Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 04, 1914, EXTRA EDITION, Page THREE, Image 3

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How She Was Helped During
Change of Life by Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable
Appoints Councilman and a Many Candidates Show De-
Night Policeman in Place i tided Gains, and It Is Any
of A. C. Fisher
ms mm.
Philadelphia, Pa. "Iam iust52years
of age and during Change of Life I suf-
I lered for six years
terribly. I tried sev
eral doctors but none
seemed to give me
any relief. Every
month the painswere
Intense in both sides,
and made me so
weak that I had to
go to bed. At last
a friend recommen
ded Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Compound to me and I tried it at once
and found much relief. After that I
had no pains at all and could do my
housework and shopping the sama
as always. For years I have praised
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound for what it has done for me,
and shall always recommend it as a wo
man's friend. You are at liberty touso
my letter in any way." Mrs. Thomson,
649 W. Russell St, Philadelphia, Pa.
Change of Life is one of the most
critical periods of a woman's existenco.
Women everywhere should remember
that there is no other remedy known to
carry women so successfully through
this trying period as Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
If you want opoclal advice
write to Lydia K. Pinkli.im Med
icine Co. (confidential), Lynn,
aiasM. Your U-tter will be tpenca,
body's Fight Yet
line new comicilinnn mm one new ' " u" uuusuiuiy neiivy voie
policeman were elected at the meeting counted today in the Capital Journal i
of the city council last night and the 'exposition contest. Pearl Zinn still re- j.
charter committee reported that it taincd her hold on first place with a
would have the new churter ready fori good margin, Mrs. Kibbler being second 1 fli
the vote on fridny night at 7;.'10, when "d iiuth Kugate third. Margaret White,
a special meeting will be held. W. h. I Heryl Ncedhnm, Henskn Swart audi)1
Cummings, who has served the people; violet Cory nil made substantial gains,
of the Fourth ward since the last elec- j The heavy voting for all the leading'
tion, resigned, as he was moving his: candidates is evidence thnt the final;
outcome is still a matter of great doubt
and that it is still anybody's race. !
The trip to the groat exposition with!
its wealth of world wide wonders, will
be the event of a lifetime for the
fortunate winner, and the Capital
isc jfC 36 jC 3t Sc ijt 3C 3(t Sjt 3t 3(t
Havre, France, Nov. 3. The
Germans who have been trying
to reach , the northern French
coast are retreating eastward,
abandoning their dead and
wounded, according to aa of
ficial statement issued today by
the Belgian government which
1 ';
were advancing toward the Yser,
On their way they were said
to be finding many evidences
that the German retreat was a
most precipitate one.
homo from this wnnl. A. B. Huildelson
was chosen to fill the unexpired term.
Mr. "Huildelson was elected aa eouncil
qiau i'roiu -this ward last night nt the
primary election, as ho had no opposi
tion on the ticket, and the few names
written in received but few votes.
A. (J. Fisher, who has been the night
policeman at the depot, handed in his
resignation last nignt, ami r. A. liar-
Journal guarantees thnt no expense will j
be spared in making it a pleasant one. I
First class railroad fare, the best bfi
hotel accommodations, and facilities for
wig was chosen to succeed him. F W. j seeing tho great fair at its best will be
James, A. King and George Horton provided free of all charge by this
were suggested by the chief of police j paper. It will be a prize well worth
as suitable officers, llerwig received wormng ror.
8 votes anil James on the first ballot.
Mr. Fisher will boou leave for Hpokane,
where ho has a farm which requires his
attention. He has proven a cnpnble
and efficient officer, and his many
friends regret his leaving.
Newspapers Do It.
Tije ordinance bill to regulate the
publication of initiative measures, pro
posed at the last meeting of the coun
cil, was lost by a vote of 7 to 5. TlVi
new ordinance provided that the new
measures should be distributed among
tho voters in pamphlet form instead of
by publication in the newspapers, as is
now the custom.
A report from the street committee
rend unl answered by a woman recommending thnt the grading of La-
and bold in strict confidence.
ause adjacent uronertv mmn
positively refuse tn mux, mi
The plan adopted by this paper fori through their nronertv tr. n
giving the trip does not require the con- children from the Morningside district
leawiiit to sen anything. The only thing I to conveniently reach the site ami to
necessary, to secure votes being to pa-allow the construction of a board side
tronize some of Salem's most popular walk along the north side of same the
ttores. The advertisements of these hoard of direcorii of the Hnlem school
firms is run in each Friday's Capital district last night decided to abandon
Journal. These firms have agreed to i negotiations for tho pun base of wlm i
give a Bales check or receipt to every! ""own as tho Voget site in Noiiih K.
The inauguration of a complete course
in physical culture for all of the pupils
of the grade schools in the city bcIiooI
system and for the girl students of the
high school was decided upon by the
board of school directors nt lat night 's
now maintains headquarters here. j meeting, when Miss Evelyn Cash, for-
The Belgians, it was declared merry ot Twin inns, loano, was elected
I physical instructor to relieve -Miss btliel
'. Merrium, who has been filling the posi-
tion in the grnde schools until a permu-
' nent instructor was engaged. Miss
Cash will assume her duties ut the be-
ginning of the second semester, in Feb
ruary, and her Balary has been fixed at
$100 per month.
In the past the board of directors
have been unable to arrive nt a defin
ite decision regnrding the adoption of
I a full course in physical culture tor
the school children, for several reasons,
but mainly because of the uncertainty
of funds nvnilablo for the purpose, ami,
in the meantime, Miss Mcrrlnm, one
! of the instructors in tho high school, ;
has been detained especially to give in-1
' struction in physical culture to .the
uign scnooi gins, unucr ine new nr
! rnngement Miss Mirrinm will be reliev
ed of this extra duty and will lie able
i to devote all of her time in the school
instruction work.
Latest System to he Taught,
Miss Cash is a graduate of the Emer
son (School of Oratory, of Boston, nul
present is li ning an uovnnco.i course Jt , moro ,ninortBnt now t,inn ,lllrjnR
in physical culture in one o t ie lead-! tl jod f 1 ,,,, .iration, to
ing training institutions of Chicago. ' the pore. dean. All cosmetics
oitu in inirmiuri nuu mu
Objection of Property Owners
Compels Seeking Another
Site for School House
i . .
.- 1 I li fa
! iff a m
Hiifa Makes
; pf atinctive j I rnces
E i iiuuviauamy i j
purchaser for cash or for monthly bills
paid until January 1, 1915. The sales
checks or receipts from these firms mav
uo oicnaugeu ior votes at tins office
Icm tor the proposed new school build
ing, which had virtually been decided
upon at tho previous meeting, and will
consider other feasible sites that have
Says He Will Not Recognize
the President Appointed
By Its Authority
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 3. Because of
alleged persecutions of the church and
fello street from tho west line of Com
mercial street to tho east line of First
street be left to the property-owners
themselves after the city engineer hudi
established the guide. The report of
the conimitteo on ncrounts and current
expenses and the report of tho street
commissioner of his regular monthly
payroll were both adopted. The report
of tho street committee stating that
tiio drain tile on Columbia street had
been installed was adopted.
The conimitteo to which the matter
of the billboard at the comer of iloo
and High streets was referred reported
that they had no power to interfere in
the matter. Tim l'nieut Teachers' iis
tociution of tho Grant school offered a
communication at the last meeting stat
ing that the billlboHrd was a nuisance
and should be removed.
Wan 51(50 for Band.
The report of the city attorney nud
the ftreet committee to whom was re
uho uio lur every u cents or your pur- "ecu oriercii. this makes the selection
che- !o( a site and the erection of a new
Ihe names and standing of the can-1 school, to relieve congested conditions
didates follow: problematical. 1
Pearl Zinn 120,145' ,..Ti'0 Voot " is .situated between
nuwi ruguio Ill ,o:i 1 ' omnicrciai streets opposite
!l.r),7().T me cemetery and is considered the most
Miiein : ..,,; i ...i,n. ti,; i.
sicul culture, which embraces full in
structions in what is known uh "folk
Mrs. Grace Koff Hibblcr
.Margaret White
Mildred Atherton
Beryl Ncedhnm
Henalia Hwnrt
Violet Cory
Mario Bolinger
Violot M. Barker
Arlino Ohm
Luanna Brown
! terferes greatly with eliiniiiation of
I waste material, injuring instead of aid-
inir t,o nnmli,vinii Orillnnrv Tlinrcol-
games" or dances, to develop grnce of , iz0(l wa!C B1,rv(,a tho mir,0IMM) nf
movement and poise of the body of tho prpam, powders and rouges, giving far
student, with whnt is known as the i,ttpr r0B1,it9. n aetunllv peels off an
(Snrgennt modification, the Infest and offensive skin, at the same time tin
most approved system of physical eul-; dogging tho pores. Minute, particles
turo adopted by all of the principal 0f carf skin come off dav bv day,
cities of the United States. ' ,.Bnsinir not the least tin in or discom
fort. Gradually the healthy, younger
skin beneath peeps out, and in less than
a fortnight you have a lovelier com
plexion than yon ever dreamed of ac
quiring. Mercoli.ed wltx, obtainable nt
any drugstore, is spread on nightly like
cold cream and washed off mornings.
One ounce usually suffices.
For removing wrinkles, without, stop.
Fnris, Nov. . The Germans have de-
MH;S!'!'b'.,,M,l, oi' ." ''''eil, con-, finitely abandoned all their nositions
3B,H0 ? "lI1"H eonenience to children resid-; tho left bank of the Yser. it was stated ning the Pores with pasty stuff, here's
' i'?v" i f district to be j today in the Bordeaux war office's reg-1 a never-failing formula; 1 oz. powdered
""'"S;l ,.i u ir u '." l' t0 '"uko il nvnil-Uilar nfternoon cominiinicalioii to the ' saxolite, dissolved in Vj pint witch
20,Ono""le sh'6L't lje opened I iris niiblic. linwl. Bathe the face In this daily for
6,702. """"h" south to J'uirview avenue to! Thev were forced from their ti-en,.ie awhile: every line will vanish com-
the report explained, by tho inunila-1 pletely. Even tho first application
tion which followed the cutting of the gives surprising results
5,4.tl 1 neitciimoiluto the children in the Mom
3,773 i'"H"Klc district mid a street opened up
1.(17.1 "long the north side nf Hi,. M,.(!ii..i,.:iA
Celia Wilson 1,047 1 premises tn Commercial street.
Marguerite Ostrandcr 1,644' Othor Good Sites Offered.
Beth Hyan 1,500! Tllis site consists of one nud eight-
Myrtlo Herdlcin 1350 1 tontlia acres and the price asked is
Eustis Davis 1315 W00U. Other sites are offered, ou tho
Lola Do Long lonn north and Bouth, however, with a great-
Ocnevieve Frnser 1000 " nint of acreage, 0110 in particu-
Oraco Craig 1080 I 'nr offering sufficient ground for an
Hazel Johnson 1075 1 athletic field, for less money, and the
Beatrice Crawford 1005 , linr.l, rather than be held up on tho
Mnblo Brassficld 1047 1 oiulitmiit surrounding the nccentanco
1010 "f fho Voget it,,.wii reopen- nego-
Marie Schwab .
the clergy, the Catholic residents of f0Prpj the matter of the complaint of
vera George
Hnzel Cooley
1000; I '"'i with the other bidders tmlnv
1000, rn'o thousand dollars is the limit to
Tolucu, Mexico, revolted ngatust thet,0 pi0,e,ty owners on Front street Mildred Cooper inrio . wh i-n the board hns !.,., .,. .1
(nrrniivii irnveriiineiit. at'conllllir to ail- I ut.. l .... , L't.. .! . cu hrn...l. Hf..T i.i: ... .. .1. . . . .. ..... imm
P , , " ', tv . .. , i"'""K i" wiiBUM r.ivi uic 1111 ... j.n iinugllllu 1UUU u me pliri'llllse Of II s te. ami lh
vices received here today, righting he-1 Kl, encroached upon he property and
tween the religious forces nnd Currmi- j IM,ltinn damages in the sum of several
zistas under Ucnornl Francisco Murgiu i tbo-.isHii.l dollars, reported that only in
has been in progress for three days. three instances were the encroachments
The state in which Toluca Is located t0 i,e found and then onlv to a slight
is wholly Catholic and practically every extent. Tho petition of 'the property
citizen has joined in the revolt against owners was denied. A resolution from
the Carrunza government, (leiierul j t;,e prk board asking that the last
Margin appealed today to the Aguns I s)100(0 of their appropriation be turned
Cnlieiites peace conference for assist- ;0ver was adopt.'d. A petition from John
unco in putting down the revolt. J, Roberts nnd 3(1 others asking that
The peace conference is now debat-jtho council Include fl.WO In their bull
ing the personnel of the cabinet which (!et for the niaiiitniiinucc of a citv band
will be selected as pnrt of the govern-', ,is rend nnd referred to the finance
ment under Ucnornl (lutierrez to suc
ceed Carrunza as provisional presi-,
From I'liebln, Mexico, (lenernl Car
ruaza wired Consul General Mii7.uiz
hero today a message of defiance of the
Aguns Calientes conference in naming
a successor to him as head of the Mex
ican government.
"The convention nt Aguns f'nlicn
tea," Carrunza wired, "having failed
to comply with the conditions 1 fixed
for my retirement from t,ho duties I
now perforin, I have not taken into
consideration their resolution regnrding
the naming of the provisional president
to substitute for me, and I intend to
continue to discharge tho duties of my j
"This decision has been supported
Corns Comes Off as
Easy as You Please1
committee. The finance committee nsk
ed that the chnirmnn nf each of (ho
council committees send in n report stat
ing 'lie amount that would be necessary
for ihe operation of his department for
tho ensuing year ns it was necessary
to muko up the new budget by Decem
ber 1.
Attention was enlled to the condition
of the street nt the intersection of
Church Slid Mill streets near the end of
the bridge. City Heeordcr Elgin was
givei permission to destroy the hnl!o'i
In ?ity elections nfter they iiad been
preserved for a period of two years
after tho election. He stilted that the
vault wns now full of defunct election
ballots and that they were of no use to
The Salem Water company presented
two tills for water In the city hvdrnnts
under the Inst ruling of the state rail
rnad commission. Mayor Steeves was
absent nail Councilman Maey was se
lected to act as temporary chairman nf
the council,
Beriiice gauter 1000 ' offered by Julius Voget fulfills all
Vivian Jiargrove 1000 rcuuirements. with il... ,.v, ;.... :..
Grnco Taylor jnoo gress nnd egress for the chililr and
niagiiaiona TulfU H07 'lth these concessions denied it looks
Mary Guyor 800 , as though tho matter of the selection" of
Alma Hall 7313 a site will be indeiinitelv deferred, with
Vera Martin ... 750 the likelihood that Ihe IllliHiir will iwif
cl Irn" 75(1 be settled until too late to make pro
Silvia Miller 750 vision for the purchase in the next
vino j-B uiny y.,u nuilget, lllllcsi
Murie Evans'. 7r.n brnoni,i
Tho following is a list of the firms; with the other 1,1,1, L...
wnose sales checKB or receipts may be
exchanged for votes at tho Capital Jour-
iiui ui rice;.
Btochton '
dikes by tho Belgians, the allies were
said to have occupied their lines us
fast us the Gennnns retired from tliem.
Tho allied forces wcro in especial
strength below lJixmudc
Gi-neva, Kwitzerlainl, Nov. 3. The
German crown prince was not killed, as:
Renewed German assaults on Arras has repeatedly been rmunrcit, but wns
Monday were Biiid to have been repulsed 1 wounded in action in France, according
heavily. 'to arrivals here from Germany. They
1 m , I added that he was convalescent nt the
. . . . . , ... ! palace ill Htrassburg. This story, how-
A Journal Want Ad Will get nt W11H without official eonfirina.
the prune pickers you need. 1 tion.
1 by the governor of this stnto. nf I'uebln,
, 1, by General Francisco Cnss, General I'l
"Oot-It" Bolng Used by Millions! Mar Snnchez, Alijo Gonznles and nil the
It Is tho first, tlmo that a real, sure-! leaders of the northeast division and
...fnt corn mm has nvor been rllrcov- ! also by (lenernl Mnrgln. I don't doubt
flKTH.IT" U the new corn-1 that the balniico of the leaders, when
tnev learn or my resolution, win sup
I port me nnd Ignore the actions nf the
i convention."
il it
negotiations nui be
satisfactory conclusion
The Toggery
Hnlem Electric Co.
Hnlem Cigar Factory
Imperial Furniture Company.
Pnlem Laundry Co.
Wiley B. Allen Co.
Tho Globe Theatre.
Tho Royal Bakery (bread wrappors)
A. C. Devoo rhoos
Tho Spa
llauser Bros,
Trover & Wclgnl, rhotogrnpheri
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Viek Bros, Onrngo
Hnlem Fish and l'oultrv Market
Independent Meat Markot
C. M. lloberts Grocery
Poisal and hhaw Grocery
('. M. Eppley Grocery,
The Highland Grocery
Heddawoy ' Cash Grocery
J. h. llnsick ft Hon Grocerv
Dr. Mark Skiff Denial Office
.1. E. Hockett, l'lnno Tuner
Hnlem lco Co. '
Thinks Frlca Too T.nis
The chief oli.iector to the conililiiin.
intending the closing of the dent to the
Voget site, if was reported at Inst
night's meeting, is Win. McGilchrist,
Nr., whose property adjoins the propos
ed school site on the south, who com
plains that the price to bo paid for the
tract Is altogether too low and (hut the
board Is unreasonable to expect, nny
additional concessions in connection
with the location, On this a unit, it
wns stated, Mr. McGilchrist not only
refuses to help in the opening of the
required street to give access to the
site from Commercial street along his
property, but positively declines, It is
said, to permit the const ruction ni
board sidewalk along his property or
nny sidewalk other than a cement' one
and that laid to the proper nud official
ly established guide. Mr. Voget and
inniimnn .Miles of the school board,
1 both talked with Mr. McGilchrist upon
'the subject, but thev state that he s
determined In the stand he la's fallen
.and will not be moved.
' v :J' : ,;:r
On the south and east of Hie Vnuet
site is tho Ohiiiart property. To pro-
"Tenors from Italy, Germany, Krnnce and Ireland have recently innde their
appeal for tho esteem of New York's music loving public, but it is doubtful if
nnv nun more deserving limn is America's contribution to the list of com-
vide melius nf seeess to the site from 'peiltors. He sings not, so much I nuo of tho waiting audience in trout
the Morningsidf district It will bn t but rather for the pure joy nf it." The American.
Mr. Williams recouiiueniis and uses exclusively tue .wiihiiii milium piuini
Try Mustorolo. Boe How Quickly It
Believe. I
A man can never judge bv nunenr
Home people get, a lot of fun out of essnry to onen and iriinle lliirl, .ir,,i
calling bluffs. , through this property. TI1nOhn111rts.il! nnd will use it on his program in Hnlem.
j is nil lerstood, do not obec( to the chil-i Vot Halo Only By
Diplomacy is the hit of getting what dren passing through their properly toj T1IK WILEY 11. ALLEN CO,,
you want withuiit fighting for it. ami from the prop , school, but they Kl -uml Hlrfvlt (. F. 1'olors, Manager.
,!, i,i. ii-niiv 111 open nun graue lligti
Salem, Oregon
You lust rub Miisterole In hrlikly,
land usually tho pain Is gone a delic
I Inns, soothing comfort comes to take its
MI'STEIIOLE Is n clean, white olnl
' ment. miidn with nil of mustard. I'se It
' In-tcnd of mustard plaster, Will not
I blister. 1
I Doctors and nurses use MVHTEHOLE
i Slid recommend It to their patients.
They will glndly tell you what Teller
1 1 ' L, i tt l.tl.
novor successfully Imitated. It make, .. . . . v(Mirnll, '
find tktUdr Who Ui. lK World's ("-'..I ..I
nder. based on an entirely new prlncl-
rlo. It is a new, different formula, .
. , . , .. . 1 . ,. - 1 -t. tr
corns snriyei.ana men I Congestion, I'leurlsv, llheumntism Lnni-
drops ao tne wors. """'''''' bn go, 1'ains and Aches of tho Hack
up juur u.o u..t ...u. ...... - 1 ... - jint. Kprnlns, Sure .Muscles, Hruises,
and plasters that press down thr ,.,,,,,,,!; yrmiPt F,.,, (,,,, f the
poor corn-no moro flesh-eating salves rh ( f(rn .., pl)ou,llnll),
that don't "stay put." no moro hnck A vnur ,,t ' iM n.-, , ,-.
ing at corns with Knives or rnznrs, no nn,, RI,.,,. in 1 nr ,,pitl ,,.
moro bleeding or dnnger of blood poi-. f()r r j
son. No moro limping nround for dnysj ";r'0 vn Rot jjenulno n-S-l
with sore corns, no more Corn pains. TEHOLE, Hel'n.e Imltatinns get what'
UKTSJ-ll ' IB now 1 IIP lilggest sell
ing corn cure In tho world, tso It on
nny hard or soft corn, callus or bunion.
Tonight's the night.
"GETS IT" is sold Ly druggists
everywhere, 2!i cents a bottle, or sent
direct by E. Lawrence & Co., Chlcr.go.
yon sk for, the .Miisterole 1 nnipnny,
( leveliiiul. Ohio,
Jant turn bach to the Want
Ad Column now and tee tht
offering! there.
Bow to Fljjlil Tuberculosis
In II imnrr rrntl Innf yrnr brfure
fhl llrHr f'nlllil flrillcnl Hnvtrir
ml imltllihvtl In inrf In the I.iiiiIn
Tlllr Mrl li-ni l'riirr." Dr. J, W.
Cnrhnrt, f Hnn ntenln, 'lnM,
nhynlclnn nhn tins ilfntril much
llltir tn till dtlllly nf Inlirreltliislti,
nlfll nNlnee limp snlt rnllsttlllte
flhrre-fnurthn nf nil tli mineral stih
ntiiners nf the httmnn liinlr, thrr
must he mittllit In fhp fiMMls nr
nniinlrmenfrtl In nilnrrnl rrinrn
lliins, nr nntnrnl nfnrtnllun rnNnrs
vtlfh tnltrrcnltisln nnrhrekril. Thr
nlilrsirrnil nml line heckril slirrnd nf
fnlirrenlosln nml nllirr nrrtrntnltle
illnrnnrM In ilnr Inriirlr tn Ihr ilr-rnl-lllrtl
lllntn Ineklnul rnnillllnnn if
ninltllnilrs Ihrnunhnnt Ihr cltlllaril
Thus from nnotlier aiithnrltatlv
niritlial source emnes Jiisllflnillun
for His use of lime In lliu trciuoieiit
of tuberculosis.
Hliien Ilils Is one nf th Inureill.
puts of Krkmmi's Alirrntlve. mii'-h
of lltn success nltenilloir Hie wlile
Spleml Use o( tills ll'lllf'lv llnlllitli'WS
Is due In the eiiinliliintlon of ilils
snlt In sin h a way as to render It
rusltv nislliilllililr. It Mioses no
sliiioiH'll illsllil-lMiliee. end since It
riilllllllis liellher oplnles. till lent Irs
nor hiihlt-f, 11111U1K ilrllM". II Is safe
to trv.
I', knisn's Alterfillve has rfTe,-tii
rpoiiii knhlr resiilis In nuioerniis
CII"'S of pllll'ioll'irv tnliel'i-UliinlS
(I'onsumnllonl nnd nllleil rliriinle nf
fectlons of Hip tliront nnd Imincliiiil
tmssimrs, tn ninny tnntniieis sioh
ronilltlnns, nppnr-titl)', hav ylilib'il
coiotileiely to II.
In esse your i1rilirnUt Is out nf
If. nsk him to order, or send direct
t" lis.
i:rhmna Inliorslnrj, I'Mtaitrlnhla
street throiigli In I'airvlew avenue until i
1 they nre prepared In plat and place'
1 their property upon the market In rll.vl
lots I ause It necessitates the removal
of their barn and destroys their garden
pat'di. They nre willing, howevef, to
co operate nnd assist in the opening of
the street through 1,0 the, south side of
i t In- site to Coininerclnl slreet.
Mr. Voget was present at the meet
jlng (if the hoard last evening nnd lie
! explained the mm , In wlii. li his pro-
liosal Is being held up, but stll hns
liope nf being able to meet the confH
Hons of thr school board,
I The library has on exhibition a iiiiui
iber or photographs ol the treij nnd
; shrubs of Oregon, which w ill be Hie sub
j Jed nf I'rof. Sweepsel's lllustialed lee
ljirent the library next Saturday lit
7:l"i p. 111. Aniong the most, interest
,ing are the red cedar, Incense cedar,
I pine, yeiy and Oregrin grape, Coup'
' and see the photographs and get rendv
I for the li'i't ore,
i Naples, Nov. fl, Mount Vesuvius'
eriiption was becoming more violent In
dny. Mighty streams of lava were
pouring dun 11 lis slopes. The terrified
1 inhabitants were fleeing from the
towns and farms In the mountain's vi
cinity. 1
Frantz Premier Electric
Will save tho housewife the drudg
ery of sweeping, nnd get all the dust,
lint, thread, etc, from the carpets.
For ths next thirty days wo will
take your old hand cleaner In ox-
'change for a Premier, providing your
cleaner Is not too hnilly Used. This
offer Is only on for thirty days.
. Flicna for particulars.
Buren & Hamilton
In addition to tiie extremely low
prices I give a beautiful premium
for each $5.00 worth of tickets.
STANDARD no cheap goods
and my prices are right.
Best Hams, lb 19c
Nice Breakfast Bacon, lb 20c
Pick Nick Hams, lb. 17c
Soaoonlng Bacon, lb ...17c
No. B Lard 750
No. 10 Lard tlAB
Medium Cottoleue 65c
Large Cottolena $1.60
No. 5 Compopna 65o
No. 10 Compound $1.23
10 bars good Soap 250
5 pkgs. Corn Starcn 25c
1 gal. size Choice Peaches....35t
1 gal. Bize Choice Pears 35c
1 gal. sr,e Choice Pumpkins . ..25o
1 gal, size Choice Squash 25c
4 pkgs, Seeded Raisins 25c
3 caiiB MtUo 25c
3 cans Extra Com' 25c
3 cans Extra Quel. Tomatoes 2Cc
2 cans Saner Kraut 2Gc
2 cans Choice Peas 25o
3 cans String Beans 25c
2 pkgs, Arm & Hammer Soda i!ic
25c K. 0. Baking Powder 20c
1 can Nice MJuced Clains 10c
3 cans Extra Choice Oysters 25c
2 cans Pride of Columbia
River Salmon 2!ic
Alaska Pink Salmon, can loo
Extra Choice Coffee, lb 30c
2 lbs. Brick Codfish 25o
Va gallon Syrup 25c
1 gallon Syrup 60o
'a gnllon Kara White Syrup. ,3pc
1 gallon Karo White Syrup....orc
51b, box Macaroni 300
Bost Tillamook Choesa, lb 20c
101b. size Corn Meal 35c
Largo size Ooldon Rod Oats. SOo
Largo size Golden Rod Whoat 30c
3 pkgs. Post Toastleg 25o
4 Krlnkle Com rinkoa 2f,c
Large bottle Vinegar 10c
3 gal. Kerosene (bring your
a 650
Extra fine Uncolored Japan
Tm- 400
8 cans Clearbrook Posches ... B0o
2 cans CloarbrooOr, Aprlcota....25o
3 lbs, Crackers 25o
No. 5 Keg Pickle ,
No, 0 Best Cream Rolled
0nt 20c
4 lbs. Broken Rice 2n0
3 lbs, Head Rice 2!Vo
3 lbs. Choke Dried Poaches... 25o
4 lbs. Taney Whlto Bonus 25c
0 lbs. FlnX Beam anc
Pride of Waldo Hills Flour,
sack si on
The Dalles Patent, sack ... Jt.00
Young America Choose, lb 20c
Best Tillamook Croam
Cheese, lb 2n
1 gal. Best Older Vinegar 250
18 lbs. Onions 2r,
uiu 111s, onions nn
Potatoes, per bushel BOc
Our Beautiful Premiums have
WTivcil. Bring in your tlckots.
Remember each $5.00 worth of
tickets gets a beautiful premium,
1500 pieces to select from.
Tree Dollvery Anywhere lit Bn-leiu-aiid
rcRiniusMo distance In
PHONE 1107
Corner Morris Ave. and Tair
grouuds Road