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"7ou 7b fle a IiVe Wire" a
Modern 'Tae of Two Cities"
t i
i '
1 -
Br Tnak rarringtou, in The Muter
At equal distance, in opposite direc
tion! from a good-sized city on the Cen
tral railroad, there are two towns which
10 years ago were each of about 3,000
These two towns were doing business
under practically identical
Neither had much in the way of local
manufacturing enterprises. Both de
pended largely on the fanning trado
uj. me same class of pronxrou3 farm
ers. The stores in Ayville resembled
the stores in Ueeville as the peas in
intn rrsemoie one another. The nier
fuanie in one town were the twins of
me merchants in the other. The inter
vening city gave them both the sarno
If you had been offered your choice
ur me two towns as a gift yon would
not have turned over your hand in fa
vor of either and you would have de-
cimeii mem uotn. Jf yoi, were a travel-
"I "'an yon would nave dubbed them
both dead ones.
But (bat was ten y?ars a'o. Aud
now look at these two towns! The ten-year-old
description still fits Ayville
perfectly. The grass still grows be
tween the flag stoues iu the sidewalk
and the state road passes by six miles
away.- The hotel flagpole hus rotted
off at the base, and there are five more
broken panes iu the stnra tmni. ni,.
Main street, otherwise Aycville needs
no mange or ii out ficak nn t.nr
But Beeville: well, what hut, happen
ed there anyway f 1 ran out there from
the noar by eity the other day, ami
when I got off iu front of the new brick
station and climbed into the waiting
motor bus that serves as a transfer to
each of the hotels mv first mmi,ln w.
" " "i iook at the name and
aee if I had made a mistake.
As we rolled up -lain street over a
good macadam road 1 asked the travel
Ing man next to me what hud started
the Ueeville bee buzzing.
"I don't know where they got the
bug, he answered, "but this is sure
.aome live little burg. I've only been
coming here a few mouths, but it's got
any town of its size backed right off
the mafi. Why, their hotel hero la a
better place to snend Hii
Ju the city."
iuT!'8iWho10 tMn looke1 ,ike "8 of
... . uui mysteries, ami i determined
to investigate.
I dropped into the nearest drug store
after dinner and boutfht a cigar out or
patent humidor case aud lighted it
with a neat little electrie lighter, and
received along with my chauco a cash
register check, on which I read, "lleo
ville, a good town to live In." On the
other side of the check I read, "Uee
ville, a good place to do business." I
suspected the truth of both statements
by this time.
" What has made Rnnvill .....i. .
place to live la' and do busiuoss!" I
asked the druggist.
yn, we kind o' got a hypodermic in
jection of ginger here a few years
go, said the pharmacist, as ho wine.I
his glasses. "Thi, town used to bo a
business cemetery."
"J know that, and that's why I am
0 astonished now. You have as mod
ern a drug store as I've sc-m in the
"They do tell me this is a pretty
good looking little joint," he acknowl
edged modestly. Well, you'll find all
the stores in town are right up to the
minute. Why, there's Johnny (,'oreor-
. K.uicry ngiu next door. He's
got seven computing scales, patent bins
or all his stock, floor show cases,
ilawneer store front, multiple cash
draw register, cheese cutter; I don't
"""" " "as Kot, and ho hasn 't
got much on the rest of us at that. Go
down and see the Burns Dry Goods store
r you want to see something that's
"III si a 1 til. .
j., mini mi or an right. It isn't
i big as the city stores, but it's got it
all over most of them for convenience.
iou couldn't get a farmer around here
to go down to the city to trade if you
offered him fare uotji ways and din-
Love and Banevolenca Integral
Parts of Rlghleoiisnass.
off, end neither did Mr. Corcoran. But
Johnny Corcoran was the busiest man
I have seen in a long while, and the
best I could do was to slip in a word
edgewise now and then, and I didn't
even get a chance to ask him who put
the Bee in Beeville.
But when I get eurious about a thing
I can't stoD until mv
rcai.rrwht-lord'Xi.r! GOD'S BLESSINGS IMPARTIAL
and brighter inside than it was out on '
the street in the sunshine (almost); I
past a shoe store that had two window ! Ours the Wealthiest Ptriod of History.
But Faith and Godliness Are en the
Decline Great Inersase of Selfish
"An Integral Part of Sin Lee
son to th Churoh of Christ A Good
Foundation Against the Tim to
Come Changed Conditiona Under
the Messianio Kingdom Removal of
th Stony Heart Substitution of a
Hart of Flash Rioh In Charaoter
Liksnesa to Our Heavenly Father.
displays that looked as if they had
climbed right out of the pages of a
iruue journal ; pan a lunch room that
niude me hungry, though it was just af
ter dinner.
Kverywhere I saw all the conven
iences and fixtures, the advertisements
of which iu the trade journals were
every day diet with me. The town
was certainly up to the minute in meth-
ods and equipment. It was up to the
minute in stock, too. I saw iu a hard
ware window diHplay goods with the
manufacturer's cut-outs and show cards
just as I had seen them first announced '
n a trade paper two weeks before. I I
went in and aked the man how he -am I
to know about that disnlav and tha
guon.i so soon, sure enough, lie had
seen the same advertisement 1 saw
aim nun wired (mind you, wired!) for it
at once. "Why," said he, "youVo
Kot to use the quickest method if you
get anything iu this town ahead of
your competitors. Every man Jack is
oJhuiiy-on-the-spot. "
"Heoville didn't use to be like this,"
1 Biiid. "What happened t"
"Bit by the Ginger-Bug," Baid he, as
a farmer drove up in front aud beck
oned him to Home out.
(linger hypodermics! Gi
..,,..1,1.. ' . .... . n
.......... i nan lur me Hardware niau to
roll out the barbed wire the farmer
wanted. 1 must hurry to some other
store anil mid out about this ginger
Might next door was Burns' Dry
Goods More. Four beautiful windows
in front, with two entrances. A special
sale of rugs from samples was going
on inside. I wanted to see' what Ht.
Hums would say about ginucr. but there
seemed little likelihood of my gotting to
inn. ntruM me street was the ouly
place 1 could see that did not appear
to be busy. It was a little one-story
building with an office in it, a "Heal
Estate" sign intho window. A man
sut iu the doorway quietly smoking.
Perhaps ho could toll me who had made
the lleevilluins into live wires.
II 11 .. I ! ....
.in iiuHiuuHsi x asked nun,
n of whom are longlna- for tha ae-
portunlty to do so.
Hr th Lord's Estimation.
Commenting upon the Master's estl
matlon of the foolUb rich man, the
mbi asuea, ir the Lord declared that
tha rich man of th parable was a
ioot, wnat may we suppose Is His esti
mate Of the masses of hunianlr tn.
day-blessed as men never before were
oiesseo, privileged as men never h
fore were privileged, and therefore re
sponsible as men never before were
responsible for - the use of money?
Alas! be declared: w fear w tu
Lord Is not well pleased with tbe
world In Its scramble for wealth, wit
nessed today on every hand. In our
text tbe people of God of todar have
a reminder that all have tha minor.
tunlty to cultivate tbe Chrlst-llk anir.
tt of generosity, helpfulness snd brotherly-kindness.
Tbe speaker then demonstrated that
the Lord does not address His renroof
uu aamouiuon to the world, but
merely to Ills Church tbe consecrated
few. The world, be declared. Is about
to learn a great lesson along this very
Una of aelflshness. Having sown to
ue wind tne seed of selfishness, it Is
about to reap a whirlwind of trouble.
the fruitage of selfishness. In which tbe
interests of rich nd poor will clash In
the conflict between Capital and La
bor, between those who have secured
wealth and those who will strive to
take the wealth from tliem-"a Time
of Trouble such as was not since tbcie
was a nation."
Are any so blinded as not to see tbe
wful growth of anarchy, he asked,
"llullish," said he, "but I can't got
anything to sell."
"Everybody holding on to proporty
for a rise "
"No; everybody holding on to it be
cause they need it In thnir Vlll-i II AUK
The towu isn't growing so much, but
everybody is making money. It used
io oe tuat everyone wautod to soli and
no one wanted to buy. Now, evory few
days somobody comes along and wants
to buy or rent to get into business
hore, but there's nothing to be had but
vacant lots out of the businesg sec
tion." "Well." said I. "I've out v h...
where you can't got away. Now I
July 2u Reports
from more than
one hundred cities
Indicate great pub
lie appreciation of
TION. This noble
effort to turn at
tention bncktotlie
bavlnir tha float raul
which is gradually settling down uuon
0 vaUVU I ... ... , , .....
effect wherever It u'Ke type or civilisation to which
Is exhibited. No l1"" wona ons ever attained? Are
one can u tt tnere any so blinded as to be unable
without buvluir his heart Ii-k.uuhm perceive that the conflict will lx
Mi.mu luwnru me uiver of every good 14 l" "uea ul seuisuncsa desire to
mm iienet-t girt, who so loved tbo uulu ou 108 one lmrt- ! desire to
"iinu as to give "nis Onlv Rolmit.n acijuire on the other?
Hon. tlint whosoever bclleveth In Him T,,e I'"8'0' explained that according
"girt not perlSD. but hnvn ovni-lnun io tno Scriptures Cod in not turn- hi.
---....a . - --- -i-
Deauns: to 1 1 wnrM- r..r u,..n : tr
J (Hluy Pustor IIushcH nrenchsil t,nm knows that so Intense Is tin.
iuc iBAt, oo is ne tlint layeth up treus- avace tnnt such an appeal would be
lire fqr himself, and is not rl, ii tnv. useless. GimI Is tlwivrnri.
n..,t t i... , n. - -.
-v.. -ub ui. me wonu as a whole to earn lf irrpnt
i. ,. . . . .
J-"u tnsiur UCRUIl nis fl sennrna nlll, leS80n. t lflt MHlfluliiMuia fa tin lnlo.nl
the decimation that ours Is the day of Port of sin. even as love and beuovo
Weulth. Nothing to compare with it ence are Integral parts of rlghteous-
" "'l uceil KllOWn III tha vnrM'. newt. I'hnru la iia I.. .I..l A
Ulstorj Not merely have we discover- that by the time the poor world shall
ea rich deposits of gold, silver ami have fullv lirnwi .u-
preclous stones; not merely are these terrible results of selfishness It will be
milieu in a provident and sun. readv to rrv nut f..r nii.,
ccssful manner, with which nothing In When that tlmo comes, the speaker
uo mt could compare; but additional- clulmwl. God's means of assistance
en. r.v ,i. 1 ' B "lg ncttiV ln every WUI also be rund'- The Messianic
. . Klninlom Will Im ltiiimmi-.il.ul ..A
.l01"?"1 WM '"""trated by Helgn of Love will be established
tnelTa a food foundation ipH
the time to come, that they may lay
hold on eternal Mfe." This ha Inter
prets to mean that those possessing
u snouia De wining to share with
other of the brethren as members
of a community, somewhat along the
Unes of Christian communism. The
word foundation, he declared, la bare
nsed In the same sense aa when we
say tnat a wealthy man gave a foun
dation of a million dollars for a col
lege. His gift constitutes the basis for
the carrying out of the college plana.
Thus, the speaker explained, a Chris
tian who generously uses ln the Lord's
service his financial stewardship ia lay.
lug a foundation for tbe future a
foundation for spiritual wealth; and
the more of time, Influence and wealth
uuy oue can lay up thus ln dolus: cood.
In forwarding the Interests of the
brethren and of the Lord's work, the
more is that one piling up treasure ln
Heaven. The advantage of this pro
cedure, he ssserted. Is that it helps to
center tbe heart's affections on the
tblugs above, aud to wean them from
the things of earth; for where our
treasure Is, there will our hearts be
also. And thus, says the Apostle, we
suau tie able to "lay hold on eternal
life." now proffered to us.
At first many are Inclined to aay,
What difference floes it make to the
Lord what I do with my time, money.
Influence, talents? He Is able to sup
ply tne ueeuy without ln the least Im
poverishing Himself. Why. then.
should He desire His children, who
are far from rich ln the world's estima
tion, to Buerlflee their little all of tal
ent, money, time, Influence? And why
should He make this a test to deter
mine whether or not they shall attain
the Kingdom? What is the pblloso-
pny or it j
The philosophy was declared to be
tnts: As originally created ln tbe Di
vine likeness man was tender-hearted.
sympathetic But after sin had enter
ed tbe world and the strife for a living
oegan. selfishness gradually became
the predominant Influence, producing
hard-beartedness carelessness of the
interests of others self-love.
then and I did not get the secret of
"'iiK'i was caned away just
K-ger nypouermic injection from
him, so I went out and paused in front
W.n0iD"?uto.rCOran's " K- front
Well, I miirht have thmurl.t r
t. . , , " . . nag 1UUK-
lg at the window of the best faucv
grocery in New Vork or Chicago as
tar as cleanliness and class of diudow
display went. It was a sanitary gro
fry all right and no mistake. I went
J'J'Pt' C?"or4n by'" l Inquired
of a clerk whose apron was as spotles.
If .k v !!'." in 11,0 ,liui"K 'oni I""
at the hotel.
I supposed he would take me for a
traveling man and put me off, but what
ever ue though me he.did not put me
N- ' M(VV
Under Auapictt
Epitcopal Dioces of Oregon
I Sept 23, 1914
Grammar School and College Prepara
tory courses. School estate comprises
100 acres of fertile land. Ocaplete
7initun, swimming pool, indoor and
otdoor athletics. Library, study
Vila eomnatank ln.i.. ...
- r wv.uvwwii III Sit
vVujches, Bend for rates and booklet;
'Where boys are trained to think".
, Address
Yamhill, Oregon.
want to know what has hit this town.
It used to be as dead as a motor with
the 'gas' all gone."
"Do you see that sisn down tlm
street there, 'Excelsior Press' t"
"That's whore vou'll find ti. III n n
who invented the ' Mve Wire Pledge.' "
"Is this 'Live Wire Pledge' anything
like the Ginger-Hug? 1 've already been
told the town was bit by the Ginger
Hug and that it has had a hypodermic
of ginger."
"It does sound a little mixed," said
the real estato man, as ho snipped the
end from a cigar and offered me its
mate. "Hut it io simple enough after
all. Why, this young Halisburg came
to town and bought the Kxcolsior Press
and the newspaper it publishes. Every
body thought ho must be erazy to pay
real monoy for that business in such
a dead town. I'm not yet sure ho wasn't
ami inn't a monomaniac. He began
to call on the merchants and ask them
what wna the matter with them. Vin.
ally he told thorn so often there was
something the matter they began to bo.
Hove it. He preached at them in his
paper and wherever he saw them, and
finally ho not Ilium all hurAin.r .....
mother's son of them, and i'll be darn
'd if he :su't the king of spellbinders!
He told them they were a hundred
years behind the times and they be
lieved it. Ho told them their stores
were filled with junk and they had to
admit it. He told them their methods
were tnose of their grandfathers, and
mey Knew he told them the truth. He
swore they would all turn into muni
mies if they didn't get rid of the hook
worm and the sleeping sickness and a
few other trifling complaints, Bnd they
vkh iu gci, paie aronint the gills.
.i-ii, wiieu ne naa them eating ou
mo uumi, ne ioiu mem only one
thing would save them. Every man in
that room, he said, must sign a Live
ire Pledge before he would be allow-
to go home. Then he unrolled a
sheet of paper as big as a barn door
uu aung u on the wall, and it read:
l hereby agree to spend ten dollars
within tho next six months for trade
journals auout my busiucss. Failing to
do this, I acknowledge that I am dead
to the world and might as well quit.'
Did they sign it? Not a man in the
room flinched! And that's all.
"Do you mean to say," I askea,
that the signing of that pledge by the
local business men has made Beeville
what it now is?"
"Perhaps not signing the pledge, but
living up to it At least there we were,
a community where you couldn't see the
people for the cobwebs, and now here
we are so full of life a third-rail would
melt if it touched us."
"That must have been quite a while
K". ur tnese business men keep on
buying business literature?"
"They formed an organization and
incorporated It, and the first rule In
the book of by laws is that every menf
ber has to spend ten dollars a year for
trade papers. And they do It, too, and
by George, you don't have to walk
down the street but once to see the re
sults in everr business, from blacksmith
to banker."
i-ofo ... .... .
iu izod ,1" if lWI ' ..?Ur..C ' 68 Whlch eoulrast sharp,,- w.,1. pres.
, T V" couve- enr. conditions, and which will brlug
vorst !8""l' T ,,,"rk8' gd' eed results of pence, love u i l S
Z - taulTl VwhM eV"Wh;. ? 10 W,U 8ln od Is toil
ZSrv ZZrT ,0V,D and w,sc' r rw.0.ml,ly
ttty yenrsund,; ' 'In ? Mume. h "v. that there Is no
'ban this whirlwind of
sreatly to tho world's comfort and ma ?"blotot 8 world Its need
teriul wealth, and are not merely ?- T D tb'9 "Ul,Jeot
Ishable articles such ns clothing and Lesson to th Church,
brioa-brac. but substantial edifices, 14 WM then shown that God's les
ete. Vast libraries, both public aud a' ttre now for the Church-not the
private, are being acquired. Mnnv fnr. cnurcn nominal, which Is merely a
mer luxuries are becoming almost ne- more c,vl"zed section of the world, but
cessltles, because of the fuclllty with tno Cnurcn ""eal, the saintly people of
'vuirii mey are produced. All these wa a,m out tne various sects
mings, ana many others, constitute "na P01'8- of every nation, kin
raues, one glnnce at which would ared and tongue. Anxious to know
amaze our ancestors. aid to do the will of Ood. these re-
'i'he Hpeakor then asked a series of ce,Te 8PecIl Instruction such as the
questions such as appeal to nil thought- worla lB 1101 Prepared to receive. To
ful persous. Are we ns a race, he ln- tbe8e BU'tty footstep followers of Je-
qulred. growing rich toward Ood? Is 808 the Lord says, Let not your treiis-
uot the very reverse true? Are not n,-ea be of ou earthly klud. Rather, go
niim nuu godliness on the decline? Is ro lue PI'osite extreme, and spend and
It not true that within the last fifty 1)6 ,De,lt ,n the interest of others, in
years the love of money, which the the 8er''ce of God, in tbe service of
Apostle declares Is "a root of all evil," IIto Message of Love; and thus, along
uus imensitied? is It not true that lne unei or tue Divine promises, seek
financial greed has become so strong
as to make necessary Pure-food Laws
for the protection of the lives of the
people been use life and health were
in jeopardy?
Attention wus then culled to the
tact tnnt. nlthough we are better
noused. better fed and better clothed
thun were our forefathers, yet there Is
a geueiul condition of unrest, due to
trust iu riches. Despite all our mod
ern snfegunrds of police and detective
Bysienis, despite our telegraph, tele-
piiono. etc.. human lives and won
crty ni-e still In peril because of tbe
hunger for wealth everywhere prev
u lent.
"Who Shall Ths Thlnrs B?"
Tbe Pastor next discussed tbe Dura
ble from which his text Is taken. In
it our kora pictures a man whose
Hues were fallen ln pleasant places.
me smiling sun and the genial show
ers prospered bis undertakings, and his
wealth grew apace. To him came op
portunities for helping friends, neljth
bors and relatives less favored-oppor
tunities for turning bis material wealth
lo good account ln the cultivation of
the generous traits of bis nature and
thus for developing more and more the
Divine character; for God scatters His
blessings of sunshine and shower upon
both tbe evil and the good.
Hut Instead of growing richer in
character through the cultivation of
noble qualities, this rich man Dermit-
ted selfishness to dominate him. He
pulled down his barns ln order to build
greater oucs. Instead of dispensing
the wealth which Divine providence
permitted to flow Into his lap, he ac
cumulated more. Many, alas! today
are following bis example. These say
to uiemseives, "I will accumulate
wealth, aud then will say to my soul,
You have plenty; "eat. drink and be
merry.' Think not particularly of your
ices ravored brethren and neighbors,
nor of the hopelessly poor; live for your
self." Thus in the parable the Master
has drawn a picture of practically ev
ery man ln the world, some ot whom
are really doing these things, and oth-
for a share with the great Redeemer.
not only ln tbe sufferings and self-denials
of the present life, but also In the
glory, honor and Immortality of the
lire to come.
In support of his argument, tbe Pas
tor quoted mauy familiar passages of
ocrtpture. such as "Therefore take no
thought for your life, what ye shall
eat; neither for your body, what ye
nun put on. The lire Is more than
meat, and the body than raiment'
"Tour Father knoweth What things ye
nave neea or." Therefore, "Seek first
the Kingdom of God and His right
eousness, and all these things shall be
aaea unto you." "Fear not, little
noes:; ror it is your Father's good oleas
ore to give you the Kingdom. Sell that
ye have, aud give alms; provide your
selves bags which wax not old, a treas
ure ln the Heavens that falleth not
where no thief approacheth, neither
motn corrupteth. For where your treas
ure is, there will your heart be also."
"Charg. Thm That Ar Rich."
A new light was thrown nnon a
familiar Scripture commonly annliwi
to the worldly richbut mistakenly so,
u we x-asior, wno Is a most able Bi
ble scholar, Is correct ln his onininn
He declared that when St Paul wrot
to Timothy, "Cbante them that ir.
ncn in this world that they be not
high-minded, nor trust In uncertain
nones, put ln the living God who civ.
eth ua richly all things to enjoy," the
Apostle very evidently referred to
some of the consecrated people of God
wno naa wealth. This wealth these
were to consider merely aa a steward.
ship, not to he disposed of according
to their own worldly caprices, and
surely not according to the dictum of
friends, neighbors aud relatives. Who
ever has glveu himself to tb Lord
must have consecrated all he has; la
he la not accepted as Christ's disciple.
me t-astor showed that the Anuatlo'a
charge to the brethren who possessed
wealth ia stated In the verses follow
ing the oue uuder discussion "that
they do good, that they be rich ln good
works, ready to distribute, willing to
communicate; laying up in store for
"Tak Away th Stony Heart"
The Siieaker pointed out that during
the thousand years of Messiah's Reign
oamn win De pound, bis allurements
ended and the curse lifted. Then the
earth will yield Its increase. The stress
Deing removed, It will be easier for
mankind to learn the lessons of love
aud brotherly-kindness, and to rise out
or tueir present condition of meanness,
hard-heartedness and selfishness back
to tne glorious image of God.
This will mean the dissolving of the
stony heartedness of the human race;
ur, as me scriptures put it, the Lord
"will take away the stony heart out
of their flesh, and give them a heart of
cesu -a heart of sympathy. AH who
then refuse to return to harmony with
uoa win tie destroyed ln the Second
Death, as set forth In Acts 8:19-23.
It was pointed out however, that
while such a restitution under the fa
vorable conditions of the Messianic
Kingdom Is God's provision for the
world, He has a different provision for
tne Church, now being called and
proven. By nature their hearts were
hard and selfish, and, as the ADOstle
says, they "were children of wrath,
even as others." But the fact that
God has called these to Jolnt-helrship
wuu uu Oon m tne glorious Kingdom
mat is snortiy to bless the world does
not signify that He will accept them in
tneir natural condition of hard-heartedness
and selfishness.
On tbe contrary, if the Church am to
be the kings, priests, and Judges of the
world, In association with their Lord
and Head, the great King, it Is readily
seen that they must be rid of this con
dition themselves before they can prop
erly be capable of helping the world
up out of its hard-heartedness.
"W Wslk by Faith."
Several differences were pointed out
oetween tne Lord's dealings with the
Church at the present time and His
oeallugs with the world bv and h
These differences are due to tbe fact
mat tne Church are called to so high
an honor; and correspondingly it is ap
propriate that they should manifest
more love and seal than will h
peeled of the world.
To Illustrate: The Church must walk
by faith and not by sight; they must
voluntarily accept the, Lord's nrovl-
deuces, and voluntarily co-operate with
rum in putting away the stony heart.
accepting instead the Spirit of the
ura-a spirit of love, kindness ' a-en.
tleness, meekness, patience and Iobb-
suffering toward all. Moreover, during
we tnousana years of tbe world's re
covery from sin, selfishness and hard.
heart edneea, doubtless each individual
will have several centuries for his
gradual development. But the Father
seeks in the Church class those who
will give such heed to His instruc
tions, and show such earnestness Ju
copying His character, that they will
succeed ln attaining a heart condition
of tenderness, sympathy and lov like
unto that of the Heavenly Father, In
tbe present years of their Christian
The discourse closed with an earnest
exhortation that all who are tbe Lord's
gird up the loins of their minds, deter
mining that with Bis help they will be
rich toward God; that each think less
nd less of earthly riches, and more
and more prise the Kingdom which the
Lord has promised to His faithful
one. All who attain this Kingdom
will be rich toward God In the highest
sense. Not only will they be rich in
the possession of the highest prize that
God has to give His very best but
rich in His character-likeness, rich in
experience, rich ln faith, rich ln be
nevolence, rich in all that is good and
great however poor they may have
been in earthly goods at the end of
their course.
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