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Ii . ,t MAIN (IflllNTY K ' ' 7Y .
1 Solid Oak
1 Solid Oak
1 Solid Oak
6 Solid Oak
The Complete
Special at
Buy One
1 hese
For Acid Stomachs
1 Use Magnesia
The almost universal use of magne
sia by physicians and specialists in the
treatment of stomach troubles is due
to the fart that it neutralizes the ex
eosBive acid and thus stops food fer
mentation tho direct causo of nearly
all stomach trouble. Of tho many
forms of magnesia such as oxides, ci
trates, carbonates, sulphates, etc., the
ono now supplied in either powdered or
tablet lorni ami especially recommend
ed for acid stomachs is bisurntcd mag
nesia, a teaspoonful of which in a little
wnr water immediately after eating
will neutralize the excessive acid, stop
fermeutation, and thug ensuro painless
normal digestion. Ito sure to get bisur
ated magnesia rather than any other
mfignesia, as this form is prepared espe
cially for tho trentmcnt of acid stom
achs. The five grain tablols are the
most convenient for physicians and
travelers to carry and two tablets are
equivalent, to a tenspoonfnl of the
powder. Tuke two of the tablets (with
or without water) or a tcnspoonful of
the powder in a quarter of a glass of
water after each meal. Stomach suf
ferers nd dyspeptics who follow this
plan and avoid the use of pepsin, char
coal, soda mints, drugs ami medicines
are astonished to find that tho stomach,
relieved of tho irritating acid and gas,
soon regains its normal tono, and can
to its work alono without the doubtful
aid of artificial digestants.
Washington, Nov. 9. Admiral Win -
stow, in command of tho Pacific
squadron, today sent the navy depart
ment confirmation of the Carranzista
capture of Hermosillo.
Carranzista reinforcements have
landed at Guaymas.
General Punston reported the border
situation quiet.
O - R - E -
The Great
An Orpuenm Attraction
A Big Four Comedy
Bring the Youngsters
imng Room
Buffet, value
China Closet, value
6-ft. Extension Table, value
Dining Chairs, value
.Sun Francisco, Nov. 11 Many urreets
of Pacific const states and Nevudn
doctors on charges connected with an
alleged drug ring are imminent, accord
ing to a federal official today. The
first hauls seemed likely here und at
Portland, Ore., as a result of discover
ies of federal officials.
Forgery ,falso representation and
theft of a doctor's prescription regis
try number; together with the peddling
of vast quantities of morphine nnd co
caine in violutiou of tho federal U.
it is cluimed will bo proven.
Tho gigantic alleged ring of drug
traders was unearthed ns a result of n
probe conducted by Collector of Intern
al Revenue Scott.
Catholic Bazaar Scores
Well-Deserved Success
A musical program will lui part of the
features of the evening of the Catholic
bazaar, now being held under the aus
pices of tho women of tho church at St.
Josepuh's hall. Chicken suppers nre al
so. HMrvcn. Tom Onli'mmm will nauiut
jn this evenine's nroirram. nccomnanicd
by tho Kuights of Columbus orcheBtrn.
The hall is filled with fsnc.y booths
attractively decorated, whero fancy
worn, candu'B and novelties are syrt
Among tno Dooms tuat attracted the
greater interest was the parcel post
booth in charge of Mrs. Joseph Bach
and Mrs. A. K. Huckesteiu. Mrs. Joseph
G - O - N
A Fox Feature.
The Complete
Special at
A Han Fnincisco woman and her
daughter were snid to be the first ones
slated for the federal dragnet.
First clues of tho alleged infringe
ment, of the law came" when records
purporting to show that a Sun Fran
cisco physician hud purchased $10,000
worth of cocaine and morphine within
three weeks. Investigation showed that
ho actually had not bought more than
usual, but that his prescription nnd
registry number had been stolen and
used by the ulleged drug ring.-
The woman, slated for arrest, is said
to be suspected of selling drugs to so
ciety women here.
Two arrests in Reno, several in Port
land and a number here, were nrumiu il
uy me uuinomiCB.
I.egold, Mrs. Frank Jakoski nnd Mrs.
J. N. Murruy had charge of the apron
Doom, mo inncy work; booth is in
charge of Mrs. J. F. Fleming, Mrs. IK
H. Pngo and Mrs. Roy Davidson. Other
booths doing a rushing business Inst ev
ening were tho candy booth, in charge
of Mrs. It. K. Merwiii, assisted by Mrs.
E. C. McKinney, Mrs. Frank McCarthy,
Mrs. E. C. Quinn and Mrs. O. B. Feist,
and tho fish pond booth in charge of
Mrs. J. F. Hessler, Mrs. J. It. Hecnnn
and Mrs. E. Finney.
Thoso assisting in the kitchen are:
Mrs. Patrick WiiIbIi, Mrs. Martin
Petzel, Mrs. Frank Dnvey, Mrs. Al
bert O'Brien, Mrs. J. C. Nndun, Miss
Mary Lebold, Mrs. V. Kiidstanclt.
Tho tables are in charge of .Mrs.
John Noud, Mrs. John Nuthmnn, Mrs.
W. C. Phillips. Assisting about the
tables are Misses Mario Breitensteln,
Clara Breiteiistcin, Clara Burr, Mrs.
Thomas Nndon, Miss I.oetta Noud.
Beginning at 8 o'clock last evening
a. program of musical number was giv
en. These Included a piano solo by Miss
Eleanor Huckesteiu, a reading by Mrsi
Blanche Noimeyer, a mandolin and gui
tar duct by F. N. Alley and H. H. Car
ter and vocal solos by Dun EangenburA
and F. N. Mclnturff.
The attendance last evening wnt
large and tho audieuco was well enter
tained. Municipal Railroad
. Pays Splendid Profits
San Frsneiseo. Nov. 11. The ftn
Francisco municipal railroads continue
to bo operated at a profit. A report
filed today by (Superintendent Cnshln
of the eity lines shows that durng Oc
tober 200,11)8.70 was taken in nnd
108,171.3(1 expended, lenvinir a norfit
ot 101.027.40. After tho depreciation
and sinking funfls have been apportion
ed their shnre of this amount the ettv
will have approximately 175,000 net
Exports of buttor liavo multiplied
four times in 15 months and vot we
wero warned that tho new tariff would
ruin the dairying Industry.
T .68 OF
Tax Commission Opens Its
Annual Discussion With
County Assessors
The state tax commission tmlnv nn.
ed up the way for a series of informal
visits and invited considerable corres
pondence from county nssessors hv isan.
' inp tho trmtntivn rntin nf n ., t
r - v iiiv unL-B!UU
value of the taxable property in each
county to the full cash value. Each
county assessor is required, under tho
law, to assess tho property at its full
cusii vaiuo a lid eacn ninintiiins that he
does. Then tho tax commission issues
the tentative ratio which shows what
per cent of truth there is in tho asser
tions of the county assessor according
to the opinion of the tax commission.
The county assessor in turn declares
that the value imposed by the tax com
mission upon the property is too high,
and that the assessed is in better posi
tion to know the value of the property
than the tax commission. After a few
preliminary remarks each holds to his
original position nnd there the matter
rests with each fulfilling his duty to
tho best of his own judgment.
The county nssessors say that i fthcy
assessed the property at its full value
as judged by the tax commission they
would hear a roar from an oiirngcil
populace that "would cause the Euronean
turmoil to sink to a niero whisper. One
philosophical county assessor made an
ulmost "neutral" statement whou he
said that he mado his property valua
tions with one oyo on the law, one eye
on tho property and the other on the
recall and tried to satisfy all three
points of viow.
According to tho tentative list issued
today Marion county property is nssess
od at 08 per cent of its actual cash val
ue, last year it was assessed at 09 per
cent or its lull value according to the
estimates of the tax commission. Tilla
mook is assessed at 89 per cent which
is practically full value. The follow
ing list is only tentative ns the vulnes
of corporation proprietors within the
respective counties havo uot been made
for 191(5.
The full list follows:
Baker '.
I Clackamas
Clatsop ,
Curry ',
Gilliam , ,
TIarney (15
Hood River , (17
Jackson 04
Josephine .(19
Klamath (19
Lincoln (1.1
i'lori 08
Malheur 02
Marion 08
Morrow 87
Multnomah 01
Polk , 53
Sherman 08
Tillamook 80
lTnim 71
Wallowa 73
Wasco 74
Washington 53
Wheeler 72
Yamhill 52
Amsterdam, Nov. 11. The kaiser has
commuted the death sentences against
Countess Jeanne de Belleville, Mndaine
Louise Thuliez, nnd tho chemist I.ouis
Severin to penal servitude for life, ae '
cording to tho Tyd's Belgian correspon
dent today. They wcro sentenced fur
espionage in Belgium.
Washington, Nov. 11 Seizure of the
American steamer Hocking at Halifax,
by tho British, was explained by Eng
land today on the ground tho vessel was
"enemy owned." No details were an
nounced, however, by tho state depart
ment. reckville, Pa., Nov. 11 Three arrests
today followed tho finding of 150
pounds of dynamite hero, intended, it
in ufiiuvcu, io destroy Tne utipont low
der works in tho next village.
Washington, Nov. 11. Suspicious
fires in munitions plnnts recently nre
under investigation by tho department
of justice, it was admitted today.
Athens, Nov. 11. Authentic Salonika
reports today told of heavy fighting be
tween the Herbs und Hulgnrs east of
County Clerk Secures
, Reputation Abroad As
Matrimonial Agent
About two months ago County Clerk
Max If. Gehlhnr received n letter from
a young woman at least she said she
was young-of Terre Haute, Indiana,
who sought tho addresses of a few
honorable young men of this county
wno wouki correspond witn ner with i
viow of entering tho slate of matri
mony about tho same timo sho entered
the state of Oregon. Hecently she wrote
again to the enmity clerk Informlnir
him that the list of names submitted
by him had proved to be highly satis
factory and that, tho affair with one
young man was progressing particularly
well, .
It Is probablo that she confided her
secrets to a friend back in Terro Itnute
because a request for nnothtnr list of
"cllgibles" was received tndny by the
county clork from another young lsdy
or the eastern city. Mr. Uehlhnr mnde
haste to reply by forwarding a now list
0f "honorable young men."'
Constantly, with all the
changing fortunes of war,
friendly bacteria in the
body are waging war
against invading microbes.
Disease is the victory of
the enemy, health the su
premacy of the home
combine (he friendly, health giving
bacilli of Bulgarian sour milk fer
ments with Glyco-Bakter the
Bacillus of Long Life. Taken per
sistently, they tend to prevent
premature old age and guard
against headache, biliousness,
nerve and stomach disorders, such
disasters as auto-intoxication and
hardening of the arteries.
$1.00 per bottle a week's treat
ment ask for it tsday
Salem, Oregon.
Cll loday (or copy ot "Pi mature Old Aer ll
Cause and Prevention." By Dr. A. V. drSoiu.
1 Intesli-Fermin is mnde exclusively by
The Berlin Laboratory, Ltd.
New York City
W. H. Abrams, Pioneer
of 1867, Dies In Eugene
(Eugene Register.)
William H. Abrams, one of the early
residents of Eugene, later for mnn'v
years a resident of Cottage Grove, died
ui nis nome at U'.IU Patterson street,
in this city yesterdny. Paralysis was
tho cause of death.
Mr. Abrams was one of the early
pionoers of Lane county nnd Eugene,
lie: was born in Rochester, N. Y., Octo
ber 10, 1843, and spent his early boy
hood days in that city, Inter settling
iu Perry, N. Y.
When the Civil war broke out Mr.
Abrnms enlisted in the union army,
serving iu Company B Ninth regiment,
Michigan cavalry. He was honorably
dismissed from army service in 1H05.
In that year he moved to Coldwater,
Michigan, where ho married Frances
Bullnrd. In 1807 he came to Oregon by
tho Isthmus of Panama, His wife died
in 8"(l, leaving three children. Mrs.
C. J. Howard, of Eugene; Thomas C.
Abrams, of Kalama, Wash., and Mrs. O,
O. MeClellan, of Salem.
In 1878 Mr. Abrams returned to
Perry, N. Y., the heme of his boyhood
and married Miss Alice Buchlnnd. Mr.
and Mrs. Abrams returned to Eutrene
I immediately after the marriage und
have resided in Lane county since,
Mr. Abrnms was well known both in
Euirene and Cnitmrn flrnvo. TTi u-hh
the builder of Villard hall at the Uni
versity and tho Hoffman hotel in Eu
gene. He was mayor of Cottage Grove
and builder of the electric lighting sys
tem there.
Mr. Abrnms is survived by n widow
and tho children mentioned. Mr.
Abrams was a member of the Masonic
lodge, Woodmen of tho World, nnd the
Grand Army of the Republic. Funeral
services will bo held from the Gordon
Ventch chapel Wednesday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock. Remains will be
placed In the mausoleum. Rev. Win.
Parsons will have charge of tho ser
vices ath the chapel and the services at
the mausoleum will bo conducted by
the Masonic lodge.
One Lonely Little Girl
Will Get Good Home
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 11. Lonely Ethel
Amlliesseii is going to have a home.
Her prayer that, siio be given a plucu
where sho could have some ono to love
her nnil give her a square meal has
been answered.
Mrs. G. A. Black, of Hnllistor. Cali
fornia, seeing tho girl'n tearful letter
to Chief White, of Sun Francisco, wired
her to coino to live with her.
Tears of joy stood iu the girl's eves.
She was ready to fulfill her offer of
walking across tho continent if site
could but have the home. IjOi-oI char
ity officials, however, dissuaded her
from starting out at once, ns they
wished to investigate the California
woman's offer before allowing tho girl
to go there. j
Only a few more days to Thanksgiv
ing, and 20 dnys from then to Christ
mas. Bettor begin doing that Christ
in 'is shopping.
A great many Salem women, who
havo nn abundance of hoautiful hair,1
know about a r-'iiinrkablo hair formula'
which every woman onght to know!
about. For n number of years Halem I
druggists have been continually called
iikiii to mix this formula, llndoubt-1
edly tho use of this formula is largely
tho secret of tho beauty and luxuriance i'
of the huir of very many Halem women
ami men too. Tho formula, consists
of six ounces of bay ruin, two ounces
InvonA de comiiOHoe, and' one hnlf
drachm of menthol crystals, Home
peoplo add n tenspoonfnl of perfume.
A New York physician and a New
York chemist wero recently consulted
regarding tho efficacy of this mixture
ami they both say they know of noth-
ng belter to destroy dundrnlf, stiinu
Into liiiir growth, clennso ami invigorate
the scnlp, stop fulling hair, and to
make tho hair fluffy and give it lustre.
Any druggist ca;l furnish you tho In
gredients which you can mix at home
or will mix them for you. Apply to the
scnlp night and morning and rub in
with the finger tips.
viuiuvn niiiiu ivvnr
Sues Portland Police.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 11. Alleging
that she had reason to believe that im
moral womeu were "planted" in her
rooming house, the Van Gorder hotel,
to furnish grounds for raids. Mrs. R. A.
Burnett has today filod suit for 25.000
against the Portland police department
moral squad.
Airs. Burnett declares that the two
raids on her establishment have ininred
her business and reputation.
The numbers of the monit squad,
named in the suit were W. H. Warren.
private secretary of Mayor Albee; Po
lice Lieutenant I.. A. Harms, nnd Pa
trolman Lee Martin.
Alleged Arsonist Indicted.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 11. Another al
leged arsonist is under indictment by
tho grand jury today. Mrs. Daisy Mil
ler is charged with burning her home
last November for the insurance money.
Three members of the coast-wide ar
son trust will begin serving sentences
of from three to seven years in the
state penitentiary today. They nre Snn
ford Currier. Monty Akevsnn nnd v
Woolette. Mordie Koenoy, given the'1'" tn'9 town of 4000, wrecked the Sun
same sentence for arson following con
victiou several days ago is tnkine ad
vantage of 15 days stay of execution to
perfect an appeal to the supremo court.
He Stulo Two Pianos.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 11 That he stole
two pianos and sold and traded them
until his profits reached $100 was the
confession Charles Fnrnhnm, a moving
picture operator, made to tho police to
day. The pianos wcro in a movie theatre
that had gono out of business. Furn
ham hired u transfer man to put them
in storage, nnd after 30 days began a
series of barters by which he disposed
of them.
Six Tersons Iniured.
Portland, Ore, Nov. 11. Six persons
day ns the result of a street car run
....,.,"'(; uijurirn iu-
ning away for soveral blocks and crnsli
ing into another, which in turn collid'
with a third last night. The cars were
badly damaged. It was almost mirac
ulous that there was not loss of life.
The ear that started tho trouble wns
left unattended by its crew und cvi -
uiukJjr Vll lit, UI1UUIHC3.
Farmors Hold Wheat
Pendleton, Ore., Nov. 11. Wheat
valued at 3,150,000, is being held by
tho growers of IJmutilla county for
higher prices, it was estimated today.
Out of between 4,500,000 and 5,000,000
bushels grown in the county in 19.15 it
was believed that not inoro than 20 or
25 per cent had been sold.
Revival In Mining.
Baker, Ore., Nov. 11. A revival in
tho Greenhorn mining district is expect
od today as tho result of the locating of
a vein on the Petty und Abies property
which assays nearly $1,000 to the ton. '
Tho vein has been opened up for 00
feet, but neither end has been found.
Held Up Street Car.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 11. Two mask-
ed men, revolvers in hand held up a
street, car mi the Wnmlutnek iu 1.111I,.
today and relieved Conductor B. W.
Cooley of $!.75 in small change.
There were no passengers ou the car.
Seattle Man Injured.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 11. As the re
sult of being knocked off by a street
car or fulling from u trestle on the
Vancouver line, Charles Wilson, aged
15, of Seattle, is suffering from se
rious injuries today, His jawbone and
breastbone wero fractured.
Killed While Hunting.
Oregon City, Ore., Nov. 11. Acciden
tally shooting himHcK in the neck while
hunting near here, Joe Nordberg, aged
10, of Portland, is dead tndny.
Big line of Waists, House, Dresses, Bilk Goods, Men's and Boys'
Suits, Pants and Overalls, Ladles', dents, and Children's TJndorweat,
OvershJrts, Sweaters and Shoes. Ladlos' and Children's Fancy Dresses,
Neckwear, Ladles' and Gents' Hosiery, Gloves, Comforters, Blankets,
Embroideries, Laces and Mattings.
Wo make up Dresses, Wrappers, Klmonas and Wliito Underwear. All
goods selling at lower prices.
mja""' '"""'"'ii "n xm
A poor or inferior butter will make the best
bread distasteful
Marion Creamery Butter
"Meadow Brook"
H costs no more and you Get the Best
Gel a Can
From Your
or Grocery Dealer
Four Were Killed Cyclone
(Continued from rage One.
Bend today came out from under the
debris to the work of rehabilitation.
Following a hard wind with fitful
electrical showers, a dark funnel-shaped
cloud rushed in with a roar from ther
sonthwest last night, and struck in tlict
light and wnter plants, leaving the cit
iu darkness and without fire protection.
It smashed its way through, taking itt
life toll nud wrecking muny structure:!
in its wake.
The twister swept away many bouses
- 1 ta te station, levelled a stand pipo,
and then swept eastward, striking other
towns. Among tho places destroyed
here were a school, three mills and
ninny homes. .
Other towns in the path of the cy
clone, but which suffered less dnmugc,
included Lamed, Hutchinson, Derby,
Claflin, Hoisingtou and Hartford, S. t.
Tho wind literally picked up many
mi i Mines, hurling them considerable
distance or trashing them into kindling
with their ocenpnnts beneath thorn.
Number five Santa Fo passenger train
came near being caught in tho atmos
pueric. maelstrom.
Cut off from fire protection, citizens..
formed ft volunteer fire department to
fight many blazes following in the pit!
of overturned Inmps and stoves.
i no cyclone ripped a tnreetourths or
ft 1111 ft nntll tliroilirh tlia litwii Inbimr
us cnier ton in. tne residence district.
In the outlying districts however, many
sneep were picked up dead, smashed to
death in tho feeding pens after being
thrown high in the air.
A drenching rnin fell all night. At
dawn the city aws still prying under
ruined buildings for trace of other dead
'and injured. Physicians poured iu from
neigiboring villages to give aid to tin)
Several men in tho three mills wreck
ed wero killed. Rescuing parties feared
that the death toll may run higher
than the eurlier reports indicated.
Storm Sweeps Several States.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 11. Torn by
a "twister" and drenched under heavy
rninfnll, Kansas, parts of Nebraska nnrl
South Dakota begnn to report today
heavy damage from last nigut's storm.
The worst part of it struck Great Head,
Kansas, whero four persons were killed.
Communication is still greatly crip
pled so the totul figures on casualtien
und destruction may not be known for
a few days.
Damage Not Heavy.
Lincoln, Neb. Nov. 11. As fur lift
known early today, no casualties nn.'l
'yUi from tho cyclone" which swept
,.- , t, . ,J . : . .
Ivuiifr.is and -Nebraska last night. Tho
state was drenched with n heavy rni:i.
Central Nebraska reported a heavy
wind, with some buildings unroofed and
blown over. Ijiter tho rain tinned to
snow iu tha western section.
Death List Grows.
Wichita, Kns., Nov. 11 Mrs. Willimn
La Force und her servant, .Miss Mea
dows, and Mrs. Hurtle were killed iu
the cyclone which struck Seybal, south
of here lust night. Mr. Hurtle ami
two children were brought to ii hospital
here, seriously injured.
Sevba was badly damaged.
A Mexican was killed and 27 persomt
injured when u bunk truiu was demol
ished at Derby.