Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 09, 1908, Page 8, Image 8

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I 1 hivi VMhI
Men's New Fall Suits
At a Saving of 25 Per Cent
Thcro's a saving of 25 per cent If you purchnso the new fall suit
here. Our prices are guaranteed to bo Just that much lower than cqiia!
style and quality coat you at the exclusive store. We nak you to look
around town and convince yourself of this statomont. The new fall
stock li now at Its host. Now fall suits, overcoats, raincoats, etc., for
business and dresi wear. The bC3t materials and patterns are here
now ready for your choosing.
$352 to $1 02
Court Street Annex
CeprtlfM lygl by Hut Schtflhtf & Mr
"iwrwht iqsS bv Uait SilufTntr k Mri
Today Only
We offer leather purse wltn
coin purse, mlror and card hold
er, with gun njotal or brims trim
mlngs, Thctfe purres nsually sold
for ft.50, '.'Today only your
No telephone oidort iccnlvod.
0n sale at jS;30 sharp.
Throo-ply voncor, all fibre, fibre r.nd rawhldo bound, slatless otn
bossed crystal and duck covorlnn Japanned sheet Iron binding, brass
and bronzo trimming. Wo have thorn from the small doll trunk to
tlio ladles skirt trunk In lengths, steamer trunks, plain box and fully
trimmed, with leather straps, comfort bureau trunks and traveling bag
of all descriptions. Over 150 different stylos to choo3o from. The
largest ns3ortmont ovor shown In the city. Suit ca30, leather ninttlng.
straw nnd bamboo, In many dlffoiont sizes. HKCON'l) FLOOR.
New Furs
Tho largest aud best assort
ment, tho blggojt and he3t value
for the money in Salem.
First Floor
Have you scon tho detachable
combination hnndle silk umbrel
las? Extra fall special to Intro
duce. $3.98 and $4.98
jCity Mews!
I-H 1 do Jo JoIiiinoii M KtOKO
I If )(.ii have any pressing or clean
lug to be done. Next door to Jo.n
, aal.
Wrntlier ForcvaM
Hl'owrra JnnlMi, wuhiht;' Tlnifn.
tlay, aliowcr,
Whtyi In Portland
VleU Hall's restaurant, 330 Waste
tngton stroot, o-o-d
Wlirn Vii HmhIjTIiIh
Stop and think what It means to n
oily, to hnvu'homo Industries. It
mount) business for all. Tho homo
product sliou)d be bought In prqfor
unco to others when tho homo pro
duct H Jtit m ir,Qnd. Tho I .a Corona
and lion Ton'nro homo production!.
Tho Gideon HtoU Co.
Is now roady to reoolvo apples.
Parties hnvjnir varly apples can suml
thorn at once, 9-S-21
For Knit or Trade
FJvo ncroa at North Yakima for
Balom property, houses or lots, prlcn
$1)300, f3A00 down, balauuo on time.
All kinds of fruit on placo, 200 bear
ing poach trt'ot it Hoyat Ann cherry
troos, some Lmubort nnd Ding chor
ries, 50 llartlotl pears, soma plumbs
and walnuts, grapes, -150 applo trees,
olio S-iooui hoiito. wood liber plaster
cistern aGx3ftharu 1 1x22. 2i miles
from center ttt. olty. Good school
and church mMJr. J, C. SohulU,, 131
North I.lhortyW
If Yoti An
In need of anything l tho grocery
lino, phono 31,. J. M. I.awronoc,'
Moiy HavtHr
lly paying Water bllh on or ueforv
September tOlb. 9-7-31
Wv All Mint l-'-it
So why not have tho best and, you
aro Hiiro to gut t,lu host In thu meat
lino If yop order from Stouelnff
llros.' sanitary mnrkej. Phone 321.
Added New M.i.
The Capital Commlttlnu wholo
wile liotifje will hoi oaf tor haudlo Hair
In Job lot-, hnvlng received tho llrst
carload tho past weok. This salt is
of a high grade and put up for tnhlu
salt, dairy salt and stock salt. "The
hiimnuo man h hiimauo with till
beauts," Is thu motto of thu company
that put up tho lluk blocks to fastou
In a horso stall or cow stall, or In
the pasture, and will do moru to keep
stook nnd horsos In good condition
than any amount of condition pow
dors. Tho stouk brloka rotall at IB
oentii and onu of thorn will last a
year for a toam.
Will bo tho last day to pay wator
bills and get tho 10 per cant dis
count. 0-7-3t
(loNpni MUnIoii Mevtlng
ISvery n'ght on the street and In
tho W C. . V. rondlnis room, eon-
duotiNl b W. II. Jiulioii and wife.
ltoanlof Trmkt Mit'tlng
Tin) fogular monthly moating of
tho Salem Hard of Trado takes placo
Wodnuiday (ttiworrow) evening at
the rooms, when Important buslnofn
will ha ooiuldored. All membors arc
rtuiuestdd to bo preeeut. A. V. Hofor.
soorotnry. 0-S-2t
rivpwi-. tor Fright
TU Qroguu ISIeotrtr company ha
50 freight cars on routo from Chi
rago, also another oloctcic lonmo
tlvo. This luformntlou was given
out this morning In a letter to the
railroad commission, In which It wnn
stated that tho company would enter
Into an extonslvo fright business h
soon as tho equlpmont could bo so
curod. Tho SOcars and tho locomo
tlvo would bo hero now, tho luttar
stated, but for tho fact that tho. com
pany hna no sldctrncks on which to
accommodnto thorn.
8vo th Discount
Send check or pay at ofllco on or
boforo Soptembor 10th, to snvo dis
count on Soptomber untor bills. -
Die Formal Complaint
II. L. McKee and Hobert Anlnuf.
who soino tlmo ago ontorod a vigor
ous kick with tho railroad commis
sion heoauso tho Southern Pacific
did not maintain a depot at Anlnuf,
yo)torday tiled a formal complaint,
staUng their grlovancos and anklus
that tho commission set a dato for
a hearing In tho mattor.
Yming HepiibllraiiH, Attention
Ymir attendance nnd onthualnsm
aro needed on Wodneidny ovonlng,
September 0, at tho police court room
In tho city hall, for the purposo of
mapping out our pinna for the com
ing campaign. Como without fall.
Meeting called at S o'clock. U. O.
Stringer, president: Carlo Abrams,
seorotary. 0-S-2t
Hop Suit
1). Wlotlng has tiled a suit hi th?
circuit court against tho T. II. Hub
bard Hop Company, to recover $407.
22. alleged to bo duo on tho sale or
13. COS pounds of hops. Caroy P
t n i 1 1 1 umi tun n h iiimmitiimiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiimiiinnmHi
I P. II. D'ARCY, Owner K. L. BERNARD, Leesee and Manager I
I ' A 'N
The home of High-class Amusements. Animated pictures,
Talking and Singing Pictures. The sensation of all Europe
Illustrated Songs
i : : Z.
Price of Admission One Dime
WIHIHHUflH ilinilllilllllHIIIHt J
Martin Is tho attorney for tho plain
tiff. Full Opening
Of tho lntest and most up-to-dnto
lino of oxcluslvo tailored hats over
ahowu In tho city. Tho ladles of
Salem and vicinity aro cordially In
vited. Friday and Saturday, Soptem
bor 11 nnd 12. Tho Voguo Millin
ery, 270 North Commercial street.
Ko.ci Improving
K. J. Kozor, who wa Injured yos
torday by a polo-wagon tongue, whlcn
struck him on tho chin, breaking the
Jaw and knocking out several teeth,
Is getting along fairly woll nt the
Salem Hospital, to which placo ho
was takon,
Mmriagt Ideenso .
A marriage llcomo was Iswied this
morning to Kphrlnm Dorgll, aged 25,
of Sllverton. and Miss ISdlth Man
ary, agod IS, of Sitvorton.
.Vow Stock Itnto
Tho Astoria & Columbia It Ivor
Hallroad Company has Instituted a
now stock rnto from Portland to A
torla, undor which thu cost of ship
ping cattle. Is considerably cheapor
than Kinder tho old one, which has
been tho cause, of soveral complaints.
The Voguo Millinery
Havu tho sole, agency for tho fa
mous "Keith" lints. Those hats huvw
ngvor boon shown In Salem. 0-lt
Will Holtl Hiiiuli-oil
It. It. Ryan has fitted up Grange
hall with bods during tho state fair.
It will hold 100.
Tho ltetl SMt'lal
Eugene Dabs aad his Red Speil
train will bo at tho freight depot, rt
Salem, Monday at 2 n. i.
K. L. Dcrnard announces the open
ing of "Ye Liberty" theatre Thuradav
evening, the beautiful hew amuse
ment pa In co on Liberty street that
has bean erected by tho public spirit
and ontorprlso of p. H. iVArey, form
er mayor of this city. It hat entirely
now feature, and the ilaglng an 1
speaking picture machine alone cost
over $1000, while the electrical
equipment cost $150. Mr. Berna.J
will put in not only living and jnor
Ing pictures, but living actors an I
raudaville specialties that have not
boon heretofore presented, and will
not be duplicated in tho Capital City.
Mr. Barnard Is manager of about ton
plants, but says the new Liberty
streot theatre Is the best on tho coast,
without any exception, and Is a great
credit tp the city of Salem. He has
leased the hulldlng for five years, and
will have dally announcements la
Tfc Capital-Journal of hi progrwat.
Portland yellow Journals have
dono a serious Injury to Henry V.
nnd Milton L. Mayers, of this city, by
Insinuating that they had anything
to do with the disappearance of the
box of valuable papers that wai lost
In shipment between this city and
Portland by tho 'Volls-Fargo Express
Company. Thorn young men feel,
with Justice, that their long and hon
ornblo buBln career chould hnvo
protected them against such news
paper outrages as have been perpo
trated against their good namo anf
standing as business men. They
havo been tho victims of constant
publicity of a fhnrnclr thpt doe9 not
reflect very highly upon tho nows
papors that havo engaged In It, and
a Btrong reaction Is sotting in in their
favor. While they may havo made
mistakes in deailng with a very dtfll
cult fnmliy situation, they have novor
laid themselves open to tho Insinua
tion that they wore not good buslnosr)
men nnd honorable citizens, whoso
word wa3 good among all men, and
whose flnanc'nl responsibility wns of
tho highest character.
Without Foundation.
Any statement that detectives are
on their trail, or that they woro
about to ho arrostod, as well as the
statement in tho Orcgonlnn that thov
had retracted their obligations to
their father's mnrrlngc, are de
nounced by them as without founda
tion. They aro absolutely In control
of their business, owing every sharo
of stock hut two Bhnrcs, and owing
no bills that aro not easily to bo mot
In tho ordinary courso of business.
They feel that thoy are entitled to
fnlr treatment In a community In
Miss Ollio Wilson rM . ,
home hero this mornia iJT
wnelcn vUlt ,w ... '"1
bur. mm '
A, D. Dennis, nf p.4i. .
.. . "nana, (U
city transacting bus!no V. 1
nls has entered some mltJ
Mrs. Frank L. Benton nnd i.
sons and Mlas tw. ....
......a Alien ..(.J
vnatnr1n. fi.AM i cin
,.uw, ,uui uaraner, Cj
ty. whoro thv Ynva u... '
their Bummer vacation
Sam Fo-ter has re'ii-ned fro3
v.u, ua..., ,vure ne has be
viurvu iur me past few nionU,,
uiu uiuuh nursery Cotapanr
Jonathan B. Bourne, local
W.UIK mr mo aoumern Pacldt
i.uiuu mji. oning irom 8n fi
Cal whero he went to have hi..
er burled, who died la PorthaJ
wbcks ago. a
"Judgo" Geo w. MartJuiJ
'wn ior me weyenau'er TiJ
uompany,. of Tacoma, wag iookbi
ter tho firm's interests here jt
any. rno weyernauaor Cc
have in their possession oter lj
000 acres of timber land oa u
clflc coast.
fContlimod from Page l.)
said that Davis wai lntrodn
tho man, and that Hustln eu'i
that she nnd Davis would both
poison ns soon as they knew
tlvoly that ho cortalnty woclil
Sho oald she would have carrlei
hor part of tho plan If the bij
boon nrrcnted, as she did not i
llvo Blnco Dr. Rustln was dead
Rustln's enso Is tllfflcuU of i
nation. Ho was n btill'ant phjij
but probably foil from grace tbrj
tho uso of drugs. His lore
with Mrs. Rice caused him dee?
grin when ho was In his betten
and his failure to provide pro
for his wife and chl'dren droTel
to arrange to hn" himself
o .
.Station for Anlnuf
Tho Southern Pnclflc Compatj
advised tho Railroad ComciJ
thnt a small depot will be coaa
od at Anlauf Immediate')- fi-
plo of this town have been IUJ
for sovoral months f-r a depot, t
which they havo boon nctlvo busu? - as only after n f" r"' ' J
factors, to the crodlt of tho eommn- had boon lllod asking the Ri'l
nltv. whloh thov hnvo Imlno.-t tn CO".a'.lsr!ca to - a 'a'e 1?" U
upbuild. n?fnro ir-!"5 !" Init note the cno, tht t'ie Southern
d-io their father thu sous any thoy authorized the Ltatlon to be bclj
askod no other Indemnification than
thoy would havo naked of any other
business man undor similar circum
stances, no moro nnd no lo;s, nnd to
bo assured that they would not have
to pay tho notoa again. Thoy can
not seo why they should be made tho
ooutlnuad victims of sensntlonul
Journalism whon thoy hnvo not gono
Into tho newspapers, and hnvo tried
to avoid publicity ns much as pos
o o o o o o o o
Salem O
o o o
Movements of
o o o o o o o o
L. W. Maugey, of Marshfleld, Is a
business visitor In this c'ty.
C. C. Page, of klugenc, Is in tho
city looking alter I:m8'iiis matters.
Mi's Allco Dodd is visiting with
Albany friends for a few days.
William Stalger ha gone to Cor
vallla, whore he will do tomo marble
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Kitchen, of
Stayton, woro visiting hero yoator
day. Kola Nols, tho hoji merchant, la In
I- u gone, looking nfter the hop bir4
nesu. Rlohard Robertson nnd family have
returned from Newport, whero they
spent a month's outing,
Paul Aufrance, of Portland, ar
rived yesterday to trausact business
for a short time.
A. A. England, of Portland, Is In
the city transacting business and vis
iting old friends.
Mrs. D. F. Carnes and children
have left for Seattlo. whoro they will
make their future home.
Cllffo Asher and wife returned to
their homo In Portland this morning
after a short visit hero.
P. Drelkhaupt, engineer tor tha
Warren Construction Company,
looking after business In Eugerte for
a short time.
Petor Fletcher, of Woodbnrn. was
transacting buslnois hero this morn
Ing, returning home on the afternoon
Mr. aad Mpa. 0pjgo Frazlc ?c
tor aad laet evening from Pgrilantf,
where they visited their eon. Wall.
f r a few4 days.
poMRty Soheol Superintendent R.
A. Ford off Prluevllle. Crook ectiaty
arrlvad In Salem yesterday to attend
Uie courty sthool super'ntendenta
convention, which Is to be hold In
this city on the 1 0th nd 11th of this
TH03. K
Ovor lJdd U nu h's Bank.Sai
Norwich Union Fire
Insurance .
1'iiMil, Mororillh, Ki'Wiit Ai
Ofllco with Wm D-od Co
29 Commercial stwt
I'or fial' Hfii-- K ' ' '
ner Center and Fr rt t e '
... n I 1" l ! 1
o'clock. Josenh Met
iTooiiu Two rooms cMorri V
... -.,1 i.. t 1-
olnl street. Ms M E BW
U'aiitlA 11: St .ISM M,M,M
....... in r. t :k aidf
.,,.,. ,on lJrli b "J
it iiv .--.- ft J
aunnviiie. ui.
'iititiulMnnp f r"c
novo nmnnv to 1 030 0& ,fJ 1
r 7 nrs i.er cent send it H
as I have many .jl
such loans, nan .. ,
r.i.t,n n Annllcatlon. 3. l
er. 826 Board of Trade BMl.!
lnnd, Oregon lLl
i.C So.io.Euarsh P-j:B1
...... :."..-. rn I"
oaoy cnimhv .
.,.. nc-y 0'J
$30 IWO uiuuv"" - .
ca3n oner. --
,..T,TTT.7i ..nrimilty lo "
irjJi "IT- n,f
A-.ii.u..! i.nairr v
nious Smiths '
sale on accoun
...l.l.. F " ti f ...
rTT..n , S3tt
address j " j.
field. Ore.
7 a t. ev
Ixist Three - " ,w
red and oae - 'tii
yearling tter W
lag & Eoff. 5,ea" ""
po752ST?S w