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Editorial Page of 'The Capital Journal"
Editor and Manage
K-.lintliT !. lfll'i.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
Ott. and Treas.
Daily by carrier, per year 15.00 Per month.
Daily by trail, per year
3.00 Per month..
. .35c
New York Chicago
Ward !.e j- illinni S''rirtl Aency
Tfihune Kiiilili'i
If you are confronted by a number of tasks that ought
to be done during the day there is one sure way in which
to come to the evening with a clean slate, and that is to
do the harder thing first.
Most of us are disposed to warm up on some easy
! work. We will idly glance through the book before we
! begin to study; we will build castles in the air before we
; put our minds to hard thinking.
A Galley o' Fun!
Harrv R. Fisher Cc
So X. Dearborn St.
IN 1300.
Brother Giles. I tell you, this
over-production of books is getting
to be a ereat evil.
Rnr Ininrr trio oqcv triincro fircr Viae cntviorViin tr rn t hp Brother Absalom. 1 ou speak
I uui.uvii.6 w.v. .u,j .bo 0,lKum.s " uooth Look at Anslem, over there,
i same effect that comes when we begin dinner with the finishing inscribing his third book
I dessert. A piece of pie rather spoils one's appetite vl1"- and ,hat
! plain bread and meat. !
Th. Capital Journal earner boy. are in.trueted to put the paper, on the. But when '0U begin at Once and accomplish the task .' n'-,"""! bv "sociMy 1
porch. If the earner doea not do this, niisne vou, or neglects getting the . , -n i n al v i i Oyke has been dropped D society,
piper to you on time, kindly phone the eireulation' manager, as this is the onlvi VOU dread JOU Will ieel like the man WilO StartiS the day ' V.'yld. Yes, he made himself un-
rwliain 8drermine whe,br "", the """" " foKowUg iBS,ruc,ions- j with a cold bath, ready for anything that may come next. 1 JniT soda! ligations
' nt "'" . ! When the hard task is done then the rest of the day's ' ' ' ,
! i, i:j ,1 nA THE REASON FOR HIS AB-
; vvuin vwu ruuc uunn gicaccu vvajro. j SENCE
Begin the day by splitting the toughest stick, by WOl'k- , Parent Is my boy precocious, do
ing out the most difficult problem, by writing the most
Dr. W. A. COX
303 State Street
All Smiles
Yes, Smiles
vcm think?
takes a real shock to wake some persons up. For perpiexing letter, by doing the most dreaded thing, and .hee'Te.alrbVen5 'si
instance, a great many Americans have for a long time th(. chances are that pvenin ,vi1 Pftmp linnn . fll,ffav's with a sick fricn.i.
wondered whether they ought to be proud of this country work well (ione and & a soul that ig saisfied
or not. They accepted its opportunities, its freedom, its ' J
broad, liberal principles of government as a matter of H Ford promises to employ evenr ict released
course . and grumbled about small things that were not to fr0m the Michigan penitentiary at five dollars a day.
their liking until they really thought the old-world nations Since an honegt industriJ0US man would appreciate
couiu snow us Muneuung in uie way oi goe rniiieni. ine a five dollar a dav :fth thp sWw nf fn 5r "u wm
he told
sitting up
i l .1 i a. i. .e . i . i
war. now ever, nas cnangeu uie Mfuponu oi a wnoie iui ;1 tprm in thp stntp Thfl, nU -nnf hnrv
of these people and they are so glad they are American; the best lic; ig mogt assuredly6 d&ue for the jun
citizens that the lesson .will last a good long while. The heaplong ,vitn a lo't of other old.fasfeoned notions .
Pendleton East Oregonian calls attention to an instance to
of this kind in the following
One of the victims of Hesperian was native of New
w:i: cm i i . e : t ..t t. .
has just returned from an extended tour through the : J Si was when that little pa ch of;
European war zone, has discovered that the difference ivS khatdJyu Union, but now:
between the United States and the warring nations isi( of Woodrow Wilson and its
the difference between their rulers. dangerous to torpedo one of her native sons.
"In America he finds President Wilson 'seeking to dis
cover what is best for the people of the United States and
what they want him to do, while in
Nothing but smiles when your Dental work is done
by us. All work is carefully and well done, and in
the most satisfactory way possible for any man to do
and with the least pain.
One trial will give you a complete conception of
our ability and also convince you of the reasonable
All Work Guaranteed for 10 Years
Lady attendant.
Phone 926
For the Telephone GirL
A great many writers, especially m the magazines, are "Stephenson broke another record
EhVtodthe LW:feUi?"rT's colL.stal war t. .Why not nS,Xr S-
..l,..o ,l;n 'Wl,nt .Wl T ft,,, l ""J JiailOIlS Wiucn are inClUlffine m me and Ic.i the ra.ls only twice."
'2. ' 1 1 i IllYlirv nt hnmnn c n nrrnror onrl rnicf nf noiocoih- n,r llr.v rcinark.iDie acniccmeiit,
lo do lor me: r 7 mi o .b-i umo uzoaiij iaj,v.
"His tour of Europe has convinced him that America!
counts. U m ho thvU th,. nn.sid,nr Lm tn !, . ho1 V newspapers are all talking about the old men who ' thrift and forethought,
thoughts of the masses ho is serving while in Europe he flVTmgil t ami6S m the Eu,r0pean ,But d?,S
found in the rulers an indifference to the thoughts of the hat Plof e Jhat yunEer commanders couldn't do as well,
people so long as they fought according to orders." j eNen 0eUei " i
a ijf
cry but you can't tell me that the
i team-engine will ever be of any rea'
practical value."
The apple crop of the Northwest selling at higher
prices than for several years past is one of the surest'
The land grant conference in Salem next week is le-: t,vitlences of burning prosperity. j
me young nuband and wile were;
cliuriiiiiiRly busy leathering tlieir nest '
"A little pains now," quoth they '
-agi-iy. may mean an extra cylinder
or two when we come to mortgage
atcr on!"
Showing that thrift and forethought
were traits by no means extinct
liter all.
Sutherlin Sun: Twelve men have
been parole 1 during the past few days,
WPW? an'1 11 is 110til'eable that the Republican
UlnlL llLllJ pnpers are not making such 8 howl
sjjiHDotit it as they did when Governor
iieai paroled convicts.
"The hop harvest has now been io,
progress a week, and the rain has not
come,'' says the Kogtie River Courier.
"Old Tinier seeing due for a shock to
his nervous system, for he has harped
long on the rain "that alwavs comei
with the first week of the happicking
ing criticised in advance by a good many state papers.
This might seem a little premature if one did not under
stand the situation, and know how cut and dried it is
planned to have the gathering. The chairman has al
ready been selected and he turns out to be W. Lair Thomp
son, president of the state senate. Most of the speakers
on the program are men known to lie closely allied with
the. railroad interests. It looks very much like one of
those investigations the company always holds after each
wreck or fatal accident on its lines, the verdict never
being anything but a complete exoneration of the com
pany. We do not profess to know just what the special
and corporate interests would have done with the grant
Lloyd George seems to have a Welsh coal strike for
breakfast about every morning.
SJB. V -Walt Maton
1 l l iT M.f i -f Jl' I -
Mifs Gladys Guiles (covlv).
!" '"' rully love inc. Cla'en'cJ?
Clarence Smirkles (passionatelv).
- Love yo'? Why, I analyzes yo' 'so
hit I'd radder lieah yo' chew gum
!!" to listen to a minstrel band
I'at's l'.ow 1 loves yo'l
Dentin. Will you have gas,
nn. h rests witli you.
Puritanical Patient. You don't
"pme I'm going to let you grupe
iri.uud in the dark, do you?
The rush of the crowded citv snfm fi iJlVtrt f fVli-i in,..nl
iiuv nui ovum i ii i. iuiik llil nil Llltllll i i i ,i . . -' it iv, c tu U1L ILllitl
land, but we expect to know beyond any question of a uo vn' aml ne,.tllinks " a beastly pity that peoole must
doubt after the di-Wates b:ive i.-iken npfuin llv in town, to toil o'er the
p v i - e- i i.i . .. ...v. tiuiuic,
nemmeti in by the wa s of hi
this sunht planet the roses are growing ' the
Anyway the conference promises to lie a tame atl'air
unless a few free lances chance to attend and are able to
t-tart something. As for an assembly dominated by the
amc men who controlled the late state senate taking any
action in the interest of the plain people of Oregon well,
we might imagine such a thing but we are not going to
do it. Even an editor's imagination has a limit to its
The Daily Astorian. like many othor newso:mris
great prosperity for this country in the not distant future
wnenineoig war passes into hi
Uigie: I hat two hundred millions of doll
a quarter of a billion dollars worth of
I'., . 1 A .1 1
iu nue come io i ne Ainonenn mnii..v
v swilt the maL'ic hnnr mnl i
I mint he gone, the clock near bi
Jive in town to toil o'er the pave granite SSlnSu1
I'orvallis Ga.etteTinies: The Cor
vallis flouring mill holds the record for
havin made the largest parcel post
shipment from the" city of Silverton,
whore the company operates a cereal
and Hour mill. The shipment consisted
of loini pounds of flour and cereals, and
was consigned to three different nnrtip
at View Point. I.nke ,-nnntv Thol
amount of postage required was $17.11")'
The distance from Silvertci.i' to View;
Point by air line is about 15U miles.
However, it was necessary to send it
around by Portland, The' Dulles and
Bend. Prom the last named point it is
hauled by freight teams. The routerta
ken covers approximately ."fill miles.
Condon Times: Old Man! Grasshop-'
per has informed us that this is the
last year that he and his iiumernis'
family will bother the people of Gib,
bam county, as he intends to leave for
greener fields and pastures new and
will not return for In whole years. Wei
told the old uen't if he ripver'eaine hack!
the p..(,,l,. would lose no sleep over it.'
We then s-hc. k his leg and bid him Cod.
speed. Imping never to see him or hisl
obnoxious fibc again. j
From the end of a condenser of a still
located eight miles east of Albanv, mint
'il. "f a quality unexcelled in the world,'
". o-ou oiopping the past few dav9.
It makes the development of a new in-
. "i oregon, more profitable than:
the growing of any grain or vegetable!
ii"W raised in this section of the state.
I cannot leave your siqht.
io clock, wc can but hear
iimlniuht loud and clcar-
ei, now luckless the ones who AwM in
?;i,Vhe Il!i,(l5it.,?ffl,,arr' COnfusion and ' oi
loar and smell! 1 1 lee from rh? nn,i ' strikmc match.., n
rattle away to that farm of mine, and flirt
t. uty noisiein cattle, and play with the the pace.
-.Mill wnen irom tne lh Rhinoceros
roar and riot the dweller in town repairs, 1 C2?T
to rest ,n he country's quiet, and breathe A a ,r
asp you tight;
one. l our ocre
the stair-
surveyed tin
"Alter all. 1
maimer of speak-
l,nti,llt...l ... 1. Ml , . . . ' I. v.v
story. This is its ,U1 N ne s nueu in a day with leucine for racket ,,:,.,,,:,'"t tlie otllcr as" h o :
ars in uold ami J,mi hU3,v a!ul stnlt. for streets where the crowds nre; Weii. if, . fart- the ri,; 1
negotiable securi- . TT" r"ral " man says the civihnTe t,?"
nvirL,f f..,,, v1.' i, miu UcUl'IS Il'Om towns ! k.o.K. T fU., or nun w,.t, i;i - ... . ',T. "w
Jt x piij Hie llllUCf
I Pr"-perity note in t'ninn Scout,
""cnige Johnson tineshed M 12 bushels
;"t Marcus wheat from a field of 14
jicre-.. This is the wheat that has been
lately ir.tn.lnced and continues to grow
;iu popularity with farmers. M.r ,lohn-
son s wheat was grown north of town
n land farmed for many years,"
t iiie uios i say Harbor urges "direct
jo tion Sey.ral young ia,iit,s of Xo h ;
'J!''' av0 lla,i llI,1(,lsa, ox,.orioA-o. ,
, t ate. riiese are ot sneh seriousness '
, that tney need not be discussed. We!
i hpe that the offen.ted ladies will arm!
, themM. ve m,,! i.
. ....,i imi;nr. . ,s :
''U. time that the community was rid'
ot that elas,, of offenders.
"Raymond Walker has leturned from
the harvest fields where he has been
for several weeks. It is reported that
he saved $90 on the trip and we are
wondering why." Staufield Standard."'
Probajily going to start a bank.
According to the News they're giv'uij
"jitney" dances at Gold Hill. Sounds
reasonable enough.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Victor Point). ept. St. The stork
visited Philip Fisher's homo leaving a
boy and in tiie same week left a girl
ic A. T. Savage Jr. 's home.
Silos are under construction on the
1'o.x Bros, dairy rain h and the Mellow
Lawn fnrm.
H. . King's family is near Inde
pendence spending the hop picking
Albert Olscci s hop vnrd will be a
scene of jdekers the middle of the week.
Fisher bailer is now bailing on the
Cove farm.
Victor Point band will meet in th
near future for the first time since
Jacob Doeffler has now finished
hauling his two thousand bushel of
wheat and is planning a trip to the
Jo i. Alberts and Dr. John Griffith, of
Salem, visited in Victor Point last
Croat liritain and France since the first of the year has J.wu"tr' foll''- I Pty the hayseed rube!" T
been admitted by bankers and government agents who , ni!n w.ho llkl's il-tho town with its light ai
are busy tucking away in the sub-treasury vaults here , 1 ol tho man who hikes il with glee iiown
the latest ?;0,()00,000 money import from Canada. (Wlo"g-
rhe town for
and song; the
his furrows
lk-ii inir l h.i i,i,,i. t.,. i,.,i.,.,.. ..r .. I .1 1 -n . ..
' , "v ""'"i "'".hut 01 aimosi a ouuon dollars r r
from these two nations now held in American hands to' tx-lonvicts to Get
the mm ()0() reverse payment sent from this city to five Dollars Per Div
the Hank of Kngla.ul only a year ago, the financial wise- U3y
acres of Wall Street are predicting a big business boom u'i"""; ,M,"'V s"" " i- h,K-i
all oyer the country as soon as the possibility of war en!;i---'',i':"Ml;::,,!;M'd;;;: IX
langiements may he ohviatet . V i h Tnd,. s;.-.m hn.nir r:'""1 """" .'" '
11,!, t .
the keys of credit for all the warring world, the people
of the United States will soon see money enough to back
every business venture."
pmun.e.l that lie Mmil.l ...,. I,..
them, hi la.; us they me- di hiuvi-d, at
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S6S
ttPtl $300,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
I. inn W. (.,niith. ,,r tliicit. ttniid
ui the lle .lamei W. Ncimtli, at
one tone l ulled Mhi,., MiHtir, yt' t .
dHV .!.,,i,t,., ,,t, i.iternal reve '
hue clbsipt l Milton A. Mdler. In !
teriml lei,u, cidl.vter of Htcn.Ml.' lie
re. oMiineneded for tlie pin, 0 bv
I "He 1 Mm,-. S. niit.,r I.-iiie.
Mr. Ne. until wrtt no, re tar v to I. .
I'lCk-lisiu. strtte .eimlor, M ' tho InM
'"""I "!' t.,e Icii.lHlHr,. and bolore
Out mvrelary or the dcimvrntie '
eentml cohiiuMt.-e, lie n R i;,,,t,. of
the law d. partnient ot Wdlamette mil
ctit, Mr. Nesnnth n, u,. to fort
lend to.biv to l.fn, h,, miv ,l(1, j
If it's for $aU, m Journal
Want Ad will $tU it. :
He k, M
Hell, Mi,
Cm, Hole:
t'eloiij;. M
I'oLh, 1 , M v
1'iiiicaii. h
Oilman. M.. ,i:i
r'ev. Mr. ,),
ClIt.eTt. ... , ,.,
Gillespie, K.,.,
Giierin, r .
Ginll.milt, M,
tlolnics, Ten. t
. k.ou, i ,si
her S, 1111 '
R.Ktu.- 1 Sce dat bank dat you ha 4
j'Hu.i money in done fail. An' vog
.v.is exicctin' Slx per cent, off 'da
iiiniicy, wasn't vou?
aiiil.o IVti't y.ui knock dat bank
ivy dun Rive me six ner rent n.
soon as dej
.nixi.-v K...I. '
,'ec!l. Mi
Mr. V
M: K,.
e, care of John!
'! '!,,""'! 4,10w'"8 city hoj
tne (,.rnO.-, ;l,l 5r city eddi
...o, So,,y, .lrrjnt j .
know U,Kh Skle you milk , oa
h ncnSrei 1 d0!
"inter aidcl
It's tilt
lie!.,v, Mr r. ,
M. Millan, i, .
Munoa, K. .1.
I'r.'o. 11 Kaihoa.i Minin , 0,
fetter. Mr i v
Miiielkv. Mr, "'r,
Tlor, Mr y
a i idi' an kksthv.
r. ;
Mr, r.arcandv it K.n
tin. W hat 1 m ... ,i.i.
Mr. llarKandv. 0-o-v-oh!
at why to liuny uUyers
to it?
And it
Mr. d,is.-!i,t uliy ,10-, .
"ihncVd" h"M ' '
Mr. Willi. I ,lM,-t vknt ,hat
"o..,n-.K,.Mii(! ca,h,er to know how
illicit money I've sut in thercl
A poor or inferior buttei will make the best
bread distasteful
Marion Creamery Butter
"Meadow Brook"
Tt costs no more and you Get the Be;