Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 15, 1914, Page SIX, Image 6

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Morris' Prices
. tt-
.1 cans Carnation Af'lk 2-c
Inrge cau new ai'k little neck
clams ..15r
I'ent sugar cured hams, lb. Ulc
I 'km 5 sugar cured pick nick Hie
I test sugar cured harks, lb ii2-
.Best streaked heavy baron, lb 2-c
Koyal Crown 1.33
1'erfi-ction $1-13
3 cans Marigold milk 25c
4 pkg. Ami t Hammer soda 2,1c
No. 10 Sack Corn Meul 30c Carpentier Says He Is Ready for Qua
No. 10 Pack Buckwheat 45c
3 enns String Beans 25c
Host Crenmery lluttor 30c
Try our 30c Oof feo it ' a hummer.
1 gal. extra rhoict) peaches 35c.
1 (jul. eitra choice apples 30c
1 gnl. extra choice pours ...,3"c
2 pkgs. fresh raisins '. 15c
1 pkg. fresh currants 10c
:S"t fi tomatoes 2oo
3 cans line it.T -. .. 25"
1 can extra fine plnsnnpi. ioa
5 cans Clenrbrook peaches 50c
2 cans Clearbrook apricots 25c
2 cans Early June peas 25c
2 cans l.ibby sauerkraut 25c
2 cans prepared hominy 25c
5 cans Atlantic clams (very best) 50c
3 cans large fat oysters 25c
3 cans pink salmon 25c
2 cans Columbia river red salmon ....25c
1 can nice asparagus 15c
Keg I'ickles 85c
3 lb dried peaches 25c
C lbs. choice dried (runes ...25c
Mi gal. choice syrup 25;
No. 10 pure lu'rd $1.40
No. B pure lard 75c
No. 9 Compound 65c
Columbia eats ............... L..30c
Columbia wheat v....30e
5 lb. box marraroni
3 pkgs. Post Tostio 25c
i pli9 Krlnkle Coin Flakes 15c
(I bars Koyal White hoap .25c
(i bars Morris Host 25c
10 bars Kilt Savon sotp 25c
100-11) sack molluscs alt'ult'a meal $1.25
100 lb. sack plain alfalfa meal $1.15
Pack brau 75o
8ark shorts .$1.11
ltent rolled onts, sack 80c
Land Plaster by the sack or ton.
carry a full line of groceries and feed.
boat's Punch, and Smith That
He Has It In Stock.
And Wltl Refuse to Meet Any Live
Ones as Long as Possible Gossip
Says Welsh Is "High brow."
London, July 15. Gunboat Smith
and Georges Carpentier were both
ready today for their fight Thursday
night at Olympia. Netting was even.
Carpentier received a warm welcome
on his arrival and Manager Des Camps,
repreiicntiiig him, had hardly stepped
from his train before he was predicting
that the Frenchman would win by a
knockout inside of three rounds,
"I've been warned to look out for
Smith's punch," said Carpentier,
"Well, I'm ready."
"It takes only ono punch," Bnid
Smith. "I'll tniiirnnton to move fust
'10C I ,.,,, ... lr t . l'r.,nt;..r Imiv T at.
pert to will."
An attendance of 20,000 at the fight
was expected.
Movie Picture Tickets
Bring this ad with you.
lt.md. Phono Mnin 1 HIT.
By Hal Sheridan, .
New York, July 15. A dip into the
dupe book reveals the fact thut whwi
Freddie Welsh separated Willie liitchie
from his lightweight crown last week it
wns the first time in ten years that
KiiKlnud hus hail a world's boxing
cliiinipiiiii. or, to be exact, since Jem
Howker beat Frunkie Neil of San Fran
cisco for the bantam title in 1(104.
Welsh undoubtedly will jealously
guard the championship as long as pos
sible, picking up easy money in the
music hulls and sidestepping any really
dangerous opponents until forced In
ured and had the Donverite backing
up in the sixth. They both slowed up
in the seventh. Yoakum showed good
advantage in the eighth. His infight
ing in this round wns a surprise to
White and he eusily had a shade. Yoa
kum also had his own way in the next
two rounds.
In the eleventh Whito began to force
matters, jarring Yoakum with stiff
rights and lefts to the head and face
without a return. White cut loose in
the next four rounds and had Yoakum
at his mercy, raining jnbs, swings and
uppcrcuts almost at will. A hard right
to the jaw put Yoakum down for seven
seconds in the 19th. As he arose White
landed a succession of rights and lefts
to the head and Yoakum went down
for the count.
The fight drew about $12,000. White
was guaranteed $4,000, win, lose or
dra w.
Northwestern League Standings.
W. I.. P.C.
Spokane 50 33 .629
Vancouver 58 35 .624
Seattle 58 3tt .017
Victoria 37 55 .402
Portland 34 56 ,.373
Tacoma , 33 CI .351
Yesterday's Results.
At Tacoma Portland 4, Tacoma 1.
At Vancouver Vancouver 9, Victo
ria 0.
At Senttlc-Spokano 3, Seattlo 1.
Pacific Coast League Standings.
W. L. P.C.
I.os Angeles 58 45
Venice 53
Portland 49
'San Francisco 52
Sacramento 47
Oakland 39
Yesterday's Results.
At Portland Portland 7,
geles 2.
At Oakland Oakland 4, Sacramento
San Francisco failed to arrive at
Climbs Tour Flights of Stairs While
Frightened Occupants Crawl Under
Their Bed's or Flee Half Dressed.
I.os Angeles, Cal., July 15. Packey
McFarland is bearding the ferocious
grape fruit in its nativo southern Cal
ifornia lair today, picking n few orange
blossoms for his bride, and planning a
trip to Catalina Island for a ride in
a glass bottomed boat to watch the
tricks gold fish perform.
With his bride of less than a week,
the Chicago boxer nrrived here late
last evening and wns bowed into the
bridal suite of the Alexandria hotel. His
bridn, a pretty brunetto, aided him to
receive the dozens of callers that soon
sent up their names.
Packey took occasion to remark that
Freddio Welsh is likely to hold the
championship for some time to come,
adding that the only thing that would
entice him bnrk into tho ring would be
n chance to regain the title for Ameri
ca. "But the fellow who fights these 20
round California fights has to' have n
strong bnrk and a weak head," Packey
sagely added. "You've only got one
face so what's the use of letting anoth
er fellow spoil it for you?"
Los An-
I.os Angeles, Cal., Julv 15. The rel-
iative merits nf k'i.l I)nlt,, nn,i t
,.,,1.1; .:,, .I,,-,.,.- I,:- i i It, ,
Corner Morris Avenue and Fairground v .1 ! , " ' V. V " '. i, ' . i: ! ," K remained un-
, i due s a.'tivtties in the quince orchnrd, stirring four-round drnw in the meeting
; but Willie never had unything on Fred- j before Joe Lew's four-round club Inst
.die in picking the soft ones or as a col- night. Thev probablv will be matched
lector of easy money. again. The pork and t.ean brigade en-
I A story is going the rounds of . tertnined with six preliminaries.
j ) eisn s HNXll'IV IIUl io ovenooK uiiy-i
: thing. When he won the F.nglish light- 1 miiihi i
weight title some years ago, Welsh
wanted nn automobile. He suggested
coyly to an Kuglish firm that it would
be a great advertisement for their ears
if the champion rode in one of them, I
and that if he were presented with one I
he would consent to use it. The firm
g ( the publieitv without cost bv pub-
i;i,;,, i.v..,i.i;.. !.,.,, i',,.i,..i.i.
wuiou; win lUno riiy property as part y h ""' '"show ' Dave Fultz AM H 11 PO
payment; price 2)!). '; urn machine now. ! and so on everv dnv. Mack there wit:,
: St.-l'M lllii ('llwit.l'.il.l I Will'
in; or the .id type t plug-ugly chum-' )llvi i,,,,,, his ,ail,0.lnj,Mill 8wav,
piou. lie is a near-vegetarian, having , whiu, nnt 01.isi., m- i, s i
At New York Chicago-New York
game postponed; rain.
At Philadelphia St. Louis-Philadelphia
gamo postponed; rain.
i ' R. H. E.
Cleveland 12 2
Boston 2 8 1
Stecn and O'Neill; Shore and Cndy.
R. H. K.
Detroit 2 8 0
Washington 0 8 4
Dubuc, and .Stanage; Ayers and Hen
ry, Williams.
At Pittsburg Brooklyn-Pittsburg
gnaio postponed; wet grounds.
First game R. H. E.
Philadelphia 5 11 0
Cincinnati 3 9 1
Alexander and Killifer; Yingling,
Schneider and Irwin, Gonzales.
R. H. E.
,. 1 3 1
IOi acres of timber laud close to
Oregon Electric railroad; will trade
for city property; price $00 per acre
10 acres of good land all under culti-
Dave Fultz
By A. M. Corrigan.
! Red McGhee says:
Koine years ago
Welsh's victory emphasized the pass
cm oil eiiTing meat niiinv years uiro.
! ex, -opt a little chicken occasionally. He
is well read, intelligent mid iltogether
the latest style of high brow boxer.
Between rounds of u match, instead of
spirituous, Freddie takes merely n sip
. of weak tea. When he wins u bout he
; cables the king of England eongratu
' luting him on having such a groat
; fighter among his loyal subjects. When
; in training he receives frequently nd-
'vi'e and counsel from Lord Lonsdale.
. ii,,., , it'"' foremost English patron of the
1 acre of good land, family orchard, j ,jn,
well, located on main ui.endani road ; Wforr- Kitchie and Welsh went iu
lead,, g into Sa em; pru e .,0 ,lu, ,,,, ri Hll(ll.rsf,l0l
iotcr'e'T ,an, O10IH,r,,' "lh' 0 h,l made nn agreement for a second
j match to be staged in California. Box
20 acres nf onn.l Inn 1 i,,-nrk- oil' ing experts here agreed thnt there wns
tinder cultivation. 5 aero nf !i,.'.irim 'little chance, however, of this auree- i were better days by far. While porin
peach orchard, land has good diainsgo. ; ni,''t bring fulfilled, at least for n long , over aom, ' ' tome he'd think he hoard:
fine building site., 3..j miles from ! t'' to come. i'Mli; shoot it home!" The diamond
fjiTeiueii to can. i-u nuve set out to or
ganize some sort of club for all the
guys who still were plnviu' ball.
Denver, Colo., Julv 15. With the The boya took to the hunch wi gloe
scalp of Stanley Yoakum, Denver's
a acres good land nearly all under
vution four miles from Salem and close
to lailrond station; price $"); $L'o
down, balance $o per month.
5 acres good land nearly al under
cultivation, house und bain all kinds
of fruit, sightly location, close to Mreet
enr line; will take good city piopcrty
in exinatige.
5 acres of good laud, ali under culti
vation, good fruit or berry land; will
i:iie city lot as part payment; price
played above the
nv 'inge run while
he was in the game.
And when Davie's
speed began to
slack he wandered
off the outfield
track to sliort-eut
into fame.
"The law" said
Dave, "is where 1
will shiae." And
straight -way he
iiiing out bis sign
as member of the
bar. But actiou
didii 't come so fnst
an' Davie thought
the days gone past
It. E.
5 2
8 2
At Brooklyn Pittsburg-Brooklyn
game postponed; ruin.
First game
Krapp and Blair; Suggs,
and Jucklitsch.
Second game
Baltimore .
Morau and Lavigne; (uinii and Jack
litsch. Called for teum to catch train 7th.
R. II. E.
St. Louis 0 7 3
Chiengo n 13 1
Keupper and Chapman; Lango nnd
H. II. E.
Indianapolis .' 2 7 2
Kansas City 7 8 0
McConnaughey, Unridan and War
ren; Harris and Easterly,
San Francisco, July 15. A wild bull,
accompanied by a companion of the op
posite gender, broke out of a herd be
longing to William Schaeffer on the
waterfront early today and started up
Market street. Two cowboys pursued
and at Pine street succeeded in throw
ing a riata over the borns of the cow,
threw and hog-tied . her at the curb
while they continued the chase-after
the bull.
At Mason street, the bull turned in
to an apartment house and started up
the front steps to the second floor. Oc
cupants hearing the crash at the door
and then thundering root fa Us on the
steps began a wild exodus. The in
truder continued his ascent up four
flights of stairs to the top floor. The
occupants of the building below him
wore able to escape down the stairs af
ter the bull had passed up, but those
on the fourth floor had cither to 'get
out by the fire escape or remain in
their rooms. Mrs. M. Murray opened
the door of her apartment to find that
exit was blocked by the infuriated in
vader. Terror stricken, she slammed
tho door, locked it and retreated to the
folding bed, where she took refuge.
Mrs. E. Kennedy sought shelter with
her two children in a closet.
Meanwhile a procession of half-clad
apartment dwellers arrived at the po
lice station, where numerous telephone
alarms had preceded them. Finally the
police wcro convinced that lives were
in danger and a squad of bluecoats was
dispatched. When they arrived at the
partially demolished apartment house,
the two vaqueros had their ropes over
the horns of the bull and were slowly
coaxing him down the steps.
Seattle Mayor Turns Over the City to
TUikuma With Instructions to "do
To It" A Fine Program ProTided.
. Seattle, Wash'., July 15. Seattle 's
Golden Potlatch celebration opened at
noon today wuen Mayor Gill surren
dered the city to the Tilikums of Elt
taes, with instructions to "go it, boys."
Hosts of visitors from northwest
cities have arrived for the festivities.
The city is in gala attire with unique
Potlatch bugs grinning from every win
dow. Totem poles adorn lamp posts
and a maze of bunting and banners add
a holiday appearance.
Silas Christofferson the California
aviator, is here for daily flights. Alys
McKey-Bryant, whose nusband Johnny
Bryant, was killed in a flight at Vic
toria last fall, will re-enter the aviation
gamo here in an attempt to make a new
altitude record for women.
A long distance international cruiser
race from Vancouver, ti. C. to Seattle;
yaciit races for the Loptou cup, auto
mobile contosts in which the speed
kings of the country will take part,
auto polo, magnificent parades and a
mardi gras celebration with the tango
in action on Second avenue are some
of the big features of this year's cele
Chicago, July 15. With each side in
sisting that it will nut ask for arbitra
tion, general managers of the western
railroads making Chicago their head
quarters and representatives of their
80,000 employes resumed their confer
ence today.
Despite . their anti-arbitration utter
ances, it was generally believed media
tion would finally bring about a set
tlement. The managers argued that reecnt leg
islation has reduced their lines' earn
ings and that they could not possibly
grant the men's demands. Tho men
donied this.
New Market, Eng., July 15. Harry
Payne Whitney of New York won two
races at the meeting here today. His
Harmonicon took the July handicap,
worth $2500. BanduBk finished first in
another race and Sandman, also owned
by Whitney, was second in a third contest.
Other people's troubles bore a man
more than his own.
- rffi-.'.Vi I 111 I
The East Oregoninn of Monday says:
"Deputy Sheriff George McDuffee,
who was wounded during the fight with
the hold up men on train No. 5 on the
O.-W. K. Jc N. two weeks ago, left for
his home at Heppner yesterday morn
ing. The wound which was superficial
jnaa neaiou heautitulry and the eompli
I cations which were feared at first were
I happily avoided. The denutv sheriff!
expressed himself as feeling "in excel
lent health nnd was full of praise for
the way ho has been treated nt St.
Antluny hospital nnd by the friends
he made while there. He said that he
was hopeful of being able to return to
Pendleton this year to see the Kound
Salem; price $:I75D.
C-room house, corner lot, east front,
bearing fruit, store house, close to
Bchool; price. f.ifJO. This is a snap.
If you want to buy trsdo or sell see
lightweight hope, dangling at his belt,
Charley White prepared today to start
tomorrow for San Francisco, where he
is matched to box Joe Ar.evedo August
7. White won on a knockout in the
nineteenth round.
Whito hud entirely too much class
for Yoakum, although the latter put up
a game, aggressive battle and held the
Chicagonn eveu for the first four
rounds. In the fifth White jarred Yoa
kum with a hard right ewingjo the
and now the big fraternity has Davie
as its boss. He guards their welfare,
fights their fights an helps to see tin'
get their rights he puts their claims
across. Some folks call Dave a med
illiu' fool who ought to be sent back to
school to learn how to behave. But he
just lets 'em throw their fit. "'Thev
nave their view an" stick to it. Wei,
1 have mine," says Dave.
It la awful to think of the vast
horde of unhappy bachelors who have
been unable to secure June brides.
Thirty-two people in six machines
! left here Sunday morning to spend the 1
uny nt u unoit. i
The Indian Brook farm looks "brand j
new" with Alex. Doerfler as decora
tor, j
Chas. McElhaney is expected home
from Breitenbush Tuesday. i
The meeting held at Silverton atur-;
day in regard to building a grain ware- j
house there was attended by Mathew j
Gibson, Jake Frank and Martin Doer
fler of this local. , I
Julius Kreni and daughter, Millie,!
Jar home again from their visit with!
'relatives in Spokane).
If a girl knows she's pretty her!
knowledge isn't due to the fact that
j some other girl ever told her, I
Millions of smokers
prefer the cigarettes
they roll for themselves
from ripe, mellow
to any ready-made cigarettes they can buy.
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revelation. Their rich fragrance and mellow
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Roll your own and
enjov the most satisfying
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