Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 29, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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:: Blankets, Comforts, Pillows and Wool Baits ',
Three-Days' Surprise Specials
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Black Silk and
Heavy Coatings
Heavy Winter Coatings h i r
newest weaves and patterns. :K I H
Values up to $3.00 per yard Y v v
Black Messaline, regular $1.00 yard, . . .79c
Black Messaline, regular $1.25 yard, . . .89c
Black Faille, regular $1.75 yard, ....$1.39
Black Peau de Soi, regular $2 yard, . .$1.69
Black Taffeta, regular $1.00 yard, 69c
Black Satin de Paris, regular $2 yard, $1.69
Our Men's Section
The showing in this department is
complete in "Quality Merchandise."
Most beautiful stock of Handkerchiefs
in the very newest designs, put up in
neat and attractive holiday boxes.
Neckwear that will please the most
fastidious dresser. Then there's gowns,
pajamas, underwear, shirts, sox, hats,
suspenders everything a good dresser
This is a timely event. Save on desirable bed coverings
I I ml. a I i i t m v t
in oca. ine mosi complete
secona noor.
All Around Town
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses eorroctly. U. 8. bank bldg.
A. A. Mlckol, recently appointed
freight agent of the Nouthcrii Pacific
at Salem, is "now loenfod with his frni
ily nt 757 Center street. Mr. Mickcl
was formerly freight 'agent lit Albany.
Dr. S tone's Drug Btore.
Roturnlug to the University of Ore
gon lust evening, ut'ter the Tlninksgiv
ing vacation at home, were Hiss .Mnrj
Tisclior, Jliss Mario Churchill, Min
Agues Driscull, Don Byrd, llert I'ord
and Kenneth .Moorcs.
Befora placing your printing order,
Thouo lil7B. Fuller Printing Concern.
Only 22 more shopping days until
Christum. Merchants lire urging shop
curly, the pnstol't'lco department sug
gests mail early and everybody is in
vited to join tiio Kor.ioty fur the l're
ventiou of Useless Hiving.
Dr. B. T. Mclntirs, pnyaician and
urgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. l'hono 410,
irr 1hA vision. ,
All 1HW KYc;
Beyond comparison In a correctly fitted
pair of glasses.
In old flRO the chief soureo of enjoy
moot U the ability to read easily and
comfortably, This la a prlvilego that
should be enjoyed by ovcryone and
good glasses mako it possible.
If you are not now wearing glasses
or the ones you have ara not satisfac
tory it will pay you to como and see
me at once. I giiarnnteo you perfect
satisfaction In every respect, if glasses
will help you I will tell you at ouco.
I do not um drops or drugs In ni lik
ing eiaminttions, as they are danger
looms 210-211 V. S. Bank Bid.
Second Floor is
Toys of all kinds, for young and old.
Books, Games, Dolls, Engines, Model
Builders, Electric Trains, Tool Chests,
Automobiles, Drums complete Toy
land. Bring the Children, find their
wants and shop early while the stocks
are complete.
line or liianKeis, iomioris ana nuows on our
Cliickcn pis dinner, December 1st,
Unity church.
. o
The Elks will soon have a lunch room
of their own. Partitions nro being
torn out today and within u week, ev
erything will be nrrnnged for the mem
bers of the lodge who prefer to lunch
in their own club rooms.
Hygrade, a S cent cigar without an
equal M loin made.
"Blessed Be the Tie That Binds"
was sung by the delegates to the Old
er Hoys' conference, nud those interest
ed in the work, as they circled, with
joined hands, the audience at the Hup
list church last evening. This closed
the tenth annual Older Hoys' confer
ence. If its a lunch you want try the
White Swim Dairy lunch none as
A wedding danco and suppor were
given by Mr. and Airs, lleorgo Yost at
their new homo nenr Miiiw, Saturday
evening, They were married Novem
ber IS. Mrs. Yost was formerly Miss
101 In Ask, of Pintiiiii. About 115 were
present to enjoy the dance, their
friends coming fn.ii till parts of the
Attention, Robckahs. Salem Re
bekah Lodge No. 1, will be called to or
der nt 7:lo sharp, tonight, Ida Tniglio,
N. (1.
The river is falling fast, the guage
this morning reading 111 feet above low
water mark. At the present rate of
fall, the gunge will perhaps read II
feet above by tomorrow, as there lias
been a fall of three feet wi'
last 21 hours. The precipitation during
the 2 hours preceding 8 o'clock this
morning was .It of nn inch,
Winifred Dusonbury, manicuring,
iinirdressing, shampooing. Imperial
Hon ut v Parlors, Dill Sleeves Bldg.
l'hono MX
The funeral of John R. Zachnry, who
died In tho citv Saturday, November
27, 11115, was held this afternoon nt the
parlors of Itlgilon & Hichardson, the
Itev, dames Klvln officiating, with
burial In tho Odd Follows cemetery, He
is survived by a wife and five chil
dren. The Weat Central Circle of the First
M, K. church will give a Grandmothers'
Social In the church Tuesday evening,
November .loth, Kverybndy invited.
Admission 10 cents. 7:30.
Traccy Strong, of Seattle, who de
livered an address before tho Older
Hoys' conference) on, "The Most In
fluential Person in the World," is re
A Few Special
Prices from
50c Cotton Blankets, . . .46c
$1.25 Cotton Blankets $1.15
$1.65 Cotton Blankets $1.46
$2.25 Cotton Blankets $2.05
$2.85 Cotton Blankets $2.53
$4.95 part Wool Bl'kts $4.59
$6 all Wool Blankets $5.45
$8.75 all Wool Bl'kets $8.15
$1.00 Comforts, special 90c
$2.50 Comforts, special $2.25
Etc., etc.
and pillows. Don't shiver X
a i -!! . T
- Style
garded by tho Salem workers as one
of the most successful workers in the
northwest, rVnnng young men. He is
giving all his time to work with boys
and ut. present is secretary of boys'
work in Seattle. ' ' ,
Given away. $7.50 to $20.00 on ev
ery suit nt Mosher's, the tailor, and he
does not take it out of tho workman
ship or material, as all his men are
union tnilors and nro puid by tho piece.
Therefore thero is no slighting or
slumping beciuiBo of reduction in price.
.'141 Stute.
And now comes tho bedless house,
not in Salem, but in Los Angeles where
an npartment hOuso is under construc
tion, without a bed. Tho occupants
will not sleep on clothes hooks in the
closet, however. I he be.ls will fold di
rectly out from tho wall onto a sleep
ing porch. With such an arrangement,
it might lie advisable lor wives to
look carefully into the lolding bod lie
fore reporting a lost husband to the
Prizes awordod at the Horticultural
Palace of the I'annmn-I'iicific exposi
tion hnvo just been nnnounced. A gold
modal, which Is a first prize, was
awarded to n. 1). 'Peters on his exhibit
of Champion prunes, and K. D. Teters
was given honorable mention on his
ilmiiiottc prune exhibit. A second
prize, or silver incdnl, was awarded I
1). M. Field on his display of Italian
jinnies. S. N. Kimball was given a
bronze medal for his exhibit of Hing
With the advance in price from 35
cents to $10 a pound for fancy dye
stuffs within the last your, inn'nufa'c
furors of dross goods are finding thorn
selves up ngniust a hard proposition,
and dry goods merchants in the city
are receiving letters announcing that
in certain linos of fancy dress goods,
prices have ulsn advanced radically
within the last few months. A tnffet'
dross goods that was worth wholesale
00 cents a yard, is now quoted nt 1.2'''
and advances were announced in al
most all dross goods, on account of the
scarcity of dye. All of which seems to
indicate, that along with gasoline, dry
goods are going, up
Do not mall your best friend a fancy
tinsel jpostal Vnrd aiong towards
Christinas and expect said friend to
acknowledge receipt, as there is not
one chance in a thousand of the card
being delivered. The postofflca depart
ment has repeatedly ruled that tinsel
cards are uniiMiiliililo. When such curds
roach the mailing clerk, they are
stamped "not mailable," and that
cuds their travels. If any one wants
to mail a tinsel card, enclose it in nn
envelope, place thereon a two cent
stamp, and it will be started on its
way. Hut the tinsel card by Itself Is
a poor traveler as it never pets any
further than the locnl postoltVc.
Mayor Harley O. White has received
an invitation to bo present nt a ban
quet to be given nt the Chamber of
Commerce, Portlnnd, the evening of
l'ecember 9. tendered by the Chamber
of Commerce to those attending the
fifth annual Unci fie International Live
Stock exposition. This exposition will
Election Day Here
and Congress Meets
One week from today, Monday,
December 6, Beveral things will happen.
On that day congress will convene in
Washington and a city election will be
held in Salem An alderman for thei
fifth ward will be elected, the candi
dates being O. M. Roberts and Levi
Mc.Ornj'keil. TtiA seventh wnril will 1
so elect an alderman, choosing be
tween John White and M. D. Elliott.
An amendment to the city charter
Will flldn fnma nn hnfnm tha lnrrnl
voters of Salem. This amendment pro
vides for means to facilitate the sale of
property on which there is delinquent
usat'nsiiienis. ine present cnartor is
faulty in that it does not give a satis-
mtiuiy line to rann soia lor assess
ments unit tfc nftpn h.innona thnt tli.
city is obliged to take over the prop
erty, or jet me assessment, remain un
paid. The amendment proposod provides for
the sale and foreclosure on delinquent
assessments in the same manner now
provided by the state law for jale and
foreclosure of delinquent taxes.
meet at tho Union StocK yards in
North Portland, December 0 to 11,
wnen livestock from tho entire west
will be shown. - At the banquet, it is
expected that the governors of Ore
gon, Washington, California and Idaho
will be present and take part in the
expressions of good will, following the
banquet. The exposition to be held
at the Union stock yards is purely an
educational affair, and there is no ad
mission charged.
Dr. O. L. Scott, who hna hpon 111 fnr
several days, .is reported to be much
improved although he will not be able
io resume nis pract.ee tor several days.
....The first dance of the season at the
Elk lodge will be given Tuesday even
ing for tho members of tho lodt'o nml
their ladies. These dances will be held
once a month during the winter. The
Klk orchestra will furnish the music.
Ponnoyer English" Alfred Oliver and
Homer Egan returned yesterday to the
Oregon Agricultural " college, after
spending the Thanksgiving holiday's
with realtives.
Dr. Will S. Skiff" who has been in
a i'ortland hospital for several weeks,
is reported today to be slowly improv
ing, with the chances favorable to re
covery. The concert tonight at the armory
is billed to begin at- K::t() o'clock. Ma
dam Kihejdaffor uud her company, who
open tho season, me regarded lis one
of tho best attractions of the course
Scott and Scott, the bicycle firm at
2u2 State street, hnvo sold their fur
niture rmrt nf tlm )i
L ........v .lit uilt.. J1UIU-
utter the business will bo run exclusive
ly lor Dicyclcs and bicycle repairs.
J. N. Cossalman, of Cheney, Wash.,
has moved to the city with his family
und will live at 1170 Union street. Until
two yours ago, when he went to Cheney,
he had been a resident of Salem.
The German-American Society of Sa
lem, Ore., hold its regular annual meet
ing yesterday and elected officers for
the coining year as followsi August
Kehrberger, president; Fred Hartniiin,
vice-president; 11. Scheusner, secre
tary; John Stollmnii, treasurer. Dole
gats elected to the Stuatos Verbaud uro
Mr. Kehrberger and Mr. llumbuig.
The meeting was largely attended.
Thirtny new members were admitted in
to tho society, making a total member
ship of -S5. , . -
The citizens of Wasco county have
agreed to vote road bonds amounting
to 4tf-li,U(l0 but ennnot agree upon the
division of the bonds according to
Chief Deputy Stato Engineer Cantino
who returned to this city yesterday af
ter attending n meeting at Tho Dalles
Saturday night. The residents of tho
southern part of tho county want to
expend $200,000 in their vicinity and
the residents along Columbia highway
want $20X,0(IO for tho completion of
Columbia highway.
Pulling a loaded shot gun from a bug
gy, with the muzzle pointing directly
towards hWn, was rather disastrous this
morning to John Wirt, who lives with
his father four miles east of the city.
The gun whs discharged, and Mr. Wirt
is now in tho Salem hospital with nn
ugly wound in his fore urni. He was
at once taken to the office of Drs, El
lis and Wislicciuis, where the wound
was dressed. The shots entered the
fore arm midway between the wrist
and elbow, nud while they touched
the bone, no arteries were severed. Mr.
Wirt, who is 22 years of age, will bo
obliged to stay at tho hospital for
several days,
Hore is a chance to practice practic
al Christianity. About "0 men, all of
families ami good citizens of Suleui,
want work, nud have njiplied for work
to the Salem Social Service (Voter.
These men will cut wood or do farm
work, or any kind of work, it 'ins been
suggested by several interested in the
work of the Social Circle, that those
who have wood to cut should telephone
Ivan (I. Mi'lianiels, secretary of tho
Circle, at the Commercial club. Men
will be supplied at once for any jobs
and nt the same time, parties having
this work done will do their share to
wards helping tho families of tho many
unemployed men in tho city. With
many men, it is urgent thnt somo work
should be provided, in order that their
families should have tho necessities of
Mr. Benjamin Williams and Mr. R.
A. Harris wore the speakers at the So
cial Service meeting at tho Uiiitnrinu
church lust evening. Mr. Williams
spoke on "Modem Conception of So
cial Justice." It was a fine address
dealing with vitul interests in an ever
enlarging field of social responsibility.
Mr. Harris read a carefully prepared
paper upon, "Jnstloo in tho Division
of Cost mid Trofit." Thnt Mr. Harris
is a patient and careful student of so
cial and political economy was thor
oughly demonstrated by tiio care and
scope of the paper. These social serv
ice meetings nro of Tcnl value to our
peonle, especially those who believe In
public education through public discus
sion, Next Sunday Mr. Walter Denton
will speak upon the subject, "Whnt
Society Owes to tho Underworld."
Caucuses Over Filling Com
mittees Are Harmonious
Only Nine Absentees
Washington, Nov. 29. Machinery for
the sixty-fourth congress got slowly in
to motion today. Harmony was the
watchword in both the democratic sen
atorial caucus and the house ways and
means committees session to pick com
mittee selections.
Neither gathering raised the vital
question of party policy. The senators
adjourned to Wednesday when the rules
committee will place a cloture plan to
choke off unlimited debate, and Sen
ator Kern will announce the steering
Kern was unanimously chosen caucus
chairman, and Senator Pittman, of Ne
vada, was named secretary succeeding
Senator Saulsbury of Delaware. Only
nine out of the 56 democrats were
The house committee started the ere
liminary work of drafting committees,
and reached a satisfactory division of
places with the republicans.
Selection of president pro tem for
the senate went over to Wednesdnv.
Opposition to Senator Clarke, of Ar
kansas is lessening, hence no difficulty
is expected in choosing him,
Senate May Have Cloture.
Washington, Nov. 29 Wheels of the
congressional machinery turned up to
day. Senate democrats in cauous, be
gnn consideration of organization for
the winter. Cloturo and revision of the
rules promised some fireworks. The
house ways and moans committee start
ed the job of chalking up committee
recommendations, and all becnusc con
gress moots next Monday.
The somite caucus heard from Sen
ator Owens' committee which has been
considering revision of tho rules. Their
report, it was understood, was a recom
mendntion for a modified cloture. Some
senators, however, seemed to resent on
croachment on tho time honored right
to talk without hindrance. Despite this
there appeared to be a notimto prospect
that some means would be nitopteil
whereby an uneudiud filibuster cannot
prevail as in tho past.
Re-organization of the senate loader
Bhip promised to return Senator Kern
ns majority leader, Senator Lewis as
party whip ami Senator ClarKe ot -r
knnsns as president pro torn.
Committee assignments are likely to
be much ns m the past.
Two republican vacancies exist on
tho important foreign relations com
mittee by virtue of the retirement of
Senators Burton and Hoot. While there
aro no democratic vacancies, the com
mittee must assign Senator Uhelan of
California, Senator Underwood of Ala
bama, and four others to berths ns new
On the house side, there are ninny
cemmittee vacancies. Likewise, there
are many new republican members to
be taken care of. The domocratis will
caucus Saturday night. Then the re
publicans will hnvo an opportunity to
present their' lists of committee recom
mendations. '
Chairmanships on the foreign rela
tions, appropriations, military, banking,
judiciary, merchant marine committees
will remnin unchanged.
When tho house budget committee
gnthered this forenoon there ser, nod
little prospect of reaching nn agree
ment on a recommendation for a special
budget system.
Dr. Stone's drug store.
Yayne Peike anrt Harold W. Wil
liams, delegates to the Older Boys Con
ference, from tho First Christian
church, Portland, returned to their
homos this morning. While here,
they woro the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
U.S. tlile.
According to an expert automobile
dealer, it will cost the owner of an
automobile four cents nu hour more
... llm.. lfut siinnnor. rirnv iiliner he
III 1JUU l".it D
drives at the rate of 20 miles an hour
and uses about a gallon or gasoline.
Tho price last summer was 12 1-2 cents
n gallon anil now every gallon pumped
into the tank costs 10 1-2 cents.
The championship for High schools
will practically bo decided next Sat
urday, when the Salem High school
foot' ball team goes up ngniust the
I'ortland Washington high school
bnvs. in Portland, The Port land Wash
ington High school tenm defeated Col
umbia University several weeks ago,
while the best Salem could do Inst Sat
urday w n s to play a tie game. Which
ever wins next Saturday will be
acknowledged to be the host team from
High schools in this part of the state.
Mrs. Fred D. Weber of Portland, la
in the city today, coming cpocinlly to
hear her friend, Madam lliholdnffer,
who nppears at the nnnorv this even
ing. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Velio, also of
I oitland aro hero especially to attend
the concert. Mrs. Weber is a member
of the Lnurelhtirst Club, a musical or
ganization, nnd she hopes later to ar
range for the appearance of Mudiiin
Kiheldnffer in I'ortland, under the aus
pices of the l,nurolhurt club.
"Lusher is always at the bnr."
"Vos; that's his fixed post,"
Mrs. Philander C. Knox, Jr.
Indications that Philander C. Knox,
Sr., former secretary of state, has
never completely forgiven Philander
C. .Knox, Jr., for his marriage to a
Providence, R. I., shop girl i3 seen in
the dismantling of the homo of Mrs.
Knox, Jr., in Philadelphia. It is un
derstood that the home was dis
mantled and tho furnishings sold to
meet the demands of creditors. The
former secretary of stato is said to
have denied his son financial aid.
&Ltf -1 fcl -f- l fcfy kl- fcf- J
Why Not Use
4c Columbia QUALITY Carbons?
Made in Oregon ijt
100 Copies Guaranteed from
4c Each Sheet.
Columbia Carbon Paper Mfg. Co.
33rd & Broadway, Portlund, Ore.
4iV lie 4e s Af iV I k b L L
;:::;illf I'll i
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Store and Home
the direct link between store and
home People look to the advertise
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.ttffimmtiitttmmmiiiittiiiiiiMmrmi '
Bob fleorge Rot a Ivrrible shock
lat ni-ht,
Heth Live wire?
Bob Not ho nked Pete for the loan
of 43.00 and got it.
Examined by a I
Our glasses are carefully fitted.
Our lenses are accurately ground.
Our patrous are our best advertisers,
because they are satisfied.
Miss A. McColloch,
- 210 Hubbard Bldg. PhohelOD
The Man-Spun Silk
Luxlte is the new discov
ery of science in its search
for a synthetic silk.
It is the climax of man's
yeare of effort to duplicate
worm-spun silk at far less
It has a new and amaz
ing durability, and a lustre
rivaled only by natural silk.
It gives you this quality,
and luxury, at one-half the
cost of natural silk.
That is why we offerHose
of Luxite at this store. -25c
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G. W. Johnson & Co.
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When in SALEM, OEEGON, stop at
Strictly Modem
Tree and Private Baths .
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The onlv hofl.in the business district.
Nearest' to all Depots, Theatics and
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A Homo Away From Homo.
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Both Phones. Tree Auto Bus.
If the carrier does not give
service notify the office.
ii ami mi in
Businem Term "Holding up a.