Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 04, 1915, Page TWO, Image 2

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Er-sMnannnaraaTOBc ' ' SJ
n i 'm' m f Tf fc! ' S
j G Smith, the Jeweler, located at 372 State Street, going out of business, having leased his
v w ' - -
ax i ii ii it m
- , arX nilf 2
- 8
, i i ,
V (
reeardlessofcost,aslamgoingtor.movetoSilvertonto look after other business matters.
Mfstore is now in charge of R. M. HARDING & CO., the well-known auctioneers and appraisers,
r AlirTlflN lirxrinninf
for final disposal, and through mem win oe soia ai ruput ..v.-,
and to continue daily thereafter until every article contained in this store is disposed of.
-We mean business and do not handle anything dm mgn-grdiu: m,
Saiom th?it wp intend selling every dsa-
II IV Dei a u u i wi aim Lull csaauit; tins jjupi . . ; (i r -
Rmnyp I mhra as. in tact, everv
mono set niece OTjewe ry, vvaiui, onvei, vi.a, v-.i, . - . . , , -
Se in ffs magnificent store, for just what it will bring, regardless of cost or ong.na value.
We intend makini this the greatest closing-out sale ever held in Salem and .t will mean the op
portunity of a lifetime to secure bargains on high-class goods :-: ZwTAZ t
to attend these sales and we will extend every courtesy to them. :-: Don t tail to attend the
opening sale, as several oeauuiui prm nwi Siyi uttu7
I Don't Forget the Opening Sale, 2 p.m. Saturday. R.M. Harding &Co. in Charge
II ' . Mnr,r --liWP!IIWIW!HinBf WBW
n inii r r;vnr)HV
It lim l)i't' miid Unit i!iiiitul I'itii'a
rn to tlum(Hti'iit'il hy mlitii'M lliat
llicy da nut uiM'iiili uoml imiuli', but
tim keen iiilcicnt in tlic H.vinpliiin.V Or
ilutia eoui'i'it diMplay liy HiiIohi pi'o
pie hIiowii thiM utiilniifut tu lio incur
ri't ia thin innluiii-i'.
ThB M'liM-tiun nf HhIimii iik tln only
filaca outride ol I'mtliiihl lur foil
ArBHi h. Wnnl Willi', (Iroiuii llt'clt, Knrl
lltvlrii U, . V illuvtl Hull, Km nk Zinn
Kmm Hiiwlaml ami ltiiili:lifft.
Tho OriilionH Mill" ('lionm, onii of tin-
new iiumii-nl m'Kiiiii.nliiinii iif (no i-ily,
Hiivi' n Huririnu Tiu'miuy i(lit in lion i r
u f ono of it" ini'inl ith, t'url Hi-IiwhIi,
hIiii i-M U lu li-nvii tlio I'llV IM'Xl
i-ort ii unotlior tribute to tin' iMiltnre j TIiuikiIh.v In mihh mrt of tlio wimmtir wjv-, (lf lli(,)t lltll l,xtru . , ,,U, Vi'h : li' Uri'Con
( the Cuiiitol itv. mill it Ih itmuiyniM on mn niiiui'mi-au nn-in "h"-;,,,,, nui-iit I v ri'iiii'ntiil tu lie 1'rwnit, n ' ri '. i
milenmize.l lust nij4.it lit tl.e now home we.5 it li.Mirjte W. Thomp)n l.n;l
of tlio Voiiiik people, corner of Court j Mitm l.ueille l in ker, Mihb Tuekrr ill-
uiul l'ront Htreel, Mr. nml Mm. K. L.lreetiiiK tne vai iouh juvi-niiii giiim-ii 1"""
Kniiiinliuu, tlio former n lirullier ol' tlio ; tieipuu'ii in.
Pri.l.'Ui-oom, with tt few elmo friends i A pretty luncheon wuk, of eourfe, a
wilii-HHiiiir the eereinonv. Ili-v. Kii'li-, inoft inipiirtiint feiiture, the hirlhiluy
I nnl V TiHi-hei', of the I'nitnnun church, ! enke with itN ten cniiilles rltmetinn
iol'liciuteil. The weil,in(r trip wuh post-1 much lit tout ion. The tul.ln ei'iiterpiece
1 pouud until n month Inter, when tlio!n niiiimtuie pond, outlined with
I'nnnnm l'lu-itie expoi-itiun will bo viH-lwere Mm. c(loi(;i W. Thonipsou nnd
tiny ducks flouted nbout, thuce neuiR
Mra. Knppiiliiin hns been with the Kiven to the (jueHts afterwurda n
1 1 .... .1 VI.,..; a n,lnr ui'Verill . BOUVOtlirS.
V(,ur ' j Those present were: Nellie und llulh
I Tucker. .IcHsie KiHmiiiIh, I'cnrl nod lliii-
The T, K. i K. Trollv club will meet i d UiH. Violence unit Edith Hardy, .Ion
at to i home of Mrs. I,'. A. Ila thunie ; nie Thonipson, Hiid nnd Mori Tucker,
t'riduv iifternouM, March 1, out of eon- ''''H 'nr,entcr, Dwight Hill, und
siilei'ii'tiou for the members who live . Donald lliiicje.
loo far away, allowing them to enliven-1 ,,.., .
ieull.v atlend the eveniiiK nieetiuns. The! K''t, lonneny hi ..iit,c .;i
nuoe coilliliny b sinre to
now en ":i cod in business in
( has. A. Park
on luiMiicss.
in CorvHllit) today
o ler Hint humouuiIihK cities win nenr i.eiiu. ' f,,n
i.troni th eoncert. Thosi InhliiR pint In Hn ""' 'i'"1 Mll.,
Thn faciiltv nt IWullis iiuvo eiiHUK- ineuiliers of the oiKiiinntinn were: A.
ri thrw boxes, and inanv oilier out-of-,1.. Wulluce, manuttert I'an I. ".annen
town ri'neivntioini are beiuu nindo. ibeirf, ilirector, nnd rietcher Mclnliirl t.
Huiem in (tlad to share its blessing (lliver Myern, fhester I ruwire, I uul
with iU iieiHlibors. The eoucint will , Walker, Tlioiuns Cuiupbell ,lr.; Wellei
lie lit 8 oVIock next Huiuliiy nfloiuoiiii t'lunnbeiliiin, H. I''. liiorflir, tl. K.
nt thai (Iminl opera bouse. Ilosidos the Hewitt, l.eland While und (ii'oine
n-ara-eiit ion of boxen I'V tlio nie-, i,recn
lueiubi'i.iiiip utleiiiUiuce i do-
l'ortliiiul. sncnt the dnv here vestcrday
I JmImi II ilrunlK in the citv todnv
t'roni Silverton.
Mr. Henry It. Thiclsen and Miss Ml-1 (i- Horsefall, who bus been man
lea Thielscu went to I'mtbind this W "'K1'' Ki'WinR Machine
,.,ri,, ,,, .,.u ...vernl dnt the e'li.'KtH fiKeuev here, will leave for his home to-
of friends. Mi-w Thiel.-eu will be en-
terlaiui'd bv Miss Helen Whitney.
'day at Norton, lie will be succeeded
by W. M. III. illicit us UKont.
nlty of tlio Oiegou A n i i 1 1 1 1 1 ii i u 1
li. thn fin lilt V of Mo until is
In eelebi'iit ion ol' the truth birtluiav
'ol ' iinniversaiv of linv lluinini'l, his ninth-
1,1- The Sweet llrier club, eomiosed ol',.. M,. ii.,,,,,,,,, li,,ud. eater-
booked for lihu sents, the reniaiiiiiiK residents of the Wnllaco roail ilistnci, (aillll wj,, tl.diijl't ful chihlien's
bonus til lie tukeii by lucul aoeioly were entertained yostenluy itllei noun , ,ln l v j-,.t i-nhiy iiltein.ioii, nt their
folk. Jndependeiice, .Monmouth. Wood j by Mrs, Jumes linlaii. Jioiue, '".'I ID laurel nvciiue. Aitsislants
linn und oilier vnlle.v cilien will send, 1
i:, , vein or mill Mrs. it iveoniiie win
City Ownership
wins ai aeauie y
i'. HecoMa
Ii pi'nden, e,
delenlioos, nnd it is Inlly expecieii!
tlmt tiio uuib e will be mui of the1
luot reprenentative noted nt the tlrnud
iper liuiiso fur nome time.
Mi'. II. M. Caiev, MM'i lilvision street,
will enteilmii Hie
lioatJ of missions
be .'ninoiod Kiiests thin uuiiuin nt a K "-".vvvvv.vvi.vwaaav
loc.'plion to be he'd from "-g Quickest, SuiKSt tW)h g ''
.. .... . . a i .. ... i i iiu Remcdti is Hcma- ?J
iiiii iiui. ix nun uvi'ii ipi
itiiiiuj room will follow.
HIiiiiiiih lii'ii
with Mm. 1'
I hi ist tan women 'ors will bo seveiul ineuiliers ot tie- f)
1'iiibiv nl'ternooii ' leei.tlnluio und their wives. (
T. Toiler, Iciu'er.
'I'ho leceidion wus I'linned liv tne
Wiinrn'n t hrinlian Teinpernuce I'niun
Mr. nud Mm. V. II. Sontliwuk, ol and by lepresenlnllven of other or
107H Mm ion stieel, have with them uiinii-atiou inleieMtod in proliiliilioii.
their Inline (!U'"t Mm. hinthwiek ' Mis, .leiiino M. Kemp, piesident ol
lnolher, Anuuiii'i Kmitli, of Vinupiu, , the ulal" Women 's Clnisliuu Temper
Win., who miived l-'ridiiy, and will n' aa,e I aioii, will be to.istuiislress, who
main liiilel'initclv. eouteniidutiiiit local-! i,oke at I'll' recent 1'olk and Marina
Dmillj- lrnnreil in IVw Mln
utrn. Ckenp liut tneiiunlcU
ln hero iieiuiiiui nlly
Sunday Mi, uud Mrs. Knulhwick eu
teilniiied witii a dinner in coniplimeiil
to Hon. iid Mrs, l'liiuh Hniy, their
Kiirslii, Im-hiiIpi Mr. Huiith, beiiitf Miss
itulh Hpoor mid Albeit Houthwii-k.
W. '. T. I', couvenlioii held In Nileui.
The piiiieipul nddiesn nt the lunch
eon will l delivered by tloveruir
Wltliveonibe. Au.oin; the speakers
will im Ilenutois tins Milker, Knlhryii
t'liniie, K. H. l-'anell, Arthur l.anit
enlli, Hepreseul:ilivei I.. V. I.itllefield,
Snine people ure mnxtuiitlr nni.oved
f i "in one yenr'n end to the other with a
Pemihlent bieiieliial ii'ii(;h, which in whol
ly liuiiiii'snii y. Heie m n home made
lemidv tlmt nets i mht at the eue mi l
will tiinkti you uoiidi-r what Ix'eunie oi it.
Hot iiinncs I'niex i .Ml will nortlil
fiuiii any di uuui-t, pour into u pint bottle
nnd till the lumle w ith luiu uiauulalcl
it at
Se.iltle. Wu.;i Miii'eli ;i.-la ji hotly
eoiite.leil i-l.-i-t inn. the three cuu ilntcii
for Hie city enuit.-il, Will 11. llauiin, A
I'. Hams l.il.l Tin,-ns II, H, I1 oil, in
lorn d by tin' iiiiini, i pal uwuomliip u l
ocates, won out estfrdiiy by hand
Koine inn iim II ii 1. .I.minli I olliiis. who
iinnnitiMiuR liidoisctmnt of
ii'iiin v oi'kiauu.aliois mi, I
lu-w.papers, wns , I, 'tented de, it:' elv.
Collins iiiii Huh in a field uf m,
thoiuli lit the piiiunry electinn two
weelm npi he inn liiit In field of
A few years iijo I suffered from Kid- I
ney trouble to such nn extent 1 thoiinht j
I wus dove.lopint; serious Kidney!
trouble. 1 tried l.ihtin Water nnd Tub-.
l..tu ulttin,, r.tlifif tlti-11 T tl-iorl MOVenil
Wm. Tnw, of Silverlon, is here today ()m,tHrB wit,lllut Hny llBp t-rom ,),, j,i j
on biiMiu'fS. : the least. My kidneys beeume so bud i
II. M. Lmif and wife, of AIm-ii, tire t hit t 1 niiide the remurk lit the time.
in the city today. that I would not live until Christninn. j
Fred H. Hynon is in Albany toduy on I sniv Swamp-Hoot iidvertised in a pn- ,
real estate biminesii. " j per nnd hiivinu tried everything else I
L). H. Snyder, of Kola, Ore., is in Sa-' without relief, I resolved to tj-y it und j
lorn today 'on business. . johtnin a bottle beforo tnkitiR Hie en-!
,1. II. Hrooks, of hilverlon, is u vis-i'ire eontentn I was entirely cured und
teel as it I hud obtuined u new lease ol i
life. !
I nm very thankful for whut Dr. Kil- ,
mer's Swump-Koot bna done for me und
consider it a wonderful medicine. !
Yours very trulv, i
(1K0IU1K f. lN(iHA.r, i
Upelika, Alabamn.
Subscribed und sworn to bcl'oro mo,
this Hith day of .1 til v, Minn. ,
j()K H. h.MlTII, I
Notary I'ublie. !.so County, Alu.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
BltiRhamton, N. Y.
Wash., is ii-Kistend at the provo What Swamp-Root Will Do For
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Hiiichnmton, N. Y., for u' sample size
bottle. Jt will convince unyone. You
will ulso receive n booklet of valuable
ilor 'ii the city today.
If. M. Harding, of Silverton, is a
visitor in the city today.
C. Ii. Whitney, of Ashland, is u busi
ness visitor in Sulem loday.
tiovemor Withyemnbe left this morn
iiiR on the electric tor rortland.
II, S. Uile wits u pnssenui'r this nioiii-
Up for rortland on the electiic
Mr. and Mrs. 1!. S. McClure. of The
:Iiall"s, are re(!ltorcd at the .Marion.
T"d Hrayinan, of l'ort land, is here
toil, iv attendiuK to business mutters,
Julius .lohnsini, of Silverton, is nt
.tending to business matters in Salem
i todav.
Mrs. M. St. M ii 1 1 in. ei' St. Martin
Huie Wing
San Co.
Big lino of Waisln, House Dtw
cs, Silk (ioods, Mcn'i and Boyi'
SuilK, I'unts mui Overall!,
-u.lies', (.louts' nail Ckililw'i
Underwear, Overshirts, SiveXe"
und shoes, l.u.lies auil Chil
dren 'a Fancy Dresses, Xci'kweat,
Ladieg Hud iii-'itu Uoiitr?,
Oloven, Coniforler", BlaaVtH,
Embroideries, l.aces unil S
We make up
Kimonns and Whim I'nta
AU goods ncUliig at lower pn
291 N. Com'l St
W soiiie inn iim i
? r i-cd the
ti n'l 'he nnct
I'ariner living near lu
iu the city todav on
buMne-s mutter.
Ii. A. Ihiynaid went to Newport In
day t become iiiiiuii:er of 1'red Huw
nn' ill nc nt mo,
Hi Ciiiirlcs II. Cnv iH iillemlini!
otio ial business in Snlem- Medltnd
i Ttiluinc,
Ii. lliilcin,
vis'ti'm hi'
at the nlf links is ii. ... . . ,
jicv. Nieb.ll. "'"'ill,
ii.. .,l.l house next SUII'tl'J
of rianhlin,
bt'othe,, l l
t't. i ii ; :)t
'lore v
"' '"; "i nie couiui v nenr Milein.
' il Hniii, of Albany, ns in the city
la-t ive'iini;, coming u uttend u sj.e
ml ,.ieetni(! at the M.isonic temple.
Ah Mmion, of Albuny, was in the
itv 'ii'l inlit. .iiiiiini; op eipeeinlly
t" utti ml a scsvieu of the Masonic
ll also receive n booklet ot valiiuble
f!,7,;::l,ii"!: ";"viR. '.'.''"" 'Rlmfl M211 to Have tyc .
Sight Restored by upcrau
nnd mention the Snlem Duily Capital
lournul. Heuiilur fifty-eent und one
dolliir size bottled for sale lit till drug
N. '' Is stores,
. I',iil(,in,
. , ,.';,lnW
....... .1.,.,,. veins of tet' " ,,
' , eve, i
,,lno to n eatniaci "
! f Crescent t it,'', ' '- ",, ir
M possession l ' jtj, Mr.
Him IIII1LF HI ll"- ' -. t Bl'
! K.ibmilt.'.l .0 .l.eoi.. '..''" - - ,
!,he.'luruct.nnd l.'a
1... in ed. rcii"'" ,
; Will 10 i.-.....mliell "PT '
j l.o, lis l.ai'liiiiiiiiil mid wife, of Salem,
i 'ire ' nv.iiii; 11 lew ,h;vs in the citv look.
and :i""' 'ii'-iaess mutters.- IJosebui;!
Ill vi, w.
Tom K.
Juaa Walem wca the limpiration firi. Huslon, Mnrien II. Towne, t on-
merry fuip.lse puitv Kiven by ;rad 1', ulsoii. .1, II. Collins, of iiliinier,
Kroiitl of bin vouuo, fiieuiU nt the boine and C. Hi-hncbel, of tlremm t it v.
of hia iwreuts, Mr. nud Mm. Albert
lVrlich, Center street, reeeiitly.
Thoao priweut were: Misses MiiiRnret
llibbill, lietn Waters, Katie 1'erlnli,
Frnia Hiiininrilaiid, Muude Morton, Ve
in Urown, I'hoche II, nth, Venlu Smith,
vrrzn. rioht hand
Vs Mai.ll ;,l, flv'n,,? dn.l
suuiir 'r''l'- .-im-l liiKliitf.il at one... ilnt, Hre an to in hue miv eomo'.vion
1 , 111,1 1111 11 v not , rt' ' oo iv, i,i.,, 1 ,., ,1.:. . . r..,.. T' ii-:i ... , ,
..I I (hi., ..,, Ill, ',. .1, . .. 1 iiiioiiiuiiiiMi will lie of special ,il : " " ", iniiiH'iiy nooKUeeper
l-cether. thn. ..iid.i.it n 1'o.mh tLt v"ii "" "V',' v" nv" ' ''""" ', ,"' ',;",,,'n,;i".v' l" ""'"d l.id.lin
never tl.uuitlit would . nd, It nlsn loosi'im blcniish, ,l't ,,. aint. powder j " '"""is Rondby,. todnv, before leav-
the drv, liiwuse or tiolit eoniih nnd he lis "r anvtliiiiji eK(. t cover il up. Toe j1"' '''" 1'i'fllainl toinoi row.
the inlbimu.iition in a piiiiifiil eouith with often thi enK iniiphasizen the defect S"" s'i'ilh, foimeilv f r,U K
- " ' ". ("1.H.II..I I ' O,,.-. , .. ,r ,,, , , ,, . O V ,'SI ) I I 1,
wn, Aiiplied nichtlv. Hie wax w.l!.;"' "'"I estate vnliie, ,,'f .1,,, i
I Ins I'liiex uud Suear Smiiii .oivlore Kruil iHlly icinov,, frekle. niniidin I ll" section.
o I Iho bill In the hoiim', and other ' ' ' , " 7 . i . "i r? V """". n'd or yellow '- Linker, n ...tuine.it bnsines,
, . , ' ... ... Iiiiiiily I. lon tune-:it u rust ot onlv 51 blolihcs or nnv ,fu r,.il., tl u n ol ,..., ,,,. .1.1. . .
mill I'm. .x. ,en. n ,lm, imMI the clear, soft, youthful ; Harm r hns been here fr some ti,e.
I'UM'K Is a prwia nnd hlphlv conoeri. " " -"i.i oeiieuta in nnmnlit i ,, 1. inner iiohlc arrived on
Mm. Mutlie Hlee.li will lirinu Kreet
nis I ruin the Alaltnomnn t omit v .Notlnui! Is lter tor bn iiclutis, winter
iiuiniii', .1. s, rii., 0. 1110 prouiiiiiiou voiii-i.n 11.111 111.111-11 1..1 us, num.
K. Aiidemuii, who inlro
party 1 Dr. .1.
will sp.uk for tne on!aiiirtioiis they
repr.feiit. Ur. t . II hapnian will re
spend .0 the teast "The I'reaa." Hhurl
tnlks will be nlven by Mm. Holu.rt II.
late, Mm. Helen Milior Menu, Mr. M.
l Kusncll mui Mm. M. I.. T. Hidden.
In the receiving line will be the
)tove nor, Mia. Withycoiol.e and '
etal piiiinlueiit women of I'or.laud,
Moii.nifi tlremiiau.
The inarriige of Minn Ijiura (iif(terv
to J:.u.e A. happnhao wan
!..,.- ro,,..H,o...i 1,1 K'.-ioiiiie -vt.rwnv i.iin. 1 .- -, a.r inn iiriiLi:!.. tor '"""m' 110011 .rain im, s. , 1.
N.'rwnv dim : "" H' view
...,.. ,,..1. .. ...... I ....1 .. 1......... nn. n,,.d 1 . . ..L . , ...
ii : ii '',"""""' ".'. - .ii.rii.inen wax and ur ''as men iiMiil' a enurse in l,L
the world over lor Its ae, errtamtv and , tht like UM, , . . . rr hmnv. k,v p ul- she .. ill . l.
prt.mntnesn in over.-oin.i.g bad eoUKha, i niornn,tf ,.K .1 . ' 1 " , 7, 1 1?., , . 1 "I' w",k 1,1 ''''
c t and throat eiild. wh h. e ,! . 1 " , ' T"'' Mn' I r''""" '.v-- -cbanon ( riterion
i.rl lis tn'milne, Ask vour drnwint " , """ narnnew. e:ui 11. nnoten l.i hniue from
i-i e imiieen 1 iiH'X, ani. 1.11 no. ,hs.ii i . , "'"' i"nininn rmiiim. ui ni. nie wi.ent ran, Il in M
T,rr, 1. Krn..i.-r .n ii.wi'iiini 1 -- w.ui wr.iinienor rurrnws, .', 1
Miisinc.ii.ti. or wonev rroniptlv n.futi.le.1, a unsn lotiou nin,,. 1, dismilv
(Cnpitiil .lonrnul Special Service.)
Mrs. Mary Armslrnn(, nf Eiini'"'. I"
isitini; nt Hie llennitiKseii home.
Ilullis Kdwur.ls him been spending a
.. uiis nt mn inriii nenr aiiiiis.hii-. - - . ... ,.B m(,
t- ti. 11 , h..i... 1 s:.,... ifn-ni-d by I'rssi.
day wild Mrs. Joe Dressier, ' gajjajt0MSI
...1. lino ...rs. liny r.tjw'ilius .IMU'll
In Snlem Suiidnv,
Mr. Hliss Kidler, who him been on
the sick lint for mine lime, has fully
Miss .Mabel Albee spent the week
end at Aumsville.
A "Church Sneinl" was held nt the
homo of ,lne Dressier Kridnv eveuintf.
A lui(!o cinwd wnn in altendnnee and
all reported a pleasant time.. i
Mr. Duchunuii and t'nmily, who are i
recently fmin Michinnu, hate moved
tu the Dull place. 1
The l'iner orchestra practiced at '
the Jack Wutsou home Tues.iav even-!
ill.!. ' !
Henry Kuufmnnii made nn over!
Siiiiduy visit with relatives lit Snlem. I
HBht. ThisiHHic
Cold Storage
Snace For Re'
I Claud Sln.ro .,,,( .Kn fir., unit of
Vlit lust week lit .lunetinn Citv vinililia'
.i row conn-' .1 ..... . ' !
i.i;,i , " minor .urwiitiur nome.
iiilf I or . I look there he.uu. f the to, ent I,.,. . ,:'M,P. "n ,in,t,rinB lfture on the;
' ''ttllf 1 'eitl.liiiM ' t. .... ul tHA
1 " ur 1
prove wonderfully effective. I. amine steadilv f, " u. ... "'" " h""1 noiise Suiidnv eveninif,
bolter, in'"
,1. mail
Jioasen"" "
d seufon rate
All partis
2li8 S. Cotnaii'
srcitl in
rr.j NpvorHt interesting gun.oi took rccj
coia st m