Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 11, 1914, SECOND SECTION, Image 13

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Forty of the ledlin daily papers the;
country over have contracted with tluv
A. JP. Kobyn Syndicate of Chicago t!
publish "Lucille Love, the Girl of I
Mystery," the most -fascinating to-
mauce that has ever been written. Thi;
Universal Film Manufacturing corn-
pany hat registered a smashing scoop i
by eeeuring the exclusive right to pro '
duce in moving picture?, this 20th ccn
tury literary, sensational masterpiece. ,
The author of this story is one of th
best known fiction writers in the world.;
His -versatility nnd marvelous descrip
tive abilities have won for him the title I
of the Master Pea. He has undoubted-1
lythe largest reading constituency of i
any of the better known writers of the1
lay, but so closely has the secret been '
guarded on' this particular work that!
his name will not be divulged until
the story has almost been completed.'
hvery chapter is fascinating every
situation is tense.
Cognizant of the deal beforehand
thaf-the." master pen" had written tUj 1
story with an eye to its dramatizing1
fWVSHihihtlpfl thfl I nivamfll pntmmnv
was on hand before the deal was hnrdlvi wild auimals, iieiun-ucrying uasnes in representing nearly e ery Known spec
Dog, Monkey and Pony.
Show, presenting the Big Laughing Act, The Monkey Hotel,
Greatest show of its kind in the world. Matinee Price 15c,
Any seat.
Sign of
Good Shows
Bligh Theatre
Where Every
body Goes
.it -h ...
fR-j, aw . m, Ji--..wiiiii iii ji..-, ' ,..,,,),,, , , , "
the burning of ocean
les. bixty-five instructive, amazing,
amusing and thrilling acts are present
consummated to bid for the rights of ' airships, and
nietnrizinir thin stnrv. I Brev-houilds.
Already the Universal has commenced ' "Lucille Love" will be released injed, one fhowing a groupe of twenty
tie-spending of an enormous sum of: two-reel instalments every week for , four African lions
monev in nrenaration Mr this meat : 13 lousecutive weeks. . The program is
r.rie9...0lPLClU:!?:.,A :L.!l ""'KIEOMER CEOT SAH ON HIS
. .s .p :.u,.mu... ...-, ABOUND THE WORLD
hu 1 1 1 m h a u ... I tha nnmnanv'a iArivar.il "w v -' . v .
zoo has been enlarged and special
scouts havo been detailed to visit every
corner of the country to stfarch out the
best settings possible to secure,
Homer Croy, the magazine humoris:
who has joined tho Universal ranks,
left St. Patrick's day on his trip
Every scene that is spoken of in. this! around the world gathering humorous
ftory will be seen in the films because ! pictures. With him went Uilbert ar
the author has looked ahead of the
mere writing of the story to tho point
where it would be put in motion pic
tures. It is the first time in the his-
ronton, cinematographer.
They are to film all the different
countries that they pass through.
Homer Croy is the best known or tho
tory of motion pictures that a great younger American humorists. He has
author and a great moving moving pic-in. lug audience through the magazines
ture company have combined to enter ! each week, and by joining the i'niver
tain the public on such a lavish scale, i sal he widens the scope of his field.
v " It J
This thrilling story will be printel
ly at least one of the leading news
papers in the immediate neighborhood
tf every exhibitor nnd along with tho
ttory will be printed a list of the th
I ters where this feature can be seen
"ie same day or the day following.
Mie public is going to. read the story
sad the public with the weakness of
aH humans to see a mind or word pic
tare visualized is going to seek out
the motion picture theater and swamp
the box office in the clamorous desire
t get in.
It was said before that this story,
aside from being a literary master
jisece, was sensational. It is sensational
sensational in the situations it
evolves, the daring risks demanded to
18 taken by the players who will be
saou in the story, in the spectacularism
it will disclose, such lis adventures with
concrouslv inter
spersed with clean, clever comedy, pro
vided by forty rib-tickling clown bears
goats, ponies, dogs, monkeys, mules and
Performances are given at 2 and
p. m. and tho doors open at 1 and 7
p. m. A glittering, new feature parad)
is presented to the public at 10:.I0. Tho
date for Salem is Tuesday, April 14.
The purchase of a "oO-acre ranch
just outside Los Angeles, and the in
tention to tiegin immediate construction
of a million-dollar moving picture
plant, was announced recently by of
ficials of the Universal Film company,
whose Pacific (.'oast producing re
sources are now divided among three
studios in various parts of the Holly
wood district.
The new ranch stretches from tho
Lankershim road to the Bur bank road,
just across the Cahuenga pass from Hollywood.
The property was purchased Jrom!
M.rs. M. J. Andersou and C. il. Boag,
the announced price being $20,000. .
"We will have one of tho largest
plants in the world," taid Albert M.
Norton, attorney and controller of the
corporation, yesterday. "We have al
ready retained Architects 8. Tilden
Norton and Frederick II. Wallace, now
designing the Greek theater for Gri1
tith park, to draw plans for reinforced
concrete buildings to cost $1,000,000.
"These will include the largest stauo
in the world, 500 feet long by 200 f el-t
wi'de, another stago 300 feet by 20.)
feet, and three revolving stages for
quick work in scenarios not rcqniririg
extensive scenery.
I;., by .
. - . y -
' lT'S'V'i
f,-- , " i f - ' v "-,," 3
. . . .."jv-v 1 : ' ' ''a
? " ' ' - , ' 1
L. 1
'.y r v. - i ?t- jjn 3
Ho also ventured th prediction that ill . ig about spending any of her huV
Albany llennett would poll three to ouo hand's money. Hut it is wonderful
more than any other democratic caiuli- how soon she gets over it.
dnto for governor. The feminine desire to get her mon-
t " l,y' worth never induces a wontnn to
A ncn- bride alwavs h:is n oiieor feel- have her skirts mmle ton lnrpe.
Special Easter Program
Miss Martha Florlne, principal woman wild animal trainer with the
Barnes Circus, which exhibits here Tue sday, April 14. Miss Florlne performs
a large roup of leopards, pumas and Ja guars.
After Trof. Rabouraud confirmed the Being tho original remedy, users ex
germ origin of dandruff, scicnco wns pP(.t mur0 astonishing results from Her
confronted by a new problem which j vce t,an ti,Py woulj j.k for f rom
was not solved until tho discovery of ,,y other preparation nnd they usuallv
Newbro's Hcrpiculc. llerpicido being.tgl.t them. So wonderful has been the
the first successful preparation com- success of this germicide thut it is now
pounded in harmony with this new ! recognized ns the standard hair remedy
j uieory, inu ungmui remeu 10 liiil inu 0f world.
Univtrsitv of Oregon, Eugene, April ; dandruff germ." Hcrpicide destroys tho dandruff,
7.-David II. Smith, for vear, circula- e, iU ""m"0"8, , Zre at' ' neets falling hair. It stops itching of
. j "ii j.... 6otu n u,ruuD 1M seaip, nimost nisrnntiy.
tion manager of the Oregon Journal,
(Continued from page 10.)
Ho is known through the humorous
articles he does for Collier's Weekly,
through his page week in Judge, en
titled "Watching Our Funny World
Go by" and especially through Leslie'
Weekly, which is advertising him as
the new Mark Twain Mr. Croy also
has a reputation as a writer of humor
ous novels.
The two tailed on the Toyo Kisen
Kaisha from San Francisco. Thc'r
first stop will be t Honolulu, wherfl
Mr. Warrgnton will go to 'visit with
his mother, Lulu Warrenton, who is a
member of Henry MacRae's company.
Lois Weber, Phillips Smalley and
their troupe of Universal Rex players,
will leave the Btudios at Hollywood,
C'al., shortly for Laguna Beach, along
the southern coast of California, whew
they will remain two weeks and pro
duce two Kcx dramas to be laid in the
beautiful and peaceful scenery of that
district. Lois Weber's fino" story
"The Woman's Burden," was pro
duced at Lagnna Beach.
Among tbotie who will support Miss
Weber and Mr. BinaJlcy in thk Laguna
Beach productions are: -Dupert Julian,
Fred Wood, William Brown and Ella
was brought to Eugene recently to te'l
the students in the department of jour
nalism "Why People Stop the Paper."
Mr. Smith gave five of the renson?,
, havo been thrown npoa tho market;
others have adopted llerpicido clp.ims,
and without making any chango in
their remedies, but nouo havo ever
i-oni'linfl iho snmA rinrrrnn ttf Tirmnlnvi t V
which he said were responsible in thrt , iprywn(.re this reme(y i recognised
i ... . . t' ' ""'?'S.-""'1, . aa tho one genuine Unnurutt ernilicator. Imrbcr shops. Insist
u c,.... J ojicviii luaivumu'.s As a result, Herpicide tins more satis- ; Hcrpicide. .ucnd 10c
, . Ileu ua(.r9 xnan U1I omur nuir prcparu-
pers, changes of location. He showed ' tiong combined.
how tho wide-awake circulation man-1 :
ager tries to hold the subscriber who !
.orders a stop" for any of these re, j CONDOUND T
Recital of some of the troubles and
respor.ribilites of the circulation man
. Newbro's Hernieidn in f0c and 1.00 i
sizes is sold by all dealers who gunr-! 9
nnteo u to uo an tnr.c is ciuuueu. it .
you aro not satisfied your money wijl !
he refunded.
Applications obtainable nt tho good '
on having real
in postnge for
sample and book to Tho llerpicido Co., '
Dept. K., Detroit, -Mich.
r.ro looking exceptionally well nnd will
soon bo in bloom, thus promising to
come into bearing in Juno iistend of;
July as in former years. At no time i
With the opening of the apple bios
aeer of a metropolitan dailv interested 1 soms a second round of spraying is tnk- ! for several years havo strawberries
the students greatly. When the paper is ! ing place in the orchards in the Willn- I wintered in such excellent condition,
late and the trains aro missed, the cir-jmette valley, ns many growers believo j coming through , vigorous nnd without1
culation denartment bears the burden that tho more serious damage is done "lc lot;s of leaves except whero they
of complaint and the financial loss, al-l tho apple by tho B"ith depositing its were cut with a view to promoting new
tnough some otner department is hi- ees at this season. Others hold that i b'""1"
ways responsible for the lateness. Best I the fruit is stung when nbout tho-siy.c
business results" are obtained when edit ' of a marble, but to he on the safe
orial, circulation, advertisting and side tho up-to-dpt: horticulturist is
mecltnnical departments co-operate j spraying early nnd often. , The excel
closely, he said. i lent price for apples prevailing late in
. ' ! the season has encurnged growers to
HIRES SPECIALIST TO ! prune and spray carefully this spring,
Less than tho usual amount of graft-
ing bus been done this spring, owing to
j the fuct that the season was so forward
I that the rising sap oade the continu
ance of tho work impractical. .
is called in. .. He discovers, first, that
te -dazed man had a mustache only
recently this from tho fact that the
man1 continues to brush his hnnd acrw 1 '
ifl liD. Following up a chain of clues! WOMEN TAKE PROMINENT PART
King finally learns that tho man was
.. ' . . . e 1.-1.:..
tut sailor, mil one or genieei nauii?,
REVIEW OCCULT PLAY ' although some discouragement has been
- a marked feature of this crop in the
Allan Dwan, director of special f ea-! Willamette valley until last fall when
tures at the Universal Pacific coast Prlces made the shipping of several car
studios, recently employed two special-! . ? to ,.I,"me and othcr A,Bskft
ists with expert knowledge in mental : P0'""' Prof',able- .
telepathy and allied subjects, to review' . T'e l'h,"P ' pronounced prae
with him and criticize his latest pro-1 tie ! of danger unless intensely
IMEN TAKE PROMINENT PAST 7" .. " ", ui mTl' TnVhi I I. weather should prevail, as
IN TRAINING WILD ANIMALS ;uctl0n, entitloJ, - The lorbidden , f . .. (..',,,..
Room," a three-reel story delving deep!
'into the fascinating field of the occult.
-07r"uy"f"'! Men do not draw down all the honor, Mr. Dw(la exceedingly careful in
Mtuned, and, teniwg .oi hi. .brother s tinerfI of the ttneim, wiM ani- wiling stories, the development and
Bod JQrtune,.had sought to replace hire ; ,.,- elhibitl. h the- Al. (I. Barnes .v.i. ? ' i.:..u i..n .
a i" 1 1 i ! 'uujci:v iiwiici ui nuitu juii'iica a
stealing; hk identity. Wild Animal- circa. ,AittL.ny of -s-atifie i knowledge of established
. y i ... 4 I the most thrilling and dangerous acts facts.
W. H. Hornibrooko editor of tho Al
bany Democrat was in the city Friday
afternoon. Asked about the political
situation in Linn, he said: "So far as
the governorship is concerned Linn will
give a big majority to Betrnett for tho
democratic, nomination with Smith sec-:
oud and Manninir third." Ho snid ha
Kspnng coming-on, uu inure impwri-; are prnienieii aj young women. "The Forbidden Room " is, in a
ant, Easter, King Baggot decided that' Mine Martha Florine, principal worn-1 rraenre a problem play. Mr. Dwan
its wardrobe needed replenishing wvthan wild animal trainer with the circus, : I ha3 handled his subject in such a man
&Rsh suits, hats? boots and shoes. Bntfgires a marvelous example of woman's ! Ber that the question arises and is dis
thtfore this could be done it was neccs-: ability to successfully kandle-tboee dan-j posod'of as to whether or not a persou
pary to clean out hundreds at pieces of ; gorous brutes, with a group- of lioni, j n a gtate of hvpnosis can be influenced
dotting and what not that had served j leoparjlu, jaugara ar.d - punjas. ir!bytho hypnotist to Commit murder.
if!ir usefulness. As a result fifty or Florine is a dainty little lady and looks M unlock MacQuarrie, William C
iiore newsboys and street urchins added edible among the big cats, but she -puts I Dowland, Lou Chaney and Pauline Bush
4 their wardrobes considerably with ' the animals thrwigh - their act in a play the leailing parts, in th drama,
tfbtbing that was "immense," though I frprlesa wanner. - ' " -""1 r m
mewhat large. Howbeit, some of them I Miss Mahle-Starkf anothor-wjfficient 1 UNIVERSAL FILM COMPANY
probably bad mothers who could use the trainer, presents . a ' group of Rofal GIVES EMPLOYES MEDALS
a3d!e to advaptage. Bengal and -Siberian' tfgOs'in one- of y 1 ''' '' ' '
King came to his decision bctweci'the most .remarkatilfr exhibitions of . For "using the brains God gave
fse taking of scenes of "Jim Webb,! trained man-eating oate ever shown. ' them" seven employees at the Puiver
Sonator," a two-reel Imp feature, now j Miss Maine Sannders. is another wifJ-sal: Pacific Coast studios were awarded
v course of" production: In going1 the coterie who risk their liree to en- gold medals for bravery-by the Uni
through a mountain of clothes his hand; tertaiu the public. Miss Saunders BasJ venal Film Manufacturing company on
lisaed over many, many pieces that : an envialble record as a trainer-of ! March i. The presentation of tho
lit suddenly realized that he hsd not' hons and gives, most of her attention awards was made by Carl Laemmlo,
v.aad jn, months. He realized that per- to their education. j president of that company, and for
tips, someone else could use them to! Miss Bessie Harvey trains elephants , service rendered the company on the
ttter purpose than be himself. Boys! perhaps the only one -of her -sex that j night of January 12, when the film
Vs the neighborhood were notified and! has made a. thorough stndy .of these cutting and joining room took fire and
tiy responded in goodly numbers. I great brntes. ,- - 1 $100,000 worth of film was threatenfed
The articles given away had cost th ! ' These young women do not give ali ! with destruction,
rrtor in assembling not less than two; their attention to the training of wild! n'T tlie prompt action and quick
Ihoasand dollars. Soms of the pieces had ; animals, for in many places .on the I wittedness of these seven employees,
fruit is well set on. Cherries.
rapidly getting past the danger point
nf front nnd tirune l' rowers arc care
fully watching their prune orchards as , had -talked with leading democrats from
tho price promises to bo good owing to Benton and Lane counties and they
the fact that the first grade prunes were confident Bennett would lead al!
throughout the country are practically ! opponents for the democratic nomiiKi
cleaned up, the annual- heavy buying j tiou.
by public institutions early in" the year I In Linn county, he stated, practically
having done much to create a clean: all the leaders of tho party including
slate if not a shortage. . j tho executive oficeis of the county cen-
Smnll fruits, such as loganberries, I tral committee are a unit for Bennett.,
rme witn mm rrom tne legitimate
years - before and bore trade-marks of
t tores situated all over the United
Staies: By Easter, King will have re
' stocked his wardrobe at considerable
expense, but he is determined to nsskt
a goodjob of it. - ' ....
show's program they are seen working! for of them young women, saved the
with dogs, goats, monkeys, - ponies, jeoetly. negatives from the flames. They
horses and. other domestice animals. - put aside all personal consideration and
The Barnes circus program is ieplt'Tisae their lives to perform their duty.
with original and entirely new foal-j As a result of this intelligeut action,
ures a program given entirely by edu I the lose from this fire was confined to
V ;
I Mini iniiain inn 4 miwwiiik jiii'Misaa. sy.w. i...mkm),u. M'jaui,wMiiii im jrvr I
..i ..; J I : ( I
r ' ""' ' ' fiZ'-
h- l' i-ci
Seventh real of series
Margaret meets America's fore
most Suffragettes.
Big Special Musical Act
Sign of tha Best Shotfs.
si 13 s
w. v. . . . r .... .-. i
With an "Insurance" National
Gasoline Stove
It does away with IhatJieat of a coal or wood stove. It is
always ready for use. A touch of a match and you have
your fire piping hot. The moment cooking is done, the
flame is instantly, out no hot stove to cool off. An IN
surance is a great labor saver. There is no fuel to lug,
no ashes to carry out, no dust to clean up.
Best of all, aa INSURANCE is so safe.
Call end let us demonst rate it for you.
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Bay Telephone Main 0.13. liesideme phones, 2-1.14-J and 20-4-W.
Office and warehouse, 161 8. Com '1 St.
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