Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 13, 1914, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Save Money at Meyers
Many attractive specials displayed throughout Salem's
Big Store. See the Advance Spring Assortments.
New Spring Wash Goods
New Spring Neckwear
New Spring Suits and Coats
Each department is bringing out many attractive
new things. It will pay you to visit here often.
An interesting Sale of Fine Cut Glass, every piece reduced One-third
Special Sale of Liquid Shoe Dressing-Tom orrow-7c a bottle
$1.75 Cha.rmeuse-40-inch-several colors-special tomorrow- 1.39 Yd.
The House X"
a. ' 7 -ji j
Quality ji
Capital City Brevities
R. H. Bushey, of Portland, was in tho
city yesterday on business.
Mrs. Kate Todd, member of tho Port
land Boys' and Girls ' Aid society, was
in the city yesterday looking after
business mutters in connection with
her office.
Miss Jennie Muscott, of Dallas, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Mills,
of this city yestorday. Miss Muscott
is the city librarian at Dallas.
Dr. F. L. Utter, dentist. Masonic bldg
Miss Lou Wators has gone to Port'
laud to vicit friends for a few days.
II. C. Critchlow, of Portland, is in
the city on a visit.
Dr. Mendelsohn fits eye correctly. U.
8. Bank building.
Chct Hnrgrovo, a well known young
man of this .city, who has been en
gaged in business in Portland for some
time, has returned to Salom whore he
will have charge of a branch of a large
cement firm,
Tho Misces Gibson have returned
to this city after looking over the
Hpring millinery styles in Portland.
They conduct a millinery store hem.
0. D. Gabrlclson, who has boen in
8au Fraueisco for somo time on busi
ness, is expected to return homo with
in a short time,
Wo have the livtest In candy boxes.
Those red satlu heart valentine boxes
on sale onlv at Bell's.
Another eastern visitor in the person
of (1. K. Kay, of Broken Bow, Neb.,
has arrived in tho eity and Intends to
look about for a suitable locution to
make his home.
Loral trade conditions are being ex
pected today by B, H. Ilickok, manager
of the Portland brunch of tho John
Deere Implement Co.
William Huse, of Jefferson, has pur
chased tho tvvontyi:or prune farm
formerly owned by Mrs. Julia C. M.
Ilrouin, of liusednlo.
Valentine boxes filled with Belle's
finality randies, not how cheap, but
how pool.
"Mies IVlj hiiie Hose, a San Francisco
wiudcv illc artist, was in the city yes
terday viiting at the home of her
-cousin, Mrs. Elinor Jack, Mis Hose Is
ml her way to Seattle, where she will
fill nn engagement at the Orphenm
Try the Leonard Hotel under now
innimgcim nt ; !!,Vl Front,
An a di legate to the annual Irrigation
rongrcn, Fred H, Kynoii left this morn
ing for Portland, llu hopes to secure
tbe next congress for Sulcm.
Fine printing! Fuller Printing Con
fern. 1 in L Main SITU.
Toe Swinborry and fniuily, of Kugene
will move to this city shortly, Mr.
hwinberry will tako a position With
the street lailway company.
Order your next winter's supply of
ulnb wood from the Star Wood Co. Spe
iiul price in five-cord lots, if taken
now. Phone 426; office and yard, East
JLLgoodIcoods uzy
Dr. Harry E Clay has moved into
now and enlarged quarters in the Bush
bank building, Phone Main 41)9.
Call and sea our early showing of
French styles. They are exclusive. The
French shop, 105 North Liberty.
Valentines that are appreciated. One
of hour heart boxes fillod with de
licious candies, 15c to $4. The Spa.
A declaration was also filed yestor
day by M. V, Parsons who is to be
come a candidate for stato senator from
Lane county. '
C. A. Wilson today filed bis declara
tion to become a candidate for the of
fice of county recorder. Mr. Wilson is
running on tho republican ticket.
Now millinory tho kind that is at
tractive. Tho French Shop, 105 North
Valentines that the appreciated. One
of our beautiful heart boxes filled with
delicious candy, 15c to $4, Tho Spa.
It Is easier for a camel to go through
the oyo of a needle than it is for a man
to find a better 10e cigar than the
I. a Corona,
Imported from Germany, Bed Satin
Valentine candy boxes, all Bizes, on sale
at Belle's,
You cannot bo too careful about
the bread you eat. If it is Tip-Top you
know it is made under the most sani
tary conditions. Get it of Sperling,
the grocer, 211 North Commercial.
Why should you worry if it is cold
and it it does ruin, when you cnu get
one of thoso fine warm carriage robes
carried by Shaffer, the saddle and
harness man, 1M7 South Commercial.
No where does quality count so
much as in a piano. You are sure of
getting it with every one we sell, be
cause wo sell only the best. The Wiley
U. Allen Music Co,, li. F, Peters, Mgr.,
-l Court street,
Bello'a new Victoria
dans separate.
hoeolutes, in a
" nomocracy ami Great Fortunes" is
the title of the lecture to be given by
lr, J, 11, Gilbert this evening nt S
o'clock In the auditorium of the pub
lic library. The lcturer will discuss
some of the economic conditions of
modern times which have resulted in
the uneipial distribution of wealth,
The lecture is free. Frank O. l.ov
ell will Introduce the speaker.
Mexican chews.
At llclle's.
The different kind.
Superior goods promptly served by
courteous people has made the Suuv't
grocery a favorite with the discrim
inating housewives of Salem. South
Commercial at l'.'l.
Tho Avenue Market pays top prices
for fine dressed pork, veal and mutton.
W, A. Schirmer, 1(121 Center street
Phone 2(107.
The boys of tho l uitariau Sunday
fc-hool met last evening to fluisli the
orggniratiou of I boys' club. Louis
Frost was elected president and lialph
Itukcr secretary and treasurer for three
months. The club will combine social
pleasure with study In the format lou
of boy life. ltev. Tlsher will be di
rector of ths club,
New Spring Dress Goods
New Spring Embroideries
New Spring Footwear
Where Satisfac
tion follows every
Members of tho Loyal Order of Moose
and their families will please meet at
the Moose hall Sunday, February 13, at
2 o'clock prompt for luncheon and to
hear address of Hon. George W. Wardc,
supreme instructor.
Up to the presont time the registra
tion books at the county clerk's office
show the following registrations epub
licans, 812; Democrats, 218; prohibi
tionists, 102; socialists, 13; progressives
25; independents, 43, and miscellane
ous, 8.
A fine illustrative talk wbb given at
the Salem high school last night by 0.
ii. Benson a member of the govenr-
nient department of agriculture. The
speaker's address was very instructive
and he dwelt upon some points which
come right in line with tho work the
students are doing at the present time.
Tho women of -Salem are invited to
hear Miss Lulu Bobbins, assistant
professor of domestic scienco and art,
of the agricultural college, speak at an
open meeting of tho Woman's club Sat
urday, February 14, at 2:30 o'clock, in
tho public library. .
Dr. May, nerve spoclalst, Masonic bid
A little colored lad giving his name
as Jack Johnson, was painfully bruised
yesterday when a motorcycle struck
him while ho was in tho act of operat
ing a "speeder" down North Cottage
street. The lad failed to see the motor
cycle until it was upon him. Although
his injuries aro not serious, the boy
suffered several bad bruises about the
Tho sompomore class at Willametto
university elected tho following offi
cers yesterday; Miss Genevieve Avi
son, president; Miss Meryl Holt, vice-
president; Miss Ada Boss, secretary;
Miss Anna Kctel, treasurer; Miss lfuth
Hover, class reporter, and Miss J'.rmiue
1 1 a riling, Hergcantntarms,
Following the passago of an ordi
nauco in Salem making it an offense for
boys to buy or smoke, or dealers to sell
cigarettes, the Salvation Army has an
Anti-Smoklng league at work in Salem
and 2(1 members haivo been secured. The
army will not stop at the ago limit of IS
years, as in tho case of tho city ordi
nance. Adjutant Alfred Whitney will
bo In Salem from Portland Monday
night to enroll new recruits recently se
cured bv tho armv.
Tho tax collection department at the
court house was kept open yesterday
In spite of the fact that it was Lin
coln's birthday, and aoveral hundred
dollars were paid to tho cause of coun
ty expenses. According to the tnx col
lectors there has been very little com
plaining on the part of the property
owners so fnr this year and that they
pay up with much comment.
Tho Southern Pacific today an
nounced low round trip fares to the De
velopment League meeting to bo held
in F.ugene February 1!), Tickets will
ho sold at all points, main line and
branches, between Ashland and Port
land, with finnl return limit February
20. Many prominent speakers are on
the program and it will lie a great get
together meeting.
Corporation Conunisisoner Watson to
day asked District Attorney Kvans to
proceed ngninst the Spirella. company
of New York, which has a branch store
in Portland, alleging that it has not
observed the law in obtaining a li
cense to do business In this state, Mr.
Watson says he believes the company
is liable to a fine of 1100 a year for
five years. He says the Portland
branch did a business of about $13,000
last year.
Better System of Handling Accounts Is
Planned and Money to Be Placed
With Treasurer. .
Finance Committee of Three to Meet
Once Each Month and Duties of
Game Wardens Outlined.
The report of the fish and game com
mission, filed with the governor last
evening, is a voluminous affair, much
too long to print, and longer thao any
would care to read, if printed. Out of
the mass we have gleaned the follow
ing: inat neretotore tnere nave no
accounts been kept, except in a very
desultory way, and that the commis
sion will haive these slips and notes
posted so that something can be learned
of what the commission has done, and
wheso the money has been expended. It
recommonds the turning over of all
funds to the state treasurer to be
checked out as in other state business,
the commission heretofore having main
tained its own private deposit.
It makes several other reconunenda
tions about as follows: That a board
composed of two commercial men, two
game men, with suggestion of the a.p
pointment of a fifth member from the
scientific department of some educa
tional institution.
Thet Appointment of a Chief Clerk.
Appoint from the board a finance
committee of three, who shall meet at
least once a month.
That work be divided among the
members of the commission so that each
is responsible for visiting and reporting
on certain plants.
Appoint a hatchery superintendent
with residence at Bonneville, to have
complete charge of fish and hatchery
Game warden to have complete and
exclusive control of the policing of all
that district west of the Cascades, and
three deputies or rangers to travel in
connection with his work west of the
Makes it the duty of the fish warden
to collect all licenses, look after dams,
ladders, screens, etc., and to have ex
elusive control of the policing of all
that district vest of the Cascades, for
both game and commercial interests,
and be allowed one deputy to travel in
connection with his work east of the
mountains. That the expense of polic
ing, etc., be born at the ratio of $2
from the game fund to $1 from the fish
Finally recommends the department
keep in touch with the U. S. bureau of
fisheries, whose work is far superior to
that done bv tho state.
A big match game will be played to
night at The Club alleys between Pop
Weymnu's Pirntes and Ralph's Feder
als, The Pirates consist of such bowl
ers as Weyman, fuptaiu Stutesman,
Ijit'lar, Ranch, and Kress. Opposed to
them are a bunch of equally as good
bowlers, Captain Pratt, Craven, Pierce,
N'oud and Siddoll. There is a great
deal of interest aroused, tho rivalry
between the two being very keen.
Paris, Feb. LI. John J. Har.jos, head
of the Paris firm of J. P. Morgan &
Co., was reported seriously ill today at
G rasse.
Geo. C. Will is ou a business visit to
Tho Oxford Trio, who made such a hit
at the Globe about three mouths ago,
have just finished a most successful
tour through California, and will ap-
pear here three days, commencing to
night, in latest songs and piano solos.
No raise in prices 10c,
The Oxford Trio nt the Globe Friday,
Saturday and !?uudav at the snme
price 10c.
There have been ."" rdcyeles stolen in
this city during the past year, accord
ing to' the Kilice records at the city jail.
Out of the 55 the police hove recovered
17. The no, tare of the thefts indicate
that transients aie, in many instances
the (lilt v parties, fur the reason the
stolen wheels have uot been located at
any particular place, and that many of
them were found lying along the road
side i(t tho suburbs of the city.. One
was stolen from a Capital .lourutil news
boy last evening.
Petitions for a remonstrating against
state wide prohibition are being circu
lated in Sivlom at Present. The petitions
are being handled by different local
men, ami it Is understood that such a
movement is now being niade in every
city in the state. One of tho petitions
which was circulated in North Salem
today contained over 300 names, and it
is understood that many more such pa
pers are being signed up by the local
Story hour at the public library Sat
urday morning at t :30 For the young
er group, Indian faiiy tales. For the
"Arabian Nights" group, "Cam ar
aliamin and the Princes Badoura,"
One of the most important legal ac
tions ever brought in Judge Galloway's
department of the circuit court is being
tried today, it being a case wherein
Juilns G. Voget is seeking to recover
$30,923 from O. L. Harris and the fore
closure of a contract for the purchase of
lands located near Brooks, Ore.
There are 19 witnesses on band who
will testify in behalf of the plaintiff,
while the defendants will be represent
ed by nine witnesses. The lands in
question compose some of the richest
farming territory in the state, and the
suit resulted from the plaintif's objec
tion to the defendant's actions in car
sying out the contract to improve the
Attorneys William P. Lord, Jr., of
Portland, aind Walter E. Keyes, of Sa
lem, are representing the plaintifff.
Judge Galloway is holding court in the
city council chambers.
George C. Brownell, prominent in the
politics of Oregon for years, and former
state senator from Clackamas county,
is in Salem today from Oregon City,
on legal business. Mr. Brownell is a
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for governor, and stated today that
he would make the campaign on a clean
cut, anti-saloon platform. If he ac
complishes nothing else, he hopes to
force other candidates to take a defi
nite position on this important question.
"I am a good loser and a good win
ner,' said Mr. Brownell, "and no mat
ter how it goes, I will be satisfied. They
will all know they have been in a fight,
however. "
Lecture by
Dr. James H. Gilbert
Public Library Auditorium
Tonight, 8 O'clock
and Saturday
The Oxford Trio
Those harmony boys who made such a
hit at the Globe about three months
Miss Alberta Gillam
Formerly soloist in Boston, in new song
with Pipe Organ.
Mystery of the
Dover Express
Edison Detective Drama.
The Perils of the
White Lights
Two-reel Kalem, featuring Anna Nilsson
Twe Real Comedies
full of laughs
No raise in prices.
The big Bhow at the small price
When the Globe runs vaudevill it
always high class.
Go When the Crowd Goes.'
Proprietor of Plymouth 111 Only Since
Saturday and Death Surprises
His Many Friends,
Survived By His Wife, Parents, Three
Brothers and Sister and Had
Wide Acquaintance in Oregon
Oscar M. Johnson, for several years
the proprietor of the Plymouth clothing
store, at the corner of State and Liber
ty streets, passed away at his home in
this city this morning at 2 o'clock, af
ter an illness lasting but a short time.
The deceased was born near Jeffer
son, in Marion county, July 15, 1867.
He came to Salem 31 years ago. About
ten years ago ho started a clothing
store in, this city. But a few years ago
Mr. Johnson moved into the quarters
l now occupied by the Plymouth clothing
store, and has built up a valuable busi
ness in the new location.
Mr. Johnson has been foremost in all
public affairs in this city, and wais pop
ular in Salem society. He was an ac
tive member of the Masonic lodge and
took part in several leading movements
whereby the city has been boosted in
the past. Besides having excellent
business ability, Mr, Johnson was a lov
ing husband and a good friend. He has
a wide circle of friends, not only in
this city, but in many othor towns of
the state, who will grieve to learn of
his sudden and unexpected demise.
Tho deceased was taken down ill with
pneumonia last Saturday, as the result
of contracting a cold recently. His
condition gradually grew worso, and
this morning at 2 o'clock he died.
Besides a wife, who was formerly
Mrs. Hal Bolam, and parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Johnson. Mr. Johnson leaves
three brothers, Clyde, Paul and George
Johnson and a sister. The funeral will
be held tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock from the undertaking parlors of
Rigdon & Richardson. The funeral
will be private.
Patient listeners stimulate eloquence.
No man properly appreciates a bor
rowed dollar.
Truth has been known to crush pop
ularity to tho earth.
As a rule tho howling mob is content
to take it out howling.
It is easier to- tell fortunes with
cards than to make them that way.
Society rushes where angels fear to
When weighed down by trouble, it is
better to stand erect,
Egotism and envy are seldom found
in the same belfry.
An optimist is any man who feels
that he might have been worse than he
is, Philadelphia Ledger.
It's easier for love to find the way
than it is for dad to pay the bills.
20Mi acres, all in bearing fruit, mod
em buildings, $16,000.
5 acres in clover, house, $1250.
, 30 acres, 10 cleared, improved, $3500,
64 acres Howell Prairie, improved, to
trade for Salem property, $8600,
10 acres bearing fruit, improved,
17 acres, close in, improved, $4000.
Several good buys in Prune
Ranches, Hop Ranches
and Berry Tracts
We have cigar stores, pool rooms, gro
cery stores, shoe shop, hotel, rooming
houses, blacksmith shop, restaurant
City Lots in all Pants
of Salem
10 acres, cToso in, $2500, 7-roora house
three lots, $5000.
160 acres, well improved, $6000,
Expert Public Stenographer
in attendance
Acme Investment
A. B. Cook, Manager
Phone: Office, Main 477.
Opposite Court Home. 540 State St
"You've heard the story of the hen
seeking the nest and the woman seek
ing the grocer to negotiate for a darn
ing needle in exchange for the prospec
tive egg."
,rYes. I suppose now when the hen
seks the nest it creates a flurry in
Wall street." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Alice Does your husband talk much
about his mother's cookingf
Kate (wearily) Some; but not as
much as he does about mine. Boston
Teacher Willie, if you don 't behave
yourself I'll write a note to your father.
Willie You do, and you'll make ma
jealous. Boston Transcript.
JOURNAL WANT ADS. bring results.
TWO CENTS a word for each
FOR SALE Wood saw, almost now.
Phone 42C, Star Wood Co., WeBt
FOB SALE Good driving horse, weight
1175. Salem Laundry Co.
FOR SALE Five-passenger auto.
quire of E. Eckerlen.
FOR RENT Eckerlen buildinir
North Commercial street.
sewing machine come and got one
now, as we are going to make
cleanup sale. No reasonable offer
will be refused. 64S State street.
FOR RENT Small, modern bungalow.
North Cottage street. Phone Carey
F. Martin.
FOR RENT Housekeeping apartments
at 639 North Liberty, i Inquire E.
FOR SALE Full blooded White
- Wyandotte eggs for sotting. 425 S.
20th street.
FORCED TO SELL Three houses and
lots, three blocks from street car,
costing over $4500. Make an offor
for them. Bechtel & Bynon.
WANTED Ten ears Red Hills Bur
banks, immediate shipment; must be
good quality. Address Mangis Bros.,
Salem, Ore.
FOR RENT Five-ronm house; furni
ture for sale, cheap; 1065 Marion.
No machinery to tear and wear
out delicate fabrics Work called for
and delivered promptly,
445 Ferry Street, Phone Main 552
Resident Agents. 385 State Street
On Good Real Estate Security.
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Oregon
Good Buys
B room home and lot 50x135, on 14th
street, $1100.
10-room home, all modern, very close
in, $5000.
12-room double house, $3000. Would
trade for suburbaa home near car lino.
5, 10 and 15-acre suburban homos on
and near car line.
Prune orchards and prune lands in the
Liberty and Rosedale districts.
One of the very best farms in the fa
mous Waldo Hills, with $S000 worth of
buildings at $115 per acre. For Bale.
Extra good bargains in hop yard,
stock, dairy and grain farms, at prices
that are right.
Fine location for automobile repair
Choice residences and residence lots.
Houses to rent.
C. O. Rice &
W. S. Low
With L. 5. Barnes & Co.
315-318 Masonic Temple.
If you hrs bargains to offer, list
with u.
Jir imt.Ma 11,1 jM rill ,, , L J