Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 15, 1914, Page THREE, Image 3

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(M Patter"
W Hats
The Vogue and
Direct shipment from the East
315 State Street Margaret Ross Rabb
Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
Society and club notioes will
be received for the daily issue
at The Capital Journal editorial
rooms up to 2 p. m. Mnis 82.
KSP1TK the outlook for unpleas
ant weather for some time to
come, members of the Indiana
State society are optimistic and are
busily engaged perfecting arrangements
for their annual picnic, to be held nt
the state fairgrounds tomorrow. Should
rain be the schedule for the day the
large machinery exhibition buildings
will be utilized and the program given
as originally planned. The officials of
the "Hoosier" society have introduced
a new registration system for their
gatherings, having issued a general let
ter to be sent to all former Indiana resi-
iu teaching voice culture and lays pur
ticular stress on correct tone placing. '
Mr. Mciidcuhall takes much pleasure in :
bringing Mrs. Mowinan before the Sa-!
It'in publice.
liss Aline Thompson is home from
a delightful fortnight's stay with Mr.;
and Mrs. Cecil Esty at their Country
place near Hubbard. ' .
The members of the "Oriental I). M.
('." Kmbroidery Club will meet with j
Mrs. Frank E. Newberry Friday after
noon. ' ,
)C Jflt 3C 9C fC f Ijt S(t fc c 36 3C 3jC 3c
Half of the Kaiser's Baltic
Squadron Said to Have At
tacked Russian Fleet
Berlin, Via Rome, Sept. l."i. That a
naval battle is in progress in the Hnltic
was admitted by the admirably this
It posted a bulletin announcing that
fifteen of the 2!) units of the kaisers
Hnltic squadron were in action.
A Baltic tight would unquestionably'
be between the (ieruian and Russian
1 -tSi
Mm 1
1 V I in., lit .
closfc fitting, graceful collar with
smartly cut curved front, that admit!
of easy cravat tieing.
CLHETT, PEABODY fc CO., Inc. Maker. Troy N. Y.
ftnmu Interest of It Alone.
Grays" and defied the State troops to
enter the city and slaughter his people, "
on the eve or election when a strike was
' in progress.
All of the playing of cards of Georgia
i Fleecer and Cordelia Blossom were
. i i: i .i iu. :ni i i l.!..
L tim to the Front from lUSl uirecieu iuaiu me suciut leaucrstiip 01
Station and Prom the intense j I)j(,kym)e( pregitlent of tnesis elnhi
, From the first there was much of the
! "cattle" element of woman's politics
!f in evidence iu this battle. Mrs. Picn
By Beau Rialto. vne artfuny suggested that Col. Bios-
1 .Written for the United Press.) ; som lend his Blossoms Grays on his
lew York, Sept. 15. A comedy so white horse to restore peace in the city,
ebbing and clean, and so filled with The Colonel fell a victim to the picture
simple human element that blase i she painted of him on his charger, and'
York critics looking for something j went, but the appearance of State troops
Itriticiw simply flounder and flop ' saved the day and the Colonel won the
fail to agree on any material point Labor vote and the election by the de
fck ii "Cordelia Blossom " which fensc of "his people."
Intlr had its opening at the Gaiety j The lsis club election in the final act
im ; is bitterly fought as Mrs. Piekynne
ji m an extremely hot night on suddenly springs a trump card by an
ih Cordelia Blossom formally grew nouncing that her niece is to marry a
lathe magazine story character to a Lord Something or Other, and the wo-
tWng in Louise iiicsser, and Burr men cannot decide whether they can
I ..'.' i i,. c. ;uii .;,),a .i ... vJ l,ls marriage will bo celebrated in I'c
&tm. But the coinedv swept out stands with Georgia Fleecer looking out i T StI omber 22, and he and his br.de
j . . , , .-, i ,i . i . i i . n i h t1 ha rifi ti wrr vp nurfl nn ir i n.
jf i wresmiig oreew, even tnougn upon me nignt tne long waw or a cat ,,,,,. wIl " .7 7 , , " " h"-r stay with Dr. F. L. Pound
im toe morning atter criticisms am tne nnai worn. l, , , " . , . rr n,i -r
Knows Nothtnsr Of It.
London, Sept. 1."). News this after
noon that a naval engagement was
progressing in the Baltic was tnken here
Mrs. K. P. Athey, of Sxmth Cottage as meaning that the German squadron
street, is spending the week in Port- there ha, rounded up and attacked the
i dents, requesting them to record their (Covert. Mrs. Coovert spent some According to latest accounts from
name, present and original location pre- weeKs at the Athey home tliTs summer.! Stockholm, Admiral Prince llenrv was
, vious to the picnic. Those who have Theodore Burkhart has returned from: in command of the kaiser's Baltic' naval
not responded to this request will be week-end trip to Portland. ; force.
: asked to register at the grounds, and in Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Barnes, were It was believed he was staking everv
ithis way it is thought that aa authen-, Portland visitors over Sunday. , thing on a dash into the Gulf of Fin-'
! tic record can be secured. ! Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Bush'snent th land, in the hone of lestrovinir Russia''
A special feature of tomorrow's pro-' week-end in Portland. j coast defenses and opening the wav for
gram will be the appearance of June F. S. Stewart is in Portland on busi- au invasion of Russia by that route.
Reed Babcock, world-renowned violin- ness. i The only word of the fight received
ist, who has consented to render sev-' Lloyd M. Grover, a mining engineer, here, however, was from Gcrttuiiij
eral numbers. Mrs. Babcock is a na-' from Melbourne, Australia, is in Salem, i sources. The British admiialtv had not i
tive of Kokomo, Indiana, ami nas many looking into business conditions. Mr. heard anything of it at first hand,
personal friends here who are delighted Grover is at the Maples on Liberty: When last heard from here the German
to have the opportunity of meeting her street. ! squadron in that locality reinforce. I,
again in this pleasantly informal way. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mulney and child presumably by ships brought from the
have returned from Portland where Aorta ea by way or the Kiel canal,
they have been visiting since Friday, was eruisiug off the entrance to the
Miss Euriell Buroker is spending the Gulf of Bothnia,
week in Portland, visiting with Mr.
.fisr Wi,liams at their h0,,e SCHOOL BOARD HAS
Frederick 8. Lamport, a local attor- 11TDV DIICV OCOOIfM
ney, has returned from a short stay in VtAl uUui uCuMvll
Portland. j
J. h. Crowe went to Portland this
morning to meet his father, .1. K. Crowe,
Sr., and his sister. Miss Helen Crowe,
of Hostoii. They will accompany Mr.
Crowe buck to Salem this evening.
C. K. Lowe, of Portland, is registered
This coupon may be exchanged for votes in the con
test for a trip to San Francisco in 1915, at the Capital
Journal office. Not good after September 19, 1914.
Mrs. Babcock will arrive tonight, and
while in Salem will be the guest of Mr.
ami Mrs. .1. L. Peetz.
Assisting on the program will be Mrs.
P. T. Porter, wife of the pastor of the
First Christian church, a well-known
reader, who will give selections from
.James Whitcombe Siley; Miss Lucile
Kuntz, pianisto, and Colonel A. J. Bald
win, who will render a vocal solo. Sev
eral young women have also been pre-'
paring vocal numbers.
Announcements have been received
by friends here of tho engagement of
Most Interesting Feature to pupils Was
Action Making Salem Day and Ch.il
j drens Day at State Pair, Holidays.
Miss Anna Mnrv Kiischgcssner, of Pe- "'fi'1-
..... ' . . . . 7 . tl
Seven periods of work will be ex-
oria, Illinois, to .1. A. Wickman, of this 1 no A" sues M. and Ji. nastie, ot .lt. pected from the teachers in the Salem
Mr. Wickman left for the east in July
and has been stopping with his sister in
Uubiqne, Iowa, and friends in Illinois
Angel, are guests at the Bligh.
.1. It. Lockmun is at the Bligh from
Walter IT. Hart, rf Kiigene, is regis
tered at the Bligh.
Dr. G. 0. Gaunt, of Hardinan, re
turned to his home todav after a short
iadicate that all of the critics were
r io get the range.
The best incidents of the magazine'
The two-a-dav" varietv the legiti
i of George Randolph Chester from '"e portion of that branch of the pro-j whom the announcement of his ap- sl,or
i;fh the nlav .stake,, ire preserved iu f68?'00-'? K and more mils-, preaching marriage comes as a genuine ! 11
production of "Cordelia Blossom." " u " ; T surprise.
,Ki, ti. , . , . , , ,., , .. musical comedv tavonte who has'
j-tv.i mm. uiut if nut riui-iv null . .it i i, i,
some plots have been, bat the storv l"m'.,ei1 the. v"'leville stage the .pimp, Ami.I lovely decorations of pink as
k of the feminine hand in framing' tliw-enientfi i Miss Elizabeth Mayne.
politio of the middle-western citv.
far the Mason and Bison line. Vain, Clever both as a singer and-dancer,
f i) proud, "the Blossoms of Virginia ' Miss Mayne, with Joe Koilo as a danc-
liome. Mr. Wicknimi hi l.eei. with f,.o ' a"1' w- A, MlllKe, of 1'Ol t-
T. M. liarr company for the past seven ' ,an,l arrivl1 ,,lst "'.Hj1 Mlrio"
years and has mnnv friends here to ,,ul11' ?"rlr lur "
snort nme.
C. Thompson, of Brownsville, is
registered nt the Marion.
Julia Crowlev, a demonstrator from
Boston, Mass., is nt the Marion.
fl. Watterson Blossom is carried alongi 'nK partner, whirled into popular favor
f the social ambitious of his wife a n,sn hpr vaudeville debut.
om he adores. 'iShe is billed for several weeks at a
.!te tdmittedlv corrunt. but irood ' Broadway vaudeville house and later
... i . . . . . . "
" ana winnimr
ters and greenery in artistic profusion,
the n w menibeis of the faculty of Wil- j
lamette University nnd their wives
were received by Miss Alice Page, in
structor of history, nnd the older mem
bers of the university faculty last night
High school this term. Six periods wil!
be devoted to recitation work and one
to assembly, library or building duties,
according to the plans made bv the
Board of Education lust night at it.)
special meeting.
It hns become necessary to increase
the duties of the teachers, because of
a linger attendance of high school pu
pils. Financial conditions have pre
vented the board hiring extra teachers
and the present teaching corps will car
ry on tho work, providing the increased
attendance docs not mount above pres
ent expectations.
It was also the general sentiment of
Fred Herman, of Seattle, is at the ' the board that although teaching duties
win lie increased tne maximum numrier i
Marion Creamery & Produce Co.
Made by the latest and most improved methods of
manufacture. Try it. Orders filled for one gallon
and upwards. Phone Main 2488.
Mrs. Karl Pruitt and her two sons
have returned from a fortnight's so
journ at Tillamook.
Miss Ethel I. Kigdon arrived homo
this week only
I at the F. J. Page home in Kingwood I lsat mKht trom n summers vacation
, Park. The affair, which was planned ; visit in Ashland.
'informally, augmented several similar A- E- Holeombe, of the Marion hotel
will tour the nrincinal cities throughout events wMeli liuvo boon e von recently ' offl('e staff, is expected home today
m JVcor" is admirnhlv Tortravel , the AVest. j introducing ti fmtcrnnl spirit among the j fr0,n Francisco, where he went for
ji !; v.. DiuwiiH witn (tamtV Jane I t'uurwuns nun uiv iu iirt-.c juriMUMHinu . " i..r.
IS "fifffn-niQ VlAn.1A, ) 1,:' .. -x- i T Mi!... t- vi f in .li I nvnr tn itoatlnv Milium ' uv,r.,t .,,1. ' M rS. M)r M. AllstlH IN R PUCHt f mill
, . iircn. him iif.i jjiiimn ipn dip ooner. jw vears o . v,v ''""' " "fa'-oi w.-, v- - -- -.-
W'it'p ! Trillion TCrtniVtlti ( ' 1Q vnavii nlil
l shares thp
it rv """i".-i ui . unieim iius ueeu engaged vy viiver inuiscu ut ; -
pm. When it comes to politics the plav the title role in "hadv Kileen," A buffet luncheon was served nnd nn
show Fleecer tricks he never the' American comedv bv Ueraldine Bon-1 impromptu program given, in which
'med of and he tells them he wishes ner and Hueheson Bovd, which was the. vocal number were furni.-.ed by Profes
1 7 w members of his gang. i winner in the Morosco play contest. j or Walsh, Professor Mcllurrny plens-
1 ,e unwspeeting Colonel is led to ae- In choosin? Miss Cnoner for the im. ing with piano selections.
,, i ue nayorality nomination, for th ; nnrtnnt min "rnuf, tVii.-o,i ,,t tiia! Miss lienevieve Alison and Miss
nomination, for the
" though he is con-
nrrnt.t.t .ua
L,K,r,.7 '""fted with it. As make her debut on the American stage
iUiY.P-rty'' tll0"fih hp is eon-'policy of giving youthful aspirants the Florence Page were additional guests, i Mission street
. . ... vuilll MIL ii II T nH T HO , Til Nnufr ni 1 1 Art mi , t V lluo llAllllF TO 111 ZlUUtll I i.cltl I I I f "I'lC im-BI'Ill,
Portland at the A. A. Undcriiill home
on South Twelfth street. Mrs. Austin
is a niece of Mr. Underbill.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jlelbush have
returned to their home in Portland
lifter sevc -al days' visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Asa Bovver at their home, 3M"
I -Jnii.l.l. v. ... "
ii,7rc , ''Khttnlly hopeless.! in "Ladv Eileen." She is tie
f t really .!, i . i0" ot ms P?rty,! ter of Frank Kemble Cooper,
Vt i ciei, no is ot i known English plaver now appearing
the Gfrmatt Irish a,l .PW vote in i :
l'W .CrM'lSr,'h-'' aftor M ' Court a woman and sne will worship
h-zz: hutmany her u,id she win ,1,,f-
Carl RmmoiiH, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.
W. Emmons, has arrived in Seattle to
laugh-! Governor and .Mrs. Oswald West ami . enter the I'niversity et Washington,
well i daughter, Helen, arrived home Sunday He is a graduate ot' Salem high school
from Cannon Bendi, where .Mis. West and will take the pre-medical course in
and Helen have been spending the sum
mer at their cottage. Miss Helen will
resume her studies at the (iaifield
Daddy's Bedtime
the Washington institution. Later he
intends to continue his medical studies
in one of the leading medical schools
of the east.
Miss Anna Plliiiskv of the Willamette
sanatorium is expected home tomorroiv
in Astoria
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. B. Webb ore enter
tniuing Mr. Webb's parents, Mr. and from a two weeks vacation
Mrs. I. A. Webb, of Portland. Arriv- an,l Washington state,
ing Friday, thev will remain until the; , -
latter part of the week. A few tables
were arranged for cards last night, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Webb asking in a few friends
to meet their guests informally.
of pupils under each teacher will be
decreased. Formerly as many as sixty i
pupils were assembled in one class but'
forty pupils will be the maximum this j
year, wherever possible. In outlying!
districts, where the physical conditions I
increase the numbers in oue place, it
will be necessary to take in extra pupils
iu that district, but according to plans
taudarilization overv effort will be
made to group the students, so that no
teacher will need have the care of
more than forty pupils. ,
The new principal of the Salem High
school, J. C. Nelson, was one of the t
tctndaiits at the board meeting last
night. In co-operation with Superin
tendent Klliott he is working out the
system of grading and class adjustment.
Policies were outlined which will en
courage, the teachers and aid in making
efficient instruction a possibility.
Declaring that 111 school children
should have a holiday at Slate Fair!
time. Director K. T. Humes nunle. a
motion that Children's day and Salem
day should be set aside as holidays this
year for the pupils. The motion car-j
ried and the meeting closed for thei
cut it out
20 "'81
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Igroceryman at your door
's or at hi Hor:
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cheerfully forward him a nn
k'le package at our reiiolar
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usually use. It you
have no choice wo
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and Green.
Thin l Ihe new
:oil sealed tin of
r" fen th. Alliga.
j Yawned.
How a Naughty
Bird Fed a
Park 'Gator.
do you rememl.or tl... nn: .i . !..:.
Ion -I,,, .miniums ou saw in ius uiuiii i.nu
ii ne stniiuoil in
"fketl ihuMv.
New York city on our way the sen-
And how cunnins the littlu baby alligators were," said
,! Anlnlii".1'1!", tUat tll01'e " ere many sigus. 'Do Not Feed or Annoy
"Of wu M over MOV
Hwwthv ' thi S'S"S' Kut r" te" 'ou tonight about a little
a ve i. 1110 S!!JS i,uJ fed one of the alligators..
""s of (be i., , ; sl)l,n'w "1 was dellhted with all the
furrow ,;, n "l , lll(1i"'t "eve in signs or else be was an iguorant
itoaeaMe loo'tM t1" 'i'rnt(1 t0 "d- Anyhow, he cooked his samy
150 " the thin... ,!? ., n! of llle s'Sns for a minute aud tbeu proceeded
H "Bt outs! K Sli,'nS nUv,8wl blm ,10t t0 d0-
3tterel away at them s,case wl,ere the birds are kept and sneered and
" freedom. y as Possible, telling them nil about the de
-'J'iUS around in the hi mic. tils message of ,. ,t K,.i..m f,ivn,U in-
Mr. and Mrs. Milton .Meyers and the
Dr. K. Iu. l.ee Steiners have ith them ;
as their guests T. F. Steiner, of Dallas,
i Texas, who is making nis annual visit
to Salem. He is un uncle of Dr. Mein-
er and Mrs. Movers.
Miss Willa Huckesteln, who has been
sojourning in t he Kast for several
weeks, is at present visiting relatives
in Pittsburg. She is expected home in
two weeks.
i Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dayton and small
: daughter, Barbara, of Astoria, left yea
terdav for their home, after an extend
ed visit to Mrs. Dnyton .-, mother, Mrs.
! H. Davton.
1 Miss Ada Dayton, who has been
spending her summer vacation with
j friends in Glenwood, TTashington,. has
'returned home and will resume her
duties as instructor at the Kast Salem
Washington, Sept. 15. Secretary
Bryan thinks the peace treaties signed
today with America by England, China,
Spain and France will make vn.- wit'i
those countries almost 8n impossibility
so fur as the I'nited States is concerned.
Treaties with 20 foreign nations have
been signed so far, but there lire several
more yet to fie ratified by the senate.
The signing of the treaties took l.n-e
in the presence of the membprs of the
Kaifu Shah's signature to tli '"hinesi
treaty resembled
Chinese bungalow.
the picture of a
The average woman is always surpiis- j
ed to learn, after experimenting with
nil stilts of patent so :i;lcd "wrinkle
removers," that the most effective rem
edy iu the word is a simple face wash
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a jiffy. )
She has only to get an mince of pure1
powdered sax'dite from her nearest
druggist and dbsidvc it in half a pint
ivitch hazel. -Apply this refreshing so- ;
iiition to the face every da; for ewliilc
The result is chnrniing marvelous.'
Kven after the very first treatment the
wrinkles show less plainly nnd the face
has a nice, firm, ciunfnitalilc feeling
that is thoroughly delightful and lends
self-confidence ill one's iippeniitiice.
This harmless home remedy is used by 1
thousands of women to obliterate the!
unwelcome traces of time.
This coupon is worth 20 cents to you L
i FOLGER Sggaten TEA
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Afk At alt irrocera if accompanied
M 'Jn -" by thla coupon. SEP. H to 31. 19H t
JkMaj. A. FOLGER & CO.
f I I
A' , WS3 TH-M,.e
( ,7 ' i vfA 1 from be-
. 7 nrk"e7,hek
A )' 1 & j H V Wil tea trejh ami I
sSwj'itl.- Mrj0itrrr v.-k. -.-- i i v-.cVi WetrA
11 M
nt Lvosa
San Francisco
enough for
Uie hand-
Mrs. Seymour .Tones, of Kaiser, was
a lmto' vesterdav afternoon, enter-
. "Il ho U.i..., . .
i? a the b!s .-, b'SOns and 8torks- flew nto the snake bouse and
i;!it at m. Ul Wakes craw ni-n., ... ... . ..,
ma L" ow nbiiitv n "f . T"u u,e 01 caes nu assise '
lama i.. .. "uuutr ma n-i..i.n.i it- ..i..:.a.i Vw. ii....- . . . ......n.
nri i "Sers -iTiii n-ii wmiicu. ne tiMi iul- iiu.i-i ' formnnv. tier gncni.i -i.. .......
ZJir. inouirir, ... w"dents regarded the blppopota muses with ! James W. Willson. Mrs. Stanley J.. Mor-
W,??8 b KM! over T , San- Mr- Frank Flint Mr"- S'
tLZ yt nm.tJ. W ere tlle alligators were lazily sunning tbetn- , Woodruff and daughter.
Shanghai, Sept. l"i. A German sally
from Kiao Cbau against the Japanese
in the vicinity was repulsed .Sunday
after a fierce skirmish, it was learned
here todav.
The (ierninns were said to have been
' .w 111 w
ror -
HttCP"- .....TO'
athfiiit..:. JIDen8 about thn. ,1.,.,.. ,' ' .
tll , l alli-ator ' bUilt nroun(1 tl,e Sor pond to protect
'Wtant, of h,- ' ?roediles and snappina turtles and also to pro-
- "me
ue public.
"ud chh-ped and chirped nnd pecked and
Countv Siiperiiitendent and Mrs. Wal
ter M. Smith arc home after a enjoy
able visit to relatives in Harrisbu'.
Thcv were accompanied on the trip by
their daughters Veva and Margaret.
I.os Angeles, Cal., Sept. I.1). .lob
llarriinan, an attorney and former so
cialist candidate for mayor of I.os An
geles, was the main witness at today's
assisted by aviators who tossed bombs hearing by the federal industrial rein-
intn th llitkftfln's ranks. tinnu fMimmiunimi hf.re. Mil I'li until liitil
Mrs. i riti.Urt the flooils. the .latinnee have li f.i.iiitiiiMmiui-M fiml numt of the vin.
landed siege guns near the German lence resulting from strikes could be
colony. laid at the doors of big business. Tes
. i tifving on "open shop" conditions
here, the witness said employers pre
ferred it because "n bundle, of sticks
'"oimI he
"pest alligators waked up.
sparrow didn't almost burst blmself with glee ! Australia, has been engaged by Mr.
.. .,.. i- v i . , seiinriited breaks ensily.
New "fork. Sept. "-. frank hance' L.. i u i i i
.in iui., i . . . . R,.ss,,s Jinip nilVe been iiiurkei
forma II v retired this afternoon as man- . , . , . . . . . . . ... . , ,.
' , . , .. . . large y by technical anil detai i d trsti-
aizer of the -New Y ork e ub of the Ainer- , . ., . ,
. " r , 1 .. . ... . moiiv in regard to the wages paid union
can league. He pans to leave for . . .7. . ..: .: .
. .1 : . :.. Uli'l liuii-liiiiini winner, tin- riiiiiiiiirr.inii
Sara Glance Bowman, of Melbourne, ; California tonight, making the trip " ,.,., it)(, ,,, ,)ata ' ,,, ,.,.
-), '"'oefonM i. uiuui a most
Von see, be was very sleepy even yet
,, , .,,..... . turns.
- . . . t b nfiii i i. qui i narwo'u uuinrv
Mendeuhall, dean of the sehoo ol-: - "I, "', ler , the season. wV ""
eoticluded the mm-
in Culifornia. The!
- -u0. nn
n;: -tnu, ' ."rrparrow'
i members will leave tomorrow for Chi
, 'BgO.
t . . - ' -" v nnn li.l . i. . i . . c v.
'fTiTh wtn:, alligator u ,ue u,UBl ""iwrwui. it
2,Cl1 b kiddies.
Z'n? Mrs' Bowm. h h.,1 s e'ndid personally announced his resignati
ment. irs. uownia" i . . . Iilm,i. uamp
advantages from several years' training, "".- . "
i .1.. u.n.A,,rn nnnnervntnrv under '
Madame' Wiedemann, who herself ws Hostesses in Washington next win- Journal Want Adt are a big
a pupil of Marehesi, and who in turn ter will have to study the map of tu- h f t ft farmer when they
E? neS : ,at"nst;l;re arAoo bu.y to come to toWn. '
' - I COL1
In. i ttA it Wff Wff I '
t- ......1!
Roth Grocery Co.