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THIRTY-SIXTH YEAR. obeoon, xat, ocxobe, a m, pR,CE CENT& gff
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IUIUBJI 1 jLfJ I Temperature Is Below Freez- Candlet Applied to Orientals' .. .
HI I III U II Iimll I !nK Point nd Wind 60 Kio ro;o3-,KooB6. Feet by Four Masked Men D A MMIM M TrPTI II I fl M
ill I 111 I U illllUJ Mile, an Hour. velt and his party were warmly greeted at McAW. W.ab. Rill I Hi If III! III! I T I 1 1 If 1 1 V
Ringo's Contention That Referendum Is Invalid Because of
Fraud in Securing Decisions Is Overruled Court Says
There Is No Standard for Penmanship Established by the
Statute and Contention Tha t Signatures Are Illegible
FailsPortland Need Not Resubmit Bonds Other Decisions.
In au opinion rendered today the su
preme court affirmed the decision of
-Judge Galloway in a suit instituted by
Ernest Ringo to restrain the secretary
of state from rof erring the Workmen's
Compensation Act, and whether or not
it becomes a law now rests with the
vote of the people at the special refer
endum election to be held on November
Ringo alleged fraud and on this
ground asked that the petitions be set
aside and the measures not referred.
Judge Galloway dismissed the suit be
cause his allegations wore not support
ed by evidence, and the supreme court
today sustains him on the same ground.
Incidentally Ringo also alleged that the
signatures in the petition were illegible,
but the court held that thoro is no
standard of penmnnship established by
statute, and that tho genuineness of the
signatures were not attackod.
Another interesting case decided by
the court was one instituted by the city
of Portland to determine whether bonds
issnel prior to the adoption of its now
charter had to be re-submitted to a
vote of the peoplo. The court he'd they
did not.
The other cases were:
R. W. Gray, appellant, vs. Lottie L.
Telton; appealed from Jackson; suit
to euforec terms of a contract Bo
vorsed. Blnke, McFull Company, appellant,
Snow Extends Over Wide Area in
Wisconsin and Gale Accompanying
It Brings Woe Everywhere.
nITKD miSS LliSID Will.
Milwaukee, Oct. 21. Five deaths
duo to tho storm which is raging over
Wisconsin aro reported today. Snow
is falling even as far south as Mil
waukee. The casualties are;
Two Milwaukee hunters, Goorge Mc
Eachrnu and Thomas fltolz, drowned in
Shawano Lake, at Shawano, Wis., when
their skiff was capsized by the gale
as they were trying to reach shelter.
Three men were drowned when their
liapthft launch capsized in Chcqunme
gen bay, at Ashland, while trying to
take provisions to a cnnl steamer in
the harbor.
I united I'siss mused tins
Pasadena, ( al., Oct. 21. Pasadena,
generally rctfirded as a "dry" town,
though its dryness is mitigated by the
Iknitiw mess tsor.n wiss.l
Snn Francisco, Oct. 21. Lenh Alex-
an.lcr, the young woman who vlit and
fatally wounded J. D. Van Bnalen,
newspner advertising man. iu his of (
fice in the Chronicle building here last
Saturday, was arraigned before Police
Judge Sullivan today, charged with
murder. The date of her preliminary
vs. City of Portland; appealed from
Multnomah; action for damages. Re
versed. Pacific Paper Company vs. City of
Portland, appellant; appealod from
Multnomah; action for damages. Af
firmed. E. M, Kimball vs. Lower Columbia
Fire Relief Association, appellant; ap
pealed from Marion; suit to compel spe
cific performance of contract. Judg
ment modified.
Eva L. Roane, appellant, vs. Union
Pacific Life Insuranco Company; ap
pealed from Multnomah; suit on a
promissory note. Reversed.
I W. L. Slptboom vs. Simpson Lumber
jCompuny, appellant; appealed from
I Multnomah; action to recover money.
Carrie P. Mortons vs. Northern State
Bank, appellant; appealed from Jose
phine; suit to determine adverse claim
to real proierty. Affirmed.
Will C. Smith vs. W. G. Smith, ap
pellant; appealed from Josephine; suit
involving title to land. Reversed.
Aila Erb Hunch vs. Gcorgo B. Thorn
blison, et al., appellants; appealed from
Josephine; suit involving possession of
real property. Reversed.
Elizabeth Ingram, appollpnt, vs. Al
exander Bosye, et al., appealod from
Polk action for money. Reversed.
A. II. Schmidt, et al., appellants, vs.
R. B, Beattio, et al.; appealed from
Clackamas. Anneal dismissed.
presence of hotel and restaurant li
censes, today, through its board of
trade, has paid a tribute to the world'
greatest brewer, the late Adolphns
Busch. Resolutions in praise of the
millionaire wore scut to the family, and
a liuignifiroiit floral wreath was ship
ped to St. Louis for the funeral Sntur-
jday. The Busch gardens here will be
i closed Saturday out or respect to Mr.
Busch 's memory.
A. L. Brown, for years the chief en
inner for the Sulem Water compnny, is
near death at his home on South Com
mercial street today as the result of a
complication of diseases of the limbs
and body, Mr. Brown Iiiih I n con-
fined to his bed for the past month and
for A time he was thought to have been
improving, hut since last Thursday his
condition grew gradually worso and to
day he is not cxectcd tn live.
.Mr, Drown is a prominent member of
local lodj.es and hits taken an active
part iu the upbuilding of them. Ho lm
been one of the most trustworthy em
ployes of the Salem Water compnny,
and his wide circle of friends will be
grieved to learn of his serious iliness.
hearing will be set October 20, s contin
nance being granted on the request of
the district attorney's office to awnil
the outcome of the coroner's In-reest.
Miss Hhoda ThamMii, of whom Miss
Alexander was Jealous, anil an eye wit
liess of the shooting, was ordered into
custody today, following a report that
she pfnnned to leave the city.
Maryland Coast Flooded and Many
Boston Streets Are Impassable
From Wreckage Strewn.
united puss uuid trial.
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 21. Cap
tain A. B. Comins, of Port Huron,
and 10 others, comprising the
crew of the wooden steamer C. W.
Eppicke, are believed to have per
ished when the vessel foundorod
at 2 o'clock this afternoon in
Lake Erie, off Long Point. Buf
falo agents of the steamer con
firmed reports of the wreck. Res
cuers have started from Simcoe
and Port Colborne.
Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 21. One of
the earliest really bad blizzards this
section has known in yoars put the
street car service seriously out of
joint horo early today. The temper
ature was below freezing and tho
wind approached 60 miles' 'an hour.
Trains were considerably dolayed.
Coast Town Flooded.
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 21, A high
tide, driven inshore by a 60-mile gale,
flooded the low-lying portions of prac
tically every town on the Maryland
coast early today. The water in some
places was four or five feet deep.
Much damage was done on shore, and
it v ts feared the losses to coast ship
ping will prove even heavier.
Wreckage Blocked Streets.
Boston, Mass., ' Oct. 21, Many
streots here were impassable today from
wreckage of tho storm which swept
hero Inst night. Wires wcro down ev
Sulzer Throws Some More Light
on Tammany's Crooked Methods
' New York, Oct, 21. Governor Sulzer
threw some more light on Tammany
crookedness in a statement today.
Sulzer, who wns nominated as assem
blyman from tho sixth district last
night by the Progressive party, Is ex
pected to greatly help their cause.
One Incident bearing on tho secret
authority assumed by Murphy over the
state government, I omitted from yes
terday's account. Sulzer had prepared
a statement reciting all the incidents,
just as ho would have told them ou
the witness stand.
This one rendu:
Millions Not Audited.
"After 1 took (jfflee in January I
learned that the state architect had
expended more than $-(,.100,(1011 during
tho previous year practically upon his
own certificate, and thnt there had not
been a proper audit.
"I learned also that tho 1012 ap
propriation for the capitol hud been
exceeded by nearly $."i 10,00(1, without
proper supervision,
"I asked a committee representing
tho American Institute of Architects to
investigate, and I nlsii asked John
llennessy, niy special graft inventiga
tor, to dig into some of the accounts
presented for payment.
"The architects reortod that State
Architect Iloefer and Deputy Powers
were not by training. exerlence or
ability competent to fulfill their du
ties. Resignation Becotnmended.
"Hennessy found several question-
Rio Janeiro, Oct. 21. Colonel Roose
velt and his party were warmly greeted
ou thoir arrival hore today.
A representative of President Fon
seca, all the members of his cabinet,
the leaders iu the senate and chamber
of deputies, many city, police and judi
cial officials and the Argentino minis
ter with his entire staff, were at the
waterside, to welcome the visitors. Af
ter the landing a reception was held in
their honor at the arsenal.
The Roosevelt party's ship was some
time overdue, haying been delayed by
a storm.
erywhere, big trees were snapped off
and street car traffic badly crippled.
Inland, to the eastward, the storm was
equally bad. At sea the night was a
fearful one, and it was feared marine
losses will prove to have beou heavy.
' Many Ships in Distress.
New York, Oct. 21. A 60-mile gale
raged along the Atlantic coast last
night and today. Several ships were
reported in distress, and it was feared
there would be wrecks of many small
craft. The crew of the schooner Mar
jorie was brought in by a North German-Lloyd
boat, which picked them up
as their vessel was sinking 200 miles
off shore. )
The applause of the public seldom
goes to the officeholders who gets It's
The Weather
The Dickey Bird
says: Oregon, fair
tonight and Wed
nesday; norther
ly winds.
gflus our
able contracts, and suggested that the
state architect bo asked for his resig
nation. "It was shown by llennessy 's re
port thant only half tho right quantity
of glass bad been put into certain
rooms In tho capitol, that glass three-
I eighths of an inch thick hud been sub
stituted for glass that should have
been five-eighths thick, and that glass
three-quarters of nn inch thick hud
been substituted for glass required by
contract to be one Inch thick.
"llennessy asked for the architect's
resignation at my request. Before he
had reported to me Senator Frawley
cauio down stairs and protested against
Interference with work in the state
capitol or other stntn buildings, say
ing ho diil not believe there was ma
terial truth In the charges.
"I sent for llennessy, who, In my
presence, related to Frawley the main
facts. Frawley still persisted that
nothing should bn done, nt least with
out further consideration,''
Hoofer's Boply,
"I told llennessy to return to the
state Architjvt mid insist nn his riiu-
I .. .. . ..(.. .
eition, Iloefer told h I in he whs not a
fn" agent, that h" Imd no control over
Ins deputies or his secretary ami none
over the nteu who checked up the work.
Me said they were nil appointed by
Tammany. He made the peculinr plea
that his grand father wns s Herman
revolutionist, like mine, thnt blood
hould be thicker tlmn water and that
1, as a (lerniau, should not semi him out
of the itate service In disgrace. He
Bandits Escape In Stolen Rig and Are
Pursued by Posse of Citizens and
Deputy Sheriffs.
united raasi leased win.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 21. Torturing
their victims with fire and commanding
others to lie face downward under pen
alty of death, four masked highway
men robbed and plundored the little
village of McAloer, five miles southeast
of here early today. The bandits es
caped in a stolon rig and are being pur
sued by a posse of citizens and loputy
The' robbers first1 appeared at a 'Jap
anese grocery store. In tho place, sev
en men, together with the proprietor, K.
Ida, were forced to lie on the floor,
while all the monoy and valuable in
the place were collected. About $300 in
cash was secured. Tho men then left
in the direction of Fife. Noar Fife an
other Japan wo store was ontered and
tho two Japanese found there were
bound hand and foot. After they had
been securely tied, lighted candles were
held to the Orientals' feet bv one of the
robbers and demand made' for 'their
One of tho Japanese gave up $100 af
ter his feet had boon badly burned.
The other Japanese contributed $20,
Both were severely burned.
Snii Francisco, Oct. 21. Tho body of
Armand Klett, a bookkeeper, 26 years
old, was found today in tho offices of
John T. Wright. & Co., coininismon mer
chants, by whom he was employed. Ill
health is believed tn have citusvd the
act. '
Anyway, the tariff tax on the farm
er's bags Is now a good deal less.
asked if his resignation could nut be de
layed. "llennessy telephone, and informed
mo that Iloefer wanted until the fol
lowing Monday to determine to resign.
He said ho wanted to consult some one
in New York,
To Consult Murphy.
"I told llennessy to ask Hoofer the
nniiie of the man and he replied that ho
wanted tin opportunity to see Murphy
slut explain certain things,
"Senators Wagner ami Frawley and
John Delaney came into tlui oxeeutlve
chamber mid Informed me that Murphy
wns insistent nothing be done In con
nect lo with Iloefer 's case tl.nt week,
"I told lli-niiiKsy to find Iloefer forth
with and hate him bring his reslqiiution
with him, llennessy sent a messenger
to Iloefer ami found him In Wagner's
room with llelaney and Frawley, They
were uuain In communication with Mur
Bogus Contracts.
"Iloefer mi am to mc with Iteluney
end nuniii inked thnt his residual ion he
deferred. I pointed to my desk and
said to Iloefer, 'Hit down and write
your resignation now.' Iloefer wrote
"It was shown later that several of
the contracts ou capitol work were bo
gus, All were percentage contracts.
Men were paid for 20 consecutive hours
dally for 20 consecutive days, Home
irasons and bricklayers charged on the
invrolls had never worked on the enpi
trl. Political ward heelers nf Tam
il soy ver on the payrolls as elect ri
rid in. "
Portland Woman Says Girl Admitted She Had Told False
hood in Saying Principal Wiest Had Attacked Her Part
Played by Mrs. Blanche Ford-Pickering in Case Mrs.
Baldwin Says Charges Against Wiest Causing Loss of Posi
tion Baseless Board Members Called to Testify in Case.
What is conceded to have been some
of the most important testimony intro
duced so far in the law suits brought
by W. A. Wiost against School District
No. 24, was given yesterday afternoon
by Mrs. Lola O. Baldwin, the superin
tendent of the state society for the
safety of girls and young women. Mrs.
Baldwin branded the T)-? -' ! ,
young woman who sin,'- '
to the effect Mr. Wio,.: ,
the Englowood school, as au untruthful
person, and In her testimony she prac
tically exonerated Mr. Wieet from all
the charge which have been brought
against him by both the school board
aud Mrs. Blancho-Ford-Pickerlng.
Governor Interested.
It dovolopod from Mrs. Baldwin's
tostimony that Governor West was the
Instigator of tho witness' investigation
in the Wiest case. She said that at tho
request of the governor, she tame up
from Portland and startod an Invostiga
tion. Mrs. Baldwin testified that she
took the DoBord girl up to the gover
nor's office and examined her thor
oughly and found that the young woman
was lying about her bulng attacked by
Mr, Wiost.
At another time, tho witness mid, Bhe
took tho girl to a ioom in tho Hotel
Marion and there quizzed her again and
found that Miss DoBord had been at
tending a rovlvul meeting at the
Friend's church and had bocome conscience-stricken
over what sho hud done
and afterward wrote a letter to Ma
Wiost tolling him that she had told a
lie and that tho contents of the affi
davit sho signed wero untrue.
What Oirl Told Her.
Mrs. Baldwiirsjiid that tho girl told
her that sho was approached by Mrs.
Blanche Ford-Plckoring and was asked
Washington, Oct. 21. Tho attempt to
liavo the public recess for ,10 duys was
abandoned today, Majority Lender Un
derwood and Minority leader Mann
wero uiiuble to agree, on the date for an
adjournment, according lo Underwood's
iiiiiiouucement, The house will now
formally convene dully und Immediately
lliqiresenlntlve Munii thought Presi
dent Wilson was not Justified In be
lieving thnt the currency bill wiou would
be passed,
New York, Oct, 21. Though the
nit'iies hiul not been dolinitcly announc
ed, it was understood today thnt the
following aw bishops had been chosen
nt the episcopal chciirch conv ent ion
The Ifcv, l(uli lluiieson, bishop of
Month Dakota.
The llev, Mlln dates, bishop of t uba.
The llev, Fred liowdcn, bishop of
New Mexico.
The llev. W, II, Capers, bishop of Spo
kane, The llev, ( harle t'oluiore, bishop of
I'orto Itlcn.
The Itev. W. II. Capers las formerly
In charge of the Columbia, Tenti., Insti-
if she (Mrs. Pickering) could take the
letter out of the mail box that was
nulled to Mr. Wiost. The girl gave Mrs.
Pickering the privilege and the latter,
according to Mrs. Baldwin, secured the
missive and, after changing the wording
or it, again plneod it in the mail box.
Mrs. rt'.'i-v Trther testified that
", t.i i'-, or that Mrs. Picker-
- ' 'j when she told of
" ' ' to Mr. Wiest and
'said thaf'Mra, tnnerlng wanted her to
. show all the letters she wrote to her
(Mrs. Pickering) before sending them
Bays Charges raise.
The final upshot of her lnvostiaation.
said Mrs. Baldwin, was that she found
no grounds upon which to base any
truth of the charges brought against
Mr. Wiest by either the girl, Mrs. Pick
orlng or the school board and dropped
the" case entirely. " v '
Some clever maneuvering between
Mrs. Baldwin and Attorney Bingham
for the dofonse then took place. Coun
sel for the school district tried hard to
break down tho witness' tostimony.
The members of the school board
wero examined on tho witness stand to
day and tho Jury may be presented with
tho case late today. Attorneys Corbv
and Carson are appearing for the plain
tiff. Wiest is suing the district for
TOO on a contract alleged to be due oa
the grounds tho school board released
him before the time of his office an
pr!nciil of tho Knglowood school had
Tho school directors wore called to
tho stand today to tostify that they
wero not prejudiced against Mr. Wiost
nd that they acted solely in the inter
est of tho city schools.
united rssss uassu wire.)
Chicago, Oct, 21. I'ostofflce Inspeo
tor Stuart today said ho knew the iden
tity of tho man who wrote Mrs. Freder
ick Stool, a society woman, threatening
to inoculate her with deadly tropical
disease germs unless she paid him $2,1,
00'). The man Is said to be a college
graduate. The letter was sent Mrs.
Steel by sMclsl delivery.
After sending telegrams to every po
lice department on the coast, telephon
ing to nil tho nearby city authorities
and sending Police Matron Lynch to
Portland In search of her, Chief of Po
lice Shcdeck stated today that he has
received no Information ns to the where
abouts of Miss Dora Under, the young
woman who so mysteriously disappeared!
from her home ou the Garden Hond hint
week, Tint chief of Oolice has no Idea
where the girl can be and lie is now
sending out letters to the various city
police departments In Oregon, Washing
ton an. I California in hopes of getting
some trace of the runnwnv,
The Salem Ad. Club will have their
regular dinner meeting at the Hotel
Marion nt tl:!IO p. in. tomorrow evening.
All business men rd cordially invited
tn nt t en 1 1 .
A wiuiwin in New York lias jus- li'i 1
a divorc stilt against her husband m l
says thnt. he Is not "guy" inning i. Vu
sn never please some women.