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-Vjri.il .14. II II fcsiti -. r!t J I .111 UBKMsflil-kl Km M II III II II II II II II II 11 Ig II I I
People Hope To Force Inter
yention by Series of Mass
meetings Now Oa
Police Officers Trail Fugitives
In An Auto to Suburbs of
Oregon City
Desire For Former Provinces
Or Austrian Gore Rules
Neutral Kingdom
(By Alice RoUe.)
Rfnif, Jlan'h 24. Leader of the
.ity (lemuiiJing intervention by Itulv
ti tie European war today publicly an
nml their intention of holding muss
iwti.fi next Sunday in Rome, Naples,
km and otlior cities in an effort to
( the government to net.
Tlrir plun is to cause great demon-
rrMiong, in whioh tlie people will do-
im Hint an ultimatum lie sent to
iMtria in iucIi form in to make war
(wmuufiit official reeeiveil tlie an
ustuwat calmly ami took no action
mpnl to it. They refuse,! to in-
i 'all whether they would endeavor to
I wt the demonstrations. The war
J t;ki lieeome an strong that it Iiiih
'T'inrt the restraint that marked
""'""mUvWiaaiviiMe. I
The .lea National,, w , , , I
; t'.on, Trente ,, J I
luftrinn crown ,,,!,,. .. .....
f Inn, ns. lllvi ,
Y (! tlinn defeat ,, 1;lttn, ' ;
J., ;;"!"?. -. i t,, ,X
5i ne m ,,.(!.i 't an
. "'',lv"y t tho
'. ' mal's t seem nn.
l i ' ' T''v''r' make
V that the covernme
I . . Afks Aid of Pope
,'-ln, Jlnreh 2,f ,.
the T.ti a. "," ,,,:V"B.
'Ijf i ifiurnt. n,n , MM,lla to eon
brn.u.f..rM'y averted to-
JWfcwirfM . '",'n"1"""1 ft"'" dip-
I- mcw.1 with the
He 1 .
Oregon City, Or., Mareh 24.
Pleading guilty to a charge
of resisting ati officor, James
LeGrnnd, who was arrested Inst
night whilo Police Chief Shaw
was intercepting three runaway
girls of the State Training
School from Salem, was fined
$i)0 and sentenced to 30 dnvs
in jnil today by Police Judge
Loder. (t
3C9jCtC9)CCcfC )( )c )( ) jjc ijC
With nn auto bearing tbo officers
tearing up the turnpike close at their
heels, tho three girls who escaped from
the Girls' Industrinl school yesterday
and fled to Portland in an auto were
confronted by the Oregon city police
and captured at the southern limits of
that city at lOi.'lt) last night. Tho girls
made their get away from the school at
about 5 o'clock Monday cvennig and
traveled nil night overland to Wncondn
where they trustod to tho ignorance of
the public of their escape and posed as
girl "hikers." Tho story went until a
woman nt Wncondn at whose home the
girls culled camo to Snlem yesterday
and entered Into conversation with Po
lice Matron Shank at the 0. K. depot
nnd told about the hikers. Mrs. Shank
asked for a description and immediately
recognized the girls as tho ones from
the school.
She notified the officers nnd an nuto
with Deputy Sheriff W. I. Needliam,
Chief of Police Welsh and Matron Hop
kins stnrtod out nftur them. When they
got to wacumitt they lound that lr
gie l.e Ornnd had telephoned to her
husband in Portland nnd Mamie Klwell
hud telegruphed to a man named Hiug-
enheiiner, a former sweetheart of hers
who was employed nt the Chrystnl Ice
una (.old Storage company in Port
land. Hingeheimer took the train for
Wncondn und l.e Grand sturted out in
u seven pussenger liambler touring cur
I rom Portland to Wncondn. Bingen
heimer arrived first and fed the girls
and waited around tho place for the
next train, after purchasing three tick
ets to Portland for tho girls.
In the meantime l.e Grand arrived in
tho auto and Vlrgio l.e Grand, the El
well girl and Opal l.attin, the third of
the trio, climbed into the nuto during
tlie momentary absence of Bingenhelm
or mid whilrod awny toward Oregon
City, When tho officers at Wncondn
40 minutes behind the depurtcd auto
they found Bingcnhcimcr bemonning
the healthy meals. He told the otti
cers all he knew about the escapade and
after notifying the Oregon city officers
the Nilem police started out for thnt
Chief of Polico Show, of Oregon City
nnd one of his officers met the fugi
tives neur the city and halted the auto,
(Continued on Pnjo Five.)
C MM M 9m
Begins With Cheers and Ends With Storm of Bullets
In Trenches Sense Arrival of Holiday and Trade
of Killing Is Declared Off-Germans and Allies Meet On
H Ground To Pose For Snap Shot Artists.
f'-ri. !'; 'Mil article In
. '.. foreign le-
IT'0: Uie pi
us v . '! u l'ni,"1 ")!
m thn, n J ":r wr 'lire.
J," ' Mri f ri,tm.
Jl"-''t ,,f I. ,hl' trenehev Ku-
n,tf, ,n, "V",!,n ff0New
(, , ? 'n the trench,., f, ....
i-'u.iT:;:;;';;'"-". 1
i .1.1! ,rT f land ...
'2"2 k"'i ihV "rr,,,""'i'
" rn,ng . , ,f .th. bright
r"' i it M bright
ly as If it were lovers' Utne or the
aisle of srana great cathedral.
1 don't know how the truce begun
in the other trenches, but in our hole
Xndeem began it Nadeem, a Turk,
who believes Honammed Hinl not Christ
I was the prophet of God. The minsliiiie
I or the morning loomed to get iuto .Na
doom's bloij, lie was only an eu
thusiasllc bov, but always childishly
happy, and when we noticed st the
regular morning shooting hour that the
wermaii trenches were silent, JSadeen
began to make t juke of It.
We drew 1 tnrget on a board, fast
eued it to it pole nnd stock it above
our trench, shouting to the Germans:
"Se hnw well vou can shoot."
Within minute the target had been
bullVeyed. Nndeem pulled it down,
pi-tod little bits of white paper where
the fhoU hnd struck, and held it up
agniu so the Gertnnns could see their
I score. In doinir so. Nndeem head IP
i pea rod above the trench and we heard
him speaking across no man s laud,
Thoughtlessly, I raised my head, too.
t'th.-r men did the nm. We saw nun-
I dreds of German heads appearing.
Hho.its filled the ir. What miracle
Continued on i'agd Four.)
;::V ::';;; vij;K' M'-.i.
1' J
T -'"v !at-r '
Rome. March 24. Dispatches to Ital
inn newspapers from Athens describe
the situation in Greeco as grave.
Some of the correspondents express tho
belief that the nrosont deudloc.k be
tween King Constantino and many of
his advisers regarding the country's
intervention in the wur if the result ot
nntngonism which hnd arisen between
the rulers nnd rileutnerios veui.eios,
premier in the cabinet which resigned
after its declaration In favor of join
ing the nllies was frowned upon by tho
king. Other correspondents nre 01 tne
opinion that the int ;rvintion of Greece
on tlie side of the allies already has
been agreed upon and that thj crisis
which now is apparent is artificial,
having ben nrrnnged to make it easier
for King Constantino to decide against
Germany, to which he hns felt under
some obligations tor lunuiy ana po
litical reasons. The influence of Ger
main' is BUiiposed to havo been respon
sible in a considerable measure for
Greece obtuining possession of Kavala
and Sulonikl, on the Aegeun sea, ut the
end of the Balkan wur.
General Von Der Goltz,
Turkish Army Chief, Is
Reported Oddly Missing
Attorney General Says He Is
Merely Ex-Ofhcio Member
Without Vote
According to an opinion rendered the
state board of health by Attorney Gen
eral Brown, the secretary is merely an
ex-officio member of that board and
has no vote upon the question of the re
moval of the secretary. Attorney Gen
eral Brown states that It requires four
members of the board of health to
elect or remove Its sccretury, Although
no hint is given in the querry or tho
opinion to indicate the purpose of tho
request for a decision upon the subject,
it is presumed that it has to do wiflt
the reported inclination of the majority
of the board to dispense with tho ser
vices of Health Officer Calvin 8. White,
who is seeretnry of tho commission, and
to elect Or. C. B. Marcellua, city health
officer of Portland, as secretary and
stnte health officer in his stead. Dr.
Marcellns was recently appointed
member of the health board by Govern
or Withycombe.
Even the women folks have their
troubles. If a wife is feeling unus
ually well and prepares an extra good
dinner, the husband phones her that
he is going to eat in town. If she is
feeling unusuully bad and warms over
the leavings of the previous meat, he
brings someone home with him.
The Weather
Aki) i haTTm?)
Oregon: Fair to
night and Thurs
day; light froit
tonight east por
tiim; wiuds most-
ly northerly.
Bullets Patter On Deck From
Machine Gun Mounted In
Taube Aeroplane
Newcastle Steamer Dodges
Torpedo Launched by Sub
marine Off Coast
London, March 21. The admiralty
announced this afternoon thut five al
lied aviators had dropped bombs on the
Germum shipyards at lloboken, Bel
gium, three miles south of Antwerp.
Tho Germans have been constructing a
number of submarines there.
The bombs set fire to the works and
are believed to have caused extensive
An official report received from
Dunkirk, where the raid started, stated
that the British aviators believed they
succeeded in destroying or badly
damaging several Gerinnn aeroplanes.
One of the airmen was forced by en
gine troublo to descend on Dutch soil
and to intern for th remainder of tho
war. Two others were compelled to re
turn to Dunkirk because of tho fog,
before they readier lloboken.
Fire was seen to spurt from a mim
bor of buildings in the town, the raid
ers declared, after their bombs dropped.
. Escapes From Submarine.
Southshields, F,ne., March 2. He-
nortiiiL' a thrilling escape from a cr
man submarine off the south coust of
England, the Newcastle steamer Dili
field arrived here today.
The enptuin said tho under-sea bout
was sighted when she wus about to
launch a torpedo. The weapon wus
fired just ns the Dnffield reversed her
engines nnd stinted Duck bnroly m
time. The torpedo missed her bow by
onlv a few rods.
The Dnffield then steered a zig zag
course at full speed and succeeded and
outdistancing the submarine.
Protests Against Bombs,
Washington, Mnnh 24. The United
Hlutes sent an emphatic note todny to
Germany through American Minister
Van Dyke nt The Hague protesting
against bomb dropping near relief
Bteamships bound tor Meigium.
The protest followed confirmation
received from Minister Van Dyke of nn
aeroplane, nttnek "n tho steamship
Elfland, laden with food from the
United States trom Amsterdam, while
flying the flag of the American-Belgian
relief commission. The Elflund's cur
go was consigned to United States
Minister Brand Whitlock at Brussels,
Only the most skillful handling pro
vented the ship's destruction.
State department officials believe
the aviator made a mistake and that
Germany undoubtedly will disavow
the attack on the Klfiaud because snfe
conduct has been promised to relief
Inter-Mountain Rates
Modified By Railroads
Washington, March 24. Tho inter
state commerce commission announced
todny thnt western railroads leading
to California terminals bad submitted
a plnn, in conformity with the commis
sions modification of liitermountuin
rutes, for readjustment of rates from
enntern terminals.
Tho proposition deducts from term
inal commodity rntei 7 cents per 100
Hounds on carioud lota or 10 cents per
100 pounds on less than carload lots
for basing rates, 10 wnion is io oe
added the full local rate from tho near
est terminal to doHlination.
It is specified that in no ease shall
the rate on any buck-haul be less than
that to terminals.
The commission also issued a slate
ment that north Pacific coast lines
have prepared an elaborate schedule
under the some order, for ratification
by the commission,
Copenhagen, March 24. Ttutnors that
the German crown prince, Frederick
Willlnm, had been if moved from com
mand of division of the imperial
army nnd disgraced by the kaiser were
positively denied this evening by the
newspaper Politkcn here.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayvllle, L. I.,
March Vi. The llritlsh armored cruis
er Cornwallis w badly damaged dur
ing the most recent fighting in the
Dardanelles, according to dispatch re
ceived here tiihlght from Athens.
, : " : ' VSI : I
1 i, Ml
Russian Forces Now Taking To the field After Fall of
Przemsyl Clash With Austrians In Mountains-Germans
Report Russian Re verses In Northern Campaign
r?ti" - n J II .1 v n . n i .
rignnnjj nesumea Along me iser Between Belgians
and Germans
Berlin, by wireless to Sayvillo, March I One division innde great headway
'"- ""o oi iim uremcno umii nioog rue rignc naiiK wnilo another
bloodiest battles of tho whole Austro- division captured a trench on tho loft
German campaign in tho enstern
theatre of war is raging in tho Cnr
pathians wns indicated by reports from
the Austrian front todny,
this is believed by military experts
In Alsnco, French troops by a series
of hand to hand encounters captured
tw0 lines of trenches at ilnrtmanns.
wonoTKopr. A number of prisonora, in-
.,,,0 m u..i-nu uy Mummy n n-11 o it i-iii. 1 n u i, a nuuiocr or prisoners, in
to bo only the beginning of the sun-; eluding several Bavarian officers wor
lTllinnrv Htriloid,, wllii-h if umih trn.Av, cniltnr.t.l '
guinary s'trugglo which it was freely
jireuicieii wouia touow tho Blnv occu
pation of Przemsyl. Tho correspondent
.1 1L. T.I...I ! , . , . 1 . . . , .
The true friend i tht one who will
call you away from man who ii bor
ing yon.
Recent reports stnto that there wns
some doubt ns to tho futo of General
von der Gultz, the commander in chief
of the Turkish army. According to
cubic dispatches no word hnd been
heard trom him, nnd Berlin wus said
to be worried. It wns feared thnt he
had been killed. General von der Goltz
wus nppointed military governor of
Belgium after the capture of Brussels
but was transferred to Turkey when
the Turks entered the war because of
his knowledge of Turkish military affairs.
Official Ceremony Takes Place
In Presence of Many Not
ables at Noon Today
Han Francisco, March 21. In the
presence of a distinguished company
tho Pniinmal'ttcific exposition was
formally dedicated this afternoon by
Thonins R. Marshall, vice-president of
the United States, acting as ofticial
representative of President Wilson,
Despite overcast skies which threat
encd rain, thousands gathered in the
Court of the Universe to attend the
elaborate ceremonies which culminated
tho celebration of the event to which
Han Francisco lias looked forward fur
five vears.
The festivities begun at noon, when
tho vice president, Secretary of. the
Interior Lnne, Assistant Seeretnry of
tho Navy Hoosevelt and other notables
were the guests of President. C C.
Moore of the exposition company, im
mediutelv afterwards the distinguished
guests were escorted in automobiles
through columns of United States
troops and murine- along Administra
tion avenue to tlie Court of the
Universe, where Marshall, with .Major
General Murray and Admiral Thomas
B. Howard reviewed the troops.
All available soldiers, marines and
blueiackets from the forts and wnr
ships in the vicinity of Sun Francisco
wore in line, forming tho most impres
sive military spectacle San Francisco
has witnessed in years, All arms of
tho military service and every
branch of the navy were represented.
Tho dedication ceremonies followed.
After the troops had 'marched pnst,"
the vice president and other guests
were escorted to the reviewing stand.
President Moore presided and Intro
duced James D. Chelan, United States
senator; Governor llirmn Johnson and
Mayor James Itolph, Jr., before present
in if the speaker of tho dnv.
As Marshall pronounced thn words
of dedication, the first gun In a 1"
gun snliitc was fired by every warshli
swinging at anchor In the bay and a
great cheer rose from the throats of
the thousands present expressing the
Jubilntion of Han Francisco that the
exposition had at last been formerly
given to the world.
Vice President Marshall's address of
dedication followed and tho cere
monies closed with the "Ntnr
Spangled Banner" played by massed
hands and song by the whole concourse
Marshall and his wife, "incognito,"
got away from the formalities last
night and "sneaked" out to the expo
sition, where they took in the Zone.
The vice president donned an old gray
cap and long cravanette coat and for
several hours strolled about on the fair
groands with out being recognircd.
Will T? nuf nrn n 1.
wi uiu i,uiuii iu-.i-iKt-r icicgrupncfi iiiai, i n muru'i, Mnren, z. The eiviliim
the engagement is of tho most desper-t populntiou 0f Phzemysl will not ba
nt,t ohil ffi,t,.i n,l tltnt lncrn l.n.1 i nu ! (I i mI m rl,.,.l 1... ,1.. 1) : m.
" v - l", ,ulh" u"wvd v,. mi, iiupnilins. 'HI gOV
of ttiATi nn nntl, atilna in, .rr nrntttn.it- u.ill 1... Inl t
........ v.,hK. .,, . ....... ,, winou 0VDr Dy ,n9
Military critics agree that tho Iius- Kubhiiui military mithorities but
Sinn forces liberated when Przenisvl effort will bo mndo to restore minimi
.11 nnll K. 1. !.,. I I.,, tUi. I nninlilli.i.a ..I .1. i
fell n-ill soon bn hurled into Hie Htmir.
. - - --w
glo for possession of the riirpntliinn
passes, iimv nniicipiiio lurrous rignt-
ing which may bring a decision in the
battle which has already oxtonded over
This situation tmlnv nvei-Hliii,lr,w
everything else in tho war..
xvuniMiijiB oiiu irrosHou. i
Berlin. Mnrch 24. Thn official vnr """" "K"'"
nff!n. l i i i.i... SnnivMhir
iioi'u nmn-nieiir insoou louiiv an
nounced thnt the pursuit of the Bus
sinns who recently were driven out of
Memel, Prussia, continues to be
pressed with vigor. Tho Slavs nro be
ing driven northward, 50(1 of them
hnvinir lieon cnitni'A,l. with llip.m
non nnd machine guns nenr Polnngiui,
This latter town is almost) directly
norm or inemei, in tne iiussinn prov
ince of Courlnnd, on tho Baltic. Much
confiscated livestock wns recovered by
tho Germans, in this vicinity.
A severe repulse of tho Hussiiiii
forces northwest of Oslrulenkn was ulso
iiuuotuiooil. Twentv Hlnv officers nnd
Solid men nro declared to luive been
taken prisoners with five nincliine
Germnn successes are reported else
whnro in Poland also, Eust of Plock
nnd northenst of Miiriumpol, nenr the
I'l'llssilltl town of T.nii,ru-iiririii tlm
enemy attempted u series of sudden
iiinm-n, uupiiig 10 siiirm mo uermuii
positions, A dendly firo by thn dor
niiin nrtillery checked these efforts.
Along tho west bank of thn Mouse
activities are confined to nrtillery
duels lint finrcA ni,(r,i, ,,,,, it! nrn nn.
nnuiiced In the Ueprete woods in the
Vosges, at Pont-a-moiisson and Itoich-sackerkopf.
conditions at the earliest nnmiilili.
The most, severely wounded of tho
prisoners will be permitted to go to.
their homes If they enn find moans ot
In recognition of their heroic de
fense of the fortress, tho lending Aus
trian officers, including General Kiu
mnnolc, who wus in command will be
pnriiien lr nicy promise not to boar
By Henry Wood,
Paris. March of tinnrirfniit miiiiu
along the Vser by thn Belgian forces
were n n linn iii'i.tl tliiH of li,ptin,,.t in, ll,,t
official communique issued by the war
Ill I II c,
Snowstorms In Gnliciu ,.:, ,i..,i
the telegraph lines and tho war 6f finej
bus little informntion regnrding tha
progress of buttles in the Dukla and
Uupkow pusses, whero 40110 Austrian!
nud t.leriiians were ciiplurod rocontly.
In announcing tho retirement froro
Memel, in northeastern Prussia, tha
war office today maintained that tha
movement wns of small Importance.
Numbers Are Lowered.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayvillo, Mnrch
21. Denial of Russian cluiins thut
"i.v j-",mni Austrian troops were
taken prisoners when Przemysl stir
rendered to the Itusniuiis wns mndo to
day by tho newspaper HiiHp. ot
liudiipest. "
It stated that flip entire Przemysl
garrison numbered only 25,000, includ
ing all the suppers, whilo the bnsioglnj
troops numbered from u'0,000 to 80,000.
People of Matamoras
Flee Across Rio Grande
Brownsville, Texas, March 21. Tha
oi t i -ns of Mad rns, just across the
Kin (tin iiili, nro coming here und bring
ing nil of their belongings that tnny
enn transport, to cscnpo thn Impending;
battl" between Villislas and Cttrran.is
tns. The Car run .it forces nrn In
trecn'ninir nnd tho unrnsnn ! h.,i,,r
strnugtheiied in every way possible.
iiuinuiiiiion is ii g tnken in from the
United Stales. Tho Idlest reports In
diciite that the Villistas nro steadily
approaching the town,
Demands By Japan Upon China
Are Not as Serious as Supposed
My n United Press Staff Correspondent.
Toklo, March 4. (By courier to Sun
Frnncisco.) After a month of nego
tintions during which tho world nt
lurge has been completely confused In
regard to tho situation between Ciioa
ami Japan, it is now pitisible for the
first time to write intelligently regurd
lug It.
The ilemniiils which Japan has made
on China, while serious enough in one
nspect, aio not necessarily so serious
ns hns been generally supposed; and at
this time there seems little doubt but
that they will bo accepted by China
and that no other power will inter
fere or protest in any way,
At tho time the negotiations were
begun, a iiieminndnm supposed to con
tain tucse ilemniiils was handed to the
representatives of the United States,
llussia, Grent Britain, France ami lie!
giiim. Shortly thereafter it was report
ed thut there was a serious discrepancy
between the ilemniiils presented til Chi
ns, and the list cominiinicnted to the
powers, This discrepancy actually ex
isted, but it wns justified by the usual
nineuitles of Oriental diplomacy. For
Japan, In order to bolster up her case
with I hina, added to the real demands
a number or bogus reiei which were
intended only to frighten tho Chinese
into accepting the others.
The document handed to China con
tuined 21 clauses. Of these, 10 were
presented in the form or demands and
11 in the form of requests. The re
quests mnde up the most formidable
part of the document, forthey em
braced pretty nearly everything in the
way i if privilege and concessions that
( In in has left to give away, Toe or
iginal 10 demunds, the only Important
part of the document, were as follows
1. That China agrco In advance to
approve any treaty that may be made
(crests in Shantung.
2. That China ngiee not to lease or
alienuto nny Inud in Shuntung or any
hind near the ciist.
3. That China grant to Jupan the
right to construct n railway connecting;
Che I'oo and l.unkow with tho Shan
tung railway.
4. Kxlension of the terms of tha
lease of Kwnn Tung, tho south Man
churiuu railway and the Autuiig Muk
den line.
1. Grunt In Japan the riuht of owner.
ship of lurid and residence in Mun-
In ma, and the mining rights of certain
I. Thnt China secure In advance the
cons-iit uf Japan before she grants In
Manchuria any railway concessions to
u thinl power, procure capital or sup
plies ror runway construction from a,
third power, or raises any loan with
M n ni Im riii n duties or tuxes as a se
7. That China will consult Japan he
fore employing any political, financial
or military advisors as regards; Manchuria.
8. Transfer of the management anil
control of the Kirln-l huugchiin rail
way to Japan.
H. That the lliinpyeh-l'iug Iron A
Steel works at llangynn with tha col
liery and iron mines be placed uudof
co-operative Chiiin-Japanese manage
ment, 10, That China agree not to allens,tci
any pia-ts or bays or any islands near
the const of China.
Th're is some doubt as to what nil
included In tho requests, but it is be
lieved they Included all mining and
railway concessions In Fukieo prov
ince, the free navigation of all river,
right to land ownership and resideoca
(Continued on Pane Four.)