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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
Editor and Manager
November :i, 1!1".
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The move to make China a monarchy is now laid at
the door of the Germans, who, it is claimed, have stirred
the matter up for. the purpose of starting trouble in
China that will keep Japan busy. This may or may not
be true, but anyway the German diplomats so far have
overlooked nothing, and have almost invariably won out.
As a neat bit of strategy it has all the ear marks of being
"Made in Germany."
Although the announcement was made Monday that
Oregon's first citizen, Mr. S. Benson, of Portland, had
sent his check to Hood River county, and would pay no
more, the dispatches yesterday carried the glad tidings
(to Hood River) that, this good angel nad 'lorwaraea
another check in the sum of $;5,75:5.05 to cover all
Eugenics seems to have pretty well run
While in some quarters there are persistent denials
of any food shortage in Germany, the rumors are just as
persistent, and they are backed up by so ihany facts as
to disnense with all doubt. How great or how serious this
its course shortage is is unknown, but that it is causing the German
ihoiifrh it is still somewhat of a fad. Not that it did not; government consiaerame worry is uimwwuit
O - - - .ill
have, or has not now considerable merit, but the fad part
consisted in exploiting babies who happened to be more
or less nearly perfect physically, without paying any at
tention to the real object expressed in the term "Eugenic"
or better born.
Another feature of the affair, which was genuine
fadism, was the pointing out by the wise ones, that: "We
looked after our cattle, hogs and horses, even our dogs,
to get the most perfect breeds; but' neglected to do as
much for our children." They did not stop to consider
the means we took to improve our stock and certainly
had they done so, none would have recommended using
the same means, especially about their own babies.
"A sound mind in a sound body" is a combination
rather unfortunately rare, though most devoutly to be
.sought after, for somehow nature has a way of balancing
things, giving the strongest minds to the weakest bodies,
and providing splendid physiques with but average, or
less than average minds.
The Spartans heroically killed their puny children and
the result was a splendidly developed physical nation, a
race of soldiers, whose achievements" were great on the
battlefield and a minus quantity in all peaceful pursuits.
A brief glance at a list of some of the greatest figures in
history who were physically unnt snows now great may
have been Sparta's loss from the destruction of that class.
Rvron was a crinle. and far from perfect in anyway
except mentally, and there he was a giant. Milton, great
est of all modern noets. was blind. Keats who set a new
standard in English poetry, died of consumption when
liut 24. History tells us Alexander the Ureat was smaii
of stature, and Nauoleon. whose military genius has
never been excelled, was a midget barely five feet two
inches. President Roosevelt was a sickly nearsighted
ehA who vvnuld have been killed in Snarta. The list
mip-ht he nroloneed indefinitely.
Another oufrenic fad is that families should be limited,
nr Hint nnvertv should be a bar to marriage. Yet had
this been the law, Thomas Lincoln, a wandering wagon
dweller, would not have been permitted to marry, and our
own immortal president would not have eisted. What
nrnsnects it has been asked, had the early orphaned Clay
or Garfield, the posthumous Jackson and the fatherless!
Had the size of families been limited we would not
have had Richard Wagner the ninth child, nor Benjamin
Franklin the fifteenth. John Wesley was also the fif
teenth child and his brother Charles the eighteenth.
These are but a few taken at random from a list that is
practically endless.
This brines us back to the true eugenics and the im
possibility of making it practical. With the animal race
and in the vegetable kingdom the practice of inbreeding
is carried on until a typo is established that produces true
lo type. From the very nature of things, in human affairs
this can never be done. Why then Eugenics
The British have finally placed a board over Kitchener
and taken from him the supreme command. The trouble j
with Kitchener seems to be that he is unwilling to permit
a soldier to be placed under fire until he is a seasoned
veteran. If the English reports are true England now
has an army of two million or more men in England.
Is it possible they are kept there as a defense in case the
Germans should happen to break through to the coast?
If not why are they not some of them sent to the aid of
sorely distressed Serbia? England sure keeps the world
guessing as to her policies and aims.
Revenues and Tariff, "Pre
paredness" and Ship Pur
chase Among Them
The Oregonian is tactfully patting Teddy Roosevelt
on the back. It may be just a bit of broadmindedness but
the nearness of the presidential fight makes it anyway a
trifle suspicious.
Shortage of the onion crop in the East has boosted
the price in Oregon. In the language of the market re
porter "onions are showing greater strength."
A 'LIT k
The pumpkin lies yellow, beneath the cold skies, it's
luscious and mellow, and ready for pies. So tenderly
bear it away from the vine, and slice it and pare it and
mash it up fine; oh, put in the spices, sur
round it with crust, and then in three trices
we'll eat till we bust! My appetite's balky
and dull as can be, most viands look rocky,
forbidding, to me. Away from the fritters
I turn with a sigh, the coftee s like bitters,
and stale'is mince pie ; the spud arid the
radish can tempt me no more; they make
me feel saddish, the doughnut's a bore. I'm
tired of the puddin', I'm sick of the cheese,
of things that taste wooden, of parsnips
and peas. They, give katzenjammer, they
weary the eyes; but loudly I clamor for pumkinypies!
The pies that are golden, well seasoned, yet mild, from'
formulas olden, by housewives compiled! The gods on
Olympus are uttering cries: "Oh, mortals, don't skimp
us, but send us those pies! Our grub makes us bony,
we're in a blue funk; ambrosia is phony, and. nectar is
National defense, revenues
and tariff legislation, exten
sion of the war tax, govern
ment ship purchnse n in 1 mer
chant niuriu;, rrrul credits, wo
man 8'iffrng.e, retention of the
sugar duties, prohibition, -Columbian,
Xic.iraiiguaii and Hai
tian tnutties; war export em
bargo resolutions, curbing sen
ate debuted by cloture, Filipino
independence, development of
goveinmeirt resources, gas, coal,
oil and grazing leases; attacks
on l.aKoliCiU' seamen's law,
child labor regulation, income
and inheritance tux extension,
a national budget, Asiatic im
migration exclusion, direct pres
idential primaries, Cniiadiuu
fisheries convention, Niagara
falls power conservation, na
tional moving picture censor
ship, parcel post extension, gov
ernment ownership of tele
graphs rod telephones
Investigation Proves
that various disease germs have their breeding-place in the waste
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to attempts at fyii:,'. li Tncoma man ! playing football that some day there
Iiuh ii'.eoi'punted un aeroplane .iitney
cmipanv. l'.:.pt Tiencc may not be tho
best teacher, after nil. ' K""1' ""
j will be whole audiences of grown folks
I at a game who will understand what is
i ii
From the way in which the Federal league is recruit
ing its ranks from tho Reavers, the cellar pennant win
ners of the Coast league, those same Federals must be
going into next year's fight with the full and unalterable
determination to lose.
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.n Fimncitct
By United Press Staff Correspondent.
Washington, Nov. i!. The vanguard
of political armies of the sixty-fourt'.i
congress was assembling here today.
Congress will reconvene Jecentber 5.
Within a fortnight, advance meetings
of "steering'' committee! are sched
uled. I'arty caucuses nre arranged.
President Vilsoii is completing data
for his opening "address" which it is
understood, ho will deliver in person.
Tiie legislative program, already
largely framed,' promises unusual fac
tional strife, the fate of two or three
political parties being at stake and
presidential prospects, with ninny
booms due fo:' puncturing, involved.
.Shortly after cocgross meets annual
conferences of republican anil. demo
cratic committees are scheduled to be
gin firing heavy artillery of the next
presidential enmpnign.
Legislation provoked by war condi-'
Inn., innl;u.-d trt iiiiinimlivn n t t..n 1 1 mi
........ .,u......o w ...v...wrU..'.v .
ti... i. ..ln.IO nv,....llf. I
i lie auui iuii i a null 1'i.iiia iu - j i.-' i . iv
passage of a resolution on extending
the war tax at least another year. It
expires December 31v Another resolu
tion for promjrt action will be that con
tinuing the tariff on sugar, now sched
uled to go on the free list in Jtay.
Woman suffrage hosts are planning
a monster deiuo.istratiou at the open
ing of congress. Increased appropria
tions for tho army anil navy are re
garded as certain. The administra
tion's Mexican policy is doe for analys
is. The discc.si'.iou will determine how
important an issue it will be in the
presidential campaign.
Another big battlo over the govern
ment ship purchase bill is believed in
evitable because of division among
democratic house leaders. Among the
political developments impending will
bo the exte it of republican nnd bull
moose amalgamation and the degree of
unitv in the democratic party.
The house is expected to be the
arena of tho sharpest controversies, the
overwhelming democratic majority
there of the last congress being cut to
a scant S3. The appearance of new
democratic lenders tliero and the re
turn of republican veterans like " Uncle
.loo" ('nation, William McKiiilev and
Nick" l.ongwot'th, ' lend interest.
Speaker Champ Clark, Republican Lend
er Maun, nnd Uepresei'tative Kitchin
democratic leader, are expected to be
Mill Woo
Prompt Delivery
Spaulding Logging
productive of most satisfactory results.
The Oregon Fruit Juice company has
also on display with the other logan
berry products, their loganberry juice
manufactured under the l'hensnut
brand, with Mrs. Hose Lowe of Van
couver as demonstrator.
Everett, Wash., Nov. 3. W. II. Clay
was elected nnyor and commissioner of
finance, and f. .(. Kelly, Dennis U.
Merrill nnd .1. M. Suiter, a socialist,
were nominated commissioners in yes
terday's priniury election.
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I'ort Townsc! d, Wash., Nov. 3.
Three, instead of two ineii, drowned
when the power bout See nin piled up
on the north end of Whidby isfcind
Saturday night. All three bodies have
been recovered. The dead are: Cap
tain Oeorge llridges, of Uttsho Point;
Percy Hicks, of Spanish harbor, and
(iinnt Wickeisliani, of CalaHiim bay.
The Loganberry
DiiL. I -J PI
m me luiiu diiuw
Visitors at the Manufacturers' and
Laud Products show at Portland will
have an opportunity not only of drink
ing loganberry juice served by a Sa
lem firm, but also learning of the va
rious kinds of jams and jellies that
can be made of the evaporated fruit.
Mrs. A. O. Davidson, of this city,
who has charge of the display of evap
orated loganberries and prunes of tho
Willnmette Viillov Prune association, is
demonstrating to the visitors that a bet
ter flavored jam or jelly can be made
troiu the evaporated tniin tne iresn
The Pheasant brand of products is iu
charge of Albert ( oolev, wlio lias nr
ranged a most attractive display of this
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shown the exact size and packages of
the Pheasant brand products, has been
One-Man Mohair Top
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Ferry and High Sts. Thone 959