Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 19, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Saturday Only
30c Ribbons -14c Yard
A large shipment of Taffeta and Messaline Ribbons
have just been received, -and Saturday we offer
Ribbons up to 6y2 inches in width, all colors
Limit 10 yards to a customer
Regular 30c Values for
14c YARD
f ''''
! Correspondent Relate Story of Kite In
Price With Scarcity of Commodities.
Toduy the hog market is slow ami
weak. l'attl are not in much demand.
The sheep market is strong.
Alt millfeed lines ure also weak, ami
lo.-al trade very slow, buyers nil hold-
off fat the expected decline.
Til 3 tains in southern California hnvi
damaged the curly vegetables, with 11
consequent rise in price. Celery toduy
advanced 10 ceuts per dozen, bringing
the wholesale price up to $! pel' do.en
l-'ggs ure oil two cents, trie wholesal'.'
rush price paid todny ranging between
18 anil 20 vent.
. (By William Phillip Klmms.)
Paris, Feb. 3.-(By mail to New
j York) A sugar famine in France bos
.been averted and the priee which went
(from seven cents a pound to eleven
(cents, will probably not go very much
At the beginning of the war there
was what might bo called a food panic;
people, with the memory of rata, cuts,
i horses aud other household animals
fresh in their minds associated with
meals eaten during the siege of Paris
in 1870, made a rush for grocery estab
lishments. Walt and sugar were the
things they asked for first and soon it
! was noised about that no more sugar
! was to be had, at lean for the time be
I After a while things losened tip some
'what. ISugar was to be had at an in
creased price but, with the German in
vasion of the principul sugar-producing
provinces and the confiscation by them
,of the best crop, a second sugar pnnic
wub caused. Things really did look ser
ious. Must of the sugar in France came
from the Nord, Pns-dc-Cnlnis, Aisne
and Homme- departments and the tier-
mans unci lnvnucii these, wnnt was
Mill worse, three-fourths of the best
seeds came from Germany, the othei
fourth from the, invaded French dis
tricts. With little sugar on hand am!
apparently no means of planting mole
sugar beets for a future erup, the out
look wns dismal.
I The German seed houses offered to
send the seeds through Switzerland, ac
cording to information gathered here,
but the French refused. . Then Kussia
came to the front. At the price paid in
times of peace to Ooimany France's al
ly has Bent to beet farmers here a full
j supply of seeds of the same vuriety n
tin? uermnn.
I The French government hus taken off
Ufl - MlSSOUri f SriTl I'"""''" on the seeds. However the sow
ing can be done only over 100.000 hee-
tncres as compared to 2l.'t,:i50 liectncrcs
which is an average, owing to the Gcr-
Frank James Dies
Hay, timothy, per ton
Clover, per toil
Oata and vetch
Wheat, per bushel
Krau, per tew
Shorts, per ton y...
.Oate, per bushel
Eggs and Poultry.
Eggs, cash, 18c; trade
liens, per pound
' Monsters, old, per pound 7c
Btags 8c
Butterfat, per pound 20c
Creamery butter, per pound .'12c
Pork, Veal and Mutton.
Tork, on foot tl'4(ii)l!gc
J'ork, dressed
Veal, dressed
Excelsior Springs, Mo.,' Feb. 19.
1-runk .lames, one ot the two last snr- man occupation. Therefore while dim
viving niemherrj cif th notorious James-! ger of a sugar famine has been ohvi-
Younger gang, dicil on his farm near a,'d. therf ,nut necessarily be a com-
i, i i i -, uarntive shortage of the hunio product
here yesterday. James, who wns i4 ' , , . . . . 1
' ' and foreign countries must to some ex-
years old, had been in ill health several t,.nt be depended upon,
month and wan stricken with trpoplexv A large purl of this venr's beet crop
early yesterday. w" dipped by the Kaiser's troops tci 30 votoa Jo 1.1 for C. A. Iiee.il and 13
One' of the Inst members of a nntor- Germany und there converted into! for Win. Fidlor. The vote was ques-
ious robber band, whose iinpumllcle.l s"Rnf- I t"""Ml "- "P"" motion of Wm. Gallo-
eur.-r of crime during the civil war ' ' ' I ? wB" reconsidered. Drnin received
and the unsettled period that followed I.fnPV RilC tyoiinn i i ," ?" l" 1I,h bal,ot WH"
kept -the people ,; a dozen states in Jllm DBS OlIOD declared elected.
.terror, rank James had been living Kcth chr(l at KllltOnO i i i J , ,, r ror
!the life of a quiet former for more Hum I-SiaDIlSnCQl a LUgm Herk J. Patterson, of Marion, 11
$l!::iu mi,.s. voles, C. W. Parnsh 11 votes, J. J.
8.50l The foil of a ' minister resiic-tcl (l-iigene Guard.) '. ... i ioie. n. r,. iforthwick re
..JlOfjj'il I throughout the riMiiinunity, Frank According to an announcement made ; 0liyed .14 votesfor engrossing el
nines oned Onnntie II 's uiicmllns In '. ('-"poseo tu niase x.ugene - .... i mutii, o lor .1
' i i
By Albert Tozler
; The. legislative session of 1874 con
vened Monday, September 14th, and
the. house was called to order by S. A.
Clarke, clerk of the 1872 session.
J. C. Drain, Douglas, was temporary
speaker, and W. L. White, Clackamas,
temporary clerk.
Those reported entitled to seats
liaker C, G. Chandler, .T. C. Wilson.
Kenton James Bruce, W. J. Kelly,
.lames numbers.
Clackamas Hcnrv McGugin, P. S.
Noyer, J. M. lieed,' S. P. Lee.
Clatsop-Tillamook W. R. Deane.
Columbia J, 8. Rinenrson.
Coos John P. Dolly.
Coos-Curry II. Blake.
Douglas G. W. Riddle, John C.
Drnin, Thos. Ledgerwood, D. W.
Grant Bart Curl (contested).
Jackson W. .1. Plymnle. C. 11. Van
Riper, Thos. Wright.
Josephine Wm. Fidler.
I .a ne A. J. Donk, ,1. D. Matlock, R.
B. Hayes, John McClung.
l.inn JoVeph Lame, Jonathan Was
som, Harvey Shelton, Frank Shedd, G.
F. Crawford. A. W. Htanard.
Marion (''. A. Reed, David Simpson,
Warren Cranston, F. X. Matthieu, A.
X. Gilbert.
-Multnoniah-'-Wm. Cornell, R. S.
Jewett, Jacob Johnson, R. Stotl, John
M. Genrin, Penumbra Kellv.
Polk David Stump, W. C. Brown,
I. I. Jiutler.
Union Dunhnin Wright.
1'iiintilla Thos. Roe, U. Jackson, J.
M. Partlow.
Wasco 13. B. Dufur. Robert Mays.
Vuinhill Lee Lauglilin, K. C. Brad
shaw, Win. Galloway.
Joseph Jeffem presented a cort.ifi
cale of election from Clatsop county,
but was not seated as no law gave
Clntsop county representation.
: Gilbert Reynolds contested the seat
of Bart Curl from Grant county, on the member of the Albnny lodge, mado a
groiiniis of lion residence, but the house short address in behalf of the. home1
ruled in favor of Curl. The vote in r lodge, welcoming the Salem brothers.!
Grant county stood Hurt Curl 212 votes. ! An original "pome" wns read by P. i
Gilbert Reynolds lflll votes, M. V. D'Arcy, and Kola Nets told' tho ,
Thompson 10 1 votes. boys all about his experiences ill the
There was s. sniriled contest In ' """"""n rm.V and his troubles with
lent officers of the ,h0 kl8nr' i'en- ' h- f,",vi,r, seen-
Yes, They Are Here
Just a reminder that the new Spring Hats are here, as
our complete line of Stetson and Crofut Knapp hats have
just arrived. Kindly step in and inspect them.
Crofut Knapp Hats Stetson Hats
C. & K $3.00 $4.00 and $5.00
Knapp Felt $4.00
Knapp Felt De Lux .. .$6.00
Leading Clothiers
The Toggery 167 Commercial Street
Elks Visit Albany
To Observe Anniversary
With a brass band, skyrockets, Ro
man candles and red lights greeting
them, the Salem Klks made a grand
entry into Albnny when 123 members
of the local lodge arrived in that city !
to celebrate with the Albany boys the '
Mnd anniversury of the founding of!
the Klks order and the 18th of tho Al- j
bany lodge.
Arriving in Albnny at 8 o'clock, the1
boys were marched to the lodge rooms
and after the preliminary greetings of
old friends, a big banquet was served,
over 1100 visiting Klks enjoying tho
hospitality of the Albany lodge.
Governor Wilhvconibe, who is a
DEVON 2Vx inches
MARLEY VA inches
h ' 3 I
A RROW Collar styles
are not only most
correct, but the collars
are the most durable and
perfect fitting it is possi
ble to produce.
2 for 2j cents
selecting permanent
house. On Wedneesdnv. Sentember lit
.1. C. Drain was declared elected
speaker on the tr-iith ballot, receiving
ipi.rtoiriio civil war.
''J Diot'ier .lesse, and took par
N1''knig of Lawrence, hau.
i.:.. the niulit fllonninir noint for a Pi
d took part in th" f nn"' 81''vi'e which is in process' Abbott was elected enrolling
"i oigiini.iiinjii, i a is service wnuiu oe, . iin'i.t. m xuuiniii, ser
, i r the plans of the promoters mature, i WMif at arms; A. F. Wagner, Marion,
nn overland sorvlce from Seattle In doorkeeper and James Dougherty anil
the Pnnnnin-Pneific Kxposition at San i ' laudo Gateh pages.
r rniicisi'o. The present plans are to i iianoway started sonietbing
tnry of the local lodge sanr; In prefer
ence to making a speech and Al. L.
Meyers, exulted ruler of the Salem
lodgo made a short address, thanking!
the Albany boys for their efforts and 1
entertainment, of the visiting Klks. i
It was a big event for not only the
I visiting Klks, but for Albany boys who
proved themselves such generous en
Washington, Feb. 10. Following the
appointment of conferees on the. ship I
purchnso bill, the house was prepared
this afternoon to pass on tho diplomatic I
ti iid consular appropriation bill, and '
then the fortifications und tho general
deficiency hills.
According to both house und. sennte
lenders, the agreement to slash the
j rivers nnd harbor bill so us to provid
Recipe Department
Spnog iamb
inauinirntn nnd to ennlimiA If until when he mado a motion that an. h mnm.lonlv for continuing liroleets nlremlv ,
Eases Quickly When You Apply a Little the end of this coming summer. I her be furnished with 25 cents worth started has smoothed the way fur mi-.
Musterole, ; L. 11. Griffith, of Seattle, represent-1 mtue stamps. The house finally Sjournnient of congress on March 4. i
. ! .1.- I,..-::- IT' I m l-.ltll.l A'l ..n.ll. .....I. .l I I
. i inmiiicnni .-. " ravine mguway I our anil "u ui hi nru nirninrr.
Anil MUSlfcROLK won't blister like Hotel eompnnv. wns in Eugene Inst; September 17th the vote on gov
the old-lashioiied muatard-plastor. Just night, leaving this morning for Seattle. ' 'l'l"'f '" canvassed. H was as fill
spread it on with your fingers. It pen- He employed Jnck Rudmnn. a Kugene low": K. Grnver, dem., 0,7i:i; J. C.
et rates to the sore spot with a gentlo r,,tv dealer to find him forty acres' Tolninn, rep., (MM; T. F. Campbell,
'.:, """" '" "raws nf hind in or near Kugcnn for the erec- "". T. W. Davenport 1 vote.
Hirzc n,",,'V 1'u,'"- ... . . tion of 1000 tents nnd for parking ns 'O'"' vote on governor 2i,4ntl. Orov
lii.c m i.nir.iHuci is a clean, wuite oiMt-.m. ... ti. ....... ..1 i. ..lei's n umliiv s..n ti... i:
i:i.n ment mudo with oil of mustard. There, a t ' , '. . ... i 'm. i. , ,. .... . nh l Thrnuvh Hair.
" -j- . ... . . .. .. .. - imvti t-i iitoiiienr. in r.unene to unno e "'' hhu .HuninnuHn is oi iiueresr.i ... .w . s.. .
6C;.V,jC !""""" V'10 "J.. ('",V,'K r?:l,.,.lt ro,r,Bor0;. 1,000 persons a night.. I Mnltnomah-flrover Oil, Campbell r,:,H. Oruy hair, however handsome, de
re flV.eli r"ul; ' . '. '.;0M?'' A meeting of the fnir board will he Tnlnian. l.Mfl. Total .1.02.1. Marion-, notes advancing age. Wo nil know the
4((l4V0e; ; ' 1 ' ", ' "' called toniuht to consider n proposition . 'nm'bell 08. Orover Odd, Talmou 1,0.18,! ndvantagea of youthful appearance.
xruit.. :ft ,0 '" HI property during the sum-: Total '2.028. 1.1,,,,-Campbell 072,! Your hair is your charm. H makes or
"TifnVl AO . . . ' . .. . met as the Kuirene rieiifl.
or f,(),MH( nprm
"' es, ( liilblains,
J.S0(")4:tho ,,,,, (it
,c ial. Notliinir
l.00fri'1.2.) ..,, ri,n.i... nnd the other part
-I1r.nl l-7 V '. . . I innl.i.1 1 .. ,1... ...HI.!. .1.. . . 1.. tilt ' rt. I ...1B.1 ., ,. Q.. I ..... I... in inf.
oinmunicniion wns read from Mrs
Oranges, navel
PaniDBS, lb
Lemons, per box
Pineapples, per lb
Appes, box
Cranberries, barrel
Florida grape fruit
Pates, dromedary, case
Dates, Persian, lb
Kips, per pack
Cocoanuts. per dozen II
Fartl Dates
'bbage, per lb .
Tomatoes, California
Celery, per do.eu, 1; ciute
Lettuce, crate
Onions, per 100 pounds
Potatoes (Uregou), bushel ,
hweet potatoes, crnle
Cauliflower I."5
1'riisK'li Sproutt 80
String Garlic lie
r in. i..r i.,d.i. Hf. "ier as the Eugene hoodtpiarters for the : "vtr 047, Tulninn (110. Total 2.20,1. mars tho face, When it fades, turns
m 1 Frorted Feet Coldi V an ''""'l'"'. If this is obtained, the e- I-mnc introduced H. n. No. II inviting! gray and looks dry, wispy und scrag
it 'often prevents' Pneumon- ni,'it r,v"inn hnllding will he used as "'embers of tho Temperance League ol'igly, just a few applications of Sage
ng like Ml'STKROLK for a "Kt '""'"K rnnm for "IB tourists,! ' oitlnnd to seals within, the bnr.lTcii and Sulphur eiihunces its uppear-,i-
' '' nnd the other parts of the enclosure. Carried. Unco a hundred fold.
'!'"! At vour druggist sin 25 and 50e jars,1 Ln,'l":,il"' ,,l?t w,',,,in '
Kii4.50 and a special largo hospital aire for ;"r T "'''"',i,in of tents and the park- ''o'
3.25 1 if2,no. iiii of the cars. ,
Jellied Veal. Sunk one tablespoon on tonst. It can also be sin roiindcd
E1' ll",'1' K'lti" in one-fourth cup wlth w,it(, or (W,.,,t putatoes, peeled
cold water and dissolve in one cup , . , ,,, , , , .
..... llllltl I1IIU I'l IM'llit. AlllltU ,1,1 llillll' lit IniLMt
Vtui Orandma'i Bags Tea and Sulphur! boiling water; then add one-tourth cup '
Recipe and Nobody can Tell, ein n sugar anil vinegar, two tablespoons !"' i,r ,..
lemon ,uico and one teasiiiou salt, nil a little not wnlor to pan, let sini-
Strain, cool and when beginning to slif- ,,., top nf stove to get brown, then
lenidil one and one-half cups t-ol.l ; f (lu mohu,uM
cooked veal, cut ill small cubes, and 1
one nnd one-hall eni d piinentt.i, cut Wl1 1 ''"''l w"1''1'- '' H'l' licu, season,
In 1 11111 1 1 pieces. Turn Into mold and then strain into ginvy boat.
chill, itemove fioui mold, cut in thin
slices and serve.
Tvlaple rndge, lie sure of gelling
pure maple sugar. About (t.ie-thirit of
the slul f sold under that name never
flowed f 1 nm 11 mnple tree. Ilieak the
lUl. 25
Elks Will Entertain
As "Big Brothers" K
the milk I
tin' ler over a blue flame or low coul
fire and cook until a little dropped into
old water burdens into brittleiiess.
Don't stay grny! Look young!
Kither lire rn ro the tunic, at homo or
A. Cobiirn, secretary of the Wo-1 get f nun any drug store a 00-cent hot-
The nroiect iiienns the exiKMil'itnro of '"en ' Suffrage Association enlendinn tlu of "Wveth's S1110 nnd Sulnhur suuar small. Pound it with a hummer
thousands of dollars in Bimon nccoril- 1,11 Invitation to members of the house : Uair Remedy." Thousands of folks : In a clean cloth to get the rigut size.
ing to tho promoters. The feeding of iinenn a ucinre in Heed s Opern recommend this reaily-to uso prepara- l our a cupiui ot ircsii iiiiik over 11
I.Oiio persons n day, with the neces-' "ouse, Salem. Mays moved to accept tion, because it darkens tho hnir lienu-I and let the sugar dissolve. I imp in a
sary purclinse or fond from locnl deal- too invitation and ponding this motion tilully and removes dandruff, stops the bit ot sodn the si.e or a pen und set
ers, in addition to the sums spent hv moved to Inv the invitation 011 the scalp' Itching and falling hair: besides, over the fire In it double boiler. When
ine uiurisis at stopping plrn-es, will be n""o. 1 urnou, no one can possibly tell, as it darkens
very important Items, it Is slated. Thurnlay, September 2llh Mrs. Mary so naturally and evenly. You moisten
I'lider the plan the motor busses will Tlioinpso,ii, roprbsenting thn Temper-i a sponge or soft brush with It, drawing
lenve Portland In the morning, make '""'e League of Oregon, addressed Hie 1 this through the hnir. taking one siniill
All.n.... .. 1.... I 1 1. J hi, nun n,....,ui;.... in .1 1 . I .1 ... .. ti.. : it. . n, . .. ., i . . .
jin.nn. ii niw!.),!, ,,iM-(. ,i,r unfu, nnu :-..o..K ,., , nii-iii r-rs in sirnii'i ui u nine, ny iiiuriiiuu Hie grny ' mac llonl llle rilllge; neat llillll II .n,,.)
l.'.w.n... ..I.. I.. t, I . I llllll.n Mtl;...t.t... ...I..1!.... .1... II It..!- - .1 li , . . , . ... . OHO
..,K.-,n- i in- hiit nniciiiiig nnu ( - "h- N, i i'kiiiii i ion ui iiit- ii'piiii nuir uisiippcnrs. jiier ninuiicr nppii i grniiuiiiies lino pour into a nuiteieii
i "i "in 1110 ne muni snipping t ' ciiuon or two, us natural couir is ro-
aces. (Ine of the features of the t K. Warren, A. Van Dusen nnd II. stored and it becomes thick, glossy and
. trip to lie ailvertlsed to tourists is the ' "aiinnnis were eieeied pilot, com- lustrous, nnd you appear years young-
T ll li II 1 nriltln.r" mnveiiicnt nn.li.r .,. .! ...,t Il.i.l .. In iuiil.,i,nr. ..... ...... 1 , i... .. '
tl 10 .1 K .,, ,,ii. iiini-i iiriiiiiKi-iiit-iiis ; er, t.oriu yigeni i, v. l erry.
Ti.''ithe auspices nf the IJks lodgo will be will be niiide, however, for those who The house voted to relieve .Tessn Ap- --
plerlile from n .ludiimeiit nbtained llinde pure womuiiliooil. J lie ininnrity
Candied Cranberries. nf nil the ways
ot serving cum berries this is one of
III prettiest and must delicious, It in
especially good In servo with fowl.
Take one ipun t of berries ami put them
ill bilking pans so that, the berries are
spread evenly on the bottom aud the
icri'ies will nut be oil top of each oth
er. Sprinkle over these, covering then,
ten cups of sugar (to one ipiurt ttf
berries) and then add water enough to
l'" t-iiliui 111,,, lit iili.i.tliir.l Inn liniulit nf tin.
scalding hoi. set the i r . . , , , , tj. ., ,
Short Bocf Koatrt. Ash for a shmt
ib r.iast, Acciiidiug to si.e, n.lwo or
are tender; but they must retain their
shape. Then carefully pile them on it
glass di-Ji. They should look like can-
herries, with a small atuuitut. of
sirup, iiinl should be a scinlet
oh 1".
Artichokes ...noc inaugurated hero next Monday niglil I do not enre to use the tents.
wecU " e"t"ii"p'rt'"a i when all the boys of thn city under the ! Stopover privileges will be given,, ngnlnst him by the slate, he being one "f vour coiiiinitlee would further
K' n" c ' nge of 15 years nm Invited to eome to making it possible for tho passengers of the sureties of Ham H. May, ex-1 recommend that the male portion of
Creamery butter ..10c , ,gt! f, Rn evening's enter- to lake side trips nut nf Eugene such secretary nf state. said petitioners be reipiested to nrrny
' """ . tniument. as up the Mi Kcn.in river, .or to snend It was nt the In, I session t int IT. .1. themselves in apparel suilnlile nnd up-
Jlour, valley 'piie Hig Hrother Iden originated sev-1 a dnv or more seeing llugene. The op- N". 211 hv chambers was Introduced! pmpriatii to the sex they seek lo as-
"" '"" erni years ago anil .lunge lien l.lnilsev, portunltv for advertising Kugene will n"d passed estnblishlng Hie oil ling-1 some. c. h. Mnnlsliiiw."
Snisr. tier cwt iru.00 i,... ... .,., ... .... ,.. ... .. ... ..... ,. , , . .... ., .... , " t-..n.....i - ..
" ' ' i'i ii.ii, innj nn nun. i in, nn i-inei , uw iini'it areuier llinn It inese Slgltl- '"rnv "i in.' mini 1 1 in lliei 1 e, ii,r,.,niK ii,i i.j.i, i,,,- i.i,u.-; ,,.1't it in,. II, , ill '.. i, 1 I II
I exponent. The idea Is that every boy seers were shot through the city on "n Thursday, Scptouiber 24. 1874. C. nienlioneil speeinl cinniiiitlen (, A. , , 1 , , , " ' , .. ,' 1 . ' . ,, 1 '
Portland Markets. , Id have a business or professional Southern Pacific trains, according to A. Itoed. house member from Morion, It iittio.lt II. It. No. Ill favor-1 "-''l w",',,r. '" i","1 ''0.v"r l"" "' iniiai.io.il. i.ne-loiirtli ounce
rorllii.nl, or., Feb . llt.WI,ei.l- i.tun as a special friend t.u look after i those promoting tho plan. I "stnrle.l something ' when he Intrn-I l"g n "lisnge In the constitution, ri.ixi i '"". ''""'' "l,l''H "" "" tt'"""l" '"V I "'I'l"'1'' one hul giatcd nutineg,
Club 1.52; lllueslem I..'i4-i. liini and III case of trouble, to stiind lis . "This Is the biggest thing for Ku- 'luccd a petition rnntniulnK h ign:i-! Iiill was voted on IMober 7, IH7I, "'"' "r 'l""'' 1 "' "I""' ' '!','l'',' '" ' '"" "' ''" '''
()t-No. 1 white feed .'H.75; gray sponsor for his future good conduct. gene that ever renin this wnv," de- tore of 1 500 me.i im-l women asking will. ' ihe follow ing result: Yeas: '"-! "" "'"'' l""' '"" !'' I"l'" M 'al. suet, sail anil spices; then
.U.B0. I With this Idea in view, the Klks havelelnred Mr. Itodninn todnv. "It menus for a change in Hie Oregon .-oiislilu .'Crawford, I. , Jewell, Kelly .f ! '"" e not get tin. brown or crisp; add iipples, then I tint, then cider, snd
Harlev Fetil 2H.00. started the movement here and will Hint 25(1,00(1 people will be cared for tin., permitllng women to yule, lie I'-eulon; l.nine, Lauglilin, Lee, Mnvs nf , """'' r nioderiilely I ln, o nil the sugar. Hake day before
II..1TH ltest live .l.7n. ulvo tl iiliirtiilnmi.nt Mi.mli.v ..;..). In Knoenn ilurlm, thn n.nnw.r .,.,1 tl.i,u eerlitlnlv .in n.-.l niii..il.i,,,, n Wrl.,i.i ! .Million. Iliiieni son. Kent I. Slteild.' Wil " a-t" '.Iter counli.ig 15 minutes lor each I"d between two crusts of rich
Mines for Pies Half ouml raw beef,
three rib rmst will lie enough for u one ouml suet, one pound lint apples',
small Iniuily. Let butener reniove chop each finely and separately. Hull
boii"S, Ask him to trim und skewer n po'ind of currants well washed and
it up nicely, also tuku the billies wilh dried, half I. pound of ini-ins seeded,
toii-i: they will do for soup slock with I half a pound of fit run cut into snuill
i the .idilition of u small pieee of snip! bits, iialf II pound of brum sugnr, half
iiienl. Kuli roast well with salt uudii pint of New Orlcuns molasses, one
kiillnwinir tl,i, r. I nf the llbnve i lM IM ' I I"""' " nwi'Mi-r nun limn nun inline III sun I all oil u llllJiu
Prime steers 7.5001 ifi .8.1; fancy to thn boys of the town, ltesides ad
eows A1OK1 10. 15; best calves 7fti' dresses and music, the tjoys will be en
s)8.25. Ilertnined by the Hulgarinns, who tire
Spring Inmbs s)Sffi S,2.". j i 11 the city preparing their orientnl mil
Itiiller 'rcatnery H2e, sic for the vaudeville stuge.
Kggs Selected joeal extras 21coi 1 The cominiltoe appointed to look after
22iAo. the program and get the boys together
Hens lScffi I.T jc; brollcis 1 li-Ci llle; fur Miinilny nights eunslsts of S, M. Ln
geese 10c. dicutt, chairman, Fred Krixon and H, h.
cnnBP BPABrHron noRnrnfl 'l';l"',' Committee wnnls every buy
POSSE SEARCH FOR ROBBERS. ., fown ,() (1H hM1( Mon,,lv ywhU
,. ... , . . at the Klks lodge rooms.
Alexandria, n reb. 10. A.ine.l - - -
will hnve a
money here.
'tiniu'c lo spend
poss were searchieg today for two
masked robbers who entered the ex
press ear on the I'lorlili. I'lier nf the
Atlantic Coast Line in the inilrond
yards here and overpowered Messen
ger Chanibliss. The luiiidlts were un
able to open the safe, hut threw it off
beie aii'l
YYoodhouse Anxious For
More Government Aircrafts'
their f I'nlon moved to refer Hie pelilioti "on; LI. Nays: lllnke, Itindslisw, I'ouii'l
In Hie committee on retrenchment mil Htown, Since, llutler, Chumller, Chnin-
I reform. Iist. l-'ldler inoved lo refer beis, Cornel Cranston, Curl, Durst,,
to committee nf the whole. Lost. Honk, Dufur, Dully, I'idb'l, Florence,:
Hee, moved to refer to special rnmn.it Galloway, Gearin, Gilbert, Hayes,,
lee of I luce. Carried, I'halr 'iiipoluli-,1 Jm-ksiin, Johnson, Kelly of Multnomah,
need or Marlon, l.anie nnd nriidshew, - I'l'ilgerwuou, .miiiiocii, .Mciiugiu, Ale
The couiinillce on (Iclolier 1st re I ' lung, N'uver, Partlow, I'lvmale, Kid
llli tu.,1 . i.,uii,llv nn.l . tiMi.nrll .... i Mr. Itiie. Itiiss. Hllelloll. Sillllilioll. I
poll. The majority rrpnrt was signed Siaiuinl, Slenrns, Slecn, Slolt, Stuniii,
bv Heed and l.nnie who favoied the van Kiper, rvassom, Viriglit nl .lack-
petitioners, while lliinlshiiw. Hie luin son, Wiight of I'maHlla, Dniin; 10. S
A sliced it'.iou can be pla I pnslry,
only, claimed Hint the relief prnvid Absent: Heed of liickainiis.
for wns In conflict with Aiti-'Ie 2,, There ought In be snnie way of cor
Section 'i (,f he I'liiistlluHiii. uf Ihe reding the several journals of (Ire
Slate of Oregon. Kxtinets fmin thai two legislative sessions. In some
nii.iority report read as follows: " The , .ionrniils eniinlics nre missing as well
i ne mii ui . r. trenimeni t nr 1 ne iirinK iniiiorii v of vour commit "i won , ns ine niniics or incui.iers. .Mimes are
' " . Habit can be used with absolute conl'l-l therefore recommend hat the tun vers! Incorrectly spelled. The time to writoi
New link, l eb. 111. Henry Wood- deuce. It destroys all desire for whis i of said petitioners be dnic,. The! history is now, and Hie time to make
house, governor of the Aero Club of key. beer or other alcoholic, stimulants' miii.it 1 1 v nf run, .,,, lit.,., ,,i,i lunoer rl is now. In Ihe
I nited Thousands have successfully used It -further recommend Hint the female pur-, liunse .journal nf the 1174 session the
the tinin liirce miles from
iiimoed lo Ihe eioiind themselves. Lo Ainerii a, in a letlor todv lo
eal (ipress ofl'ieials said there win Stales senator, said the army and, and have 1 n restored to lives of so-timi of said ielllloners be respectfully I "ta 'nr of .1. J. Daley appears, in others
mi... im.c iniv IffH-r H.-r.'1'HIIU-s lll:i'iii-i. linn uw-1 ill in-ss, i H 11 lie Hlven re.lliesle, In mllie In l.icr ri.snn.-t i.-t, II is S II- I'll I.IHV. II this nill'lll Hit
nothi.ig of value in the snfe.
Now Orleans, Feb. 10. JiVinnv Dun
dee and Joe Mantlet were to mix tu
night in a JO-round scrap for light
weiijht bonois.
for war service. He urged su appro-1 secretly. Costs only til, 00 per box.
iatinn of i.liOO.i.O for sn aeroplane you fnil In get results from OltltINK i esllv discharge the duties enjoined no
If I homes.
Bii, there faillifiillv and hnn-
service, asserting that Ihe defenses In after a trial, yourmunev will he r.. on them bv Ihe laws nf their croaH
llie Philippines, Hawaii ami the Pans-; liinilcil. sk for tree booklet telling nil I ani ( cvillrj., socielv Hist they will
K . ,. ..!il i :... 4. 11. .... fillO IV! L.1 I. ' '
inn i h 1 1 ii i 7. nu wrrn n n nHi nir rriii i i 11 u mi onnnu;,t
of any sort. .1. C. Pl.linY, 155 H. Cnmmenial
pests the nn mo of lluihiiui Wrlghl, u
other .journals there appeals Dunham
Wright. In this journal there appears
Jsuies II, Ijiue si ii it .hi mi's II. Lame.
lit the future desist from pelillnnlng 'I here also sppeuis tu be an omission
for or meddling in matters thst de of somo i.ntnrs.
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MSf There Is no genuine
unless It has this trade
mark on the package.