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gALSM. onkNi m'ESRAY, SEPTEMBER 8, ll)0.
10. 221.
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Colted Pi hi l.nneil WIm.i
' Ojjter Bay, L. I.,' Sept. S. It bc-
jme known todny that au attempt
U i$.as!;na'c rresiuoni koosovcii
njHiad! Saturdaywhlle ho wns
Nttiig on tho Cove rond, near Sha
dow Hir
Teassailn, hidden In tho bushed
it the roadside, flrod nt tho Proj
t with a rcvolvor, tho bullet
iMitllng over noosovolt's head. The
frtildent, perfectly calm, pulled up
UUqnonnd wished to dismount and
tnrch the bushes, The friend who
rM riding with him dUHuaded him
w wi roue on.
The attempt on tho President's llH
kiffle known through tho nrrost by
mti service men guarding Roosovolt
rt John Coughlln, armed nnd aeonn
ktlr Inwne, hs ho sought nn Inter
ne with tho Prc3ldont yestordny.
Ts attempt explains why Chlor
Wkle of the secret nollco wn8 callod
iwriedly from Washington to Sngi.-
wrs Hill, arriving tliore Sunday.
Etcit clrcunistnnco goes to provo
lit the effort to shoot Roosovolt wna
i rate and carefully planned.
TU bullet was fired from bohlml n
He which bordered tho rond. it
JMd a few Incites ubovo tho Prosl
ti head, and ho and n frlonn,
'Jowai riding with him. heard tho
wtle of the leaden mls3llo clearly
,KH bad been a volley of shot the
;-mt'on might be given that a
a!i and law-defylng sportsman
"idftoe the ihootlng in advance of
woptnlnx of tho gumo son.son. ,
't U no ntlBStlnil l.n!i-an .
ballet from a pistol or rifle, utrd
miAiiii? na wi ..n.. ... l
L7. " ' tHl"iB ineuro of tho
waeBt Cottghlln.-wlth a loaded
rtr, wai nrrpsted by Detective.)
"JMi Adam , after n brief strug-
" to see the President. The
er described, httnwlfas a dete
'' from Boiton
2.b"beeacPnrruei! over tho
'I .. V'men ,n nion.M ho Bald
' tr dlicovered what yegg men
I hm come hero to demand
President give w lojdeo'
-feti. ,hem ! w 80 to Bos-
4 capture the guilty men."
Xn.71 blUrt4 Hl "B,vo
i'nUgqand see' the
t at once. Ho will doW
W ib? s' was Pushed and
tSN11 taken before Jus-
aei. he eounty JaU
..."""MandartiM,!,.,!,. n.u
'nau. iuB jiKe mo
; takX U8ed t0 car. The
v!TIjr Pons.
buiin vns i i, .
lr Bay Saturday
, Trains
A fully erulpped train of olectr'c
cars with nlr brakcB, will ' run .W
tweon this city and tho statjifntr
groundfl durlutr tho stitto .fair. That
Is tho latest ImprovomeiUnadeTCy
Manngor Page, of tho Porfciarti.IUll-
way, Light & Power CommyTj4ff
handling tho big crowds nttmlaM
.i An., .i - it. .i- X1-)!
uii jii) uiiiiii iiiu hum 1'-S
The entire forco has boon taken off
Commorclnl atreot, whoro they are no.
longer needed, and put. to laying a
passing track at tho fair grounds, so
that this train can opernto In addi
tion to,;tttirthoVoRulfir local'-darJi'thhf
will run In aoctlom of two each way
every 15 minutes.
Tho alr-brako train will consist of
tho Bnmo kind of cars that opornto
between Portland and tho Oaks, nnd
carry 225 seated pasuongcrs nnd 350
stnndlng. Thin will glvo tho Salem
Btreot railway n very nvtich Increased
cnpaclty for handling tho stnto fair
crowdfi, nnd shows ontorprlso on the
part of Mr. Page nnd his' company,
who nro doing nil thoy can to meet
tho Increased domruuls of traffic in
thlH city.
,rr.n Th' "cret serV
4S,XjBS their utmost to
-4irat" dur,nB thii last
tfiSfr.Wadiworth. th
Ms M.. r". vr
(Vnlrwl Prenn T.rniot Wlr .
San Francisco, Sept. 8. In splto
of porslstont rumors to tho contrary,
Nat 0. Goodwin todny donled that ho
was Instrumental or Irjjnny wny con
nected with the Venklng off of tho
ougagoment of Harry . MacMlllan, a
Qoldflold mining man. and Edna
Goodrich, for three yjars Goodwin's
leading lady. Ho nleo donled that
dlvorco tjrocQPdlncj, JWjV0 boon Insti
tuted against h'm by hU wlfo, Max
Ino Elliott,
"Miss Good-',',, contract with mo
expired :omo imMs ruq," eald Good
wln( ''if b1i Hioo" to engage her
self to MarMIMnn hnt was her own
affair. I think myself thaj.tho story
qf my wlfo and M3i Goodrich bolpg
entangled in. my d""istlr- affairs was
suggested by McMillan himself for
potty notorlf'f,,..
.'I.do not kow whqr.9 Mhs Good
rich is now,- pn.lshe i not to become
my leading,, iSodTf nl8 spason. I did
not follow nor to'Ejiropo. as has been
reported, Ixit went to Paris on a min
ing deal, haying ruskedjavay B
ahead of anothor man."
As to whether or nqt he had seen
Miss Goodrich whllPy, In. Europo.
Goodwin's only reply. vn "I do not
know where she 4" '' .
. ATVK AnjrtQEitous
ftnltr rrV, MMed, WJrr.
Chicago", III;,- Sept. 8. Relatlvei
of Otto'Mayr, mourned as dead for 35
years, today received news that he !
not t only alive, bat prosperous. Tn
873, Mayr, then IS years of age.
took a herd o'cattle Into Mexico. His
associates were killed In an Indian
uprising, and It. jwu bellied that he
met the same (M as ate companions.
It was K uattl Fa44-iek Mayr. a
H&tkMf, YiJtr4 CWfIft Hat It wa
! ttwt fayr wh aHr, Aa
USE; Oil
ri'nltcil l'rivB i.eniol Vlr.)
r i
enco of Domocrntlc lendora. horo to-l
day It was decided that tho)omo-I
viuuu uniiuiuu cummiu.'u win invoKO
the. corrupt prnctlctV'act to. provont'
thef JaVish uso of inbhoy byttio Ro-;
publican national committee va doubt
. - A . .. . - ' , A" . .
ini oinicR. Tina more wm. aeior
(Dnl-.fd Prow Lennpil Wire.)
Chicago, Sopt. 8. At tho confornj Cincinnati, Ohio, Sopt 8. Attired
rained upon' after a leiiijrifj? dUcus-rosTd
fton. It Is' claimed by.tlio leadoral V
that tho Republicans ajjb arranging to
raise a utg campaisrnjiaa ymen
thoy will tiBOinalnryIirtiw Uouktful
states;. ' .
'"Ah af rangoTn'onf
tweon Drynn nnd Samuol Gompprs
president of tho Amorlcnn Federation
of Labor, by which Gompers will re
main on tho stump throughout tho
enmpnign. It Is now understood that
Gompers will mako nn open nppeal
to tho labor vote -of tho country to
support tho Domocrntlc ticket. Ui
der tho plan adopted today labor
loaders aro to Join In tho stumping
of tho country. Gompers also has a
plan under way by which ho expects
to havo literature favoring tho Dem
ocratic causo, distributed In nil labor
c I re! 08.
Tho loaders wore groatly ploased
at tho roports received at tho confer
ence from tho various stato chah
mon. All of thoso reports. woro flat
tering and optimistic.
nryan spent much tlmo tnlkln?
ovor the campaign plane with the
leaders nnd tho final sottlemont was
reached In regard to many matters
thnt hav oboen ponding.
Hoods of tho various buroaus un
der tho nntlonal committee mndo re
port's, nnd, nccordlng to the stato
montB mado .public, nil wero satisfac
tory. John "W. Kenrn, tho vlce-prealdon-tlnl
candldato, was. prominent In tho
conferencq,, nnd showed thnt ho la
taking an oxcoodingly active part In
tho campaign,
Bryan will spenk tomorrow nt Pe
orin, iii., on mo niiujnwir "
Stnte nnd tho Nation."
,In her night robo, Alice Roosovolt
Longworth wna routod from hor
homo early today, with hor husband,
Congressman Nicholas Longworth,
also wearing his nocturnal garb, bya
fir which destroyed tho Longworth
atabloB and thrcatoncd to burn the
Clulm to Unite.
It was determined, follQwIp tha
conforouce of leaders today, to begin
at once the work of forming a league
of all the Bryan and Korn' clubs
throughout tho United. States. The
movement also. Include, the forma
tion of many- clubs In all tho fctates
apd the affiliation of these. with tho
national league. " '
hon tho Longwdrtha woro awnk-
oncd tho llnmcs woro shooting high In
tho nlr from tho stables, and the
saioko hnd Btirroundod'tho houao nnd
'al.. n .. . Ttforod tho halls, so that thoy
wasTToriTClOT"n6- raiolighrthoy wpj-e In tho.mldst of tho
conflagration, Not wnltlng ta don
their clothes, thoy solzed whntovo.
they could for protection nnd rushed
Into tho Btreot.
For halt an hour It Rcemod thnt
tho house certainly win doomed, and
tho President's daughter, though she
waB In great danger of catching cold,
wiih afraid to return to the house.
Sho watched tho flro nnd' Lons
worth tried to aid tho firemen In-pro
tecting tho roBldonco. Tho barn !s
far back from tho streot, nnd thorn
wns only ono avatlablo water plug,
1000 foot from tho sceno. which mndo
it hnrd for tho flromon to fight tho
Aside from her dlscomlUuro nnd
tho unplontantnoss of bolng . rojitod
out of bed In such fashion, Mrs.
Longworth scorned to enjoy tho ox-
cltemont, and gavo orders to tho dire
men. This was ono occasion, how
ever, when hor orders woro utterly
The flromon, who realUod that she
was tho dnughtor of tho Presldont
of tho United Stntos, told, )iftr to
stand back out of tho way.
"Rotter get Into some house, lndy,
you're liable to get wot and got your
denth of cold," snld ono flromnn.
But Alice would not budge. Sho
remained on tho scono until tho flro
was safely confined to tho stables,
when sho wont to her npartmenj. Tho
properly loss by tho burning of tho
stable Is eatimnted at (25,000.
Election Ih IIUhoIs.
Springfield,. 111.. Sept. 8. State
conventions of all political parties
throughout Illinois will be held to
morrow, undpr the provisions of the
new primary law.
.' At the conventions tomorrow, the
different parties will adopt platforms
name pre-Identlalelec'tora and choose
candidates for university trustees.
National, delegates and electors are
exemfit from the oration of the pri
mary. law. .University trustees aro
(United IVh Lenied Wire.)
San Francisco, Sept. 8. LIko a
fairy story of'a poor boy who goo
out Into the world to make a fortune
and covnea back a hero Ib tho return
ing of David Warflold to San Francis
co. An usher In the old Bush streot
theatre, without much chance In the
world, David, a plain sort of boy,
badehis friends hero goodbye. Few
know or cared when he left. Last
night San FrancUco opened her arms
to him as, one of her greatest sons,
and gave him Btich an ovation ad no
actor ever received before In this city
It waa his first visit to his home
since be left a poor lad. His wealth
now Is said to bo estimated with
seven figures, and his fame has
also outside Its provisions, for h,e spread throughout the civilized
rea-oa that If such was not the cale
wpuwa would be denied the privilege
of votlag for trustees, which they
now enjoy ler tbtf statutes.
Was. J, Bryaa will attend ta Dem
ocratic oventJMi to b aalct Ma ?
rla, satPiriU dHrr a addraaa.
Tho boy whq used to direct San
Fraacltclasw Ui their aeak, last
Ight, a tlM "MmIc MateiVaaAe
tkw wwh Hk eklldrwi a ad Vltaer
uatll tha aUffe fed rafa4 U rata
and lower tl curtala ay aar.
After uonrly threo weoks of abso
ktto sllcnco on tho part of everyone
concerned, tho sonsntlonal Informa
tion lins loaked out that Joseph Moy
ors, of this city, hna boon robotl of
securities roprosoutlng moro tlinu
(50,000, besides Bovoral hundrod dol
lars' worth of Jowolry and other nr
tlclos. Tho strong box containing
tho proporty wib stolon from tho of
fice of tho "Voll8-Fnrgo Compnny, In
tho union dopot nt Portland on Au
gust 21st or 22d. ThiiB far no cluo
whatovor. to tho, myatory has np
poarcd. On,yje-Uay,-I)ylttg-th,clw.rfot
Insanity agnluat him, brought, by. Ids
sons, Mlltbn and Ilonrjy In Pqrtland,
Jrojoph Meyers tologrnphod to J. H.
Albort, of tho Capital National Rank,
of this city, whoru the oldor Meyers
did bin hnuklUK, to sond tho box con
taining the BPCurltloH to MeyorB nd
drosB nt tho Portlnnd Hotel. Tho
box wn Immediately sont throuKh
tho WollH-Fnrgo Expro Company
Jf ronchod tho nlllco of tho uxprass
compuny lit Portland, but wns novor
delivered, to Moyora. Tho Btippojtl,
tlan Is that botwoon tho hour wlitin
It arrlvod nnd tho tlmo thnt It was lo
bo dellverod, tho box was stolon from
the oxproia olllco. ,
TrentH .rtt'r iih 11 Joke.
Joseph Moyors, who Is nt prosont
nt tho Salem Hotel, when bcoii this
morning, soomod not In tho loasUcon-
Loomed about tho Iohh of tho sccnrl-
tlcn. "I am out nothing by tho loss
of tho papers," said Moyors. "Thoy
won't bo of any mso to tho man who
took thorn. I wouldn't Jmvo cared If
tho box had contained ton tlmoa 11a
many securities." If tho oldor Mov,
era huB uuy theories of his own In re
gard to tho robbery ho Is keeping
them to himself: ' Ho laughed ami
Joked about tho matter thin morning,
Ho 'gives the ImpreBHlon, however,
that he kuotvs' moro tlinn ho cares to
say. "Thoro was aomo Jewelry In the
box," mild Moyora, "but whoover took
a . .... . 11 ..
It w'uh learned from reliable au
thority this morning thrrt tho box
which was btolen contained tH,O0Q
iu securities. One of thu notos was
for $32,000, payable In ton years to
Joseph Meyers, from his sons, Milton
and Henry. Thoro were also two oth
er notes owed W'thcsona to their
father. Ono of Ihoie was for $8QQ0
and tho othor for $0000. These woro
promissory notes, and payable on
demand. Tho Jewels In the box wro
valued at about $700.
KpA 4'irot.
TJfo method of tho robhory and
tho motive for It nro shrouded In
mystery. An active Investigation has
been going on for three weeks with
out the knowledge'oY tho public, and,
therefore, under the moat favorably
conditions, and still no solution Is In
Everybody concerned agrees that
tho only ooraons who kneW that the
box was aerjt from Salem wore J. H.
Albort, Joseph Meyer and tho VoU
Fargo Exprpse Company. Theso
three first found that tho box had
been stolen on, the day after It had
been received. Joseph Meyers said
this worala -taaV 'tkV kftw .A Was
urlr4 "Vadttt t1 ' '
.. . w'l
put t
(United Prris r.rnnol Wire.)
Duluth, Minn., Sopt. 8. Roports
received this afternoon from Hlbbing
sny thnt high winds nro prodlctod for
tonight, nnd thnt tho north wind la
now blowing nt tho into of in mllos
nn hour.
Smoke nnd nnhoa nro bolng carried
n hundred miles from tho great for
est Arcs,' nnd tho people of nibbing
nro tn terror. Tho sky Is ovorcadt
with tho Hinoko, and distress hoohis
to bo sweeping down upon the town.
lllbblng Is n town of several-thou-
sand population, and It Is feared Mutt
.ILwlll bawfpdjaaiU.Jf,the wlnd.'.lH--.J
cronsea tonight, hb lit threatens to
do, thpro will bo llttlo hope fo the
towtiT The people already are mov
ing out of their houses, and prepar
ing to Bcok places of safety.
(United 1'rfM Lenited Wire.)
LhiluUi, Minn., Sopt. 8, Forest
fires, wit loh dostroyod Snowball, a
auburb of nibbing, nro monnclng' that
city todny, and If tho broezo which
fanned tho flamen Into activity nftor
thoy hnd boon practically Hubdiiod.
liici-oiuoH, tho flro will dovaslata n
largo Bfletlon Of territory.
Tho lire has nwept ovor a radius of
25 miles, practically wiping Snow
ball from tho map. Tho Inlinbltnnts
escaped, hut nro homeless, nnd in
many cauea lost everything thoy pos-
Tho rofugeoB aro praying for rnln
but there are no Indications that na
ture will aid In quenching the flro
Tho work of rebuilding Chlnhnlm,
which was wiped, out by tho flro, bo
w today.
first that Meyers' sous know about
tho matter wna fright doya after tho
robbery, when they woro upprlsod of
tho loss by J. II.'Albort, who stated
that Joseph Moyora, tho Wells-FniKo
Company and himself were tho only
person 1 who know nnythlna about
tho matter. At thnt time Albert de
innndcd,on bohulf of Jokoph Moyers,
tho payment by tho sons of tho two
promissory notes. The sons sail
thnt tho money was ready at any
time whon they could bo Indemnified
against tho liability of tho payment
of the notes moro' titan onco. Stnco
that tlmo the notos havo been paid.
An Indemnity bond waa furnished by
J. 11. Albert as aurlty."
o .
(IJnltrd ITm !.mmI Wlrt.1
Redding, Cnl Sopt. 8.--Deputies
aro searching today for J. A. Jtold,
who cauaed tho death of J. U. Wil
son, by stabbing him with a minor
candlestick. The wound was Inflicted
last Wednesday In tho Gladstone
mine, In a fight over tho disappear
nuco of a shovel. Wilson waa appar
ently not seriously Jiurt, but Sunday
night ho aulfared a relaiue, which re
sulted In his death.
1 1 . j,o- '
If 'you should bo kidnaped how
much do you suppso your best frlent
would glvo to fM you Jjack?
p., . n .,
No man can be all HI neighbor
tkteks ka ougkt to ko tinlesa he U
aakawid1 vt ktsmawi"' i-w
- v