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ONE of the charming affairs of the
week was an informal afternoon
tea given by Mrs. William C.
Knighton, Tuesday, at her home on
Summer street, ' complimenting Mrs.
George Mack (Miss . Lorn Chapman),
of Los Angeles, and Mrs. Edward Till
son, of Spokane, who has been the
house guest of Mrs. Richard Caitwright.
Especially pretty were the large
bunches of variegated sweet peas which
lent a summery decoration throughout
, the rooms. Mrs. C. L. McNary and
Mrs. Fred Shannon Stewart assisted the
.hostess in pouring. During the after
noon Mrs. Tillson rendered exquisitely
some gems irom scnupert. Blie is a
talented musician. Twenty guests en
'joyed the delightful mid-smiiiner func
tion. :
Miss Inez Goltra entertained inforin
' ally Tuesday evening at her home, 725
Court street, with a rook party. .Tables
.were set on the verandah and the joys
0 f a delightful summer evening . at
'home and' yet out of doors,- was the
pleasure of the guests, who . were the
Misses Lucile Kuntz, Genevieve Aviaon,
Missee Goltra, Messrs, Alfred Schramm,
laul Homan, Errnl Gilkey and Frank
Bagley. ; : .
... ..
i Mr. and Mrs.' J." A: Churchill, with
, their ' daughters,; Marie, Florence and
; Dohis, , left Friday J or . Newport-by-:the-Sea,
where they will sojourn for' a
'fortnight : .- '-'''' ' ;
j ' V ".. ;
j Mrs. L. D. Hall, has been . the guest
, of Mis. William- Burghardt, Jr.", at the
1 Newport summer home of the Burg-
ibardt's this week. L. H. Hall, -who
; lias been in the state architect's office,
and Mrs. mil will leave tnis week for
' Washington, where Mr. Hall has ac-
; copied an appointment. . '
Miss Maude Durbin, who weut east
with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ' Watson' in
June, is visiting at Peoria, Illinois, and
is not expected home until the middle
of fceptember.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brown and Mr.
nnd Mis. Fred West motored to Me.
Minnville Sunday and brought home
with them little -Miss Ruth West, who
has been entertained at the Brown
home, 330 South Commercial street, dur
' ing the week.
A . dainty .midsummer children's
party was that given by Mrs. Albert
L. Brown, Thursday afternoon, for
Miss Ruth West, daughter of Mrs. and
Mrs. Marion Ogle, of McMlnnville, The
rooms and tables were prettily adorned
with pink and white sweet peas.- Miss
Edna West assisted the hostess in serv-
- ing. . The little folks brought their
dolls and otherwise amused themselves
-playing games. The little honor guest,
Miss Ruth,, will continue her. visit here
for another week.
Mrs. G. Schafer and daughter,
Louise, who hove been domiciled at
the "Schafmoor" camp at Newport for
the past' six weeks, joined by Mr.
Schaeier, returned home Wednesday.
Mrs.' Arthur Moore willremain at the
shore until the close of the stimmor sea
son. The Schaefer family joined the
Beno and Tollock families, forming a
two-car motoring party in returning
from the coast.
The Joseph Harris family are domi
ciled in their summer home, "Harris
hurst," at Nye Beach. Mrs. Harris and
.the children will remain thiough the
season and Mr. Harris will join them at
week-end intervals.
Mrs. Ralph Watson entertained at a
birthday dinner Inst night in honor of
her husband, Ralph Watson, state cor
poration commissioner, at their home on
Fourteenth street. Red dahlias, red
candles and bonbon dish favors formed
the decorations in keeping with the gen
eral color scheme of crimson carried
throughout the rooms. Covers were
laid for eight. The guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Milton Myers, Mr. and Mrs.
George Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
. Gratified interest and support are be
ing displayed by music lovers who are
putting forth their efforts in making
.the winter concert course a success.
Miss Minctta Magers, assisted by prom
inent society : women, is earnestly
working to obtain a large subscription :
list, and daily it has been growing,
pressing on towards the mark of sue- j
cess. Many people have not yet been
reached, but this week the following
names were added to the list already,
published: ' I
J. H. Albert, Jos H. Albert, G. A.!
Anderson, Mabel Albee, Dr. Richard N.
Avison, A. Hi. Bush, Mrs. A. JN. Bubo,
Chauncey Bishop, C. P. Bishop, Judge
Bingham, Judge Burnett, W. H. Burg
hardt, Sr.; J. Baumgartner, J. J.
Brown, Hazel Bishop, U. G. Boyer, Geor
gia Booth, Mrs. Dr. Cortwright, Mrs.
E. M. Croisan," Mrs. Conn; the Misses!
Campbell, Dr. H. E. clay, Mrs. Jacob ;
Cooper, R. W. Dillev, O. K. .DeWitt,
Mrs. S. C. Dyer, Mrs. C. M. Eppley, i
Judge Eakin," W: W. TSmnions, Mrs.
.Marie Ehmer, Mrs. B. L.. Farmer, R. B.
Flemming, Dr. E. E. Fisher, Dr. Ward
Fisher, Mrs. Frank Flint, T.-K. Ford,
Carl Oabrielson, Mrs. J. 0. Goltra.
Mabel Hudelson, Prof. Harr, Mrs. Flor
ence Irwin, Mrs. Susie Jones, Mr. C. J.
Kurth, Jno. McNarv, C. L. McNary,
E. T. Moores, W. 8." Miller, Rev. H. E.
Marshall, Mrs. P. A. Mize, the Misses
McNeal, Mrs. Frances Newberry,'' Mrs.'
S. Pigler, Geo. F. Rodger, Mr. Carl
Smith, J. L, Stockton, Mrs. J. N. Smith,,
rred Thielsen, Mrs. Geo. Pearce, Vir
ginia O. Wechter,-W.-A.' Weist and
Mrs. Tom Wilson. '",-'. ,
i Beaver StatePrinters
t Society and - Commercial 4
T d:i! - ' 4
.' . phiw 1612. ' ':.
, Boom 1-3, Patton Block..
MRS. H. W. BROSS, of Fairview
kvenue, gave a picnic party Wed
npsilnv nftarnnnn fnr littla Afiaa
Josephine and Master Manning Bross
and their friends. Games were played I
in the nearbr grove, the young folks en
joying the gaiety of potato aud clothes
pin races, and an hour was spent in
story-telling. The children invited
were: Eileen Johnson, Esther Ostrand
er, Hadi Brill, Wayne Elgin, Florence
Elgin, Neal Wesson, Katheriie Brunner
and Elsie Bovnton.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ling and Miss
Addie Swartz will leave Sunday morn
ing for Newport. Miss Swartz will
spend the month of August at the coast
and the Lings will remain a week.
Mrs. Victor E. Beno and son Ken
neth, of West Lincoln, and Mrs. John
Tollock and daughter, Helen, of Third
street, returned Wednesday from a fort
night s sojourn at Newport. Messrs.
Beuo and Tollock joined their families
for the week-end and the party motor
ed home during the mid-week.
Dr.' and Mrs. O. B. Miles and Mrs,
Ruth Miles returned Monday from the
beach, where they have been sojourning
for some weeks at the Cole cottage at
Nye Beach.
-.The First. Christian Sunday scjooI
classes of i Loyal Sons and Daughters
were . entertained at the : McKinney
ranch . home near Turner the first of
the week. .. The young people went -in
the motor cars of V. a. Bullock, Victor
Swartz and Dr. II. C. Epley. Music
and games formed the evening's enter
tainment. There was a duet by Miss
Ruth Hollister and Ivan Shomaker and
a solo by Miss Wilda Seigmund. Those
present were the Misses Wilda Sicg
mnnd, Eugenia Siegmund, Grace Baker,
Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jones, Golda
Wheeler, Mae Ward, Juanita Chrising
er, Blanche Applcgate, Roberta Morton,
and Ruth Hollister, Messrs. Ivan Scho
moker, Fred Schoinaker, Ray Crown,
Frank Zinn, James Walker and Victor
KEENLY felt in club circles is the
departure of Mrs. Maud S. Wil
leys, president of the Women's
Relief corps of Salem. Mrs. Willeys
left Wednesday to spend a few days
with her mother in Portland, from
where she expects to ro to Chicago to
join her husband, Jr.mes M. Willeys,
there, nnd together they will go to
Washington, D. C, for a business trip.
Later they probably will make their
headquarters at Chicago. Tho Willeys
have resided in Salom for the past two
years during the time Mr. Willeys was
employed in the office of tho state
railroad commission. During the winter
Mr. Willeys received an important ap
pointment as engineer with the inter
state commerce commission and since
that time has made his headquarters
in New Orleans, Mrs. Willeys remaining
in Salem.
I In January Mrs. Willeys was elected
president of the Women 's Relief corps
aud she has become known to the var
ious Hal cm organizations, endearing her
self to the many with whom she be-
,-came acquainted, througn the import
ance of her work and her charming
The Misses Lina, Lulu and Laura
Heist, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. S.
Heist, of North Commercial street, are
visiting in Newport. Lulu Heist will
remain for a fortnight before return
ing as the German instructor in the
Albany high school, but the Misses Lina
hi-- Ms . Mt- X:v iRt f-. .') k, , ' 1
lie." AwI'-'--Wm'j -P'.!-M5"hV U! V: -
.AboV are beauties ut (be -"Kolllw"
,l.at Mr. Floren .Zlei'feld. 4r,- will
; fruducfe lu New York -in the -.arljr arv
if Jnne. -
Th esseinbllng of n cb.iros for tl
Follies" Is a bbs tsk. Beauty .ont
tuort and ability next. -T:rfclng ft lohk
1 1 twelve M-UxtiU out of a luitlalint of
i boiit Oilrty anybody will ndinll Iujii
the elevtlon baJeeii Jell done". ;
'1.ni do lhey. . i-oiiiil- and -WD3":
New Yirk-lf the drlr;a must of their
.the . -The rrn-wms-ihry. glre for.goliis
, cn llif t.-.K r HKir rarlfd.-
Breezy Story of Trip to Wonderland
(By Mollie Runcorn.)
A trip to Belknap Springs Is a journey I
iuto Wonderland, for the place a min-
ature wonderland itself, is reached by
a road of ten thousand wonders and
happy surprises,
This place, a few years ago, unknown
to tourists and practically unknown to ing winter period. Immediately upon
the people of Oregon, has rapidly gained his discovery Belknap pre-empted up
in favor until it has become one of the J on the land and upon securing his pos
most popular resorts in the state. Asi session papers from the government
an outing place it could be no more,
delightful or better equipped to suit
every individual taste. Away up, near-
IV 3uuu ieet in tne neari 01 me uf huh- : provemenrs. several years inter ine
fill Cascade mountains on the rushing,' buildings burnt, after which tho prop
sparkling McKenzie river H is ideally erty passed into the possession of
located. I others; at present being owned by
For scenic loveliness it is unsurpassed i capitalists of Portland, who realizing
surrounded as it is by towering fir-jits possibilities are contemplating the
dnd mountain peaks. Within a few:
.. ... iuml.. I
miles are the snow capped "Three,
Sisters", and to the north and south on :
a nearby prominence can be seen the
glistening spires of Mt. Hood, Mt. Jef-
ferson, John Diamond, Diamond Peak,'
Mt. Washington and other lesser points; i
Its scenic location alone makes it a
desirable outing place, but undoubtedly
its greatest assot is its - remarkable
mineral springs- which come up boiling
and steaming out of the ground at a
temperature of 187 degrees. The water!
is of wonderful curative quality con -
taining a perfectly combined proportion'
of sulphur, anlydride, chlorine, potas-1
mum, sodium, magnesia, calcium oxide, i
silicia, iron and aluminum oxide and
manganese oxide. Remarkable cures
have been effecteil by its use ana u j
is recomended for and guaranteed to j
relieve almost everything from freckles.
to rheumatism.' However, the number!
of ill people who visit the place is1
comparatively small, the larger patron-j.
age being by . vacationists, sportsmen
and auto enthusiasts.
Amateur aud expert fishermen hasten
here at their earliest opportunity, well
supplied with rod and reel, and other
fishing paraphernalia, and for their de
light the McKenzie has an unlimited, where millions of tiny fish in all stages
supply of Dolly ' Vardens, Bedsides, of development can be seen, later to be
hpecklcd Mountain and Salmon Trout I used in supplying the various streams
in all their aqueous beauty. The! throughout the state. Immense schools
huntsman sharing in the pleasures of of salmon, are also inclosed in fish
out-door life finds this indeed a! ladders at this place. At Nimrod is
sportsman's paradise, the surrounding the new 140,000 home of the McKenzie
mountains abounding in splendid deer: Anglers Club, a handsome structure
and smaller game. rustically furnished and constructed cn-
For the artist with brush or camera: tirely of logs. It is in charge of C. E.
the plaee also affords the best, nature i Ireland, president, and A. Crosslin, sec
in her gentlest mood fashioning pic.j rotary, native Oregonians and former
turesqne loveliness on every side. Shei Salem residents. It is located on 190
lias also wrapped this country in a
fascinating mystery, and its subtle
charm is felt from the early Spring
when the forest trees begin to put on
fresh raiment, and the luxuriant
rhododendron displays its rainbow-tinted
blooms, until the armorous sun of In
dian Slimmer touches the somber
mountain sides with a fiery finger ond
they burst into a brilliant flame of
reds, orange and yellows.
The discovery of Belknap Springs by
the pioneer after whom the were named
is remembered by older Lane coun
ty residents. Coming down an old In
dinn trjtil in the middle of winter ho
aud Laura will remain at the const for
a month.
Mrs. Joe Mathias and her daughter,
- Everybody kui.wx why l;in go uu.
but few r ver heur. save frlendn and rel
itiv.n. why the jrlrl of lu chorus uu
Hut to tie facts and figure:
Miss Jull.i lleitublen s.iys utie wen.
4u tUc ainee because abe llmuglit li
iuid - ntnge tulciit Put site admllr
nfHimfully that she's been on Ibe slngr
brec yearn and hn' not advanced.
;M1s"Mny CannerTi reason To gel
way from school. .
Mbs Pettloa Touralne LHsapjioliitcd
n !iv.. Took tn-stnge to forget 1L
, Miss. Margnret 8I: CUIr Answered
ftlMife' ; JdISS IDA HOW&. HDYT-.
was suddenly startled by coming upon!
orAiiti tf flnpr fpA.linir nn n lnt-.T.l
oraMV ..iot -oniuletelv bordered bvl
banks of Bnow. Investigation disclosed!
the cause of this phenonemon steam '
arising from an underground hot spring
melting- the snow and keeidni; the Brass
green and luxuriant through the f reez-
built a good-sized hotel upon the pros-
ent camping grounds, planted fruit nnd
maple trees and mnde many otnor lm-
erection of a modern hotel and other I
up-to-date improvements.
The McKenzie river at Belknap is at
its loveliest. Originating in the "Three
Sisters", . thirteen . miles distant, it
plows down these mountains in a slender
stream, suddenly disappearing under an
immeuae lava bed twenty miles square,
to appear again as the underground
source of beautiful Claer Lake for
which it 'is tho ouly outlet. From
...,t:i u uknB i.a w:ii.....nM
it keeps a uniform width of one hundred
feet, so swift that in no place would !
it be possible to wade across, and so
clear that its rocky bed can be seen
throughout its entire course.
The road to Belknap is known as the
Lincoln Highway, or tho McKenzie
trail and crosses tho summit a few miles
further on 'in the renouned McKenzie
Pass. It closely follows the McKenzie
river seldom getting beyond sight or
sound of it, until it reaches Belknap,
On this road are located the towns of
ppringiicltl, Thurston, Watorville, Vida,
Deerhorn, Leaburg, Blue River, Nimrod,
McKenzie Bridge, and also tho once
much-talked of "Lucky Boy" and
"Gold Hill" mines. At Vida is ond
i of the state's largest fish hatcheries,
acres of virgin territory, and also has a
mineral spring, the chemical analysis
of which has not yet been mndo. The
buildings are electric lighted and sup
plied with hot and cold water. Sports
men are erecting artistic summer homes
here, being entitled to a club member
ship by so doing. The place is also
open as a hotel. The names of the
following local people are fomiu on the
register: State Treasurer and Mrs.
Thomns B. Kay, Miss Marjorio Kay,
E. E. Lavalleur, Mrs. Charles A. Gray,
Miss 1 Ida Jones, Miss Gertrude Jones,
Mrs. W. Irwin, Werner Breymnn, Mr.
and Mrs. W. II. Eldriilgc, Dr. and Mrs.
Miss Jo, of Manor, Pa., arrived in Ha -
lem Friday, to be the house guest of
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Eisnman, of South
Fourteenth street.
Mrs. and Miss Mathias left Manor
"Chorus Jlrl Wanted" udvcrtlseineiil
in order to be curious and was engaged
Miss Uoku Wertz To help supiKtrt
'iiiuily. .....
Miss Hazel Lewis To earn a living
Miss .Margaret Dunn Like .to Iravci
MUs llnrjorlc Itercrly I'ei-ause slic
had to wash dishes nt home. -Miss
P.csslc Neltlgnn Went on' the
Mtage nt the age of six. '''
Miss Eleanor 8t. Clair Stise struck
Slls-t roily .Bowman Former uVpnrl
incut store salcswonmn. Could e:nra
ilnrcer salary r the stage - - . -c .
Harry E. Clay, Mr. and Mrs. A. X.
lliiuh Mr uii.l Mm Anhpl Mllnh .1 1i
Linn. Mis Paula l.iun. and Mrs. A. B.
Todd. Mr. and Mrs. I). P. Maecarthy
of Sulcm are now entertaining Mr. and
Mrs. J. ('. Hertz and son of Portluud
At McKenzie Bridge is tho well
known Log Cabin Inn, and other splcn
urn rustic structure which is owned and
managed by Mrs. Georgo Croncr of
Eugene. It is yearly visited bv many
Salem people. The John Maurcrs and
their sons Paul and Glen are now en
joying an outing lit this place. The
following from Salem registering as
visitors this season: John Lvnch, Mrs.
G. W. Gray, Werner Brcynian, Mr. a'nd
Mrs. W. 11. Eldrmgo, Lawrence Purvine,
Wayne G. Allen, James Linu and Miss
Paula Linn, tho Eldridges and Mr.
urcyman expecting to return tor a
longer stay later in the season
Foley Springs is on a branch road
fivo miles from McKenzie Bridge, and
is owned by Mrs. Ella llalfluuger of
Eugene, who conducts a modern hotel.
1 Annual patrons of Belknap are many
of the wealthier residents of valley
cities, who spend a few days or weeks
rusticating and enjoying its primative
attractions. Among this list aro the
John Yeons, J. It. Hawks and W.
i-or.mn.i. omen, pcop.e wno
?."V T u v V u k
I F. Martins, B. F. Steeves, T. B. Kavs.
r. w. uurford and the n. f. Humes.
Beautiful and picturesque summer
homes of wealthy residents of Eugene,
Portland and elsewhere are located
along tho McKonzie road ana temporary
camps are established at frequent In
Wcek-oiid excursions to those resorts
attract many, the road which is in ex
ccllent condition with tho exception of
a few miles especially appealing to
motorists. Tho government is appro
priating thousands ol dollars and levy
ing special taxes for its betterment and
with tho work donated by city-dwelling
good road enthusiasts who stop hero for
the summer, it is expected that shortly
there will bo made one of the best
mountain roads in the state. Dr. G. S,
Wright, the well-known dentist of Mc-
Minnville, is at present supervising a
minuter or good rond boosters, in tin
proving - the highway between Mc
Kenzio Bridge and Bclknnp.
A few miles from Blue river tho
rond enters the national foreBt reserve
with its wealth of superb timber-.
hemlock, pine, laurol, ash, cedar, maple,
yew and joint firs, so high that seem
ingly they brush the sky. Fire warn
ings aro everywhere and forresters and
their guards daily patrol this region
under the jurisdiction of Smith L.
Taylor, whoso hciulquarters aro nt
"Paradise", oo of tho most im
portant ranger stations of the Cascades.
At present Belknap and the other
McKenzie river resorts are reached by
stage, but it is only ft matter of a few
years until they will bo accessible by
rail when they will probably enjoy nu
extensive reputation, renowned not
only as pleasure resorts, par excellence,
but ns tho American Carlsbads, Kis
singens and Wisenbadcns.
1 June (I, and have been visiting various
! places of interest on their way here.
Tho most interesting was a trip through
Yellowstono park. Mrs. Mathias is an
aunt of 11. J.' Eisaiunu.
lls P.cKsle tiros llucnuse she
ilniii-lil she ttMilced li!o Adelluc UciitV.
he (In in or.
.Miss Lottie Vermin In order m
hangc her name from Schmidt.
.Miss Dorothy.. St. Clair Needed the
niuiiey. .
Miss Flo Hart L'nhupiHly married.
Miss Gladys Feldmau To earu a llv
.Miss Helen - Moyw Dccouse she
fouhl wMfllsbrs.-" V ".
MIks Lillian Tasehman la order t
get out of i couvent '
AHLIAf, red and yellow, were the
predominating decoration at a
birthday bridge party given Tues
day by Mrs. Russell Catlin, compliment
ing her daughter, Mrs. Frank Spears,
a summer bride. Besides extra guests
there were three tables of players. Mrs,'Shipp, Illinois; Myrtolle Shipp, Nebriig
llnny E. Clay captured the prize and ka; Mrs. Delia cioarwater, Iowa; Mrs.
the silver coin in the cake. Those in- Mary Esther Haghart, Michigan; Mrs.
vited were: Mrs. Curtis 1). Cross, Mrs. Maries C. Thompson, ermont; Eliza
George Gray, Mrs. Chauncey Bishop, beth Bullock, Canada; Belle Morris,
Mrs. C. Fish, Mrs. J. Luddcn, Mrs.
Harry E. Clay, Mrs. A. S. Kazmarek,
Mrs. W. Connell Iyer, nnd the Misses
Margaret and Gertrude Gray of Seattle,
Mildred Bnglcy of Eugene, Vida May
Cross and Gertrndo and lhla Jones.
The annual picnic of the Women's
Relief Corps, the Grand Army of the
Republic and Spanish War Veterans
and their families, was held Thursday
at the fairgrounds. A feature of tho
big picnic was the large cake at the
supper table, lighted brightly in honor
or theoirthcta.v. anniversaries of three
of the members, Miss Edith Benedict,
Mrs. (.. ('.. 1'ascoe and. Mrs. Katie
Schott. Cqiumiinder R. C. Halley was
complimented on his efforts in behalf
of the picnic. Those present were:
If. A. K. list T. Kcmington, company
O. Sixteenth Towa: F. A. Thonmsoii.
ompan v A, Tenth .Minnesota voltin
teers; James Fisher; John W.'Willcs,
adjutant Twelfth Kansas volunteers;
Henry 1'ascoe, company A, Tenth Mm
nesota; 8. R. Worick, Fifth. Wisconsin'
battery; R. C. Halley,; company M,
Forty-fifth Illinois volunteers; James L.
Giddings, Eleventh Pennsylvania infan
try; E. L. Briggs, Sixth Wisconsin in
fantry; U. E. Koss, company D N. J.
infantry, Eli O. Wells; W. H. Simpson.
company D, One Hundred and Forty-
.Ninth i'eunsylvania; Daniel Webster,
First Wisconsin battery; E. C. Church
ill; H. H. Watson, First' Oregon infan
try; 0. V. Htandish, company H, One
Hundred nnd Fortieth Pennsylvania;
.f. R. Neer, Thirteenth Illinois infantry;
.1. W. Knnkin, Twenty-sixth Illinois;
J. 11. Walker, First Tennesseo cavalry;
.lames Lisle, Third Iowa bnttcry; Henry
M. Genrhart, First Iowa cavalry.
W. R. C. and S. 1. V. Crctoria C.
rnscoe, Ohio; Alice E. Caldwell, Ore
gon; Lizzie V. Libby, Maine; James
Steward, .Minnesota; Nellio Bull, Ten
nessee; Ma 0. Cleurwator, Cambridge,
Ohio; Alta C. Schneider, Paola,, Kan.;
Mrs. Jennie Pope, Ft. Dodge, Iowa;
Mrs. Katie Smith, Missouri; Mrs. Ida
Koss, New York; Mrs. Coral Wood,
Illinois; Mrs. Lulu Aracy, Iowa; Marian
Tracy, Iowa; A. 1). Walker, Tennessee:
A. J. Clearwater, Iowa; Henry Schott.
Germany; William Howison, Wisconsin;
Anna -lie v oorter; Clara Grilible, Il
linois; I,idn W. Ackerman, Pennsvl
vania; I. L. McAiliinis, Minnesota;
Elizabeth T. Adair, Ohio; Marian Sno-
ver, .Wisconsin; Huth Wells, South Da
Kota; Edith Drager South, Oregon;
Kaymoiid Earl South, Oregon; Mrs. Or
telle South, Pennsylvania; Mrs. A. W.
Drager. Missouri; Mabel A. Lock wood.
unio; tfitrnn ijisie, Ohio; LcMoino Hay
iiioiid-i larK, .New lork; L. L. Micklin,
lowa; .Mrs. rranK K. Wells, Kansas;
Miss Dora Follrich, Iowa; Mrs. Marie
lollnch, Germany; Mrs. Mxucrvia Wnl
wer, Tennessee; Mabel Carlton, Minne
sota; Ellen Thompson, Minnesota:
Frank. K. Welles, Kansas; Mrs. Louise
.YlcAdanis, Indiana; Mr. I. W. Mc
Adams, Minnesota; Sarah A. Fisher,
lowa; Cynthia S. Diinlnp, New York;
Agnes E. Dinsmore, Wisconsin; Snrali
M. Tomliiison, Pennsylvania; Lizzie W.
Ninth, Illinois; Laura H. MeAdams,
Wisconsin, lown, Minnesota.: Mary A
Shaver, New i'ork state; Katie B.
Tiekel, Ohio; Lou Krnps, LcRoy, llliu
mi i ATr fv$Lf
Mlsii Pearl GMbrtelle To earu 11 IIvm
dliood. '
' Mhn Dorothy Newell Mud a fall
.Inking voice and lias hiipcs of uct-otu
Ing a prima domm.
Miss" Marie Wulliue To find V
wculthy man nnd marry hliu.
Miss Helen I'elsmnn l.oft hoiui
because she bad to cook for a fuiuil..
uf eight. . . -,
Miss Dul Yayue To earn money -.
i Miss- CladyS - Loftus Wnhtod- i'.i
-trvl sud ice Amertran - -'.; '.
ois; Hattie F. Cameron, Paola, Kansas;
Ada B. Simpson, Nehiaska; Jennie V.
Hunt, New York; Alaggie Code, Illinois;
Hattie Skolton, Maine; Marie Kaup,
Germany; Mary M. Fox; Ruby Miry
Fox; Ruth Coolev, Oregon; Florence
Wisconsin; Hannah lliggens, Indiana;
J. F. Galeutin, Indiana; C. 0. Matlock,
Oregon; L. H. Liskel, Grant county,
isi'onsin; Linnie Hewitt, Iowa; Gal-,
dil McFnrlatid, Iowa; Viola Matlock,
Ohio; Merl Matlock, Oregon; F. E.
Zinn, lowa; Mary A. Briggs, Wiscon
sin; Donald A. Whittier, Oregon; Doug-
Ins R. Whittier, Oregon; Leoua Briggs
Albert, Oregon; Virginia Albert, Ore
gon; Ebin Albert, Oregon; Mary Minto
Halley, Oregon; Mary Rankin, Illinois;
J. Frank Dunlap, -Vow lork; Mrs. E. J.
Willard and son, Franklin; Miss Pansy -Willard,
Oregon; U. S. Dotson, Iowa;
Mary E. Watson, Oregon territory;
Mrs, U. S. Dotson, California; Mrs. "
Florence Laberce, Minnesota; Mr. Geo.
Laberee, Wisconsin, J. C. Clearwater,
lowa; Ralph Tracy,- Iowa; John Heavi
lin, Indiana; Elton Tracy, Montana; .
Walter G. Ackerman, New Y'ork; Rena
Schott, Nebraska; Elsio Neiger, Oregon;
C. C. Clark, New York; Edith E; Bene- '
diet, New York; Raymond C. Clark, .
.New. ork; Ola La Aioine ( lark, New v
iork; Harold Rupert, North Dakota;
Nellio Asselu, Minnesota; France Cam-
eron, Oregon; Helen Kobe, ; Alaska; .'
Florence Pope, Oregon; J. R. Bull, Ten
nessee; H. O. Asscln, Iowa; Mr, H. O. ..
.Nelson, Ohio; O. II. Carson, Indiana; .
Mary Follerieh; Sylvia Bookman; Mrs.
Liehele and daughter.
THE Misses llda aud Gertrudo
Jones, of Labish Meadows, sister
lay tor Nye Creek, where they will be
tho guests of Mrs. A. M. Cannon, of
Portland, at her summer cottage, "Ma
son." They will remain during tho
month. Wednesday Mrs. Gray will join
tlio party for a short stay at the sea
Miss Ada Miller and her mother,
Mrs. W. S. Miller, in company with
Miss Minctta Magers, are expecting to
leave Tuesday for their eastern trip,
where Miss Miller will study vocal in
Chicago for a year. Their itinerary has
beeu planned to include Seattle, Vic
toria, a water trip to Vancouver, thenco
to Sicamous down to Lisbon, Iowa,
whero the party will spend a few dnys
with Miss Miller's grandparents beforo
going to Chicago.
" Miss Jcnnio Williams and Benjamin
Williams have returned from a week's
vacation at Newport.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. M. Cooke Tatton re
turned Tuesday from a two weeks' stay
in Newport, whore they were guests at
tho Nicolui. c
Mrs. Miuuio reton Thompson auJ
her little children, Dorothy and Charles
I reton, have been visiting at the home
of Mrs. Thompson's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. O. Irotou, on South Commercial
street. After a fortnight's stay they
expect to leave tomorrow for their homo
in Seattle.
The engagement ' of Miss Virginia
Carolyn Ryder, daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. William F. Ryder, to Andrew
Giesy Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.
Miller, of Aurora, Ore., has been form
ally announced, the wedding to taka
place August 22. Portland Telegram.
: H iJ H It-iiivo LiA.ir'Vn.v
Miss Hilda UImcU lioeaiiM- bei
twin sister ve:it on the stnjw. '
MIsh Ida ' Uowo Ni.tlvc of KsseS.
liinction. Vt.; the tuwu l.ci-aaie to ;
tiiiall fr her. - -
Miss KdMh Whitiier-Tu eurn. Ut-
ns. . .. -
Mls. Vonnle llnyt Went on the
iiaye at the rigo of toil. '
Miss Fawn -Coiiw:iy-ltecaiise she
was offered $115' n week '
Miss Violet Pru'eger Likes to travel
" Jll-w Mabel l-Vrry-ltettcr oceirputhia
rim thnt if a telcphoue iorator. "' '