Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 02, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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When the
Furnace Fails
On many a cold winter morning you
will wake to find the fires "out What
arc you going to do about it shiver f
.Prepare now for the emergency with a
(Equipped wltfa Smokelesw Device)
and you'll have genial glowing. j,Mt-instanuypvhercver you
want it wilhoul sntOKC or smcu imiui"w -
vice prevents turn lhe wck as nmn or as im
you like Easily carried about Brass font holds
from Capo Colony, the TranBvaat,
Australia, India and tho most distant
parts of tho earth. Ho says:
"They como lu ovory language, by
ovory post, and hundreds of thorn
aro registered. Theroforo I notified
tho postmaster not to deliver any
moro of them. Tho result Is that
birthday presents aro now on tho way
back to friends who sent them, whllo
I am tearing up thousands of letters
unopened and causing tho unwitting
sacrifices of lottora from friends."
New York Sun.
Emergencies l'rotluco Great Bleu.
Every man Is a stranger to his
greatest strength, his mightiest pow
er, until tho tost of a great respon
sibility, a critical omorgency or a su
premo crlBia In hlB life calls it out.
Work on a farm, hauling woou,
youiwc ."J,"'.- ii;-r.- iw fin.
4 quarts ol ou auras v iium. i.- -
islied in japan and nickel. Every healer warranted.
Ttc fcpftfo Lamp rn"a-i2L.r
yr lignt Iw reading or sw
Ibb. Mal ol bran, nltkd pUltd ani tW f At UxtA
ImUrtJ ctnlcit drih outntr. Every Up nl; X n...
TrourJealtreWl carry die Perfection 0.1 Healer and Rap
Ua,p. wrltt our nearest agency !r deaerlBlirs circular.
Tho 1mv Airnlnst Killing.
Thoro Is a deep-rooted feollng
nirniimr. murder In most animals.
Tholr senses toll them that thlB la
one of tholr own race, and tneir in
stinct that1, therefore, It Is not law
ful prey. Now-born rauiesmwiua vi
strike instantly at a stranger oi u..j
other species, but never at ono of
thonisolves, I havo seen a young
mink, still blind, suck at a mouiei
cat till fed, then try to kill hor.
Though a bloodthirsty croaiuru, it
would novor havo attacked us own
wild animals often fight lor uio
mastory, usually over tho question of
mntoa. but In virtually an cases mu
fight la over when ono yields. Tho
vanquished can save himself either
by submission or by flight. What la
commoner than to boo tho weaker
of two dogs disarm his conqueror by
Tho vie-
working In a tannery, atorekeoplng, ,, tho Kr0Und?
Woat Point, tho Mexican war, doing tQr Jn ft flght botwcoa two cats la
odd Jobs about town, woro notlBfttlano(1 whon tho foo flics; ho will
enough to arouso mo biwuiuB ti""""not pursuo his onomy twenty ynrus.
n flnnnrnl flmnt. ThorO WBB HO ....... t..i iun nnnmv llCOn
probability that ho would over havo, thor rnco tho victor would
. . i f.nm niitniiiii nt lilo nwn i ... ... t.
ueon nuuiu num v - hove followed ana Kiueu mm.
.mi. ..v...nu.r iinf tnf ihn ntnnr- "" . .. .... Mo ru.
What makoa tno amurumw
vlously not a rcaaonod-out conclu
sion, but a deep lnstlnctlvo feeling
J-lfviS.' 5.-X-Mbbm.
JTws ivdiHi9HbHHiCilsKSk N .
. l SA9PPibsWb
m wWVK!K MB - .11 I
am B TRffnat.
--. Yunnan, "
I know vromsn. ...
w.tL -." vi in t
your mother. oryK;frowiSLSC
t euro iwrrtnFJi'S"- nSftW
Whnt mt
.. .. ,,v numpn lrfc . . VIVa.. V H 1
wr '.;." ."?. itir.r ur"j
riuune i
per oil a.
ho Pain, . th'. hraTl! tS
the .pine, tnefMChol. 3? .'. ?Wnr?
I want to wind m . ,22T tooariS"
vn.l .V ' "" WfctOT, tol X?.Vit
- . Ub iiuinn. mi . ,V.' lUIthi
.. i-,7T.i.. l .-..,., -.Pf.nJbor- that It Tvia ffii??..W iSS
week, or lew than two cenU day. It will not Interfere wyouTilJ
11a jruiir iuiiiic miiu auuivov, vii mu now;
rw Sm uL?i I
cor your cone, cnnroiy irno. in pinin wrnppi
omoa.ufTer.andhowthy maUy eura thenwelves at horneTS lt
you Buffer If m "JKfiSWtaPj
rf ii '
ProfoBBor Camlllon Doddridge, an ivory gradually IncreaBod. Aftor a
my euro xnemsclvcs at home. Eir, tu
icara 10 nimiv , iicim. aiivii wiieii ino doctor Bare "Ymi m, ' t. l I
deeldo for yourself. Thousands of women havo cured themw J3Sr'tay (
old or younsr. To mother of Dauehtera, I will explain a almi kS wortriti
Ladle. Plumpneaa and health lwaya reaulta from Ita umT ""'Mtartreifarl
r . " ""n
lies, riumpnag uu nwuu wwajra naum mm lu UM, ""reitiiii
Kut-av.v w - -. w w ininuvt jruur UWZ1 liVftliha m.1,. t
uny Bufforw that this Home Treatment really cures all women'. Tdul...rw i8 B'i,
Btrcinr, plump nd robust. Just send mo your address, and th fri,IB(S
mlto the book, Wrlto today, as you may not oo this offer again. AUoW " t!
MRS. M. SUMMERS, Hex H. - . . Hetr. 0 . ,
i "m.i'H.1,1
nfltronomor, of Palotlnla, North Car
olina, ownH an artificial unlvorsn,
which ho couHtructed hlmsolf.
Dr. Doddrldgo'a planotnry system
is a wondorfiil thing and savants
from all parta of tho country havo
vlflltcd him and oxnmlnod It.
In making It ho conBtructod n
ntrong box of plato rIhsb and stool,
long tlmo tho first renult wns obtain
ed In that a flako or layor of tho stool
filings was broken awny from tho
outBldo of tho Inner whcol of mng
nots and tho centrifugal forco flung
It Into tho open apaco; whoro It Im
mediately drew ltsolf togothor Into
a ball which revolved around the
contrnl shaft In exactly tho samo
manner as tho planota rovolvo around
Uttlo community but for tho omor
goncy of tho civil war.
Thero was a tromondous dynamic
forco In tho man, but It requited thei ' nlt,on of tho unwrltton law
conotiBBlon of tho groat civil war to I , . nnoccBsarlly killing one's
Ignlto It. No ordinary occasion,
touched his Blumborlng power, no or-, mq doul)tiCSB oxcoptlona to
dlnary experience could Ignlto tho I cannlballBm Is recorded of
dynamic power In this giant, unaor. Hn0C0s, but Investigation ebowj
commonclrcumBtanooaho would havo ithat Jt Jg rMQ oxcopt n tho lowest
gono through Hfo a stranger to hU among croaturos domoral-
. -l.im.r tnnl no mntjf Of Mln CTOnt .. ..t... nl..ltr
uvu uuiwi-j, judi. -' o jzCj ., tionicsticauou or i.,.m.vj.
dynamlto sholla now In oxlstenco h hop lh(j ftnlma,8 nro tho moro
will probably novor bo exploded b0' Bnant dooa cannibalism bocomo.
caiiBO of tho lack of a war emergency g0,dom lnduiBOd m excopt under
croat onouKh to oxplodo thorn. ,. ... , rminr Nnthlnc but
" . . , , ,, ti, Uiru unuon vi .......-. "
Farming, woou-cuoppiiiB, raii-,...-, j Btarvnllon induced Nanson's
ting, survoylng, storokcoplng, tho 1q Qot thjJ floah o tholr com.
atnto legislature, tho practlco of law, njthouch It waB offorod to thorn
not ovon tho United Btnto? congress, . . form, BxpcrIonco
fumlshod occasions great enough, t,mt ,fc ,8 UBOloM to i,nt j , J
roslstanco Btrong onough to ignlto . t of ft dond ,
tho spark of power, to oxplodo i , klnBinon Hhun It In dls-
tho dynamlto forco In Abraham Ln- llnlnM absolutely fnmlnshcd.
coin. Only tho responsibility or a Q, ouB, no rnc0 Can Uvo by
nation In Imminent peril furnished! ,.lNh,, ,fl mstlnctlvoly
sufficient concusBlon to Ignlto tho ,. . h, , nnImrii.
In other words, tho law ngnltiBt mur
dor has been hammered Into thorn
by natural Holoctlon, and bo fully es
tablished that not only will they an
llko a great hollow whool, 20 foot In 'tho nun, being hold In Husponso by
xllamotor and G foot aorosB Kb nxB,
and standing upright.
Through tho contor of tho whool
he put a abaft attached to a series
of ongtnoH mul boilers and on tho ond
of tho Bhaft, In tho contor of tho
-whool, ho placed ft largo numbor of
atrong iiingnotR, forming a cpinploto
tho counteracting effoctB of tho largo
mngnota abovo and tho nttrnctlon of
gravitation from bolow, and boln.?
'contlnunlly forcod out from tho cen
trifugal lorco, wmcu, ucuuk ui h.
from tho magnetic forco at tho con
tor, na though It woro fastened to tha
contor by a cord, kept It out away
giant powdor In porhnps tho grcatcat
man that ovor trod tho Amorlcan con
tlnont. Thoro 1b no probability that Lin
coln would hnvo gono down In histor.v, nroylng on ono of tholr
as a very great man but for tno crww, , ,t0 r08CU0 ono
of tho civil war. Tho nation's peril r lhronlonod. Tho fact
was tho roaponBlblllty tliruec "ponlt,mt thoro ftr0 oxcoptionnl casos doos
him which brought out tno """.j t ( 0VQ tho lnw nmong ucnats
ounco of his roBorvos, his lntont pow- men. Ernost
or of achlovomont, tho rcsourcos ' T,,nn,nBnn ,n ih0 contury.
which ho novor would havo dreamed .
ho possoBod but for this omorgoncy.-
Orlson Swcot-Mnrdon ln(Suc083.
e Mlllliil imxv.
v o aHll',
it fitijW.
I '
w Deckei
Besides dnnhlc ejvirViii,)
fknccs ic has a patent lining
, ' V""
rccniorccmcnc throughout;
Rivdcd frKft$
CxfBSr wals(-biftls
ITnlvic KitCv ffMal SvHt H SMMt
TMi stayed rkccS!
Tito ticket on ituitkal
Cvirantce of umdctioa
rompany r
clrclo around tho fihaft llvo foot In dl-l from tho contor almost exactly six
nmotor and ono foot thick and cov-'oot.
orod on tho porlmotor with all tht Tho apood of tho shaft bolng still
Boft stool llllng that tho magnate luorousod, nnothor flako or lnyor of
would hold In plnoo. tho flllngs was thrown off and Immo-
Thon ho romoved tho air from tho dlatoly drow togothor into a ball, ro
liiBldo of tho great circular box, loav-jvolvlng about tho shaft as boforo, and
Ing a purfotjt vaouuut, tho Btool and this was kopt up till flvo had boon
plato glnss walls oaally BUBtnlnlnR thrown off, but by this tlmo tho speed
tho proBsuro of tho outor air, nl-'of tho abaft was such that tho first
thnmrli lt foroo la somothlUE onor-.ball was tlrlvon out against tho outor
niona ovor bo largo a eurfaco, oapo- aldo of tho box nnd destroyed, thun
dally tho bUIob, 20 foot ncroBg, nnd leaving only four bnllB or "planota,"
which nro fortified by atool cnblos on'rovolvlng about tholr nrtlflclal "buh,"
each Bldo, attaohod to solid posts, jbut thOBO havo now boon rovolvlng
Abovo .tho whool lnunonso magnota with absoluto rognlarlty for somo
nro placed In position, In n hnlf circle tlmo, tho Innermost ono at a distance
around tho circular box, bolng 'of one foot from tho contral wheel
BtrongOBt at tho top and doollnlng In and tho outor ono a llttlo ovor flvo
Btrongth tho farther they roach down foot. They also rovolvo on tholr own
tho aldos and bolng Intondod to coun- axis as thoy fly about the contor, and,
tornct tho forco of tho attraction of with tho oxcoptlon that thoro la no
gravitation and to tond to almost rob planet with a bolf, and that nono of
objects liuldo tho box of nil wolght. them havo attendant moons, they
When this preliminary work wn roproduco all tho conditions shown
complotod, tho shaft through tho box by tho oarth and tho othor planota
waa rot In inotlou, and this motion of tho Bolnr systom.
Gutters for Glbraltnr,
On tho oastorn sldo of tho rook of
Gibraltar thorols ft curious looking
whlto pntch which rocontly led an
Amorlcan tourist to ask whothor tho
rook was bolng armor platod. It la
roally a oatohmont for rain wator to
Inoronao tho rsorvo of wntor on tho
rock. Tho catchmont covers ton
ncros. It Is mado of galvonlzod cor
rugatod Iron flxod to pllos driven
doop Into tho sandy slopes abovo tho
villages of Cntalan. Tho water col-
loctod at tho foot of tho catchmont
runs through tho rock Into a tunnol
2000 foot long ond la dollvorod Into
rosorvlora on the woatorn sldo. Tho
yield to tho Inch of rainfall 1b 240,
000 gallons.
To Curo CoUl In Ono Day.
Tablots. DrugglstBrofund monoy If
It falls to curo. B. W. GUOVKS
signature on oach box. 25c.
The Public
is not skilled in tea and
is entitled to protection.
Our label our brand
protects the tea drinker.
Our reputation is back
of every package of tea
bearing our brand. Fol
ger's Golden Gate Tea
means quality purity
tea satisfaction.
J, A. Foliar em C.
a1M. IftrsusmUBSJ
laeparfeMF mi Xun Tas
fe; tan1
mw i n.r
Kngllsh n'ul Amorlrnn T.lt Compnml
Rev, Dr. Aked, pastor of tho Fifth
avonuo Bnptlst church, Now York,
wrltos to old friends In Liverpool,
England, complaining bitterly of his
treatment by thp yellow proas both
In Amorlcn nnd England, Ho says
tho yollow prosa of England Is worse
than that of .America, nnd ndds:
) "The lloa In Amorlcn aro grosB,
astounding nnd Incrodlblo, with a
touch of porvortod humor. Thoy nro
only Intondod to bo Interesting. Tho
English lloa nro monn, snoaklng nnd
venomous. I am alrondy onough of
an Amorlcan to fool n doopor con
tempt for tho lying of tho British
press than that of Now York.
"Tho moat gross and astounding
llo of all concornlug mysolf was of
English mnnufaoturo, namely, that
I havo boon nppolntod'aa almoner of
John D. nookofollor. Tho English
paper that startod tho story headed It
Prom our Now York correspondent.'
,Nowspapor mon horo do not bollevo
I that It waa ovon sont from Now York.
I havo not been ompioyea oy wr.
Rockofollor to glvo nway a cent."
Dr. Aked then laments the fact
that tho story ponotratod all Europe
and ovory British colony and had
brought him, over 2000 begging lot
tors from England, ovor 500 from
Franco. Gormany, Austria, 8wlUer-
llaud, Italy, Hollaed, and hundreds
1 o Cure
The excessive accumu
lation of uric acid must be
eradicated from the sys
tem. Dr. .utiles' Nervine
used as directed for rheu
matism, is alkaline in na
ture. It neutralizes this
acid, and its soothing ef
fect . upon tho irritated
condition of tho nerves
relieves pain and induces
sleep and rest.
'I was suddenly taken with a vero
palu In my foot. My physician could
not tell vlmt wns tho trouhlo. In a
few da3 I had. tho samo trouble with
the other foot. I was so crippled that
I could scarcely walk and at time. I
had to crnv.1 on my hands und knees
from my bed down stairs. Aftor hav
ing my uhoes on for an hour or two
I could manage to walk by suffering
tho pain. X suffered mora or less all
summer, and tried almost everything
but got no relief. Then I began to
have pains nil through my system.
My doctor told me I had an acuta at
tack of Inflammatory rheumatism. I
was In the hospital for weeXs. but I
was scarcely able to walk when I left
It. I read about Dr. Miles' Nervine,
, bought a bottle and also wrote the
Miles Medical Co.. for advice. They
advised me to add salicylate of soda
to the Nervine, and I commenced to
ret totter from the start and for the
past six months have scarcely any
jxJn. and am able to walk as well aa
P. O. Box 5. Rockaway, N7 J.
Dr. MlleV Nervine Is sold by your
Truafilst, who will guarantee that the
flrtkdls will benefit. If It Ulle, he
vtNt renind year Money.
Mi)MMKcslCa Elkhart, Ind
1L SsiM
test. IrladelLhildrensi
.. wiav
TLc above ticket is acwel on elecveof every "ViluV Set
TP1 This Label ii eewed ia tli w'. !
style and wear tLcy exed.
PARENTS. Note tit txtrtl
tachment covering parti whiet tit nt
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In tho morning until 9 at night.
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Tooth Powder
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r A Fresh Complexion
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Kobertine, a mild, uelighttui
preparation, delicately fragrant.
Makes the skin exquisitely tout
Kinixhea prarkled annearince caused
hv nvrrJniieui reduces the size of
MitiitTMl tvirM rltansei them, re
duces inflammation and snrcadj an even.
radiant glow due to wholesome nourish-
ment of kin glands and stimulation ol
the capillaries which also feed the
skin and sunnlv its healthful color.
Aiisour Druggist for a frtt i ample of
Undertaking and
Only Wilte Hearse and "White '
Horses In Marion anu nuk
ing counties.
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Syr &.'
i fm If?
i1 .!36k ?
f 1 ri&A
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thaork. Ba
the best WW"1"
1 letlr l
j -Ira strict
anu -riterJ'r01
UB . rtSl
and carrr B "
meat of i81-