Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 15, 1915, Page SIX, Image 6

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y y y y y y y h
Waffle Day Saturday, October 16
Just What You Vt
Two Ranges in One
A light Coal fire will Kin the
Chill in your Home, and the
cooking can be done Quickly
and Delightfully withCaa.
i f - -. ...... .
a- v - i as
Cam 19 CnJ mad Gem
Waffles and Coffee Served Free
Waffle Irons made especially
for gas stoves, $ 1 .00
This price to gas consumers
only, and only one iron to each.
Waffle Recipe Free to Every Visitor
The Gas Company
HI ) 3
Si y- .
I . - rH ! ;
M !'. . V
I 1
g i 1
I 0 1! :
II 1
H Oscar Figman and Ethel Wilson in a scene from the laughing success. "A Pair
of Sixes" which comes to the Grand Opera House om Monday, October 18th.
m of any. other variei-. if approved by I
ZZ judge: 1st, Dougherty Hros.. Mollalla. '
Simple Home Treatment Destroys Germs t)
Commercial Exhibit Pears.
Hjuussr. i, juugueny nnif., -n"iiuna. uispiay or mree doxcs. not less man
.Sample of not less than one bushel! two varieties: 1st, D. M. Lowe, Ash-
surpnse oats: 1st, C. I'. Nairu, Amity; land.
2ml, ,S. C. Fones, Carlton. ! Commercial Exhibit Peaches.
I .Sample of not less than one bushel j Display of three boxes, not less than
. side, oats: 1st, C. 1). Nairn, Amity; ; J,vvo varieties: 2nd, D. X. Lone. Ash-
j 1.52; skim milk, 04. S; value, .IX To-1 2nd. O. A. Anderson. Milem. " land.
j tnl value, 1.05. j Sample of not lew than one bushel
I Oth, Haaelwood Ormsbv, Holstcin, bv I Russian winter oats: 2nd, S. C. Foues ; SINGLE BOX EXHIBIT
Bees and Honey Department. w. .m. ri.si.np. .vi.ik pounds. :-:-; ;. ,
not I1 I. mi. r,. n ...i. ... fl.,..! - t 11
! i at value, i.'At f njiira niiin, j;'.;; vaiuc,, wiruu &taJ
Total value. 1.5i. .sublimity; 2nd, G. A. Amierson, a-
bv X. H. Smith, lem.
Sm-rimen of romb honev,
.,,... Ol r.r 1. n.,.lilf ,.f ....;..,. ..
of This Danferoua Disease. I... i. i 1.7. 1
" " i hi ic i.iiipi'ii-i ru . "i, ruiirn, ; "tU I' I 1
The reason why so many people who (,:.. o. ri.,v,l v. smith llla 1 ,n i i'-"ia, Jerse.
suiter irom tatarra never seem aoio; .i,,st attractive display
to gat eured is that they are eontinu-1 hmn-y: 1st. Floyd K. .mith
ullv kwlinu thu ifiiiinntarv relinf of.o...l I l' L'..,lu. 'r.rli,.n
j..i,;, .. ni.t.,' ' .''...'.....'....... ...i i'. i ...J value, 1 .55.
'mJml U"-s" . v v... . ori;iuiru ui rtiiwK'fi iiuiM-t; inn irpsi , . 1-
Yellow Newton: 1st. D. M. Lowe.
i Baldwin: 1st, L. T. Beynolds. Salem:
2nd. Geo. Armstrong, ("orvallis: "rd.
, Milk M.uiids. 50.H: fat .Hiunds. :!.0U; fat I Sample of not less than oue busl.-l . f J,u- "l0- Armstrong.
"'.'V ''and handieap, 4.s2; value fat. l.:lo.ts of any ether variety: 1st, C. D. .5:' "S:
1"l!'"' I skim milk, 47.8; value. .10. Total Maii-n, Amity; 2nn. Arthur Jaep-r. I .. K,n8: t, t.eo. Arms
I i r.r. Kl.i.,fiuJ fl V., I...,. ! "S.
and .1. Hughes. Milk pounds, 5!.fi; fat
meats, etc. ttuch thins do open up thuu 24 pounds, oualitv and manner
.L.. tl.- ....I .1... Ii,.n.l : .... ... I .. :.i i. i...
temporarily, besides stoppintr for a I.. C. Fones, Carlton; 2nd, Floyd K. . I'; ;"'' '.' a', '
while the disKustin blowing b.wkin Smith, Da.las. " ! 5" j!,:
spitting and chok.ng but they never Most attraMive display of xtn.en.d j t;i; lb. v d! M. M
cure. To drive out Catarrh for ood honey; let, lovd f,. m t h , lnMan; I r '
, . . , . i ,j i t it t- . Kieowen. AI ilk pound l-.f.o: tat
you hsve got to get down to its real . Jnd. J.. (. in-n, ( arlton. j , .,5. , 1 f . M ki
cause. Catarrh is a Rerm disease. The' S-in.en of beeswax, not less than ' ' ' - T -
air is always full of catarrh germs l' pounds, soft br.ght yellow wax toij1 U -'' d,UP- -4' lotal ,,lur'
thrown off by one person and absorbed J' given prefer, n,e: 1st L. C Fones, j j (wt.ndole 0, i1lrw ,,v p,.r.
. . , 0...1 Li I L- n..n..u
ny anomer ami woen ine sysiem umi;- - kin. Milk m.,ln. -,,K. fu. ,11,,i
fail to throw off such germs they find
permaneut lodgement in the nose,
throat and head and multiply rapidly.
The germs of catarrh can be best
destroyed by inhaliug the pure medi
cated air of llvomei (pronounced lligh-o-me).
This splendid and powerful
other healimr .nt. ha. a wonderful . "- K- Smltl VMali-
1st, 1.. C Fones, Ca.ltou; 2nd, Flovd ' ft and handicap, 4.1.1; vj.luefat
K. Smith, Dallas. 1.24; sk.mm.lk, .1 ; value, .l.t. Total
Honev vinegar, not less thau one gal-1 u,l!!'i ,,,,"i'',i , r. , -r i
1: 1st, 1.. C. Fones. Carlton; 2nd. L,1''' ''1 M"" '" TJ'
Flnvd K. Smith, Dallas. IVkard Bros. M.lk pounds 50.8; fat
K.IWI u ...L..,l. ......ll.t.B tl.ln,. 1... 1 ... .......v..r,
bees: 1st, I.. C. Fones, Carlton; 2nd,
pounds : value. .11. Total value. l..'ti.
. ..: .... i r
Single comb nucleus, Golden Italian ' ""' lT'' "' " ,
iulo your nose, throat and lung. bv nk M. All;y, Salcn.
mean of a sma-1 hard rubber inhaleV! 1J:ft;t:;S(i'",d,,,l ,,,,e: Agricu,tr.
wh.ch Daniel J. try and other leading sj , , , Caucisiau bees:' Individual farm exhibit,: l.st. Che,
drugg,.ts here U Halem and vicinity; ,. r Mm yUl.M,K Mollt.viiB; 2nd, D. M.
supply with every treat ment. Inisi js,-.,.,,, ak-f: The largent, best and Lowe, Ashland; 3r, Leonard Gilkev,
medicated air is certain death to the' , .,'tr,rtive iteretiiig exhibit in Thomas.
germs of atarrh and drives then, eum- ,hiB ,),,.,,.,, M lilK, cui Jcrcd : Special premium offer by the (iurney
pletoly out of your system and when' nV() K.-Smlth, i)Max Seed & Nursery company." of Yankton",
the germs are destroyed the ralarrh Dalry Cow Contest. I H. D.
with all its disagreeable symptoms will, lsti cIlw.adt, M.ritl h.-jm,.:,,, by W.I Best 10 ears of corn, F. M. Sherman,
stop. Even two or three minutes nseM Hisl.op. Milk., J 13 pounds;" fat Lebanon, Ore.
will give refreshing relief, while, if pounds, 4.210; fat and handicup, ii.l"5; Rest nt,d largest collection of po
you will use it tow or thdee times a value fat, 12.02; skim milk, 1.1H..I.I tutoes: 1st, F. M. Sherman, 1-ebanon.
day for a few weeks it will completely I ,uu.li; value, .28. Total value, 2.:i0. Best nod largest collection of veget
banish catarrh and every symptom of, 2nd, St. Manes beaut v, Jersey, by aides: 1st. F. M. Sherman, Lebanon,
catarrh. As Hyomei is t.leasaiit to ;. 1). ( arv. Milk jmunds, 44.3'; fat 1 Oregon Eaised Seed,
breathe and is alwayr sold by drug- pounds, 2.o;i; fat and handicap, ii.2:i; Sample of white beans: 1st ,f B
g.sta everywhere with a positive guar-; value fat. 1.X7; skim milk, 4I.:!7 Hawthorne, Salem; 2nd, F. m'. Slier
antee of siiecessful results or money pound; value, .08. Total value, S1.U5. 1 man, Lebanon.
back, surely no catarrh sufferer should; .Ird. Vive La Franre, Jersey, by 1'ick-1 Sample of rnpe: 1st, S C. Fones.
go long oeiore trying iois simple Home aril. MUH poumH, M.W; fat pounds, 1 Carlton; 2ml, F. M. Sherman, Lebanon.
"nMy. iJ.tMi; tat and handicap, 5.07; value fat, Hiimnle of carrot: 1st. F. M. Sher-
3.H0; fat ami handicap, 5.07; value fat, Hnmple of carrot
1.70; skim milk, 50.04; value, .11. To- mun, Lcl.nnou.
trong, Corval-
Sample 'of not 'less than one' bushel' Plat Exhibit Apples,
shelled corn: 1st, C. E. Holtgrieve, Tort-1 Baldwin: 1st. L. T. Reynolds, Sa
land. lem; 2nd, D. A. Breese, Salem.
l'eck of popcorn: .t. C. E. Dickey. I (iano: 1st. L. T. jieynolds. Salem.
Salem. " ! Jonathan: 1st, D. M. Lowe. Ashland;
Display of not less than 12 ears of"'"L -' J- Currin, Morrow.
; U r? m
l-l ri
ti !i n
I h ts h
ill ri
j -.3 w 4
I f I 1 u
n v u
: H U M
1 n
Nothing to Eft out
or replace. Simply
Pull or Push Lev.
er" and oven is
ready for use with
cither fuel.
The COAL and GAS
Range that is Right,
By Ai2R Woman Demonstrator
COME-you are cordially invited.
Every Lady attending will receive
zA Useful Souvenir FREE
field corn: 1st, J. B. H:.thorue, Sa
lem; 2nd, (i)lbert & Patterson, Saleai.
Sample of not less thuu 14 of an
acre, display of sweet cor..: 1st, F.
.u. Sherman, Lebanon.
King: 1st. D .M. Lowe. Ashland ; I
2nd, O. P. Bond. Salem.
Northern Spy: 1st. L. T. Reynolds. J
Salem; 2nd. F. Rosche. Salem.
lellow Newton Pippins: 1st. D. M.
Twelve largest and tallest stocks of I Lowe, Ashland; 2nd, L. T. Reynolds.
corn: 1st, D. M. Lone. Ashland. ' aiem.
Display of winter wheat, three va-j Roxburg Russet: 1st, F. Rosche, Sa
rieties, five sheaves each variety: lst, : lm.
F. M. Sherman, Lebanon; 2nd", S. ( . Spitzenburg: 1st. L. T. Reynolds,
Fones, Carlton. .Salem: 2nd. F. Rosrhe, Salem.
Display of sheaves of spring wheat.; Swaar: Jst. L. T. Reynolds. Salem,
three varieties, 6 slieavks ach va-j Waxen: 1st, L. T. Reynolds, Sn
riety: 1st, F. M. Shfrman, Lebanon ;, lem.
2nd! S. C. Fones, I'nriton. j Wolf River: 1st, j. J. Williams, lu-
Display of shews of oats, three va-; dependence,
rieties, five sheaves of each variety:! Arkansas Black: 1st, J. J. Williams,
lst, C. 1). Nairn. Amity; 2nd, S. (".. Independence.
Fones, Carlton. j Plate Exhibit Pears.
Collection of glasses, not less than Bartlett: 1st, D. .vf. Lowe. Ashland.
15 varieties: lst, S. C. Fones, Carl j Beurre D'Anjou: 1st, C. J. Currin.
ton; 2nd, F. M. Sherman, Ibanou. j Morrow ; 2nd, D. M. Ixiwe. Ashland.
Hojis, best displry in cured slate, not I Bose Bourre: 1st, D. M. Lowe, Ash
less than 100 pounds, to be raised by j land.
exhibitor: 1st. E. V. D. Paul, Sheri-' Beurre Clairgeau: 2nd, L. T. Rev
dan; 2nd, Fred Ycrgen, Aurora; ;(rd, .! nolds, Salem.
E. Martey, Salem. i Cornice: 2nd, D. Lowe. Salem.
Display ot broom corn in sheaf : 1st, I Winter Nelis: 1st. L. T. Reynolds.
! Salem; 2nd, D. M. Lowe. Ashland.
1st. j Fall Butter: 2nd, L. T. Reynolds. Sa
I lem.
1st, New Seedlings: 1st, D. M. Lowe.
Plate Exhibit Peaches.
; tal value, 1 M.
4th, Model Bonnie Echo, llolstein, by
San rrancisco, IM. l.'i. Because ofj, i.. ,ith. Milk pounds, 105.04; fat
the high price of copper under war ron-' ui.ds, 4.74; fat an.t handicap, 5.27;
ditloni, eopper stealing is prevalent i fll, l,,"'. L55; skim milk, loo.l.'l;
tv. i'..;. i u.ii i i . . value. .20. Total value, $1. 70.
The tinted Railroads complained to j Sthi K(1,,1(. v,ln ,,y N
day that I.OhmO orth had been stolen Smith. Milk oounds. 08 .f: fHt nounds.
from them in the past 24 hours. 13.17; fat and handicsp, 5.05; value fat,1
2nd, F. M. Sher-
Sample of turnip
man, Lebanon.
Sample of cabbage: 1st, F. M. Sher
man, Lebanon.
Sample of table beets: 1st, F. M.
Sherman, 1'baiion.
Sample of mangel wurzel: 1st, Leon
ard (iilkev, Thomas.
Sample of peas: 1st, F. M. Sherman,
Leonard (iilkev, Thomas,
Exhibit clover, frve samples:
F. M. Sheiman, Lebanon.
Exhibit alfalfa, fie samples:
F. M. Sherman, Lebanon.
SKcials wands wonder forage plant:!
lst, V. Weinhart, Salem. j
Flax fibre: 1st, Eugene Bosse, Sa
lem. Vegetanlea.
Manuel wurgcl, six specimens: 1st.
P. M. Sherman, Lebanon. j
Sugar beets, six specimens: 1st, F.
M. Sherman, Lebanon; 2ud, lyoouard!
(iilkey, Thomas.
Potatoes, early variety: 1st, Bird)
Rickard, Munroe; 2nd, Mrs. Ida S. Buk-
er, Salem.
Make Good Brides
But Poor Mothers
Sacramento, Cal., Oct. 14. Native
daughters of Californit and other Am
erican born women in this state are not
doing thetir full share in perpetuating
the puritan blood, it appears from fig
ures made public today by George D.
Leslie, statistician for the state board
of health.
These figures show that while the na
tive born and American women of Cali
fornia arc stroug for marriage they are
not strong for children. Although there
arc fewer brides proportionately among
foreign born women than American wo
men and' native daughters in the state,
the proportion of births to the foreign
born is considerably greater and is
showing a steady increase.
The number of births to American
born and native California brides and
mothers in gradually falling off.
Dallas, Oct. 15. C. O. Jo'i.nson, of
Salem, was fined 25 in the justice
court last week, for shooting rroai a
public highway. Johnson was arrestcl
Thursday evening by deputy game war
den Bay Bremmer of Salem.
OI ympia, Wash., Oct. 15. Alli-piitj;
the wrongful taking of 5,0O,O00 feet of
timber on state school lands in Skagit
county, Attorney General Tanner i
today preparing suit against the Prk-er-Bcll
Lumber company for 4o.Ui),
treble damages being allowed under tlw
trespass law.
Elberts: lst. D. M. Lowe. Ashland.
Plate Exhibit Prunes.
Italian: 1st, D. M. Lowe, Ashland.
Silver: 1st, D. M. Lowe, Ashland.
Petite or French: lst, F. M. Sher
man, Lebanon.
General Display of Green Fruit
1st, D. M. lwe, Ashland.
Evaporated Prunes.
Display of not less than five boxes,
each weighing not less than 10 pounds:
1st, t. A. Jvurtz: L'nd, Willamette al-
Potntoe. late ariety: 1st, I). J. Al- v Prune association; ,1rd, H. S. Gile -kire,
Salem; 2nd, J. B. Hawthorne, Sa-1 t?o.
This Trip to the Panama Expo
sition a Life Time Event
Oregon Electric Ry.
North Bank Road
and the Palatial
Steamships, Northern Pacific
"Great Northern"
Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
BcM of the trip in daylight. 2H glor
ious hours on the ocean. Fares include
m cm Is and berth aud free extras.
Numerous Brilliant Attractions dur
ing October.
Forest Industries Conventions, Iily
Slock Shows till December 3.
Peace Congress, The Farmers' Month.
Loggers' Congress Oct. 30, Oregon
Day, "Zone of Plenty Week", Drain
age Conference.
Honiething Doing Every Minute a ad at Uundred Different Place
ia the Jewelled, City.
Round trip from Salcui, 1.10.00.
J. W. Ritchie, Aient, Salem, Oregon.
Irf'liai.mi; 2ml, S. C. Fones, Carlton
I Sample of flax seed: lst, S. C. Fones, I l.cbauon'
i anion; ini, i.eonnra ui.Kev, l nonius.
I Sample of Timothy: 1st, S. C. Fones,
, Carlton.
Sample of red clover: 1st, F. XI
! Sherman, Lebanon; 2nd, S. C. Funis.
: Ca.ltou.
I Sample of white clover: 1st, S. C.
Pones. Carlton.
! Sample of orchard grass: lst, P. V
j Sherman, Lebanon; ud, S. C. Fones,
Sample of Alsyke clover: lst, S. C.
I Fones, Curlton; 2nd, F. M. Sherman.
I .elm non.
Sample of golden millet: 1st, Leon
' ard (iilkev. Thomas.
Sample of German canary: 1st. F.
, M. Sherman, Lebanon.
Sample of alfalfa: 1st, S. C. Fones,
Snmple of red top: 1st, S. C. Fones,
Sample of Italiua rye: 1st, F. M
Sherman, Lebanon; 2nd, S. C. Fours.
Sample of vetch: lst, S. C. Foi.es,
Carlton; 2nd, F. M. Sherman, Lebanon.
Sample of not less than 12 bushel
bluestem wheat: 1st, Arthur Jactsr.
Sherwood; 2nd, C. J. Iiamsden, Mac
leay. Sample of not less Thsn 1 3 bushel
rol.i wheat: 1st, C. J. Hunt, Subl.m
Display onions: lst, F. M. Sherman,
Squashes for table: lst, F. M. Sher-1 Portland. Or.. Oct. 1.".. Run down
mau, Lebanon; 2nd, S. C. Fones, Carl- when Bernard H. Trumbull lost control
ton. I of his automobile, G. W. Hume, aged
Largest squash of any kind: 2nd, K. j til, was sev erely injurey Thursday uf
M. Sherman, Lebanon. iternoon.
Pumpkins, six va.ieties: 2nd, F. M.I Before coming to a halt the automo
Sherman, Lebanon. jbile mounted the curb, crashed through
Tomatoes, three snrieties: lst, P. M. a painters scaffold aud into a shoe
store window.
1st, F. M I Several other persons nt.rrowly
';escei-ed injury during ti.e automobile V
Sherman, Lebanon.
Display of vegetables:
Sherman, Lebanon.
Commercial Exhibit Apple.
Display of five boxes, not less than
three varieties: 1st. F. Rosche, Salem;
2nd, X. C. Jorgensrn. Salem; 3rd, Geo
Dallas, Or., (M. l-V C. K. Stinnett,
a farmer livinir east of the city was
Armstrong, Corvallis: 4th, D. M. Love, indicted by the grand jurv Monday on
Ashland. I "'o counts, assault with a dangerous
i u. mggg I weapon and threat to commit a felonv
iMaistiifA n,.i ..hit irt'b-v 8M00,i"K h' Stinnett pleaded
jwill come up ia circuit court todav. It
People Notice It Drive Them ; is I'O'jfved by many that the man is
rrm... . . .it mentally unbalanced.
Off With Dr. Edwards .
Olive Tablets
f't oil
.01 not embarrass yon '-. M. 15-The jury
i set p-.pt of Dr. I or awards at the Panamat alifornia ex-
A pimply face w
mil. h li.ni.-vr if von
r.lra illiv. TOIeis. The sain snoum ignition is to.lay considering the ad-
. i .,l"wn u' -(Visaoiiiiv ot awarding a medal to a
n .1 iffl .h. fcom.w. .ml thlw"''a I'viug i Ottawa, Illinois, who
fNimpie or not less than I Z tnishel liver with (Hi "J a),-t rerentiy a visitor at the exiosition
mc;iiii spring snrni: isi, n, , roues,
Carlton; 2ud. C. J. limit, Sublimity.
Sairple of not less than 12 bushel
white velvet wheat: lst, C. J. Rsms
den, Marleay; 2nd, S. C. Pones, Carl
ton. Grain and Grasses.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tableta ara the sue- The woman sent a letter with l'iv
cessful suhstiiui for calomel there' I ... .... to th ,,,:; , ,..:.:.. i
never any iWknes or pain atter Ukln ' w'tion authorities and
them. explained that she wished to pay for a
it. Mixoror ouve Tawevs no imi umiinn. cup sne nan used while at the
Which calomel dora, and it vtlv- exposition, but for wiiicl she had for
ly, but ibelr action Is rnii and aaft In- ia ' " ur ,or
strad of v an, Irrimtlnir. Ken o pay.
Little Miss Bernita Elizabeth Hale,
entertained a number of her little
friends at the home of her grandpa
rents. Rev. and Mrs. Butler, last Wed
nesday afternoon, the occasion being
her first birthday. Those present were
Misses Dorothy Scholl, ljiis Thayer..
Master Henry Moomaw, Master Walter '
Mnest Kiel, Mrs. L. SI. Scholl, Mrs.
Mrs. C. Moomaw, Mrs. F. Thayer, Mrs.
Fred Giel, Mrs. R. H. Hale and Miss
Mary Goudy. The home was decorated
with autumn leaves. Refreshments were
served, after which music was enjoyed.
At the close of a pleasant afternoon
Miss Hale left for Portland with her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hale, by
auto Wednesday. Little Miss Bernita
received many nice presents from her
little friends. HubWil Enterprise.
Turner,- Oct. 14. Surprise Grange
held its regular meeting at the I. O. O.
F. Hall on Octolier flth. with a large
crowd in attendance and a good time
enjoyed by all.
The morning session was crowded
with business as usual. There were
several new applications brought in.
We regret much to lose our worthy
chaplan at this time, but he has moved
over in Polk county and can't attend
regular now.
Bro. and Sister Elwood, too, have
moved out near Seio and can only be
with os occasionally.
Sister Xenl was away visiting and
Sister Earl presided over the kitchen,
serving a fine dinner at 12 o'clock.
At the lecture hour in the afternoon
session Mr. Ellerson gave an interest
ing talk on buying and selling cream,
after which an oen discussion was
held and many interesting questions
Claude Darbv of the t -;n. '
Grange was also a visitor He gave a'
short talk ahouj the Corn Fair to be !
held there November 5-fi, extending an !
urgent inv itation to all to be prescut. !
Several committees were appointed j
to look up displays for this fair.
Monday, Oct. 18
m --v,'.- . -K:ttsvf !v.' - - '
1 Mtn WM
'J 4'V'
N. T. Cast
Prices 50c, 75c $1.00. $1-50
Beat on sale Saturday.
of in
rciv.d m
No on who Ilk., oliva TitbMn I eror
Sample of not less than 18 bushel . br,,h. dull, listless, -no food ' felln.
white winter wheat: 1st, 0. J. Rams
den, Mallear; Sod, S. C. Fones, Carl
Sample of sot less than 1-3 bnihe'
goldea chaff wheat; 1st, S. C. l'uues.
Sample of not lesa than VS lu.shel red
fife chaff wheat: lst, S. C. Fours.
Carlton. ,
Sample of not less than 12 bushel
consult ion. tori'id llv-tr, bad dlsponllKin
or iitmidv fac.
Dr. Kdward Olive Tatll are purely
vUble rompoiuid uixed with olive oil;
you will Know liiam by irwlroltv rotor.
Dallas. Or., Oct. 15. The Dullas Mcr
eantile rnmpauy, one of the city' larg
est business establishments, 'ehaniteil
. . ... . I ,Tini a, kifd , 1.1 . 1 . 1 1 .....
Wrmm amicinl with livr and bowe4 com- ichaaed the interests of the stockhohl-
ntainikaiid (Mive Tablets aio the InuiMiMo-.era ia the institution. Mr. ( rider Is
IyT'.ra;"o;.r;r1,,;Aub.r i iz:L men"...'0.! T7ful v,"ns
r how much tetter v.u fel ami to.. "sies men and already has a Urge
iw iM in- Mr mt. All druir'st (r wrr m aou.i.oii to the pur
The cuv tablet Compaay, CvluubuA O. tiaase of yestcnlav. '
V f n-ii tjjLrfi f i
Cenimie Lamb Chops
the sweet, juicr sort that al'iHt nifl
in the mouth. That' the kind y-'u f
here. They are just examples of i
grade of meat told exclusively at t
market. Try ome for br.'akf
luncheon. By them vou can juog ,(
well it will be for you to lX " ?
meats here.
Independent Market
137 S. Com!