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Sport News
U- I'll
Thousands Flock to Fenway
rark to Witness Game
With Tigers
National League.
v.. I..
ilalelphia 77 57
Hrooklyn 7.1 C4
Boston 72 ;s
St. I.ouia 7 72
Chicago (51 fjo,
Cincinnati 05 71
Pittsburg 05 75
New York Ul 73
By George Holmes.
HoHtuu, Sept. II. Hoston is baseball
Convinced thut the only hope of the!
Hull for representation iu the world'
iwries rests with the Kcd Sox, the rul;
tured rooters flocked in drovea today to
Fenway park to witness the second:
game of the crucial surTes with the De-.
Iroit Tigera. I
Houra before the ticket office at the :
1ark usually opens, it was announced
that all aeata for thia afternoon 'a game I
had been sold. ,
"Tessie" waa the official song of j
Uoatou today and the " Koval H outer,.,
ciuo" organized ita fuecs early pre
juratory to marching in a body to the
jiurk and cheering toe Carrigunitea to
t'ndiNrnoriiirfld ItV iha wilti..! .f,.f.....
of the scries, Manager Carrigan'a pro-!
toges expected to come bark atrougi
thia afternoon and capture the second 1
COliteat. "Dutch" Leonard n oen-!
Aralll' eilipctcil to Mnneikr itn iha l..l, I
.. 1:7.". ' .. .
runu or uuiiicn nui oe .tiniingor Jen
Dings' aeleetion.
ir i'troit wina tin aiternoon 'a
American League.
W. I..
Hoston 90 45
Detroit 61
Chicago HI 57
Washington 74 01
New York 00 7.1
St. I.ouia 57 79
Cleveland 51 SO
Philadelphia .,..;! 94
Federal League.
W. I..
Pittsburg T5 00
Chicago 74 03
St. I.ouia 74 0
Newark 70 02
Kansas City 09 04
Buffalo I 01 09
Brooklyn fA 71
Baltimore 41 i0
Pacific Com League.
W. ..
Han Francisco ... !'S
I.oa Angeles 93
Vernon m
Halt Lake SI
J'lirflnnd 71
Oakland 74
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In tart, aooe other dgarara
. may just happen to hit
' YOUR particular taste tw.
ur than Faumaj.
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ranma s enormous pop,
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New Models Are Being
Worked Out By Naval
trmne, Boaton'a grip on the top rung of
the American league ladder will be al
most broken. A victory will bring the
Tlgera within a fraction of a game of
the Bed buz.
Yesterday's Remits.
At Portland Vernou 2, Port
land I.
At Oakland Kan Frnnrineo 1,
Oakland 0.
At I.oa Angeles I.oa Angeles
5, Salt I.nke 2.
Watching the Scoreboard
New Turk, Kept. 17. Fight promot
ers here talked to Willie Kiteliie today
about his challenge to Tuckey McPur
land for a 10 round bout to determine
how much of the defi was real and how
much "stage tttlk" Kitehin iim-fa he is
mncere. Me nays he is willing to let
McFarland fiilit at 117 lumml.
Mveuty thniisand Bowtonians went1
Oakland, Cal., Kept. 17. Friends of'"1" ,u "etroit Tigers meet the He. I
Oscar Vitt, third basemnu of the )c :,s,x 2t.no0 gnats were lost,
troit Americans, heard today that Vitt' Timers had it all over Boston
win lie married to ..irss Irene Freiind i ' r'"" ""' ""l the lied Sox fans
By Bond P. Oeddes.
(L'nitH Press Staff Ciirreepoiident.)
clianges in the )ype of new submarines
to be built for t':icle Sam 's navy are
being worked out bv the chief naval
today that some new wrinkles in sub-
mcrsibles probably would be adopted
when ennprpM nnthr.rt7.a the i.rooosed
new fleet of undersea eraft which will
renresent the latest thought in such
construction. i
Especial attention Is being aiven, i
Secretary Daniels states. ti the ques-i
tion of submarine construction. A cort'S
of experts, at home and abroad, are
collecting information to be asimilat
ed in the next new I'. S. submarine.
Electric propujsioa is the latest In
sumbarin'ea, according to the present
determination of the naval construct
ors. It is probable that electric motors
may be used exclusively in the future.
Naval authorities also contemplate di-
VestinCT thl. nrmurnt flaat of anionflrinps
of ga9 engines and substituting electric
(in d!er;iiv :n ,iA n.v tj iT s ;
naval progress in building submarines
is the "patent monopoly" which con-;
fn.es this government to one type of1
submersible. This is the Lake type.!
While other types with some most de-
airable features are being built, Pec-1
retary Daniels anys the government has I
never been able to reach satisfactory!
terms with patentees of other subma-j
rines than the Lake variety. Negoti- j
ation's are In nroeress. however, by I
which thff
adopt some trf the more desirable fea-
nirrn oi oiner patterns.
The P-OVernmpnt. vnnlil tint t hfirrpil
I from using the other submarine patents
! in caso the V. 8. became involved in
war, nowever, according to secretary
Daniels. Ha ndmittoil thri. tim av.
Santo Miuiiea, Cal., Sept. 16. We ernment would nut hesitate to appro
3Lg Turkic Blend Curette
g 20 for W
Seattle. Wash.. Scot 17- Tl.o K,.m.
club, ilanuger Tealy nayinond, cinched
the Northwestern leugue pennant, by
defeating Spokane club here yesterday
afternoon six to one. The Seattle club
was 19 games In-hind Spokane on July 4,
won eighteen straight from them and
thirty-two games out of the last thirty
six played. The teum has won 5S out
of the last 7S games, und has gained
22 1-2 games on Spokane.
The Seattle club iiIuvh H. P.rft,
Const league club here Monday.
Kindest Burglar On
Record Is Discovered
of this city, as soon na the baseball sen
aoii is over. Miss Ft.-und'a mother will
not confirm or deny the report.
San Francisco, Sept. 17. The Napa
stock farm has purchased Huiinvmcde.
one of the greatest Knylish stiilli.jns, it
waa announced today. The coniidcra
tion wns not stated, but It is believe I t"
liBve been close to 2ll,000. Two year
ogothe stallion aold at auction for 'I7
have had many "meanest burglars,"
but hero's the kindest one.
Mrs. (ieorge Jo.mson, 00, awoke just
before dawn and saw a burglar taking
her money from a teapot on the mantle
piece, where she hid it. She pleaded
with him:
" 1'leas. don't toLa flint It' All l
. ..., i
have. '
The prowler darted to the door. There
ho hesitated. Mis. Johnsita repeated
her plea. Cautiously, the burglar re
turned. He tossed the handful of coins
on the bed and hurriedly departed.
When Mis. Johnson counted the mon
ey, she found $." more than there had
been before.
; Largest Lumber Makers
1 of West Coast Meet
Seattle, Wash., Kept. 17 -The Brook
lyn National club by wire vesterdnv
osked Peggy Hart if' he would nign a
contract for the 1913 season at once.
Itarth, n ..1(10 hitter, answered "ves."
Itiirtlt I .1... ,i.:..i .1...- .a .r .
........ . ,,: ,1,11,1 nil-, niter Ol I 114 ,e- .
title club to ifo to Bro.iklvn 11,.! .. l,'t Oakland
left bunded pitcher, and Deli, are now
with the Dodgers. Harth is a tit i 1 it v
took it out ill lliollllinir the udnm.ry
Alsii, Tyrus Cobb hurled his but at
Pitcher Mays, mid Mays whizzed sev
eral buzzers close toTy'a conk.
"Butchered to make a Boston holi
day" might almost been an appropriate
title for the afternoon's pastime, but
the police arrived in time to prevent
Philadelphia Nationals massacred 10
to 3, grubbing six runs in the first
t'ranie, largely through knocking one
tieorge nil over the lot.
The Cubs whitewashed Brooklyn in
1h innings.
: " " """g11" "'"' rates on lumber traffic. The inter
Pierev, of Vernon, ,,eld Portbuid to I V"" . CU""'"'rfe '"."'"""T" '",1l,mi"'J
two hit-i. ""'."id to j twenty-seven questions for them to
San Francisco ut I,;. i answer, apropoi of the desired de-
i,l !.. it,. i, i , creases.
Delegates declared that whilo the
Chicago, Sept. 10. Seventy five
representiitivea of the largest lumber
makers iu the West Coast Lumber
. , ...
ir,de ,,i ,1 ,i n t iuanuiuciurers assocmtion ffntbered
' it three strai l t !' u f ru,n i heretoday in a., effort to .ecuVe lower
; it tnrce striuelit. (nlneiin hh.i ..... . . . ,
if i for tola, a
Want Ad will tell it
. rate is now too nign, ine reciassittcation
journal u( products, asked by the commission,
is objectionable.
re Will II
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Driate the Rllhninrin. T.ntpntu nn.l oar.
them in building its own submarines
iu time of war. Compensation would
be given the patentees, of course, or
they could resort to the courts but
after the government bad received the
benefit of submersible patents. The
gdvernment, according to Secretary
Daniels, would not hesitate tn ndnid
such a policy, as a matter of defense
in a time of national peril, without re
gard to the contract and patent rights
of patentees.
Secretary Daniels iiones thnt conarews
will eventually authorize con'structkm
by the government itself of all of its
stibmnrines. It is now bnildmu anm,
on the Pacific coast, the onlv govern
ment plant at preseut equipped for sub
marine construction. Theie nro nf th,.
oil burning type.
"Speeding up" private etcitractors
on government submarine contracts is
another innovation promised by the ec
retary. He will insist that contracts tnv-
en private concerns stiuulate ouieker
delivery. The secretary believes that
in the past contractors have been slow
about completing the government craft.
He cites the instance of the ill tated
P-4, which sank Inst Mareii c.itside
Honolulu harbor. This boat was only
two veins old. ll'ivinu- been' conimlj.
sioned in 1!KI, but five years elapsed!
before congress authorized her construe- i
tion aid the date, in 1913, when she)
wus delivered to the n'nvv.
I'" the other hand, the Fore River'
Construction company of Massachusetts I
has just completed ten electric siibmer-
sibles for one of the allies iu tiie record
time of eight months. They were or
dered in January and are now Ivingi
finished, in the ship yards at yni'nev.1
Massachusetts. By agreement with i
( harles M. Schwab, who took the order
for one of the allies, the boats will be
held in American waters until after the!
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Venice, Cal., .Sept. 16. A lad
der, set up in police headquar
ters here, will be a test for al
leged drunkard hereafter. If a
man arrested as drunk can
climb up and down t'.ie ladder
without falling, then he will
have proven himself sober, and
will be released with an apol
,'.v. If he tries and slips the
dungeons for him.
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Big Foreign War Loan
Chicago, Sept. K!. Opposition to the
proposed billion dollar American loan
to the allies was voiced today by Sen
ator J. Hamilton I.ewiB In a letter to
the public, lie contended thnt the loan
would "invite a repetition of the 18T3
and 1 Sl;l panics." ne had already
objected to Secretary of the Treasury
MeAdoo, the letter said.
The loau would take "half of the
available cash from Americana," the
senator warned. The 187.1 and ISM
panics were cuused chiefly by the fact I
mm America louneo; her money "to
upholster the failing routines of Ku
roH," the letter continued, and much j
of it was not recovered because failures
made the foreign collateral worthless.
"Our busiue:ia men und farmers need
all available uioney," said the letter,'
"to initiate and sustain home enter
prise, to employ labor and to Increase
commerce. If don't need the money
st home, I suggest that we lend it to
.South America. There-is a chance to I
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ing on empires of valuable land."
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calling the 1K17 class to the
f olors, and ordering the class of
1SSS held iu readiness for serv
ice. The measure will probably be
passed without debate.
Thia step brings to the
French colors vouthe of IS and
men of 47.
I'nder the provisions of the
Jill, a quarter of a million
Preach boys, many of them now
in school, will probably be or
dered into training camps.
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