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News of Marion County
Turner, May 19. (ieorgo Mooru, who
has been conf ineil to his homo for ov
era! weeks, with ai. attack of pneu
monia, is reported much improved ami
a speedy recovery is hoped for, especial-'
ly by the city council, where ho i,('onl Creek where they will spend sev
needed to help complete the plans for oral. days fishing.
tho proposed wator system. W. C. Unesel of the !5 10, 15 aaid 23
Several Htndents from Turner went; cent stor, was surprised Thursday by
to Corvallia Saturday to visit the Stat i his brother H. C (iriesel, of Seattle
Agricultural School and attend tho .dropping iu on him for a visit of a few
track meet. Arthur Kdwnnls and days.
family, (leo. P. Booth and family, Mrs. j Miss K. N'. Hall returned after speud
'ora IJtirk, John Schaffer and family, : lug several days with friends at Port
Grace and Clarence Kobertson, (ilenjlnnd.
Miller and Eddie and Clara Ahrens! . T,. Magnusen left this weok for
were ineludco. in the, party, who motored! Nebraska where ho will visit several
over Saturday morning.
Mrs. .1. M. Heck went to Kugeiio
Woluesday evening to spend a week
irith her son and wife Mr. and Mrs.!
J.dwin Dock, who spent tho week end :
or last week with their parents at
The Turner school will close next
Friday with a picnic for tho teachers
and pupils. 1'nrcnts are requested to
come with filled baskets and help to
make the day a pleasant one. I'reoed;
ing the picnic, an entertainment will
be given by tho school on Thursday
night in tho Masonic hall. j
The rresbytenan Missionary society,
will meet on Thursday afcrnoon May.
21st, at the home of Mrs. Geo tMlooth. I
All mmbcrs are requested to bo
proseut. j
. r . "T '
.1117 Miaiu jininiu miivuif nMii,, nil;
Week-end with, her parents.
Cecil Kodgors was culled to tho Train
ing school Sunday morning to aid in
the earch for the runaway boys.
Mrs. Mickey, Mis. Henry Karl aniajtho am0 for
Mrr. Gunning, Sr., wero appointed dele
. gnttu to tho county convention of tho
.W. P. T. U. to bo nold at Salem Tues
day and Wednesday cf this week.
The city of Turner continues to mi
prove whic h is snowu by the appearance Ki(lll(,v Vin nre n fine ki(, modi.
of cement walk In front of tho It. O. cin0 ;1(1 i willingly recommend them."
Thomas residence; also In front nnd, 1ri(,u fioo, at all dealers. Don't
along one side of tho Masonic, hull. I his Hi ,v k for a kl(lnpv TOme,iyK(,t
Improvement adds greatly to the al-'Doan's Kidney Tills tlio snme that
ready beautiful home of It. O. Thomas. Mr wint lluU Foster-Milburn Co.,
".. ,M..Kiii. M.t iu B
Overland Sunday, from Sulein. This,
means no mora work for Hen.
Mrs. Hriggs went to Marysvillo. Culi
fornia to visit her little girl, who is
attending school at that place.
Mrs. Henry Karl cxpoctfi to leave for
the cast on Sunday, May .With, where
she expects to visit her old home at
Philadelphia, I'll., nlso a friend nt
Washington, 1). P.
Mrs. J. F. Lylo enme up from Spring
field and spent. Sunday with her hus
fand who is clerking in Moore Ilro.'s
Nollio Hunt and lletn McCol-iiiick
took in tho Hulls-Kioto circus in 'Salem
Fred t'uytoii returned alter spending
a week in Silvei'toii. '
Glen Mc(!onigal, Harold Miller nnd
Raymond Nehl loft Friday for a f.w
days' li"liiiiir (rip. They will return,
the first of the week,
Mr. R. I''. Hill spent Thursday with,
irieniis in iiiiiem, mm wnno mere, iney I
took in the circus.
Mr. Kcnatcad has been in Kasteru
Oregon on business this week.
Cleive Gall.ruilh has accepted a posi ;!
tion in tMlvoi'tou and expects to remain
during the immnior.
Mr. and Mrs. . (.'. Althnns and daugh
ter Helen lelt Saturdiiy for I'ortlnnd
where they will visit a few days with
Mrs. Althiius' parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. B. Wilson. Thev expect, to return
the first of tho week In Mr. Wilson's j
cnr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson will return
with Mr. and Mrs. Althaus and make
them a few days' visit. .
Misses Avon Mr Kinney, Xellie nnd
Gladys Hinklev Mrs. H. Alleinnu and
Mrs. W. T. Jenkins, of Woodlnirn, i
visited friends in Salem Thursday audi
whilo there took iji tho Sells-Kioto eir-!
Miss May Hequire of Gervais visited,
friends here Friday. I
Mrs. F. W. Sett lender anil Mrs. G. H.
Beebn presided at a very delightful f
gathering ut tho homo of the former. from Multnomah; suit for damages for
Tho affair was given in honor of the j injury sustained by plaintiff's tugboat
hostesses' birthday. Tho hall was from striking submerged piling, re
decorated in pink roses arid ivy, the j versed,
reception room in white roses and snow The court held thnt it is the dutv of
balls. The den was decked iu red
roses and the dining room in yellow
marigolds and California popppies.
Twelve tables of Bridge were played.
Prizes were won by Mrs. Hlaitio McCord
nd Mrs. Olin IOVfl. The consolation
fell to Miss Kleanor Wright. A delici
ous lunch was served by the hostess,
assisted by Mrs. A. A. Dudley. Little
Margalret Poornuin received the guests.
Tk Hood' SarMparllla. tha Old
Reliable Spring Tonlo.
Don't let tbo idea that you may
Joel better in a day or two prevent
you from potting a bottlo of Hood's
Sarsapnrilla today from any drug
store and starting at once on tho
road to health and strength. -
When your blood ia impure nnd
impoverished it lacks vitality, your
.digestion is poor, nnd all the func
tions of your body are impaired.
Ilood's Snrsnpnrilla is tho great
est known blood tonic. It will build
you up quicker than any other medi
cine. Jt gives strength to do nnd
power to endure. It is the old
standard tried and true all-thc-year-round
blood purilier nnd enrielior,
tonic and appetizer. Nothing else
arts like it, for nothing else has the
same formula or ingredients. Be
nre to ask for Hood 's, get it today,
and begin taking it at once.
A number of out of town guests wore
Mm. O. A. Xemlli, who was oper
ated upon several weeks ago in I'ort
lnnd, returned homo Saturday.
Mr. H. K. Uruiie, Mr. V., (1. Kminett
ami K
1. Stnnard left Thurslav for'
weeks with friends and relatives,
C C. ('oninuuk, Lyman Shorey and
Clyde! Thomas aro spending a pleasant
week fishing ou tho north fork of the
How Bad Backs Ilavo Been Made
Strong Kidney Ills Corrected.
An ov,,r Sulem you hear it. Donn's
Killll),y iiu Bre koPI,lnB up the good
work Hllira people are telling about
it tulliiiR of bad backs mado sound
jn Yot c(in t)(,,i(.vc , tMtirflony
()f townHpU()I,ic. They tell
,t fot tho belu.fit of who ttr mf.
orig. If your back aches, if you feel
lame, sore and misemble, if the kidneys
act too frequently, or
passages are
painful, scanty and off color, uso
Uoan's Kidney Tills, the remedy that
has helped so many of our friends nnd
neighbors. Follow this Salem citizen's
advice and givo Doan's a c bunco to do
Joseph Whit, fi(iS High street, Sulem,
Ore., says: "My kidneys wero disor
dered and my back seemed to lose its
strength. Dean's Kidney Tills soon fix-
id mil tin nil rtirhf. T kimw thuf Tlnsn'i
I'iDiis.. Hurra o. JN. Y.
ore:; on supreme court
hands down decisions
Petition lor Rehoaiins In Case cf Wal
lace & Co. Against J. W. r erg neon,
Is Sustained.
Fifteen opinions were handed down i
this morning by the supreme court but
none of them of jircnt public importance.
They were as follows:
Guy i. Wnllu'ce & Company against
J. W. Ferguson, Insurance CoinniiKsioner
for Oregon, petition lor a rehearing,
former opinion sustained. Justice Bur
nett writing the opinion.
.1. H. Klwert, appellant vs. William
lieid et ill.; appealed from Multnomah;
petition for rehearing, denied.
Cornelius Tnnseth, appellant vs. Tort-
bind linilwuy, iiight, (i l'owcr Company;
appealed from Multnomah; action to
recover damages for personal injuries,
J'nnl 1inliier et nl., vs. Klwood Wiles,
nppe:iitur; nppenle t trom .Multnomah;
action to recover damage for persoanl
injuries, reversed.
State of Oregon vs. John M. Mel'hor
son, appellant: appealer from Crook:
charged with larceny of a mare, re- j
versed. ,
A. Itettencourt, appellant vs. Enosl
Tlettercourt; appealed from Multnomah; !
suit for nit accounting, modified. I
State of Oregon vs. Dick (Inrrett. et
nl., appellants; appealed from Crook;
charged with the larceny of a steor,
H. G. Lane vs. W. O. Myers, et a!., ap
pellants; appealed from Jackson; suit
to cancel a deed, modified.
In the matter of the application of
R. tl. Case for a writ of habeas corpus,
tho supreme court adhered to a former
decision sustaining the low providing
for licensing peddlers.
O. K. Ilaskin vs. Marion county, ap
pellant; petition for rehearing, denied.
tlostord transportation Company, ni
pollnnt vs. Citv of I'ortlnnd: appealed
the city to keep tho river free from oh
Andrew Heckela, appepllant vs. Coos
Hay Liquor Company; appealed from
Coos; action for replevin, affirmed.
Pacific ltriclge Company vs. Hiver
side Hock Company; appellant; appealed
from Multnomah; action to recover rent
for a steam shovel, affirmed.
John Y. Richardson vs. I'ortlnnd Rail
way, Light & Tower Company, appel
lant; appealed from Multnomah; unit to
recover damages fur the death of B. S.
Sereven, reversed.
A. M. Stewart, et al., Appellant vs. H.
J. Fisher, et al.; appealed from Mult
nomah; suit to foreclose lien for labor
and material reversed.
London, May 20, Nearly five hun
dred enthusiastic collectors of postage
stamps assembled heie todav under the
presidency of M. I'. Castle, for the
British Philatelists' congress, and for
three days the wonders of the pictorial
efforts of the I'niversal Postal union
will be discussed, classified and catal
ogued. King George, who is a keen
collector, and who possesses one of the
finest collections in the world, will not
attend, but ho has invited his brother
philateliats to visit Windsor Castle to
morrow. To the it nernl regret, the
royal collection, which is now being
catalogued at Huckiiigham palace, will
not be on view, but the king has prom
ised to publish his catalogue ns soon
as it is finished. A reception tonight,
a banquet tomorrow night at the Aro
cadero restaurant, ami a garden party
on Friday at the Sevenoaks resilience
of President Castle, are included iu the
The house plans to adjourn by July
Memorial Services To Be
Held Sunday at the Armory
!''-'' '--- . . ...i . . ......
DR. 0. E. CLINE,
Memorial day will be celebrated by '
Sedgwick post, 0. A. R., tho Ladies of
the G. A. K., and Women's Relief corps !
Sunday afternoon at the armorv, when
an address will be given by Eev. Dr.
C. K. Clinc, of Portland. Tho services
:11 begin nt nnd Dr. James Lisle,'
chaplain of tho local post, will ope it
the meeting. Dean Mendenhnli, of the
Willamette university school of music;
will havea special program for tho
occasion nnd tiic Sabm militia company
will occupy tho front Beats. I
It is expected that a large crowd
will be present to hear Dr. ('line, as
ho is well known personally in this city
and was formerly a member of the
Sedgwick post. As usual this year a
Mellen'g Judgment Will Be Criticized
Regrading Value of Westchester Road
Nothing Criminal Revealed Yet.
Washington, Mnv 20. Justification
will bo tho plea voiced by Willinm O.
Rockefeller nnd otlur financiers to
charges by Charles S. Mellen, former;
president of the New York, .New Ha-;
ven & Hartford railroad, before the in-j
teistuto commerce commission, that the
New Haven paid uiiliions for tho West- j
Chester line when in reality tho stock,
according to Mellen, was not worth
more than "ten cents a pound." I
Mellen 's judgment' will be criticized
by the financiers, who will nlso assert,
ti.at the Westeheslir road is a six
truck, hiyh power line nnd eventually j
will be worth three times its original
co-t. j
Attorneys for the financiers insist;
that no act on which criminal proced
ings could be based has been divulged. ,
They any it is solely a question of!
whether the New Haven company paid ,
too much for the Westchester road.
Joseph W, Folk, chief counsel fori
the commission, questioned Mellen nt
length when today's session opened, :
regarding ;iK),ntH) in notes given by ;
tho Boston Herald, a newspaper, to the
New Knglnnd Navigation company aud ;
later turned over to the Billard com-;
pany. Folk tried to show a connection J
between tho lonn nnd the passage by
tho state legislature of a bill author-!
izing the New Ha,ven system to take1
over the Boston and Mnine road. Mel-i
len, however, flatly denied that the1!
New Haven rotnpnny forced the pass-
age of the bill.
Melleu said the teal trouble in the;
New Haven-Boston and Maine merger!
was the latter 's ownership of trolly
lines. This, he said, started the orig-
inal criticism of the amalgamation. The
witness also denied that the profits
resulting from the dinl exceeded $2,00,-1
000. 1
Four-Year-Old Daughter Trapped on
Third Floor and Burned Little Hopo
fcr Recovery. !
St. I ""is, Mo., May 20. Mrs. ttcbee
cn, SU.-, aged 24, and her ii-year-olc
son Mori is met death today in a fire
which destroyed a three-story frame
building here. A 4-year-old daughter,
who was trapped with iier mother nun
! brother ou the third tloor, was ro bndlv
burned that physicians hold out little
hope for her recovery. The building
was occupied by three families ami sev
eral other persons were serionslv burn
ed. Use the most efficient busi
ness methods to supply your
wants and that method is a
Want Ad in this paper. Cut
the cornersdeal direct.
Slaves to fashion iu dress are to be
pitied rather than enviefl.
number of the local members of the
G. A. R. will address the pupils of the
public schools, and the exercises in ob
servation of Memornl day will be
brought to a fitting close by the ad
dles at the armory.
Dr. ('line was a n. ember of Company
D, Seventh llfViis infantry; Company
E, First Illinois cavalry, and of tho
First Minnesota baUery during the re
bellion. Ho is known to bo an inter
esting mid entertain in:; speaker and
can bo counted upon to do justice to
the occasion of honoring the d.nd who
served tho flag and to instill a whole
some respect into the hearts of the
younger generations for the colors of
the Union.
Turks Want Their Languago Spoken in
! Albanian Sch?bls, Which Would be
Unpopular With Christians.
Durazzo, Albania, May 20. Backed
by the !5(UI Austrian nnd Italian ma
rines landed here at his request, King
William, Albania's new ruler, was in
control of tho situation in Durazzo to
day. There were grive fears, however,
of en uprising throughout the entire
country, which it would require a large
foreign army to quell.
Tho immediate cause of the trouble
in Durazzo was a demand made on
King William through Kssad Pasha,
who was instrumental in placing the
new moiinrch'on tho throne, that the
Turkish language be 'the talk in the
Albanian schools. This would hnvo
been so unpopular with tho Albanian
Christians tliat William refused.
The result was a revolt by tho 5,000
Mohammedans in Durazzo and an at
tack on William's palace, Kssad firing
the first shot. Willinm asked the com
manders of the Italian nnd Austrian
warships in the harbor for aid, ma,
rines were landed nnd Kssad was ar
rested and was held prisoner today on
the Austrinn cruiser Szigetvar.
Berry Hallocks
Have a limited stock of the
old style hallocks la stock today
and expect more tomorrow. Also
Seed Corn
Xow is the time toV'nt DBt
see I corn and we can still offer
a good selection of both Oregon J
grown and eastern corn. Ail
tested for germination. t
x :
Garden Plants
J A conn lete titoek of Tomatoes, 4
X Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Cei- J
4 cry, Sweet I'etatoes, Peppers,
etc., now on hand. Tlants aro X
$t own especially for us and are
verv fine.
D. A. White & Sons :
231 Sol State 'St.' Phone 31. 100.
Sa'.e-u. Otigou.
t44 4444444444444444444444
Rod and Gun Club Hold Successful
Tournament Officers Elected at
Marion Hotel Yesterday.
The final tlioot of the annual tour
nauient which was held Here tins neeii
I y the ii.embtrs of the Uregun State
sportsmen a u.-sociation, finished up i
with a great deal et cxeiteuicut yes- :
tenlny uiternoon, halein eliiniun; one!
imdal, Kugeuj three, Portland one and 1
llroliain one. Henry Vcatrii, who whs
niiiuaeer of tile toiiriiuinent, and a Sa
lem "yuu inuii," w in lionora lor the
Capital City.
A meeting was held at the Hotel;
-Marion by the members of the asso
ciation lust niht, amf the.iidlowiug i
officers wero elected to servo for the 1
ensuing vear: 11. I'. Wihlen of ti res-1
ham, president; Henry Veatch, of S.v 1
Icin, viee-pre.-'idcut, and K. A.
ui r.uuene, secreiiirv-treasuier.
The !
.VL Ai. Hull, liugenej Hr. 8eeley, iled
torn; u. Hallott, Albany; Win.
tainwell, rortland, and V. Lewis. La-1
Tho matter of selecting tho next 1 Material Uscd Show Variety and Beau
place for the annual tournament was ! ty Can Be Secured By U3iug Nativo
lett in the i.ands ot the members of I
too uoanl of direetois to decide.
The Scores Yesterd.-.v.
Amateurs sf.
j , ' day day Total j
J. fceayoy, Lunette l;l) 112 2X1 ;
ii u hingrcn. Spokane Ml 142 '2S3 !
.'." "'oa'is f iu Hi; L'S2:
H. Whiloll. Utcshnm U.l I lil oii.
Don Morrison, I'ortlnnd 113 141 2m
l'- 11 O'lirien, l'ort land 137 133 L', i)
t. li, Morris, J'ortland l,'!j 12S 2(i3
W. A. Dnlrymple, Saicm 120 131 2o'0
D. W. Fleet, .lontesnno....l2.) 123 24S
Frank Van Atta, Vane 'ver.. 134 l.'lj 211!)
Gregory, Vancouver, Vn...123 12!l 2o2
Fiank Troch, Vancouver....l3i) I U "so
Ben Hell, Vaeolt Wn 131 132 263
iv. t aniwe II. l'ort ami iu i-.t .
t. vi . " -"''Dime ny ruieiu com rHciors, rue iinii
li n I" ! lot i.U -'t)l-
II. it. AVUrdinL'. Portland 1'Tl loo 01-
Al S.'quin, I'ortlnnd....... 120 lHiinc
P. J. Baltimore,. Albany 105 123 22s
H. O. He. kart, Eugene 115 10!) "'4
u-1"' ,,M- "gene....1!) 133 259
w. V. MeCornack, K.igcne..l37 130 273
h. A. Bean, Kugeno 1 in 137 250
thns. Deierling, Eugene 123 127 25o
O. D. Thornton, I'ortland..l2!) 132 "Bl
r V.Xls0"' Vat'olt- Was''..l23 134 2tiS
W. (J. linllock, Albany 122 117 2;!n
K. A. Leininger, Albany 112 121 :!;;
K A. Hackelman, Albanv.,135 127 252
Jack Converse, Portland...!) 119 24S
C. Ii, Thacker, Chehalis 11!) 3l o0
Mark Siddall, Salem 12S 132 2(i0
H. 1L Veatch, Salem 139 i;;o o-t
C. K. Feller, Hubbard 112 121 233
j- '.V J;0"1' battle.... 117 Fill 293
r r i"- ' m HO -9H 24, for tlio Moose and their families.
w a iVm- ' t!cntMo 1:12 1-P- 274 A s.ecinl train will leavo I'uion street
i ' pi. i ' lortlan(1 11:1 HO 2S3 at 9 o'clock in tho morning nnd the
J. f-beid, Portland 133 122 255 entiro day will be spent in the picnic
, Ar,mi11. Portland.. 11!) 133 252 grovo which will be given over to the
p i ,lon"" L'W 135 273 ! keenest enjovment of the part v. It is
V r I,lVll'" 1,urt,a,"l J-2 113 285 expected that tAout MO will uttend the
" Ru'"'i Taeoma.. ....... ...lit) M0.2SU joilificntion and an impromteu prog
Scores Of lllell. eoilllli.tii... l.. r,.m Tvill V,n mmlr.,-,.,1 fnr tlw.lr o,i..r.
dm. ( i. 1 "V iaai
t-'. P. Trocii, Vancouver.
( hicago, May 20.-Chicago sweltered
today in one of the hottest Mav dav3
in years. The thermometer on top "of
the federal buildin? registered SO de
grees, whilo instruments on the street
level mounted to S.I. The weather lm
reau held out no promise of immediate
The first heat victim of the vear was
reported here today when Tin. ,,,,, p;.
minghnm, aged fiD "years, dropped dead
in Ins office in tho C)ii..n,r,i t,:i
..... iiiuiuit
ouiiduig. Heart failure. sunerinilnccH
by the intensely hot weather, was ro-
Charleston, W. Va., May 20. With
several hundred delegates in attend
ance, the Republican State convention
was called in this city today bv Chair
man Thomas J. Sherrard. "Changes in
rules coverniniT nioi.finn e ji
vx ui-U-.llCS
to the next national convention nnd
changes in tho basis of representation
i were matters scheduled for discussion
I In connection with tho apportion
jincnt of delegates to the present con
I veution. it wns untied thnt i. j:
... viuu Ills-
tnci was represented Dv one delegate
for each 250 voters contributing to the
combined vote of the Republicans nnd
1 rogressivcs in the last general elec
tion. ,
New York, May 20. Discussion of
legislative issues affecting industries,
with James A. Emmery as the princi
pal speaker, wns theimportant business
before the second and closing sessions
of the nineteenth annual convention of
the National Association of Manufac
turers here today. ReportB on legisla
tive issues were inn.ln ,v :w-
t t ......... , uilllll l n ,-f
on immigration, uniform stato laws
patents, etc.
I ( J. Modzikhovjky. commercial at
jtaehe to the Imperial Russian embassy
,at. Washington. Manuel Gonzales. Y
i consul general for Costra Rica in Xew
ork, and other prominent men, spoke
;on expert trade opportunities in KnS.
8ia. South America and West Africa,
i ""novation has been planned for
.... . .nUSu,-t luuiKiii w i:cn tho wives '
,80.1 daughters of the attending dele-''
".'in vifirnrr will he seated at
the regular tables instead ef in the
galleries as heretofore. Among the
speakers at the bajxpiot will be Curtis i
Guild, formerly governor of Massachus
etts, ami later ambassador to KrssiaJ
One of the interesting side features :
diimig the crinentiin tins been an
: elaborate exhibit devoted to the var
ious phases ef fire protcetiin in Tae-1
. tories and all industrial plants.
j ' ' . j
j Journal Want Ads are a-'
; ways on the job. Cent a word ,
first insertion, half cent there:
! after. !
Woman Is
No woman wnntt tnlonk old. Many i.i ttirr ffort to lock
yoi;Ui!ul resort loli3"b.aulyiKwl. ii'Bh.-ri.lw.u.l ..r.i..J
lake in ll.at Ih v vuit llie wrong department in the dru -iter'.
Biuiy ticpt-nds nn health.
Worry, rlwplcat night. hc:iilnln'j. r:-.nr. d sonUif. i-r '-ra-laritiM
nnd wistknc of a uisum-lly feminine cwrict: i a
h,irt lime bria thortuli eye tho "crow's feet,' the hatsarj
look, droopin nh. ul'IeH. anJ thu falMina ti p.
To retain ihea'ne:iran"A i t youth oJ mutl retilr. hca'th.
Instead of Ijtk'nj, powdorn u:U paiun, aek your druunut f J
Favorite Prescription
This far.ioul nipdie'ne strik.l nt tho very mot cf tl'.cso
rnemiea of ycur youthful npconranee. It niaVca jca not
only took yo..nr, but fct ycui.j.
Vur dru?irlt can 3op,'iy you In ll-j-'ldortohlet lanrarrul
BUMit-centfllnmrt tar r. InilOi KcUl rd LizT-
Steal liutltuM. Bullato, M.Y. a0 ri b will ba mailud o
Owinir to the election and
ithines the new store window and front
at the l'atton broflirrs' bookstore has
m)t he'en mentioned in this family .iour-jof
yet it is well worth more than
nnssiiiL' mention, for it is not only a
beautiful window out it is (.irrgon-1 tore with ingestion is an excess or acid,
made by Oregon pet.ple. The ratton i usually eaused by food fermentation,
boys have been in business i:i Salem j Food fermentation is due to chemical
for 2(i years and all that time in the action in the food itself. This fcrmen
bulding' at present occupied by them, tntinn causes tho formation of gns. or
and Hal remarked that he thought the wind, as well a acid, resulting in the
faithful old window needed and had
earned tho very latest and best in th -
wnv of stylo and dress.
The winilow
was designed by Salem
....... ..'.... ' ... . .... ...:
work being done by Salem shops, the
marblo coming from tiie famous black
niarblo quarries of Wallowa, county,
and the first book to be displayed in
it was written in Salem by a Salem
man, printed and bound in Oregon, and
is mostly about Oregon and Oregon
people, even its title being in tho Ore
gon jargon. It was Mr. Crndlebaugh's
little book of poenia entitled "Xyeona
Klosho lllnhee."
Trip to Black Rock for Day Closo to
to Naturo Will Be Taken Sunday.
Tho Salem lodge of tho I.ovnl Order
I of Moose will givo an excursion nnd
! picnic to Black Rock on Sunday, May
tninmeiit. The committee in charge of
the affair consists of Fred Day, B. F.
West, Thomas Brown, Hoy Wassom,
Frank MeGce, Lloyd Bubington, Geo.
Orey, Leo Ateheson and Chris Schuninn.
A special rate for the round trip will
be offered on this occasion and the
train will stop nt tho convenience of
the picnickers. The return trip will
be started at 6 o'clock p. m.
Los Angclrs, Cab, May 20. Tha ro
mance of J. Tah'ula, Japanese, enme to
an abrupt ond today when Miss Mil
dred Ryan, a pretty cashier at a motion
picture house here, tile object of his
dovotioii) secured his arrest. f?ho comi
p'ained that he blocked tho line be
i fore her wicket bv haltine to protect.
- r:--,-.'--
! amorous glnnces and throw kisses
"trough the glass. Tjhaida was fined
if 10 with a jail alternative.'
Notice is hereby given that tho Com
mon Council of the City of Salem, Uro
gon, invites sealed bids for tho mak
ing of nn improvement of the alley in
block -1 in the City of Salem, Oregon,
from Chemeketn street to Center
Street with 6" Portland cement gra
vel concreto pavement, C crushed
rock Portland cement concrete pave
ment or El Oso No. 2, consisting of i"
hydraulic cement concreto base and
El Oso nsphultic concrete wear
ing surface, in accordance with the
plans, specifications and estimutes on
file in the office of the Citv Recorder
of said City, which are hereby refer
red to and made a part of this notice.
Said bids will be opened on or after
the first day of June, 1914, at or about
7:30 o'clock p. m., in open council
meeting in the City Hall in Salem, Ore
gon. Each bid submitted must bo ac
companied by a certified check equal
in amount to ten per cent o-f the
amount of the bid. The City reserves
the right to reject any and nil bids.
This notice is published for five suc
cessive days in a daily newspaper pub
lished in the City of Salem, Oregon,
the date of first publication being May
20, 1914.
' City Recorder.
The Best Food-Drink UsncSi at Fountains
GENlHHjE li d
A void lisiUaismts Tako jVro Suusditiia
RidiMuk.rnaltcdpam.inpowacrfoi'ri. More healthful than tea ot coPec.
Forinfar.ts,invaui sad crowing children. Agrees with the wcaLcjt di-ciiioo.
Pure nutrition, upWdin g the whole body. Keep it oa your sideboard at home.
Invigc:;tc3 nuriius mothers cad the aged. A quid lunch Dieoc:ed ia a minute.
As Old As
' . ,
Importanceof Prevcniing Food Fermen
tation in the Stomach.
Good digestion usually means gi.nd
health. So long ns tlio stomach. iI.hh
its work properly, diseases can find mi
lodgment iu the human system; the li
ver, kidnevs nnd intestines will inr-
: form their work perfectly nnd remain
in nerfect henlth: but lcrmit nnvtliinsr
, to interfere with the pruper digestion,
food, an unending trniu of troublen
. is set in motion. About tho only thing
I that will unset the stomach ami nitor-
I unnatural distention
of tlio stomach
!and the burning by tho acid of tho
I ueiicnio lining ot toe bioiuiich.
.Medicine and tonics cannot relievo
this condition they usually make it
worse. The fermentation nnd acid aro
to blnmc and these must be overcome
and prevented by taking after meals a'
tenspoonful of bisurated magnesia in a
little hot or cold water. Physicians
recommend bisurated magnesia espe
cially because it stops and prevents
fermentation of food nnd neutralizes
the acid instantly, making it bland nnd
harmless, without irritating the stom
ach in any way. Get n tittle bisurated
magnesia from your druggist nnd try
it the next timo your food ferments
and upsets your stomach. Note how
quickly tho acid is neutralized nnd
how soon you forget that you hnvo
such a thing as a stomach.
Spokane, Wash., M;iv 20. Three men
I were nrre-tod here today in connection
with the robbery of the Bank of Spnn
l i.'lc yisterdny in which nearly (jOlnO
iwes secured. No considerable amount
! of money was found on tlieif persons.
The belief prevailed bore that one of
; t'oe robbers, mounted on a spelling i;io-
tovi yele, has escaped with the stolen
nionev. - '
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