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Time hag certainly moved on wings
fhia year, and here we are planning
for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the
New Year when it still seems the heart
of Rummer. Affairs have been few as
society always manes it propitiatory of
ferings to beneficent docds before be
ing satod with music, dances, bridge
parties and other festivities. The cul
mination of the many concurrent events
for the Y. W. C. A. has been most
gratifying and the donations which
were generously offered played no small
part in the success of the undertaking.
This week has been a busy one, and
there have been a number of delightful
affairs, one of tho most attractive bo-
ing the dinner over which Mrs. Hubcn
Boise presided, ns a farewell attention
to Mrs. William Knighton. The board
lor tho charming affair was centored
with gorgeous fluffy yellow and whito
cnrysnnlftomums with covers for: Mr.
and Mrs. William Knighton, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Meyers, MrB. Eugene Broy
Jnan, Mr. and Mrs. John McNary, Mr.
ana airs, i.narics juciary, JVlrB. K. K,
.Wators and Mr. and Mrs. liuben Boise
After dinner tho spacious rooms were
inrown together and the guests enjoyed
a gay evening of dancing. Mj-s. Knight
on is a social favorite and her eracinus
nd attractive manner has endeared her
to a host of friends who will bo glud
to have her with them again in the
epring. Mrs. Knighton will lenvo next
Katnrdny for Sun Francisco, whero she
will be tho guest of Mis. Charles Oray
at tho Orouon buildinir. irnini annti
later where Mr. Knighton will join her.
Bowls filled with woiiderously rich
toned garnet and mahogany dahlias
lormed harmonious decorations for the
bridge party at tho homo of Mrs. Itol
lin K. Jngo on Tuesday afternoon for
which Mrs. Page and Mrs. J. N. Smith
were hostesses. Curd honors wore won
by Miss Kita Steiner and Mrs. Charles
McNary. Assisting were: Mrs. Henry
Meyers, Mrs. Max Huron, Mrs. W. (1.
Allen, Mrs. Frank Hpcurs, Miss Kita
Htciner, Miss Ellen Thielsen, Miss Veda
Delightful in every detail was tho
duck dinner given at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Cliaunccy llishop on Monday
evening. A most distinctive decora
tive effect was formed by profusion
of brilliant autumn reaves,' illuminated
by clusters of minintuio colored lights,
lurs. William Burghnrdt, ,lr., assisted
Mrs. Uishop in serving. .Tho guosts
circling the table were: .lames 11,
Young, Fritz Slnde, Tom Townsond,
Tom Ordemah, Carl 1). Ciabriolson,
Charles lteynolds, William Burghurdt,
Channcey llishop.
One of the season's most eugorly an
ticiated parties is the Cherriuu ball
which will take place in the armory on
Thanksgiving cvo. This affair will
no doubt be n smart one as the Cher
rians are past musters in the art of en
tertainment. Thero havo boon little
or no social gayotios this soasou and
elaborate plans are being nindo to make
this tho notable event of tho yoar. The
patronesses for tho evening n're: Mrs.
Tho. Kay, Mrs. Asahcl Hush, Mrs.
Ooo. Rodgers, Mrs. Husscll Catlin, Mrs.
!liauneoy llishop, Mrs. Win. Connel
Dyre, Mlrs. W. H. Burghnrdt, Jr., Mrs.
John 1). Caughell, Mrs. ('has. L. Dick,
Mrs. D. W. Eyre, Mrs. ('has. II. Fisher,
Mrs. J, If. Ijiinterninn,- Mrs. Milton
Meyers, Mj-a. Win. McGilchrist, Jr.,
Mrs. (lias. L. McNary, Mrs. lien W.
Olcott, Mis. Jl. II. ((linger? Mrs. K. C.
I'atton, Mrs. H. I), ration, Mrs. C. C.
flrnhnm, Mis. Z. J. Higgs, Mrs. Ted
Ludlnm, Mrs. John .1. Huberts, Mrs.
II. (1. Shinlcv. Mrs. T. (!. Hmith. Jr..
Mrs. A. H. Wilson, Mrs. Ceo. E. Waters.
A novel feature of this dance will be
prize dance and singing contest The
roinmittec in charge are Carl (labriulson,
rhnirmnn; James Young, Frank Spears,
Curtis Cross anil llr. I'rinco llyrd.
Tickets will bo on sale the first of' the
Mrs. John D. Sutherland, who is al
ways a most gracious hostess, opened
her home Thursdny to the Jlnppy Hour
club, (luests playing nt four tables
enjoyed an afternoon of bridge with
rurd honors falling to Mrs. Frank
Last Chance
Salem Lyceum Course
Reservation Dates for Season
Tickets Only, November
26 and 27
ISrown. Mrs. H. J. Bean was awarded
the consolation. Jars of stock from
the most delicate pinks to the deeper
shades were placed here and there 'Mrs. W. 11. Danck, Mrs. Oliver Locke,
throughout the rooms. Miss Grace I Mrs. Bnbcn Boise, Mrs. Charles Mc
Bean assisted Mrs. Sutherland in sorv- Nary, Mrs. Frank Durbin, Mrs. G. G.
lnt- Bingham and the hostess.
. Tho afternoon was passed with nee-
Society is impatiently awaiting the die work and the discussion of variouB
opening of the concert season which plans for tho furnishing of a room for
will give Salem the very rare opportun-.: tho Y. W. C. A.
ity of hearing four most brilliant
musicians. Mme. Johanna Gadski, who A delightful pre nuptial attention to
win open me musicui Bcason is tno ac- j Miss Alurio Bolinjjer was the eight
1... .t... 1 -J, 1-. - . 1 ..... .
nuuwiL-itgcu ijiieeii or lyric an i dramat
ic song; Emilio Do Gogorza is the pos
sessor of a voice of beauty and rich
ness. Ho is probably one of the few
artists who has the ability to create at-
mosphcro in all that he sinss. Ossin
Gabrilowitsch has few ccpials and is era formed the center piece, while tho
among the various past masters of tholguests found. their places by a unique
I""1 uauuiuimn nun u ncu
contralto" voice which affords the audi
ence with genuino pleasure. Miss Ma
gors has been zealously workinn to
make these concerts a success, and on
our patronage of them, our credit as
music lovers jn a measure depends.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Rose were
charming hosts for the "500" club
which met at their home on Monday
evening. The rooms were artistically
arranged in big fluffy, chrysanthemums,
fragrant white roses and carnations.
Card favors for tho evening were cap
tured by Mrs. O. C. Locke and Br. It.
K. Leo Steiner. Assisting were Mrs.
Georgo Itodgers and Mrs. Charles Mc
Nary. Mrs. E. 0. Siecke proved a most i
gracious nostess on .Monday evening
wlien she entertained the members of
tho Bridge club at her homo on North
Capital street. Tho high scores were
made by Mrs. Merlin Harding and F.
G. Deckebuch. Three tubloH were ar
ranged for the players nfter which
dancing was enjoyed. Jessie Miller as
sisted tho hostess in serving. Mrs.
Fred Stewart poured. The color motif
of pink was delicately carried out ia
tho dining room, tho table being cen
tored with beautiful carnations of the
snme shade, intermingled with greens.
The club members present were: Mr.
and Mrs. William McGilchrist, Jr., Mr.
nnd Mrs. Homer Hmith, Mr. and' Mrs. F.
G. Deckebach, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin
Harding, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Siecke.
Mrs. Fred Stewurt, Mrs. Lovelace.
Ono of the most delightful affairs
of tho week was the tea over which
Mrs. Arinin Steiner presided honoring
Mrs. C. A. Shelbrede, of lioseburg. The
tea tnblo at which Mrs. Milton Meyers
poured, was effectively centered with
a bowl of vivid rel eeranimns and
ferns. The rooms wero nulow with
scarlet salvia, nnd brilliantly tinted fo
liage which gave a chcertul autumnal
touch throughout. Miss Kita Steiner,
Miss Endn Josso and Mrs. Louise Josse.
Jr., assisted in the dining room, Calling
during tho afternoon were: Mrs. It. E.
loo Steiner, Mrs. Sherman W, Tiioinn-
son, Mrs. George Brown, Mrs. Charles
Usher, Mrs. A. Moore, Mrs. Cnrev .Mar
tin, Mrs. H. B. Houston, Mrs. John
Cougell, Mrs. William London, Mrs.
Itonnld Glover, Mrs. W. 11. Byars, Mrs.
('. J. Olmstead, Miss Hazel 'Olinstcnd,
Mrs. L. Boggs, Mrs. D. Kingslcv, Mrs.
Paul Schmidt
Mrs. John Dubois, Mrs. E. E. Fisher,
Mrs. Lloyd Wilson were hostesses Wed
nesday for n Silver Tea for the Y. W.
C. A. which was given at the home of
Mrs. Dubuis, 8(10 K street. Tho rooms
were udomed with pretty dahlias, with
yellow and white as the prevailing
color motif throughout. Pouring during
the afternoon nt a table arranged in j
the snino effective vellnw nnd white I
dahlias were Mrs. A. K. lliickestein, I brought. These bountiful donations will
and Mrs. W. S. Fnrgo. Assisting the!'10 labeled and placed in piles nround
hostesses in the rooms were Miss Laura
I'urvine, Miss Sain Rowland nnd Miss
Olga Munn. A delightful musical pro-
uram was arranged with solos by Miss
Louise Benson, Miss Marmierite Flow-
Lucile Barton. Miss Marion Fmnions
nave a selection on tho violin and Mrs.
Frank Frickey played several num
bers on the 1 1 in n o. The hustesscs tor
this pretty affair were dated at their
success, as another room is well on its,
A most daintily appointed luncheon,
was that given by Mis. Carlton Smith
on Thursday. A bowl tilled with gnylv
lined flowers centered the table nround
which covers were placed for Mrs. U.
K. Lee Steiner Mis. I,. V. Griffith,
Mrs. Milton Movers, Mrs. Harrv Oling-'
- ,
er, Mrs. G. 0. Brown, Mrs. George
Rodgers, Mrs. Joseph Baumgartnor,
Mrs. hdwin Baker, Mrs. George Kosc.
o 'clock breakfast and shower which
was given Saturday morning by Miss
Regina Long and her mother, Mrs. M.
H. Long, on Twenty-third street. A
bowl of rich golden yellow nasturtiums
1 intnrminiflcd with iMicntn whitA flow.
arrangement or truit lars dressed as
pretty dolls. Covers were placed for:
Miss Bolinger, Miss Bess Kowell, of
Afton, Iowa, Miss Emily Palmer, Miss
Iaura Grant. Miss Zoc Olmsted. Miss
I Marguerite Miles, Mrs. Donald Miles,
Mrs. tl. js. liolinger, Mrs. Mary Long
and the hostesses. Miss Bolinger has
been the motif of many attentions since
ner engagement and several more do
lightfnl affairs will be given before
tne wedding which will take place in
the FirBt Christian church on Novem
ber the twenty-tifth.
By far the most unique social affair
jiven for the Y. W. (.'. A. will be the
Parcel Post party Tuesday evening at
the home of Mrs. William Connel Dver.
Others who will be hostesses for this
gay evening are: Mrs. George Gray,
i'n. .,"11 J.UVllUlll, UI1U .TUB, .CHUT JJllll-
den. All sortB of coaxing nnd mysteri
ous looking packages arranged for sale
will arouse much curiosity and nlure
guests to contribute generously to the
A large share of the assistance to
ward furnishing a room in the Y. W. C.
A. will be the generous contribution
offered by the Grey-Bell next week.
Twenty per ceut of the proceeds Wed
nesday will bo set aside for this causo.
A special musical program has also been
contributed as part of the day's bene
fit. Prominent members of the Y. W.
0. A. will act as patronesses during the
A delightful informal dinner during
tho week was that given by Mrs. Harvey
Wells on Wednesday evening. Rich
vivid hued marigolds adorned tho table
which was effectively arranged for
Mrs. Paul Johnson was the charming
hostess Friday afternoon for the La
Cornier club. Vases of large yellow and
white chrysanthemums here and there
in the various rooms formed the decora
tions. Mrs. Bellinger was the only
additional guest.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Bross and Mrs.
J. S. Pinell will spend the week end in
A pleasant surprise party was that
given by Rev. Elvin, of the First Con
gregational church in tho church par
lors for the members of the choir. Dur
ing tho evening many clever toasts
were given by Mrs. Georgo Brown, Mr.
Bnrio nnd Mr. McGilchrist, tho director
of the choir. A lovely bouquet of rich
yellow chrysanthemums was presented
to Mr. McGilchrist in appreciation of
his elfecient services.
A Thanksgiving shower for the bene
fit of the Old Peoples' home will be
held in the parlors of the M. E. church
Monday evening. Contributions from
every church in town will be sent or
the room. A reception will be held by
the pastors and their wives durinir the
evening and others wishing to increase
Kins very generous oriering nro in
vited. The merchants of tho town are
liberally assisting in this beneficent
undertaking nnd it will no doubt be a
most gratifying success. There will be
an iiiuiKti II. v fine proi!iniii consisting
j0' Mrs. Carlton Smith, Dr. Kpley's
T",r" ' Jiaigueiite c isher and Miss
Margaret Feen with violin solos from
two of hc best artists in the city and
a cornet solo by Dr. Ward Fisher.
Mrs. J. M. Killings, was hostess for a
rretty breakfast and slumber party nt
bonie on South Fourteenth street.
A delicious repast was served at a
centered with dainty pink roses,
intermingled with ferns, The guests
.bidden were: Miss Ethel Listen. Miss
es Uellu ami Alta Johnson, Miss SiiBie
Noud, Miss Nellie HopKins, Miss Fran
ces Ward, Miss nob Mortin, Miss Eve
lyn tireiiiiuels, Misses Evclvn and
Gladys Stevenson, Misses Florence.
.Ksther and Agnes Billings.
Mrs. William Knighton left today for
I'nrtlaiid where she will spend the
week end.
Mrs. Lloyd Haiiscr was dinner host
ess Thursday evening to u number of
friends in honor of Mis. I van Gellinger,
if Sweet Home, who is the guest of
Mrs. W, II, Cook. A graceful piece,
made up of delicate pink roses and
ferns centered the table around which
wero covers lor eight.
A number of merry little people of
Miss Hose's Sunday school class of the
Presbyterian church met nt the home of
I Miss Dorothy Brant on Oak street.
1 10 very Thursday these little folk meet
to sew on pretty and useful articles for
n Christmas box to make linppy the less
fortiinntei Gathering nt this little Ken
sington were: Miss Ruth Griffith, Miss
Alma Martin, Miss Agues Martin, Miss
Klnia KtnniMiinn. Miss Ktva Amsler.
Miss Faith Pridy, Miss Uiuieo .Menu,
miss l.euli Koss, Miss rlorenco Jones,
A sweet and simple wedding was
tnnt or .Mrs. Kiln .Magera to William
Skinner, which took place In San Fran
cisco on Friday at the First Unitarian
church. The. itev. W. D. Simons offi
ciated. Only intimate friends of the
family and relatives were invited. Af
ter i several weeks sojourn in Califor
nia the young people will return to Sa
lem whero they will innko their home.
Miss Marv Schulu lias as her week
. ' V -;itcarni ' l
' J' ' 4
Mrs. Merrill Moores (Gertrude Jones),
iiiin. i. ju. juncs, an --iaoisn 110
end guest, Mies Anna Dawson, of Al
bany. The home of Mrs. J. A. Rise, at 1265
North Nineteenth street, was made thetMiss Agnes nnd Esther Billings: Dia-
settiug for a most enjoyablo alfair onjlopue, Misses Hazel and Jane Pearce;
Saturday afternoon, .when the ladies; vocal solo, Miss Dewley; instrumental
of Englewood Circle of the First M. E
church were entertained by Mrs, J. A.
uise, mrs. u. n. dewett, -Mrs. lieorgc
Martin, Mrs. Ruth. Mrs. lturst. Mrs.
Clapper and Miss Walton, acting to
getner as hostesses. Tho rooms were
tastetuly decorated with autumn leaves
and with green vines in hanging bas-
koib mnuo oi small pumnKins. Several
amusing games were played and read
ings and piano duets were reudered by
the Misses Walton.
Among the guosts of the afternoon
were: Mrs. J. A. Mills, president of
tho general aid society; Mrs. 11. E.
Voorliies, Mrs. J, W. Labnne, Mrs. A.
Barker, Mrs. W. J. Dirr, Mis. l Mc
Millin, Mrs. E. B. Millard, Mrs. Burr.
Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Bowon, Mrs. Baker,
Mrs. JEhinen, Mrs. Mary Barton, and
the Misses Louisa J.. Walton, Lorena
Walton, Carrie aMrtin, Olive (hcnault,
Adella. Chaplen, Chrisrabel Jewett, Ber
nice Rise and Maude Clappcn.
Miss Florence Aiken, of Roscbure.
who has been tiie guest of her sister,
Mrs. Frank Spencer, for several months
returned homo toduv.
Philip Patterson, of Portland, is a
week end guest at the country home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Patter
sou. The Snctstok Dramatic club was de
lightfully entertained nt tho home of
Miss Ruth Schultz on Thursday af-
tornoon, Miss HopKins, who is presi
dent of tho society read the interesting
drama "The Melting Pot." Miss Viv
ian mck also gave several readinis af
ter- which tiie members enjoyed a tasty
hating dish nt a tablo adorned with
lovely fragrant roso buds and fern".
One of the merriest littlo parties of
tho week 'was tho informal dance at tiie
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Sykes on
Center street. Tho guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Eugene Aufrnnec, Mr. and
Mrs. R. White, Mr. and Mrs. Harden-
brook, Mrs. Frances Newberry, Miss
Reuuka Swart, Miss Martha Swart,
MisB Gertrude Walling, Mr. Lewis, Mr.
Mr. Harrv Mills and Mrs. Willard
who havo been furnishing the music for
ITolessor Riuglcr s dancing classes
have been most satisfactory nnd will
most probably be the favored musicians
for 'all club dunces which take place
iiuring ine winter.
A pleasant sociul meeting was held
by the Royal Neighbors nnd Modern
Woodmen of America iu their lodge1
Margaret Mason Writes of
Gotham Fads and Fashions
By Margaret Mason.
nip, hip, liurruh.
No more the stay
Will bind your h'ipi uuduly;
They're free onco more
With curves galore
And most becoming truly.
New York, Nov. 13, You can't put
au 1830 bodice ou a 1013 figure with
any grunt success. Hence, mice fern
ininlty just must wear theso adorable
littlo boned nod pointed bodices it is
up to fomiuinity to reconstruct the
femalo form divine. Special eorsets to
maKo tno firm foundation for this worn
of reconstruction nro now ou the market
nnd the spot.
They differ in throe vital points, or
perhaps wo should say curves, from
"littlo old last year's" ntnyi. They
are two and three inches higher in the
bust, smaller and mure curved at the
waist and most amazing of ull, they are
shorter and less boned over the hip,
with what ii called a "free hip''
Dooin't It just take your breath
away to think that you ore poinp to
have fashion on your hip againf What
will probably take your braath trifl
more, however, ii when you jiuU o
who is the guest of her parents, Mr.
rooms at McCornack hall. During the
evening a pleasing program was given
as follows: Reading, Mr. Bonn; piano
rolo, Miss Anna Anderson: vocal duet,
duet, MiBs Joy and Rex Turned.
Mrs. E. 0. Sicche has issued invita
tions for a Bridge tea on Saturday, No
vember the twentieth.
Miss Cynthia Minis, of St. Louis,
Missouri, will be a week end visitor in
Salem.- Miss Maus is an international
Sunday school worker and will visit
the classes of tho First Christian
church during her stay.'
A most pleasurable affair of the
week was the reception given by Presi
dent and Mrs. Carl G. Doney, Monday
evening nt their homo on Stato street,
houoriug the members of the faculty
aud their wives.
The campaign for the Bale of season
tickets to the Lyceum courso 'is about
closed. During tho past two weeks
nearly 1200 tickets wero placed on
record which is unparnlleled in the hisl
tory of Salem. This is due both to the
excellency of the course offered and the
fact that the price is ono that practic
ally everyone can afford. Tho Lyceum
is primarily for the people and by
making it a great democratic institu
tion so that tho largest number of peo
ple possible can take advantage of it,
then will it accomplish the greatest
amount of good in the community. The
box office wil be open for season res
ervation on November 20 and 27. Tick
ets are also on sale at the music stores.
Mrs. Jessie Savage gave a surprise
birthday party last evening in honor
of Mrs. Alfred Rasmussen, about twen
ty friends being invited. A very pleas
ant evening was spent playing "GOO"
alter which delightful refreshments
were served.
Last Tuesday evening Professor Wal
lace Me Murrav gave the third of his
series of popular lectures on modern
literature, nt Katon Hall. Many towns
people are attending this course and
speak highly of, the numbers, or his
lecture last Tuesday the Professor
chose "An Apreeintiou of the Best in
Modern Literature," in it he gave
some of the fundamental laws and
principled to be followed in tho con
sideration of modern dramns, that are
of interest to either the casunl render
or the confirmed student. Some of the
ideas advanced were: Good tnste in!,'1",".1 Uigh, Mrs. Morrison, Mrs, J. A.
selection of rending material. Many
look O'l good taste ns nn accomplish
ment that fits one for good society so
like a passing fashion they seek to ac
quire it, and from a shallow surface
reading endeavor to puss judgments on
your 1915 corset strings to get. tho new
c.urvod-ln waist effect. Don'f let any
body elso string you for It's going to
be a mighty hard yank. Let there be
no waste of energy in tho pull, either,
or there will be no waist of modish
dimensions In the corsets.
Front lace corsets aro cninine ever
increasing popularity because of their
greater romrort ns well us their goodl
lines. Tbcy are most successful with
u ,... ami m-uy ..guru., ror tan
v,u,iV n n iincn . ice elI"rtlJ, Bro George Gay. Gathering around table
the most approved models. Simplicity(1.,,tiiv adorned iu smilux and softly
... ....v uuunum-iii , , Hiyniiioi
of tho new corsets and they are staid
stays indeed.
Frills of lace nnd ornato trimmings
are lucking, but in many exquisite pale
tints of silk brocho are tho corsets
evolved in their entirety.
Where once all save white or flesh
tinted corsets wero frowned upon bv tbo
,.,..i,u. ..!.. ... ...1... .'....
.e gnSTauve,-grey, icot
i.i..i. i ,i . . i
vrii iMntn vuvm nru ciunfivu iu 1UUBI
fastidious bosoms,
Verily, with tho new high lace corsets
either front or back; and the new high
lace boots front, back or side, the
sartorial success of this season 't dame
hangs on a string. She starts it with a
corset lac and ends up with shoe
Madame Lucie Valair
The Parisian Operatic and Concert Mezzo-Soprano,
who recently came from Paris to Portland, will make
her inaugural appearance there at the Heilig Theatre
Sunday, Nov. 14, 3 p. m..
The program will vary from sacred music to opera
in costume. Mme. Valair will be assisted by Miss
Katherine Ensey, soprano; Mr. G. C. Kiechner, cel
list; -Mr. J. Hutchison, accompanist.
Tickets 50c, 75c, $1.00
forms of literature. This attitudo is
wrong, and a fatal one. Literature is
the foundation of complete living. It
is a delicate indicator of sociul evolu
tion, as it portrays vividly tho life
of any period of history. The world
will lose its dullness and your senses
will be quickened if you mako the
study of literature a true one. It has
ueen ctaimer that nothing worth while
is being produced by modern dramat
ists. Time alone will provo this, there
are, however, a number of dramas of
the present that will be lasting. What
lo we mean by literature Emerson
says, "It is the record of tho best
thoughts." Tins is not strictly true,
iul Diinuy iriic,
but little.
There are two classes of books: Those
for-viuless it has more than intellectual- l l"y
ity to it, unless it appeals to our emo-: Q T . ,
tions, it will not be permanent. The v S' Jn"80. prominent farmer of
mind changes through the ages and itsll'lk coullty' 18 hcr0 today 011 bus"
manner of thinkinir. tho euiutions varv UT!!' . .. ..
of Power, and thoso of Knowledge. The DUJF . , ,
former stir the emotions, stimulate life I , K w- M-nmir. one of the leading mer
and awaken the imagination; tiie latter! ''na?ts of Monmouth, is hero today on!
may be treatises on scientific subjects '"'siness.
of an intellectual nature. Science I Irank W, Durbin and wife left this
nntiquntes, literature lasts. Literature
to be lasting must huvo the element of 1 ortiniiu.
truth in it, or to the intellectual it bo-1 Mr- "id Mrs. Taul Itasimisseu will
comes foolish. It may, however, varyislwnd tho woek end in Portland with
from fact to fiction. Three elements i f riends.
are fundamental. L Organization or George F. Rodgers was n rasseiifer
expression in a permanent form through ; this morning on the Oregon Electric for
simplicity of structure. 2, Sense of the I Portland.
beautiful, taste rejects the vulgar but! Mrs. A. J. Hicks, of Portland, is irt
not the commonplace Avoidanco of j the city to attend the funerol of Frank
pompons au.iectives. t, Acknowledge-
me-it of feeling. Can't, egotism nnd!
pedantry are not permissible. Literary!
style is a perfect expression of the sub-,
ject and a great living personality back
of it. Professor McM array then read;
n short drama notd for its extreme
simplicity, "The Traveling Man," byj
Lady Gregory, w.io will lecturo in a '
short time in Portland. Our sense of !
beauty grows. In primitive times onlyi
general beauty was noticed: as the
ocean, tho forests, sunsets. Now today
but what can bo aireeiateil.
vuv VJ in IIVl M. ClJ41i;i IIIUU11 Dl lilllUJIT
The Loyal Women's class of the
Firs,t Christian clmrcji was .nlcasa:it)y
entertained Thursday afternoon nt the
home ot Mrs. D. D. Olmstead with Mrs.
J. C. Perry, Mrs. L. M, White,. Mrs.. B.
B. ColbatlvMrs. Bliss and Mrs. Thom
as as assistant hostess. About fifty
g'.iets accepted the hospitality of the
hostesses for the afternoon. The rooms
were prettily decorated with quantities
of Shasta daisies, white roses nnd
chrysanthemums, carrying out the gen
eral color Bchemo of white nnd green.
The election of officers for the com
ing year resulted ub follows: President,
MrB. Brunk; vice-president, Mrs. Mul
key; secretary, ilrs. H. ('. L'plcy;
treasurer, Mrs. Babbington. Mrs. Si ay,
the retirinir president itavo a short talk
ami presented tho class with a much
needed gavel, which Mr. Jlnv had
nindo of Oregon wood. The entire class
extended Mrs. May a voto of thanks
for her BOrvice during the past year
and also for tho gilt she had presented.
airs, cmids gave a readina wlnc.i was
greatly enjoyed by all, then Mrs. Gal
loway gave two vocal selections that
were greeted with much applause. A
cafeteria luncheon was served by the
hostesses and the following guests en
joyed their hospitality: Mis, M. J
oZ, Mrs A. L Godfrey, Mrs. t t
' .. .. '
Jones, Mrs. F. T. Porter. .Mrs. Tom
Kay, Mrs. Dr. Mercer, .Mrs. J. C.
Thomas, Mrs. B. B. Colbntii. Mrs. Itliss,
Mrs. . 1 . Vvlute, .Mrs. Caiuphell, Mrs.
II. C. Kpley, Mrs. J. C. Perrv. Mrs.
Galloway, Mrs. L. M. White, MrB. G lea
son, Mrs. Babbington, Mis. Canatsey,
Mrs. L. N. Childs. Airs. Kencdv. Mrs.
Todd, Mrs. May, Mrs. Clcminons. Mrs.
rhniles Knnwlnnd, Mrs. Hartley, Mrs.
It. ('. Watcher, Miss Mary Hunt, MisB
Miller, Miss Martha Mortenson, Mis. i
litisick, Mrs. Keeton, Mrs. W. A. Pon-i
nv, Mrs. Hoberts, .Mrs. Mulkev, Mrs.-)
.1. i:. Godfrey, Mrs. A. E. Mcluiie. Mrs.!
('. ('. Wetzel, Mrs. Peters. Mrs. C. II.
Stewart, of Hutchinson, Kansas, Mis.!
Iee Gholscn, liev. F. T. Porter.
Mrs. .T. II. Bancy, who was severely
injured in a fall several weeks ago is
fast recovering.
Miss Josie Miimkeis, of Brownsville,
who has been the guest of friends and
relatives-Ill Portland, will visit over the
week end with her mint, Mrs. T. C.
jPnvidsou, on S. Commercial street.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turner, have
returned from Bay Ocean, whero they
have been spending several days nt
their cottage "Overlook."
A most attractive Informal luncheon
M1 prided 0Ver Thursday by Mrs
unhted yellow candles, were Mrs,
Frank Spears, Mrs. Connell Dyer. Mrs,
Curtis Cross, Mrs. Clyde Graham, Mrs.
Ted Ludlum and tho hostess. After
luncheon the afternoon was spent in
preparing articles for a room iu the
new Y. W. l A.
Miss Carol Dibble is tho week end
uf M" '
Dr. Bud Mrs. .1. O. VnnWlnkle wero
hosts Wednesday evening for an in
fiirmnl dinner party. Knjoying Dr. and
Mrs. Van Winkle's hospitality were:
Dr. and Mrs. Frnnk Chace, of 'the col
lege of music at Willamette university,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. II. VaiiWinklc mul
daughter, Miss Kosulie.
Mrs. Ruth
E. Sayra is visiting in
Mr. and Mrs. E. A
rora, are in the city.
SI. Cone, of An-
Mrs. R. Hickman, of Marion, was a
Salem visitor yesterday.
Oscar Huyter, an attorney of Dnlliuj,
was hero yesterday on legal business.
11. 11. Gnrliipp, a farmer orl ruitlnml,
: .,:. : ... '
. ilrs- George X. Keeton left this morn-
!" n lnB Oregon r.iecmc tor llurrm-
niormug on the Oregon Ueetric for
L. Pound.
John Hollingsworth, K. Ryals and 0.
Whetstone, nil of Alba nv. Tvero in flirt
city yesterday.
C. L. Sperling returned thia'morning
from a business trip of several days at;
Condon, Gillian county,
l. H. Huggins returned last evening
from a visit of several days nt Lebanon
nnd Crnbtrnc. nn hmriimu.
A. L. Thomas, a prominent' busiiiosti
,,. f w,.,.,.rt : ,7.... .. i...-.
imSSi llis lwlly ,,ome from Fln.
Airs. E. S. Lamport will return tlite
evening from a two months' vinit nt
n-" JjUB A"BmB Hml "
-MrSi Burtha Hanks, of cnnrtin, la,,
left this afternoon for her home after
a threo weeks' visit with Dr. M. E.
A. H. Gage, district superintendent
of the Prudential Insurance company,
returned this morning from a bushiest)
trip of several days at Albany.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knrz left thin
afternoon for San Francisco and Ldm
Angeles. They wjll probably locate in
the southern part of tho state if pleased
with the country.
Congressman Sinnott
Favors Preparedness
Poitland, Ore., Nov. 13. "I am very
strongly in fnvor of urtion by ('(digress
to increase the navy and army so that
they will be udccpiate for the defense,
of the country iu any eventuality, ,
This was the comment today of Con
gressmen N. J. Sinnott, of Oregon, on
the president's preparedness program.
Sinnott, accompanied by his wife and
five children, will leave tonight for
i " J""
I 17 ill tier liv wnv lif fvm Vrnni'iu',, 11,1,
going by way of Wan Francisco and
Les Aiigolos.
Isn't This True
Something that has
proved to be good is
more to be desired than
something that claims
to be better.
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as have been proven we
will absolutely guaran
tee every bottle or pur
chased price gladly re
funded. . Don't . forget the
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