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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
S.-.t.'inlT H, 19 1.
Editor and Manager '
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
DORA c. axdrf;sen.
Bee. and Treas.
Daily by carrier, per year ,5 00 Per month 45c
Daily by trail, per year 3.00 Per month 35c
New York Chiniiro "
Ward Lewis Willii.uis .xpei i:il Agency Hurry K. Fi.'htT Co.
Tritium- Huililinjj 30 X. Dearborn St.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or negtectB getting the
piper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
wiy we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
"ione Muin 81.
You work faithfully in the hours sold to an employer.
What do you do with the hours belonging to you?
If1 1 i-l-i Vi i n.- n (iir i- tvi msi rt v rrv n 1 ni -o I
And be it said to the glory of humanity, not many men v CaoJ ft Pllfl f
for the other man. . ! newTTITue.
Every man has approximately eight hours a day in The value of a bit of news depends
which to work for himself. Of this time how prodigious ewp ?,n t cm":
is the Waste ! cago, and Chicago news is not impor-;
Most careers are made or marred in the hours after: cZV's AIA0
supper. Among the burners of oil at the shrine of led Hawkins has bought a new hat.
knowledge you will find about every man whose life has !WWbt1tatar '
been rich in the joy of achievement. ; it is Arabella Simkins or Sarah
Probably success has been the theme for more dis-.M Zcd DrisCoii has put uP a
courses, written and spoken, than any other subject, un- new fence is thrilling, because no
Ipss ir hp fnilnvp Tn inrlo-o hv the linllorvnlrw-. nM ,rn,,M one thought Zed had enough crops
.v.., - y je,- "j nuiiauuiuu ""v "vuiu.w ue WOrtli tenemg; and besides
biiiiirw oiatioo aim lanuic icaiiuuj lUYSlcl 1UUO Liiiiio. l,,v"- 13 a "rc i"ii wic uuuunii; w
The simple matter of fact is that they are plain and pal-; h'j1m nlP-hap" ??
pable efifFects of plain and palpable causes. '5l,'t. or bot-
We have seen lists of reasons for failure running all is,Sr
the way from seven to seventy times seven. Most of the bc ,nore or Iess affected, according
lists ignore entirely the one reason that stands out like a 1"
mountain above ant hills. ' turn t to be older and homelier
People fail because they are not in earnest about ho;.Xea"n .urto'bc
wanting to succeed. A determined spirit overcomes all :0""- and Pretty- In dircct propnr
the difficulties that may confront it. , tSSny.
Among a hundred or a thousand young men there are :K;l.ly' ,a,,d ethically
a few who study the game. They decide upon a line of; , 41iiB?n" caVin8 hra"i?
i mil- sirtys away me aiicnuance will
the pres
affect the
parlor as
collar store
rvoW "I rl.. nt f V,! 1 i, T v i01 ll " 01 K IOr ngnC I01" ll 1Ve l0r a et and the photo gallery. If the girl be
cjtlo I do not need to hide my head," it They get it-not sometimes-but nearly always. h,nf rVxi 4histi.l
says, "so help me. Michae ." Some nr of I i? i , "i .'! from "the city," u Cer-
.m f.lrlm-'cnfflafnl!nH,Ha c f 7" ..C ' rt . CS"' inuilierence iailUre., tan, that her stay will be momen
TL A ' . J w.."",",v OC11" JU U1 earnestness studies the eame and wins. Ind fference airs
and loses.
The eight hours a day which are a man's own offer
him the best opportunity for good fortune.
-1 Walt Mason
"The ostrich hides, in sand or shale, its head, when men
pursue it." There's just one trouble with this tale the
Imum uuiMi v nu it. tut ostnen nas a
That Hiram Scraggs went to Breu
nerstown last week is an item worthy
of a scare-head, especially in the eyes
of the llobbs family, where there are
-ix uiiinarried girls, one of whom has
heen keeping company with Hiram.
I hat Sadie Bmlkins is trniii" to
nave a party IS verv imnnrtant tn
7 mi,.., utllV AJL.ll
that roorback on its way, that stale, be
whiskered fable. The ostrich is a bird of
sense, with wit and prudence gifted, and
noni uie mists 01 lame, dense, its fame
i.nnti hi cin Iwi i iw If f !,.,,.,. ..1 i 1
will stiok when nnw vm o-iin if. ol,'f , " """""i 1 tie Capital Journal gives all the Eastern ball scores 'v1" a r-arty very important t
win suck wnin once jou gain it, jou can t excuse or live 0f tne dav in its remilar 'V!0 Prlitinn TJip Pm-Hnnri ll'03C wl' l,ave ,)Cl" ,r"'g to coi
iti nwn. d su nstdn m-nvnU nit i -t.,,,',, iu f :iui U1L . 111 n-a i tguiar . eaition. ine i oitiand ,t various tin i,;iu (,, .1
... . ...x. ivv vi ,n liuill L. 11 DLWI V A (lllll III I till IM I 1.11 1 i il l .1 I. " m. "tci
vniiMiBnm,, eMn ii r,.A,i p..i... u i . r.-'f papeih som nere uo noc give tnese Decause-thev are::ani"ias.- as cii as to those wi,c
t ,,f . .,,! .he tall, Ut have no backing; gS . S e Th Iwf 2. .SK ftC-""
"". fa,ra' 1IIS y wund. some heart we may be! t,,!1 i ! "L , "?j ...i?.1. .'1 ..Ca?.lU L I.."'.' A h
PT'lfkinC uwuinui no icaocu wiic, aiiu Wlictl lb IU IJIL'SS UL " v "",l- Know mat tney v
Kl'IKInm if is fi-.O in Mow VnvL- on,l ,W;.,t 5 '? t!1,l?e! "'?'. and perhaps ass
. , ' 1 mi " '""""b"1' m luc sin.itc.1. by those who are not O
nv tit t.1 ai TMvn ap r European war zone. Thus it covers the entire news field1 c",;rso; ,tllcr? in i,e steps take.
ON MIL MAMM, 01 LAWS completely and this fact explains why the Capital 'Th?, Uai;:rr S
n,wl 4i i. . n x. , , Journal contains news so much later than the fake after-1 "p an a'iJ't'on to his house give'
One of our exchanges notes the fact that somebody noon editions of the Portland naners snlH on thp .po . r,;p.10, ll,c l",,ivors:', ')i,lio '!'"'
has gone to the trouble of counting the laws passed h y ! of; Snlem l01tlaml Papeis sold on the sheets, .us have robbed somebody lately
VMIK,V i-uv: rttiLi; KiMiUUH'S UU1 LI1C KlSC 11VCJ
i i . , . .
East Through California
You can travel to any city in the East or
Smith through California at little additionel
expense. You can visit
Panama-Pacific Exposition San Francisco
Pan-California Exposition San Diego
You are allowed 10 days stopover at San
Francisco, 10 days stopover at Los Angeles and
10 days stopover at El Paso-without charge.
You will see grand mountains, fertile valleys,
thriving cities and strange people.
4 Trains a Day
lu each direction provide comfortable ac
commodations and connect with through
trains at San Francisco for Eastern and South
ern points.
Let our nearest Agent outline your trip.
Our folders "Wayside Xotes" and "Cali
fornia Expositions" will be of interest. Thev
are free. . ..
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
ici men
Hotel CT DTiOIP 4th St., Junction
C...I.1.. c.
Q A V CDUiPiern
f i i? 4VIIVlOvV
1 1 irVOM; WHEN VISITINC. THF. FYmsinnM m a vc
1 1) M J I Centrally located within half block of everything on a
I f f I if I f direct csr une ,0 ,h Expoation.
S im H I I?J ,50outsiIeroom,.ho:co!drunnuigwterineveryo)
II:!" ',5 " I'll 41 1 IMMi,
2 m KaJt t-'-'' Uihr tr
m r 1 St. car ifrt of
send tike tn
liifn J n .. ..
$l.00 double K..S'do,IHB
, -iiimM., Heiun i Mission.
-0. ...... ..v.... ..iuiviuo mil nifi 1 1 iv. lilL L 1 IT j .
I cUM Tn ths co mlrv inTlntvi,ne y"tWH """ ,aW8i r nNa.turally !t iS a BStn I)aper which Pirates the!
's , ! 1 . . I nS-c c. .I. T,,;1...! "living: "Speaking of academic elegance of diction, it
p. V. I,' Vuuul n iI,u ls noted that David Starr Jordan says that the ideal col-
jim f l. u y i-niu i' 1 1 t -1 ill i'imivi ii mi litii'ii lonramian 1 . i i l i , ,1 . . ...
Mr. Wilson's Expression
Absurd and Puerile. Lawver
Tells Bankers' Assembly;
Had Lung Trouble
ana txpected to Die
...... . ...vv , ...... wlt Limi iwi iiuuiv; ii yiLill H
laws had been enacted in the five years as triven here, not , " ' ,l u "U1K UUL, V
lo say anything of the numerous court decisions which in' 1 ' "'"" m. ; !, ;
euect iK'coine aws
With laws enacted at the rate of lllOl'O th;in : limns
A Rhode Tslnnd inilo-o wnu Krint nn.l Lill.jrl Kvr r.J
- .... j u i. . i . iiiiv.va ujr ovitic vmv;
:u.d a month the average man may well winder h k a Z k ? ami more Xlhu- f atfTld aPPeaf,
going to keep within the law and without the nemtentiarvJ i tt ! n! l1 disposing of
The Oregon City I'.nterprise notes the impress tif tlu! c r u , . , . '
age in the following editor al paragrai fh hvn o V r, 1 of, hose4f aJ,er8tlhlch soei" to think since th
tournament now i,t progress he,; mi! - bo o, o o X ' I L"?: l ."ottnB. Jood Ciin. :?ome of.
HOW in the state. The coming of the automobile equip- ignorance ot lyras L'obis
ment, which can be maintained at a small cost, has done1 0IU"l)lau-
much toward eliminating the old time volunteer don-n t-.1 ti t i ! '
.went and many a valley town, which we , id of ,J ? has Praonalcomman,l of the Russian
its unpaid department; now has one p ei " J,"" itus' U li?Ufbt' .h8Weyfr' lf h wiU make a bctter
ami two or three paid firemen. The t.lilrname.U w'kh aa a s,nnter than the grand
u?itQuTn nml friendly rivalry, stim- ,. , ,,,,,,, ,
ulates healthy ctunpetition in any community blessed with "" ''' ,
a volunteer denartm.'nt. Tin. ni;n.r ..f ti, ..-. .1. NFWS . i
.. . ' : ...v. ,,..v-..,. VIl vllv , v l IVM. I III" WIIIIU 11VIMU J. ....
. . i i , . . . i . t ni mi. n . .. i:tu..;... i
! N'littlc Wash., ..pt. 8. Henrv 1).
; tusthrm.k. New Vurk lawyer. lirinVi.,,,1
sin'aker liefon- the American Hanker
' uss. H,ti,. t.Klay. eharaeteried lTcsi
j tli-iit Wiltmi's mlnioiiitiuii to new viti
; zens that "there is such a thii-Ar ns 1,..
ni too l.rc.u.l to tiht," u, Ihmul' "ui,. I
i surd titt.t oioril,.." h i
, The attorney was spi-aki tiy on the'
!m'. ;",;',.0 'i"S,'lf He l-i
'M-vd the Kiiroieun war uo concern
; ot America except as sonic of the Ijcl
, iK-'irnts have tir.mplcd ou Ameiica.t
, 't.'ht!'. mce this country is the best
i yt. iiu.uanuy. lie said, if we fail
I loicfathers.
: ul t reasurv
Tender-hearted Sportswoman foi
ecoiid tlHH,sht).-l'UOr little bird.
11 "re m the air and let them go
wiiriiinu; " I'nl
liivcr n n. I Win!
' careful in t ln-ii
I lie open season on N. railway 1.
.. . . . ii c i an
.t r, jinai j n we are traitor, t
r.very dollar in the nation. :
oinniil t. .1.1.1 . . I
I.,,-.... ,- , , ocuyeil 10 its
I ' . . '"Vieelnred, and continued: !
! -V. nano,, threatens us in so many!
; s hat ho ,s oldivioun to hi,lls audi
... a ,o,,s that speak louder ,l,n
Hotels.' Ue l,,,.t . .i. . I
IH'I uttinkwheiiweViiow
lun dlal,-u,,r. NVhik, every t er
t mil has been preparing for ,e,,' ,
t.ir d, tense. Is t!s state f inihecility
, " endure I Shall we continue ,
to a ..ring vo,,.. iinhcei le a
v. i ''r-v with Isaiah
- have ,ee with child, we ho
Pir.uT hroneht IA: ... A .Z1""' "i J were.
a. c... w . . ,,j. lias .Mr. Tlve
.-IIt Mr l,n. IMIIVi'il Inniu.Jt' .. . . -niii
people of ood nt i "l ' nne man: ont . Rooil a prophet in the :
- Salinon ,.r ri. " ' , t. that .land io, ; 'S' '' "fford' to' ,n, i,i
of the 0,W. K. & , ; Sa'5 he lik:s iv - 'ViW'. 1Vr""'"v I hove D
.. . ,... .hoekin, tn.'.W.feS .w "sed to be . ' '!' Mr- wisdom .1, !
-- ,IVc, llp .0 ,h . . sincerity only lie o .1..
TtlA man,, , . ...
v.I. . . ' L'uveriea DrouKiu
about by Eekman'a Alterative are
fhr,f,ct..nsr wlda ttentlon. Head
about this cane:
3JI II 8t Keyner,' W. Va.
"i.fntlfmrn t I nnt ttiktn nick la
Jovraiber. 1908. I rrew Mrailllr
Had two nulUtlon. The
"rtllet was the fn-er had nctrd
"y un. r,i that mj cane nan
i I. me iwo montlm
. Mr PhHlelan had tried iiioM
II kliKla ot treatment find none did
' S" f n7. Kona- " "akeil my hu-
hand If he objected to him trjlK
I proprietary niedlelne. I lirunn
jour AlteratlTe. I waa In bed from
Ji S. " ,0OH' "" February
is. liMMt, nnd wn thoiiKht dylna- ev
rnl tlmea. Today I am healthier
? . ;,'oner than eyer." (Abbre
viated.! iMIarned) MRS, H. K. BRII.EV.
Eekman'a Alterative ls moat eilk-u-oious
In bronchial catarrh and se
vere throat and luna; arTectlons and
up-bulldina: the system. Contains
no harmful or habit-forming- druits.
Accept no substitutes. Small size,
"ulr le, $2. Sold by lead
ing drufrifists. Writ for booklet
or recoveries.
Eckman Laboratory. Philadelphia
Mrs. r.lase.-Who was
.IshliiL'ton. anvivn.)
Mrs. JliKliupP. Some horridly un.
Vmeriean pers.m, I Kcss. The
e actually advised aKainst our mak
n any lot eitfii alliances.
Real Relief
from Buffering means true hap
piness. The trouble duo to indi
gestion nnd biliousness, is removed
quickly, certainly and safely by
77i farvrtf Sifr of Any MtJMn in th World
Sold .Terywh.r.. la boiM, 10., 25e.
, ....... ...v. j,.,...., wl rl ll-l) ua. m
water light ami other contest dear to the heart of the1
ft i-ifiiv!riii Io t.A .......(...) i
... v .iiuv i, io iu in- i i i;i i-u II.
, Medford M
I Mil I' 1 1 (VI 'Hi . I 1 1 1 M I', 1 ii ,i ii I ........... 1 . :r....L' ., A r "lid dolt's I, can S,'iileinli..i. I.I I , ,
- .. iuili m Mllilivi )V .1111 ill lllt'tl lt:ltlllf:ltltlll IV I V1..1V: . ''i ""' "inn is oane t, i.iaitll A m.t . nits IID TO that . -mriuv onv-
ico at once, without further delays, immediately,; to. It , Zr' rTJ
tlunks that the f,Khtini alonjr th border calls for dnst cir.Vtt.rr " " Mven ' "
Iftmn. II hv c in . ..i, I n' ... : '"' ' Hour. . , ,:""uo. rn,her than a mdicv of to ,ts effeetivene.. ..tt .:,k .n th
er Ibe next day." i l ,, ,0 "Kht 'n self-defense is - , o ! "essarv easily to owro.t th mn-
-rcvvitl, thev M. n... tv to the estim.,l,l i' , t. V , ehinerv ?rW.t .'h'
Saloin Street Lailway" painted on the street cars is
practical boosting and especially since the cars have
been treated to a coat of paint.
It's just one war scare after another.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S68
CaPltal $o00,000.00
Transact a general banking: business
Safety Deposit Hoxcs
tinner: .Scpleinber . lUbel's builder
mouriitni!: "T . onu t care, t u ,.
un. itateii tin m.irii. erieii
prcpainiu to see Unit thev arc observed. ' " with advertisements draper the next dav.
i tie .loves have n roostmj; place on the ., . ' viciiot,! estatilishments in 't.erewith they
. II. Lore place, and here thev are ne is a three inch ad architect couldn
the thickest. ' i '"r ' crean, house and the other!
W. ..av TitneTTa, f .!.!'- ZT, THERE BE,
north ot I river a,., I .,,.- v n.. . ' ' ' "'r " " evident that Medford were on 1 PPoie yoi
m.v that the i.olato .t.u, ... "f Moud ones' need inn. inn?
..- . . , nt ..... ,.. r. -
mere last year, lias been badh IdiiihtiM
11ns siniinier, and thev will not have
many uai for the inatket. Thi
II'IITI. l-tllll I II vr rr.nii niHiie ...........
the county, leads to the belief that no
Itit...,. ,1... i.. II . , . . I
dav." ;n . " 1 ln "elf defense is in, ! "eeessnrv ensil
i 'el, that moder, ! n bu ' AT
t iy as much. tnieHle ? ,C ,ttl,",lr'' ' in? i"n'mUh 1
r so of " "1? "'!' mil-! " "ipli
I.incola i
is sanio' .i,, I, ,, .v Leader: It it said ,' "ot brmht. and
es In '""'vim's prospective nioth- brlRh 1 " not earli-
I , T III law i.lii.vle.l . .:... v
, 1'ectHi, suitor fr . .Unehter'. - .
t... . ' , on th.. cr i .u... -. -- TulNQ.
. ', V "'" "i.i prooaoiy nave ,i , ? r.e was in an over- tity Xci'hcw. Tbi. .i.. .
... oe snippci ,u lice from outside , "'"' , il ! he would - toy hank. Vou ee when . y
I""""' . , "Tl-rt a wife, declare, dollar, i,,,idr V.iL." "
KosCor, K u v .ZrU: our banK.
is-M, of the ..ie AZ '........, all of No.,:, V T. ... !. Ts" '"T'i "f !
' iii.mci ' ....in nine
item to ihe eftecf that ecrtiim land. ? r newspapers in the
in il, l lute.) Ml. ... 1
... .... ii.iiiiiv ot i.ien.iaio hail been " ew ones are at
il...... Ili'Sriin. .1...1 , .. '
1'1'vn in eiurv. I tie item should , 1 mot Her ef th
aS niOHt tit tha til il nil i nori
eomplicoted au'd aeientifie. it
rs anil men of brains nml
lininff. Rn iXim mnrt nf
-r'ni'llUTV, T in ma L Im,,!'Uti - ' r",n"? IC, TV II IV II IHfl.
Rouniltthmif W . 1 ti,;! n "Hiatioim a.rin.- Ulft the unvornm- ,,.. mj t.n
up briBht and cart- 1,1 am nnVrl. I iul.J "ra'nean".!,.'-' .m"m!," .for .""viees. rsurnnee
W'rtf. " 1 - r' but u is wor,h ,""
Took also disrnusd n mer-
ninrine as an ntirlliurv in the
"fe even from th. ,U'nl w" v..ni ",id ,t" Fo"','-: Pr-
tn,k. n,,.lm..,.,,,.mHation of .,.:-" i the aermirement of . merel ant
I am
-nfe ev ' , Vi' that
y tn-k. n, . ': . " ."'"M-tutinn of at- " "V " tue e
v. .1 i . 1 "'r -""i future h,..,i murine.
k.i .l.u v.. l. i" "!"'. miyi Washing.,,. w'l'ome the linn.lre.i. kb Vh.
ui.nn mi. ot, o i. , i.... it nrmeu an.l ,l;...:..i- . " f . .nnm i-i m
I f !hu' 4 -?nl'ca tLouiand in , I."!?'.0 .J ... ' " ZT'1 tod r" W"M0" of h' '''n
"a Uiey bust too, " i l."""' 'honld say that tl .
! . dations in the I '"nmnien.
"u flrt lastanun .i ,
tin v e
future Mrs,
KmnUli. ... ,v;,.e,lv . VKB TEST.
"Plin.i.t aor a prophet. " TO . i ',;.!'.; '" h" ' '" wit.
, - j vM . v'li i ii rirri-
', . ' --.ii-iiin
'il t II,. I Ik,. ..1...
lauds im.dvisl t,a.( l( ii filed, and (lint ' ,"'i,h,'r
...1- i.iu.i n,i ui uie reserve, tii.ly per
suns who kave In,., I m n,j l.,. i
, . . .. 1 1 , IH11H1. - w u . j n r A 1 j -n
el si'ice Anil .''. l..'t. a ,.i l,..;i v THET ARE UtTSTurron nrnn.. i i.' V
7 miiitn,;rt;h;';;'J ! ihe Want pages eo to the
-rl tZ rP0 h and are con
wi.ho.,t 7ck didiateir'V,!';;.;', suited often and frequently
"X 'ttr w"'clijpped and filed for ready
snot,, ' J ' to KP ,,,, , rpf0
i contultitif nitl
would like without
d fie, Tn I ' ''" ''"fetise. Tl i 1 r i 1 M JOUITiai
"I tdJZ; X 5ants are valuable-that'a
1 u m,'a ob-.'the reason.
Si ill
K IT r MM4 l Mfli n Haft....l ,h