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Federal Garrison Desperately Trying to Hold Back Villa's
Men and Thousands Said to Have Been Slain Since Battle
Started Terrible Fire Tearing Town into Pieces Villa Be
lieved to Have Upper Hand and Decisive Battle of Mexican
War Is Nearing End Attack on Tampico on and Desper
ate Effort being Made tq Capture It.
Gomez Palaeio, Mexico, March 28.
4 a. m.) Torreon's federal garrison
was still fighting at this hour.
The rebels were in the town, how
ever, and al night long the battle
Taged in the streets. From the house
tops the federals poured a murderous
rifle and machine gun fire upon the
rebels below. There was a constant
smashing of barricaded windows and
doors as the rebels forced their way in
to the bonnes to get at those who were
raking tbem from the roofs.
Chicago, March 2S. The defense
rested at uion today in the trial here
on "IInLisome Jack" Goctters, ac
cused of killing Mrs. Emma Kraft at
the Saratoga hotel a year aigo. The
state exj't cted to occupy the afternoon
with testimony in rebuttal of the de
fense's evidence. Koetters himself
was the last witness on the stand in
his own behalf. His cross-examination
Ijy Assistant District Attorney Malaito
was one of the most savage ever heard
in a Cbiwigo courtroom.
S. A. Manning has gone to the
springs at Lafayette for his health.
Mr. auri Mrs. Ray Perkins of Quina
liy spent yesterday with relatives in
the city.
Mrs. S. Tnnquery and daughter went
to Portland this morning for an over
Sunday Vint.
J. It. MKorehlo of Turner has been
spending the week with his daughter,
Mrs. .(. E. Drophy at Fair Oaks ad
dition. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Morris, who arc
temporally residents of Gervais, aro In
the city today for a brief visit.
Attorney Luther Gates of Tacoma,
Wash, wan in the city today attending
to Inisiiii-" matters and visiting friend;-.
Mrs. MoJa Tillman left for nor home
iu aii'-oir.or. It. C, this afternoon after
visiting with her sister. Mrs. Harry
.Nelson oi Siilcm, for a number of day.
Tommy 'airfield, who is noted as be
ing the "sngo of Rickernll", Polk
eoiinty, was in the city today on busi
ness. Mr. (airfield is a former
Tyne M ormick of Portland, is reg
istered Hi the Hotel Marion today. Mr.
MeCorinii k is connected with the O.-W.
K. i N. hc srhll'ii: ans'.U) 234
1!. ii N. 'r shops in the Rose City.
Paul nrver and wife, , of Portland.
I aid this city a brief visit yesterday
and then resumed their journey to
Albany to visit friends. Mr. Carver
-tnti's that polities in the Hose City rc
on the bum right now.
Mrs. T. o'son has returned to her
home in South Salem after a two
week's stay in the hospital where he
underwent three operations. She is
much improved and is now well on the
way to lomplete recovery.
'"ip lllsterites may not be quite as
fierce as they seem, even if they are
Much of the town was on fire.
Villa estimated the rebels' dead at
350 and the federals at more than 800.
One Thousand Dead.
Mexico City, March 28. A battle be
tween federals and rebels started at
Tampico at midnight, according to
messages received here today.
It was estimated that in the past
few days fighting in various places
1,000 have been killed, not counting
the dead at Torreon.
A pathetic case came to light this
morning. It was that of a democratic
candidate for the legislature, but fron
where we refuse to say. He wrote the
socretary of state saving that he would
have to withdraw from the race for
tho legislature for the reason that early
laat spring he registered as a prohi and
thinking tho registration had been set
aside he later registered as a democrat,
and then filed his petition for nomi
nation for tho legislature as a demo
crat, then he .plaintively said: "I
registered as a prohi, but then later I
registered as a democrat and I cannot
run as a democrat for the clerk tells
mo I am a prohi. I thought I was a
democrat but I am only a prohi.
thank you for ajl the trouble I have
made you but I cannot run and I must
withdraw for I am only a prohi.
thought I was a democrat when I filed
but I find I am a prohi and so I cannot
The ease of the city of Salem again-t
the Salem Water company is licariui'
an end so far as the taking of testi
mony is concerned and unlos tho d
fendant company has some considerable
evidence iu rebuttal it is posible the
case will bo finished tonight.
Captain T. C. Davies wns in the stanl
this afternoon for the purposo of show
ing the charges for water in otht i
places and tho relation of charges to
rates. It was also snown by the cone
pnny's boks that tho annual gross in
come is about t"2,000, Calculated on
a basis of 1H0,000, the company's valu
ation of its property, this would bo an
income of 13 per cent, and figured on
the estimate made by the commission's
engineer, $350,410, it would be at the
nile of a little more than 20 per cent
per annum. Of course this does not
allow for operating expenses, but these
we were unable to get. They will be
available before the caso is completed.
It is probable this would reduce the in
terest about one-fourth, or to about 11
f on the company's basis and
about 15 per cent on the railroad engi
neer's basis.
Among contrary men ii the chap who
would refuse to take whiskey if the
doctor prescribed It,
From $1 to $25 Given Toward
Cause by Individuals of
Capital City.
Those Who Extend Substantial Aid To.
ward Enterprise of Much Import
ance to Children,
iWth 4,303 school children already
enrolled iu the garden ?lubs throughout
the state and others joining at the ratn
of 150 a day as tho spring urges a
"Back to the Soil" movement, an
added impetus has been given the work
ers soliciting funds for prizes.
In Salem alone where the canvass was
completed last evening by Mrs. C. H.
Pickett, over $300 was contributed in
amounts ranging from $1 to $25, but be-
iuuse many contributed from small
purses at a sacrifice greater than that
felt by the donors of larger amounts,
Superintendent Smith, in charge of the
work has made public only the namo3
and not the amounts contributed by in
dividuals in the following list:
Fletcher & Byrd.
Bullock Studio.
Trover & Weigel.
C. F. Ruef.
. U. G. Shipley Co.
Salem Bank & Trust Co.
Mrs. Enos Preenall.
Roth Grocery Co.
Crown Drug Co.
, C. J. Pomoroy.
Smith & Burdick.
McXeil Sisters.
K. L. Stiff & Son.
Gibson Millinery.
T ..I. Cronise.
W. W. Zinn.
X. P. Elliott.
('has. K. Spnulding Logging Co.
Beetz Fur Co.
Wade Pierce Co,
Tho Variety Store.
Parker Studio.
Xeedlecraft Shop,
A. C, Devoe.
Jacob A. Rice.
Watt Shipp Co.
Josso & Moore.
W. J. Porter.
H. W. & M. L. Meyers.
E. T. Barnes.
Iiostein & Greenbaum.
Ray L. Farmer.
J. L, Stockton
George C. Will.
Patton Brothers.
A. A. Manning & Son,
George W, Weeks.
J. C. Perry.
Portland Flouring Mills Co.
Capital Journal Publishing Co.
Knlem Lumber Co.
Parr Jewelry Store.
Mrs. F. A. Smith.
Quaker Nursery, Mr. Lansing.
Fair Grounds Store, H. Doe & Son.
The Prico Shoo Store.
The Hob Nob, Tho new Xeedlecraft.
Mr, George Smith, Melwood Grocery.
Falls City Lumber Co.
Poster & linker.
.1. W. .1 oil II sil ii & Co.
A. K. Moore.
Steusloff Urns.
Jacob Vogt.
C. H. Jones.
The Toggery.
W. J. Jenks.
W. H. Loose.
Ward K. Richardson.
Mrs. A. Shi nn.
J. I). Waring.
F. E. Shafer.
Roil Cross Pharmacy.
I. ebol I & Co., Oroery. -R.
F. Peters, music.
Cnlef Hro. furniture.
J. W. Gaiiiard.
I. S. Xationiil Bank.
Yokohama Tea Store.
C, M. Lorkwood.
J. B, Cooley.
M'r. L. G. ( nrtis.
T. J. Buford.
Sponcer Hardware.
Meinhart Shoe Store.
Willamette Hardware Co.
Salem Hardware Co.
Sulem Woolen Mill .Store.
Ladd k Bush bank.
D. A. White k Sons.
P. U. Fleming.
The Frame Shop, R. Gilbert, prop.
Horticulture Fire Relief Co.
Believed Slayer Attempted to
Girl and When He
Failed Slew Her.
Reported He Had Threatened to Get
Even with Her, After Being Ex
pelled from School.
Little Falls, X. Y., March 28.-r-Lydio
Beecher, aged 21 years, a school teacher,
was found murdered in a clump of bush'
es today on the roadside near Poland
She loft her boarding house last night
to mail a letter to her home at Kennett
X. Y.
A youth named Uiammi was seen
talking with Miss Beecher last night
and ho was taken into custody todav.
It is believed the girl was murdered
on the highway and her body dragged
into the bushes. Tho body was fright
fully cut and there wore several stab
wounds about the head and face.
Miss Beecher recently expelled Qiam
mi from school and it is reported that
he had threatened to get even.
Later information indicated that an
attempt had been made to assault the
teacher and that she was slain when
she resisted. A rope and a club were
found near the body. It was believed
the slayer attempted to tie tho girl and
when he failed, struck her on the head
with a club.
The Salem Electric Company is the
name of Salem's newest business firm.
Tho firm members aro F, 8. Barton and
R. D. Barton, who have lutely arrived
from New York. After looking over
the opportunities on the coast they
decided that this city was tho most
desirable and they accordingly will
open up a complete electrical establish
ment sometime next month. Both have
had long experience in electrical work
of all kinds. F. S. Barton is a gradu
ate electrical engineer and for nearly
eight years was connected with the
Genernl Electrical Company, tho larg
est firm of the kind in the world.
They havo located on High street In
the ground floor of the Masonic
Temle and propose to fit up their
sales room in a manner that is not
equalled outside of the larger cities.
They will handle only the highest class
fixtures and electrical goods and will
make their place one of the most at
tractive in the city. In addition to
carrying on a general electrical engi
neering nnd contracting business they
will maintain a complete repair shop.
Little Helen Huberts, the daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs, John J, Roberts, siistniii id
a broken arm this morning ns the result
of fulling on the cement sidewalk III
front of the home on I0n-t State stree.
The girl was enjoying the mod"rn pas
time of roller skating when she slipped
and fell on the luird wnrlk. The tiny
member was broken just below the el
bow, Dr. llnny K. Clay was called
and after putting the arm back into
place, little Helen was soon able t'l
sit up.
'ooking back over our pnst live"
enii we sen one single instance wIhtc
worry has nmde things any hotter?
The Weather
The Dickey ir
mys: Oregon, to
night nnd Sunday
occasional rain I i
west portion, and
cloudy in east por
tion, am) probably
rain j southerly
United States Army Still
Talks About Koehler Case
I A A '
. A-.-
- . . i Ml
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''i ,. ' t. ':
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is . r5
At right, Colonel Klrhy. Left, Major Koehler. Lower picture, fort where trial
was held.
Now London, Conn., March 28.
United States army circles are doeply
stirred by the court martial roccntly of
Miajor Benjumin M. Koehler of the
coast artillery, located at Fort Terry,
New London, Conn. He was charged
Says Republicans
Will Get Control
as Result of Split
united rnnss i.icasko wihi.)
Washington, March 2S. Prediction
that tho republican party would regain
control of congress as a result of the
split ni tho democratic ranks over the
roHolutioii providing for the repeal of
the exemption clause of the Panama
onniil bill wns voiced today by Repre
sentative Knowlaiid of California.
"The ranks of the opposition aro bad
ly broken," said Knowlaiid," and th's
will mean a big advantage for the re
San Francisco, Man h 2. Tho case
against J. Parker Whitney, tliu Placer
utility millionaire rancher accused of
transporting Genevieve ilunniwi from
stale to state for immoral purposes in
violation of the Miinn white slave law,
was postponed iignin today by federal
Judge Dooling.
Tho delay wim at foiled States l)is
trict Attorney Preston's roijnost. Pres
ton wniitod two more weeks ninl the
court gave it. to him, Whitney was not
in the courtroom nor even represented
by n Inwver.
Tho annual freslunau Uleo at Willam
ette university will take place this even
ing lit -V.'iO. All the college classes lia'i
written the wolds iiiol music to a col
lege song und will render the sniiie en
einlile this evening. The fiohioeii have
lieeii to niio'li trouble and expense in
con vol ting the chapel in a fit place lor
sin h festivities mi l everything is in
readiness for the nniinul contest. As
usiilil there will be a monster showing
of cliifs spirit, chin yells ii ml songs
The public is invited,
There will be a called mooting of the
City Y. W, C, A. at the home of Mrs,
J. It. Lewis, lH'i North 1,'lth street,
Monday, Manh 3D, nt 2::i0 p, ni. As
Important business is to be transacted
al) members are urged to be present,
by order of tho president.
1J - - -
with grave offense, but alleged that
the attack upon his charactor was a con
spiracy by officers who had long had a
feud with his family. The trial was
conducted behind closed doors at tho
library of the fort.
publicans in the coming November elec
tion. It's too bad that political capital
has to be based on a proposition like
the canal tolls but it affects every
American regardless of party.
"Tho solidarity of tho democratic
party vanished whon President Wilsou
split in tho democratic ranks ovor the
of tho paity. Solidarity Is impossible
wh:m President Wilsou advocates nn
iin-Americnu policy."
1 1' Ml TBI) I'llKSH I KiStll Willi).
Pasadena, ( ni., March 2S, Informa
tion from private sources today imli
cated tliut Frederick: W, Weyerhaeuser,
tho "lumber king," is not expected to
live through the day, His physicians
neither confirmed nor denied this ro
port. '
Frederick Weyerliiieuser, Jr., is ex
peeled to nrrivo from St, Paul tonight.
All other members of the family ulremlv
are here.
The Y. W. 0. A. cabinet conference
being hold at Willamette 1'niversity,
continued in session today. Ijirgo dele
gations are present from all of tho out
of town colleges und high schools in
cluded iu this district. Tho confer
ence will end tomorrow afternoon with
a vesn-r servico followed by a closing
service for conference didegates. The
program, as outlined in yesterday 's
Journal, is being carried nut.
liy cleverly keeping tub upon nil
strangers hired in rnilroit, camps Iu
different sections of the valley, Sheriff
Fsch has today located Mike liiz.i, it
native of Italy who ttcat a $U)0 b""d
under which he won placed by Justice ot
the Peace Webster here when tho wis
arraigned on the charge of rubbing the
Turner Mercantile store.
IS Lthl IN
Harrison Warns Congress Re
sentment of Powers Might
Be Very Serious.
Opposition Active and Split of
Democrats on Resolution
May Widen.
united press lxiskd wiai.l
Washington, March 27. An all day
dobato on the resolution to repeal the
exemption clause of the Panama canal
tolls act was in progress in the house
today. Proponets of the Sims resolu
tion were confident of victory.
The opposition, however, was fight
ing the resolution bitterly and the split
in the ranks of the democrats threat
ened to widen as the bitterness in
creased. The 20-hour debate was expected to'
end Tuesday afternoon. Supporters of
the repeal resolution predicted a ma
jority of from 50 to 60 on the final
Speaker Clark Present
Representative Harrison praised the
stand taken against the repeal by
spcaitor iiara: ana 'Kepresentateve
"If this repeal 1b adopted", he said,
"I boliove it will mark the beginning
of the disruption of the party organ
ization ".
Representative Stephens warned the
house that resontmeut by the powers
might plunge the country Into war if
tho ropeal resolution met with defeat.
"Thoso loudly howling for patriot
ism", ho snid, "and demanding that
wo do as we please with our own and
lay down American doctrines reguirding
American waterways, forgot the na
tion's history. For a contury we have
insisted upon equal trcatmout, without
discrimination, for our citizens in com
merce everywhere. Now it is proposed
to rnpudinta our promises, abandon our
policies, and revcrso our history. That
is culled patriotism", ,
Mrs. O. Schunko, wife of the ptiKtor
of the Gorman Huptist church, of this
city, died at her home at P2! North
Cottage street this morning nt 8:20
o'clock following tin Minus lusting but
a week which was occasioned by a
pnrulytic stroke suffered a week ago.
Funeral Services.
The funeral of Mrs. John Schaup will
bo helil from the (lermnu Evangelical
church, North Liberty, tomorrow after
noon nt 2 o'clock.
At the home of the bride and groon,
North High street, Salem, Or, March
S, 11)11, at 2 p. iu., .Airs, Minnie Duubp
of Portland to Herman Siege of Salem,
Itev. 1'. S. Knight officiating. Tin
eremoiiy was iittciulcd by a number
of intimate friends of the contracting
parties. The bride was attended by
Mrs. Minnie Anderson Yolliner aid
Master Fraiikie Hill wns ring bearer.
Die rooms wete nicely decorated wi'i
hoice flowers and a lunch mis scrvol
alter the ceremony. The bride is 4
popular Portland woman, formerly con
nected with the Kstcs Spanish grid.
The groom 1ms been in the employ of
the S. P, company at Hah m for the past
111 veins. Mr. and Mrs, Stege will
be at home to their many friends after
April I.
New Haven, Conn,, March fiS.An
noiiiicement thnt the Inscriptions on
rlay cylinders in the Dabylonlau coU
lection at Vale University have bed
deciphered as mado here yesterday.