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    Eclitorfai Page of i lie Salem Capital Jooma!
JAN. 9, 1914
The Capital Journal
The Barnes -Taber Company
GRAHAM P. TABER, Editor and Manager.
An Independent Newspaper Devoted to American Principles and the Progress
and Development of Salem in Particular and All Oregon in GeneraK
feHthcd Hv.ry Evening fixcept Hunriay, Salem, Oregon
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Main 82.
TUB higher tho official and tho greater tho sliaro in a swindle the less
punishment, la the ' invariable rulo in the courts. Wednesday James
Dunlop Smith, president of tho Radio Telephone company, who
swindled investors in the stock of a fjilte company, organized and
rrmnagod by him, was found guilty of conspiring to swindlo investors
through the uno of tlio mails. At tho sanio timo Elmer Hurlingamo, who was
agent for ono of tho subsidiary companies organized by James Dunlop Smith
to carry out tho schemo of robbery planned by him in the original company was
found guilty of thn snmo offense.
James Dunlop Smith whoso fertile brain concocted tho scheme and perfocted
its working parts wbb sentenced to serve ono yqar and a half in tlsa fodoral
prison at Atlanta, and to pay a fine of $5,000.
Elmor Burlingnmo, his agent and tho man employod to do his dirty work,
was, by tho saino judge, and on the snmo day, sentenced to sorve two yoars
and a half in tho snmo prison and to pay a fine of $10,500.
Of course at this romoto distance it is impossible to Beo why tho principal
should bo lot off with half tho punishment administered to the agent.
It may bo that the fact that Smith ' chimtian name, John Dunlop, bis
having two prefixes to his name may have influenced the judge; for wo all
know that a long pronominal covor is looked upon by actresses and othor
limelighters as a special mark of distinction, and if somohow theso names
can bo hyphenated that fact brings distinguished and especial honor.
Then again the poor devil of an agont, had not even a middle initial let
alone a double-barrelled door knob on his name.
How tho judge found It in his heart to punish tho principal, tho man who
organized tho robbing schomo and operated it to hid own benefit In the) sum
it is stated of more than a million dollars, especially when tho hired man, tho
agent was there who could just as well hnvo carried tho wholo sentence and
left James Dunlop free to do good with his million of stolen money is not for
tho public to know. Who knows but ho might have built a public library with
it, or possibly contributed to tho endowment fund of some collegof Besides
thoro woro undoubtedly other agents. Of courso Jnmos Dunlop Smith having
gotten away with a million dollars will hiro tho very best and most conscien
tious lowycrs to tako his case up on appeal, and use every means to koep tho
sontenee from being onforced for p year or two, by which timo a schemo
can be framed up by which a pardon cun bo secured.
Equally of course Elmor Burlingamo, tho agont, having rocolved only a
salary and perhaps not a very large ono, will b0 nnablo to employ attomoys,
and he will go to prison an example of tho fact that in this great country the
punishment Is always tnado to fit tho crime and that the laws qnnnot bo vio
lated with impunity, unless tho violator has cleaned up enough to divide with
tho lawyers, and jwrhaps tho courts.
It Is such case as this that makes the Amorlcan citizen doubt tho charac
ter of judges and look with contempt on the laws. If there is any valid
reason why tho principal in a crime should escape wlh loss punishment thau
some poor dovil of an agont who works for him, the people generally would
like to have tho court show them what ft is.
The governor has started a crusade presumably for tho enforcement of all
laws, although so fur, his effort have been confined to attacks on violators
of tho local option and gambling laws, and on tho red light districts. It Is
to bo hol that his efforts will take in tho whole range of slack work in
enforcing laws. When ho does, he may find somo here in Salem tUnt neod
enforcing, and possibly ho might find something worthy of his stool with
out leaving tho stato houso,
The Oregonian paragraphor is not keeping In close touch with tho country.
Thursday ho remarked that "with tho balm of spring in the air the Orogon
hen ha not begun to fill the void." This is a base slander on tho Oregon hen,
though perhai a thoughtless ono. Tho Oregon hen Is doing her duty nobly.
Inqulrle of thoso who keop chickons he.ro in tho city discloses tho fact that
tho blddin aro getting down to hard work, and that where two or throo wooks
ago they were doing nothing more usoful than learning to dance the tango,
they are now cackling vigorously and not lying when thoy do so. Tho writer
ha two dor.cn hens that belong to his wife, (this In caso she should road
this) that are shelling out seven or eight egg every day, and assisting in
bringing the anatomy of a hard working newspaper man, back to its once
graceful and rotund lines.
We call attention of the society folks to tho fact that prlr.es, whothor
first or booby, are strictly forbidden by tho law of Orogon, and, playing
card when a prize is offered is a violation of the law against gambling.
Bettor look out or Col. Lswon will get you.
! !- '
So far, that Interstate bridge across tho Columbia at Vancouver consists
of much more "dam" than brldgo.
Copperfleld Is so dead that the railroad ha asked tho railroad commission
to Krmlt It to remove its agency from and close up shop them This ou ac
count of tho actions of our governor. However, ho can safely assert that
ho first put tho now notorious village on the nutp, and ha a right to wipe it
out If he wants to do so.
A the newKpapera absolutely require
peace In Copterfield will necessarily
R T. Jonen, register of tho laud office at Uwcburg is a eandblate for con
gress, and will make the moo for the nomination on the republican ticket
against llawloy. Mr. Jones frankly adlt tlwt ho has not boon asked by
hundreds of friends who sat up nights to lmortune him to mako the race,
nor ha he boon visited by organized delegation made especially for tho pur
pose to bowwh him to run. He Is gollng to do It on his own motion, and ho
start tho gome by Mug both honest a n1 truthful.
- .'
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
pomt mxvK
"Want" Ads. and
war news of some kind tho dawn of
bfcdlowed by lucroascd activity In Mex
1 1 1 it . VTm
- i
What Hag Been Accomplished There Is
Told by Member of State
Highway Commission.
Type of Material Used, Method
Apportionment and Cost per
Mile for Construction.
Member California Highway Commis
sion. At tho outset the C'ommiesion was
confronted with tho fact that $10,000,
000 to .$50,000,000 would be required to
construct a complete system of high
class roads "with a durable type of
pavement." California is over five
times tho size of New York, and in pro
portion to size the good raids appro
priation of this state is less than one
twentieth of that of New York.
When the numbers of the Highway
Commission travelled all the lines of
loast resistance between Oregon and
Mexico, trips which covered more than
0,500 miles of possible routes, thoy re
alized the importanco of thiB problem.
As a result thoy succeeded in making
savings of more than $10,000,000 with
out sacrificing construction, and aro
really giving the state $28,000,000 worth
of improved highway for the $18,000,000
approprioted. It is of interest to know
just how this additional $10,000,000 was
First, by omitting construction of any
port of the state highways inside the
boundaries of incorporated citios. This
is in harmony with the action of othor
states, avoids an unusual cost which
sometimes amounts to $30,000 a mile
and eliminates tho important problem
of composing cities to relinquish juris
diction over somo of tlioir streets and
the public utilities thereon. This effects
a Baving of at least $.1,000,000.
Second, by asking the counties to
provide all necessary rights of way and
bridges. These rights of way and the
bridges would naturally be provided by
tho counties for their own local dovtl
opmont, henco it is entirely logical to
ask this provision of them. The plan
has been carried out in all counties
where construction is under way, sav
ing tho state fully $l,u00,000.
Purchase of Material.
Third, by the purchase of road mate
rials, such as rock, cemont and asphal
tic oil, at much lower price than the
contractors have paid. The state can
Iay qash for very large purchases, stim
ulate the demand from cities and coun
ties and create a steady markot through
dull times all of which induced the
manufacturers to make low prices. The
discounts ranged from 25 to 45 per cent.
For Instance, thousands of tons of
crushod rock have been bought for -13
conts a ton, where counties and con
tractors nave formerly paid BO cents
to $1.10 for the same material. Cement
ha been purchased at $1.18 to $1.30 a
barrel, where many counties, citie and
contractors have been paying from $1.90
to $2.40 a barrel.
The stato can thus furnish material
to contractor at these low prices, re
moving tho necessity on tho part of tho
contractor of furnishing capita or
credit for $30,000 to $80,000 worh of
material upon each contract. This re
sulted In markedly lower bids and an
increased number of good contractors
who can honestly bid on contract. In
directly, thoroforo, it had tho effect
of preventing any contractors' combi
nation on tho highway contracts. This
saving of the cost of materials going
into the construction of the highways
may be figured conservatively at $2,
000,000. Fourth, by securing from the South
ern Pacific, Sant Fe, Western Pacific
and othor railroads of the state half
rates on hauling all materials and ma
chinery for the construction of the
highways. Tho railroads have complied
with this rnqutwt of the Highway Com
mission because they realize that no
one thiug would do more to develop
the state quickly, and thus increase
their revenue from freight and passen
ger traffic, than would the early com
pletion of an efficient state highway
system In th state of California, We
estimate that these savings In freight
will amount to more than $1,000,000.
Subscription for Bond.
A saving of an entirely dlffreiit sort
was effected when, in October, 1012,
tho market for low-rate bond ceased
after $2,100,000 worth of California
State Highway bonds had bveu sold.
The burden was then laid uihui the
Highway Commission either of aban
doning the continuance of the work or
of arranging for the placing of the
bonds. Ono of the moot remarkable
financial results ever obtnlned lu any
stnlo was secured through the htttrty
support and co-operation of the vari
ous counties. Tho Highway Commission
obtained from the California counties
mib'u'riptions taking nuro than $.V(HK),
000 of tho highway bonds, conditioned
that tho subset Ipt ions so nytdo should
be expended in the counties according
to tho amount subscribed.
Hence, tho Highway Commission has
been able to provide for more than
$10,000,000 of additional construction
and to keep the work under way at a
timo when the erratic bond market has
suspended lnrge projects all over tho
world. The California Highway Com
mission now hos under construction or
ready for contract more than twice the
anuunt of new highway construction
than any other highway commission in
the United State has had at any ono
time. Realizing the enormous advan
tages which will accrue to each county
the Commissioneis are straining every
nerve to complete as many miles as pos
sible before, the great exposition of
Type of Roads.
In order to lay out the state high
ways with absolute fairness to every
portion of the state while keeping with
in the limitations and the appropria
tion, the Commissioners found by per
sonal inspection that there were nearly
2,700 miles to construct, of which ap
proximately 1,400 miles form trunk
The Commission and tho Stato High
way Engineer were united on a typo of
road having a firm, solid, well-drained
Bubgrnde, with a solid base, preferably
cement, and a good' heavy asphalt or
asphaltic-concrete surface as th most
desirable and permanent road to build.
But this would cost for the width con
templated about $16,000 a milo, a fig
ure absolutely prohibitive within the
$11,000,000 allowed.
Jn order to be fnir to the whole state
wo allowed $8,020 a milo for 1,303 miles
of the system, the remaining laterals
to bo surfaced with local materials or
simply well drained and graded, accord
ing to their traffic necessities.
Xo sacrifice was made from thn
$16,000 a mile type, so that when tho
people wish to vote $10,000,000 addi
tional the whole trunk line of the stato
of California may be given a heavy
covering to make a thoroughly ideal
As it wms, we determined that we
could provide within the apportionment
a well laid out roadway with tho grade
not in excess of 6 per cent for tho
wholo distance from Oregon to Mexico,
except for a few thousand feet whero
a 7 per cent grndo was necessary, well
drained and with durable concrete eul-
.verts, with a solid cement base laid
upon a well compacted subgrnde and
covered with a bituminous surface
which will be supplemented in mninte
Sets Pace for Coast.
We have set the pace for a Pacific
Coast highway linking Canada with
Mexico through Washington and Ore
gon and California; in surveying the
connecting highway through the Siski
you mountains tho highway commission
of the southern counties of Oregon ac
cepted our standard and kept within
tho maximum of a 6 per cent gmde.
Wo have every assurance that we
have planned a system which is not in
any way problematical or experimental
n8 to construction, and, if properly
maintained, adequate to the needs of
modern traffic. By this expenditure
of approximately $8,600 a mile more
than 00 per cent of tho total expend!
turo will have been spent toward the
ultimate construction of the $16,000 a
milo type, thereby through tho present
policy saving a future capitml expend!
tore of a great amount of money.
rsnan rasa utacn wiss
Lo Angeles, Cal Jan. 9. City Coun-
cilmal Hnino Reed paid yosterday Into
the city's funds for the relief of the
unemployed $600, his salary which had
accumulated during threee months' sick
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Oi the 939 persons who registered at
Portland Wednesday, only 105 were
Portland is supplying it officials
with autos so thoy can get over their
territory quicker, and for other reasons.
Portland's night schools are showing
a remarkable increase in attendance.
The Oregon Short Lino, which oper
ate the railroad running to Copper
field, has asked the railroad commission
permission to close its agency at that
point because the governor has put the
town out of business.
Harrisburg is still dry and will remain
so until the supreme court passes upon
the matter. The new council although
olected by the wets, refused to Issue
any licenses until the supreme court
decided the matter.
There will be no more dancing in the
Portland public schools during school
Sheriff Word is getting busy In Port
land, and Wednesday raided several
grills and card room.
Goorge Hehoff and B, D. Beduff are
under arrest in Portland charged with
the murder of Jessie Wilson, Saturday
night. Her body wa found iu her
room after tie two had visited her, her
throat having been cut with a small
knife. Each of the men charges that
the other committed the murder.
Hood Kiver has clapped on the lid
and dice shaking and all kind of gam
bling are prohibited.
The big storm which swept the coast
for several days has come to an end.
At Astoria the rainfall for seven days
was 10.S2 Inches. Poring the last three
days of the storm the rainfall wa 8.29
inches and in the 24 hours ending Tue
ilny night, 3.14 inches.
In Washington county it is estimated
that the storm did damage to bridges
alone to 20,000,
Tuesday afternoon the water on th
Oregon Electric track near Tualitan
wa in places six feet deep, and all the
traffic wa suspended.
War has again broken out at The
Dalle between th mayor and council ,
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over the appointment of a chief of po
lice, the council by a vote of 8 to 1
refusing to confer the mayor's ap
pointment. Enterprise is having an epidemic of
measles, more than 60 children being
reported as having the disease.
Canby closed it doors Wednesday
aftornoon in obedience to request from
tho mayor during the funeral of the
late Heiman Lee, who died at his home
in Canby a few days ago. lie was a
pioneer of 1853 and one of Canby 's
first settlors.
Mrs. Charles Eaton, of Springfield,
who was frightfully burned a few days
ago, when her apron caught fire at the
kitchen, gave birth to a daughter In
the hospital Wednesday. .
f Pterin taiin vti.1
lewport, Or.. Jan. 9. The Portland
u- . t i j t uwi inree ooxos or uoan ' Sidney
West Coast Ba.lroad and Nav.gat.on ; j WM in beMe, w,th tfc j J
company ha, today made application tOjbeen for tftn and
the city counicl for a franchise through ' i,:. ... . . . , .
., . -
the streets of this city. The company
, . . ... , . . ,
distance of 117 miles. If constructed
it will be possible to roach Portland
in about four hours whore as it takes
all day now. John II. Haak, exten
sive timber owner, is president of the
company. Tho road will tap about
40,000,000 feet of timber.
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jlem. Another typical case. Kidney
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Mr. 8utton had. Foster-Milburn
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
For protection of local merchants tho
state railroad commission today an
nounced that the practice of certain
traveling salesmen of delivering good
from trunks checked a baggage is not
lawful. The decision wa rendered at
the request of Joseph Simon, of Port
land, who desired a construction of the
law and an order from the commission
Certain salesmen, it is charged, af
ter covering their territory, rather
than ship sample back to the house
they represent, have sold them.
The opinion of the commission is in
line with one recently made by the In
terstate Commerce commission.
Albany Or., Jan. 0. Leanina
the Willamettte river here yesterday
afternoon in an attempt at sucide, Miss
Hazel Ward, aged 20, a waitress,
picked up by several men in a
after she had floated 1500 feet.
was unconscious when rescued but wa
revived. No cause i known for her