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Margaret Mason Writes
of Gotham Fashion Fads
If you want to be a dashing
Little run about tbU year,
Pray don't cut out your muffler
They are very smart, my dear.
Bad blood, that is, blood that is im
. pure or impoverished, thin and pale,
18 responsible for more ailments than
. . - (anything else. '
, . , ' , .. I It affects everv organ and function,
shown m the arriMgcment of these tell-; n 80me casi,8.it Causes catarrh: in oth-
V." ititacnme-us. .une imm,et. dvsponsia: in others, rheumatism;
with killing coquetry knots hers under
her left pink err, the Ingenue wears
hers tied be'rind'like a doting mother
ties a napkin around the. neck of her
offspring in lieu of & bib forgot. Yet
another wrnps hers iealouslv close
Muf fle up a little ; about her chin with just one long end
New York. Oct. 1
.lnser even if these are dog days, In- given its freedom to float seductively
dian summer and all that. If you could i behind her shapely back. Oh, there is
he foxy in a white fox neck piece on as much art required in adjusting your
' .l I .. i ....ni,. H i:.i i Ai : ; : iL. .
the Fourth of July surely a little thing
like a worsted muffler can't put you
out of the running now. Prostrated vic
tims of the hottest day of the season
seekins the solace of - a long cold
muffler as there is joy in the perfect
attainment. .,
Whet with, the high engulfing collars
the nil swathing mufflers and the ail
enveloping fur neck pieces I fear me
draught pleasnutly a tinkle with cubes Ichiuning will become a lost pastime,
of ice in a smart hotel nearly swooned 'For chins will bo moro thnu receding
at the appearance or a cnic young nap
ncr in a Chinese tasselcd hat swathed
to the nose in
wide fringed worstad
muffler, red and whito striped like an
American flag. Since then though the
jat abatoth cot mufflers iucreaseth
'mightily. i
fiuch hectic hued affairs they arc too
in glowing combinatnions of stripes and
sppts and splashes whilo some are one
color nn one side and another color on
the other. Solid colored ones ot'
bright purplo are fringed in gold with
a quaint gold embroidered monogram
on one end. A tempcrmental flame
toned one has the roverse side in asi
grey and e- tigerish confection has
black stripes on a tnwny background.
There are all silk ones and fibre silk
ones but the worsted ones have the
real stamp of fashioLable approval and
some of these in.' vnrigntcd stripes of
rainbow hue are decidedly reminiscent,
of Hi Holler. Indeed the old time
farmer and rural character would soem
never to have been without his muffler
as a first aid to chore doing. The
maid today is quite as tenacious of
hers on Fifth aventto as a first aid to
heartbreaking. .
Much originality end artistry is
and in still others, weak, tired, languid
feelings and worse troubles.
It is responsible for run down condi
tions, and is the most common cause of
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the greatest
purifier and or.riciier of the blood the
world has ever known. It has been
wonderfully successful in removing
scrofula and other humors, increasing
the red-blood corpuscles, and building
up the whole system. Get it today
Special Exercises Tonight and AU Day
Sunday New Church Cost $1,500
Organized 51 Tears Ago.
Dedicatory exeereises of the new
Liberty street Evangelical church will
be held in the church Sunday morn
ing, afternoon and evening. Services
will be in charge of the Rev. F. 0. Ber
ger, of Cleveland, Ohio, general sec
retary of the Young Peoples' Associa
tion and Sunday school work of the
denomination. Assisting iu the dedica
tion, are the Bev. F. M. Fisher, of
Monmouth, president of the conference
branch of the ioung copies' assocm-
More Than Five Hundred Are
" Dead From Storm About
Los Angeles
ijmmtm hold
this seaso.1 they will be absolutely re
tired from public gaze. Alas the poor
swain who yssms to espouse a duuisel
with the weak chin ana tne plastic tcm
permcnt of tiio clinging vine may dis
cover to his consternation after mar
riage when he first glimpses her thin
unmufflcd that che hus tho firm and
stable jaw structure of the advanced
This ought to bo a most successful
season for the lr.dy with the triple
chins. Sho i3 sure to own a collection
of mufflers from A to Z for she knows
to her joy thtt two chins in a muffler
are as good as ono in the open any
It oucht to offr wonderful oppor
tunities for reduction also for a rubber
chin strap could be worn efficaciously
ana unseen Dcncp.m ine mumer uuu
even the muffler on Its own account
ought to bo cblc to induce a profu3C
enougn persjiraiioi. mcse lorriu u)i
to reduce any knov7n or unknown quan
tity of chin3 without any guttapercha
Whether you be eiiinny or chmnless
however, you'd better muffle up in a
muffler or you'll muff tho hit of the
An evening's entertainment for Mr.
nnd Mrs. Elmer Olson was arranged by
the Pythian Sisters and was held at
their hall Wednesday evening, Septem
ber 23. Cards, dancing and a fine
spread were part of the evening's pro
gram. While seated at a table enjoy
ing a game of cafds, Mr. Olson was
seized by the strong arm of the lodge
law and cast into a dungeon, the charge
placed against him being that of stay
ing out late night and unbecoming a
benedict. He was taken before Judge
Sastman for trial, r. W. Potter ap
peared as counsel for the defendant,
while Al Nickerson plead the cause of
the lodge. A jury composed of Mrs.
Geo. Cusiter, Mrs. Chas. Hartman,
Mrs. D. McCleary, Austin Eastman,
Ed Adnms and Ciihs. Youngren -a
mixed chorus, listened to the hair
whitening charge. The jury, after a
Bhort deliberation, returned a verdict
of guilty. Judgo Eastman sentenced
the prisoner to eat supper alone nnd
nllow his bride of a few days to take
supper with his couwrff. C. A. Hurt
ley caused the tentncles of the law to
reach out after him, but he made his
escape. The charge against him wns
that of taking food from the table be
fore supper and feeding it to two fair
damsels who intercepted him at the
foot of the stairs.
The mock trial, and the other ar
rangemcnts for the evening afforded a
great deal of enjoyment.
A beautiful silver frn dish with
plant was presented to Mr. and Mrs.
Olson as a remembrance or tne occu
sion. Silverton Appeal.
Baker, Ore., Oct. 2. After living the
life of a hermit in a cave near Bnker
for 10 vears. and having barely enough
to subsist on, Cyrus Tedrow; 80 years
old, is en route to Kansas City today
to claim a fortune Buid to amount to
thousands. His relatives had long
sought him. .
Condon, Ore., Oct. 2. Ill health was
believed today to have caused the sui
cide of E. David, aged 75. a former
state representative, who hanged him
self from the fire escape of the Con
don hotel. Blood poisoning recently
caused the amputation of 'i.io of his
Mrs. Nora Spring, of Dallas, is in the
city today.
Wayne Beals, of Alsea, is a Salem vis
itor today.
Miss H. McManiua is here today from
Miss J. Benedict, of Aumsville, is in
the city today.
C. W. Kirk and wife are here todav
from Brownsville.
H. M. Johnson, of Jefferson, is a
visitor here today.
Miss Florence Cooper, of Albany, was
in the city yesterday.
Miss Delma Towell is attending the
fair today, from Corvallis.
Chas. U. Wilson, of Oregon City, wns
a visitor in the city yesterday.
Mr. J. J. Houser nnd mother, Mrs.
Chandler, are here todny from Alsea.
C. F. Jumes and C. A. James, of
Brownsville, are registered at the Bligg.
J. P. Howard, of Boise, Idaho, is in
the city this week visiting with friends.
Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Wrightmand, of
Silverton, were state fair visitors Fri
day. Homer Egan, who is attending the
O. A. C, is home toduy for the week
end, ft
Mrs. Mary A. Long and Miss He
gina Long are Portlund visitors to
day. Miss Caroline Sigmund and Mrs. Eng
lish, of Stnyton, are in the city to
day. Dr. C. E. Randall, a dentist of Port
land, is visiting friends in the city
Mrs. J. J. Burcfi and Mrs. E. F.
Graven, of Rickrcall, are Salem shop
pers today.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Marsh, of Mollola,
Ore., are here on business and taking
in tho fair.
Miss Burnice Nelson, of McMinnville,
is here this week, the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Mills.
Miss Mary Tischer is home today
from Eugene, where sue is attending
the University of Oregon.
Malcolm Greig, of Wren, Ore., stop
ped off a few duys to visit Earle Hunt,
on his way home from the exposition.
Mrs. E. T. Albert nnd children are
visiting relatives and attending the
state fair at Salem. Eugene Register. -Mr.
and Mrs. Knumgartncr, who
have been visiting for the past tlrree
months ju Ohio and other eastern points
are expected home this evening.
New Orleans, Oct. 2. More than 500
dead ami 200 wounded stood today as
the appalling estimate of casualties re
sulting from the recent West Indian
tion of the church and other ministers !"""''"" Louisiana and Mississippi
of the church (Reports tabulated early today, based
A general rally of the young people J" i",7 from "? townf, con
, , . i.,,, 5.' ' firmed tears that ton hurricane reaped
of the church was held this afternoon hnrriMa tnl1 T,, .,,l)K ln J.
Free Methodist.
No. 1228 North Winter street. Sun
day services: Sabbath school 0:43.
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. nl.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p. m.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
and another session tvill be held this
Orleans was not swelled appreciably,
evening, when tue caemeKeta street lt was .,at.0(1 at 22, wltl, an additional
churcu aim otner neignuoring ennrcnes , 04 i tno environs,
are expected to take part iu the exer
cises. !
The services of Sunday will begin
with a short session of the Sunday
school under the direction of the super
intendent Wm. Garnjobst. At 10 o'clock
in the morning, the celebration of the
Lord 's supper will be observed, fol
lowed by the sermou of the morning
by the Rev. F. C. Berger. Special prep
arations have been made by the ladies
of the church for the serving of a
lunch in the baseii.vnt, immediately
following the morning sermon.
Continuing the exercises of the day,
services iu English will be held at 1:30
o'clock by. the Rev. Berger, wheu
special stress will be placed on tho
work of. the Sunday school and the
Young Peoples' association.
Lunch will ngnin bo served in the
church at 5:30 o'clock. For the evening
and final services or the dedication,
the sermon will be delivered in English
by the Rev. F. C. Berger, followed by
the dedication of the church, iu the
German language. The sermon Sunday
morning Avill also be spoken in tho
Besides the Rev. H. E. Hornschucli
the present pastor, who will assist in
tho dedicatory exercises, arc Rev, A.
C. Matzke, Rev. P. Conklin, Rev. H. R.
Geil and others.
The first step towards the erection
of the new church was taken on the
first day of this year, when tho mother
of the present pastor placed with him
a gift of $100, us the first subscription.
The figures on known dead included
Harntaria district, 43.
Rigolets, 24.
Pointea La Hnche, 31.
Lake Catherine, 17.
Yeloskev, 17.
Shell Beach, 16.
Bayou Cotk,12.
Cheniere, 0.
Grand Tsle, 6."
Bayon Portage, 6.
Pass Christian, 4.
Daisy, 3.
Bayou St. Louis, 2.
Hamilton, 2.
Ostrica, 2.
Xestor, 2.
Nichols, 1.
Bavou Dufon, 1.
Two hundred and eight were reported
lead along tiio Mississippi from Mvrtle
Grove to Biirmas. The figures on re
ported dead:
Lahrnnche, 25.
Bayou Dufon, 30.
Island De La Croix, 2".
St. Sophie, 17.
Harvey, 4.
Killma, 3.
Ilouina, 2.
On launch, J. N. Rid, 2.
Hundreds are still marooned in the
flooded sections along the coast, and
boats have gone to their rescue. Three
hundred are marooned at Empire, Ln.
Seventy took retugo in a hotel when
Grand Isle was swept by a tidal wave
First Methodist Episcopal Church
Comer State and Church streets;
Richard N. Avison, minister. II a. m.
Class meeting: 9:45 u. m. Sabbath
school, Messrs. Schramm and Gilkey,
Draft Resolutions of Condol
ence In Policies of Presi
dent Wilson
With resolutions of, confidence, loy-
Malty and greetings to President Wilson,
atti,tit,.ttiilii,tii 11 n ,n ninrmmr
worship, sermon' by the pastor; 3 p. mJof Bt,c. n,l """""os of
Rev. J. O. Spencer will speak at the old greeting to King Gustav. of Sweden,
peoples' home; 0:30 p. m. intermediate , King Christian of Denmark and KiiiH
league, Mrs. M. C. Findley, superintend-; Haskan, of Xorwav, the "Americans ol
cut; b:30 p. m. hpworth league, Scandinavian descent" closed the eelc.
Eva ScuJtt, presideut; 7:30 p. m. even-1 , .
ing worship, sermon by the pastor. Nation of the first and a most sue-
United Evangelical Church
North Cottage street between Center
m...:.... k a w:. ......
..V - . .J ',.... - 4 V.I....I.... 1,11
m. preaching; 0:30 p. m, young peoples'
cessful celebration of Scandinavian day
at tiie state fair yesterday afternoon.
The exercises, which consisted of 11111-
both band ami vocal, and infomml
meeting, leader Miss Pauline Iteming'
tou; topic "What will make our society
a greater success;" 4 p. m. junior en
deavor, leader Mrs. Harvey; Thursday
evening 7:30 midweek prayer meeting.
Public cordially invited,
First Baptist Church
H. E. Marshall, minister, Sunduy
service, morning sermon, "Destroying
Jesus"; evening sermon, "A Gospel for
AU"; violin solos, Mrs. A'ioln Vercler
Holman; music direction Miss Minuetta
Magers. '
German Methodist Church
Corner Thirteenth nnd Center streets.
A. J. Weigle, p.istor. On account of
the dedication of the new Evangelical
church there will be 110 service at our
church Sunday morning, but Epworth
league meeting at 7 and sermon by the
pastor at 7:30 p. m.
Comer Cupitol and Marion streets,
This was soon added to by tho mem-above tide water.
.Vorc than :0 schooners are reported V. G. Lienknemner. nnstor. Sni.dnv
ashore between Gulfport nnd New Or-Ht.hool 10 a. m.t morning worship iu
leans, ainny or tnem are wrecKe.l, Hn(i;rt(lrml,I1 t n 0t.i(tck. ,linjPct "The
.num. mnv urvu mm,"! inirru irei , fnllvpr ,. I
bers of the church and friends, until
curly this spring Wllcn definite plans
were made for the moving of the par
souage from Liberty street to part of
the lot owned by the church facing
on Center street. The plans were pre-,
pared "by the pastor, and erected un
der the supervision of H. Wcngcr of
the building committee. . Iu fact, since
the beginning of the work, the pastor
has been active iu the actual building
of the church, and could be seen any
day dressed in overalls, working with
Mr. Wenger and other members of the
denomination. The total cost of the
Four houses are reported to be the
only structures left in Empire, near
tho Ikmlloth canal. In these rem.
nants of the village, 200 persons arej
jammeii, unxiousiy uwnmug 1110 coin-
iii English at 7:30, sijiject
evening service
Lutheran Church
the afternoon from 1:30 until 4 o'clock,
and they were marked by a strain of
loyalty and patriotism both to th
country and the state- fair which wuh
manifest throughout.
Rev. John Ovall, of tho Swedish M.
E. church, of Portland, presided at tin
meeting, which took place in the 110
auditorium, and. the band music v.ai
finished by Hebel's Cherrvhud band
1iinl Mc Kirov's famous baud music.
which latter rendered several Swedisli
and American patriotic airs following
the completion of the program at tho
race course. Rev. Ovall opened with 11
brief introductory and complimentary
address and introduced Governor
Withycombe, who received a great ova- ,
tion, ami spoke for several minutes dur
ing which he complimented tiio Scan
dinavian people, for their high order of
patriotism, industry nnd thrift. Gov
ernor Withveoinhft was followed by
Prof. J. O. Hull, of the Willamette uni
versity, Mayor Fred Johnson, of Astor
ia, Rev. Sadie Larson, of tho Norwegian ,
M. K. church, of Portland, Rev. Hor
vick, of tho Swedish Lutheran church,
of Silverton, and Mr. Ilicllnn, of Astor
ia, former member of tho house of rep
All of tho speakers expressed great
pleasure and wonderment at the scopo
and educational value of the state fair
exhibits: niuisod tho state fair mnn-
jagenient for the courtesy and honor ox-
teiHUMl 1110 dCUlllllllUYlilll Clll'.i'lin 111 I"'.'
Enst State and Eighteenth streets, , Htute and for tho full measure of sue-
Quality First
This is the Heater That Is Going Into So Many
This New "Mission" All-Cast Heater for Wood
or Coal .Is the Most Economical Heater
Produced Today
Any Heater in the Store $1
And the Best Most Attractive Heater Ever Displayed by Any Store Over Twenty-five
Styles on Show.
This New "Mission" Heater .
Is Made in Several Different Styles
It is beautifully nickled, has a large extra sized feed door to admit large chunks
of wood. The body base and top are made of cast iron, which retain the heat hours
after fuel has been consumed. It has a swing top, fireplace front and high sanitary
base and is the most economical heater we have ever offered at any price.
Priced from $14.40 to $21.00
I church will amount to about $4,!)(l(l.
The basement ot the church has been
carefully built, and will be used us
a Sunday school ruui nnd general as
sembly room.
. The auditorium is constructed in ap
proved church methods, ' with choir
space and study for the pastor.
The first work of the present Evan
gelical Association ..ns begun by the
Rev. James CroHsiuau in 1804. The fol
lowing year the frame church, which
has just been rcmnvtid, was built and
dedicated. Since that time, tho names
of pastors who appear on the records
ore James Crossinan, J, Bowersox, S.
Heininger, W. C. Kniitiier, A. W. Boner,
A. Krelter, Wm. Ackerman, F. J. Stray
or, Hollenbough, J. M. Dick. E. S. Bel
inger, J. M. 1'reis, I. B. Finher, C. J.
Katts, A. A. Englebardt, V. Ilittuer,
H. E. Hornschucli, S. Copley, E. J).
Hornsehueh, J. J. Hoffman, W. A. Guef
froy, G. F. I.iening, Otto Sehultz, and
the present pastor, who is serving his
second pnstorntc hero.
The officers of the church arc us fol
lows: S. Heist, class leader; F. Kurn,
exhorter. The Stewarts of the church
are A. Rex, A. Hilfik, and J. Vogt.
Trustees: A. linger, rt. fichultj!, R. So
ger. The superintendent! of the Sun
day school are B. Moves and William
Gurnjobst, Mrs. Arthur Englebardt
is president of the Young Peoples' as-
J sociatiou. 1 he liuiMing committee, com
: posed of the Rev. H. E. Hornschucli,
; S, Heist, H. Wcngcr and R. Soger were
; careful to see thut the cnurch was core
j fully built, most of them tuking ac
tual part in its construction. ,
The present pastor is the oldest of
four brothers, four of whom arc now
; uctive in the ministry. This year will
( end the twenty-third of the pustor's
active work in the ministry. From May
ixi'7 to May 1001, he was in charge
' of the church, and is Here in his see
1 ond venr. In this eonfurencA lm him
! served the follow uiir i'lii.ric' l'urt.
I land Imniuuucl, one year; Oregon City
j and Canby, three years; Sulem, Liber
I ty street church, four years; Seattle,
j First church, four years; Bcllingham
' Mission, one year; presiding elder for
j eight years, and fur the past two years,
again with the Liberty street church.
' In 107, he was elected a member of
! the general conference, which convened
at Milwaukee, and iu 1WU, of the gen
1 erul conference, meeting at Cleveland,
ing of a rescue boat. j
from points nt some ilistnnco trom
tho city on me reports that many per
sons were marooned in tree tops.
Relief bouts, loaded with food, sup
plies, nurses and doctors have gono to
the aid fif tho stricken districts.
Lruiisiiinn nni Mississippi plan if pos
sible, to take care of the situation with
out nn appeal lor help from outside.
The city is handling its own situation
admirably, mnl the work of clearing
debris is progressing rapidly.
Wire service was practically normal
with the outside world today, the plans
for repairing and replacing wrecked
structures was proceeding rapidly.
George Ko'eliler, pastor. Sundny school
iu German und in English nt 10
o'clock; divine service nt 10:30 a. m.
quarterly business meeting at 1:45 p.
iu.; no evening sorvice.
Highland Friends Church .
Corner of" Highlunil and Elm streets.
Our Sabbath school begins at 10 a. m
Kurl 1'ruitt, superintendent; meetings
for worship II a. m. and 7:30 p. m.;
Christian endenvor 0:15 p. in.; prayer
meeting Thursday 7:30 p. in, Josephine
lloekett, pastor, phono 14(13.
ss attained for the fair, and ex
pressed delight in tho hearty welcomo
nnd treatment received and promised to
eomo again another year with a larger
repiesentatiou and more elaborate prep
arations' for fitting celebration of the
day nnd honor. Messages of greeting
and regrets were received from limny
Swedish, Norwegian und lanish soci
eties in different parts of the state.
Mr. nnd Mrn, John Hchoen left, Tues
day to tnko up their residence on a
farm three miles from Turner, their
household goods going by auto truck.
Mr, Scl oeu is a son-in-law of Joseph
B'cker of this place and hus been em
ployed in Mr. Becker's sulnon for the
past four years.
Albert and Remie Becker accom
panied Mr. nnd Mrs, Sehoen. Albert
will remain several weeks to assist
John on the farm, but Remie expects
to stay indefinitely.
Tiio relativeh and friend of the fam
ily relict to have thffii leave, but
wish them success in their new t future.
(lervnis Star,
Casserole Special
This week we offer'you a high grade fireproof, white lined Casserole in nickel
plated frame with black ebony handles, regularly priced at $2.10,
Special $1.25
Is Good
' The Western Farmers' Protective as
sociation was organized at the Eldridge
school house Tuesday night, September
! 28, with G. A. Miller, president; Arthur
Oof fin, secretary; H. J. J. Miller, trcai-
I urer.
I A very enthusiastic meeting was held.
The object of this w:niiizutiiin is to
' prevent the unlawful killing of game
birds and protect the farmer from b
, ing trespassed um by having hit gates
' left open and his stock shot up and
i their families lives endangered,
It is planned thut other districts will
organize ai d they will work in eon
1 junrtiuu and lie under one. supreme
j bead. Gervuis Star.
' Mrs, R. M, Knighton, of Buena Vis
' ta, who hs been visiting her duugh
I ter during the week, returned to her
I borne laet evening.
Sacramento, f'nl., Oct. 2. The Xnto
inns company which Is operating exten
sively in tho Sftcramenlo valley dredg
ing for gold, is having designed a new
type of dredge which Is expected to
revolutionize tho system of gold dredg
ing. At present thousands of ucres are
laid wnsto because the dredges deposit
rocks and coarse nuiteriul on the land,
lint the new dredge will deposit fi:ia
soil on top of t'ie coarse stuff leaving it
in fine shape for cultivation.
Sacred concert, Sunday evening nt
nstle Impel, corner Seventeenth anil
Nebraska avenue. Rally day exercises
at 10 a, in.; communion service at 11
o'clock, A cordial invitation is extend
ed to all.
Commons Mission
241 Stato street, J, 1). Cook speaks
Sundny at 3 p. m.; services on Tuedny,
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sun
day evening at 7:30, Rev. W. J. John
ston speaks on Tuesday and Kev, U, W.
Shaver on Friday; Free employment
office; second hund clothing received
and given free to the needy; all wel
come, J. D. Cook, superintendent.
Pleasant Sunday Evening Service.
The members of the First Coiigregu.
tional church are heartily supporting
their minister in his endeavor to create
a new interest iu the Sunday evening
service, Sunday evening there will be
held the first of u series of eight spe
cial services. The important subject of
education and our city of interest to
so ma ny fathers and mothers will be
ably presented by Salem's lending edu
cutors, superintendent Elliott tf the
public, schools, and Dr. Carl G. Doney,
president of Willamette University.
All students, teachers and persons in
terested in education are cordially in
vited to attend this service.
t t
j A Good Thing
To Keep In
Is Hygienic Tooth Paste,
a fragrant dentifrice
that cleans and beauti
fies the teeth, sweetens,
purifies and gives the
mouth the pleasant sen
sation of cleanliness.
It aids in the preser-
i vation of the teeth and
I checks thafermantation
t of food on and between
i them. There are many I
I kinds of tooth paste
found at our store, but
twe recommend the Hy- 4
gienic first for its pres
ervation of the teeth.
Poole's Dm? Store
372 State. Phone 276
Gum 5
Associated Bible Students
n. II. S, A.) will hold regular weekly
Bible study in upstairs hall, southwest
corner High and Ferry streets, Sunday
at 10 o'clock n. m.; All Bible students
welcome; no collect inns; phone lid V.
The Lone Oak Mission
Ther will be a gwpcl service on
Tuesday evening at 7:45, the Gospel
band of tho Highland Friends liuviug
charge of same; everybody invited;
opposite fair grounds grocery.
First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday services lire held at 410 Che
meketii street, at 11 a. m. und
H p, m. Subject of Bible lesson,
" Unreality." Sunday school at
0:45 a. m. Wednesday even
ing testimonial meeting at A o'clock.
Heading room in the Hubbard building,
suite .103, and is open t'very day, except
Sundays and holidays, from 11:45 u. in.
to 4 p. m. All lire welcome to our ser
vices und invited to visit our rending
Salvation Army.
Sunday meeting will be held in the
new S. A. hall, 334 1 4 Court street.
The hull hus been fitted up in first class
condition and the public are heartily in
vited to attend meetings as follow:
Sunday school 1:30 p. in., Christian
praise meeting 3 p. in., Salvation
meeting H p. m. Week-night services
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Si.tur
day. (.'apt. and Mrs. Kelso.
HE LOVE of comfort
and toothsome food is
inherent-nothing foster
it like itay at
Hotel Hortonia
Scarcoly it one well Within
'doors before he realizes that
II his unspoken desires ere
beind fulfilled. Little
thoujlitfulness Hasten to
meet him gracious smiles
trect Kim-good cheer sits oil
is right-perfect service-unostentatious
quiet holers
near-always-ever. And it's
these little-ven? little-things
done at the right time and in
the right Way which 'g't' him
Choice viands faultlessly
served "the flavor of home.
The tlung tint pplt. modtrtle
114, off
t Urn L4
Corner (.'hemeketa and Cottage
streets, Rev. B. F. Ti"her, minister
Morning service at II o'clock. Sun
day school at 10 k. in. No evening erv
ice. Ail friend 01 liliernl ami progress-
TUve thought are cordially invited tst-')!)!
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tend, .