Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 07, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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This is the
Stove Polish
Should Use
-rTS different from fVs
I tv,ora hw.r.ise mure care
yim," - . -
is taken in tha making vM
and the materials used ere of
Uiu.i 5
Black Silk
Stove Polish
M-es a u'llimnr, sn ;ypo:isn mac oaes j
nut rub of if or dust otf.p.a tt'.ioshiriebists )
four times ns Ions R ordinary slovo 1
ooiish Used on sample stoves Bad bold I
K hardware enlirroc.-jrjrecnlprs. J
All w nk isatnal. UBtdtcnyourcookstove, 1
vmir d'rlur stove or your ttas mure. If you
iioii't Vrv! it the bot Movo poliah you cvir
!r..i .Wleri mitl'trizpil to ivft-ml your 5
motiv Iiiei. t on Bliick Sillt Steve Polish.
Jkde in liquid or puito-oiie quality.
Black Sillc Stove PoliaU Work
SUrlinj, lliir.oi
Uc Black Silk Alr-Dryins: Iron Enamel em
Brntr rritil'r.stovc-pipe-l'reventM rusting.
LlftL- Black Silk rolotul Poil.h forailver, nickel
rrbrus. It buanoequoJ loriwuufuiioiuooucs.
C. 0. Young Spoke On Union
ism Last Night Advocating
DO-v! My Corn-n!"
H-m, Use 'Gets-It
Then You'll Have No Corns to Bump!
Your Corns Will Come ' 'Clean
Off," Quick!
Did you ever see a corn peel off
after you've used "Gets-It" on itf
Well, it's a moving-picture for your
life! And you hardly do a thing to it.
"Sore Corn Bumped
Attain! Use
flfts-lt,' Corns
f csU
V Co.
Put a little "Gets-lt" on, it dries at
once. There 'b nothing-to stick. Put
shoes and stockings on right over, it.
No pain, no fuss. 48 hours corns
gone. "G-ets-It" never hurts tho true
flesh, never makeB toes sore. If you
Lave tried almost everything else for
corns, you will be' much more sur
prised to see how uickly and easily
your corns and calluses will come right
off with "Gets-It." Quit limping and
wrinkline up your face with corn-
wrinkles. Try "Gets-It" tonight on
that corn, callus, wart or bunion, and
you 11 be glad you read tins.
"Gets-lt" is sold by all druggists,
25c a bottle, or sent direct by E.
Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
Philippine Policy Is
Not Indorsed By Taft
San Francisco, Sept. 7. The Wilson
administration stands accused today by
former President Taft of failure with
its Philimiino policy.
The ono timo govt I nor of the islands,
speaking before tiio Commonwealth
club, churned that politics have crept
into the Philippine administration, that
placing former inai'.rroctop in the ag
riculture department has resulted in an
increase or tho eatt.e disease, rinder
pest, and that tho Wilson government
is making a fatal mistake by impress
ing tho natives with tho idea that they
ran attain self government short of
two generations.
A fair sized audience greeted C. O.
j Youn'g at the Union Labor hall lust ev
ening wncn no gave ms second tulk on
labor conditions, and tho aims and am
bitions of labor organizations.
When labor is not organized, declared
Mr. Young, they arc subject to what
the mun above wnnrs to give them.
As far as organization' is concerned,
the object is for three things, more
pay, better hours and better working
conditions'. The shortening of business
or working hours was regarded by the
speaker as one of tho most significant
things nttnehed to tho labor movement.
.Short hours make better pay, give a
man more ambition to amount to some
thing and, also, gives him a chance to
become nequninted with his family. Men
who work the longest hours get the
least pay. In opposition to the open
shoo. Mr. Yonno" clnlmeit flint nn nnnn
( qlinn innnnt n nrni.tmim. .Inn Kni
a man who advocates an open shop, is
usjninst tho union. Referring to com
plete organization, he referred to the
railway conductors who are over 99 per
cent organized, and that in the regular
railroad service, a man could not be
discharged without cause. He was of
the opinion that labor hnd made n
great advancement wncn the courts de
cided that men have tho right to strike,
and had the right to stay any place if
they did not trespass. As to the em
ployes of tho Ford automobile company,
Mr. Young would have much preferred
that the men got the $5 a day by de
manding it, rather than taking addi
tional pay as a gift from Mr. Ford.
Among other ideas suggested by the
speaker was, that no strike was ever
lost, that non-union men nr oettino-
better pay because of the union, and
that the hardest thing for labor to over
come is the lack of interest shown by
the women.
In paying his respects to the school
teachers for not organizing and joinir'
uie iaDor union, Mr. Xoung said that au
ordinary hod carrier was paid better
than the average toucher, and that they
would never receive adequate wages un
til organized.
"I have no political faith," said Mr.
Youn'g, "but will go in any direction to
secure better laws for the laboring
men." He referred to tho new law
passed by congress, giving the seaman
a right to leave a ship when living
conditions are intolerable Heretofore,
if a senman left his ship, ho could bi
legally taken back, regardless of coudi
tions on the ship.
As a means of furthering the union,
he suggested that women do their part,
and they could easily accomplish much
by demanding articles with the union
trade label. But tho greatest advance
maue in recent years, was the ruling 1m
an article of commerce.
Jn tho hall of labor and talking di
rect to laboring men', Mr. Young is
more at homo and a hotter and a more
forcible orator than when speaking in u
Preceding tho address of the evening,
Gus AV. Kramer, president of the Salem
Trades and Labor Council, gave an in
teresting talk on labor conditions and
what labor hoped to accomplish.
Your money back if you want it is
the way in which Daniel J. Fry, the
popular druggist, is soiling Mi-o-na, tho
great dyspepsia remedy.
This is an unusual plan, but Mi-o-na
has so much merit and is so almost in
variably successful in relieving all
forms of indigestion that ho ran but
little risk in selling under a guarantee
of this kind.
Do not be miserable or make your
friends miscrsblo with your dyspepsia.
Mi-o-na will help you. If it doesn't,
toll Daniel J. Fry that you want your
money back and he will cheerfully re
fund it.
A change for the better will be seen
from the first few doses of Mi-o-na and
its continued use will soon stnrt you
on the road to perfect digestion and
enjoyment of food.
Mi-o-na has been so uniformly suc
cessful that every box is sold under a
Sacred Heart
Academy I
Under the direction of the
Sisters of the Holy Names
Most approved methods, Pri
mary, Grammar and High
School Departments, Com
plete Course in Harp, Piano,
Voice Culture, Violin and
Harmony. No interference
with religion of pupils.
Modern Conveniences
Domestic Comforts
Scholastic , year " begins
second Monday in September
To Cigarette Smokers
in America j
"LUXURY" in the new flat
box, at 1 5 cents, establishes a
Egyptian Cigarettes.
"LUXURY" in the new flat box is a
grade of cigarette never offered by any
other manufacturer for less than 25 cents.
"LUXURY in the new flat box is
made of Turkish tobaccos never used
by any other manufacturer in a cigarette
selling for less than 25 cents.
"LUXURY in thenewflat Joisa25
cent cigarette in everything exeep price.
It gives you almost double quality value
for your money. It is the greatest achieve
. ment in cigarette making for many years.
'S' ' Do not pay 25 cents for cigarettes
" -until you have tried "Luxury" inthe neio
flat box.
15 Cents
f 1
An absolutely harmless antacid in all
rnseg of fermantation nnd souring and
belching of food, 'gsfl indigestion, etc.
A tcaspoonful m a fourth of a glass 01
hot witter usually gives INSTANT RK
LIEF. Sold by all druggists in either
powder or tablet, form Ht. fid cents per; (0 rpfun,, ,h monBy
- if u ,loel not relieve. What fairer
proposition could be made
Diiniel J. Fry Hives his personal
guarantee of "money buck if you want
it" with every box of .Mio-na innt, ne
sells. A guarantee like this speaks
volumes for the merit of the remedy.
Permanent, Hereditary
Form of Presidency
Teking. Sept. 7. Retention of the re
publican foim of government with a
presidency permanent und hereditary,
tins been decided upon by the govern
ment, according to authentic informa
tion obtained today.
President Yunn Shi Ktii, in a messnge
to the council, declared that although
many citizen' have petitioned the act
ing "parliament to change the form of
government, such action is Incompatible
with his position ns president. He stat
ed, however, that as rno presidency is
conferred bv the people it should de
pend upon the will of the people.
It was announced that General Li
Yuan Hung, who was reported to hnv.?
resigned the vice-presidency, hns recon
Roseburg, Ore.. Sept. 7. Riddle's
labor dnv venh'on bnrbecne was today
voted a "grent success, four thousand
people having partaken of the feast
Sixteen fat bucks nnd hundred, of
pounds of other edibles were consumed
by the hunery multitude The venison
barbecue which is nn annual event. m
riven under the snsptces of the Kiddle
Rod nd Gun club.
Frank Ford, Injured
By Fall From Wagon,
Lies at Point of Death
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Ouinaby, r., Sept. 7. Injured by ill
fall from n wagon on his laiin lit
Luko I.ubisli, Krr.nk Fold is KhiK frit-
ieully ill at a I'ortlrnd lmpitiil und but ;
little hopo is iieid out for it is nvoVii'.y. :
Some months ni;o Mr. Fold iit-c-i. leiitJi 1 lv ,
shot himself in the hiind by the burst-'
ing of a gun, und hi'.d not yet fully re-1
covered when this iiccident befel him.!
Tlie Willinin .ililiwev lion yard wlicie
n strike was de-lured Wednesday, hns I
resumed picking witu a new crew. I
The John .loiisb.'ri: bcim patch of 2"i
acres on the Frank Ford J'lnce is!
shout ready for tho diy bean harvest,
those used for mccii beans having been;'
planted on a titte:'ii R'Me tract owned!
,y Mr. Jonsherg at Ouinnby. I
'Tho liouso of Willin"! Shnfer w.ib
narrowly t'nved fr-ini destruction by I
fire last Sundry whin a defective flue!
spread flames "tiironyhout the interior;
nf the kitchen, before being discovered,
bv Mrs. Shaft r, who ni in the gnrd?n,!
t'nniiled. Mrs. ShU'er extinguished the
lilnze with smnll loss except tu the
Tho Itilinii.i v.no have been en
camped here for the summer engaged
in rllllrooi! WOIK iihvo nunm to wi-i-i
vuis. At this point they rniseil the
Southern I'nific grade twelve inches ;
with crushed n. k, rcplnced the mils;
with heavier ones and put i new j
culverts at the crosses. Previous to
this work for b:iir mile ndjiicent to
the track, vibrations were felt at puss
ing trains which traveled under full;
Jjeiid of Sion.n lroin tneimnva in
Hrook;, iiiiikiiik b iii""
they went along. Since the work h-is
been enmideted trnins timvc along wit ll '
tho noisnie ease of an nntomobile over
an asphaltuin pavement.
Mr.1. tlobar, tiio vifo of one vt Ore
gon's early pioneerr, aged Hi years, was
iiiveii her first aitomobilo ride last
week by Miss Christine Harold, who
inotcfcd' about the country with her,:
giving her the ii.'.-t glimpse of the old:
familiar seems Mie nus una lor niiniy
ver.rs. One hindrcd mid ten persons
iinve now enjtiveil Miss llurold's cur,
iiltiiotigh she tins only owned it since
The many yoiinu prune orchards in
this secticn'rre bcuiing their first clop
this season, which it of excellent tpuil
itv. Nn obscrvi n-e v.; s minle of Itlior
Tlav thi.t y.'i.r in 'i.is section., except
that no iiiial iim.'l wan delivered. Hop
vnrils were lmv, nmng to the fact tmit
rein threat eneil.
Auto Hits Man Standing
Off Sidewalk Near Garage
While entering the Great Westeri.
garage about 7 o'clock b st night n tour-
ing enr driven by C. Van 1'ntlen. a
contractor. of this city, took n sudden j
jump and struck Mwnrrl Unllock, who
wtis stiiiiding on th" sidewalk about li
foot from the edge of the driveway into
the garage. The fender cuught Tlim and
rolled him along the wall nnd soncezed
In in down under the wheels of the car.
The momentum f the cur caused it to
jam against the side of the entraii-e
Hiid it was necessiuy to use ft li ft i iter
inck to rnlre the mr off of Mr. Pol
lock. At the time Mr. Bullock appeared to
be badly shocked but was only slight'y
bruised 'about the hnnd though it later
developed that he suffered bruises on
his lower limbs nnd body. He is in bed
today. The car appear to have been
seized with a sudden notion to jump
nwnv from the driver as it hit the curb
ot the giiruire entrance.
Poetical Plea For Peace I me woiilki dakuahn muuol
offers exceptional Bargains in Mew and (econuiiand camping supplies.
We buy, sell or trade, now and secondhand goods of every description.
Best cauh prlcog for all kinds of junk.
Western Junk & Bargain House
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MonriaiMwmm-iii..mwiMljiM, f
1 iV for tal. a Journal
Want Ad will iL
New York, Sept. 7. The following
rcniarkiililc poem has been written by
an American woman who is very iictie
anil well known in (die of the belliger
ent countries.
The words were inspired by the mi l
oily of "My Con n try Tin of Tl ,"
which is the siane as the tune of Kng
lmi'd's national iinlheiti, "liotl Save the
King," and Germany's "Weil I'ir in!
1. My heart is wrung with giief,
God grant lis soon, relief
God grunt us Pence
Strife Hate mid Tragedy
Crush all the Harmony
God grunt us Peace.
2. To death our Hero's g'
To music soft and low
God grunt us pence.
Our National II y inn of Years
1'niting grief with teuis
Replacing l.ove with Fear
God grant us Pence.
U. Singing the National Hymn
Prnving we each may win .
God grant IIS Pence,
Marching to meet our Fate
To this same song of llitte
' , God grant us Pence.
4. Crush not the melody
With this grent Tragedy
God grant us Pence.
Pdnod that unites ns all
Flows with each Hero's fall
Dying wn hear their call
God grunt us Pence.
Finds Lane Honnickers
Are Short Weighted
Eugene, Or., Sept. 7. Charles I,.
tile total weight of a suck of. hops, the
average weight of these sucks should
the prevailing figure.
Hanson, district sealer of weights and
measures, w ill HIS been ill IMlgclle mi
ll week Kist, correcting- existing mis
takes in scales used in various Iiiiiiicich
of luisiriCKS, tuts discovered that, the
hIch at .1 hop yar l between hngca"
nnd SiuiiiL't'.e III are wrong: nnd thfl.
I Ii-Ivi-ih hnu been "over-weighted."
Mr. Hanson cited Hie owners of the
yard to oi'l'eur before him Saturday;
night ami they were told that lhey
must nav the bicliirs fir the over-.
weight that has been charged lip to . ,
them. Tim seuler also found thliti Angeles, (ill., Sept. 7. Oscar
these men v.cre d'ductiiig from the . Woi'lmtiiin, of Ocean Park, claims tln
weight of each wick of hops, twnj ,,f ..buinpiiiii cg-tr .tittr tt' tho worbl
,uiis tor toe sue, ,,,-. Tn . ,. ,, ... ...,.
j - - - -
Mr. Hanson bus examined II public,
giiiudiiie puiiips ill Kiigeue and ha i
foiiud all but four uf Iheiu to bo giving
H,nit iiiiiisiire, enrli liom one gill to
one Int. Tiie.-e pumps have been cm
rcctcd and tlie owners warned to keep
; tln ui in coiiditi.in here. Iter.
for the suck, whether it
u i.iirlw.il flint tnocil or tlllt. till v illi
down u rule Tor them to fiJIow thnt , I taw eggs in 1 1-2 minutes ami top
the total weight of 4d or .'d siicltM shall ped it off by swallowing a flask el'
be ascertained nnd in deducting l'iom,iile at a single draught.
A Big Surprise for Hop Pickers :
L 400 Tents nt cost prices for this week only. Also everything needed "
r . . .. . , . . , .i. i i.. it.:-
for camping, iton'i tan 10 bch us ir you nwu iinjiuunj in hub huc
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
Th House of Half a Million BaiKalns.
302 N. Commercial Bt, Thor.e 808 J