatives abroad.
Friends Turn Against
Former Leader Who Now
Flees For His Life
Douglas, Ariz., Dec. 0. While Fran
cisco Villa and his cxhaustod follow
ers fleo through tho Sauhauripa dis
trict, 200 miles suutli of the border to
day, they uro pursued by V ilia's former
friend Urbulejo and 200 Yaqul Indiana
determined to hunt down the demoral
ized rebels and carry tho body of their
leader to Carriiu.a headquarters.
This report wns mndo today by Gen
eral M. Dieguoz, Curranza military com
mander of tho states of Sonoru, Siiialoa,
Topic and Jalisco, who is hero for a
conference with (ienerul Obregon.
Dieguez made tho report to Captain
Frederick O. Knabenshuo, Twelfth cav
alry, brother of Roy Knubenshue, th
aeronaut. Dicguez told Kuabenshua
that after Crbulejo and his mon sur
rendered at Tuniche the Indian offered
his services to the Carranza govern
ment, promising to follow Villa to the
death aud bring buck his body as proof
of victory.
General Trujillo, another Villa com
mander, surrendered in person to Die
guoz at Hermosillo.
Reports from the fighting zone today
indicated that Villa was "neur the end
of his tether." In addition to tho In
dian pursuit, Villa is trying to get
away from General Estrada's Carran
zistus, who have already beaten and
scattered his rear guard under Colonel
Jesus Pelt run. This Deltrnn is the man
who was reported to have killed the
Amorican Kdgar lleane at Cananea. Af
ter scattering Villa's rear guard, Es
trada sent buck couriers to report that
tho Villista were wore out and falling;
dead by tho way. Many of the remain
ing animals are carrying two or three
men, and other fugitives are marching
the past.
Home of the peuce delegates including
Ford and other loadora, probably will
attompt to cross Germany from, Den
mark to Holland. Despite the fact that
their passports read only to neutral
countries it Is beliovcd that the auth
orities will not dare to interfere with
this mission, . j