Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 08, 1908, Page 8, Image 8

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    tk v,?-' s i
Salem's Leading Xloak and Suit Store
Is ready with greatest showing of Women's, Misses Children's
ready-to-wear apparel
Tailored Suits
,' V.
A Buporb dlsplny now reridy for
your cliooslng, Tlirco time 'tho as
sortmont you will find nnywhoro oloo
about town, exclusive modols and ni
UHiinl, rhlcli Is a habit, with us, tho
most reasonable In prices. This big
I Otis 1t.
dopartmont Is frill to overflowing with,
attractive garmenta of nil kinds.
mwr floor.
and Misses'
Reefers and Peter
Pan Normal College
The now "Oregon Cont" navy blue
end cardinal, With Oregon, buttons.
This showing Is by far 'tho largest
nnd bo3t wo have ever had In ready to
wear gnrmo'ntfl for the young people.
O And
0 O O
- 'i
Movements of Salem O
People. O
Wednesday Special No. 396
For Wednesday only wo offcv a lenthor puree
with coin purso, mirror nnd curd holder" with
brass or Kn metal for Wednesday only at
On salo at 8i30 j
No lolophono ordors taken J Z7 5C
ti 4
New Umbrellas
Ladles colnblnntlon, dotnclinblo handlon,' silk'
covers, special to Introduco thtfm. '
$3.98 and $4.98
Tho advance styles for fall, In Indlos', nien'B and
children's shoos nro now on display. Tho leathern
aro tho nowc3t lu 'tans, pr.tont, gun motal, etc.
A largo assortment of narrow sizes.
New Furs
By far tho largest showing In Salem. Now and
bettor values, than wo havo evor had on display
boforo nt lowor price. A fow at speclnl reduced
Cotton Baits
3i!)s, Special
mm ri4 i nrniT-HRH-
containing ctnto fair- exhibits. I,ust Ymiuir KrpuhllriuiH, Attention.
Mil j- a f rf-1 BfluMon tho 'nrt' onglno whb nt wor:c
I llftVm "ol" "'Kin ml(lay "wotting" the
" rtnnlr mm ntiil innhltirr rnnm fnp nth
J. I ;" "" J"""'("T " " ""
4M-M-M' rtt
Weather Fort'enM
FmIj hhI cooler, tonight, ullli light
. frot. Woihiewtay full hiiiI minner.
AVIwm lii Portland '. y
'"" Vllt Hnll'a roBtnuriuit, 3U0 Wnshl
tngtop street. . e-u-d,
LIhuhmii .NcniljvKleclionitiMl
Frank Flanngnn, a llnomnu, ohsIhI
lug In ohuiigug'ho wlrejof the Port
land (lenornl Electric Company, no-
rJdontnlly mndo a ronnurtlon winihwi lly paying' wutflr-Jfllli on or bufore
era nt tho fair ground, uotwIthHtniirt-
lug their local freight work,
Itoitiil of Tnulc Meeting- tl
Tho rogu'nr tnonthly nitioMng of
tho Salem Hard of Trndo takes placo
Wednesday t( tomorrow) uvunlng nt
tho rooms, when Important buslnoi
will bo considered. All mumhors. aro
requested bo'nfiwoht.' A. F. Hofer,
secretary. , . D-8-21
Money Knvnl
feet, wlillo holding one fit tho 33O0
volt wires, which wn poorly Insulat
ed, and for a fow seconds was com
pletely down uiul.out. Flanngnn win
ip ft polo ul tho intoVscctlon of Com
mercial and Forry Htroet, with two
other linemen, and was witting upon
n croBS'iirm, and in noine wny placed
his feet bo us to form u oouucetlon
which would havo roHtiltnd disas
trously hud It not been that tho Jolt
(brow him away from the heavy volt
age, wire, thus ruleaslug him. llu
hung by his safety belt for a few oo V
onds, ainnhlo to rn'jio hjmtulf. jn
UT. ... ,1... Itlnoiml 7 I
otC'tilli Cr pijyt oirfcitrM)f
befutHoptombor 10th. tusuve dis
count cm Huntomher water hills.
Soutuiubar-aOth.t'. 9-7-Bt
Returned (o Siy)iln
Mr. and Mrs. V. Hollo, who ronldud
In Snluin fo riomo yonrfl, loft two
yerB ata for Chicago, nnd have
mndn tliir Ijoiuh lu Bwvernl places
since then. Tlny arrived yesterday
to lunltb tholr homo In Snlom ngaln,
profojrrlug this city to any thoy lmvo
yot jfved lu. Thy have located lu n
rootage at N'luetuuuth nnd Court
The Itooiux Pi-otib'ni
A Soorntary llofor and hi helpeN nt
the llourdnt iKnule urq vry bmy
(lilxf'f duKjiiuiu cutts d tb roomln
propolllon (o.iwjbu forthiHtuiiiig state
fair. A gieat untu.x rooms havo al
ready been llrtduand Boveral hun
Ycir nttondc.nrs and unthusluHiu
nro needed on Wednesday evening,
Soptombor 9, nl tho police court room
In tho 'city hall, for tho purpose of
mapping out our plan for tho cbm
Ing campaign. Como wlthbut fall.
.Mooting called nt S o'clock. L. C.
Stringer, president; Carlo Abrnms,
secretary. 9-8-21
Miisoiin, Atlcntloii
Tho M. Mj dogrco will bo con
forroiV by Pndfflc Codgu, No. CO, A.
F. & A. M., HiIh evonlng, Uy order
of W. M,
KcinnliiH AitIvo Tonight ' '
Tho remains of Mrs. J. I). Wnlton,
who dlod on route to thlH ally from
St. Louis, will arrive In this city, nu
compau'ed by hr husband, nt (i:IO
o'clock this evening. The funeral
services will he conducted by Huv.
Ifra Maurer at tho Hvaugelloat
church, Sovontoonth and Cliemekotn
streotB, nt 10 o'clock tomorrow morn
ing. Tho decensod leave, besides'
hor husband, two sons, a daughter
and her molhor.
I'lii) FItm MiMtiing .
' Of tho sonson of the Salem niri
o, Olffl
full attonduiiae
Society will bo held this evening -n
o'oiook lit me Trover's biiiuio. ora.,, "
.MllUi Oil'
(I eti I r ml, ns biutiu' of ImportnKc m
renuy iicimi uiujuvMatii eeverai nun
illx'd morv (udMod. 'Whan nil
nro tu nicampiotn"ilJafaiioMua city
'rWWibNm fttSu Wv
U noy ready to oelvmih ulll bo wadfr df th city, showing thu
Ptrtl having enrU' mutlw o5n send . iOCatlonjit lh dlSertn? rooms, and
them at oic,. . -S-n, I Indexed Hhnft will Mo Ttppt, glvlnj;
au the puitvriimrH Tluo will be
til to nVcQiunuxlnto Kiiqti seuklnx
piurtors ill??ng th,V CbIivtTUo Hoard
i nf Trade ronfr will be kept open un-
LUL midnight ovr day, with n com-
liutuui iiurson uiiiiKintk8uui:ur iiiivb in
attendance tojflRcn!flr-nll lumer. Per
sons who havo not yot listed their
HtfiiMnff Hixih,.
Hnnltnry inwt injirkt U 0 lilniv
tu h) yoiM maul. They bv
plengd other thoy can ploiue yu
Will bo Iho last day to pay wateH
by Is and get Om 10 per cent all
count. 9-73t
Hnlem 1m Proiul Of
tier homo produutions'bul none
nro bolter thai! thu Tofchnyoo or Cn
r'ciria cigars. Try oua and see.
.Foumt-5 ' ""
Af;flUttd h havo that old 3U'
cleaiUHl uud ueH Johuiou A
Stege, next door lo Jimrnnl.
1H (IriH'i'lovr-v Y
Oo io J. M. Uiwnueo br uhono
311. Ho will vslvo yiiu tho hel lit
the mnrki't t . . .
4 't'1" -I
lUIng UIh KikIIv
largo muKUl oH-buvner engine in sor
vIcl lu Uit local iiUirdrya'rtf bow,
owlntt to tho fuel that tho former en
Xlue, which wh of a wry light pa
wngr type, whs unabU to haudle tho
wtra h?V) work which It cu4
tbroutlt m' Of tH lr nhlpwHt
iooiuh shoul( do so at once, by leav
ing full particular nt the Hoard of
Trade ottlqe.
llopubllctui Cumuli go tlluv
Hi J. N Smith, prudent of tho
Itoo'tivelt Hepubllcuu OJub, has called
a.iueotlng QUoiibllMIMwfWjBThiira-
day ovenlng utTtufcUy halK and that
orgtinlmtloA will bo converted into a
Tatt club. A gif uernlj utteodancv of
the members Is dflml
l)r, . i Smltli
Ornduate uf th American S-hoot
kof 0teathy. Ktrkwvlllb, Mo . undy
iho fCMuitor, Or A T Stlil. hat lo
cated n Salem. VlfU ttr, 11. 11. Whttv.
Ur. Xhtij..tt,nd Slh; w$rol-
matOB In KlrVjUlio. Dr. Smith has
been couQucTIur a succi4(iA jr,si"
In Mlwouri for tho past ids ye&u un i
hat h wide experience In tho treat
ment of all elftiuoa of dlwws. Qtc
with, Or 8. II Whit- Roow 31
Hreymau bu'ldmy.
W'ihmIs Stow ItoblMHl J
Hurglnrs Inst night broke Into'thS
ttoro of O. Woods, on the Jefferson
road, opposite (ho Catholic cemetery
Hut lltflo of valuo waa stolen, and
tho theft consisted entirely of grov
cerlcs, It l bolloved tho robbery,
wns committed by boys In tho nelgh-3
borhood. ,
" . -' '
lliiiik'roii Fuponil
The twnorAlv.Mr. Flpronco 1U'""3
fdorson, wlfo'of 'A. J. HondoMon.4
formorly of this city, who tiled In
Portland Saturday, was hfeld nt the
undertaking parlors of V. T. Rlg
don, Hov. Ilarr Q. Loe omdatlng. Ths
burial took placo In City View com
ctory. Houml Over '
Joo DavU, charged with burglaris
ing tho residence of Mrs Thomas Kay
on tho night of July 4th. and James
A Walker, charged with burglarlslni
tho Salem restaurant at 339 Liberty
street, on the night of September
sy. and with robbing A E. Uartcll
of u watch, were arraigned thls'iuorn
lug boforo. Police Judge Mooroa ami
bound over to tho sheriff to await the?;
Mrs. Carlo 11. Anson, of Portland
arrived iveatordnv ovanluer nail win
I vBlt fr n few days nMUi MUs Holtwi
Lou Wilis loft today for don-
Q. E, Kellogg was In Eugene Sun
day visiting.
Chester 'Murphy, of Portland, was
transacting business' here yesterday.
R. Lyons, of Lyons, Or., Is trans
acting business here for a few day.
Ormond Bean came down from
Eugene yesterday to visit his parents
J. C. Collins, of Independence, Is In
I the city looking after business mat
ters. -
W. Parsons, of Snllnas, Cal., ar-
I rived yo3terday to visit here' for a
I short time.
T. W. Sullivan, of Oregon City, Is
in tho city transacting business for n
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meredith have
returned from a abort vls't In Port
land. Mr. nnd 'Mrs. V F. Davis 'have re
turned from a pleasant outing nt
C. McArthur, of Eugene, was look
ing after business Intorosts hero yes
terday. Willis E. McElroy left for Port
land today to transact business for n
few daya.
Wm. Terry, of Tillamook, arrived
today.vnnd will remain ovor for the
Fred Merrill camo up from Port
land this morning to look after busi
ness Interests.
C. Johnson nnd family roturned to
Portlnnd this morning nftor n visit
hero with friends.
A. Miller, or Woodburr, wns look
Ing nftor business matters hero yes-
Jull'.iB Wolf, tho Sllvorton hop mer
i chant, Is bore looking after his busi
ness Interest.
Gcrtruda Litchfield, of tho nsyluin
l staff, Is vlsltlbg with her brother In
I Ynqulnn for a fow days.
Mls3 Hattlc Simpson has returned
lo hor homo In Albany, nftor a few
day's v'rlt with friends hero.
Mnurlco Wlprut, of Portland, Is
hero transacting business nnd vltfltlnt
with, his son, Henry.
MI-b Vorda Watson went to Port
land this morning to visit with
friends for n fow days.
Hal Jorgohson wont to Albany lnt
evening on tho local to transact bust,
tie b for a short tlmo,
George Goswlck, of Astoria, Is In
tho city visiting relntlvos and friends
for a fow weeks,
Fred McElwaln, of Portland, ar
rived hero yoitordny to visit for a few
days with George Hondorshot.
Miss Louh Skinner, of Portlnnd,
nrrlyed today and will visit Miss no
thn Edwards until nfter tho fair.
MI,Elle Poland roturned to
Hrooks thh morning after n brief
visit with hor Salem friend i. '
Hort nnd Cllffo Derby, of- Eugene,
arrived thin morning to transact
business for a fow days.
Miss Jean Brighton nnd brother.
WIUIb, loft yosterdny for Soattlo to
visit relatives for a few weeks.
Tho Missus Eva and Carrie Smith
havo roturned from Newport, whore
thoy spout 'Bovornl woeks by the
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. -Thompson re-
turuod to tholr homo In 'Oregon City
yostorday, after visiting for a week
with Mr. and Mrs: A. M. Lowls ofl
ifnlti-t Prm Leased Wire.
Chlco, Cal., Sept. 8. The surpris
ing fact3 of tho rapid Are matrimon
ial entanglements of Dora Wl3e, 19,
of Wood, Siskiyou county, who broke
an engagement, wm re-engaged, mar
ried and left by her new spotise, wllh ,
out giving any renson, all within tin
brief space of 24 hours, became
known today.
Miss Wise came here a week ngo
and announced that she would bo
married to Fred KIngsley, a mill su
perintendent of Weed, lnjf Saturday.
Arrangements wore made for thr
wedding, but on Friday the girl mar
ried F. J. Sherman, n traveling mnn,
whom she had met for tho first time
tho night b'ftfore. On the dny of her
marriage" the left Sherman, glvirig
no reason.
The girl's parents took her to 0
land today. Sherman left Chlco
Saturday. There Is much specula
tion as to the cause of MlssWlsVa
romarkablo actions. T
(Halted rrr t.cned Wlrcl
Los Angeles, CnL, Sept. 8. Al
though Billy Papke Is the hero of the
hour among the fight fnns today,
StanloyfKctchel has not lost ob much
prestlgo as- would naturally bo ex
pected after his defeat of yostorday,
when ho wns put out In tho twelfth
round of n scheduled ,25-rcnind go for
the middleweight championship of.
tho world. The dofented champlon'3
game showing saved him, nnd, while
he received n set-back In his brilliant
enreer, his declaration that he Is not
"finished" Is genornlly accepted.
Papke declares he-beat Kotchel nt
his own gamo 'with a lucky punch
early In tho fight, and the defeated
fighter swears that ho was criminally
carcIos8. Tho fans ngreo with him.
There Is general satisfaction over tho
outcome of tho fight nmong tho heavy
bottors bore. Although they mnde
vory little noise nbout It, mint of tho
plungers woro down heavy ou tho
short endor. One bet of $15000 "renl
money" wns posted-less thnn nn hour
boforo tho fighters entered tho ring.
The ilnnnclnl stntoment given out by
the Joffrlcs club shown the receipts
of the fight to lfnvo boon $18,180, of
which JfOi'l went' to Pnpko nnd
Mian to Kotchel.
Kama? Pity, Pont. R. Charles W
Anderson, tho Jenn Vnl Jean of Amor
lcn who wns pardoned by President
Roosevelt, was mlifllng today when
his case waa called In the police
court on n charge of gambling. .
Audorson wiih urrostcd Sunday
night In a poker game. On his state
ment that ho had 'been engaged inert
ly In n friendly game, he was re-
loa'od on bond. Today his wife
statod that ho had left town.
Audorson wns convicted of u fel
ony Kevornl years ago, nnd sentenced
to tho penitentiary. He managed to
eecapo, successfully concealing IiIb
Identity, nnd ho reformed nnd became
n rospoctod citizen. Ills old com
pan'ons tound him out and exposed
him. Ills pardon wns granted bv
Pro8ldeht Roosevelt, on the ground
that his roform had expiated tha
crlmo he hnd commlttod.
WoihllMllt IlljUI'lHl
13, J. Kozer, n workmnn employed
by thd Portland Railway, Light &
J?owerCdmpun, -wlillo ongnged In
moving an eloctrlc l'ght pole at the
corner of Commercial and Forry
streets, it"2:30 o'clork this after
noon, w'm struck by tho tongue of
the curt used tu 'moving 'the polo
. (United Pre, j
""s ""Keif- vai., Sept t
drifting helplessly about b
noiea lnjncn ror 18 hour, ,
from Bea sickness nnd fright
uie oenei tnat they would
trnln flin oVinrn tt.. ..
whn worn rotinrn.i ,-.
.!.. u uiiiiiag
on wio launcu "O, K," ate t)
tholr homes In this city aad
na. nescue launchea were;
soarch of the missing "0, u
late in the ovcnlrrg-mrsa
mat me ooat .had been fM
was coming Into port under i
Upon tho arrival of the ti
waB "learned that the eg
"Os'K.r had broken down !
ternppn. during a saualL .
tho boat had drifted ont tl
ing the night and yestenUj i
Charles Clinch, a michli
Pasadena; was' a member of i
ty, and he worked upon reJ
tho onglne. throughout th ij
(United rrew Iah4
South Bend, Wash , Sent '
Henry Is a hero at the tgt
bbcniiBo if it had not beea
quick action In seizing hi
Jullnngcd eight years, aPer
fallen Into the water, the fdi
undoubtedly been dead todii
Tho two children, nccompi
three companions, were out
yo3tordny, when Julia ir!
foil ovorboard, All the ot!
dron, except tho girl's brotrj
unnorved by tho sight
leaned forward and seized
tho hair when her head curl
surface, nnd held tight ji
enmo from the shore
. o
SlICl'M) FlfillTTO
San Frnnclsco S?pt 5-1
consiiB of opinion In urlze
circles hero today li tbit I)
never bo n flnil s'cinert
'bo Attell and Cwcn Hoi
forjrhl n draw "! Jur d
mo in oilh fl?h' The:
tordny, following the samel
on Now Yon'-"'- dnv wa a i
appointment all round So&
so-calletl experts claim tW
will not try to put Morinosj
ns ho can keep the qucit'oni
Is the bettor man on a g
basis. Both men claim a t'.j
dnv. nnd both score M-"
Welsh. After nU dl cnu'
sain'e answer Is that AtteMir
qould settle It In sh ti'
llnlsh light, cam n tS""
to win nnlckl' ir be w:"'t
long contest
urovo, wnore ne win looKtafter in-' nnd 'sustnlnod a' severe' fracture i.f
piano buataeu for the Wllle jmut j the Jaw. Koze had hold St tho
houso horo. tongue, nnd was .guiding tho car,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles -Dlllard havo when some" of tho workmen accldent
roturned to Portlnnd, aftor a weok ally let fall a hoavy nolo, whlchfruok
vUlt horo nnd a short outing nt New
port. Mr. and Mr. J. Q. Wilson auri
Mrs. S. Smith havo returned from
fow weeka visit with frlonds In Eu
geno and Medford.
Harry Blanchard- teturnod thlr
morning from Sacramento, where, he
has boon visiting for tho pait month
with his brother, Henry Blanchard.
formerly of this city.
J.'C. Markol and family returne!
to South Bend, Waih.. after an ox
tended visit with Mr. Markel'b un
the cart causing the tonguo to fly up
and catch Kbzor under the chin. D
Roberfson wns called, and the wound
wns dresSed". it Is probable that the
man will recover.
MILLS -At the family' homo at 14$7
Liberty street at 5 p iri., Sunday,
the Infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
George F. Mills, nged 2 ears, 7
The father U In Arizona and will
arrive home next Thursday, when llu
.--... ... l "
reius, jir. aim airs. Market, on Nort i ; funeral will take placo
r roni street.
wcWn 6f thb Krana5 Jftr? v w
iH CW Wgleii, f
J W Strict a Southern Pacific,
inductor, reported to SherIK Mlata
this morning that a suit case had
been "tolou from him at tho Uepot oa
"teptewber I Hi.
Qua Lasky. of Clear Lake, Orogen
came dowu yesterday to 'transact
business for a fow daja. Mr. Lask
is one of tho fortunate ones who sue
cooded In locating one of tho flae
timber claims near Clear Lake.
lUxiwl4tkm '
Tho governor of Idaho ha (asuod
WILLETT At tho Willamette San
Itarlum, Friday night. Harland M
Wlllett. aged 30 years.
The remains were shipped to Falls
City, tho home of the deceased 6n
urday afternoon.
TH03. 1
vor Ladd & Bu h'l B"1 !
Norwich UnfonFJft
Krank Sfi-nllllb. P".4W
Office with Wm Bro I
19 Commercial ''
Wnnted A genitfe
Phone 1350
i . .j
1 Vmltt '
l...w Ktflft SrtVHIBI wv----
and farm 'nnda at
Uah National ani
. ui nM udr fori
M RHini--m - , .
work, to be through t '
Vhm m am
Call at WUlson - -St..
Ul. Mr P '":
Miirrlagi" Mmus . '
'A marriage' licence was Issued this
La requWtloa-.upon.XowuoClim.fmowilH-fr-HartrV. Reed.-ajre-8-L
uuniMJl0r .Tewfu or FrAToori. of Portland, and MUa Berdo Galvan-
who is wanted by the Idaho authorl-lllue. aged 30, of Salem
ties on the charge of embexillngl
$309 from the Monataln Howe Eles
trie Cowitaay, Moore Is now under
rrt at Portlaai.
Some Qoos Bay mea are like little
boya they liko o have a great big
rag tied areuatd a little re.
For Sale Fib " Vui
mouths old lWvc'
Patterson, second b
City Vle cemetery
For Sab 7 ootn hei:j
m' e .vr anv. w
acres, j " - , ..,
house, large lot aud:
C aores with p -'
,2700 5,;;
k134 N. Liberty
lYMteJ-At once. 1 PJ
papers, one
Apply to joui-
. ,.t,vn