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Ed!it&4al Page of Tke Salessi Capital Journal may s, 1913
The Capital Journal
Published by
The Barnes -Taber Company
GRAHAM P. TABER, Editor and Muair
aa. Independent Newi paper Deroted to Amerlcui Principle and the Progress
and Development ct Salem In Particular and All Oregon In General
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SALEM Is somewhat of a railroad
center, and is steadily growing in
that way. She has six railroads
in operation, and a few more in per
spective. One of these, running to
Stoyton, thence up the Santiam and
through the Minto pass, stretching
across Eastern Oregon and tapping the
Oregon Short Line at Ontario, will be
tinder construction probably this sum
mer, and when once bogun will be
rushed to completion. Being a railroad
center, makes it naturally a desirable
point for factories. To attract fac
tories requires cheap power, and here
again Salem is favorably situated, for
the almost unlimited power of the San
tiam and its tributaries is at her door.
Here, then, Is the central distributing
or accumulating point, and here is an
abundance of power. This is half of
the necemnry combination to make Sa
lem a groat manufacturing center, the
other things are the. capital to operate
factories and something to manufac
ture. The first will bo available In
abundance onco the fourth portion of
the combination is made available, and
that is something to manufacture.
As The Capital Journal has suggest
ed, flax is the thing that completes
tho combination. This is no new idea
here, unless indeed it may be counted
as having been so long nogleotcd and
forgotten that It is again now. Years
ago Eugono Bouse, a fine old gentle
man, a flax expert and enthusiast, un
dertook to start the Industry hero. Ho
claimed that the Willamette valley
would produce not only ns good a flax
Ireland or Bolginm, but that it
would produce a longer and finer fibre
than either. He not only claimed If,
but he proved it. Through his onergy
and persistency ho got a small plant
here, and would undoubtedly havo
niado a success of the venture, if ill
lirck or worse, had not pursued him.
He was given somo support by Salem
people, but it was not strong and wholo
hearted. In spite of this failure to
properly support the industry and put
it en its foot, ho would, with his in
doniitnblo will and complete knowl
edge of (he industry, have made a suc
cess of it, hod not misfortune in the
shape of firo destroyed tho plant.
This firo is believed to have boon of
incendiary origin, and it is claimed by
some, that the plant was caused to bo
burned by a Belgium flnx eoinimny.
However this may be, the plnnt wns
destroyed, and Mr. Hobw, finally
wenry of the thankless task of trying
to forco fortune onto Salem and the
Willnmotto valley, dropped the matter.
We havo the benefit of his experience.
We know that he demonstrated be
yond the peradvvnture of a doubt, that
the Willamette valley would grow the
best flax In tho world. Are we ener
getic enough, far-seeing enough, self
reliant enough to profit by what ho
has taught usf
Flax, such as Is grown, or enn be
grown lieie, is the most, valuable ribre
grown, and flax as a crop one of fine
profit. The area suited to its cultiva
tion, in this neighborhood, is practical
ly unlimited, and there is no reason
why Halem should not come to the
front as the greatest flax center of the
United. States, and in time the leading
flan manufacturing city of the world.
To do this will rcipiiro some effort,
and it will require the expenditure of
porno money in the initiative, but it is
certainly worth it. With this indus
try once ottfulili'dicd here, a few yours
would see Snleni growing more rnpidlv
ilinn any city in the slate, It would
sen pioperty values doulde and double
agaiu in a Blunt lime, n.'ol surely prop
erty owners can afford to advance the
money necessary to establish a small
plant hero, and increase the value of
their property many times by so do
ing. An expert can be hired, or prob
ably Mr. Bosse could bo induced to
tako hold of the matter again, and the
initial steps taken this yoar so the
next year something tangible could be
accomplished. Tho Board of Trade
should take it up systematically, and
give it a trial. As Tho Capital Jour
nal stated recently, the matter had
gone past the experimental stage when
firo put an end to the matter, and it
can bo taken up, as a business proposi
tion, and in a commercial way from
the start.
A small company could bo incorpor
ated for that matter shares at a min
imum valuo, and thus it could bo mude
a pcoplo's company. It offers so
much, at so little eipenso, that monoy
spent in testing it out practically will
be monoy well oxpondod, oven though
tho matter should rirove a failure. The
possibilities aro so groat, tho chances
of fniluro so small, that we cannot af
ford not to mako tho trial.
sometime when the net work of electric
roads is completed in the valley, and
things get quieted down, he will call a
meeting of the board of directors, and
almost before we know it, there will be
automatic switches on that line.
When it rains the suburbanite wishes
it would clear up so ho could get busy
in his garden. When the sun shines the
suburbanite wishes it would rain so he
could get. busy anywhere except in his
About the only place the garden suits
the whole family is at men) time or on
the front porch along in the evening,
when it can be discussed with Bafoty
to the old man and the kids.
f HE ORDINANCE making possible.
and perfecting the dotnils by which
tho recoil may bo used in recalling
city officials camo before the council
InHt night and wns put over until Mon
day night next. This was done on mo
tion of Councilman Brown, who alBO
moved that a copy of the bill bo ur
nislicd each councilman. Mr. Brown
suid tho bill should puss, and that ho
would vote for it, but beforo doing so,
wanted to undorstund it thoroughly,
and suggested that every other council
man should fnmiliarizo himself with it.
This is eminently corroct, and tho same
system should bo applied to all other
bills coming boforo tho council. Un
doubtedly the many litrlo jokers con
tained in tho ordinances wore not
known to tho councilmon; and had they
bocn so known, they would havo boon
eliminated. Tho people want tho recall
mado possible not that thoy have any
use for it now, but that it may be avail
able, should the occasion arise whon its
use might bo required. Councilman
Brown is eminently correct, in wanting
to investigate tho bill, and ho is also
correct in saying tho bill should pasB,
which It undoubtedly will.
The Portland Railway, Light & Tower
company wants the city of Portland to
pay it tho nmount it was out in chang
ing its gindos on account of tho Broad
way bridge, some $'J5u'l.n.9. The com
pany Ins tho nso of the public street,
and wants tho city to pay it for nny
expense it is put to in using it. It is
a modest, retiring diffident little cor
poration with few of the attributes of
the coounon hog, other than its greedi
ness, It figures to a cent, too.
Accenting to our exchanges a colony
of several thousand Russians will settle
in at least a dozen placo between Salem
and Klamath Kalis, and all in a bunch,
One of tho conductors on the South
Commercial street line Sunday lost his
automatic, switch off tho tnil end of the
car. K Want Ad. in tho Capital Jour
nal would certainly lead to its recov
ery. e
Naletu folks, especially those out
Sooth Commercial street, will be glad to
learu Mr Slraliorn is to remain at the
head of the 1'. J). ,v K. He is wide
awake, energetic and n hustler, and
M.D. Davis, former city marshal of
Lebanon, is now holding down a home
stead near Mill City. Deer come al
most into his dooryard, and the trout
fishing is fine.
Tho dato of the Wasco county fair,
to bo held at The Dalles, has been
changed from September 17-20, to Oe
tobor 8-11. It is to be made the big
gest ever held in Wasco county.
There are now 59 passenger trains
daily into and out of Albany, and the
Democrat Bays there is "no excuse for
overybody in this part of the state not
trading at Albany."
A famine in the labor market in As
toria is reported. The Budget says
carpenters, plasterers, trades and oth
er mochanics are needed to supply an
immediate demand.
The Baptist church at Carlton will
colobrata its forty-third anniversary
tomorrow. Of the six charter mem
bom, three aro living, Mrs. Sarah Black
and Mrs. Hanna Kuteh, of Carlton, and
Mrs. Maggie S. Scoft, of Latah, Wash.
Reports from all parts of the state
west of the Cascades show that but
little damage has been done by frosts.
Tho Alaska Fisheries Packing Co.,
sold its plants and business to Libhy,
McNeil & Libby, tho Chicago meat
packers. The consideration was ap
pioximately $500,000.
The Independence creamery, which
has an output of from 30,000 to 35,000
pounds of butter a week, is behoved to
bo tho largest institution of the kind
in tho state.
Tho annual meeting of the State
Horticultural Society will meet in Eu
gene tho first week in June.
jj LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Acting abscolutely contrary to the
ancient and customary requirements of
'straw-hat day," and furthermore,
casting asido a venernblo antique which
has made him an object of friendly cu
riosity, ami which was his constant
companion in or out of doors since the
winter of '02 Tho Cnpital Journal's
city editor swaggorod into the bright
glim this morning with one of those
dinky littlo college non entities known
by a select few as a hat(f).
Now, tho writer don 't give a hoot
what Bort of a creation tho city editor
springs cut in, but ho feels sorter queer
when he meets the old man coming 1
down the street with a 14-year-old lid
perched at a naughty auglo upon a head
which has been in this world sinco Hock
wns a mere, waddling infant. Of course,
tho manipulator of equine mutters is
acting within the law in wearing tho
funny sky-piece, but his friends won
der where he got tho nerve to spring it i
on a patient and unoffending public,
Tho "force" has voted to damage that I
counfounded dome-piece and Chief of
Police Shodoek threatens to havo tho
editor arrested if ho don't cease im
personating Little Lord Fauntleroy, !
Ward McAllister and 'is Royal 'ighness. j
This Interests Every Woman.
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