Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 15, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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- nnrmii rai rnriiifmiBiii
Has demonstrated its power to please. The hundreds of patons from Marion, Linn and
Polk counties who filled our immense store on opening day eagerly selecting from a stock
second to none in Oregon, is a tribute to the untiring efforts of this firm whose every aim
has been to better serve our patrons, the good people of Salem and vicinity. Our stock
is unequalled. We carry only merchandise of the highest standard, while
Comparison Will Show That Our Prices Are Lower
$18.00, $20.00 and $25.00 Ladies' New Fall Suits Blue,
black and brown $7.90, $10.90 and $12.90
$7.50, $10.00 and $12.00 Suits and Dresses Serges anil
Scotch Tweeds, sale $3.90, $5.90 and $6,90
$12.50 and.$15.00 Ladies' Persian Lamb and Caracul
Coats $7.90
Misses' and Children's $3.50 to $5.00 Coats on sale
at $1.98 and $2.98
Velvet Shapes, small and large, all new; values to
$2.00, sale 98c
$1.50, $2.00 arid $2.50 Trimmed Hats, Turban shapes,
sale 98c
:)00 Ladies' Trimmed Hats, small and large, no two
alike; $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 values, sale :. $1.49
98c and $1.50 Children's and Misses Felt Hats, all colors
and styles; October sale price. 49c
This is the real weather for
Overcoats, and you can depend
on it that it will get worse.
Remember we have every
thing you can wish for in good
warm Underwear both in
Just the thing that will prevent
you from catching cold.
We have the very latest cloth
ing to suit the most particular
buyer at prices that are aston
ishingly low.
$10.00 to $15.00
In latest clothing is not much to pay for a Suit.
You can get it here for these prices.
Don't Delay
Buy when you need it, the earlier the better.
rick Bros.-
The House That Guarantees Every Sale
Cor. State and Liberty Street.
Y. M. C. A. Collects $212 j Russian Advance Is
In On Day's Work Halted By Austrian
Why Pay More You Can Buy It Here For Less
Dress Goods
36o and 40c Bilk Mulls, 27-lnch,
all colors
36-in. All Wool Serges, regular
75c and 85c, all colors -
$1.00 Soft Mesallne Silks, all.
colors, sale -
Shepherd Check Dress Ooods
on sale at 18c, 25c and
$1.50 Silk Poplins, 40-ln.
and colors, sale
8 I vis ItftmAcf'i'e
. 15c
9c and 10c Outings,
65c Satin Table
1000 Yards Dark
10c and 12 l-2c
12 l-2c Cretonne
Draperies '.
15c All Linen Crash
18c Galatea Cloth
2Cc Curtain Nets
50 dozen 15c
Men's $10.00 Suits.
Boys' $3.50 Suits $1.98
Men's $3.50 Sweaters $1.98
Men's 75c Underwear ... 48c
Men's $10.00 Mack- Qfi QA
inaws pD.IU
Boys 50c Work , OQ
Shirts 03C
60c Gloves and Bus- or.,
per.ders fciJC
$1.50 and $1.75
Sweaters ;
Children's 35c and 40c Cotton
Fleeced Underwear
85c and $1.00 Ladles' Fleeced
Union Suits, sale ,
Children's 18c and 20c Fleeced 1 Oll
Hose, all sizes, sale IL1,
Ladles' $1.25 and $1.50 Wool and
Silk and Wool Underwear, (Jg,
15c and 18c Fleeced Hose
50c and 65c Wash
35c Special jjlond
Coffee j
English Brenkfast
1 dozen boxes
Condensed Milk
Arm and Hammer Soda...,
Diamond C. Soap
Canned Corn and
... 25c
... 39c
The Greater Chicago Store
London, Oct. lo. After swecpni;
their way across the Miry pa river in
met with
admitted In
;du,v" This Austrian, it was admitted
hnve assumed the offensive ut certain
points, though the wur office iliil nut
.. . ., . their way across the Mlrvpi
-'.2 ".ll'',:,,M,;(i.ili.'l.,, the UuMiuna have
subscriptions mlm(, r,.VllrR1,H I'otronnid lid
utlget iur the ,i .',.!,.... u
Tho Y. M. C. A. solicitors tit their
luncheon today reported
, since yesterday uuoii in
to apply to thin year's limine
Nnleni association.
Tho following is today's list of nub-
... 1.1. v IB. " . ... I !i .1 i. I I I
1. Hrown Kill'" unuiu mo uuucub nan
V t" Wain ' JVtlll l,l"l'l',,!llrb' fruitful. Many posl-
' K,lw,iv "! 5 0(l ,'""!', w,,it''1' tM0 !SlllVH "IMl ' """'If '
Dan T Fry "ViMI ri'",'w(,'l offensive nru still in their
' Or, ii'eau $l(MKi pose'-sslon, it was staled.
il.nflar & Hulingor 5.m ! , 0I,M "",,c . f '"'"K "'!" ' the
.1 A I'atlerHon ... $! 00 1 'lvi"B'( region, tleriniin airmen were
i'l J. Miller ifWlO r(,rl"t'l "'tjyp. .
Muck Welch it5 III) . erliia'K oiticinl notification to (Ireat
Men W. Olc ot't ".'..!'..'..'.'.! 1 !!' ifiollll) I 'lr''11'11 "M a statu of war with Hnl
il'.'H. Webb $iU)0 i gn'in t'xitK bemuse of the Inltor's ut-
V. If. Kiiylnr ...... 10.00 ,UI'11 tf"m Znitchnr o "uilovinto.
r'ied Steincr . . . J2.ttl) , 7T 7Z- 7T
V. A. Kiii) 42.(111 A ' mily ly tho nauio of Wind Iiiim
j (Ir'alie'r Mro. ' if ID. (HI moved into tho Modioli, liousn recently
KlttN Market ifS OII 'occupied !y tho Will Moore, family,
i II. A. Johnson, Jr.' '. '. '. '. '. .' .' .' .' .' .' ." .' . iv(l(l ' . ''"K''11" ' de, of Abonle.-n, Wash-
1 'iit.li $10,110 1 "'f'""! ri'liirnoil to his homo lifter
ut iiJninv ' n! oil " two weeks' visit hero with his pin-
.ludirc. Ki.liin rl.00 "."'"i . . udo, and Iih
W. W. KoHcbrauiil. $5,110 MIK 'r llnto.piil Udo.
. , Mm. I'.nilo WimhIh is vi.iit.injr. at tho
home of her Intnerniliiw, A. H. Woods,
in Nor 111 Stayton while her liunbniid
and a few friends nro off on u hunting
Total, : $212.00
ir. lid CroHnaii ono time renldent ol
in the city this week looking after his
many business interests.
Mrs. Robert Hachtler and children
mill uniD niu ..vifi j ......n.
turned to Dallas late Monday nitjht.
Mr. ami Mrs. II. Opp and children i
left the first of the week for their old'
showing in the circuit court on a writ
of imiiidnmus and denied the petitions
for widow 's pensions.
R. Adams.
Mrs. Jack Billups. of Portland, was:
visiting this week at the home of her vieit a't th(, h()me ( h,,r B,jni jPlil,e m,.. ness
jurcnis, guuKe and -urn. u. u. i"- ('(,., , Portland.
The esse of (irnoe Driscoll suninst
. . . . ... v i.... c i.,.,.i ,-;uii ,iitli left I lie first nf thn week for their old i x, r..ru vbltV ua null,.,! In ,l,.r.nrf.
. ! r11 'am8' ?!. ''""""J". Pff-i t. .T"', ;.i.:.r; 5.lV;...l. home in Pennsylvania where they will ",,l,er 1 of the circuit, court this The famous chimney ease was on in
i th 7iv Thnr liTv ! Mrs. Elizabeth Sniootz is visiting Wayne K. tireenwooil, verno tomp- with some inside information relative couri inis niieruuou. 1 M"
in the ci.j Thursday. J , , fc , t,lig wwk. , ton Ml1 L. S. Kinseth have returned t0 the tooth rcpairinR industry. The brought by H. A. I..hes nj-ainst
Kogene Cobb, of Portland, is In the- . returned Iho first of from Portland where they attended the Prve rliMng buzz of the dental drill Hclioo District No. i4, of Marion
city a guest at the home of Ins grand-j . bllin(,88 tri t0 Grand Idge session of the Knights Blul tho soothing scratch of tho sand-1 county. Mr. Hughes is a contractor
mother, Mrs. Alice Dempscy. Portland i of Pythias. 'paper were reproduced along with tho who contracted to build two chimneys
Miss Martha Hank, of Tillamook, is ' ,,.n.i il, Mrs. M. B. Grant nn.l little daughter, expert testimony relative to the germs : for the Palem Heights school for $020.
a guest of friends in Dallas this week. JMigeno "nnett, repres n 11 Marion, hsve returned from an extend-! which eause pyrea. I'yrea is a disease! Owing to some alterations he was to
.1 American Typo Joinders company of . . , ..ii.l.niff festified receive .'10 additional mid is now suing
Knfem ' re n X tv vis Ving a 'th M H on Washington. I ha he entered a contract with Dr. ! to co t $-i.-,0 from the school board. !
C T' ? L Jl? f. V, .. VrV l! ThJ,.rsi,".'. , i. ., I Dr. it. II. McCallon was a Palls City 8k iff whereby she was to have eertaiul The school board refuses to pay, ac ,
" v "w 1 " I -Mrs. ;mun uym-n is visuuik i;ii-,, . ......... .i.:. l. i. Ti. ... r... it. a -k. ' cr.r. nir In the answer, lecuuso Here
I Iivch In 1'ortlaiwl this Week. t..ii- .... l.l .i i. i . ... A..Plifii.i.lii nf ai.ttiinrft
"" . . " " . . - . I niul l-.l ison. a lormer innas nusi- 1.111,1 mr,r, or tins sum. nno men ciaiincu . ,
Mrs. hd Plaster has reiurnc.i rrom i '4i ih ,.1oir!c Ii.... .1.. ..... ,.l,i:,n. t n ( another , uiven bv the contractor to show that,
light plant at FulU Citv, wh a lo-al , .IcntiHt to have tho work roniovtMl he- the work wan ronij.I.-trl n'or i" t
!. . 1 ... ,l! 1. m- li 1 ' . i. nt;urn... i - ub;ff ti t.Iiihm f r 1 F nirhi'H re nh en Unit lilt'
. . - i . , . iintiuHu vmiKir tiiih wren. r. j-iiinui, rRHMi ir huh i ipuuciw-iiji j, mh, nmn ' i i
W. y. luller returne.I today to Lan-, M.ss .Nettie Paul or anion is a o , )ie ,llimi ,hat the sulise.iucnt trouble was; school board disi hargcl (he architec ,
on where he has a big job cruising Km.8t at the home of relat.ves in Dal-; . IjU(.uilllllute ,l,Bt they have been: ,le to a disease calle.1 i,yrea which af- and employed a janitor in lieu thereof,
timber for Yamhill county, in that, lli9 ,, WPPk ,iscontinne the electric : fected the mouth of the plaintiff. The! and that he was unable to secure the
V";,,my- , it t , v ' ,(?,.i8 U 'Sa " Wel"k, service until tho rainy weather sets in.! plaintiff in her complaint asked for, certificates for tin- reason The ch,..
Mr.nd Mrs. W. II. Boals have re- visiting friends. A. s- i h to lrt-1 ..-. inl dnmatics in the sum of M'i andlneys are now smokcles because they
turned from a several week's visit ati Arthur Starr was a business visitor - . , wi), (,ltfir the Good ' 2.ri00 general dftinages. Crant Corbv nre .-xl.i1.ilH in the case anil "in school
the Panama Pacific exposition in San j Tillamook this week. K,1,ar!tnn hosoital and study to bo a is appearing for the plaintiff and A. j board claims that, they were not built
Francisco. j Mr. and Mrs. Fred Klliott and "'JV" 1 ' in iL.n.lit ami Ueoriw CI. Hiiu-ham for according to the plans and the plaintiff ;
Mrs. Abel Vglow was a Salem visitor jiv left Tuesday for California whcre " son' the defendant. Iclniins that they could not be built, of
I the certain inside dimensions licciiiisc
. i: . i.. i , :,i tne bricks called for were too large anil
A l.ilirrii.K.- r. ...
.1 it... ..r:..A f.f I liA rrinntv fli.ru In 1 ''
HL 1IIH III 1 1" I. " . ' v......
fr. IF S Trli.li mill Mn. li W '
liiley of Portland, are the guests of "' niIciii, nut now ol I'ortliinil, hi
their brother, .lames Jacobs and family. livt''1 Thursday evening for u visit at
Mr. and Mrs. K. Hhodes were calling the .1. T. Hunt home,
on friends ill llroolis on Hnudiiy. : Mr. and Mrs. Aduiii W urn left Tlmrs-
Miss lae. Pitts spent thV week at the day morning lor Vnncoiiver, Wash ng
home of Portland I'rlenils. ' ' f"f several days' visit with then
Mrs, Williams nn.l daughter, Miss , Otto. ' 'J H'K'H
Kthel Williiims, of Hnskatoon, Husk, are Mr. Kcllur was in Porllnnd Ibis week
KKUcsls at the FA. Meeker home. Miss linsiiiess.
Williams is an ordiiined minister and: Mayor lieo. Irn.ure is in a critical
will fill the pulpit of the I'hurch of condition with stomiicii trouble, at thn
God iu Norf. Salem for a time. Salem hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mules have' Mrs. Maigaua .Nicols is s) ding the
rented and moved into tho Mragdoa ! month with her son, Andrew, and fain
house rceeiltlv vacated by the W. A. 1 'l.v t ""V1""-
i u:...n i'... ,.,i,.. i.. .. ,..... ..,i (,. II... I .Mis. r.li.alietii Mn 'lull niul son. daieo
tho circuit! i..,,i.nu ... i il.. Wnll.w... rn.l ore week end ituests lit the J. II. Katon
' I home.
I an a m
L r:-..i. iL. I. I .t .. .!11 .i... I 4l. vr.Myiiil.n ntlfl. '' !
...r mn hi in c. . mey win m'u .-,...n........ - ;,,,, 1(.nve fr IrtlUnd this week
Miss Dollio Burk was In Salem the visit relatives. They expect to be, yu han rlr(.llfls,,d the
first of the week attending a meeting! away for several weeks. Sunnvside Moving Picture theatre,
of the Methodist missionary society. Sheriff John W. Orr was in lor aml,l Itnrber WM B visitor the
Hon. If. V. dates, of I'ortlan.i. was .moiuiiiv. issimk eimn ;
Grand Prize, Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Grand Prize, Panama-California Exposition
San Diego, 1915
For Flavor and Quality
It hal the delicioui tine nd natur! color of liii!li:erade coco
beam; it i skilfully prepared by a perfect mechanicjl prexxu;
' without tlie uie of chcmkaU, flavoring or artinaal cilonns
matter. It i pure and wholcaome, conformingto all the rauoiui
nrl Sutf Pure Food Laws.
Caution: Get the genuine with ouf trade-mark on the package.
IVnnk I-nmin. a laborer of Jefferson
snd Miss Gnssie Wester, also of Jefferson.
Surah Kemnier. I,ellia Yoho, and Kva
first of the week.
Willard Morrison has returned to his
home at New Pine Creek after a short
visit at th home of his uncle, Frank
Morrison. I Smith, who applied for widow's pen-
Kred Krakes is in Black Rock this;..,,- i..t rn(, an,i whose petitions In
i.k s cuest of Mr, and Mrs. Xollie ,,, .,. reieetnd. filed a notice' nn.l the tiluintiff I'iven up to end in
fiomiek. L. ,.,.ul in thn circuit eonrt toduT. : elinliin October Ml to file an amended
( hsrles Winters was a Ballston busi- iru. iBintlff are appealing from the complaint, and the d teinlant up to nun
The jury was dis-
mitroversv which has been on for
the last six months will finally lie ne
eldeil by the iuvy late this afternoon
or tomorrow. W. ('. Winslow is rcpre
sentinir the plaintiff and (Icorge 1.
Miimhnm the ilcfeinbint.
The case of (I race Driscoll iicinsl
I)r. Mark Skiff was continued toouy
jjj Matinee & Night
The Famous German War Films Explained by
Dr. Fred Topkcn, Noted Traveler
This Wonderful Story Picture of the Most Ap
palling Conflict in History Depicts actual Living,
Moving Scenes.
Admission 23c. Children under 12, 13c.
IA ..i..;n.ir. r nnneiilinir from the cnun.laiat, hud the defend
1 ness visitor Thursday afternoon. ,lrifn of .Indue Musliey who made a including October 'JO to plead to tie
I .1. Hunting, or w omnium, yisim-u
Dallas relatives this week.
'amended complaint.
i ehiugcd.
I! wTjen ln BALEM, OEEOOK, top at
t. u . pai o.r.
I The jury returned a verdict In favor
j of the defendant awarding him t3H.25
, nip. iiik'. ... . - i
1 receiver, against Rex I. Russell. This
.was a question in bookkeeping and
both sides claimed damages S(iInt the
I other. Keitt uid ''larke representerl
tho plaintiff and C. K. Ross, th dr.-
Strictly Modem
Free and PrlvaU Batha
BATES 7BC. 11.00, 11.150 PEB DAT
(Capital Journal Hpeeial Nerviie.)
Dallas, Ore., Oct. I".. '. K. Htinnett,
a prominent farmer residing east, of
this citv, who was arrested last Hiitnr
day following an oll"ed murderous t
lark upon Ins wile, was tried tnis wees
iThe only hotel in th busines district. I nm (, jrv after being out but a snort
' . .11 Ti. Th ... .... .KJI.. . ' . . i' . ..J ....llto ....!
iNoarest w an m.-fvw., .mwho. "uwiinne reiuriieu a v.tuh,i m k'ihi,t i-.
Capitol Buildings.
A nom Away from llom
I. a. BUOH, Prop.
Both Phones. Tt Auto B.
he wss senlvnced to an indeterminate
term of fron six months to M) years In
the state penitentiary at Halem. Wal
ter I Tnoe. Jr., one of tho attorneys
for the defendant, made a motion for a
new trial which will be argued today.
Always Watch Thi Ad Changes Often
Wo hava nil kinds of lies, fjledgcs, Wedges, Saws uud Kipiipmcnts
for the woods.
All kinds of Corrugated Iron for both Roofs anil Buildings.
A good $H00.00 Laundry Mangel, slightly used for onn fourlh original
A Woodsaw comiilet for sale or will trade.
Two Tonics and llurness at a pric.o that will surprise you.
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
The House of lialf a Million Bargains.
n02 North Commercial Htreet. Toono 808.